Friday, March 31, 2017

Rollins College Reinstates Student

Rollins College has reinstated student Marshall Polston over his dispute with a professor named
Areej Zufari.

I wonder what would happen if a non-Muslim professor told a Muslim student in class that the Koran was not the word of God just something Mohammad dreamed up. Who do you think would be suspended? It is bad enough that we have yet another professor shoving her beliefs down the throats of the students. When she discredits the religious beliefs of some of her students, she has crossed the line. I taught English as a second language at a major California university for 18 years. A large segment of my students were Muslims. I have my own opinions about Islam, but I would never insult Islam in my class or tell my Muslim students that parts of their religion were untrue. Had I done so, I would have been fired.

Now that Rollins has reinstated Polston, it is time for them to take a look at Ms Zufari.

Dennis Prager at Oxford

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Radio talk host Dennis Prager was invited to Oxford to participate in a  debate on the question of whether Hamas or Israel was the greater  threat to peace.

(Even he knows the answer to that one.)

This is worth a look. Prager is so eloquent, and he really takes Oxford to task. Then a young woman gets up and acting like she is giving the what-for to the prime minister in the House of Commons, throws what she thinks is a hardball to Prager, which he knocks out of the park.

Well done, Mr. Prager.

Guess Who Is on the UN Human Rights Commission

In the above video, a representative of UN Watch an NGO, began addressing the UN Human Rights Commission, of which many members are states that greatly abuse human rights. The speaker calls out those states and calls for them to be kicked off of the HRC. That causes an interruption as many of the nations' representatives call for the speaker to be silenced. The speaker is allowed to continue. Note which countries defend the speaker and his right to speak and which countries call for him to be silenced.

Of course in countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Cuba, and the others we know what would happen to that speaker in their own countries.

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Belgian King: "Let Us Dare to Be Tender"

This article was first published in The New English Review

Image result for king philippe of belgium

On March 22, Belgium's King Philippe marked the one-year anniversary of the murderous terrorist attack in Brussels that killed 32 people at the Brussels airport and subway. In a monument to Europe's surrender to the forces of evil, here is what the King had to say:

"It's the responsibility of each and every one of us to make our society more humane, and more just. Let's learn to listen to each other again, to respect each other's weaknesses"Above all, let us dare to be tender." 
At least the king wasn't holding an umbrella in one hand and waving a piece of paper in the other a'la Neville Chamberlain.

Where was the anger? Where was the vow to stand up to these barbarians who have entered his country and committed mass murder on his citizens? Was it Belgium's fault that they were not more humane, more just? Had Belgium not listened to the "grievances" of the bombers?

This is symptomatic of the attitude of almost every Western European country when it comes to confronting Islamic terror. They refuse to close their borders to waves of people that include so many criminals, shiftless people looking for welfare, hate-filled fanatics, rioters, and terrorists. How many Europeans have to die to show the world Europe's "openness"?

In addition to the March 22 bombings, it was Brussel's Molenbeek quarter, inhabited by an unassimilated Muslim community, that harbored one of the Paris terror attack ringleaders, Salah Abdeslem, for four months. The people in that district knew that he was hiding in plain view among them. He wasn't hiding in some attic. He was going to cafes and ordering pizzas. Yet nobody lifted a finger to notify the police.

Belgium has become one of the biggest havens for Islamic terrorists in the world. And here you have their king telling his grieving citizens, "Let us dare to be more tender",  as if that were going to melt the hearts of the killers and lead them to the righteous path. Has Belgium not learned its lesson from World War II, when it was occupied by a murderous foreign force that was ready to kill their citizens at the drop of a hat-first and foremost its Jews?

The day may well come when Belgium's epitaph will read:

"Here lies Belgium. It dared to be more tender."

