Sunday, May 31, 2020

Italy: The Orange Vests Protest Covid Restrictions

Hat tip RAIR Foundation, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

This week, so-called "Orange Vests" demonstrators protested the Covid restrictions across Italy. The above video is from Piazza del Duomo in Milan. It has been reported that many of them were identified by security cameras and later cited by the police for violating the restrictions.

Huntington Beach Says "NO" to Antifa and Black Lives Matter

Hat tip Gateway Pundit and Counter Jihad Coalition

Today Black Lives Matter and Antifa showed up to protest in Huntington Beach, California. The residents wanted nothing of it. They also showed up and showed their disgust at Antifa/BLM tactics. In the end, the cops declared it all an unlawful assembly and broke it up.

Kudos to the residents of Huntington Beach and the HBPD.

Gateway Pundit has several videos.

Speaking of Police Shootings

Hat tip The Blaze

On Wednesday, the FBI charged Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari with planning to carry out terrorism in the Tampa area. On Friday, his sister, Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, 22, attacked a police officer with a knife outside Tampa. The video is below.

Spectrum Bay News 9 reported that Al-Azhari is the sister of a man who was accused of plotting acts of terrorism this week. The Department of Justice announced on Wednesday that they had charged Muhammed Momtaz Al-Azhari, 23, with "attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, namely, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)."

Last Night in Front of the White House

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was reporting the protests outside the White House last night when he was recognized, pointed out, and accosted by some of those who were looking for trouble.

Trump Says Antifa Will be Classified as Domestic Terror Group

In the wake of this week's riots across America, President Trump has announced that Antifa will be designated as a domestic terror group.

How that will take form and how it will be enforced I don't really know, but I agree with the designation. This is a loose-knit group of violent anarchists around the nation who for too long have been promoting violence in our streets. In my opinion, the Justice Department should conduct some sort of RICO-type investigation into the activities of this bunch. There is no doubt that they are coordinating nationally and sending people across state lines to commit mayhem. I have to believe that police and federal authorities have plenty of intelligence and files on Antifa.

This has nothing to do with political beliefs or protesting. It has nothing to do with race because Antifa is overwhelmingly white. We are talking about violence and crime, and it is time to put a stop to this violent bunch of thugs.

Last Night's Riot Coverage

Aside from going out to dinner last night, I spent the evening transfixed in front of my TV set switching back and forth between Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and local Los Angeles channels watching the riots across America. How sad. Three people dead in Indianapolis, a shop owner in Dallas possibly beaten to death, a cop in New York  hit by a brick and suffering a fractured skull, and a  Molotov cocktail thrown into a police vehicle in New York with four cops inside. True, thousands of protesters came out to rightfully protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, it was all hijacked by the thugs who took advantage of the tragedy to loot and burn.

And don't blame it all on black people. Many of the rioters were white and brown. Aside from Black Lives Matter, there is also Antifa, a national organization of anarchist thugs, who are overwhelmingly white. Many mayors and police chiefs are saying that many, if not most of the rioters were from out of town or out of state. No doubt there is some degree of national coordination going on here.

In terms of coverage, Fox mostly focused on the outrage of the violence and destruction, as they should have. At the same, they did not minimize the gravity of the Floyd death, and they acknowledged that most people had come to peacefully protest. I had no problem with the CNN coverage until Don Lemon came on and all but became hysterical on the air calling out the names of famous  people who (according to him) have been silent. In fact, Lemon at times, made it sound like it was all about him, referring to previous statements he had made calling out celebrities. He went on to ask why these celebrities "were not assisting these young people". After repeating that several times, he finally added that he was not referring to those carrying out the violence. His interview with Kamala Harris was sickening as she laid the blame on America.

But even that paled compared to MSNBC, which focused entirely on bad police, American racism, and, of course, Trump. MSNBC talking head, Ali Velshi, a Canadian, while broadcasting on the street from Minneapolis, spent half the time reporting and half the time editorializing about American racism and racist cops.

Last night was an Oktoberfest of university professors and liberal journalists pontificating on the evils of America.  In short, American journalism took another hit last night. Virtually all of the networks made the mistake of referring to those engaged in violence, burning, and looting as "protesters".

That is in no way meant to defend the actions of the four Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of Mr Floyd, especially the one who knelt on Floyd's neck. I expect some sort of charges will be also brought against the other three. Being retired law enforcement myself, I am on several retired law enforcement chat sites, and nobody there is defending the actions of those cops.

In this case, protests are warranted, and I support the legitimate protesters, not just their right to protest, but their anger as well. That support does not extend to the rioters. That support does not extend to those on television who want to indict all police officers. From what I saw, police all over the country were acting with professionalism and restraint. They are paying the price for the actions of four cops in Minneapolis.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Sea Watch (Continued)

Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete

Last year, a German NGO ship captain, Carola Rackete, made headlines when she sailed into an Italian harbor against orders with her boat, the Sea Watch loaded with illegal migrants. In the process, she rammed an Italian patrol boat.

Now we learn that three of her "refugees" were men who had committed torture and murder in Libyan detention camps. The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

They arrived with Carola Rackete: Convicted because they were torturers
-Chiara Giannini, 30 May  2020

They had arrived aboard the Sea Watch (captained by) Carola Rackete, the German commander of the ship, who last year rammed a Guardia di Finanza patrol boat, and had been recognized as torturers in the Libyan detention centers by some migrants disembarked from the  Alex and Co. of  Mediterranea Saving Humans.

