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Bill Warner Breaks Down the Nairobi Mall Massacre

Bill Warner is one of the country's foremost experts on political Islam. In this posting from An Inquiry Into Islam, he explains the difference between non-Muslim and kafir and why the killers in Nairobi singled out the non-Muslims for massacre.

Warner raises a great point; take a look at the Koran sometime, and see just how much of the text is devoted to the kafir, unbeliever, infidel, or whatever they call it. While you are at it, you might consider why Christians and other religious minorities are under siege in Muslim lands today. Then you go back to Nairobi, as well as London, Madrid, Mumbai, 9-11 and on and on and on.

What kind of conclusion are we supposed to draw?

Update on the Cal State Northridge Web Server Controversy

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

Below is a copy of a letter sent to California State University Northridge President Dianne Harrison by the AMCHA Initiative regarding the use of a CSUN web server by math professor David Klein to promote a boycott of Israel. In answer to a complaint, the CSU Trustees responded that Klein did not have university permission to use the webpage to promote his political views, but that it was unlikely that a reasonable person would interpret the "Boycott Israel" webpage as having the endorsement of the university.

"No harm, no foul", as the late, great Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn would say whenever a Laker was clobbered by an opposing player, but no foul was called.


Dear President Harrison,

As you are aware, the California State University Trustees have formally confirmed, via a letter to us from CSU Interim General Counsel Andrew Jones, that they did NOT give CSUN professor David Klein permission to post his webpage promoting the boycott of Israel on the CSUN website.

Nevertheless, in his letter to us Mr. Jones claims that Klein has not violated Education Code 89005.5 on the grounds that "it is unlikely that a reasonable person would interpret the 'Boycott Israel' web page as an endorsement of CSU or CSUN of the material contained therein." 

However, Mr. Jones is mistaken. We believe he has conflated two separate sections of Cal. Educ. Code 89005.5(a)(2), one which refers to using the CSU name for commercial purposes (Section B) and another which refers to using the CSU name for ideological or political purposes, including the promotion of boycott (Section C):

"No person shall, without the permission of the Trustees of the California State University, use this name [California State University], or any abbreviation of it or any name of which these words are a part, in any of the following ways...

(B) To imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that any product, service, or organization is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored, or supported by, or is opposed by the Trustees of the California State University...

(C) To display, advertise, or announce this name publicly at, or in connection with, any meeting, assembly, or demonstration, or any propaganda, advertising, or promotional activity of any kind which has for its purpose or any part of its purpose the support, endorsement, advancement...of...boycott."

Mr. Jones claims that Prof. Klein has not violated 89005.5 because "it is unlikely that a reasonable person would interpret the 'Boycott Israel' web page as an endorsement of CSU or CSUN of the material contained therein." Yet Mr. Jones is making an argument for why Klein's webpage does not violate the section referring to the commercial use of the CSU name (Section B), whose wording indicates that the unauthorized use of the CSU name must imply or suggest an endorsement of the university. 

However, the issue is NOT whether Klein is using the CSU name for commercial purposes; that section of the law (Section B) is not relevant to Klein's actions.  Our claim is that in posting his "Boycott Israel Resource Page" on the CSUN server Klein is in violation of Section C, whose wording is crystal clear: to display the CSU name or any of its variants for the purpose of supporting, endorsing, or advancing any boycott, without the permission of the CSU Trustees, is a violation of 89005.5. 

Without permission from the Board of Trustees Prof. Klein is in violation of 89005.5(a)(2)(C) and has therefore committed a misdemeanor under California state law.

Please understand that Klein's speech in these specific circumstances is not protected by either the First Amendment or principles of academic freedom. He has the right to express his views on his personal website, but not on one which prominently features the name of the University, in obvious violation of 89005.5(a)(2)C.

In light of Klein's unlawful behavior, do you intend to remove his antisemitic "Boycott Israel Resource Page" from the CSUN server?

We, together with members and supporters of the Jewish community -- including many CSUN alumni, parents, faculty, and donors -- are eager to hear your answer to this question.