Interview with an Old Woman in Hamburg Who Tells It Like It Is

This interview in Hamburg  is about a year old, and I probably posted it before, but it is very telling. The woman being interviewed is 75 years old. She doesn't hold back about what is going on in Hamburg. The interview is interrupted by four young Muslim smart alecs, but she keeps right on talking. (Hat tip Vlad Tepes)

Tucker Carlson Rips Into Drexel Professor

Image result for drexel university seal

"Yee gads! Where did we get this guy?"

It looks like Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher is determined to become the next Ward Churchill. Either that or he is just getting his 15 minutes of fame as he drags his university down with him. Last night, he went on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox and received his fair share of abuse. In other words, he was exposed for the fraud that he is. He is a video of the exchange from Mediaite.

Here's one question I have: Where does this guy get the idea that Venezuela is a model of participatory democracy? The Venezuelan brand of participatory democracy has resulted in Venezuelans going hungry. This guy has a lot to learn about democracy to say nothing about the First Amendment.

I enjoyed the part where Carlson took him down a peg for his incomprehensible language when writing. As Carlson (who is an editor) pointed out, compositions should be written so people can understand it. But that is the language of academia-a language ordinary native English speakers cannot fathom. Maybe there is a purpose in that. As for myself (I taught academic English composition for almost 18 years), I always look for a way to make my writing understandable to all.

Sometimes I need pictures to do it.

Viktor Orban's Speech in Malta

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Hungarian president Viktor Orban spoke at the European Peoples Party congress on March 30 at Valletta, Malta. His speech on migration and the future of Europe made perfect sense.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wearing the Hijab: It's All Trump's Doing

Hat tip Breitbart

I remember back in the 1970s when "everything was Nixon's fault". Now it's Trump's turn. USA Today, a politically correct rag with a good sports page is running an article saying that American Muslim women are beginning to don the hijab (head scarf) as a symbol of resistance (to Trump) and feminism.

I do agree that many Muslim women in the US wear the hijab as a statement. In my opinion, it is a statement that there is a line as to just how far they will assimilate into American society. For others it is a signal to men particularly non-Muslim men that they are unavailable. Other women wear the hijab because some one expects them to -either their family or if they are in the Middle East, the greater society as well.

Historically, however, the hijab has been forced upon Muslim women by Muslim men for religious reasons. While it does not say in the Koran that a woman must wear a head covering, it does say that women must be modestly dressed.

But for anyone to say that this is a reaction to Trump is absurd.

Convert or Die in Indiana

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Stop me if you've heard this before. Muslim guy tries to convert a kafir to Islam. Kafir refuses. Muslim guy goes berserk and tries to kill her and everyone around as well. That's what happened in Muncie, Indiana.

Here is more including a police report which gives the suspects name as Khalid Bilah.

In this report, he is identified as Khaliad Sulaiman Bilal.

Other sources identify him as a 24-year-old Saudi national.

Charles Murray at Villanova

Social Scientist  Charles Murray, co-author of The Bell Curve, spoke tonight at Villanova University. There were protesters awaiting him. has reported that three protesters were removed by security. Fox News has just reported that Murray was escorted from the building by security. I am unclear if he was able to finish his speech.

Murray, whose appearance at Middlebury College in Vermont a few weeks ago, is accused of being racist because of what he wrote in The Bell Curve. He denies the charges.

And guess who openly advocated shutting down Murray's speech. None other than Drexel University professor George Ciccariello, of whom I just wrote over his tweet about wanting to vomit when he saw a man on an airplane give up his first class seat to a man in uniform.

Tonight I checked out the campus paper, The Villanovan, to see what was being reported regarding Murray. I found what I think is a very sensible op-ed-certainly more sensible that Ciccariello.

Also in The Villanovan is a letter signed by several Villanova professors. They think that Murray should have shared the stage with someone who disagrees with him. Here is their main objection:

"However, when one side of the debate is rooted in spurious assertions about the genetic inferiority of particular groups--assertions that foreclose the possibility of half of our faculty and students engaging as equals in this debate--we believe it is incumbent upon us to speak out." 

