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The Netherlands: Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Below is a translation of an article appearing in the conservative Dutch news outlet, Ongehoord Nederland and written by Ernst Lissauer. It basically concerns anti-Semitism in the Netherlands, but covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well and raises the question of how that conflict has impacted anti-Semitism in the Netherlands, whose government supports the Palestinian cause. Lissauer also informs us that the Dutch government and the government-affiliated media are not supportive of the peace breakthroughs that President Trump's son-in-law and Middle East emissary, Jared Kushner, has helped orchestrate between Israel and several Muslim states.

* Please note that in paragraph 5, I have added quotation marks on the term, "Jewish-loving" (Jodenminnend). I was troubled by this term because translated to English, it is commonly regarded as an anti-Semitic slur directed at any person perceived as supportive of Jews or Israel. It has been directed at me by certain anti-Semites, and I wear that as a badge of honor. Since Mr Lissauer is clearly supportive of Israel and against anti-Semitism, I was not sure how to interpret the translation. A more exact translation would actually be "Jew-loving", but in English, that comes across as an even stronger and more offensive term. I chose instead to "soften" it by using "Jewish-loving", which is not the way it is commonly said in English ("Jew-loving").

One of the pitfalls of translating is that you often have to deal with nuances, and I think this is just such a case. Thus, I have added quotation marks to indicate that the writer was using the term in irony. That irony is pointing out the hypocrisy of some who were quick to jump on a charge of anti-Semitism because it involved a conservative party (Forum for Democracy) and its leader, Thierry Baudet, while supporting the Palestinian cause and those who would wipe Israel off the face of the map.

Anti-Semitism is not dead, It still stinks

Ernst Lissauer 24 December 2020

Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred, and the synonymous anti-Israel and anti-Zionism are again in style. Most political parties have long passed (the point of) shame. It is no longer a concept with the Shoa (Holocaust) as a specter, but a political weapon with which a better-arguing opponent can be put aside. That reminds one of a recent industrial genocide upon the Jewish people (which) is hardly taught or understood. The connotation is there: You are a bad person if you are an anti-Semite, but it is always the other who is wrong. That recent past, in which the Netherlands stood "on the wrong side", and betrayed her Jewish subjects, taken and had sent to the extermination factories, is something people prefer not to talk about. Today, all remaining Dutch Jews can easily fit in the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Art treasures stolen from Jews now hang in the country's museums, and family members, as few as there are, have 20 lawyers opposing them when they demand their return. The Stichting Onderzoek Oorlogsmisdaden (Foundation for Investigating War Crimes) wants access to the Central Archives for Special Administration of Justice, where some 300,000 files are located of Dutch who, after the Second World War, were found guilty of war crimes or cooperation with the German occupiers. Due to the privacy of still-living persons, for whom there is a file, the archive will not be public till January 1, 2025. Nazi hunter Arnold Karskens, also director of Omroep Ongehoord Nederland, is proceeding against the State to open the archives earlier. Last May, the Cabinet, for the first time, publicly apologized for the assistance of the Dutch civil service in the mass murder of Dutch Jews. 

(It is) a period that the Netherlands is not proud of and has not yet processed. By designating Jews now as "occupiers" and "oppressors" of "Palestinians", people hope to forget the guilty feelings over their own misdeeds. Naturally, there is no Palestinian people. They are Arabs. Just as there has never been a state called Palestine.  It is the emperor's clothes that are responsible for the indulgence. Because Donald Trump broke through the puppet show with the recognition of Jerusalem, the city that was once founded by the Jews, blowing up the whole fairy tale. He was the boy who screamed that the emperor had no clothes.  There you have the reason you hardly hear anything in the news about the Abraham Accords.

With the recognition of these accords, the guilt complex over the Jewish persecution would return. The Abraham Accords and Peace to Prosperity have definitively changed the Middle East. As the Muslim countries drop their enmity and make peace with the Jewish state, it is noted that within the EU, anti-Semitism is clearly increasing. The EU refuses to recognize the peace accords as long as there is no "solution" for "the Palestinian problem", the problem that the EU itself perpetuates and supports with billions because the Palestinians only expect money; peace is not their revenue model.

The Palestinians are now completely at the mercy of the EU and can expect to get as much as possible from them. Jordan doesn't worry about receiving more hopeless Palestinians, though most are from the (same) origin. The Netherlands co-finances the anti-Semitic schoolbooks of the UNWRA schools. Green-Left (party) publicly supports the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which in most civilized countries is banned. But the (Whatsapp group) from a youth organization of one of the smallest political fractions, FvD (Forum for Democracy), received the full attention of the "Jewish-loving" (quotes added by translator)* Netherlands because that was a scandal. The subsequent investigation was not expected, but the entire party, including the party leader, was accused of anti-Semitism. For two weeks nothing else was written about. In the party program, the motions, the voting behavior, and the Chamber questions by the FvD, there is no hint of anti-Israeli nor anti-Semitic actions to be found-on the contrary. The accusations do not stick also because Thierry Baudet is engaged with a Jewish woman, and his offspring will thus, be Jewish. But the accusations of anti-Semitism have had an effect on those concerned and led to the temporary resignation of Theo Hiddema, in the same week in which the Green-Left placed a strict Islamist candidate for the (Second) Chamber on the election list. Her connections with the Muslim Brotherhood  have since been demonstrated, as well as her presence at an anti-Israel demonstration where swastikas were displayed and anti-Semitic slogans were chanted (I was myself a witness.) For the Green-Left, this is no reason to remove her from the (election) list. "Palestine free from the river to the sea" is a call to genocide and nothing else. Nor does the Cabinet find any problem that the UN voted with anti-Semitic motions. Recently, there was a vote in favor of a motion that the Temple Mount would no longer be considered of Jewish historical origin, rather of pure Arab origin. The unbridled assistance money for illegal building projects for Palestinians and secret donations for a terrorism-related proxy recently came to light. For many years, the Netherlands has supported captured terrorists in Israeli detention, and an attempt was made to infiltrate the Israeli Supreme Court. When, in 2017, Jerusalem was officially recognized as the undivided capital of Israel, our government was quick not to accept the recognition. In addition, our embassy, which moved to Tel Aviv, will not move back to the capital city, where more embassies, along with the US, are opening. 

