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The British Press and the "Beloved" Al Sharpton

"Donald Trump has launched an unprovoked attack on beloved black civil rights leader Al Sharpton after days of repeated racist insults directed at Baltimore and its congressman of colour."

Here's another reason we had the American Revolution three centuries ago.

The Independent,a UK newspaper, is running a story on the latest round of insults between President Trump on one side,  and Al Sharpton and Elijah Cummings on the other. To show just how out of touch the British press is with America, the writer refers to Sharpton as the "beloved black civil rights leader".

"In the new post, the president said he had known Mr Sharpton for 25 years and had been friends with him, before labelling him a “troublemaker” and saying he “hates whites and cops”, while providing evidence for neither claim."

Has the writer, Andrew  Griffin, ever spent a day in the US? He has absolutely no knowledge of Sharpton's history of inflammatory statements about police and Jews, statements that have on at least one occasion, resulted in riots. He may be "beloved" by some, but to many more, he is controversial to say the least. Does Mr Griffin have any inkling of the inflammatory statements that Sharpton, Cummings, and "the Squad" make about Trump every single day?

Maybe Mr Griffin should worry about his own crime infested communities, like London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

Swedish Media and the A$AP Rocky Case

Hat tip Pettersson Blogg.Se Gates of Vienna, and Kronans Martell

President Trump got involved in the case of A$AP Rocky, an American rap star who is in jail in Stockholm on assault charges. Trump contacted the Swedish president and asked if Rocky could be granted bail. The answer is apparently no.

We earlier posted video of Rocky and his entourage being followed and threatened/harassed by 2 young thugs (not Swedish). The video clearly shows one of his entourage repeatedly asking the thugs to leave them alone. Finally, as the group continues to harass the Americans, Rocky is shown throwing one of them to the ground.

In this below blog posting from Petterssons Blogg.SE, the Swedish media is accused of trying to cover up the past criminal history of the main plaintiff, an Afghan refugee. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Afghan in Asap Rocky case - media obscures criminal background

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CRIME. The Afghan, Mustafa Jafari,  the plaintiff in the case of Asap Rock is convicted (at least) four times. One verdict applies to beatings, he was charged with aggravated beatings.

Mustafa Jafari
Mustafa Jafari, citizen of Afghanistan, has had ID number 20000274-1230 which appears to be a coordination number and now has 20000214-2636.
It is (reported) that he came to Sweden as a single person in 150108. He moved as a 6-year-old with his family from Afghanistan to Iran. He claimed to have had to flee because of threats to his person. Mustafa stated that he wanted to become a police officer and was enrolled in high school in Tyresö.
SVEA COURT 2016-07-05 Case no: B 4587-16
Quote:  Mustafa Jafari and Mortez * Ashar *
armed themselves with knives and in agreement with others to harm the plaintiff. They then sought out the
plaintiff and executed the following violence against him:
- Mustafa Jafari (cut) the plaintiff in the face.
- Mustafa Jafari tried to chop or stab the plaintiff on the body with a
knife. There was a danger of the crime's completion or such danger was prevented only because of casual circumstances.
- Mustafa Jafari stuck or stabbed the plaintiff in the arm with a knife.
- Mustafa Jafari hit the plaintiff in the face.
-Mustafa Jafari  hit or kicked the plaintiff on the leg.
-Mortez * Ashar * kicked the plaintiff on his back.
-Another (person) kicked the plaintiff on the body. 

The plaintiff was hurt and cut.
The crime is classified as serious because Mustafa Jafari showed special
ruthlessness by using a knife.
Mustafa Jafari committed the act with intent.
It happened on December 22, 2015 at the Vårbergstoppen in Skärholmen, Stockholm.
  • 2018-05-25 -  drug offenses - Solna TR B 3666-18
  • 2017-11-23  drug offenses - Stockholm TR B 14680-17
  • 2016-05-09 Prosecuted for gross abuse, convicted of assault - Södertörn's TR B 16838-15. (Court of Appeal held)
  • 2016-02-18 Prosecuted for theft, convicted of petty theft - Stockholm TR B 2805-16
  • 2016-07-05 Svea Court B 4587-16, see above. Sentenced for abuse. Penalty: Youth Service 30 hours.
The other Afghan involved, Dawod Hosseini, is also a criminal. He is listed under 7 sections in the (police registration ) register and lives on monthly benefits.
-Pettersson wonders why our skilled and highly paid journalists do not report that the one who got a little  hit in Asap Rocky is a gross criminal Afghan and probably deserved more than he got ...

