Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Angela Merkel Does Not Get it

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued an address to her citizens urging them not to get involved in the weekly demonstrations against the growing Islamization of their country. According to her, it is a manifestation of religious and racial hatred.

She is in error. What Germans and other Europeans are protesting is behavior on the part of too many Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate, respect the laws and values of the host country, and who themselves engage in crime and intolerance. As long as the demonstrations are peaceful and don't target innocent immigrants, Merkel's words are unfair. Immigration is fine, but not when people see their very nation being taken away from them and not when certain immigrants begin terrorizing the native population.

Maybe Merkel should go back to some old newsreels when Frenchmen like Pierre Laval were urging their countrymen not to protest those Germans who were taking over the streets of French cities.

Sorry, Charlie. No Statehood For You

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

A Palestinian statehood resolution failed in the UN Security Council with the US voting correctly while the French voted yes and the timid Brits abstained.

If the Palestinians want a state of their own, they can turn away from terrorism and violence and negotiate in good faith with the Israelis. They should not be granted by the UN what they refuse to negotiate for.

This no doubt will cause much gnashing of teeth in the halls of US academia.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Muslims Demonstrate Against Muslim Brotherhood Convention in Toronto

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Kudos to Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress for leading a group of secular Muslims this week in a demonstration where a pro-Muslim Brotherhood convention was being held this week in Toronto. Vlad Tepes has a short video.

Another Hell Hole Country (Pakistan) Angry at Hollywood

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Islamabad- "A quiet, picturesque city with beautiful mountains and lush greenery"

It seems that North Korea is not the only country upset with Hollywood's treatment of their land. Now it's Pakistan who is upset at the TV show, "Homeland" for portraying it as an ugly, ignorant, terror-plagued hellhole.

In 1976 I was in Pakistan (Karachi airport) for two hours while traveling from Bangkok to the US East Coast. Rather than walk around the transit lounge, I chose to stay on board the plane. To this day it is the wisest decision I ever made in my life-and I have never been back.

A Jewish Institution Cannot Provide Safety for a Jewish Student: The Case of Brandeis University

Brandeis University was founded and supported largely by Jewish contributions and support, yet in this case, a Jewish student who is known to be pro-Israel is unsafe on campus because he dared to report a vicious rant by another student against the two slain NYPD officers and America in general. Here is an update from  Coalition for a Safe Brandeis. It is truly troublesome.

UCLA's Center for Near East Studies-An Academic Joke

Hat tip Campus Watch

Here is an article written by Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith about UCLA's Center for Near East Studies for the LA Jewish Journal. It points out why this department is nothing more than an advocate for the pro-Palestinian movement against Israel rather than an entity devoted to serious scholarship-especially when it comes to such a complicated issue as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I should note that it was the cited 2009 event at UCLA when Lisa Hajjar told a critical Jewish questioner in the audience (who was wearing a hat) that he "had his Zionist hat screwed on too tight".

That perfectly describes the kind of "scholarship" to be found in the Center for Near East Studies. It is made up of anti-Israel activists who care nothing for objective study-only for pushing their agenda.

In addition, I had the opportunity to see many of these same characters in action at UC Irvine during the same period when they held their freak show there. This time even Norman "Don't call me Norm" Finkelstein was there. He really had his game face on that day. When they weren't calling Israel a fascist, genocidal state, several of them were telling the audience that George W Bush was an idiot. I remember clearly that UCI Professor Mark "Don't call me anti-Israel" LeVine asked the audience of several hundred (mostly Arabs) if there was anybody in the audience who didn't think Bush was an idiot. (I was probably the only one who raised his hand.)

Serious scholarship, Folks.

Monday, December 29, 2014

At Brandeis, Hatred of Israel and Hatred of America Go Together

Hat tip Algemeiner

This week I picked up on a  story about a Brandeis University student named Khadija Lynch who posted some pretty ugly stuff about the two murdered NYPD officers and her own country as well. Now it seems Ms. Lynch has big supporters in none other than the Brandeis chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.

“i just really dont have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i hate this racist f**king country” and “amerikkka needs an intifada. enough is enough.”

How ironic! The founder of the SJP, Hatem Bazian himself, called for an intifada in the US. 

Isn't it also ironic that hatred of Israel and hatred of the US seem to go together even on the part of some who live here. 

