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The Godmother (Part 14)

The Godmother Part 14

The House of Representatives  hearing room was packed to the gills with spectators and media. This was supposed to be the big day. State Department official, Frankie Pantangeli was going to testify about State Dept. e-mails between the US Mission in Benghazi and DOS Hqs in Foggy Bottom that fateful night where the mission was overrun. Previously Frankie had told investigators that contrary to statements made by the Godmother, it was known from the very beginning that this was a terrorist attack and not a protest over some video. These were revealed in emails that Frankie had personally read on the night in question.

As the hearing was set to begin, Frankie was seated at the witness table prepared to spill the beans. Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the door. Frankie glanced at the door to see what the commotion was about.

It was the Godmother who was arriving. However, it was the person on the Godmother's right that instantly caught Frankie's attention. It was the one person Frankie feared more than even the Godmother herself. It was Cheryl Mills.

The hearing began, and the chairman asked the first question.

"Mr Pantangeli, do you recalling seeing e-mails from the US mission in Benghazi on the evening of September 11, 2012?"

"E-mails? I don't know. Hell, I see thousands of e-mails every day. I get e-mails from the consulate in Milan asking for money for more furniture. I get e-mails about this. I get e-mails about that. How do you expect me to remember about e-mails from Libya?'

The chairman was perplexed to say the least.

"But earlier you told us that...."

"E-mails, schme-mails. I don't remember nuttin';

Frustrated the chairman turned his attention to the mysterious woman next to the Godmother-the woman who had clearly unnerved Frankie.

"Who is that woman? Will you identify yourself?"

At this point, the Godmother's attorney interjected.

"Congressman, this woman is the special assistant to the Godmother. She is a person of respect with the State Department."

"Will she come forward and testify before the committee?" asked the chairman.

"No way, Jose."

Frustrated, the chairman banged his gavel.

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this. This meeting is adjourned".

The Fate of Gays Under Islamic Law

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Plummeting to his death: The unnamed man was accused of being homosexual and sentenced to death by an Islamic court in Raqqa.

Viewer warning: Graphic photos (Oops! Too late.)
-Daily Mail

Since I am a supporter of Israel and the Jewish state does not discriminate against gays, no doubt I will be accused of "pink-washing" here, but what the Hell-here goes.

In the ISIS-held Syrian town of Raqqa, the animals of ISIS showed just how gays are treated under sharia law. A man accused of being homosexual was bound, blindfolded, taken to the roof of a tall building and thrown off. The body was then stoned by the assembled crowd below.

Back here in the civilized world of the USA, no doubt the President, his minions, and CAIR will condemn the act but insist that it has nothing to do with Islam. However, under hudud sharia (the section of sharia that outlines punishments for "crimes against God"), homosexual acts (along with adultery, apostasy and blasphemy) are punished by death. No matter how much your friendly neighborhood imam tells you that is not true or that Islamic religious scholars disagree, it is affirmed by the leading schools of Islamic thought.

Here is the important point: Don't let anybody tell you that ISIS is not Islamic. They are following the letter of Islamic law.

Friday, February 27, 2015

UCLA Instituting a Vice Chancellor For Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Hat tip Daily Bruin

It looks like the cost of doing business at UCLA is about to rise by another 6-figure salary. That's because they are creating a new vice chancellor position for "equity, diversity and inclusion".

                                                                                "Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

Look for another tuition or fee hike to cover the cost. Are we really to assume that minority students cannot get through 4 years of college without a vice chancellor of diversity and inclusion? How racist is that?

Hawaii Democrat Challenges Obama on ISIS

Tulsi Gabbard, a freshman Hawaii Democrat in the House of Representatives and a veteran of Iraq, is challenging how President Obama is dealing with terrorist groups. And don't think there aren't repercussions.

It seems to me those Dems who are taking shots at Gabbard are putting their party before the security of the country.

Good for Tulsi. As for Obama, if he doesn't wake up as ISIS becomes more and more dangerous, he may lose more Democratic support.

Netanyahu Can No Longer Accommodate Obama

Hat tip Paul Schnee

Carolyn Glick of the Jerusalem Post has written a thought-provoking article in the Jerusalem Post in which she describes how Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided that the time for accommodating Barack Obama has passed.