The Abraham Accords didn't make the news with the Dutch government-affiliated NOS-Journaal, while this could be called the most important event of 2020. Meanwhile, the largest Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia, stands ready to engage in trade and diplomatic relations with Israel. In line with our denying government and the UN, which would prefer not to see peace in the Middle East, the NOS-Journaal showed its own version of an Israeli map. On it, a large part of Israel was pictured as Jordanian territory. Not coincidentally, the part that Jordan illegally occupied during the 1948 war and where the Jewish people have their origin. That is the province of Judea and Samaria, which people prefer to use the name of the occupier: West Bank. During the occupation, pogroms against Jews were committed, 4 years after the Holocaust.

The Netherlands is demanding a Palestinian state in the middle of the original Biblical land, in the hills of Judea (the region where the naming of the Jews comes from) with a view of the lower-lying Israeli coastal area, so that the Palestinian rockets will land better. The same goes for the Golan Heights in the north, which the Netherlands would rather see in the hands of Assad, who from there, can easily bombard Tel Aviv. I am not making this up; those are the facts. Meanwhile, there are officially no more "occupied areas ", insofar they have ever legally existed because with Peace to Prosperity, a new path has been taken. Not even the EU can stop the peace train, which, thanks to Trump, but actually his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is riding through the Middle East. The simple fact is that the Netherlands and most of the political parties are not happy about it (which) fits in with the image that anti-Semitism is still rampant in the Netherlands.

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The Suppression of Free Speech in Sweden

"During the 2018 election campaign, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) called on Google and Facebook and urged them to conduct "voluntary" internet censorship on behalf of the State. Also at the meeting was then Expressen editor-in-chief, Thomas Mattsson, who promised to provide the IT-giants with information about "which dark forces are found here and who threatened democracy". In clear text: Which alternative media should be opposed."

This past week, it was reported that Google shut down the YouTube channel of SwebbTV, which is a conservative, alternative news channel in Sweden. In response, 5 other alternative news sites (listed below) shut down their own sites on Tuesday (12-29-20) in protest against what they see as an attack against freedom of expression. The accusation becomes even more serious when you consider that IT giants like Google, Facebook, and others receive financial considerations from the Swedish government. It is also alleged that Google took action against SwebbTV at the behest of the Social Democrat party in power and its prime minister, Stefan Löfven .

Today, the concerned alternative sites showed the below message on their respective screens in Swedish. (Translation into English by Fousesquawk). The original link to the screen seems to be gone, but I will post it as soon as I can retrieve it. The respective sites are up and running again. Most of these sites, including SwebbTV, are linked on Fousesquawk either under "Foreign News Outlets" or "Our Real European Allies".



The day before Christmas Eve, Google shut down the Swedish opposition YouTube channel, SwebbTV, which has 65,000 followers. The channel has a publishing certificate, responsible publisher, and is covered under the Freedom of Expression law.

The closure was preceded by a number of measures from the Swedish government. 

First, the government pushed through a reduction of electricity tax for Google and Facebook from 41.38  öre/kilowatt per hour to 0.5 öre/kilowatt per hour which households pay. (100  öre=1 Swedish krona). In addition, Google has received economic support through the government's electrical certification system, and together, the (PM Stefan) Löfven government's subsidies to both companies amount to billions.

During the 2018 election campaign, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S) called on Google and Facebook and urged them to conduct "voluntary" internet censorship on behalf of the State. Also at the meeting was then Expressen editor-in-chief, Thomas Mattsson, who promised to provide the IT-giants with information about "which dark forces are found here and who threatened democracy". In clear text: Which alternative media should be opposed.

 Since the shutting down of SwebbTV, Morgan Johansson has (denied) his own responsibility but at the same time, has given his full support for Google's action.

"It is up to YouTube to determine what they let stay up on their platform," he said to DN (Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter) yesterday.

In other words: If Google wants to sabotage opposition media in a country where the government gives them billions in subsidies, that is nothing we want to involve ourselves in."

In other words:

This attitude is unacceptable in a democratic country. 

Within the US Justice Department, legislation is now being prepared that will prohibit Google and other IT giants "from censoring lawful expression in bad faith, with a statement that they are violating their own user terms".  Even in the stronghold of free enterprise, those in power thus recognize the fact that Morgan Johansson refuses to acknowledge: That the daily formation of opinion occurs digitally, and that IT-giants control the infrastructure which each individual needs to be able to take advantage of his freedom of expression.

In the run-up to the election campaign, for the first time, there are now signs that the government will try to completely close down several alternative media. The risk is not in new legislation that bans us, rather that the government utilizes State-supported companies like IT-giants and banks to keep us from services that are necessary to conduct our activity.

We who represent the largest alternative media in Sweden are closing our websites today in protest against the government's handling of SwebbTV. At the same time, we are making the following joint statement.

1 We demand that the government immediately take measures to ensure the constitutional protections of freedom of expression online, in particular with the publicly-financed platforms, Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

2 We give our full support to the Sweden Democrats' decision to pursue the issue in the Swedish Parliament and urge all members (of Parliament), regardless of party color, to independently work for freedom of expression-also in a digital time. 

3  We appeal to the public to take part in the fight for freedom of expression through voting for members who pursue issues of freedom of expression and by keeping an eye out for demonstrations, petitions, and other measures for freedom of expression which may come in the future.


Erik Almqvist, Editor-in-chief,  Exakt24

Chang Frick, Edito-in-chief,  Nyheter Idag

Mats Dagerlind, Editor-in-chief,  Samhällsnytt

Widar Nord, Editor-in-chief, Fria Tider

Vavra Suk, Editor-in-chief, Nya Tider


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Nashville and Portland (Oregon): A Tale of Two Cities (Plus 2 More)

Hat tip and

Nashville, Tennesee made headlines worldwide Christmas morning when an RV exploded in the downtown area. We now know the identity of the bomber, who died in the blast. The motive has not yet been 100% clarified, but it appears he had some hangup about technology, hence he needed to blow himself up to make a statement. Go figure. An obviously disturbed individual.

