Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jewish Community Center in Irvine Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Hat tip Miggie, Ami and Barry

Late yesterday afternoon, the Jewish Community Center in Irvine had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat, one of over 100 that have now been made recently to Jewish institutions. The evacuees included pre-schoolers.

I have friends who are members of this community center. I even spoke there once on the issue of campus anti-semitism. This, coupled with the desecration of two Jewish cemeteries in St Louis and Philadelphia, are inexcusable and to be condemned in the strongest terms.

Chancellor Howard Gillman of UC Irvine notified the campus community with this message.

From the Chancellor 
The dramatic increase nationwide in threats of violence against Jewish 
schools, community centers and other organizations - 90 bomb threats 
since the start of the year and 20 just yesterday - hit close to home 
Monday afternoon when our neighboring Merage Jewish Community Center 
received a bomb threat and was forced to evacuate. 
These despicable demonstrations of violent anti-Semitism assault not 
only members of our Jewish community but all people of goodwill. Our 
Jewish students, faculty, staff, partners and neighbors should take 
strength from knowing that the UCI community stands with them during 
these troubling times. 
These events further illustrate the importance of the "Higher Ground" 
report [2] by our Office of Inclusive Excellence and its call to combat 
anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance and bigotry. Programming 
under the "Higher Ground" initiative [3] began earlier this year, and we 
will continue to work with our campus and community partners to 
overshadow hatred with education, research and open discussion. 
We respond to the darkness with the light of knowledge and mutual 
respect. In the face of violent threats, we add our voices to the chorus 
that declares we will not be intimidated as we pursue our mission to 
create and sustain a world in which diverse groups of people work 
together to advance our mutual well-being and common humanity. 

Here is the Higher Ground report that Chancellor Gillman referenced. I will
address it in a future posting.
I applaud the chancellor for his statement to the UCI community.

Elisabeth Warren and Her Bullhorn Ensemble

-"Does anybody know how to turn this bull horn on?"

-"Does anybody know how to turn this bull horn on?"

They say Elisabeth Warren is the face of the Democrat party and the front-runner to challenge Donald Trump in 2020.

Can you imagine?

Here is her now famous video from Boston's Logan Airport the day President Trump's travel ban kicked off. The woman can't even turn on her mini-bullhorn as she leads her clones in a dopey chant.

Can you imagine Putin quaking in his boots listening to this woman and knowing that in four more years, this is who he may have to deal with?

Robert Spencer on Islamic Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Frontpage Magazine

Robert Spencer is a scholar when it comes to Islam. He knows Arabic and has studied the Koran extensively. This article is most timely given the resurgence of anti-semitism. It explains how anti-semitism is embedded in Islamic doctrine.

It is no coincidence that the worldwide resurgence in anti-semitism corresponds with massive Islamic immigration to the West and the march of militant Islam. They are linked. As I often argue, the focal point for American anti-semitism is on our college campuses, where pro-Palestinian Muslim Student Association chapters as well as their brethren in Students for Justice in Palestine are constantly attacking Israel and bullying Jewish students who defend Israel.

In Europe, Jews have left by the thousands due to the unfriendly climate at the hands of Muslim immigrants. The Europeans have largely turned a blind eye so as not to offend their restive Muslim populations, many of whom are already ready to riot at the slightest provocation.

I don't wish to challenge the good intentions of many American Muslims, but the leadership knows that it cannot publicly express anti-semitism or any other -ism without incurring immediate condemnation. Thus, all too many Muslim imams and community leaders try to present Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance that is being hijacked by the terrorists and other extremists. I wish I could accept that, but I cannot. The Islamic texts prove otherwise. The (earlier) peaceful verses in the Koran have long been abrogated by the (later) violent texts.

In the wake of the latest vandalism of Jewish cemeteries in St Louis and Philadelphia, CAIR has issued condemnations and raised money as has Muslim activist Linda Sarsour. While I commend that, my suspicious side tells me they are likely engaging in damage control and PR. We don't know as yet who carried out these despicable acts, and I am in no way concluding it was Muslims. Yet, it must be assumed that the possibility exists in the minds of Sarsour and her associates in groups like CAIR.