I understand the objections to Murray based on his past work, but the topic of tonight's speech  was "What does Trumpism mean for liberty in the long run?"

I will follow up to see what the extent of the disruption was.

* Update:

Apparently, those three protesters only briefly halted Murray's talk. Once they were escorted out, Murray finished his lecture.

Drexel University Vomit

Image result for vomiting

Little known Drexel University in Pennsylvania is in the news. It seems that Professor George Ciccariello was on an airplane when a first class passenger gave up his seat to a uniformed member of the military, which led Ciccariello to tweet that it made him want to vomit.

And believe it or not, this is not the first time this puke has darkened the pages of Fousesquawk. This is the same guy who not long ago publicly wished for a "white genocide".

There must be something else that Drexel is famous before besides this guy.

Italians Thwart Venice Attack

Three Kosovar adults and a girl have been arrested by Italian police in the Venice area in connection with a  plot to blow up the famed Rialto Bridge.

Rick Steves never warned me about this.

Image result for rick steves  in venice

"Stay away from the Rialto Bridge, Fousesquawk."
(That is not the Rialto Bridge.)

Syrian Refugee Stabs German Man in Regensburg

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Egri Nok.

In what is now almost a daily occurrence in Germany, another asylum-seeker has gone on a  rampage. I am translating (summary) from the below-linked article. In this case, a 23-year-old Syrian man who came to Germany in 2013 as a  refugee, stabbed a 28-year-old German man in the back as he was walking through the pedestrian zone of Regensburg Wednesday afternoon with his wife. The man fled on foot but was captured by bystanders. The victim was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is now out of danger. The assailant has no known connection to the victim, and is believed to be mentally ill. There is as yet no known political motive.

As the Germans usually do, they indicate that the perp is believed to be nuts. I guess they have yet to devise a German translation for Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS).

"Wir Schaffen das" (We can do this.)(

Diversity Oath at Harvard

Hat tip The College Fix

Harvard University, which is supposedly the greatest university in the land, is now requiring loyalty oaths. No, not to the United States of America or even the President of Harvard. Students are now going to be required to sign an oath to diversity.

I love diversity. It's been a major part of my life and has greatly enriched my life. I also believe everybody is entitled to a fair shake. However, a commitment to "Diversity" (caps intentional) is in the eyes of the beholder. What is taking place here is a mechanism to punish people for not having the "right views" on a whole range of issues from illegal immigration, what constitutes racial discrimination, women's rights, gay rights (same-sex marriage, for example), same sex bathrooms and on and on. It is Orwellian, and it is fascist.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mark LeVine's Latest Anti-Israel Rant in Al Jazeera

Mark LeVine is a professor of Middle East history at UC Irvine and a fierce opponent of Israel. He exploded at me one day on campus when I said he was an anti-Israel activist in front of his class during an open speaking event he was hosting. He said that a "slanderous" remark.

LeVine also writes for the despicable Al Jazeera. Here is his latest in which he defends the report recently issued by a UN agency, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), that called Israel "an apartheid state". That was the one that our ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, rightfully rebuked. As a result of the outcry, the head of the agency, Rima Khalaf, resigned.

LeVine left out that one of the report's writers was the discredited academic, Richard Falk, a long-time hater of Israel. Anything with Falk's name on it is highly dubious.

But he drags up the old Goldstone Report (that even Mr Goldstone disowned), Desmond Tutu, his UCI Israel-bashing colleague David Theo Goldberg, and even the traveling Israel-basher, Ben White, who as far as I can tell, makes his living traveling from campus to campus giving presentations against Israel.

But here is the real whopper in LeVine's article (You'd better be sitting down for this one.)

"Not surprisingly, Israeli officials were quick to question ESCWA's credibility, given its membership of 18 Arab countries excluding Israel despite its location in western Asia (unlike Tunisia, for example) and the fact that the human rights records of most members are little better than Israel's."