The "Hate Crime" That Wasn't

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and PJ Media

On Christmas Day in Fresno, California, there was a case of vandalism at the local Islamic center (mosque). Seven windows were broken and an American flag inside was doused with bleach. The local police chief, Jerry Dyer, said it was a hate crime. Then they caught the culprit.

Asif Mohammad Khan (former member of the mosque)

This is not an isolated case. While it apparently was no hoax, we have seen cases where such "attacks" against mosques were later found to be just that-hoaxes. Of course, one actual hateful attack on a mosque is one too many, but fortunately, such cases are rare. Civilized people don't do such things. In the Middle East and places like Pakistan, where Christian churches and Christians themselves are being attacked with regularity, that's unfortunately not the case.

At any rate, there was no hate crime in Fresno-unless you want to call it a "self-hate" crime. I would respectfully request that the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at the University of California at Berkeley delete this from their files.

America is Not a Racist Country

This article originally appeared in Eagle Rising.

I was born in 1945 in Los Angeles. Some might say I grew up in a part of the country that was spared racial segregation as it existed in the deep South. That would not be completely accurate. In those days, black people basically resided in South Central LA and some pockets of Venice on the West Side. We were segregated by neighborhood.

My mother was from North Carolina, and I grew up thinking of it as my second home. My mom and dad would take me back there every couple of summers to visit her family. Actually, it was usually just my mom who took me. I remember when I was still a small boy and we were driving past a restaurant that had a sign on the window reading, "Whites only." Even at my tender age, the sign caught my attention. That was the North Carolina of the 1950s. That it existed anywhere in the US said something about the entire country. It is fair to say that America at that time was, indeed, a racist country. It was most severe in the South, but to one degree or another, it was everywhere.

Then came the 1960s and the Civil Rights movement. It was a time of marches, race riots, Martin Luther King, and ultimately reform. It was not just a reform of our laws but a change in the way white people thought of black people. The greatness of Martin Luther King and those who worked with him was that they struck a cord in the psyche of white Americans. One of the things that makes this country great is that when people really see injustice in front of them-true injustice- they will correct it. Thus, in my lifetime, I have seen a transformation in this country that is of historic proportions, a change that few countries and few people would be capable of in a period of a couple of generations.

It is painfully true that many black Americans have been left behind in the inner cities and constitute an economic underclass for lack of a better expression. Does the legacy of slavery and segregation still play a role in this? To some extent, yes. However, I think there are other factors more important.

Larry Elder, a black radio talk show host who is nationally syndicated, believes that the biggest problem facing black America today is the lack of a stable family and the absence of the father. He points out that in the worst days of Jim Crow, the black illegitimate birth rate was about 25%. Today, it is over 70%. White racism, according to Elder, is so far down the list of problems facing blacks today that it is insignificant. I agree though my perception as a white is always going to be different from that of black folks.

But how to explain this odd statistic? There is only one plausible reason I can come up with. Our government leaders in the 1960s, trying to do the right thing, instituted a system of welfare that all but destroyed the incentive to have a stable two-parent family and for people to wait to have children until they could support them. Instead, welfare encouraged the idea of having children early and out of wedlock. The government would take care of the expenses. Sub-standard housing in the inner city? The answer was subsidized housing projects that became urban nightmares.

And where has all of this brought us? Today, we are consumed with Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and other young black men who for one reason or another have gotten involved in deadly encounters with cops and died as a result. The black community is angry. The cops are being accused of being racist murderers. The justice system is accused of being unfair to blacks, which results in a disproportionate number of blacks in our prisons. Did they commit the crimes they were convicted of? That seems irrelevant. We have protests, marches, riots and now two dead NYPD officers. Never mind that there is not one shred of evidence that Brown or Garner were singled out by the police because they were black.

Let me come directly to the point: America today is not a racist country. Are there racists walking around? Yes, but they come in all colors. The phenomena that we see in certain cities like Los Angeles where black gang members and Mexican gang members are shooting it out on the streets against each other and continuing that warfare in California prisons, is not because of white racism. Black on black murders and Hispanic on Hispanic murders cannot be blamed on white racism. And shame on all of us when we ignore these murders to focus on the relatively rare cases where minorities are shot by cops almost always in circumstances that are justified as just happened last night in Berkeley, Missouri a St Louis neighborhood. If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want to lead marches, they should be marching in Chicago, where black on black murder is at a deadly high. Where are the protests against that?