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
Co-founder, AMCHA Initiative

Leila Beckwith
Co-founder, AMCHA Initiative

CC: CSU Board of Trustees 
CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White  
CSU Interim General Counsel Andrew Jones  
Attorney General Kamala Harris 
Deputy Attorney General Stepan Haytayun
Senior Assistant Attorney General Douglas Wood 
California Speaker of the Assembly John A. Perez 
California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson  
California State Senator Alex Padilla (Northridge) 
California Assembly Member Joan Buchanan, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee 
U.S. Congressman District 30 Brad Sherman 
California Jewish community leaders 
Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation Leagues

BCC: Wide circulation in the Jewish community

I think the main point to be made here is that a reasonable person could, indeed, conclude that Klein's web page had the imprimatur of the university.  I offer as an example this from the dusty archives of Fousesquawk.


You remember a few years ago when a UC Irvine marquee featured this announcement, don't you?


I do too. When complaints were made (right up to the governor's office) the university took it down. Why? Because it appeared the university was putting its imprimatur on the message. The same applies at CSUN. When the name of the university appears alongside a political message, that is exactly the impression a "reasonable person" would infer. That is especially true when you consider the hundreds of similar events, speeches, seminars, teach-ins, and protests held regularly on university campuses around the country all devoted to one cause-deligitimizing the Jewish state of Israel.

It appears to me that CSUN and CSU in general do, indeed, endorse the messages that Professor Klein is putting on their server.

Another Cubs Season in the Books

Remind me to change that number for next season

For the Cubs, the 2013 season is mercifully over, and we can all "look forward" to 2014, when the team will be working on 106 years without a World Series championship and 69 years without a pennant. Here is my recap of 2013 and my view on the future.

This year our starting pitching was good. It was even better until we traded Scott Feldman and Matt Garza, but I understand the reasoning behind those deals. Under Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, the emphasis is on building up a quality farm system and working for the future. I think we got good return for those deals. Starting pitching was the team's strong suit this year even though no pitcher won more than 9 games. The rotation for next year revolves around Travis Wood, Jeff Samardziya, Edwin Jackson,  Jake Arrieta, Chris Rusin, and Scott Baker all vying for spots. The top pitching prospects in the minors are Kyle Hendricks, CJ Jackson, Pierce Johnson, and Aroydis Vizcaino. The bullpen was not very good this year, but Pedro Strop, James Russell, Blake Parker, and Carlos Villanueva did reasonably well. I look for Zach Rosscup and Alberto Cabrera to win spots. Closer Kevin Gregg was a mixed bag and likely will not return. Since the team likely won't contend next year, no need to panic about that.

First base: Anthony Rizzo played his first full season. The power numbers were good-23 homers and 80 rbis. Hopefully those numbers will improve. Defensively, he is a very good first baseman. The problem was a .233 batting average. That must improve. The Cubs have a first baseman in the minors named Dan Vogelbach who can swing the bat, but he is built like John Kruk.

Second base: Darwin Barney turned in another great defensive performance (4 errors) which may give him his second consecutive golden glove award. The problem was his hitting, just over .200. If he is to remain the starting second baseman, that number is unacceptable. The thing is I think he is a much better hitter than that. Last year, he was in the .250s and the year before, the .270s. That is more like the hitter I think he is. If Barney continues to regress as a hitter, the team has an up and coming 2nd base prospect in Arismendy Alcantara, who could find himself at Wrigley as early as next year if he continues to develop. Originally a shortstop, he can run and hit.

Shortstop: There is no way to sugar coat this; Starlin Castro had a bad year all around although he did cut down on his errors in the second half of the season.  His power numbers went down as well as his average. His concentration and focus are also highly questionable. Like Rizzo, he has a  seven-year contract, and that investment is open to question. As every Cub fan knows, the team's top prospect, Javier Baez, is getting closer to Wrigley Field. Baez is a shortstop, but while he tore up the minors this year hitting-wise, he committed 43 errors himself. Baez (or Castro) may find their future at another position.

Third base was nothing to write home about this year offensively as the team tried a variety of players at the position. Donnie Murphy showed surprising power, but beyond next year, what is his future as a Cub? The good news is that the organization has some highly-touted prospects in the minors beginning with this year's top draft pick, Kris Bryant, Mike Olt, obtained in the Garza trade, and Christian Villanueva. Olt may get a chance to play next year, but Bryant is the long-term hope. Josh Vitters, a former first round pick, is all but forgotten.