The Messina Judge of Preliminary Hearing (GUP) has now sentenced each of  them to 20 years in prison. They are Mohamed Condè, aka Suarez, 22 from Guinea, Hameda Ahmed, 26, from Egypt and Mahmoud Ashuia, from Egypt, 24. They had been arrested on September 16 last year at the Messina hotspot and accused of torture, sexual violence, criminal association, human trafficking, and murder. The detention of the three, adjudicated with the abbreviated rite formula, had taken place by order of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Agrigento.

The fact that they had arrived on board the Sea Watch (captained by) Carola Rackete, had been kept under wraps both by the Viminale (Ministry of Interior) and the police heads, but reported exclusively by Il Giornale.

Meanwhile, the landings of migrants continues uninterrupted. The Lampedusa reception center is full. Within a few hours, numerous boats with 185 people have arrived inside the port. After the arrivals of recent weeks from Tunisia, those from Libya have resumed. All this despite the hard work of the Tripoli Coast Guard, which yesterday took back about 200 migrants. And yesterday, the Guardia di Finanza recovered 50 other people off the island, almost all from Bangladesh and Morocco. "They tell us that they are fleeing Covid," says a law enforcement operator employed at Lampedusa, " and that they are coming to Italy because they have realized that they can now be regularized and that they can find a job,"' after the announcement of Minister Teresa Bellanova. And he continues: “Now we're not even waiting for them to arrive anymore. We have been given orders  to go and look for them." It is questionable why, given that the Interior Minister, Luciana Lamorgese, in a period of Covid emergency, had spoken of "unsafe Italian ports".

Who Was Protesting at Irvine Mayor's Residence?

On the morning of May 28, protesters descended upon the apartment complex where Irvine, California mayor Christina Shea resides. The protesters were demanding free rent, free houses, free utilities, and free God knows what else. Not only did Mayor Shea have to bear the noise and traffic, but her  neighbors as well.

The video indicates that the protesters had some connection to the local university, UC Irvine. Note that two persons are wearing lime green caps. Those are very likely the caps of the Marxist National Lawyers Guild (NLG) . I have seen them on several prior occasions at UC Irvine when the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine were holding protests as well as disrupting pro-Israel events. The NLG was founded in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA. In the below May 2017 video of a MSU-SJP disruption at UC Irvine, you can see a female in the lime green cap acting as a legal observer on behalf of the group. Earlier in the week, I spoke with that same young lady. You can view that video here.

As I have previously reported, the NLG has an affiliation with UC Irvine Law School, as it does with numerous other law schools at universities around the country.  The UCI Law School was founded in 2007 with liberal law professor Erwin Chemerinsky as its first dean. (He now plies his trade as dean at the UC Berkeley Law School.) Irvine's current Congressional representative is Katie Porter (D), who previously was a UCI law professor before being elected, thanks to the questionable practice of ballot harvesting.

Here are two videos taken from Mayor Shea's balcony (Hat tip Mark Newgent).

Friday, May 29, 2020

Thursday Night in the Hague: Police Shoot Man with Hatchet

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Buurtbewoners filmden de arrestatie

On Thursday evening in the Scheveningen district of the Hague, Dutch police had to shoot a young man on the street who was screaming and waving an ax in the air. The suspect had reportedly attacked and wounded a cyclist with the ax. When the man refused to drop the weapon, he was shot and taken to the hospital.  The below Dutch article, first posted by Vlad Tepes, is translated by Fousesquawk. The article contains a video of the shooting.

Police shoot man with hatchet in Scheveningen

On Thursday evening, police officers shot a man with a hatchet on Neptunusstraat (Street) in the Hague. The man wounded at least one person and caused damage in the street. "He struck a passing cyclist," says a resident who saw it all happen.

-Thomas de Waard and Rianne de Zeeuw, 28 May 2020. Latest update: 23:01

Apparently, the agents were required to use their weapons to stop the man. The man possibly  wounded two people randomly on the street, but the Public Prosecutor cannot yet say.

The Public Prosecutor confirms that he was shot by a police officer. "The National (investigative) police are conducting an investigation into the reason for the shooting. At this moment more is not clear," reports a spokesperson. Public statements lie with the Public Prosecutor and not the police. That is common when a police officer has used his/her weapon.

A man has been taken urgently to the hospital. According to CalamitysiteRegio15, that is the suspect who was shot.


The incident took place around 19:00 and was seen by several residents. " I was coming back from my walk on the beach when I heard someone screaming," said a local resident, who did not want her name in the newspapers. Actually, I wasn't surprised because you regularly hear crazy things being screamed nowadays. An older man was cycling by, and the young man began striking the back of the cyclist with a big hatchet out of nowhere. The man shouted, 'Stop, Sir, stop, Sir!' Then I ran away quickly because he only one step and he would have caught me. Then a young lad called the police."

The man with the hatchet  also reportedly harassed a couple who were eating fries farther on in a coffee shop. Earlier the man had destroyed a window. According to witnesses, the perpetrator lives on that street. The local resident says the man panicked when officers approached him. "First, there were warning shots," says another anonymous woman resident. "Then they apparently shot him because he was taken to the hospital."


A video of the arrest is going around social media. After the incident the intersection of Neptunusstraat and Rotterdamsestraat was blocked off with ribbons (police tape). National police investigators have been busy for hours with the investigation. "It is normally always a quiet neighborhood," says a local resident. " Hardly anything ever happens here."