The below video by Svensk Webbtelevision  is an interview discussing the case and the Swedish justice system. Thre are English sub-titles. Note at the 10-minute mark, you see the prosecutor, a rather flamboyant-looking character, stating at a press conference that "the so-called artist will remain in custody". Bizarre.

And there is more on the "victim" from Gates of Vienna:

Is this how Swedish justice works-that if you defend yourself against Muslim migrant thugs, it is you who will be prosecuted?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Was German State Television Involved in Sea Watch 3?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Il Giornale

The on-going saga of the Sea Watch 3 and its repercussions for Italian-German relations has just gotten much more interesting. It is now being reported, both in Germany and in Italy, that two journalists from German state television (ARD), were on board the Sea Watch 3 during the entire operation reporting on the rescue of migrants to the standoff at Lampedusa and the illegal docking in which an Italian Guardia di Finanza patrol boat was nearly rammed. The below Il Giornale article was translated from Italian by Fousesquawk.

Behind Carola there is the hand of the Germans. Shocking accusation of ex chief of (intelligence) services

On board the Sea Watch, next to Rackete, there was German state television. Concerns about the financing of the NGO. The ex- head of German 007 accuses Merkel
- Andrea Indini, July 30, 2019-12:50

Who was really behind the illegal operation conducted by commander Carola Rackete at the helm of Sea Watch 3? It is difficult to be certain, but in Germany, certain (concerns) are beginning to be raised that point directly at German state TV, and consequently at Angela Merkel.

One thesis, which initially had found space at an alternative information site near the extreme right, Journalist, but which yesterday was given credence also by the ex-head of the secret services, Hans-Georg Maassen, removed a year ago after  having put the lie to the chancellor on a leaked video denouncing the "foreign hunt" after the homicide in Chemnitz.

Image result for sea watch 3

The accusations were thrown last week when the site, Journalist wrote  that the entire episode of Sea Watch 3 (incursion along the coast of Libya, up to arrival at Lampedusa and the (ramming) of the patrol boat of the Italian Guardia di Finanza was " a genius work of propaganda" of the transmitting public television, ARD, "probably with the intent of provoking a confrontation with Italian authorities at any cost".  On board the ship, put out to sea by the German NGO Sea Watch. were, in fact, two journalists who filmed and reported the entire voyage in the Mediterranean, the rescue of the migrants, the entrance at the port of Lampedusa in violation of the Security decree to the arrest of Rackete. on behalf of the column, Panorama.

"If this news is correct, Panorama would not be a western transmission", commented Maassen on Twitter, who from 2012 to 2018 was director of German  internal secret (intelligence) services. In the message, later removed, reference is made to western German media, which, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, was considered in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) to be the only source of reliable news. Already very close to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, in September 2018 he was removed from his position of president of BfV (Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution)  with the accusation of disclosing sensitive information to Alternative for Germany (AfD), thus, being less than the obligation of impartiality. For his undoubted experience, he was nominated under secretary of Interior for security, but last November he was  placed on leave before taking charge after he had denounced the presence of subversive elements within the SpD (Social Democrats),which  from 14 March 2018 is part of the Grand Coalition with the Cdu (Christian Democrats) of Merkel.

Now Maassen is out of the game, but as also notes Fatto Quotidiano, he surely still has good contacts within the German intelligence structure. And, while the alternative information sites accuse public TV of , in some manner, having financed the last mission of Sea Watch, the ex-head of German (intelligence) takes a step back, but as reveals The Guardian, maintains that the entire operation was planned in order to put Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini in difficulty causing an incident that reopened the debate on the closure of Italian ports. In the past days, Giorgia Meloni has immediately asked for clarification of "this surprising declaration" asking for the summoning of the ex-head of the German intelligence services to the European Parliament to "tell his version of the facts" of an event in which Berlin had a role not altogether clear. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Carolyn Glick on Trump, the ADL and "the Squad"

Hat tip Zionist Organization of America

Carolyn Glick, editor of the Jerusalem Post, has fascinating things to say in this interview below.  Here she gives great praise to President Trump, not only for being a friend to Israel, but for standing up to anti-Semitism. Glick does not have kind words, however, for Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, a Democrat liberal hack, who condemns Trump even as he (Trump) stands up to anti-Semitism.