Catcher was one of the few bright spots this year. Starter Wellington Castillo was probably the team MVP and back-up Dioner Navarro hit 13 homers with an average over .300. Navarro will likely move on next year as he wants to start, so the Cubs will probably need to shop for another backup.

Outside of  Nate Schierholtz (21 homers/68 rbis), there was little offense in the outfield once Alfonso Soriano was traded. Again, the best news is in the minors with Alberto Almora (center), and Jorge Soler (right) making their way up the ladder. Cuban defect Soler missed most of the season with an injury and will probably make it up with winter ball. Almora was the team's top 2012 draft pick (out of high school)  and is projected to be the center fielder of the future. As for Junior Lake, he provided some intriguing relief when brought up in the second half, but he is still a work in progress. Hopefully, he will continue to develop and find a spot in either left or center next year. (He is actually an infielder by trade, but I don't think he has a future with the Cubs in the infield.) Former first round pick Brett Jackson, who intrigued last year, has fallen back in the Cubs' scheme of things. Ryan Sweeney and  Brian Bogusevic performed well in a pinch, but they are hardly more than stopgap measures.

Most of these prospects will not show up in Chicago until 2015 or so. That's when I expect things to start swinging around. Who knows? That next heartbreaking near miss may be closer than you think. Look for the Cubbies to blow another pennant before 2020.


Update: This just in. Manager Dale Sveum has been fired.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

CNN's Interview of Susan Rice

No questions on Benghazi

Hat tip The Blaze

CNN's smooth-talking Fareed Zakaria conducted an interview of Susan Rice (Obama's national security advisor) and didn't once bring up her infamous Sunday talk show interviews in the aftermath of Benghazi.

"What difference at this point does it make?"

Meanwhile, in sports.....

"Hey! Ain't ya gonna ask me about the steroids?"

David Wood on the Nairobi Mall Massacre

Hat tip Answering Muslims

David Wood of Answering Muslims has posted the below video in which he comments on the Nairobi mall massacre and focuses on the delusions of President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron (who may well just be Great Britain's last prime minister).

As I normally do when posting videos of Irish commentator Pat Condell on this painful issue, I invite my Muslim readers to chime in and debate the words in the video. Thus far, nobody has taken me up on my offer.

ICNA Says, "Find Jesus in the Koran"

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Creeping Sharia has posted a video of a local Georgia news report on a billboard that has been put up by the Islamic Circle of N America and "Why Islam". It reads, "Find Jesus in the Koran" and quotes a sura whee it can be found. (3:45)

My first experience with ICNA was that Yorba Linda "charity" dinner in February 2011, when the featured speakers were Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Siraj Wahhaj, two noted radicals.

As for the message, Jesus is indeed considered one of the prophets by Islam-Mohammad being the last . However, it would be more instructive to find "Christians" (and Jews) in the Koran and see how they are referred to-especially in the verses recorded during Mohammad's latter Medina period (when he was a warrior).

You can find that too.

Let's Play, "What the Hell Happened Today in Pakistan?" (September 29, 2013)

Here are your choices:

A a dust storm swept through the "city" of Peshawar

B A bus was bombed killing 29 government officials

C The Steelers (0-3) and Vikings (0-3) played a regular season game in Peshawar

D A car bomb went off in Peshawar killing 27

And as a special bonus, you have three guesses, and here is a clue below. (I mean, how can you miss?)


"How about "b", Bob?

"No. That happened two days ago. Next guess."

"How about 'c", Bob?"

"No. Do those look like purple and black and gold uniforms to you?"

"Can I call a friend?"


"Then I'll go with the dust storm. Final answer."

"Sorry, pal. The answer is "d'".

Nigeria: The Latest Horror

Here is the latest example of Boko Haram's handiwork. An agricultural college attacked in the dead of night and some 50 students murdered.

Unlike the usual attacks, this one was apparently not aimed at Christians or their churches. Most of the victims were Muslims. So why would Boko Haram commit this latest atrocity?
Translate their name.