Islamic violence, which is based on its own religious intolerance, will not end any time soon. As it continues, with each new horror, more and more people become educated as to the true nature of this ideology. Without condemning every Muslim in the world, we must come to grips with the truth behind Islamic ideology. Until Islam itself truly reforms, the problem is not going away.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Upcoming Women's March Being Organized by Convicted Terrorist Facing Jail and Deportation

Image result for rasmea odeh with bullhorn

The radical left can't get much more despicable than this.  A women's march scheduled for March 8 is being co-organized by none other than Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian woman who was imprisoned in Israel for her part in a market bombing that killed two people. She was later freed in a prisoner swap and immigrated to the US while hiding her terrorist past.  She was subsequently convicted of immigration fraud, but the conviction has been reversed and the case sent back for re-trial. Odeh is facing the loss of her citizenship, jail time and deportation if convicted again.

Not surprisingly, she is showing a ton of arrogance standing outside the courthouse with her bullhorn, giving speeches, and condemning the US justice system that she is exploiting.

Now this despicable creature is one of the leaders of the latest radical march. She will be joined by Angela Davis, a life-long radical who never has contributed anything positive to American society, and other left-wing radicals. Here is the report from the NY Post.

I will be following the second trial of Odeh. No doubt it will be another circus with Odeh blkasting her venom from a bull horn to her supporters in front of the courthouse.It is my fervent hope that justice will be done and this miserable person will be sent packing back to whatever hell-hole in the Middle East is appropriate.

So You Want to Be an Ambulance Driver in Sweden?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

In the wake of President Trump's controversial (and true ) comment about Sweden last week, here we have an interview on Swedish television with leaders of  the ambulance drivers union . Guess what they want in order to answer calls in one of those "no-go zones".

Still think Trump was out of line in his comment about Sweden?

Nancy Pelosi on Impeaching Trump

House comedian Nancy Pelosi appeared with Chuckie Schumer before the National Press Club and was asked about impeaching President Trump after only one month in office. As usual, she gave a dopey answer. At one point, she opined that Trump voters may not yet have realized that they made a mistake in voting for Trump. Imagine that. I made a mistake in not voting for Hillary Clinton.

I nominate Nancy Pelosi to  host next year's Oscars. It couldn't be any worse than last night's and would sure be funnier.

Italy Expels Two Tunisians Associated With Berlin Attacker

In Italy, two Tunisians have been sent packing as a result of their suspected radicalization and their association with the Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri.

Due tunisini sono stati espulsi oggi «per motivi di sicurezza dello Stato». Uno dei due, 47enne senza fissa dimora, è intestatario di un utenza telefonica risultata presente tra i contatti dell’attentatore del mercato di Natale di Berlino Anis Amri nel giugno 2015, quando quest’ultimo era ospite della famiglia di un connazionale, attualmente detenuto presso il carcere di Velletri per reati comuni. 

Salgono così a 147 i soggetti gravitanti in ambienti dell’estremismo religioso espulsi con accompagnamento alla frontiera dal gennaio 2015 ad oggi. Di questi, 15 eseguiti nel 2017.  

L’altro espulso è un 34enne segnalato dai servizi di intelligence nell’ambito del monitoraggio della comunità islamica della provincia di Perugia, quale «elemento di orientamento radicale facente parte di un sodalizio di spacciatori tunisini, operanti nel capoluogo umbro, legati ad altro connazionale già espulso dal territorio nazionale per motivi di sicurezza dello Stato il 14 maggio 2015». Dalle indagini svolte è emerso, inoltre, che il tunisino espulso oggi, oltre ad aver evidenziato le sue simpatie per il Daesh, durante la sua permanenza a Lucca, non avrebbe escluso la possibilità di recarsi in Siria.  

Rintracciato a Palermo lo scorso 14 febbraio e risultato irregolare sul territorio nazionale, è stato trattenuto nel centro di Caltanissetta. Oggi è stato rimpatriato dalla frontiera area di Palermo con un volo diretto a Tunisi. 