We will try to update the details on this incident.

What the Hell Is Going on at Rutgers?

Hat tip Breitbart and Algemeiner

Professor Brittney Cooper is someone who occupies space at Rutgers University (and a whole lot of it). Other than that, she doesn't make much in the way of contributions to academic discourse other than spreading her hate. Once again, she is making headlines with an anti-Trump rant, blaming the Covid-19 virus on the President and this....

"Fu-- each and every Trump supporter".

Cooper, of course, has a long history of such inflammatory comments. One would think that Ms Cooper's tenure at Rutgers would be short given the foul and incendiary nature of her language. Alas, think again. It seems Rutgers  has more than its share of ignorant people with advanced degrees teaching our kids. Several of them have been featured on this blog over the years.

Deepa Kumar figures prominently in the Fousesquawk archives. She has compared the US (unfavorably, I might add) to ISIS.

When it comes to anti-Jewish harangues, few can match Rutgers professor of Gender Studies and "queer theorist" (whatever that is), Jasbir Puar.

Back in 2017, three Rutgers professors came under fire for anti-Semitic rhetoric, Puar, Michael Chikindas, and Mazen Adi. The president of Rutgers, of course, defended them.

And just this year, Rutgers hosted anti-Semitic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and gave the bums rush to a Jewish audience member, a rabbi, who dared throw up a critical question to her.

Clearly, something has gone haywire at Rutgers. I can only shake my head and wonder what the job requirements are to get a teaching gig at this broken institution.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Campus Anti-Semitism: Is it a Pandemic?

Hat tip Algemeiner

I am cross-posting an article by Mitchell Bard on the topic of a campus anti-Semitism. In the title, Bard asks whether campus anti-Semitism is a actually a pandemic.

Having taught part-time at UC Irvine from 1998-2016 and having seen the intimidation and disruptions from pro-Palestinian thugs, I disagree with one point of the article. Rather than ignore the provocations, they must be brought to the attention of the community. In the case of UCI, we fought for years to educate the local community about what was happening on campus. We were actively opposed by the Jewish Federation and Hillel, who favored the stand down position. The ADL was missing in action. Any statistics on campus anti-Semitism put together by ADL are suspect in my view.

As to the success or failure of the BDS issue, I think that they are little more than symbolic victories for the pro-Palestinian forces since the universities routinely denounce them and refuse to implement any boycotts What they do is sow campus division and tie up long hours of student governments debating and voting on these obnoxious resolutions.

Note that the writer wastes no time talking about neo-Nazis, KKK-types or white nationalists. They may account for some degree of anti-Semitism nationwide, but they have no sway on college campuses. Though the writer does not explicitly say it, campus anti-Semitism comes by the way of the pro-Palestinian movement directed against Israel. Just who is it that organizes the annual Israel Apartheid weeks? It is the various chapters of the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine. There is a very strong connection here with Islamic activism and Islamism in general.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The George Floyd Incident in Minneapolis

Being a retired law enforcement agent (DEA) I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to police when they are involved in controversial incidents resulting in loss of life or injury to others.

Having said that, I found it hard to envision any scenario in which the killing of a black man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis could be considered justified. The video of the incident, captured by  by-standers is pretty conclusive. It is true that the video starts rolling after the suspect is already on the ground with the knee of the police officer already on his neck. What is not seen in the above video are the moments just prior when the police approach the suspect, who is sitting in a car apparently under the influence of some sort of drug. What is not seen in the above video is how the man was taken out of the car and what resistance he may have offered. That would have given a better picture of the incident. Now, just-released video reportedly shows Floyd being removed from the car. He is arguing and seems to be physically resisting to some degree.

Here is another video from CBS news showing Floyd being taken from his car to the sidewalk in handcuffs.

Another video, via CCTV, showed Mr Floyd's arrest: CBS News / @sn00pdad

The above CBS photo shows police leading Floyd from the sidewalk to a police car. Here is video of that segment. It ends as they disappear from the camera's range.  At that point, things appear calm. Once they reached the street, something happened which led to Floyd being pinned to the street. Thus far, I have seen no video of that event.

We all remember the Rodney King-LAPD video in which the tape begins with King on the ground and being repeatedly beaten by officers with nightsticks. What was not seen was how King was throwing the cops around before being subdued. That said, my reaction to that was that once King stopped fighting, he should have been handcuffed and taken away. Was there anger and adrenaline involved on  the part of the officers after being involved in a high speed chase and fierce physical resistance by King? Of course, but the law demands that the anger and adrenaline be turned off once resistance stops.

In the Minneapolis incident, there may have been anger and adrenaline brought on by this man's reported resistance, but it is hard to watch the video and not conclude that though the situation was tense with angry by-standers on hand, the resistance had ceased, the man was handcuffed and should have been taken away.

Last night, there was a large protest in front of the local police headquarters, which got out of hand. I find it irresponsible that the mayor of Minneapolis reportedly encouraged the public to descend on the station to protest. Hopefully, the situation will calm down and we won't have any Fergusons (Missouri). Four officers have been fired and the FBI has stepped in. We must give the judicial system a chance to work here. My sense is that it will.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Phase 2 in Italy: Government to Hire 60,000 "Civic Assistants"

Hat tip RAIR Foundation, Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna. Translations by Fousesquawk.