"Boko Haram means Western education is forbidden in the local Hausa language."

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sign This Letter to Cal State Northridge

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Stand With Us, a pro-Jewish and pro-Israel organization which I support, has issued a letter to the chancellor of California State University, Charles Reed, asking that Cal State Northridge not allow one of its math professors (David Klein) to use university resources, namely its web server, to propagate his personal campaign to boycott Israel. You can find and sign the letter at this link from Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.

UNRWA: How Much Will $907, 907, 371 Buy For the Palestinians?

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Can you believe that UNRWA, the UN agency established just for the Palestinians, had a 2012 budget of  $907,907, 371? It must be a misprint. Who can count that high?

If this astronomical amount is accurate, can you imagine the corruption? I mean this would make Yassir Arafat blush.

Let's Play, "What the Hell Happened in Pakistan-and New York?" (Murder)

Yes, there is a connection between events in the US and events in Pakistan (our ally). A Pakistani cab driver has been arrested in New York and charged with ordering the murder of two people in Pakistan because his daughter fled an arranged marriage. The case also seems to involve visa fraud.

Question: Did that guy Babar get into the US?

Hi Lance!

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Hi Lance! Can't stay away, can you?

Does the Contra County Office of Education know that you are using their computers to read Fousesquawk on school time?

Lance, who is a teacher, used to be a regular commenter here on Fousesquawk. Then I banned him after he called me a lot of bad names. Then he tried to get in his comments under various aliases, but I caught him there too. He still reads me a lot though.

Don't bother to comment, Lance. You're still banned. You can vent about me over at Alexandria blog. I won't bother to read it though.


Lance wrote in to say that wasn't him and he works for the Mt Diablo School District. I'll take his word for it. So I guess he really isn't reading my blog any more after all.

But then-how did he know about the post?

Obnoxious Professor at Temple University

Hat tip Campus Reform and Todd Starnes

Not so wise

Situation: College Republicans at Temple University are having a forum on Right to Work. A liberal professor named Joe Schwartz and a couple of young followers show up to express their point of view. Fine. Schwartz then starts to use foul language for no apparent reason. Not fine.

As one who has showed up at a few garden parties to play the role of skunk, I will tread carefully here in criticizing Schwartz. Sometimes, things do get a little heated and people speak frankly. Fine. I just don't know why Schwartz had to resort to foul language even before things got heated, tense, or whatever. Maybe it is even easier to criticize his left-wing ideological lines about the Koch brothers, corporations and all that.

And of course, there is this statement from the university spokeshole:
“Temple University is a community of scholars in which freedom of inquiry, freedom of expression and mutual respect are valued,” spokesperson Eryn Jelesiewicz said. 
“It’s important that we all foster an environment conducive to civilized intellectual and educational stimulation within the university free from unlawful harassment by other members of the community.”

But kudos to the speaker. He put the guy in his place.

Temple is really not much of a university anyway. I have written about it before on this blog.

Parents: Don't send your kids to Temple. Besides, it's in Philadelphia.

Mohammed Elibiary Blames Coptic Christians for Complaining and Causing Islamophobia

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"Daddy, who is Mohammed Elibiary?"

Allow me to answer that question, young lady. Mohammed Elibiary is an activist who participated in an event in Dallas which honored the Ayatollah Khomeini and who is now an adviser to the Department of Homeland Security-hired by this woman, Janet Napolitano.

Janet Napolitano-2010 winner of the 2010 Fousesquawk Golden Penguin award as "Jerk of the Year"

Now Elibiary is speaking out about the situation in Egypt and blaming the Coptic Christians for complaining too much about their churches being burned, their women being raped, and their children being kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam-minor stuff like that. They are promoting Islamophobia, you see. Jihad Watch has the report, which I am cross-posting.

And the contemptible Obama confidante Dalia Mogahed has the effrontery to blame the media for "exaggerating" the Christian suffering after 80+ churches have been burned.

You know this brings back a parallel with Nazi Germany. When Jews in the US and other countries complained about the treatment of Jews in Germany, the Nazis organized that boycott of Jewish stores in April 1933  in retaliation.

"They're promoting Naziphobia!"