America is still a country with racial issues and racial divisions. But America today is not a racist country.

Christmas Eve Mass Disrupted in Germany

Hat tip  Gateway Pundit

On Christmas Eve, a Catholic mass being held at a church in Moenchengladbach-Rheydt was disrupted when a  group of Muslim teenagers stormed in and yelled curses at the crowd, charming little ditties like, "Christians sh--" (In German, of course-or was it in Arabic/Turkish?)

Here is a fun fact: Rheydt is incorporated into the larger city of Moenchengladbach. In the past it was an independent town and birthplace of none other than Josef Goebbels. I wonder what he would have thought about the Christmas Eve incident in his hometown. Of course, he was "unavailable for comment".

"Hmm. I'll have to think about that one."

George Galloway Defends Russell Brand's Rant at a British Reporter

The pussy cat drinking his milk

Every time I see Brits like comedian Russel Brand and fellow comedian George Galloway on American soil, it makes my skin crawl. Last we heard from Gorgeous George  he was getting tuned up by some guy who thought he was anti-Semite. That was surprising to me because when I heard Georgie speak at UC Irvine while he was collecting funds for Hamas, he warned any opponents in the audience that if they were thinking of coming after him, he was an ex-boxer, had lots of friends in the room (true), and it was a long way to the door.

Now George tells people that he is afraid to go out alone after the beating attack. In other words, he is now a big pussy cat.

But let's get to the point, which is George's latest "headline". He has now summoned up enough courage to come to the defense of another well-known British puke, fellow comedian Russell Brand. Russie, for his part, called a British reporter a "snide" for asking an inconvenient question. It's all detailed below with a 6-minute clip of George's career in politics-highly entertaining.

"Daddie, what's a "snide"?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Muslim Persecution of Christians in Sept. 2014

There are several sites and writers who keep track of the never-ending incidents of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world. Raymond Ibrahim is one of them. This article is posted on the Gatestone Institute and is just for the month of September 2014.

It is a sad and outrageous commentary. And you wonder why there is Islamophobia?

Al Sharpton is Fousesquawk 2014 Jerk of the Year

This year's Golden Penguin goes to Al Sharpton, demagogue, race huckster, shakedown artist, inciter of violence, tax cheat, slanderer, and MSNBC talk show host.  In the past two years, Al Sharpton has led marches in Florida and Missouri designed to pressure the authorities to prosecute George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson, both of whom had managed to survive deadly attacks by young black men by killing their attackers- all this while moonlighting as a "news commentator" on MSNBC. Now just in the past few days, he has once again stirred up the streets of not only New York but cities around the country in the wake of a grand jury's decision not to prosecute a NY cop in the death of Eric Garner. The result? Two murdered NYPD officers.

And do you think Sharpton would support Mayor de Blasio's appeal for a moratorium on protests until after the two dead officers were laid to rest? Think again (hat tip Hot Air).

And to think that this despicable character not only enjoys the trust of thousands of followers but the mayor of New York, the attorney general of the US, and even the President of the US.

I know that I can be accused of trivializing the damage that this man does to our society by naming him simply as a jerk, but who else could I give this "award" to?

Once Upon a Time in Europe: Nigel Farage Tells Off the European Parliament (Again)

British representative to the European Parliament and head of Britain's UKIP Party, Nigel Farage, incurs the wrath of his fellow parliament members as he tells of the fall of communism only to be followed by the Lisbon Treaty. After first gaining applause, Farage is greeted with jeers from the parliament hacks as he so artfully plays the role of the skunk at the garden party. This is from February 9, 2010. Enjoy.

EU Regulation Gone Mad

Hat tip EJBron and Russia Today

If you think government regulation is getting out of control in the US, look what's happening in the European Union. The bureaucrats in Brussels are making decisions that affect the way ordinary people live in all its member nations. Now the government hacks are thinking of limiting big screen TVs in order to cut down on energy costs.

TVs, toasters, coffee pots, what's next-regulating the size of beer glasses?