Now that Italy is entering in Phase Two of the Corona crisis, the government is planning to hire 60,000 "civic assistants" to monitor compliance with social distancing etc. on Italian streets. This has caused much opposition as people are concerned about the amount of power these people, drawn largely from the unemployed, will have over their fellow citizens. The government insists they will not have police powers. The below video is from Antenna Sud, which broadcasts in southern Italy, and is totally positive in tone.

Here is the response of Matteo Salvini, ex interior minister and leader of the Lega party:

Monday, May 25, 2020

UC Davis:Cross Cultural Center may not be for all

Hat tip Algemeiner

University Cross Cultural Centers sound good on paper, but for certain cultures, you need not apply. That appears to be the case at UC Davis, one of the UC system's politically correct campuses. (They are all politically correct to tell you the truth.)  In the below link from Algemeiner, we learn that if you are a Jewish, pro-Israel student, the CCC at UC Davis is not the place for you.

During the 18 years I spent teaching at UC Irvine, I had a lot of issues with the local CCC. For several years, they were (and probably still are) a virtual clubhouse for the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine.  In fact, over several years, I have personally witnessed  pro-Palestinian protesters come marching out of the CCC to disrupt Jewish pro-Israel events and march right back when finished.  The CCC over the years has been literally used as a staging area for anti-Israel disruptions. And then there is the usual, run-of-the-mill nuttiness.

As I see it, CCCs carry with them an implication that they are for non-white, non-straight students. The name, CCC, should mean that all cultures are welcomed with the aim of fostering mutual respect for all. Instead, they merely foster division because white people are considered part of the problem.

So I am not surprised at the latest news from UC Davis, a troubled campus that has seen more than its share of anti-Semitism and swastikas in recent years. Obviously, CCCs are not the solution. They are more likely part of the problem.

Rabab Abdulhadi Gets an Award (Sort of)

Hat tip Algemeiner

This article was first posted in Times of Israel Blogs.

"Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, founding director of SFSU’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies (AMED) program, was given the 2020 Georgina M. Smith Award for “a person or persons who provided exceptional leadership in a given year in improving the status of academic women or in academic collective bargaining and through that work improved the profession in general.”

Just when you thought American academia couldn't get any lower, along comes the American Association of University Professors giving an award to one of the most despicable figures in academia, San Francisco State University's anti-Semitic professor Rabab Abdulhadi.  

The award is named after somebody named Georgia M. Smith, who was a math professor at Rutgers and a feminist who supported her local teacher union. For that you get an award named after you. Looking down their roll of previous winners, the only names I recognize are Rutgers' Deepa Kumar, a radical America-basher of whom I have previously written, and Stanford's Christine Blasey Ford, who rose to fame after she accused Brett Kavanaugh of raping her when they were both teenagers.

But let us return to Abdulhadi, with whom I am quite familiar. The question must be asked as to why the AAUP would give this award to her of all people unless the AAUP subscribes to hatred of Israel and Jews, which has characterized her career at SFSU Even a radical school like SFSU has to blush when confronted with the mutterings of Abdulhadi, who has done nothing but embarrass the institution.

This is the woman who mentored to the infamous General Union of Palestinian Students when they were plastering the campus with posters advocating the murder of Israeli soldiers and making videos fantasizing about cutting their throats. This is the woman who attacked her own university president when he assured Jewish students who supported Israel that were welcome on campus. This is the woman who used university funds to attend a conference in Lebanon (which never materialized) and instead used it to meet with bad hombres in the West Bank.

Speaking of not materializing, I can't help but remember when Abdulhadi and her Guppies were supposed to speak at UC Irvine in 2015. However, when this writer showed up with his video camera, Abdulhadi et. al. never materialized.  After 30 minutes of the Muslim Student Union appealing to the university (unsuccessfully) to ban my camera, Abdulhadi and her Guppies never showed up. It was great theater-even with an empty stage. I have to believe they were nearby because the stage featured a podium, chairs, and microphone-which were never used. That's not what I call "improving the status of academic women".

The fact of the matter is that the award is a joke which was handed out for political reasons. It is as meaningless as a university degree in the social sciences has become in America.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Saturn, "Hitler's Alligator", Dies in Moscow: Hitler Reacts

My latest Hitler parody masterpiece

You learn something every day. This week, Saturn, an 84-year-old Mississippi alligator, originally given to Germany in 1936 by the US, who had escaped from the Berlin Zoo during a bombardment of Berlin in 1943, captured by the British in 1946, and given to the Russians, died in a Moscow zoo.

Legend had it that Saturn had been Hitler's personal pet, but that is apparently not true. But we won't let that get in the way of a good Hitler parody, will we?

Anti-Lock Down Protests Continue in Spain

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna for sub-tiling assistance.

Led by Santiago Abascal and his conservative Vox party, thousands turned out in major Spanish cities to protest the Covid-19 lock down policies of the government. The below video was posted yesterday by El Mundo and translated by Fousesquawk.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hey Kids! Be the First on Your Block to Know Joe Biden's Running Mate!!!

It's here, Folks. Click the below link and you can sign up to be first to know who Joe Biden's running mate is going to be!

Where do I begin? First of all, Biden still doesn't have the required number of primary delegates to clinch the nomination due to the Corona virus postponing further primaries. That would mean that if and when the Democrat convention ever gets off the ground, it's anybody's game. Isn't it a bit presumptuous for Old Joe to assume he has the nomination?