Glick is correct. How weird is it that when Trump rightfully criticizes people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for their blatant anti-Semitism, he gets attacked by people like Greenblatt, a liberal hack, who only seeks to advance the progressive cause. And that means no mention of Islamic anti-Semitism, the 800 pound gorilla in the back of the room.

This is what I have become to expect from the ADL. It was bad enough under the previous head, Abe Foxman, a man who once denied there was any problem of anti-Semitism at UC Irvine, where I used to teach and where I saw it and heard it first-hand.

Kudos to Ms Glick for her candid remarks. As someone who cares deeply about the propblem of anti-Semitism, I really believe there are a lot of people in the American Jewish community who need to wake up and recognize the threat they are facing.

Frankfurt: The Latest Horror Out of Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Today, in Frankfurt, Germany has witnessed its latest atrocity thanks to Angela Merkel's insane immigration policies. A suspect identified as a 40-year-old man from Eritrea is in custody after pushing a woman and her 8-year-old child onto the tracks in front of an arriving train at Frankfurt's main train station. The woman managed to escape the train, but her child was killed. The man reportedly tried to push a third person onto the tracks before fleeing. He was pursued and tackled by witnesses and held for police.

Fousesquawk Travel Destinations-Baltimore (Re-Posting)

Now that the Democrats and the media have given up on the hope that Robert Mueller was going to bring about the downfall of President Trump, the latest "impeachable offense" is what Trump had to say about Baltimore this week (which happens to be where Elijah Cummings has his home district).

That got me thinking that somewhere in the cobwebs of my Fousesquawk files, I had done a "Fousesquawk Travel Destinations" piece on Baltimore. Since the city is back in the news again (for all the wrong reasons) why not re-post it here in case some of my readers have never visited the place and might be thinking of spending their next vacation there?

Image result for baltimore

Thinking of visiting the Nation's Capital this year? You better think twice about that. Crime in DC has never been higher. It's not safe to even walk through the Capitol building lest you be relieved of your wallet. I have a better suggestion. Why not head a few miles outside the beltway and visit...


Yes, Baltimore, the city everybody is talking about. Home of the Ravens and home of the Orioles. And you'd better do it this year because word is the Orioles are thinking about moving back to St Louis, where they used to be the St Louis Browns, while the Ravens are thinking about moving back to Cleveland.

Let's say you go this summer for a three-day tour. That means, of course, that the Ravens will be off and Ray Rice et al will be home with their wives. But you can see Baltimore's jewel, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You can also enjoy Baltimore's famous cuisine as you grab a big sloppy barbeque pork sandwich at Boog Powell's barbeque stand right outside the right-field wall.

Image result for boog powell barbecue

You can shake hands with Boog himself as you pay your bill and get an autograph. That's a lot better than you will do with Hillary Clinton in Washington, I'll tell you. Boog won't tell you get to the back of the line. And he won't even care if you have his signature barbeque sauce all over your hands. He's a regular Joe-not like You Know Who.

The other thing to do is visit the Inner Harbor, Baltimore's other jewel. I recommend you do that on Day One.

On Day Two, I recommend you head over to the Inner Harbor.

On Day Three, spend the day walking around the Inner Harbor.

If you are worried about transportation, that's no problem at all. Baltimore's famed paddy wagons run all over town. San Francisco has the cable cars, but Baltimore has its paddy wagons. Do like the locals do. Everybody in Baltimore rides the paddy wagons.

Worried about a place to stay? No problem. The Baltimore Housing Authority reports there are over 35,000 unoccupied buildings in the city, like the one above.