Quanto al 44enne, a seguito delle indagini svolte, è stato trattenuto nel centro di Caltanissetta in attesa dell’espulsione avvenuta oggi dalla frontiera marittima di Palermo, con una nave partita verso Tunisi.  


Two Tunisians were expelled (deported) today "for reasons of state security". One of the two, 47-year-old without fixed address, is the registered owner of a telephone found among contacts of the attacker of the Berlin Christmas market, Anis Amri, in June 2015 when the latter was guest of a family of a co-national currently detained in the prison of Velletri for common crimes.

This raises to 147 the number of deported subjects involved in the circle of religious extremism deported from the border under guard from January 2015 to today. Of these, 15 (have been expelled) in 2017. 

The other deportee is a 34-year-old identified by the intelligence services  by monitoring the Islamic community in the province of Perugia, of which a radical element was part of an association of (drug) dealing Tunisians, operating in the chief city of Umbria, connected to other co-nationals already expelled  from the national territory for reasons of state security on 14 May 2015. Of the reported investigative cases divulged, in addition, the Tunisian expelled today, besides having shown his sympathy for Daesh (ISIS) during his residence in Lucca, would not have excluded the possibility he went to Syria.

Traced to Palermo last 14 February he was found to be in (Italy) illegally, was detained in the center of Caltanisseta. Today, he was repatriated from the border in the area of Palermo on a direct flight to Tunis.

As for the 44-year-old, as a result of the investigation, he was detained in the center of Caltinessita awaiting deportation which occurred today at the coastal border of Palermo via a boat that departed for Tunis.

Meanwhile in La-La Land......

"And the best picture goes to...."

How fitting was this? On a  night when Jimmy Kimmel was cracking bad jokes about Trump and the usual brain-dead Hollywood types were pontificating about injustice and repression, the whole night ended with a John Kerry-style goof. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, apparently thinking they were still Bonnie and Clyde, read the wrong card and announced that La-La Land had won best picture. Then, as some boob was up there talking about repression and all that good stuff, chaos ensued as it was announced that they had not won after all. Warren and Faye had been given the wrong card! Too bad Hillary wasn't there with her reset button.

Image result for confusion at the oscars                

And that wasn't the only snafu. Imagine watching the Oscars and seeing your own face in the "in memoriam" segment. (Hat tip Breitbart)

And wouldn't you know as soon as they announced La-La Land, I switched it off only to find out this morning I had missed the best part.

About Those Hostile Town Halls

Hat tip Daily Caller

This should come as no surprise, but we now know the reason why Republican members of Congress have been experiencing all those hostile town halls. It's not dissatisfied Republican voters; it's the left in action.

Here is an example of what happened at a town hall in Louisiana. You can bet these are not Republican voters.

When it comes to dirty tricks, Nixon would be proud.

"I should have been a Democrat."

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia Vandalized

Image result for cemeteries in kristallnacht
Kristallnacht 1938

It has happened again. One week after over one hundred headstones were overturned in a
Jewish cemetery near St Louis, a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia has been similarly vandalized.

This is sick. This is what happened to Jewish cemeteries all over Germany during the Third Reich. I will withhold any speculation as to who is involved in these dastardly attacks until the perps are caught.

I truly commend Vice President Pence for going to St Louis last week, not just to make a statement of condemnation, but to actually help clean up the destruction. I hope that President Trump will take strong action to fight the resurgence in Jew hatred in our nation. The best way he can do it is by speaking out strongly and using his bully pulpit. Sadly, so much mud has been thrown at Trump charges of anti-semitism are included. Today's Orange County Register has an op-ed by Carl Cannon refuting allegations that Trump is an anti-semite. I too reject that allegation. As Cannon pointed out, Trump screwed up the question from the Jewish man in the back of the room. He apparently misinterpreted the question. It was unfortunate, but it does not make Trump an anti-semite. The questioner, Jake Turx, has given the President the benefit of the doubt.

Trump has condemned the St Louis incident, and he should comment on the latest one as well. I hope that he will soon make a special comment on the overall situation of anti-semitsm in the US and the world. I would like to see him go on national television to do it. He is going to be speaking shortly before Congress. I hope he includes it in his speech.