 Here is a list of the 18 member countries of the ESCWA:

Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, The Sudan, The Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, The United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

And LeVine thinks that  most of those countries have better human rights records than Israel albeit just a little? Mauritania still practices slavery, for God's sake! 

Looks like another Campus Watch "Howler of the Month" award for LeVine. I think he already holds the record.

Suspended Rollins College Student's Email to His Professor

Hat tip The College Fix

No apple for Professor Zufari.

"It’s very clear you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You may have a college degree but you belong in a reform school."
-Marshall Polston

We have been following the story of a Rollins College student who has been suspended for challenging a (Muslim) professors classroom assertions that Jesus Christ was never crucified. The College Fix has obtained a copy of an email that Marshall Polston sent to the professor, Areej Zufari.

I am following the Rollins College campus newspaper, The Sandspur, to see how they treat the story if at all. Thus far, no mention, but if it's a weekly paper, it may be another day or two before their new issue comes out.

The Garland Attack and Some Incredible Assertions

In May 2015 two Muslim men drove from Phoenix to Garland, Texas (outside Dallas). Their intent was to attack a Draw Mohammad event and kill as many attendees as they could. Instead, they were shot and killed by security police as they attempted to charge into the facility.

CNN's Anderson Cooper has now come out with a TV presentation this week that alleges that an undercover FBI agent had been involved with the suspects and was actually riding in a car behind them as they arrived at the venue. It is based largely on an interview with an attorney representing a third man believed to be involved in the planning. The attorney says he was provided with FBI documents that divulged the role of an FBI "undercover agent".

In response to this revelation, Robert Spencer, a noted critic of Islam and one of the co-sponsors of the event, has told an interviewer from Newsmax that, in his opinion, the FBI wanted him and his colleague, Pam Geller dead.

I have no inside information on this, and like everyone else, this is news to me. It is too early to come to a definitive conclusion, but as a retired DEA agent, I do have some immediate reactions.

First of all, when the CBS report refers to "an FBI undercover agent", I don't preclude the possibility that this could actually be an FBI informant. The news media has long had a habit of not differentiating between the two. There is a significant difference.

Secondly, I find it absolutely incredible that the FBI would allow the suspects to get to the convention center and begin the attack without taking them down beforehand at some point when the conspiracy was complete and the case could be proved. This was, in fact, a conspiracy between at least two men. In conspiracy law, the crime is complete when an agreement to break the law has been made and one or more of the co- conspirators commits an overt act (legal or illegal) in furtherance of the conspiracy. Obtaining the weapons would be an example and beginning the journey to Garland would be another. It seems clear that if an FBI agent was  following them in another car, they could have been arrested at any point say when they stopped to eat along the way. If an FBI agent were actually in a following car, there would also be surveilling agents following as well, and the situation would be "under control". Letting it continue to the convention center and allowing the terrorists to alight with their weapons would be totally irresponsible in terms of public safety. Even if the FBI wanted them to reach the venue, it would seem obvious that a massive trap would have been awaiting them. As it was, the terrorists were shot and killed by local security police.

Something clearly doesn't add up here.

Is it possible that the mystery man was actually some sort of informant who had not  alerted the FBI as to what was happening? Given the circumstances, that seems plausible. Use of informants, while necessary, is always risky and must be accompanied by maximum control.

As to Robert Spencer's allegations that the FBI actually wanted him and Geller dead, I have a hard time accepting that. Besides, there were 100 other people inside that building attending the event. Who knows how many would have died if those two men actually got inside the building?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Islamic Terror in Our Midst

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising,

I watch with frustration the responses by British leaders to the terror attack in London by a Muslim who  was born in the UK and converted to Islam in prison. Prime Minister Teresa May said that this latest attack only steels Britain's resolve.

Resolve to do what? Allow another 100,000 Muslims into the country this year? Resolve to open more sharia courts in Britain? Resolve to open their hearts and their borders to so-called Syrian refugees? Resolve not to mention the word "Islam" in connection with terrorist acts?