Second, we all know (unless you get your news from CNN or MSNBC, that Old Joe is showing his age. I'm not talking about failing eyesight or a slower gait; I'm talking about Joe's mental deficiencies. That was on full display once again yesterday when he told a black interviewer if if he didn't vote for Joe, "you ain't black"!

As far as being the first to know, I could care less whether I'm the first or the last to know. What I do know is that it promises to be a doozie. Since Joe has promised to pick a woman and likely a minority woman, we are all (except me) waiting with baited breath to know if it's Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, that fat woman down in Georgia whose name I forget, or (gasp).....


"It's Joe Biden calling, Miss Desmond."

Me? I'll just sit back with my popcorn and watch this goat rodeo play out. This is just the political version of the Jerry Springer Show.

What was that fat woman's name down there in Georgia anyway?

Friday, May 22, 2020

Some Swedes Are Speaking Out

Hat tip Joakim Lamotte and Rair Foundation

Hat tip citizen-journalist Joakim Lamotte

Sweden is a country swimming in violence from many of its Muslim immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and general all round fortune seekers. Yet, the countries political leaders and institutions keep bringing them in. And the murders, the rapes, the riots, the attacks on Jews continue.  Now the country is dealing with the shock of last month's murder and beheading of a Swedish girl in Uddevalla by her Iraqi boyfriend.

In addition, freedom of speech in Sweden is nothing like what we Americans think of freedom of speech. The woman in the above video is literally risking her freedom and her job by saying what she is saying in public. (This interview took place late last year in Gothenburg.)

I applaud her.

Joe Biden's Latest Gaffe

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Joe Biden-Clarence Thomas

With his obviously failing mental capacities, Joe Biden, a man long known for verbal gaffes, is now committing them on a daily basis. It's not entirely fair to blame him because his mental decline is so obvious, yet his latest gaffe was nothing to laugh about. On Friday, Biden was being interviewed by a black radio host (Charlamagne the God) when he made the comment that blacks considering voting for Trump "ain't black".

Where to begin? First of all, I don't consider Biden a racist, but he seems to have that paternalistic attitude that all blacks should support Democrats and liberal policies. This is the man who, a few years ago, told a black audience that the Republicans were "going to put y'all back in chains." This is the man who presided over the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings that was turned into a three-ring circus. Anita Hill was the Democrats' pawn, but the real objection for them was that Thomas was a conservative black Republican.

The main issue that should be addressed here is the barriers faced by African-American conservatives. I have said for years that they are, in my view, the most intellectually stimulating people in American society. It takes a courageous person to go against the grain and support alternative views and solutions for what ails black America. Justice Thomas is just one who has felt the wrath and been called an Uncle Tom. There are others like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Senator Tim Scott, and others. The tactics used by the left to demonize these independent thinkers are despicable, and Joe Biden's comments are equally despicable.

The question should also be asked: Who in the Hell does Biden think he is to define who is black and who is not according to how they think? What he is saying is that all black people should think like him. Would he make that same statement about white people-that any white that would vote for Trump isn't white?

The truth of the matter is that Biden, even in his prime, has always been a jerk who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. He could have easily made that same statement in 1980. He is anything but the smartest guy in the room, not now, not ever.

Biden should issue a public apology to black conservatives and any others who are even considering voting for Trump. This might even be the appropriate time to announce that he is withdrawing from the presidential race.

*Update: Biden has apologized for the remark.

Brussels: Just Another Day in Anderlecht

Anderlecht is a heavily Muslim district in Brussels that has seen more than its share of trouble.  We posted a story out of that district just recently as you can see below:

In the below story, police were trying to make an arrest sometime last month when the local mob came out to try and stop it all with cries of, "Allah Akhbar". The below article is from today's La Libre, French-language news outlet in Belgium. Translation by Fousesquawk. There are two videos in the below link, one of which can be seen below without opening the link.

Violence against police in Anderlecht: New images released

-Published May 22, 2020 at 14:58- Updated May 22, 2020 at 15:07

A case has been opened by the Brussels Prosecutor following Thursday's release by the SLFP (Free Union of Public Function) of a video showing violence against police during an arrest on the Chausee de Mons in Anderlecht.

This Friday, the Liberal union shared a new video on its Facebook page. There is seen the same intervention, the same facts, but from a different angle with this commentary: "The SLFP Police will assist the justice system in quickly identifying the perpetrators of violence against our colleagues in Anderlecht."

From the images, which will be "given to local police and the Public Ministry", one can see the faces of two men  hitting the police. An investigation  into the blows and deliberate injuries  has been opened by the Brussels Prosecutor  with the aim of identifying the suspects.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

FBI Says Corpus Christi Shooting Terror Related

We don't know much of the story yet, but there was a shooting at the gate to a Naval air base in Corpus Christi early this morning. One person was lightly wounded, and the shooter is reportedly dead. There may be a second person at large. The FBI has stated that this is terror-related.


The shooter is named (Hat tip Jihad Watch). His name is Adam Salim Alsahli. Other sources say he is a Saudi law student, and that the naval air base at Corpus Christi trains foreign military personnel.

*Update (5-22-20): The most recent reports state that Alsahli is a Syrian-born US citizen, aged 20.

Murder-Decapitation in Sweden

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Last November, 17-year-old Wilma Andersson went missing from her home in the Western Swedish city of Uddevalla. A couple of weeks later, her Iraqi boyfriend, 22-year-old Tishko Ahmed Shabaz, was charged with her murder.