Six Nashville police officers are being heralded for their bravery in evacuating residents from the area just before the massive blast went off.

In contrast, earlier this month (December 8), police in Portland, Oregon (for the 100-umpteenth time this year) found themselves being attacked by anarchists. The below video is a sickening display of a city that, frankly speaking, does not deserve police protection.

It reminds you of New York City. On 9-11, NYPD officers (and NYFD personnel) ran into the World Trade Center trying to save lives and gave theirs in the process. Twenty years later, those same NYPD officers are being spat on and attacked on the streets of New York as their pathetic mayor turns a blind eye.

Recently, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro announced that he was moving his family and entire operation from Los Angeles to Nashville. He has had it with the leftist insanity of LA under its moronic mayor, Eric Garcetti and the ruling Democrat party. Given what goes on in Portland, the decent denizens of that city might consider moving to Nashville as well. 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020 Jerk of the Year: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

There have been many candidates for this year's Golden Penguin award, but in the end, I have selected New York Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ever since this then-29-year-old barmaid splashed on the scene in 2018, she has made an embarrassment out of herself and her Democrat party. She quickly linked up with three other radical Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, to form what is called the "Squad", a latter-day version of the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Ocasio-Cortez even came out with something called "The Green New Deal", a utopian world without vehicles, airplanes, or oil, which many of the older Democrats have decided is just a swell idea.

This brain-dead bimbo-yes, bimbo- not only thinks she is the smartest person in Congress, but she has taken "pushy" to a new level. Far from playing the role of freshman, she wants the leadership of her party, and the Dems being what they are, she just may have it soon. In case you are wondering, yes- she was re-elected in November by the brain-dead denizens of her Bronx district. Another round, Sweetie!

That this woman has no concept of democracy has been most recently shown when she came out with a statement after the election in November that any Republican who was connected to the Trump administration should be blacklisted from politics forever.

Unfortunately, it looks like AOC is going to be around awhile. But then again, so will the Golden Penguin. You can win it more than once, you know.

Just ask Hillary Clinton.

One Fine Day in an Italian Lab

Hat tip Italia Sera and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Could this be a revolutionary event in the fight against Covid? Maybe we have finally discovered the true cause of the virus. Forget those bats and rats. Have you eaten a kiwi lately? Somewhere in Italy, scientists tested a kiwi for Covid 19. The results may surprise you....

As they say, "We must trust the science."

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Will the Netherlands Government Send Syrian Refugees Home?

 Hat tip Ungehoord Nederland and Vlad Tepes. Tranlsation by Fousesquawk.

With Syrian peace talks ongoing, the question begs: Will European countries send the millions of Syrian refugees back home if the conditions are safe enough? In the Netherlands, Thierry Baudet of the conservative Dutch party, Forum for Democracy, thinks the established parties have no interest in sending them back (some 200,000 Syrian refugees in the Netherlands). This interview by the Dutch news outlet, Ongehoord Nederland, was conducted in November.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Explosion in Nashville

Photo: Reuters

Before I go any further, let me wish my Christian friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy Channukah to my Jewish friends.

Speaking of Christmas, there was a huge vehicle explosion in downtown Nashville this morning in what police believe was intentional. The FBI and ATF are participating in the investigation.  At this point, three are reported injured, none serious.

And there is this from Yahoo News:

"Andrew McCabe, a former deputy FBI director, told CNN that an explosion of this size would be investigated as a possible act of terrorism. He said it was possible police were the target of the explosions given they were answering a report of a suspicious vehicle when it blew up."

Yes, that Andrew McCabe. You would think our pathetic news media would be embarrassed to drag that character in for comment. (He was actually hired by CNN.) Maybe he should apply for a FISA warrant on President Trump. Maybe it's a desperate, last-minute attempt by Trump to declare martial law and stay in office. (I am joking.)

Given the timing, we could speculate, but it's best to let the investigators do their work. The first thing I did this morning when I heard the news was to check the European news sites linked on this blog to see if there were any Christmas attacks. Fortunately, there weren't any so far.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Anti-Semitism at UC Merced? Ho Hum

 Hat tip Algemeiner

"One posting on June 14 included the text “… reality bites!!!!!!” along with an image of a “Zionist brain” with labels such as “frontal money lobe,” “Holocaust memory centre,” “self-pity gland” and “world domination lobe.”

The University of California at Merced, the youngest campus in the UC system, has also been infected with expressions of Jew-hatred within its ranks. Emeritus Professor of Engineering Abbas Ghassem is the subject of controversy over anti-Jewish screeds on his Twitter account. The university is taking no action since he was not acting in his capacity as a university employee.

Legally, the university may be safe in its reasoning. I myself have often been accused of being anti-Muslim due to what I have written in this blog (which I don't consider myself to be. I am a critic of political Islam and Islamic teaching, but that is a topic for a different essay, of which I have written many.)

We might also keep in mind that on this same campus, a Muslim student went on a stabbing rampage in 2015 until he was shot dead by security. The threat of deadly violence is so real-including at UC Merced, and this type of rhetoric by one of their faculty-on or off the job- can have dangerous consequences.

So Professor Ghassemi will continue to enjoy whatever connection he has as an emeritus professor at UC Merced and no doubt, will continue to rant and rave about Jews and Israel. Note that the words found on his account are not just damning of Israel, but of Jews as people. We, on the other hand, are free to express our own opinion of what we have read. Abbas Ghassemi is an embarrassment-but one of many- to the University of California system.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Switzerland: Man Tries to Kill Gay Son

In Switzerland, an Iraqi man has been convicted of attempted murder of his own son because the son was gay. Dogan Z. (not his real name) was convicted of slashing his son's throat in 2019. He has been sentenced to 11 years in prison and will be banned from Switzerland for 12 years.

The below article from BLICK (Switzerland) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Attempted murder of his gay son

Brutal father must spend 11 years in prison!

-BLICK:  Caption below photo: At the time of the incident, the victim was 17 years old. He lost one liter of blood and had to be intubated.

Dogan Z. * (54) wanted to kill his gay son in May 2019-the Iraqi denied the act to the end. Now the court has passed its judgment

* Name changed

Dogan Z. is small and rather slender in build, (and) his dark hair is a little gray. The foot shackles that he wore in the courtroom in Burgdorf (Bern), seem exaggerated on him. He speaks only in a soft and hoarse voice. And this thin man is supposed to be a murderous family tyrant?