And then there is the police commissioner who assured the people that London was "safe". Like Hell it is. When you can't walk in front of the Parliament building without being run down by some crazed jihadist on a mission to please Allah, nobody is safe let along those foolish enough to wander into a "no-go" zone. Of course, the commissioner also expressed his fear that Islamophobia would result and promised to work with the local Muslim community, blah blah blah. To do what? Last I checked, nobody is harming a hair on the head of a single Muslim in Britain. Ditto for the rest of Europe and the US. Yet anybody who gets angry when these slaughters occur is branded as a racist. People who organize and protest face the possibility of going to prison in Britain. Just ask Tommy Robinson, ex head of the English Defense League. Frankly, this "Islamophobia" talk offends me. If Christians were carrying out these attacks in Muslim lands, local Christians would be hanging from every lamppost.

Neither May nor her police commissioner ever mentioned the word "Islam" in talking about the latest terror attack and their "resolve".

So we await the next slaughter as we celebrate the diversity and cultural enrichment that this mass Muslim migration to the West has brought us.

That's the problem. So what is the solution?

Islamic immigration, high birth rate and demographic change means that the jihadist murderers are only a part of the eventual Islamization of the West. Europe is on the brink, and the US is only 5-10 years behind. It is time for the West to stop-stop- Islamic migration to our countries. It is not a matter of hate. It is not a matter of blaming all Muslims for what the jihadists do. I have said countless times I don't want innocent Muslims harmed. But this ideology-and that is exactly what Islam is- an ideology of intolerance, violence  and supremacy, cannot be allowed to take over the West either by terror or peaceful means. If it happens, sharia law will prevail, and our very freedoms will cease.

Unless Europe starts electing leaders who promise to stop the flow, the continent will be gone within a few decades. It is time for Western countries to sit down with our so-called Islamic allies (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc.) and politely and diplomatically explain to them that until the terror stops, we cannot allow their people to come to the US. That includes student visas as well. It is a simple matter of protecting our people. We can give these countries every incentive to eliminate the problem within their own borders and not care how they do it.

As for the Muslims among us, we have to protect their civil liberties to be sure. Most of them are innocent (even if they are silent). Those who are not citizens should be sent home at the first sign they are radical. Mosques must be closely monitored because many of them are engaging in speech hateful of the West and non-Muslims. Many of those have imams imported from the Islamic world who have no understanding of Western values and freedoms. I am not advocating bugging every mosque, but if there is information available to law enforcement that certain mosques are engaging in subversive speech or activity, the FBI should seek Title III (wiretap) warrants-and FISA warrants if necessary. In addition, organizations like CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Society of North America, Islamic Circle of North America, and the Muslim American Society should be investigated thoroughly.

It is also time for our government (at least the previous administration) to stop focusing on those of us who speak out about Islam. It is time for the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center to stop labeling us as hate groups. We are not hate groups. We are speaking out against hate.

Finally-and I say this carefully- the Muslims living among us must understand that we are not going to change our values or take away our freedoms, most importantly freedom of speech, in order to spare their feelings. In my mind, it is not enough to condemn a terrorist act, extend condolences to the victims, say that it has nothing to do with Islam, then complain about Islamophobia. Islamist reformers like Zuhdi Jasser can be counted on one hand. We talk about how many thousands of Muslims from the West have gone to join ISIS. How many have gone to Syria or Iraq to fight against ISIS? I have yet to hear of one.

I have long passed the point of even hoping that Islam is an innocent religion hijacked by extremists. The problem is Islamic ideology, which is rooted in the Koran, the hadith, the sunnah, and the life of Mohammad. It is a religion in need of almost total reform. But how do you reform something that is supposed to be perfect? How do you reform Islam without refuting its prophet and much of its holy book? As much as I support people like Zuhdi Jasser, I have no illusions that they can sway more than a few people.What is needed is mass apostasy.