This week, new details have been released in the case against Shabaz. It has been reported that police discovered Andersson's severed head wrapped in tinfoil and hidden in a  suitcase in Shabazz's apartment.

Below is a translation of a written article (Hat tip dated December 2, 2019. Note there is a reference to "body parts" being discovered in Shabaz's apartment. (Translation by Fousesquawk.)

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz arrested for murder of Wilma Andersson

22-year-old Tishko Ahmed Shabaz has been arrested  on reasonable cause  suspected of murder of the disappeared Wilma Andersson. According to the police's theory, Wilma was murdered November 11, 2019, the same day she disappeared.

About a week later, Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested on suspicion of murder based on circumstances arising from technical investigation. It seems that, among other things, that the boyfriend was interviewed over the telephone for three minutes on November 17, two days before he was taken into custody.

He was then interrogated two more times. On the morning of November 19, a 15-minute hearing was held in the Uddevalla police station, and the same evening, a longer hearing was held, about 40 minutes, at the arrest. Police have made several discoveries during the search for Wilma. Among other things, a pair of burned shoes, eyeglasses, body parts, and a jacket, similar to what Wilma was believed wearing at her disappearance. According to the police,  it is not certain if all the discoveries have any connection to Wilma, but there is enough evidence that she is dead.

Tishko Ahmed Shabazz came to Sweden as a child from Iraq, obtained Swedish citizenship in 2014, and was Wilma Andersson's boyfriend.

Tishko went to elementary school and secondary school in Western Sweden.

After studying, he has held a wide range of jobs. Among other things, he has worked as a salesman and in the restaurant industry.

Tishko is suspected of having murdered Wilma in his apartment in Uddevalla and has been placed in legal psychiatric examination pending trial.

Below is a video by the Swedish news agency Expressen which is dated this week. Translation by Fousesquawk.

We are working on subtitling a second video from Expressen which purportedly shows Shabaz eating at a local McDonalds shortly after the time police believe he murdered Andersson. That video should be posted later today.

*Update: Here is the translation of the aforementioned video by Fousesquawk. Note that in the opening line, the Swedish sub-titles read, "Four days after...", but the narrator says, "shortly after...". I have gone with the latter.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Spanish Police Make Another Terror Bust

In Ciudad Real, Spain, National Police have arrested two men today who they say were planning to carry out terror attacks in Spain. The actions of the police are still in progress and searches are being carried out. Translation of the El Mundo article by Fousesquawk.

Terrorism- anti-Jihadist operation

Police strike against jihadism in Ciudad Real after detaining two persons who were finalizing a cell for a strike

National Police carry out  several searches after checking the intensity of the radicalization of the arrestees  on Internet

Agentes de la Policía Nacional confiscan material, este miércoles,...
Caption below photo: National Police agents confiscate material, this Wednesday, in a residence of Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)

Ciudad Real, Spain

National Police are carrying out an anti-Jihadist operation this Wednesday in Ciudad Real, specifically in Bolaños de Calatrava-being the second carried out in recent days after the Civil Guard detained a presumed jihadist in Barcelona who intended to perpetrate (terrorist) acts.

There have been at least two arrests in the operation by the General Commissariat of Information, according to sources of the fight against terrorism, who advise that one of the arrested men was trying to create a jihadist cell with which to carry out attacks. The agents, who are in full action, are carrying out several searches in the area.

Momento de la detención./CMMedia
The arrest- (Hoy.Es)

The information that precipitated the capture was detected through networks habitually used on the Internet by radicals. The (case) is in the planning phase and is being coordinated by the National Court.

The agents decided to act after checking the intensity of the radicalization of the now-arrested men. At least one of them was bypassing the rules of confinement decreed by the state as a consequence of the Corona virus crisis, which increased the tension of the counter-jihad specialists.

*Update: According to this Spanish outlet, Las Provincias, the two suspects are North African and put up resistance of some kind. The large police action caused many neighbors to videotape some of the police action.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pro-Israel Demonstrator Abused in Amsterdam

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard

-Dagelijkse Standaard (through Michael Jacobs) May 18, 2020

We have previously written about Michael Jacobs, a Jewish man who regularly demonstrates on behalf of Israel on Amsterdam's Dam Square. He is regularly subjected to abuse from pro-Palestinain immigrants on the square-which he films with his body cam. Here is what happened this weekend (Saturday). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Video: Aggressive *Kansenparels kick Jewish man in Amsterdam and demolish his Israeli flag
*Kansenparels: Pejorative word for immigrant with non-Western background-literally "opportunity pearls".

With some regularity, the Jewish activist Michael Jacobs demonstrates on Dam Square in Amsterdam for the preservation of the state of Israel. He isn't always thanked for that as many incidents in the past years show (see here.). Last Saturday, it happened again, and Jacobs was attacked by some young men with a migration background. Jacobs shows the images here and tells his story.

"On Saturday, May 16, I stood with the Israeli flag on Dam (Square) opposite the person who regularly conducts a defamation campaign  against the Jewish state in word and writing with the flag of the jihadist movement, Fatah ("Conquest"), waving. After they had shouted curses at me, two Turkish men tried to take the flag from my hands. In doing so, they kicked me and broke the sticks I had attached the flag to, after which, they took off.

I made these moving images with my body cam."