Of course, in 1933, the Nazis had not even reached the level of fury against Jews that was witnessed in November 1938 with Reichskristalnacht.


But in Egypt, 1938 is now.

Elibiary is a disgrace, and he has no business being in DHS.

Bill O'Reilly Starting to Get it on Jihad

Among the Fox News anchors, the one who most clearly understands the Islamic threat has been Sean Hannity. After the horrific attack in Nairobi, it seems Bill O'Reilly is getting it now too. Here is his Talking Points memo after the attack. (Hat tip Patriot Corner)

What we need to hear next from these folks is to ask why we are bringing in tens of thousands of these people every year. Even if most are of no threat, it is a documented fact that several are a threat when it comes to jihad, and many others have proven to be problematical.

Go ahead, reader. Ask me in what ways. I will be happy to supply the specifics.

Are Europeans Disappointed With Obama?

Obama- the Savior- a German spoof on a term once applied to Hitler

It may be purely anecdotal, but if my conversations with friends the past 10 days in Erlangen, Germany are any example, yes, they are.

The last 10 days of my trip to Germany were spent in Erlangen, a university city near Nuremberg where I spent my army time in the 1960s.  I also wrote a book on the city's history and as a result have met many of the city's leaders, historians and historiographers. A little more background is in order. As a seat of Siemens and the university of Erlangen, the city is regarded as arguably having the highest per capita educational level in the country-at least as far as a survey indicated a few years ago.

So in my conversations with my German friends, it was interesting that several of them expressed disappointment with President Obama in so far as what they had expected of him in terms of bridging divides and improving foreign relations. (According to one friend, Obama still enjoys high popularity among German youth.)

In short, when asked if I was similarly disappointed, my answer was, "No- I didn't expect anything in the first place."

How can I be disappointed?

"What? Me disappointed?"

"Our Friends" in Syria Attack Christian Churches

Hat tip Coptic Solidarity

Here is a report from Coptic Solidarity on what the fighters our administration is supporting is doing to the Christian minority in Syria.

Of course, we need to supply these people with not only arms but tools they can use to demolish churches, cut off the heads of statues and such. Then, when they are defeated by Assad's forces, we need to bring them here to the US so they can help us fight "right-wing Christian bigotry" here at home.

Obama's foreign policy.

USC Students "Affirm" Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Hat tip Campus Reform and John Speedie for audio

Campus Reform paid a visit to the University of Southern California to ask students if they thought President Obama deserved his Nobel Peace Prize and if so, why. Here are some of the answers they got. (Note: The article incorrectly uses the term "University of California" to refer to USC. They are separate.)

Maybe they should have asked Tommy Trojan what he thought.

"Absolutely because he's a nice guy."

Or how about USC's most distinguished alumni, Dr Orenthal James Simpson?

"It definitely fits."

As the late, great Jim Healy used to say,

"USC brain surgeons"

Al Gore's Latest Meltdown

Hat Tip Daily Caller, The Blaze and Miggie

Global Warming comedian Al Gore apparently needs another massage. Here is his latest rant against the Republicans and specifically Ted Cruz in the defund ObamaCare debate. He calls it "political terrorism".

As for Ted Cruz, I see that the left is trying to paint him as some sort of crazy guy because he is one of the few Republicans with enough cojones to actually try and stop Obamcare before it wrecks the nation's economy (to say nothing of health care itself). Yet, while Gore was reputedly a big pot head in college, here is what Cruz was doing in college:

Gee, not even President Obama did that well in college. (Well, maybe he did, but we can't see his records.)

And I will close this post with a video from The Blaze showing Rafael Cruz's (Ted's farher) epic speech in July before the Freedom Works convention. (Hat tip Miggie)

Now what were we saying about Al Gore?

British Airways Flies Over "Palestinian Territories"'

Hat tip The Independent and Miggie

Here is yet another example of the West's craven political correctness when it comes to pleasing the Palestinian lobby. British Airways came up with an in flight map that substituted "Palestinian territories" for Israel. The Independent has the story.

First of all, there is no nation called Palestine. There never has been.

Second of all, British Airways should pay attention to their own country, which in the eyes of many observers ( like me),  is almost gone.