I concur. Israel is facing an existential threat from Iran and its nuclear program. The Obama administration has treated Israel abysmally. Obama seems not to care what happens to the Jewish state. His policies are not only destructive to America, they are destructive to Israel as well. Indeed, they are destructive to the free world.

I believe that Netanyahu, who makes his case most eloquently, must speak before Congress. If the Democrats and the Black Congressional Caucus walk out, that should be duly noted by American Jews who for too long have given their support to the Democratic party. Let the American people see for once and for all who really supports Israel.

DOS E-mails Reveal Hillary Lies

Hat tip World Net Daily and Squid

More e-mails have been uncovered thanks to a Judicial Watch lawsuit that show that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was lying through her teeth when she told the public at large and the families of the four Benghazi victims that a video mocking the Islamic Prophet Mohammad was the cause of the attack in Benghazi. World Net Daily has the details.

It is now time for the House Select Committee chairman leading the Congressional investigation, Trey Gowdy (D-SC) to ask Judicial Watch for those documents.

Ask George (Galloway)

Hat tip Israellycool

Ask him anything on Twitter. And it appears, they did.

View image on Twitter                                   

"ISIS is compiling a new 2015 pin up calendar. Will you pose for July? All proceeds go to buying new cages."

More Lerner E-Mails Recovered

IRS Commissioner's Testimony Called Into Question

Tens of thousands more of Lois Lerner's mysteriously deleted files have been recovered and turned over to Congress. In addition, there may be indications that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen may have been less than truthful in his Congressional testimony regarding the files.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Video Transcript Shows Paris Deli Victims Not Just "a Bunch of Folks Randomly Shot"

Hat tip Algemeiner

Recently, President Obama callously referred to the victims of the Paris deli massacre by a Muslim as  "a bunch of folks randomly shot". Of course, we all knew that was nonsense. They were singled out and shot because they were Jewish. Now it is revealed that video footage from the killer himself confirms he intended to kill Jews.

While Muslim extremists massacre Jews in Europe and their co-religionists in the Middle East are embarked on a campaign of genocide against Christians, we have a president who refuses to acknowledge the obvious. His White House issued a statement that the 21 Egyptian Christians who were recently beheaded in Libya were "Egyptian citizens". He won't even acknowledge Islamic extremism or Islamic terrorism. Meanwhile, while Christians in Iraq and Syria are running for their lives, the administration is bringing in thousands of Syrian Muslims as refugees. No word on the Christians. Apparently, they are being left to fend for themselves.

And to cap it off, he convenes a White House conference on Countering Violent Extremism in which he invites the head of Muslim Brotherhood-allied MPAC and the Islamic Cultural Society of Boston, the latter with a long history of extremist figures including Yusuf al Qaradawi, Tarek Mehanna (convicted terrorist), Abdur Rahman Alamoudi, convicted terrorist. Aafia Siddiqi (convicted terrorist) and the Brothers Tsarnaev of their sister mosque in Cambridge.

Does Obama understand the threat that is facing us? Or does he care?

SJP Berkeley Serves Fake Eviction Notices on Students

Hat tip Daily Californian

The bullies of Students for Justice in Palestine are at it again. They have shoved fake eviction notices under the doors of dorm rooms.

Students for Justice in Palestine is an organization that uses Brown Shirt tactics on campuses across the nation. Their charter should be revoked and any students that engage in these practices should be expelled.

Jewish Groups at UCLA Come to Defense of SJP

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

A number of Jewish student groups at UCLA have come to the defense of Students for Justice in Palestine over posters that appeared on campus in the past few days-posters that implied a connection between SJP and Hamas. Their statement condemning the posters appeared in this week's Daily Bruin.

From my own experience, I would say that Hillel chapters are generally unwilling to stand up to the bullies of SJP and the various Muslim Student Associations. J Street U (an arm of J Street) pretends to be pro-Israel, but they are not.

So once again, here we have Jewish students, in many cases, guided by the adults in Hillel and the Jewish Federation, trying to extend a hand to the pro-Palestinian supporters. It will get them nowhere. The other side does not want friendship and understanding. They are ideologically driven, while many Jewish students have no ideological bent. It is hardly a fair fight.