Monday, May 18, 2020

Tikvah Fund Town Hall on Campus Anti-Semitism

Hat tip The Tikvah Fund and The College Fix

On May 20, the Tikvah Fund (a conservative-Zionist organization) will begin an online town hall featuring prominent speakers who will address the problem of anti-Semitism on American college campuses. I am pleased to help publicize the event. It will be mostly a bi-weekly event and last to August 4.

I wish them every success because the issue has gotten so bad that it can no longer be covered up, denied, or ignored (as I have seen done in the past). Looking at the lineup of speakers, I anticipate a break from the typical academic definition of anti-Semitism as being purveyed solely by white nationalists, KKK-types, and neo-Nazis-odious as they are.

We all know that Israel is the real target of today's campus anti-Semites. That alone should give you a clue that the biggest purveyors of anti-Semitism in America today-and they are prominently featured in academia- are the pro-Palestinian forces. That includes student groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, various chapters of the Muslim Student Association, Middle East Study departments and their toxic faculties, left-wing professors, as well as cowardly university administrators who hide under their desks as Jewish students are intimidated, bullied, and have their own campus events disrupted by pro-Palestinian campus thugs.

I can assure you that if the problem on campuses across America were caused by white nationalists, KKK-types, or neo-Nazis, none of whom have any influence on campuses, the administrators would be cracking down hard and fast (and I would support them). The reason universities do not take a strong stand in defending their Jewish students is that the perpetrators of the hate are mostly-not all- Muslims, while Jews are perceived as being part of the "privileged white" class-a false stereotype in itself because Jews actually come in several shades of skin color.

I also hope that ideas will be exchanged as to how to deal with universities who allow anti-Semitism to run wild. There are choices. Jewish students can look for friendlier environments. Alumni and donors can give their money elsewhere. And now, thanks to President Trump, some of these institutions could find themselves without federal funds.

Remembering Bob Watson (1946-2020)

I note with sadness today the passing of former major league player, general manager, and league executive Bob Watson at the age of 74. He had been ill in recent years with kidney disease and other ailments, so his passing was not a surprise.

I previously posted a similar article when Dock Ellis passed away. When I was playing college and semi-pro baseball in my youth in the mid-60s, I had the brief opportunity to work out on Saturdays with a semi-pro team called the Pittsburgh Pirate Rookies, coached by Pirate scout and former Negro League pitcher, Chet  Brewer, and filled with prospects who would go later on to the major leagues, players like Watson, Ellis, Bob Tolan, Leon McFadden, and Dave Nelson.

At that time Watson was a catcher and was nicknamed, "Bull" due to his powerful and stocky build. I can't say I got to know him well; I really didn't get to know any of them well, and my Saturdays with the team only lasted a few weeks, but I was impressed with Watson as a player and as a nice and mature young man.

Rest in peace, Mr Watson. You had a great career in baseball and contributed mightily to the game.

The Associated Press

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Muslim Brotherhood in Germany (2)

Hat tip Voice of Europe and Counter Jihad Coalition

This is a follow-up cross-posting on a previous translation on the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany. Unlike the previous cross-posting and others from other Western European countries, this report is in English. It is based on an internal report by German Intelligence.

A Solution for the Netherlands?

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

Last month, a Dutch teenager was stabbed to death and police have arrested a Sudanese asylum-seeker for the murder.

In response, Theo Hiddema, a member of the Dutch Parliament for the Forum  for Democracy party, was interviewed and asked for his solution to the problem of so many Dutch citizens (as well as the rest of Western Europeans) being victims of crimes, rapes, murders, and various forms of humiliation at the hands of so-called asylum-seekers and migrants in general, almost all from Muslim countries.

I would go even further. Close the borders, and deport them all,with the exception of legitimate asylum-seekers and refugees, families with women and children. Most of these so-called refugees and asylum-seekers are young, unaccompanied men from countries that are not even at war. It is pretty much all a big scam.

Innocent people in Western Europe are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. People are being murdered, raped and robbed by other people who shouldn't even be there. It is the European people who have to pay in terms of euros and lives to take care of this scum, and if you ask about gratitude on the part of these grifters and criminals? There is no gratitude. Only a sense of entitlement and disdain for the countries and people who have extended a hand to help.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Spaniards Protest the Lock Down

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, RAIR Foundation and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Above is a video showing Spaniards protesting the Covid-19 restrictions in the Salamanca neighborhood  of Madrid. It also includes commentary by some Spanish politicians. Translation by Fousesquawk.

And below is the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, telling the central government what she thinks of their restrictive measures. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Italy: 16-Year-Old Tunisian Charged with Rape

Hat tip Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Sardinia (Sardegna)

Just another day in the neighborhood as they say. On the Italian island of Sardinia, a 16-year-old Tunisian has been arrested this week charged with raping a 40-year-old jogger. The below article is from the local Sardinian news outlet, La Nuova Sardegna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Rape while jogging: 16-year-old arrested

A 16-year-old of Tunisian nationality, residing in a reception center for asylum-seekers in Maddalena, has been arrested by the Carabinieri of the local station with the assistance of the mobile radio unit of the territorial department of Olbia. He is accused of having raped a 40-year-old woman who was jogging in an isolated area just outside the town. The young man, who was serving detention time in the center, located his victim, came up to her, and attacked from behind. The screams of the woman, who tried to escape the violence with all her might, aroused the attention of two persons who were doing physical exercises a short distance away and who immediately called 112. The trauma quickly put the victim in a severe state of shock. Hearing the shouts of the first responders, the young man escaped and hid himself in a (dense) area. He was hunted until the early hours of the morning when he was arrested and transferred to Sassari.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Netherlands: Jewish Restaurant Vandalized (Again):Same Perp

Hat tip Ben


I guess this fits the definition of recidivism. Back in December 2017, a Palestinian refugee in Amsterdam broke a window of a Jewish restaurant. Now, two years later, the same restaurant was attacked-by the same man. NOS.Nl has the story. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Another destruction at Jewish restaurant, perpetrator struck before

This morning, someone caused destruction at a Jewish restaurant. In the photos can be seen that the windows have been smashed in. The police were able to arrest the suspect red-handed after witnesses had sounded the alarm.