On Tuesday, the court came to its judgment: Yes! It followed the (position) of the State Prosecutor and pronounced the Iraqi guilty of the attempted murder of his homosexual son. It sentenced him to 11 years in prison and (deportation) for 12 years. He must also pay the victim 20,000 (Swiss) francs compensation.

Throat slit while sleeping

While Dogan Z asked for acquittal and maintained his son wanted to take his own life in May 2019, the judges believed the version of the prosecutor.

The (prosecutor) demanded 12 years in prison for the brutal father. She accused him of sneaking into his son's room that fateful day in the spring. Armed with a 27-centimeter long kitchen knife, he then knelt over his sleeping offspring and brutally slit his throat- with the intention of murdering him.

The son was able to tear himself away

"You are gay, you are gay?!" the believing Muslim allegedly yelled during the treacherous attack. The then-17-year-old, according to the charge, fought violently against his brutal father and was finally able to break away from him. 

With the gaping wound in his neck, he ran out of the parents' apartment in Langnau (Bern). Neighbors immediately cared for the wounded (boy). The teenager was then taken by helicopter to a hospital. He lost over a liter of blood and had to be intubated.

Clear scars of the death-battle

The (victim) of the attack now lives as a woman and calls herself Cataleya** (name known). Today the scars on the throat are clearly visible. The red traces of the death-battle will probably never completely disappear. 

She cried bitter tears during her interview last week. Sadly, the trans-female said to the judge, 
"Every day, when I wash my face and look in the mirror, I see my scars. I feel ugly."  She calls her father, only "the producer". Due to the incomprehensible act, she currently has no job and lost her apprenticeship.

A family drama

With the guilty verdict of her father, Cataleya may be satisfied- however, there are no winners in this story. The siblings of the (victim) sobbed in the courtroom last week. It was clear: The tragedy has torn a family apart and gnaws on all concerned.

Whether the last word has been spoken in this case is not yet clear. The defense attorney of the convicted man told BLICK, an (appeal) to a higher court is probably with the conviction. The judgment is not yet final.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Hypocrisy at Northwestern University

We have recently reported on the uproar going on at Northwestern University over Joseph Epstein, a  former adjunct teacher who has written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that Jill Biden should stop referring to herself as "Dr Jill Biden" since she is not really a physician (She has a doctorate in Education), and the title is somewhat misleading. In response, the Jacobins at Northwestern have called his remarks "misogynistic" and scrubbed all references to his name from their website. Mr. Epstein is now a non-person at Northwestern-except on the recent pages of the campus newspaper, The Daily Northwestern.

But I wonder if the little rascals at NW are aware that they currently have a Holocaust denier on the current faculty-whose name has not been scrubbed from NW's website. That would be engineering professor, Arthur Butz, author of a book entitled,  "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry". Chrissy Clark has the report in the Washington Free Beacon.

I note in the link to Butz's university webpage (above) that the book in question does not appear in his "selected publications". A mere oversight, I am sure.

In fairness to The Daily Northwestern, the Butz affair was covered back in 2006 when it was current, but it seems they might want to check their archives.

France: From a Free French Citizen

Hat tip Résistance Républicaine. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The French blog, Résistance Républicaine, is running an article by a former Muslim identified only as Samia, in which she writes about the hypocrisy of Islamophobia charges by Western Muslims, particularly certain Muslims of  Algerian origin. A note to the reader: Samia takes no prisoners.

I am not an apostate from Islam, I am a free French citizen!

Published December 13, 2020

by Samia

-Résistance Républicaine

Caption below photo: The spoofs are out! Their indignation is variable geometry. We never see them denounce the serious attacks on the freedom of those who disbelieve in Islam and live in a country decreed Islamic. Curiously, never!!! (Posters (l-r): "Don't touch my sister"  "Stop Islamophobia"

What happens in Muslim countries for all those who don't believe in Islam? Atheists, agnostics, Christians....What happens? Surely not what happens to Muslims in France!!! 

While in our country, where freedom of religion is consecrated, where each can exercise his religion without any fear, whatever the professional liars say, apostates from Islam, infidels, are, in Muslim lands, mistreated, persecuted, hunted like animals, every day, in deafening silence, deafening!!! Who speaks of it? Nobody! 

On the other hand, each day that passes, we are bombarded, we are hit with the poor Muslim victims, the good joke of Islamophobia. Yes, a joke, a farce, a complete deception. France has been totally transformed, to my chagrin, in contact with followers of Mohammad. Neverending mosques, halal butchers, streets infested by veils, all kinds of beards, and so on. Oh yes, and not to forget all the incessant demands for accommodations, which are increasingly satisfied. We want this, and we want that, and then this, and then that. It never stops! And incidentally, when we are not happy, a little cut here and there, and voila. And to top it all off, the professional mourners, the dhimmis on service get into action at the slightest critique of all the mess brought about, created by a portion of the followers of the Lord Mohammad.

There is no way to get a word in edgewise when it involves those who call on Islamic dogma. The disciples of (Mohammad) have the boulevards to impose their doctrine. It is flagrant when you see all the accommodations made for their pleasure, when one lists all the waivers given to them, even if these go against the essence of French values. It is an incredible thing in a country like France, all those who find fault, in every manner, muzzled, ordered to return back into the ranks of dhimmitude.

(Those who are) anti-Islam are left in the lion's den when those who never cease imposing their vision of the world are supported with force by much of the media, anti-racism associations (or rather followers of stupidity), as well as political parties on the right as well as the left, without forgetting a good part of our dear elected (officials). Don't forget those. They are so charming when it comes to defending the indefensible, and so acerbic with those looking truth in the face. Islam is a deadly doctrine.