The Jewish statement says that SJP has sponsored speakers who have made anti-semitic statements (which is true). From that, one can fairly assume that SJP is anti-semitic. At the same time, if SJP supports Hamas (which I think  they do), then the posters are appropriate.

Let's Play, Name That Violent Extremist!

"Please welcome our first contestant, Jeh from Washington DC!"

Image result for jeh johnson


"So tell me, Jeh. What do you do?"

Jeh: "Well, Bob, I'm the head of DHS."

"Really. And what does DHS stand for?"

Jeh: "Department of Homeland Security, Bob."

"Uh, and what is that? Do you sell burglar alarms?"

Jeh: "No, Bob. We do more than that."

"So tell us what a typical day is for you at work, Jeh."

Jeh: "Well, Bob, I make sure that undocumented workers are admitted into the US and cared for. I also make sure that we admit tens of thousands of people from the Middle East who are at risk of being radicalized. I also insure that Muslims in America have a voice. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it."

"Well that sounds like interesting work, Jeh. Are you ready to play, 'Name that violent extremist?'"

Jeh: "As ready as I ever will be, Bob."

"OK. For $100.00, here is your first question:

Which of the below persons is a violent extremist? There may be more than one correct answer."

a Justin Bieber
b Mike Tyson
c Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (ISIS leader)
d Ted Cruz
e Dr. Ben Carson

Jeh: "Wow. That's a tough one. Can I call a friend?"

"Sure. Who do you want to call?"

Jeh: "Jim. He works at the Southern Poverty Law Center."

"Southern Poverty Law Center. Jim speaking."

Jeh: "Jim, it's me, Jeh. Who is a violent extremist, Justin Bieber, Mike Tyson, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson?"

Jim "Slam dunk, Jeh. It's Ben Carson."

Jeh: "Thanks, Jim" (click) Ben Carson, Bob. Final answer."

"Gee, I'm sorry, Jeh, but the answer is al Baghdadi."

It's BACON!!!

Hat tip to Ted

Image result for dog food with bacon adbacon

Out of respect to diversity and a concern for public safety, a Vermont restaurant has removed a photo of.....


This after a Muslim woman complained that the image was offensive to her.

And if any readers find the picture on this site offensive, feel free to write in and ask me to take it down.

(Yet) Another Ethics Violation by the Clintons

So let me make sure I got this right. While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from  foreign governments including $500,000 from Algeria, no less, for Haitian earthquake relief, which violated the foundation's own ethics agreement with the administration.

And amid all the financial scandals surrounding the Haitian relief funding, there was the Clinton Foundation right in the middle of it all.

But hey! What's another scandal for the Clintons? Hillary's going to be our president in two years.

Erwin Chemerinsky Defends Obama on Immigration, Blasts Judge

"Conservative judicial activism strikes again."

Once again, UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chermerinsky bends the law to fit his liberal philosophy. In the below op-ed in today's Orange County Register, Chemerinsky blasts the Texas judge who has put a hold on Obama's amnesty plan. He even calls it another case of conservative judicial activism, something the liberals have been using for decades.

"As to the facts, he made a number of false statements. For example, Judge Hanen wrote that, “In many instances, the government intentionally allows known illegal aliens to enter and remain in the country.” There is no basis for this accusation that the United States intentionally allows individuals to enter the country illegally."

Really? How about those thousands of Central Americans last year who were flooding the borders-not clandestinely, but literally walking into the arms of Border Patrol agents who put them on buses and airplanes to various parts of the country?

"In terms of the Constitution, Obama drew a careful distinction based on what he can and can’t do without congressional action. The president cannot bestow citizenship on individuals except as authorized by law. President Obama’s order does not attempt to do this. Instead, President Obama used his power to set priorities with regard to immigration enforcement."

The last statement is true, but the President cannot bestow affirmative actions on illegal immigrants such as legal papers and tax-payer funded benefits. That is Congress' jurisdiction. Up until now Obama himself had been telling Hispanic advocacy groups that these were things he did not have the power to do. Now he proceeds to do just that because Congress has not done it. 

Erwin's Law.

"You're killing me, Erwin!'