Oh. They did that decades ago.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Max Blumenthal's Despicable Rant Against Sniper Chris Kyle

Hat tip American Thinker

“I haven’t seen American Sniper, but correct me if I’m wrong: An occupier mows down faceless Iraqis but the real victim is his anguished soul,” Blumenthal wrote smugly on his Twitter account. “[T]he whole film’s appeal seems to derive from the latent racism that led America into Iraq.”
-Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is a writer and son of ex-Clinton hatchet man Sid Blumenthal.  Young Max has been featured on this site in the past. Most of the time he is making common cause with the pro-Palestinian movement and demonizing the Jewish state of Israel, which he hates with a passion that borders on the abnormal.

I have often noted that so many of Israel's most fierce critics also hate the US as well- even if they are Americans. Now Blumenthal has confirmed that he belongs in that group with his tweets attacking the film, American Sniper, its protagonist, Chris Kyle, as well as our country. The below article is by Rick Moran in American Thinker.

First of all, it would certainly never occur to Blumenthal to do what Kyle did-put on the uniform of his country and fight to defend it. Yet here he is attacking a brave patriot who is no longer here to defend himself. It is beyond sickening. Maybe he should go and actually watch the film he is attacking. He might learn what a real man is like.

Ten Max Blumenthals could not make one Chris Kyle.

Denisa's Progress

In Israel, Denisa, the Romanian girl who is One New Heart's latest sponsored child, continues to make good progress from her open heart surgery. Here is the latest report:

Visiting Denisa today at the hospital, Hank saw that she had been up walking around.  Medical staff encourages the children to get up and walk very soon following surgery to prevent fluid build-up in the lungs, causing pneumonia.  As one can well imagine, this is by far pain-free.  Even something as simple as a light cough causes great pain.  However, the good news is that she is free from any machines and tubes!  Thus far, there has been no indication of infection – no fevers.  So that, too, is good news!
During one of the operations, Hank noticed that when they take the heart off all the by-pass machines to re-start it, the tension in the room raises dramatically. Everyone waits with bated breath to see if the heart begins pumping again and if it has a regular heartbeat.  In Denisa’s case, it was even more tension-filled as she was on the by-pass machines longer than normal.  It took almost 10 minutes for her heart to begin a normal beating pattern.  Hank commented to Dr. Sasson that it is a miracle that the heart starts back up.
Dr. Sasson responded, “No, the miracle is that any child survives open heart surgery.”  And that is the truest statement.  When you observe this surgery, it becomes glaringly apparent how imperative it is to pray these children through it and literally back to life.
In our next update, we will share a photo of what the body goes through to get healed…so please note: if you’d rather not see a graphic image, please do not open the very next email.  
Only God can create such a masterpiece of the human body and make allowances for surgeries such as this.  So we thank you for your prayers of intercession on behalf of these children who undergo such trauma to get healed!
With all our love, Hank,Michele,Abbyrose,Levi & Moriah
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Rafael Ramos Laid to Rest in NY

-Fox News

Thousands of police officers from around the country showed up today for the funeral service for slain NYPD officer Rafael Ramos. Hundreds of them who were standing outside the church turned their backs when NY Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke.

In related matters, protesters in Oakland broke store windows on Christmas Day in an anti-police demonstration labeled, "No time off", whose stated purpose was to ensure that cops could not have time off. Earlier, on Wednesday night, a vigil was held in Berkeley, California for Antonio Martin, the 18-year-old black man who was shot and killed in Berkeley, Missouri while pointing a gun at a cop.

But what would you expect from Oakland and Berkeley?

Who Killed Cock Robin ? (Ch 2)

When we last saw our hero, DOJ ace investigator Dick Holder, he was on the Orient Express in Lebanon investigating the death of a mysterious Lebanese Christian man named Pierre and his pet bird, Cock Robin. Dick Holder's instincts (not to mention a few key witnesses) told him that the killings had been carried out by two Syrians who had jumped the train after fleeing from the victim's cabin with a gun.

However, Dick Holder was accompanied on this mission by University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Professor Mortimer Johnson, who was insisting that somehow, the Israelis and the Mossad were behind it. It was all very confusing.

When the train arrived at Beirut, Dick Holder and Johnson were met by two Lebanese police detectives who told them that the two Syrians had been arrested trying to cross the border into Syria. The murder weapon was recovered and ballistics matched the gun that killed Pierre. The men  had identified themselves as Syrian government agents and under "intense" questioning had admitted to the murder. As they were being driven to police hqs, Dick Holder felt relieved and vindicated. Johnson sat in the car silently sulking.