I should not forget to say that on our territory, the same as with any Western country, a believer in Islam is called a Muslim. He is respected in his belief. He lives his faith normally, nothing is imposed upon him. On the contrary, we bend over backward that he may continue to be what he wants to be.  We don't call him a renegade, infidel, apostate, ungodly, Kafir, or whatnot. Why? Because we are not in the presence of a totalitarian system like that of Islam, which imposes its teaching upon everything. We are in a secular country where each can believe in what he wants, yes yes, even the tsetse fly if he likes. We are in a country where religious affairs are a private matter, of freedom for each one. It is the exact opposite, as opposed to Islamic doctrine, which imposes itself on all individuals, both in the private sphere as well as public. All human laws are inspired directly by the Koran, from sharia. Each precept is obligatory, there is never a dispensation. Everything is taken as is without asking questions.

Moreover, in Islamic countries, one does not talk of individuals, citizens, or very little. One speaks of Mohammadans, the believers, the faithful, the Muslims, which amounts to saying that one could not be anything else. 

Thus, a simple person who does not adhere to the message of Mohammad is covered in the most humiliating words, each more condemning than the other, contrary to Muslims' experience in non-Muslim lands. More than damning words, the rebels risk prison, torture, even outright death.  Let Muslims show me where they risk this in the West! Nowhere! The certitude is there!

It is for that that I forcefully refute the words, "apostate", "infidel", "ungodly", and everything that relates to the disbelief in Islam. I mark by this rejection my refusal to see the world through the prism of Islam, the Koran, which says it is a crime to not believe, which affirms the obligatory and sacred character of this religion, which makes the non-believer a criminal, which places the worst upon the rebellious. Rejecting the word, "apostate" is therefore not a posture, but a militant act to say "Stop" to the criminalization of non-believers, "Stop" to the terror, "Stop" to the impossibility of living outside of Islamic prominence. Stop!!!

That is why, in a cynical way, at the beginning of my remarks, I defined those who live in Muslim lands and do not believe in Islam, apostates, infidels, in order to highlight the dictatorial side, contemptuous of the beautiful religion of peace, hallelujah, of love, hallelujah, and certainly tolerance, self-evident.

By the way, the term, "Muslim lands" is itself another absurd affirmation of this totalitarianism. In effect, many countries under Muslim hegemony were Islamicized through force, by the sword, I cannot repeat it enough. That is far from the myth of Islam accepted by conviction and by spirituality. The reality is quite different, despite the denial of numerous Mohammadans. From the moment where the doctrine of Mohammad arrives somewhere, we always know how it has ended. The populations have no other choice but to submit, given the barbarity of the soldiers of Allah and the bloodshed. The invaded territories are transformed, reluctantly, into Muslim land where nothing else can really exist, nor anything more from the past-or so little- can subsist. 

And yet, nothing is simple with Muslim lands; there are those who clearly show their colors and those who play hide and seek, wanting to present an image of tolerant, free, democratic countries. Yes, some Muslim countries try to make us believe this nonsense. They do it shamelessly, without embarrassment, in view of everyone. The Mohammadan hypocrisy in all its splendor, shouting, exhibiting, assuming without any remorse. I would say this is the history, the essence itself of Islam, advocate everything and its opposite in the most normal way; moreover when caught with its hand in the bag, cries scandal, conspiracy. Doesn't that remind you of something? This is the attitude of many Mohammadans in France seen over and over. They (are) a nuisance, but it is the others, those who denounce- (they are) the guilty ones. These behaviors run through the veins of Islam; it is like this that they disarm their enemies, not otherwise.

So look at this country where hypocrisy is the rule, Algeria, an Islamic shithole, where everything is based on sharia but wants to make you believe that it is a State respectful of freedom of religion. Look elsewhere, see the ubiquitous side of article 42.12 of its constitution which says,"Freedom of conscience and freedom of opinion are inviolable. The liberty to practice religion is guaranteed in respect to the law".

For the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, a pompous title, if there ever was one, guaranteeing religious liberty is through prison sentences and heavy fines. It is through arbitrary arrests and mock trials expedited in 4th gear, where one applies the law to their own opinion. That is why I wish to address all Algerians in France who always whine about the miseries they suffer so much as Muslims.  What do they say about these people who are arrested because they simply affirm they are   not Muslims? If they just claim that they do not believe in the message of the Koran, of Mohammad, the hadiths, the sunna, it is jail that awaits them with routine beatings by cops and their fellow prisoners, yet it is they who are the worst thugs. In this mess, better to be a bastard, a  crook than a person refusing Islam. The former have better treatment than the latter.

What do they say about what happens in their dear Algeria?

As recently as November, yet another affair showing the darkness of the Algerian state, a Muslim country structurally anti-non Muslim. As soon as you say anything about this pseudo-religion, you are accused of insults against the Prophet, violations of the precepts of Islam, and more, and in less time than it takes to say it, you are behind bars, without much chance of escaping a guilty sentence. Yes, the activist, Mourad Mechri, originally from Chabet El Ameur, a coastal town, knows something about it. He was arrested November 9 at his place of work at Boumerdes for his Facebook postings criticizing Islam. He is languishing in one of these charming prisons of the Islamic world, havens of respect for the rights of man. There is liberty Algerian style. Isn't it beautiful? Imagine yourself not doing any better in France!

This man was wrong in believing that he could speak loud and clear his feelings vis-a-vis Islamic doctrine in complete safety. Lost! How can you imagine a Muslim country, which it is, could tolerate that? How can you be fooled at this point? Definitely, it is to integrate the impossibility of freedom in a society founded on the Muslim religion.  Both the state authorities and a large part of the population are there to call to order every contravention of sharia, the dogma of the camel driver. Ultimately, the phantom articles of the constitution are nothing but smoke screens, there to give the illusion of the individual respect of everyone, there where Islam says in substance, no question, never, even in dreams!

So I assume the right to not give a damn about the recriminations of some Muslims living in the Western world.  Like my first shirt, I don't give a damn about their so-called difficulties in practicing their religion. All of this, for me, is nothing more, nothing less than propaganda and downright manipulation to further advance their Islamic pawns on the Western chessboard. Let's take it for granted!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Spain: Government Apparently Spreading Migrants from Canary Islands Throughout Spain

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Recently, we have been reporting about the flood of migrants from North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to the Canary Islands and the overcrowded conditions. It now appears that the Spanish national government, in conjunction with the Red Cross, is flying hundreds of these migrants to other destinations in Spain. Local authorities are none too happy about it and are asking what controls are in place.