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

John Kerry's Strange Criticism of Netanyahu

John Kerry is a very strange man. As he rushes headlong into his secret agreement with Iran over those nukes, he spoke out against Bibi Netanyahu's criticism of the deal. He also raised the issue of Netanyahu supporting the US invasion of Iraq.

"The prime minister was profoundly forward-leaning and outspoken about the importance of invading Iraq under George W. Bush. We all know what happened with that decision."

John Kerry was also "very forward leaning" as a senator because he voted for it as well.

At the same time, we have Susan "It was all over a video" Rice saying in an interview with Charlie Rose on Tuesday that Netanyahu's accepting an invitation to speak before Congress is "destructive to the fabric of the US-Israel relationship". More destructive than Kerry's comments, Ms. Rice?

And last I checked, Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress not the White House. 

But Kerry won't be there, nor will Joe Biden. Nor will several Democrat members of Congress.

And finally, we now have the specter of the Black Congressional Caucus at the urging of the WH apparently preparing to walk out of the speech.

How destructive to the fabric of the US-Israel relationship will that be, Ms. Rice?

Denial of Anti-Semitism at UCLA and San Diego State-by ADL

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

Just recently, a list came out of ten most anti-semitic colleges in the US according to a foundation created by David Horowitz.  Two of the schools mentioned were UCLA and SDSU (San Diego State University). Now comes the Anti-Defamation League and Hillel to defend SDSU while Bruins for Israel remains silent.

This is par for the course. The ADL under Abe Foxman is MIA when it comes to campus anti-semitism because that would force them to confront the MSA and SJP-ergo- Muslim anti-semitism. While a handful of us have been standing up to the MSU at UC Irvine and their vicious speakers for years, the ADL, the Jewish Federation, and Hillel have been standing in the shadows watching the rest of us speak out. They would prefer to deny the problem because they are afraid the bad publicity will cause prospective Jewish students to turn elsewhere to study-in short, it is a conflict of interest.

A few years ago ASL president Abe Foxman was speaking to a Jewish group in Newport Beach. I was not present, but a close friend who is active in the Orange County Independent Task Force on anti-Semitism asked him about the situation at UC Irvine. Foxman stated that there was no problem and that the Jewish students and administration had it under control-blatantly false.
Sadly, when one tries to expose anti-semitism on college campuses the national Jewish organizations like ADL try to suppress it. ZOA is a notable exception.

Conflict of Interest in DOS Under Hillary?

                                                                                  2012 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year

According to this article, Bill Clinton did a lot of lucrative overseas speaking gigs which apparently required some sort of ethics approval from the State Department (while Mrs. Clinton was running the show). One speech in Shanghai is raising eyebrows.

Would you say Mrs Clinton had a conflict of interest?  Stay tuned.

Jonathan Gruber Fired From Massachusetts Health Exchange Board

Jonathan "The Genius" Gruber may think the rest of us simple Americans are stupid, but it seems the world is crashing in on him pretty fast. Now comes word that he has been fired from his position on the Massachusetts health exchange board. No reasons given as yet.

Maybe it has something to do with a similar problem he has in Vermont, which had also hired him to fix their health insurance issues. They are now investigating the possibility that Gruber inflated his charges specifically for the work hours of his staff-which reportedly consisted of one person.

"Gruber submitted two consecutive invoices in September and October claiming the exact same figures — 100 hours for Gruber at $500 per hour, and 500 hours for his research assistants at $100 per hour. Only one research assistant worked on the project, according to the auditor's report."

One research assistant worked 500 hours in September and 500 hours in October? Now I am not so good at figures, but the way I break it down, there are 720 hours in September and 744 hours in October, right? It appears that research assistant worked an average of 16-17 hours every day, right?
Image result for sohail daulatzai

That's one hell of a research assistant.

(If my figures are right, of course. I'm not as smart as Jonathan Gruber.)

The New York Arrests

Here is my question: How were these guys admitted to the US to begin with?

Zombies Being Taught (About) in US Colleges

You can't put a price tag on a college education. Apparently, zombies have infiltrated American college classrooms, literally, figuratively or both.