It's that important.

Sacramento State University: No Place for Young, Black Conservative Men

Hat tip Campus Watch

It's tough enough being a conservative student on a college campus, but it's doubly tough if you are an African-American conservative. Ask Floyd Johnson of the College Republicans at Sacramento State University.

I note that our friends from the Students for Justice in Palestine were involved. That pretty much explains everything.

George Galloway Has Traveled in Strange Company

                                   Galloway and his motley crew in Gaza

Jamal al Harith was a British subject who was released by the Americans from Guantanamo Bay in 2004. He was killed Monday driving an explosive-laden truck into an Iraqi army base near Mosul. Oh yes. One other fun fact: In 2009, he was part of George Galloways's Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza.

Currently, Galloway is still running around the fringes of British society trying to get back into Parliament. He gives speeches, gets things thrown at him and on him, and generally keeps the British public laughing, much like the late Benny Hill used to do. Galloway is a slapstick character who always gets involved in one muck or another. For you American readers, imagine a Laurel and Hardy movie, and you get an idea of the life of George Galloway.

Someday when my grandson is old enough, I can tell him that George Galloway once called me a liar.

The Faces of the DNC: Thomas Perez and Keith Ellison

The DNC has voted and Thomas Perez, former secretary of Labor under Obama and civil rights lawyer in the Justice Department under Eric Holder, will the the new head. He is a leftist, pure and simple. The first thing he did after being elected was to name Keith Ellison, his main competitor for the job, as his vice chair. Ellison had been under fire for his past membership in the Nation of Islam, his past praise of Louis Farrakhan and his alleged anti-semitism. No doubt some Democrats were afraid of the message Ellison's election would send to moderate Democrats and Jews. Perez, apparently, was not so concerned.

The selection of Perez is no move back to the center for the Democrats. He is a dedicated lefty. Having Ellison, one of two Muslim members of Congress, is not going to stop the bleeding.Ellison has a heavy Somali constituency in his home district of Minneapolis, which largely explains his election to Congress. With Perez' decision to  tap Ellison as his second, the Democrats get the worst of two worlds. They are sure to lose some degree of Jewish support. For example, just before the selection of Perez, Alan Dershowitz was appearing on CNN promising he would leave the Democrat party if Ellison, whom he considers an anti-semite, were selected. With Ellison in the number two slot, it remains to be seen what Dershowitz will do now.

Perez has boldly stated that he and Ellison will be President Trump's worst nightmare. I doubt it. It is people like these two that have led to the Democrat party losing so much of its support.

Meanwhile in France: Play it Again Sam

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna for videos.

If August is vacation month in France, February has been riot month. The riots over a police brutality allegation involving a young black man identified only as "Theo" are continuing. They have now spread to other cities and include demostrations against the National Front of Marine LePen.  This is the French left in action in what they call a "demonstration" (manifestation). The first is from Nantes.

Last night in Paris (below)

Just to be safe, I checked my French dictionary. "Manifestation" does not include the translation of riot.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Cynical Attempt to Equate Muslim-Americans With Japanese-Americans During WW II

Hat tip Campus Watch and Daily Californian

For the past few years, Muslim organizations like CAIR have set up alliances with various Japanese-American groups in an attempt to equate the situation with the former group to that of the latter during World War II when Japanese and Japanese -Americans living on the West Coast were relocated into internment camps. It was a terrible injustice, and the US has recognized it as such. No documented case was ever brought forth of espionage by Japanese or Japanese-Americans during the war. CAIR and other agenda-driven Muslin groups have attempted to use the Japanese-American experience to spread hysteria that Muslim-Americans might be rounded up and interned, which no serious person has even suggested. Japanese-American groups, in my view have been cynically used by groups like CAIR.

As an example, there was an event this week at UC Berkeley involving activists like Professor Hatem Bazian and CAIR San Francisco director Zahra Billoo along with a Japanese-American survivor of the relocation. The event was co-sponsored by the Nikkei Student Union and the Muslim Student Union.

I am unaware of any Japanese-American group in the US with a radical agenda. It is sad to see some of them being swayed by groups like CAIR and individuals like Bazian. They should take a closer look at the background of these Islamist activists who are shamelessly using them.