The below video is from RTVE Noticias (Spain). English sub-titles by Fousesquawk.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Jewish Voice for Peace?

 Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers and Jewish Ledger

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Palestinian "fighters"

Last week, the inappropriately-named, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel organization, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), sent out a tweet commemorating the First Intifada. (In Arabic, intifada is loosely translated as "rebellion" or "uprising".) The blog, Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has the tweet up on their web site. 

What an obscenity, especially from a Jewish organization. The First Palestinian Intifada lasted from late 1987 to 1991 or 1993 depending on which account you read. If you think it consisted of just protests and rock-throwing, you would be mistaken. Over 270 Israelis were murdered, including many civilians. Naturally, the military fought back, and many more Palestinians (about 1,100) died in the fighting.  Disproportionate? No, that is the way it should be when terrorists attack you. (Hundreds of Palestinians were put to death by their own "authorities" for being suspected of collaborating with the Israeli military.)

The Second Intifada began in September 2000 when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount and lasted to about February 2005.

Of course, if you Google "First Intifada", you will come up with a highly pro-Palestinian Wikipedia entry and the first several pages of other links will be dominated by anti-Israel articles. If you want to believe the spin, you would think it was somewhat akin to the French resistance during the occupation of France in World War II.

You might ask how a supposedly Jewish organization in America or anywhere else could glorify anything that resulted in the deaths of Israeli citizens and soldiers. I ask myself that question as a gentile fighting against anti-Semitism. All these years I have been confounded by certain misfit Jewish Americans who march arm in arm with the very people that want to destroy them. That is what JVP does. By the same token, how can any American Jew support the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) against Israel? That is what JVP does.

I saw first-hand what this organization was all about when three of their leaders came to speak at the University of California at Irvine, where I was teaching in 2011. One of them, a young character named Matan Cohen, an Israeli, no less, told us that any pro-Israel speech on campus was "useless discourse".

Translation? It shouldn't be allowed.

Similarly, when I attended a University of California Regents meeting at UCLA in 2015 as they were attempting to draw up a statement of principles against campus anti-Semitism, there was JVP there to speak against it on the grounds it would stop the free speech of pro-Palestinian activists on campus (a false charge). They were joined by the usual collection of faculty radicals, including the UCLA Near Eastern Studies Department.

Jewish Voice for Peace is not for peace. How can they be for peace when they celebrate the intifadas? They are for the destruction of the Jewish state. If, God forbid, Israel were overrun and Israeli Jews slaughtered, JVP would be right there dancing with the Palestinians and their motley assortment of supporters in the US.

Like everyone else, JVP enjoys their right of free speech in America. At the same time, the rest of us are free to hold them up to the light. As a gentile, I leave it to Jews to debate who the "self-hating Jews" are. But I will say this about JVP: They are a despicable organization.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Netherlands: War Criminals Can Apply for Asylum

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard-Translation by Fousesquawk

                                "Good news, mein Fuehrer. You can apply for asylum in the Netherlands-if you meet certain criteria"

In the Netherlands, the Council of State has ruled that certain war criminals may apply for asylum. This ruling comes as Western Europe is coping with the problem of ISIS fighters making their way back to Europe from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. 

Below is a translation of an article by Bart Reijmerink of Dagelijkse Standaard, a conservative Dutch news site.

-Bart Reijmerink, 16 December 2020

Council of State: Convicted war criminals can get asylum

Convicted war criminals can possibly still receive asylum in the Netherlands. That is the ruling of the Council of State. As long as these convicted war criminals pose no acute danger, they can qualify for asylum. This ruling from the Council of State can bring about many changes.......

Currently, asylum-seekers who have a serious crime on their (record) are automatically denied, but the ruling by the Council of State may bring a change

In the future, they may still attempt to obtain asylum in the Netherlands if they can demonstrate that they have changed their lives for the better. In such case, the State Secretary must look into the matter.

The Council of State says that Dutch people do not have to worry now. It is not that any criminal can claim asylum; there are "high demands" in place. The door has become a bit opened, but the  (criteria) to enter the Netherlands remains high.

Nevertheless, the ruling by the Council of State is cause for concern. I can imagine that the members of Parliament will want to have more clarity over this ruling. Because how do we guarantee that the (criteria) remain high enough that no mistakes are made?


Fousesquawk comment: This is not to single out the Netherlands for ridicule. Sweden actively accepts ISIS fighters who left from Sweden back into the country with new identities, job training, and God only knows what else. Meanwhile, here at home, we have new George Soros-funded, radical district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco, who are all but closing down their jails. 

                                                                                         "Hey, Usama! We have company." 

But it is clear that the Netherlands, like so many other Western countries, is not putting the safety of its own citizens first, and innocent people will pay the price in terms of losing their lives. I can say that with certainty because it is already happening.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Biden Picks Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation and Granholm for Secretary of Energy

"Energy is perhaps the most important portfolio in the Biden cabinet, since it is key to greening America and decarbonizing our economy (which will present a model for the rest of the world)."

-Juan Cole

Juan Cole (side view)

The parade of lefties coming into the Biden administration continues. Old Joe has picked none other than Pete Buttigieg to be his Secretary of Transportation and former Michigan governor and UC Berkeley professor Jennifer Granholm to be Secretary of Energy. 

And just what are the qualifications of these two-other than being liberal? 

Granholm has no real professional experience in energy other than being an advocate for clean energy and electric cars. Buttigieg couldn't even run the city of South Bend, Indiana as mayor. As for his transportation experience, he may have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. 

The bottom line is that both of these lefties want to transition away from fossil fuel and make everything electric. Thank God  Old Joe didn't put one of them as Secretary of Defense. We would have electric tanks in 5 years.

But there is one academic who is heralding these appointments as perhaps, the salvation of the world, saving us all from Climate Change.

That would be none other than University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole. Here is his latest laffer from Informed Comment:

Cole informs us of this 2011 interview with Granholm, where she talks about.....

    “MALVEAUX: You and I spoke about a new investment in Michigan’s economy, the battery making business . . . How important is this new industry for your state?