Out here on the left coast, we have an English writing course at UC Irvine being taught (Writing 39) that from what I hear is all about zombies. One of my teaching colleagues was told all about it by a student who is very upset at having to waste time in a writing class that is all about zombies. (The class is on-going as we speak.)

Jen Psaki's Latest Laffer

Hat tip VOA News and Frontpage Magazine

State Dept. Spokeswoman and soon to be head of White House communications is not finsihed with her silly statements at DOS.


-Frontpage Magazine

In response to the latest horrific kidnapping of Christians in Syria by ISIS, Psaki is demanding-demanding, mind you-that ISIS release their hostages and ends by reminding us that Muslims are the greatest victims here. (Don't tell that to the Christians who have been kidnapped and may already be dead.)

Lois Lerner's "Retention Bonuses"

As a retired US government employee, I would sure like to know when this policy started.

David Horowitz Claims Credit for Posting Anti-SJP Posters on Campuses

Hat tip Truth Revolt

The Students for Justice in Palestine is up in arms over posters that have appeared on several US campuses which they claim are anti-Arab and anti-Muslim.

I note with interest that UC Irvine (where I teach) is listed as one of the campuses where these posters have appeared.

I know what you're thinking.

No, I haven't even seen these posters at UCI.

Rudy Giuliani is Right

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

This past week, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a conservative audience that in his view, President Obama does not love America. Of course, a firestorm erupted from the left. I mean, doesn't Obama close all his speeches with, "God bless America"? Undeterred, Giuliani has refused to apologize, and he has affirmed the statement. He is correct.

We should have all figured this out back during the 2008 campaign when all these associations that Obama had with Reverend Jeremiah, "God damn America" Wright, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, and Khalid Rashidi came out-not to mention Obama's being influenced by Saul Alinsky. Sadly, it failed to matter with enough voters and here we are 6 years and a re-election later.

But Obama's record has continued to grow. Once he became president, he went on his famous international apology tour reciting all of America's historical "misdeeds" against our international partners. Not only has he failed miserably to stand up to America's most dangerous adversaries, he has treated our friends with disdain, most notably Israel. Yes, he authorized and oversaw the killing of Usama bin Laden once our intelligence services discovered where he was holed up, but in virtually every other facet of the war on terror he has drawn down. He refused to leave a residual force in Iraq because he couldn't make a simple status of forces agreement with the Iraqis. As a result, a country that had been secured by the Surge under George W Bush has descended into horror thanks to ISIS. And how does Obama react to acts of terror? The four Jews murdered in a Paris deli were just victims of a "random attack". No mention of their religion as the reason they were singled out. Twenty-one Egyptian Christians beheaded in Libya? They were just "Egyptian citizens". (Remember "workplace violence"?) In response to the recent horrors,  he gives a talk about getting off our high horse because of what Christians did in the Crusades and Inquisition. He adds that segregation and slavery were sometimes supported in the name of Jesus Christ. (Perhaps by some misguided fools, but they were opposed and ended in the name of Jesus Christ.)

As to Iran and their nuke program, Obama and John Kerry are making Neville Chamberlain proud as they literally get on their knees and beg to make an agreement. The way they treat Israel, it calls into serious question as to whether they care if that country is wiped off the map.

As for our national sovereignty, he has encouraged millions more illegal aliens to flock to our border where they can now merrily surrender to Border Patrol officers and be admitted. He has turned the DHS under Janet Napolitano and Jeh Johnson into little more than a social service agency for illegal aliens, and now Johnson talks blithely this week about "giving Muslims a voice", hardly a part of his job description.

Giuliani is spot on in his assessment of Obama. We have a president who does not love this country. He promised to fundamentally transform America, and he is well on his way to doing just that. By the time he leaves office, America may resemble Austria without the Alps and gingerbread villages. To quote Mark Levin, one wonders why he would want to fundamentally transform something he loves.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is There a Break Between CAIR and MPAC Over the CVE?

Last week, the White House held that infamous meeting with so-called US Muslim leaders that included the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the Islamic Cultural Center of Boston. They have emerged with a program called Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) with pilot programs in Boston, Minneapolis and Los Angeles supposedly designed to head off the radicalization of American Muslims.