Muslim Discount Card

Alkalima is a publication by the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union. Its articles range from religious issues to Israel (anti) and other social issues affecting Muslims. Here is an ad from their current web page. Introducing the Muslim Discount Card.

If you want to apply for one, visit the site in the lower  left-hand corner or you can write to them c/o UC Irvine Dean of Students at the address in the lower-right-hand corner.

Cal St. Fullerton Professor Suspended

Hat tip Campus Reform

Eric Canin, a professor at Cal State University Fullerton, has been suspended due to an altercation he had with students on February 8 during a protest and counter-protest by College Republicans over the issue of a border wall.

There are conflicting reports over who accosted whom, and the video is rather inconclusive on that point. What is clear, however, is that Canin was involved in a rather unfriendly interchange with pro-wall students.

As a conservative who until recently was teaching part-time at UC Irvine, I learned that a teacher has to be very restrained when dealing with a student on the other side of an issue. While I never brought my personal views into the classroom, I did attend many events sponsored by the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as pro-Israel events. Things occasionally got heated, and I have had  occasional less than friendly exchangse with speakers and officials of certain organizations, but when it comes to teacher-student exchanges, the teacher has to keep it professional.

Maxine Waters "Condemns" UC Berkeley Rioters

"This is a bunch of scumbags"

Maxine Waters is at it again. In another Fousesquawk exclusive, the distinguished US congresswoman from California has condemned the actions of the UC Berkeley rioters on February 1.

UCB Professor Robert Reich has no comment on Waters' statement.

Muslim Student Associations in Canada

Hat tip The Israel Group and TSEC Network Canada

This site has written expensively about the activities of the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine for years. We have also reported on activities of the Muslim Student Association chapters in the US as well as its sister organization, Students for Justice in Palestine.

We should, not, however, overlook Canada and its universities. Canada is another hotbed of radical Islamic activity, a situation that can only get worse under liberal prime minster Justin Trudeau. The below article by Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada (TSEC) gives a portrait of the MSA in Canada, its history, its associations, its aims and many of its members who have gone on to terrorist activity.

My own experience with the MSU at UC Irvine confirms this narrative. While many young Muslim students may be drawn to join a MSA/MSU chapter for all the right reasons, a chapter's leadership positions are a cause for concern. Aside from observing the faith and da'wa, political activity in the guise of human rights, such as opposing and demonizing Israel on campus are a main motivation of these chapters.

In addition, whiel the official position of these chapters may deny extremism and anti-semitism, when speakers like Amir Abdel Malik  Ali and Abdul Alim Musa come to speak (as I have seen them do at UCI) , it puts the lie to any claims of moderation.

Which Muslim Leaders Should Trump Reach Out to?

Hat tip Middle East Forum

The below article in the Middle East Forum outlines some of the pitfalls the Trump administration needs to avoid  in making alliances with truly moderate Muslims. The writer, Sam Westrop, also points out that non-violent Muslims can still be extremists.

I would add that Mr. Westrop's Boston-based organization, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, was on the front lines of trying to alert the community about the extremist ties  of the Islamic Society Cultural Center of Boston. It's leader, Charles Jacobs, was ostracized by the leadership of his own Jewish community in Boston.

In fairness to former President Obama, his predecessor, George W. Bush, also made errors in reaching out to the Muslim community after 9-11. The first Muslim leader he invited to the White House was none other than Muzammil Siddiqi, former head of the Islamic Society of North America and currently head imam of the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, California. Siddiqi, who was given a "Bridge Builder" award by the politically-correct Orange County Human Relations Commission a few years ago, has pulled the wool over the eyes of the local community for years. In 1992, Siddiqi hosted the recently deceased terrorist imam Omar Abdel Rahman, to give a guest sermon at his mosque, which Sidddiqi translated into English.

The mistakes of Bush were compounded by Obama, who never recognized true moderates such as Zuhdi Jasser. Giving almost $400,000 to the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) as he left office was a true slap in the face to Muslim reformers.