    [In older clip:] GRANHOLM: Well, that’s the whole thing. This is a whole new industry. So what you’re going to see here is one of 16 battery plants that are coming to Michigan or having been built in Michigan. Those 16 plants wouldn’t be here, but for the stimulus dollars. Those 16 plants are going to create 62,000 jobs here over the next ten years. . .

Cole- "Granholm was way ahead of her time. She understood early on the centrality of better and bigger batteries to green transportation and electricity." 

And there was this from Granholm:

"If Hu Jintao, the premier of China, wakes up every night thinking how can he create 25 million jobs a year for his people. And he is not abiding by the old theories that many of those running for president right now in the United States are abiding by, he’s actively intervening in the economy to create jobs for his people."

Something President Trump was doing quite well until Covid came along (from China).

As for Mayor Pete, Cole explains to the Uninformed why Buttigieg is the right man for the job:

"As for Buttigieg, he would be the first openly gay US cabinet secretary in history. He would be the second Arab-American secretary of transportation, after Ray Lahoud. Buttigieg’s family name is Maltese, who are Christian Arabic speakers. His name is formally Abu al-Dajjaj or chicken farmer."

"Buttigieg urges a carbon tax and slapping steep fees on carbon dioxide-emitting vehicles. This approach has worked like a charm in the European Union. It isn’t clear how much of that sort of thing Biden will be able to do without the senate, but maybe some executive orders will push things in the right direction."

You mean like all those "dictatorial", "fascist" executive orders that Trump was issuing, which the Juan Coles of the world condemned? And last time I looked, things are not working much like a charm in the European Union that Cole touts. The European people want out.

So what we essentially have here is Old Joe filling his government with tired old lefties whose biggest issues are Climate Change and Green Energy. But I'd better stop here, or Old Joe might appoint Juan Cole for Secretary of Education.

Famous Doctors


Dr Kildare

Dr Howser

Dr J

Dr Holliday

                                                                           Dock Ellis

                                                                                                                 Dr Jill

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Ravens Beat Brownshirts: Hitler Reacts

 It's been a bad week in Cleveland. No more Indians, and last night the Cleveland Brownshirts lost a huge game to the Ravens in an incredible fashion. Had they won, they would have been one game behind the collapsing Steelers, and would have been odds-on to win the division. Instead, it appears the Steelers will limp across the finish line and win the AFC North.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, the Brownshirts number one fan, Adolf Hitler, was stuck down in his own Dawg Pound and had no reception, so his generals (who were watching the game in a Berlin pub and drinking vodka with the Russians), had to break the news to him. Naturally, after so many years of being a suffering Brownshirts fan, he did not take it well.

Sub-titles by Fousesquawk.

Monday, December 14, 2020

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands (4)

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard and Syp Wynia. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Continuing in our series of translations from European articles on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, this is the 4th article from the Netherlands. In this article, Tim Engelbart of Dagelijkse Standaard links an article by Dutch journalist Syp Wynia reporting on the decision of the Dutch government to give a subsidy to Islamic Relief, a front organization in the Netherlands for the MB. The original Syp Wynia article is linked but is in the original Dutch.

Ka-Ching! In January, Islamofascist club Muslim Brotherhood will receive first million (euro) subsidy from Kaag and the Cabinet

-by Tim Engelbart-December 14, 2020

The Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to replace the secular state with a strict Islamist sharia state in the Netherlands, is crazily enough, not on the list of banned organizations. Even more: Beginning January 1, a branch of these extreme-right hate-bosses will receive an official subsidy from the Dutch government, so Minister Kaag has decided in her infinite wisdom.

After the Green-Left (party), the D66 (party) and the Cabinet also seem to be having a real riot with the Muslim Brotherhood. Because, where the party of Jesse Klaver wants to guide a known youth administrator of the dingy movement into the Parliament, Minister Kaag (D66) is financing the front,  Islamic Relief, in the name of the national government.  IR is just a cover organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. And as commonly known, these folks want to abolish secular forms of government in favor of theocratic, sharia governments. But Kaag is giving them money in the name of the Cabinet because they are going to lend a hand to "freedom of belief". Cheers!  We read from Syp Wynia:

"Beginning January 1, 2021, Minister Sigrid Kaag (D66) of Development, Cooperation and Trade, will begin a new round of large distributions. The fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood can also profit this time, now that the Islamic Relief Worldwide, connected to the fundamentalists in many ways, is getting a contribution from the Dutch subsidy pot."

As usual, enemies of the Dutch rule of law subsidized with money from the taxpayer. Really. How stupid can you be? Less stupid than a party leader like Sigrid Kaag, who apparently knows very well how expensive a packet of milk is but doesn't know what to do when it comes to protection of freedom in the Netherlands. So give me a manager who hasn't the faintest idea how much you pay for the contents of a shopping cart, but keeps scary Islamist fascists outside the door.

Spain: Santi Abascal Speaks in Canary Islands

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The Canary Islands of Spain are swamped with migrants arriving by boats across the Mediterranean from North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Naturally, Spain is dealing with the Covid virus and is ill-equipped to handle the migrants. This is especially true in the Canary Islands. 

The conservative VOX party, under the leadership of Santi Abascal, is firmly against the admission of these thousands of people, but VOX is not in control of the Spanish government. On December 5th Abascal spoke in front of a huge crowd of supporters in Gran Canaria. There were also protesters there, people who consider Abascal and the VOX party to be racists. I would say Abascal answered their false accusations quite effectively.

Below is a segment of Abascal's speech.  Translation is by Fousesquawk.

MLB: The Cleveland Mistakes

The Cleveland Indians have announced they are going to change their name. No, they are not moving to Tulsa to become the Tulsa Indians; they are staying in Cleveland, which is always a mistake. So now, what should be their new name?

I got!

The Cleveland Mistakes. It's perfect. What is Cleveland's nickname? The Mistake by the Lake. 

The stadium can now be re-named, "The Big M".

Now all we have to do is design a cool new uniform.

And how about that logo? Sure beats old Chief Wahoo. 

As you can plainly see, any reference to Indians is gone. There is also no mention of Cleveland.

Play Ball!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Don't You Dare Disrespect Dr Biden

"Take two aspirins and drink lots of liquid."