Now other Islamic organizations are coming out against the program including the Southern California chapter of CAIR, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, and the Western chapter of the Muslim Student Association. They say it unfairly targets and stigmatizes Muslims. The Shura Council of Southern California lists some major US Muslim figures in its ranks.

Interesting. Salaam al Marayati, the CEO of MPAC, is based in Los Angeles. He attended the White House conference. Does this put him at odds with CAIR, the Shura Council and the MSA West? They don't support the program and want no part of it.

Hussam Ayloush (CAIR-LA), of course, feels that it is unfair to have programs like these that concentrate on the Muslim mosques. Why, he has asked, are there no similar programs designed to counter violent extremism in Christian churches and Jewish synagogues-especially with all those young Jewish men going to join the Israeli Defense Forces.

Answer: Because there are no violent extremists (terrorists) coming out of those churches and synagogues, Mr Ayloush.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will this program (which is probably cosmetic to begin with) cause a rift between these organizations? We shall see.

Update: Here is a statement from MPAC. It seems they have misgivings about CVE too even though Al Marayati participated in the conference.

State Department Counter Terrorism Chief Arrested Soliciting Underage Girls

Image result for chris hanson]

This is all we need! I wonder what Jen Psaki and Marie Harf will say about this one.

Sleep well, America.

Muslim Immigration and the Threat of More Terrror Attacks

Hat tip David, Worldnet Daily  and Investors Business Weekly

Mark Levin read the below -linked article by Paul Sperry, which was published in Investors Business Weekly, on his radio show this evening. It is must reading.

In addition, as DHS Director Jeh Johnson asks us to be vigilant in the wake of an Al Shabaab terror threat calling for their Somali brothers in the US to attack malls including the Mall in America in Minneapolis (which hosts the nation's largest Somali enclave), there is this to ponder:

You see, Folks, while our government warns us to be vigilant because of a Somali terror threat, they 
are still importing almost a thousand Somalis a month into the US. That is in addition to the 
questionable Syrians we will soon see arriving.

What an operation we have in Washington. It consists of letting them in and then telling us we have 
to watch out for them. It really makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

America Trashed by Professor in UC Irvine Speaking Event

On Monday evening the Muslim Student Union of UC Irvine culminated its Islam Awareness Week with a  speaking appearance by UCI Professor of Film and Media Sohail Daulatzai. His topic was the life of Malcolm X, who is Daulatzai's ultimate hero. It was an hour and a half of a sickening trashing of America by a man who came to this country as a boy from Pakistan. This was the second time I have listened to this man tear apart this country. It is not pleasant listening, but  like the previous time in May 2013, I felt it was important to attend, videotape it, and report it. Of course, as always, the MSU tried to prevent me from filming. However, I politely asserted my rights and filmed it anyway.

Prior to the event, I contacted the campus police and advised them I was attending the event. Over the past year, I had been assured by the UCIPD that I had every right to videotape, that they had been in error last year when they prevented me from videotaping a speech per the request of the MSU, and that all student organizations had been advised of the videotaping policy at UCI.

Nevertheless, as Daulatzai was being introduced to the sparse crowd of about 35 MSU students, the young lady moderator announced that recording was not allowed and anyone attempting to record would be asked to leave. I promptly raised my hand and politely informed her that this was a public event and that the right to film was absolute and had been affirmed to me by the campus police with whom I had just(again) consulted. The event began and I commenced to record. If the video shows the back of a head of a student in front of me that's because the young man sat in front of me in an attempt to obstruct my view. He only partially succeeded. However, it is the audio-the words- that matter.

About 30-40 minutes later (about 16:10 in the 2nd video segment), a young MSU student approached me and politely asked me to cease recording. I once again explained my right to film and showed him a brochure with the UCI policy that allowed the public to videotape as long as it was in compliance with UCI policy 900.30, of which I also had a copy. The young man said that section 900.30 had a portion which allowed the sponsoring organization to ban videotaping. (If that is in there, I sure can't find it.) At any rate, I politely suggested that he consult with the UCIPD and that if a campus police officer instructed me not to film, I would cease. He agreed and left. No campus police officer ever came into the room. I continued to film assuming that the UCIPD had explained the policy to him. As stated, I have been advised by UCIPD that all student organizations have been advised of the UCI videotaping policy. Either the MSU didn't get the memo or they tried to get around it. On Tuesday, I contacted the UCIPD and related the events. They responded that they would reach out to the MSU.