One of the Lebanese cops nudged Dick Holder in the side and whispered, " Who's the long-haired hippie freak? He doesn't look like a cop."

"He isn't, " replied Dick Holder. "He's a professor from some university in Bullsnuts, Tennessee. They sent him here as some sort of expert. I didn't ask for him."


Dick Holder had just two questions-in no particular order: Why had the men killed Pierre and why had they killed Cock Robin?

Upon arrival at police hqs, Dick Holder and Johnson were taken into a conference room where their Lebanese colleagues laid out the files including the men's confessions.

"But why?" asked Dick Holder.

One of the Lebanese cops lit a cigarette, took a long draw and answered, "As to Pierre, they don't know. It was just orders from their boss in Damascus. As for the bird, simple. While they were taking care of Pierre, the bird flew out of his cage and bit one of the attackers on the arm."

"It all makes perfect sense," said Dick Holder. "But so much for the hate crime angle."

"I still say it was the Israelis," piped in Johnson still holding onto his guitar case.

"Based on what, may I ask?" said one of the Lebanese cops incredulous.

"They are behind everything," answered Johnson removing his goofy hat and tying the long strands of his hair into a pony-tail.

"But they have no motive. We have all the evidence, the witnesses, the murder weapon, the confessions."

"Precisely," answered Johnson with a dopey know-it-all grin on his face. "We are dealing with the Mossad here. I suggest you go back and talk to that French-Israeli guy with the same first name."

Exasperated, the other Lebanese stood and asked, "And just what makes you an expert in this part of the world, Sonny?"

"You see this guitar? I've played this guitar all over the Middle East."

"Really? You know, we don't give much of a sh-- about music in these parts. I'll bet you don't even know Arabic."

Johnson smirked. "Actually, I know Arabic, Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Icelandic-in addition to English, of course."

The Lebanese cops looked at Dick Holder, who merely shrugged.

"Maybe you should go back to that university in Tennessee and let us worry about Israel," chimed in one of the cops.

Suddenly, Johnson jumped out of his chair, his face red with rage.

"Fu-- Israel!" he screamed. "Fu-- Cock Robin! Fu-- Pierre! And fu-- all of you! These files are sh--! Israel is behind this, I tell you!"

Staring back at Johnson, one of the cops, said, "Yeah yeah. We get it. You're anti-Israel. So fu---n-' what?"

With that, Johnson picked up his guitar and smashed it against the wall.

"If you call me anti-Israel again, you're going to have a big problem."

The cop took a long drag from his cigarette, looked at his partner and smiled.

"Oh yeah?"

The next day.

Dick Holder boarded his plane back to Washington, found his seat and buckled his seat belt. An American man took the seat next to him and started a casual conversation. He introduced himself as a second secretary at the American embassy in Beirut.

"Traveling alone?" the man asked Dick Holder.

"Yes. All by myself," Dick Holder replied smiling.

Meanwhile back at the Beirut jail, the two Syrian guys were being led back to their cell by a jailer after their latest round of questioning. As they entered their cell, they saw that there was a newcomer laying on one of the bunks.

"One of the Syrians looked at the stranger in the cell then turned to his partner and asked:

"Who's the long-haired hippie freak?"

An Important Victory in the Battle Against Classroom Indoctrination

This post first appeared in Eagle Rising.

You may not have heard about this in the press, but within the University of California, the good guys have just won an important victory against radical professors who use their classes as soapboxes to spout their personal views of the world.

The AMCHA Initiative is a pro-Jewish interest group founded by UC Santa Cruz Professor of Hebrew, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and UCLA Professor Emeritus, Leila Beckwith. In the interest of full disclosure, I am proud to count both of them as friends and colleagues. I regularly post their news bulletins and letters on my blog, Fousesquawk.

For the past few years, the AMCHA Initiative has been very active in complaining to the University of California and California State University about professors who have been using their classrooms to promote the boycott, divest and sanctions movement against the Jewish state of Israel and voice their condemnations of Israel in general. In most cases, the universities have begrudgingly answered their letters but taken no action using academic freedom as their reasoning-even when one professor used-and still uses- a California State University Northridge web server to spread his own propaganda against Israel-a clear abuse of university resources.