Again, I am not calling for violence or the violation of anyone's true rights. But there is nothing wrong with being angry and expressing that anger within the bounds of the law. There is nothing wrong with standing up and telling people we are not going to be conquered or pushed around.

And there is nothing wrong with telling anyone who wants to live under sharia law to find another country to live in. As far as I am concerned, Islam has no place in the West.

More Swedish Justice

Hat tip Fria Tider

I just finished translating this article from Fria Tider (Sweden). It concerns a young Afghan man who apparently thinks Sweden is one big free  brothel.

Child Refugee Commits Rape in the Middle of Dance Floor. Now He Wants to Avoid Deportation

Afghan (insert in picture) committed his first sex crimes against six girls one week after he arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied child refugee

Published March 28, 2017 at 19:28

Domestic, The Afghan pedophile, Soltan, who was previously convicted of sexual assault against 6 girls in an adventure water park, was sentenced in February to a short prison sentence and deportation for raping a woman on the dance floor of a nightclub. Now he is appealing the judgment to  the court of appeal in order to avoid deportation.

On December 26, Soltan, who came to Sweden as an "unaccompanied minor" and now claims to be 20 years old, was in the Colosseum nightclub partying.

On the dance floor were several people around, which meant that he took the opportunity to grab a Swedish woman, inserting his hand into her panties and penetrating her vaginally with one or more fingers.

- You can take the test on my cock. I have not fucked her, explained the Afghan when police confronted him.

The Södertörn District Court sentenced Soltan in  February  to 1 year and 6 months in prison for rape. He must also pay 115,000 kronor in damages to the woman and be expelled from Sweden for five years.

Documents that Fria Tider (Free Times) is aware of show that Soltan has appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal. He wants to reduce the damages, avoid deportation and even avoid imprisonment by the Court of Appeal to judge the crime as sexual molestation instead of rape.

Attacked girls in the bathhouse

Soltan was convicted in April 2014 of sexual assault against six girls.  According to the verdict, he was together with three to four other unaccompanied from the HVB home from Alvesta and bathed in the  Högevallsbadet water park in Lund. Soltan then had only been in Sweden for about a week and "the boys" had been accompanied by an adult employee from their accommodation.

He checked out the girls' butts, abdomen, thighs, between the legs, hips and even tried to pull up one of the girl's bikini.

Lund District Court sentenced him later to a juvenile facility and to pay 5,000 kronor in damages to the girls who became his victims.


And you wonder why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe?

Flying to Montreal? Read This

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

It seems that Canadian authorities have determined that some employees at the Trudeau International Airport in Montreal have been "radicalized".

Of course, the reader might wonder: Radicalized in what sense? Are they alt-right? Are they leftovers from the IRA? Are they Montreal Canadians hockey hooligans?

Oh yeah. There is this:

"According to the TVA network, some employees have visited propaganda sites of the so-called Islamic State group."

I guess I won't be flying in or out of Montreal any time soon.

Who Is Areej Zufari?

Hat tip Central Florida Post and Campus Watch

There is a scandal brewing at Florida's Rollins College after a  Christian student was suspended for challenging a statement by his Muslim professor in class that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ never happened. It just may be that Rollins has suspended the wrong person. An article written in the Central Florida Post by Jacob Engels reveals troubling allegations have been made in the past against the professor, Areej Zufari, in a lawsuit

Without speculating on the veracity of the allegations against Zufari, I would say that this story just got a lot worse-and a lot bigger. Look for Rollins to be facing a lot of unwanted scrutiny from the public in the coming weeks.

Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins Shakes up the Pansies in London

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

The Daily Mail's Katie Hopkins caused  outrage among London's Neville Chamberlain Society (no, there is no such society) when she went on Fox News' Tucker Carlson's show and stately flatly that her country was not united and that too many were cowering in the fact of Islamic terrorism. After that, she returned to speak with Tucker about the backlash.