Oh yes. No visit to Baltimore would be complete without a visit to the grave of Baltimore's most famous resident, Edgar Allen Poe. Go at night to get the full effect. I'm sure you know the legend of the mysterious visitor who for years beginning in 1949 would show up around midnight and leave three roses and a bottle of cognac at Poe's grave on the anniversary of his birth. Apparently, he hasn't been seen for the last several years. Some say he died.

My inside sources say he moved.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Spoker of the House Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore? That's right. In fact, both her father and brother were mayors of Baltimore, parts of a long line of great mayors that continues to this day. Tip: Don't bring this up to the good burghers of Baltimore. They are a little sensitive about the subject. Fact is, however, that Nancy is rumored to be the inspiration for many of Poe's scary tales.

Image result for nancy pelosi

So take my suggestion: Visit Baltimore, and like Edgar Allen Poe, you will say:


PS: Don't get the crabs.

Image result for elijah cummings
"I don't think that's funny, Fousesquawk!"

Image result for trump smiling
"I do."

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Robert Mueller's Team and the Question of Vetting

Hat tip Law and

During Robert Mueller's testimony on July 24, one of the few times he showed much energy was when he was questioned over the makeup of his team and the fact that they were all Democrats to the exclusion of any Republicans. Mueller forcefully stated that he has never questioned the politics of those who worked for him. It was one of the few "bright spots" for Democrats and the liberal media on an otherwise dark day.

But was it?

It is fair enough to argue that prosecutorial/investigative teams should never let their personal politics enter their work. It would also be highly improper for a supervisor in say, the Justice Department, to question their employees about their personal politics. In my 25-year career with DEA and US Customs, I was never asked such a question.

At the same time, however, we should not be so quick to let Mueller off the hook on that point. He had every ethical obligation to "vet" his prospective team members for any possible bias that would color their work and that of the rest of the team. In this respect, it goes much deeper than how many were Democrats vs. Republicans.

The most egregious example was now-disgraced ex-FBI official Peter Strzok. He was one of those who was involved in the FBI investigation of Trump and his campaign and who was caught up in email exchanges with his paramour, Lisa Page, in discussing how they were going to derail Trump. To be fair, when Mueller (belatedly) learned of Stzrok's involvement, he removed him from his team. He should have known before ever selecting him.

Then there is Andrew Weissmann, the ex-DOJ prosecutor with a mixed record of successes and failures including his very controversial prosecution of Arthur Andersen LLP, an accounting firm who had represented the now defunct Enron Corporation. Convictions against Andersen LLP were thrown out by the US Supreme Court. But that is small potatoes considering the fact that Weissmann was one of the "happy revelers" who attended Hillary Clinton's planned victory party on election night 2016. Do you think Mr Weissmann might have been free from bias?

Then there is Jeannie Rhee, former DOJ lawyer and assistant to then-Attorney General Eric Holder in the Obama administration. This is a woman who represented Hillary Clinton in her infamous email mess as secretary of state. Mueller was asked if he was aware of that before he hired her, and he answered in the negative while stating that he was aware of it now. Yet, it is strange that Mueller would not have known about this before hiring her since they were both partners at the same law firm (WilmerHale) prior to taking up the special counsel job.

Just the appearance of a conflict of interest seems to been present here. There are so many questions that could and should have been posed to every prospective member of Mueller's team. How could Mueller have assembled his team without taking care to remove any conflicts of interest or even the appearance thereof? Since his disastrous performance Wednesday, his apologists are suggesting that age has merely caught up with Mueller. Others state flatly that Mueller obviously didn't write the report and apparently didn't have much to do with the day to day operation of the two-year investigation into Trump and possible collusion. I don't want to prejudge Mueller because he has lived an honorable life in service to his country. Whether it is a case of age, incompetence, or something else, this final chapter in Robert Mueller's career has not been pretty.

Do You Really Want to Bring Back Those ISIS Women and Children?

Hat tip Jihadoscope, Vlad Tepes and C

Western countries, especially in Western Europe are debating whether to allow women and children who accompanied their ISIS menfolk to the killing fields of Iraq and Syria to return to their countries of origin (in the West). In some case, most notably Sweden, the fighters themselves are being allowed to return- in a state of freedom, no less. It is insanity.  The below videofrom Belgian VRT (Public broadcasting) should amply illustrate why none of these people should be allowed back into Western countries-unless in handcuffs.