The 31-year-old man was convicted for destruction at the same restaurant in 2018.

A son of the owner told the Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad (New Israeli Weekly) that a man smashed the windows with a sledgehammer or iron rod. Then he tried to pull an Israeli flag, which stood inside, through a hole in a window pane and set it on fire.

This is how the police found the restaurant:


Windows in Jewish restaurant destroyed

In the beginning of this year, the restaurant was (also) in the news when a suspect package was found in front of the door, which the EOD conducted a long investigation. In January 2018, food scraps were smeared on the windows. A couple of  months later, in March, the facade of the restaurant was again vandalized. According to the police, a rock was apparently thrown against the window.

In December 2017, the man who was arrested today, a Palestinian refugee, broke a window. That was after American President (Donald) Trump had announced that he was going to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He was sentenced to 6 weeks in jail, a fine for damages of 500 euros and a two-year ban from the location.

The Latest Horror out of Afghanistan.

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Horrific news came out of Afghanistan Tuesday morning when armed terrorists attacked a nursing home in Kabul. When it was over, the gunmen had slaughtered 12 mothers and nurses as well as two babies. Reportedly, the terrorists are also dead.

If you want to see some of the handiwork of what the BBC refers to as "militants", you can watch the video below (viewer warning).

Whether this was the Taliban, ISIS, or some other crazed Islamists, is not yet determined. Make no mistake, however: Whoever did this did it for the sake of Allah.

"But," the defenders of Islam will say, "it is the holy month of Ramadan. A time of fasting and reflection etc." For decent Muslims, I'm sure that is the case. Yet, violence does not decrease during Ramadan. If anything, it is the opposite. It is the same as when jihadists rush out of mosques on Fridays-the Islamic holy day of the week- and go on attacking sprees after hearing calls from fiery imams to attack the unbelievers. Again, not all mosques and not all Muslims, but the atrocities cannot be called rare or isolated. They are all too common.

As for Afghanistan, specifically, this merely underlines, for me, the need to get out of that God-forsaken place once and for all. There is nothing to save there. Afghanistan is what it is and always has been, an uncivilized  hell-hole. Again, I am not referring to all Afghans. When I was an English teacher, I taught a few in the Washington DC area back in the 1990s. They were educated and likable. But Afghanistan, as a whole, is beyond saving. How many nations have tried to change that place? How many have failed? At this point, I say, "mission accomplished and goodbye". We drove out al Qaeda and eventually killed Usama bin Laden (in Pakistan), and we drove the Taliban from power (temporarily). What we won't drive out of Afghanistan is a 7th-century ideology that is solidly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the people. This is a place where women are stoned to death for adultery (real or perceived), while the same men who would cast the stones entertain themselves with pre-pubescent "dancing boys". Now this.

Frankly, I never want to hear the word "Afghanistan" again.

Asylum-Seekers in Netherlands Over-Represented in Crime

-Dagelikse Standaard
 "There must be a Solzhenitsyn in there somewhere."

The Dutch Parliament has received the 2019 crime statistics from State Secretary Ankie  Broekers-Knol which show a record year of criminal mischief among asylum-seekers. The below article from Dagelijkse Standaard pins much of the blame of the VVD party (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en DemocratiePeople's Party for Freedom and Democracy). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Asylum-seekers break crime record again! Moroccans and Algerians stand at the top of the negative list

By Bart Reijmerink May 13, 2020

State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol has announced the annual data to the Second Chamber (Parliament). And to kn one's surprise, asylum-seekers are revealed to be massively involved in crime. In the last year, they were more often involved than the previous year. This is what you get when the VVD (Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en DemocratiePeople's Party for Freedom and Democracy)  has this portfolio.......

The increase in 2019 in comparison to 2018 is no less than 27(!)%. Within AZC's (reception centers), more than 17,000 crimes took place and almost 5,000 outside AZC's. These numbers are worrisome, given the total number of asylum-seekers has only declined in the past few years. We can, thus, only conclude one thing: The current cabinet is failing miserably in the policy of asylum and migration.

The VVD has been yelling for years that they are for a strict quick-response policy, but in fact, we never see any effects from this. They never dare to follow through, unfortunately. In this sort of case, you miss a political heavyweight like Frits Bolkestein. But what do you expect when your party leader is Mark Rutte?

The crime numbers among asylum-seekers are increasing because more and more asylum-seekers come to the Netherlands who have zero-point-zero chance of asylum. They come namely from "safe countries". Countries like Morocco or Algeria. They know, in reality, that they have no chance of asylum. Unfortunately, they therefore decide to ruin the atmosphere for other asylum-seekers inside the AZC's, nor can they resist (causing problems) outside the AZC's.

State secretary Knol herself says that she has taken hard measures, therefore, in the coming year, we should expect a drop. First see, then believe......