Georgetown University Shames Itself Once Again

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

It's bad enough that Georgetown University has a branch campus in Qatar, that duplicitous country that funds terrorism and is the home base of Al Jazeera. Now we learn that GU-Q is hosting a talk by none other than the despicable supporter of terrorism, Sami al-Arian, a man who was deported from the US.

I had not heretofore been aware that Al Arian was the father-in-law of GU's professor of Middle East studies Jonathan Brown, a Muslim convert who rather than deny Islam's violent excesses, actually excuses them on the grounds that if the Prophet did it, who are we to criticize? His recent speech in Herndon, Virginia excused Islamic variations of rape and slavery. This year, he also wrote a piece calling the West hypocrites for condemning the more barbaric forms of sharia punishments (stoning and cutting off of the hand) while we practiced incarceration.

There is something genuinely rotten at Georgetown. The smell emanates from the Talal Chair of Islamic  Civilization.

BBC Brazil: Masood May Be Freedom Fighter

Hat tip Honest Reporting

                                                 "Good news, mein Fuehrer. The BBC thinks you are a freedom fighter."

"Terrorism is a word full of connotations, so we avoid using it. The terrorist for some is the defender of freedom for others. The terrorist for others is the avenger of injustices against others. It is not up to the BBC to judge the motives of those who execute attacks, as cruel and bloody as they are."

Lord Haw-Haw could never have outdone this. The Brazilian branch of BBC has stated that the London attacker last week may be a freedom fighter. They won't call him a terrorist.

Well, we certainly don't want to be judgmental, do we? By this standard, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler just may be freedom fighters.

Does today's Britain bear any resemblance to the Britain of Winston Churchill? Hardly. Neville Chamberlain, sure, but not Churchill. Not even Margaret Thatcher.

And while they are at it, maybe they should grant a posthumous pardon to Lord Haw-Haw.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fine Dining in Duesseldorf

Duesseldorf is one of Germany's most elegant cities.  The Koenigs Allee offers splendid shopping and the Alt Stadt (old town) has one of the best night-life areas in the country.

At least it did back in the 60s and 70s when I was going there. Like other German cities, Duesseldorf has experienced a lot of "cultural enrichment" in recent years-especially since Angela Merkel opened the borders and allowed about a million newcomers to enter from such exotic places as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and a few other hell holes.

At any rate, if you are looking for a fine dining experience, may I suggest the buffet line in the Schadow Arcade Shopping Center restaurant. You will literally have to fight for that last shrimp morsel

The captions reads, "Fight between family clans in the Schadow Arcade".

As yet we don't know who the "family clans" are, but it's safe to say it isn't the Hatfields and McCoys, or the Steinbachers and Muellers. More likely it's the Sunnis vs the Shia or the Kurds vs the Turks or maybe it had something to do with soccer.

Sweden and Norway and Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and Shirley

"On January 12, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published an article about Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and his senior adviser: "The Jew Kushner reportedly pushed for David M. Friedman as the new ambassador to Israel", Aftenposten wrote. The newspaper had later to apologize for calling Kushner "the Jew".

-Dagens Nyheter

I write a lot about the goings-on in Sweden, but there are also problems in Norway when it comes to anti-semitism. While I assign a major part of Europe's anti-semitism to Muslim migrants who have brought old hatreds with them, the Europeans are also to blame for tolerating intolerance in the very name of tolerance. Both countries have jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon, in my view, largely to please their restive Muslim populations.

Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist who writes for the Gatestone Institute, wrote a disturbing essay last month on these two Scandinavian countries. It appears that some of their attitudes go beyond mere opposition to Israel.

Pretty disgusting, eh? Especially from a couple of societies that always ;like to lecture the US and Israel when it comes to human rights. As the few remaining Jews leave these two countries, all I can say to the Swedes and Norwegians is, "Enjoy your new society".