Update: Here is more on the problem from the Netherlands (Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and C for translation).

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Who Is Joseph Mifsud?

One of the more interesting nuggets in the testimony of Robert Mueller July 24 was the line of questioning pursued by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of the myriad of questions that Mueller refused to answer. It concerned former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, one of those who was caught up in Mueller's investigation. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents and spent a short period of time ( a couple of weeks) behind bars. It was his statement to an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, in a London bar in the spring of 2016 to the effect that "the Russians" had dirt on Hillary Clinton that led to the FBI's opening an investigation into possible Trump contacts with  Russians.

Yet, it seems that before the above conversation took place, Papadopoulos had been told about the Russians having dirt on Clinton by a character named Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor and a man with connections to various intelligence services, including, it seems, the FBI. It seems that once it was announced that Papadopoulos was joining the Trump campaign, he was contacted by various and sundry individuals, at least some of whom were working on behalf of the FBI. Mifsud also introduced Papadopoulos to a young Russian woman named Olga Polonskaya, who was supposedly a niece of Vladimir Putin. Mifsud himself had conversations with the FBI, in which, on several occasions, he apparently lied. Yet, while Papadopoulos and others were charged for lying to the FBI, Mifsud never was. Rep. Jordan asked Mueller why, and Mueller, of course, refused to answer. Jordan also referred to another FBI-connected figure, Stefan Halper, a Cambridge University professor, who contacted Papadopoulos in London in September 2016 and brought along a young Turkish woman identified as Azra Turk, whom Papadopoulos suspected was brought along as a 'honeypot". Both Halper and Turk were identified by the New York Times as FBI informants.

Jordan stated in his questioning of Mueller that the FBI had apparently sent in a team of human resources to contact Papadopoulos once it was learned  he was joining the Trump campaign advising the candidate on foreign policy. This, of course, was in addition to the electronic surveillance of Carter Page, based on the infamous Steele Dossier, financed by the DNC and Clinton campaign through Fusion GPS (which Mueller apparently was not familiar with).

In the absense of any clarification by Mueller and/or the FBI, the inference is that it was FBI operatives who planted the whole idea about "Russian dirt" into the head of Papadopoulos and then, when he repeated it to Downer, used it to open an investigation into the Trump campaign itself. Put that together with the whole business of the Steele Dossier, and it adds up to something very troubling. If Papadopoulos lied to FBI agents, shame on him, but it doesn't excuse the FBI for what appear to be unethical and politically motivated methods. It cries out for a full explanation. Unfortunately, Mr Mueller found it to be "outside his purview" in his investigation into Russian meddling in our election.

Italian Cop Murdered-2 Americans Charged

Image result for mario rega
Mario Cerciello Rega-victim

Italy's problem with foreign criminals has taken a strange turn. Yesterday, we began following the story of a member of the Italian Carabinieri who was stabbed to death in Rome while trying to apprehend two suspects. At this point, two young Americans from California are in custody and charged with the crime.

Different versions of the incident have been flying around, but it appears that the two young men had attempted to purchase a gram of cocaine from a street dealer. After discovering that they had been sold a fake substance instead, they allegedly went back and stole a bag from the dealer, which contained his cell phone. When the dealer called his cell phone, the two youths arranged to meet him to recover their money. At that point, the dealer notified police that he had been robbed and the robbers were trying to sell him back his bag. The Carabinieri, dressed in civilian clothes, conducted surveillance and attempted to apprehend the suspects when they showed up. At this point, Vice Brigadier  Mario Cerciello Rega, was stabbed 8 times including to his heart. He subsequently died in the hospital. The suspects escaped, but were later picked up. They are identified as Elder Lee Finnegan (19) and Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth (18), both from California.

Initial news reports indicated that the two attackers were North Africans, which proved not to be the case. Some reports indicated they were students in Rome though that could not be confirmed. They were supposed to return to California today.

One of the suspects, Finnegan, has reportedly confessed to stabbing Rega while the other suspect has reportedly made no statements. The above details come from the suspect's statements to police.

Rega was 35 years old and made just recently been married.