It is hard to summarize what Daalatzai said over the course of 90 minutes (including q and a) because he rambles on all over the place. He also has a very noticeable verbal tic, in which he ends his sentences with "right?" In 90 minutes, he must have done it over 500 times. He is also a boring speaker in spite of the nasty things he says about this country.

At any rate, Daulatzai took his audience through the life of Malcolm X interspersed with three video clips of Malcolm's public utterances. Here are some notable things Daulatzai had to say: (I will be paraphrasing, but the video is there.)

He said that Martin Luther King was about to leave the civil rights movement when he was assassinated because he had given up on America. He had reportedly stated at some point that he was afraid they were "integrating into Hell". Daulatzai also seemed to imply a connection between King's coming out against the Viet Nam war and his assassination.

Daulatzai spoke of an understanding between civil rights leaders and the government during the Cold War in that they (civil rights leaders) would support the Cold War in exchange for civil rights reforms for American blacks.

He also claimed that Patrice Lamumba, the Congolese leader who was ousted from power and executed in 1961, was murdered and cut into pieces by the CIA. Did you know that?

"Yeh, I did."

Well, perhaps, but even Wikipedia has a more sober account.

Of course, there were the requisite references to Ferguson, Chapel Hill, Eric Garner et al. As to Chapel Hill, Daulatzai proclaimed the murders of three Muslim students as a hate crime. Did you know that?

"Yeh, I did."

He must have an inside source with the police investigating the case.

In reply to a question on how different (ethnic) parts of the Muslim community could come together, Daulatzai again rambled all over the place. He started talking about Iraq!! He talked about how our military killed ("by conservative estimates") 500,000 Iraqis. He quoted other estimates that said 1.2 to 1.3 million Iraqis were killed by our military. Of course he did not qualify that by saying anything about the number of Iraqi troops or later insurgents who were killed in battle, nor did he say anything about Iraqis killed by post-invasion insurgents. The impression left is that the US military killed 500,000-1.3 million Iraqis- period.

I wasn't going to ask any questions during the q and a, but toward the end, he invited comments, so I raised my hand twice. Of course, I was ignored. Here is what I would have said:

"I am old enough to remember Malcolm X and recall when he was assassinated. Malcolm was killed by the Nation of Islam on the orders of Elijah Mohammad because he (Malcolm) had left the NoI, had publicly criticized it and was exposing the corruption and sexual abuses of Elijah Mohammad. (Daulatzai had praised the NoI in his remarks but papered over the fact that they had killed Malcolm.) Furthermore, history has shown that those like King who followed the path of non-violence have been proven correct while those who preached violence have been proven to be wrong. Malcolm X, for his part, did nothing to advance integration in this country. Finally, to the young people in the audience- in spite of all our dark chapters and mistakes in our history, America is still the greatest and freest country in the world, and it does deserve your love and loyalty in spite of what the speaker has told you tonight."

I doubt that would have made much of an impact. As we prepared to leave, the young man who had been sitting in front of me told me I needed to get a life.

This man Daulatzai was probably not even born when Malcolm X died. He didn't live through the civil rights era in America. Yet he implied that the civil rights movement accomplished next to nothing and that the conditions for black Americans have not improved since those days. Not having lived in America through that era what frame of reference does he have other than what he has read in books or been told by others?

It is sad and alarming that our universities have professors like this (of film and media, no,less)  who
are putting these ideas into the minds of our young people-especially young Muslim students. Daulatzai, for better or worse, has his right of free speech, and he is entitled to his opinion about America. That right also includes the rights of the public to attend public events and record what is spoken at those events. As a teacher, I do not videotape students or what they say. I only begin my recording when the event's speaker begins. The public has a right to know what is being said in public speaking events on public university campuses.

So here it is. It is long. It is boring. The visual quality is less than optimal.There are a couple of brief snippets missing (at the beginning and end) because the memory card was being changed.  But I hope the reader will take the time to listen to it because it is that important to be aware of what our students are being taught in American universities.