In my view, Trump is becoming educated on the true nature of Islamic extremism. Hopefully, he will not be fooled by gentle words and smiling faces.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Radicalization of Turks in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

It always pains me to write articles like this about Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan . When I was a DEA agent stationed in Italy in the 1980s, I twice had the occasion to visit Turkey and collaborate with the Turkish National Police. I enjoyed my visits to the country, and I liked the people. At that time, Turkey was still a secular Muslim-majority country, which even produced a great beer (Efes Pilsen). Unfortunately, times have changed in Turkey under Erdoğan, who is attempting to reverse the secular reforms of the country's national hero, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  Radical Islam is on the march, and sadly, many Turks are being swept up in the wave of hate and violence.

That also poises a problem for European countries with large Turkish populations, especially Germany, where Turks have roots that go back a couple of generations now. They first arrived as Gastarbeiter (guest workers). To be sure, they suffered discrimination as they came and filled manual labor jobs. Some stayed and had children who have grown up in Germany. Assimilation has had mixed results.

Now, with some one million migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and others (largely Muslims) roaming around Germany, radicalization is also a problem among the Turks.  Recent events have brought out the involvement of Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs (DIYANET) in influencing the Turkish diaspora in religious and political matters.

DIYANET is a long-established part of the Turkish government in religious (Islamic) matters. It is now under the control of Erdoğan. Last month, DIYANET was accused of telling Turkish mosques in Belgium to spy on their adopted country and report any criticism of Turkey and/or the Erdoğan government.

In Germany, the largest organization representing Turkish Muslims is DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs), an organization that collaborates with the German government on issues affecting their constituents. DITIB is technically independent of DIYANET, but is apparently susceptible to the reach and influence of the latter agency in Ankara. In December, both entities were caught up in allegations of spying within Germany in connection with suspected supporters of Fetullah Gulen, an Erdoğan opponent living in exile in the US. In January, DIYANET denied accusations that they had used DITIB to carry out spying in Germany. However, the same month, DITIN acknowledged that some of its preachers had, indeed, spied for Turkey.

But it gets worse. The German media outlet ARD has done an investigation into German mosques affiliated with DITIB and uncovered hateful preaching against the West, Jews and Christians. This article by Vlad Tepes features two disturbing videos. They are in German but sub-titled into English by Vlad Tepes.

Germany, like most of its European neighbors, is in a mess. Not only do they have to worry about the intentions of hundreds of thousands of newly-arrived Muslims, they also need to look out for radicalized Turkish-Germans. It is even more troubling that there might be a Turkish government component in that radicalization.

Trump Was Right About Sweden

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Image result for rinkeby riots
-Gateway Pundit

When President Trump made a reference to Sweden during a speech February 18, his critics pounced upon him for making up a terror attack in that Scandinavian country the night before that hadn't occurred. The Swedish prime minister and the Swedish media jumped all over it. His exact words were: "You look at what's happening last night in Sweden ...." As he often does, Trump spoke clumsily, but he was not trying to say that an act of terror had occurred; he was referring to the overall situation in Sweden with its immigrant problems-crimes, rapes, riots and lack of assimilation. In that, he was right.

What Trump was referring to was an interview he had seen the previous evening on Fox News with American journalist and pundit Ami Horowitz, who had just returned from a fact-finding trip to Scandinavia, where he almost had his head handed to him while venturing into those no-go zones in and around Copenhagen and Stockholm. Horowitz' report was accurate.

Nevertheless, the Swedish elites in politics and the media don't want to acknowledge the ugly truth about what is happening to their country. They prefer to continue the narrative that Sweden is a socialist paradise that has opened its arms to immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, mostly from Muslim-majority countries, and that things are going just fine. They are not. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, the streets of the cities are no longer safe, and terrorists are going off to join ISIS and returning back to Sweden, where, instead of being blocked from re-entry or jailed, they are welcomed by the authorities with job training in an effort to "re-integrate them" back into society. Meanwhile, those who dare to object are branded as "racists" or are threatened with prosecution for "hate speech".

Here at home, CNN reacted as if they had no idea what was going on in Sweden as they continued to trash the President. Once it became clear what Trump was referring to, they questioned why Trump would rely on an interview on a conservative news network (Fox), without going through the "processes" of vetting the report.