In another recent case, AMCHA complained about expressions advocating murder of Israeli soldiers at San Francisco State University.

In addition to writing letters to university officials, AMCHA has written letters to state and local politicians bringing their concerns to their attention as well. Recently, California Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D) wrote his own letter of concern to UC President Janet Napolitano.

One of the unfortunate results of this never ending campaign of hate and propaganda against Israel has been a rise of anti-Semitism on campuses in which Jewish students who support Israel have found themselves being intimidated by the pro-Palestinian forces on campus as well as by teachers in the classroom. Pro-Palestinian speakers regularly appear on California campuses and often use anti-Jewish language that goes far beyond opposing Israel.

Recently, AMCHA scored an important victory when the University of California decided that it was not proper for graduate teaching assistants to use the classroom to demonize Israel and advocate for the BDS movement. Subsequently, AMCHA asked for a clarification. Did that policy also apply to full-time professors?

This week, AMCHA received an affirmative  response from UC Provost Aimee Dorr. The policy indeed applies to all professors per the Regents Policy on Course Content. Here is the announcement from the AMCHA Initiative, which contains Provost Dorr's response.

The obvious question is-does this policy apply only to the Israel issue because of the 
anti-Semitic concerns? Here is the actual UC Course Content policy (2301).

So as I read this, professors in the UC system are now on notice that their job is not to 
shove their personal world view down the throats of their students. There are other 
acceptable on-campus venues where they can express their own beliefs about a variety of 
subjects (seminars, panels, speaking events, etc.) The classroom is not one of them.

To be sure, the howls of protest are coming. Radical professors will scream that their 
freedom of speech and academic freedom are being violated. No doubt, many will try to get 
around it or ignore it. It will be up to the students to complain to the appropriate 
department if they feel they are being indoctrinated or forced to accept a professor's opinions. 
In short, it will take a lot of work and a lot of courageous students to hold the 
professors and the universities' feet to the fire.

I would also hope that this model can spread around the country and be used to bring reform to all 
our universities.

We owe the AMCHA Initiative a huge debt of gratitude for the work they have done.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Christmas Display Attacked in France (By Man Without a Car)

France has been suffering under a wave of Christmas attacks by Muslims who are offended by Christmas. Just in the past week, Muslim motorists have plowed their cars into two outdoor Christmas displays injuring dozens and killing one.

In this latest attack-in Le Mans of all places- the poor attacker apparently had no car. That didn't stop him, however.

As Jihad Watch explains, in France, there are two ways of publicly describing these attackers. They are either "young people" or "mentally-deranged". Of course, those are euphemisms to describe acts of violence by Muslims. It is left to the French to figure out from where the threats are coming. The code used is to quote the "Allahu Akbar" part.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Guess Who Held a Vigil For the Guy Killed by the Cop in Berkeley, Missouri

Hat tip Daily Californian

"Yee gads!"

If you guessed Berkeley, California, you would be correct. Never mind that Antonio Martin is shown on video pointing a gun at the cop before he was shot dead.

And never mind that the gun wasn't just something that looked like a gun. It was a real gun, was loaded and recovered at the scene.

Facts be damned.

CNN's Brain Dead Executive

Hat tip Algemeiner

"This is CNN"

CNN likes to call itself, "the most trusted name in news". Yet when a massacre took place recently in a Jerusalem synagogue, CNN incorrectly reported it as a mosque and had trouble calling it what it was-a terrorist attack against Jews at worship. But could that have been any worse than the reaction of a CNN executive named Richard Davis when questioned about it by a 17-year-old girl?

"Are you brain dead?"

What is that guy's title again?

Executive Vice President of News Standards and Practices 

All de Blasio's Men (and Women)

Hat tip Daily Caller

Here is more on the people New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has working for him. If you detect a bit of anti-cop sentiment, it's not just you.

"Motley also supported Chris Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop who killed four people, including three police officers, in a shooting rampage in California in Feb. 2013. Dorner had claimed he was fired from the police force due to racism.
“There’s a part of me rooting for #Dorner. This racist, imperialist country gets the best of people sometimes. It makes some snap. #lapd,” Motley tweeted after Dorner went on his spree but before he ultimately killed himself at the end of a statewide manhunt."
And how we out here in Southern California remember Chris Dorner's rampage before he died in a burning cabin at Big Bear Lake. Little did we know that he had an admirer in New York, a person who worked for the mayor.