Call me uninformed, but for years when I heard Jill Biden referred to as "Dr Jill Biden", I thought she was a practicing physician. It wasn't until the Democratic convention that I learned that she was actually a former teacher with a PhD. Truth be told, there has been lots of misleading information surrounding the Biden family, but I will stay with this specific topic.

It seems that the Jacobins at Northwestern University are all upset that a former NW English teacher has written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal advising Jill to drop the Dr title because it is misleading.

Here is what the Daily Northwestern has to say about all this:

“Northwestern is firmly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s misogynistic views,” the University wrote.

Is there a university in the Land that doesn't use this by-line? But I digress.

Personally, calling someone with a PhD "Dr" is appropriate in a university setting or when that person is being addressed in their capacity as an academic. To use it as an everyday title the way Jill Biden has been using it does strike me as a bit presumptuous.  

And unlike Whoopi Goldberg, I never presumed that Jill Biden was an "amazing" doctor who should be surgeon general.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Italy: Matteo Salvini's "Maxi-Trial"

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

Former Italian Interior Minister and Lega party leader Matteo Salvini arrived today in the  Sicilian city of Catania for the preliminary phase of his trial for "illegal detention of illegal aliens" (quotation marks mine)  while he was interior minister. It is noteworthy that the judicial proceedings are being held in a bunker-type facility normally reserved for trials of Sicilian Mafia figures with maximum security. Salvini's "offense" was blocking the disembarkation of illegal migrants at a Sicilian port. In other words, the whole thing is a joke and a miscarriage of justice. 

The below video is translated by Fousesquawk and begins with Salvini's arrival.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Congratulations, President Trump

 I am not at all optimistic that President Trump will be successful in challenging the election results in those infamous swing states that he suspiciously lost. In other words, there isn't much positive to report on the Trump side.

Or is there? 

There has been good news on two fronts. It looks like the Covid vaccine is on the way. Have we now conquered Covid? It's too soon to say, but unless this stuff turns out to be snake oil, the pharmaceutical and scientific community is to be congratulated. President Trump is also to be congratulated for Operation Warp Speed, which expedited the research, testing, and approval process given the emergency situation we have been facing with the Covid pandemic. Again, it's too soon to close the book on Covid, but I have a feeling that history will treat President Trump very kindly on this issue-if the vaccine is successful and the government-military efficiently distributes it, which I expect they will.

On the diplomatic front, what can I say? Like everyone else, I laughed when Jered Kushner "sat down to play the piano".  What was this snot-nosed kid who happened to be Trump's son-in-law going to accomplish that our most seasoned diplomats have been unable to accomplish-get Arab nations to shake hands with Israel? (Of course, I am not forgetting the Israel-Egypt peace treaty during the Carter administration. It looked like it was going to fall apart when Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt, but with  Morsi out-and dead, the current government is maintaining the deal.)

But without much fanfare from the media, the Trump administration has helped Israel forge normalized relations with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and just this week, Morocco. Now I know very well that peace with Arab states can blow away with the sand, but as it stands now, Trump and his administration are to be congratulated. 

But guess who is unhappy with Israel's normalization of relations with the above Arab states. The Palestinians and their apologists worldwide. Essentially, they have been left out of the deal, which is a good thing. As I have said over and over, I am not a Middle East expert. All I know is that Israel is a diamond in the Middle East landfill. I also think it's safe to say that nobody really likes the Palestinians, the world's longest-standing refugee group. To this day, they reside in so-called refugee camps created after the 1948 war, and which are now, basically, slum-like towns where succeeding generations have grown up. Lebanon, Jordon, Syria etc. never allowed them to assimilate into their own societies, which would have saved the world a lot of grief. So now they are permanent wards of the world.

Also upset at Trump-Kushner's diplomatic success are the apologists for the Palestinians in Europe, Canada and the US-largely in the universities, the Middle East Studies propaganda centers, and the left. For them, the Palestinians are the benighted victims. In truth, they use the Palestinians as a prop to wage their never-ending war against the Jewish state-and the West in general.

President Trump's approach was sensible. He supports Israel and doesn't see any indication that the Palestinians really want to make peace. So he cut off support for the corrupt PA and the corrupt  UNRWA. Biden, of course, will resume it. He's already said so.

To sum up, if you take the whole election fiasco out of the picture, it's actually been a pretty good week for Trump.

Spain: Covid or No Covid, the Boats Keep Arriving

 Hat tip EFE (Spain) Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.


 How much sense does it make that the citizens of a country have to live under virtual lockdown due to the Covid virus, while at the same time, the government allows thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants to arrive on its shores? The Canary Islands of Spain are inundated with these boat people coming from North Africa. Who knows how many of them are arriving infected with the Covid virus?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Remember That Guy, Eric Swalwell?

"U.S. intelligence officials believe that Fang had a sexual relationship with Eric Swalwell. We asked Swalwell’s office about that directly today. His staff replied by saying they couldn’t comment on whether or not Swalwell had a sexual relationship with Fang because that information might be, quote, “classified.” They did not elaborate or explain what they meant by that."

-PJ Media

"Who farted?"

You all remember that California congressman Eric Swalwell, don't you? He's the guy who was running for the Democrat nomination for president. He's the guy who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. He's the guy who told us he had proof that Trump was a Russian agent.

You remember him, right?



Well, Eric is back in the news this week for the first time since he farted on MSNBC during an interview. has broken a story that ties Eric to a Chinese spy named Fang Fang, aka Christine Fang. Apparently, she used her feminine charms to get close to a couple of mayors-and- had some sort of a relationship with Mr Swalwell, who, for his part, is refusing to answer the big question.


And why should he? After all, Nancy Pelosi has his back. She sees no problem with Swalwell being on the House Intel Committee.

According to the NY Post, the FBI warned Swalwell about Ms. Fang back in 2015.

But it's all Trump's fault, you see? According to Swalwell, Trump and his followers are picking on him because of his criticism of the President.

So unless Eric clears this up, he is a leading candidate for Hypocrite of the Year. So I urge Swalwell to state definitively where he had sex with that woman, Miss Lewin...... Fang, so he can get back to work for the American people.......on the House Intel Committee.