If all that wasn't surreal enough, two nights after Trump's statement, the Stockholm  suburb -and "no-go zone" of Rinkeby- exploded in riots. With international attention centered on Trump's statement, it couldn't have come at a worse time-or better time depending on your point of view.

And don't think that Sweden is united in outrage against what Trump said. Many are pleased that our president's statement has stirred discussion about their problems.

So once again, Trump has inartfully made a statement, and instead of being humiliated, he has come out smelling like a rose. In my view, he has done Sweden a service.

Maxine Waters "Condemns" Paris Riots


"This is a bunch of scumbags"

As we all know, Paris has been wracked by immigrant riots for several days this month. Just as she did with the Swedish riots this week, our gal, Maxine Waters, has spoken out strongly in response.

Maxine Waters "Condemns" Riots in Sweden

"This is a bunch of scumbags"

Texas Pre-School Fires Teacher for Anti-Jewish Rants on Twitter

Hat tip Canary Mission, Campus Watch and Algemeiner

Nancy Salem, a Palestinian-American school teacher,  has been fired from an Arlington, Texas pre-school after it came to light she had tweeted some anti-Jewish messages including a call to "kill some Jews".  This was a result of reports by the blog Canary Mission into activities by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)  at the University of Texas at Arlington.

SJP, which was co-founded by University of California professor Hatem Bazian, routinely declares that it is not anti-semitic-only anti-Zionist. Yet, incident after incident at universities across the nation for years have put the lie to that claim. The fact that some members of SJP are misguided Jews does not lesson that fact. This story is just one more documentation of the hateful nature of SJP.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Suspension Lifted for OCC Student

Hat tip College Reform

After a ton of negative publicity and a joint press conference by Caleb O'Neill and his attorney, Orange Coast College has lifted the suspension and other punishments levied against O'Neill after he videotaped a teacher making the most outrageous statements about President Trump in class.

Here is more from College Reform.

The teacher in question is entitled to her view on President Trump and is entitled to express it-even in the crazy manner she did. However, it is unprofessional, in my view, to bring her views into the classroom. She has embarrassed her college.

Jewish Cemetery in St Louis Vandalized

A Jewish cemetery in St Louis was severely vandalized earlier this week when someone knocked over some 100 headstones.

This may be the most serious outbreak of anti-semitism in the US in recent times. In response, President Trump has spoken out and Vice President Pence has gone to the site to help with the repair. I should note here that CAIR and other Muslim individuals like Linda Sarsour are raising money for repairs and have condemned the act. No doubt they are keeping their fingers crossed that the vandals don't turn out to be Muslims.

I would also note that one of my close Jewish friends here in Orange County, who comes from St Louis, has relatives buried in that cemetery.

Until the persons responsible are caught, I think it is best to without further comment about who they might be or from where they got their inspiration to carry out such a despicable act.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Senseless Murder of a Police Officer

Image result for whittier police department badge with black stripe'
                                                Keith Boyer

Yesterday, Whittier Police (outside Los Angeles) lost one of their police officers in a shooting that also wounded another officer. ABC News has the details.;-2nd-officer-suspect-injured/1763550/

The shooter is Michael Christoper Mejia (26), gang member, ex-con, and just recently released from prison.

Image result for michael christopher mejia

He could have been there longer except a judge refused to double his last sentence for car theft based on his previous conviction for armed robbery as he could have. Instead of giving Mejia 4 years, the judge gave him two. Part of the "reasoning" as I understand it is that Mejia's first conviction was violent, but the second (car theft) was not.

Mejia is not an illegal alien; he is a US citizen.

Armed robbery, car theft and multiple probation violations. Yet, due to California law AB 109 and the state's preoccupation for relieving jail overcrowding as mandated by the courts, people like Mejia are not kept behind bars. Instead, they are are turned back onto our streets.

Now we have Officer Boyer and another person dead and Officer Patrick Hazel in the hospital.

I just don't get it. I just don't get California's insane policies. I just don't get the liberal mindset that produces tragedies like this.