Who Will Be the Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year for 2014?

January 1 is just one week away, and you know what that means, Fousesquawkers. No, it doesn't mean New Years Day, the Rose Parade, and 57 bowl games-one for every state in King Obama's union (remember when there used to be just 4?)

January 1 is the day I plan to announce the winner of the Golden Penguin award as Fousesquawk's 2014 Jerk of the Year.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

This year has been a difficult choice as there have been so many "worthy" contestants. Yet, in recent days, my choice has been crystallizing. That doesn't mean I couldn't change my mind at the last moment because world events happen so quickly. Who knows? We could even have a repeat winner for the first time in history.

As always, the reader is invited to weigh in with predictions, suggestions, and nominations, but the final choice is mine and mine alone.

Merry Christmas

Along with my personal Christmas prayers for family, friends (Miggie and Findalis). and myself, my biggest prayer is for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. It's a sad Christmas, indeed, when you consider the horrors being inflicted on Christians in Iraq and Syria-and to a somewhat lesser extent in Egypt and the rest of the region (excluding Israel).


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good Christmas News From Israel (Denisa)


Christmas miracles come in all forms!! Earlier this morning, I phoned Hank just to say hello and wish him a Blessed Christmas Eve, and he told me that he was on his way back to Bethlehem, following a 5+ hour OR observation – Denisa had her surgery this morning!
Late last night, Tamar who works for Save A Childs Heart, called Hank and said that her surgery would not take place today because of a full ICU.  Early this morning, he received a phone call that a little boy who was ahead of Denisa for surgery got sick and his surgery was bumped; also a bed in the ICU opened!  So he quickly drove the 50 minute drive to the hospital to be part of the operation.  It began at 8:00am this morning and finished at 1:30pm.  
Dr. Sasson, the cardiac surgeon was extremely intent throughout the surgery, as it was a very complicated one.  Three holes in her heart were closed, the doctor found a large blockage in one of the arteries leaving her heart that had to be opened, and a valve had to be repaired. An external pacemaker had to be used, with wires leading directly to her heart; at the point where they started the heart beating on its own, the rate was very sporadic, between 70 to 180 beats per minute.
Dr. Houry, the ICU head doctor, will keep her sedated and asleep all night.  He wants her free of any disturbances, and has requested that her mother leave the hospital to ensure that Denisa is not disturbed for any reason. So a few Romanian ladies from the church came and picked up Adriana and took her to their Christmas Eve service. The doctor who took over for Dr. Houry in the ICU, “just happened” to speak fluent Romanian...another of God’s miracles.  So he was able to speak to Adriana and hopefully put her at ease before she left the ICU.

If her night goes well, they will extubate her and then wake her up - Christmas morning.  How awesome is that??  Hank reports that it was so wonderful to see her oxygen level reach almost 100% and watch her skin turn pink!!
Rejoice in answered prayer and miracles of new life!  Pray that Denisa will sleep comfortably tonight, that her body will begin fully healing, and that there will be no complications, the first 48 hours are so critical!

What better way to celebrate the wonder and miracles of Christmas!
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The above is from One New Heart and is an update on the progress of Denisa, a Romanian girl who has now undergone heart surgery in Israel. Please continue your prayers for her.

Christmas in France-1,000 Soldiers Deployed to Prevent Attacks

Hat tip Breitbart

This is how Christmas is being celebrated in France. Twice in the past few days, lone wolf Muslim terrorists, doing ISIS' bidding and shouting, "Allahu Akbar", have driven their cars into crowds of people in the Christmas markets of Nantes and Dijon. Now 1,000 troops are being deployed around the country trying to prevent yet another terror attack upon the Christian celebration of  Christmas.

My apologies to the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at the University of California at Berkeley.

EU Refuses Anti-Semitism Task Force

The European Union has decided not to set up an anti-Semitism task force, something it badly needs.

My immediate reaction to this is that the reason stands out like a sore thumb. The European Union does not want to walk down this path knowing where it leads. They would have to acknowledge that the principle reasons for the wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe-again- are number one, their restive Muslim immigrant population and two, their own marching in lockstep with the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian movement.

In short, the Europeans are afraid of alienating Arabs and Muslims. Period. They would rather see the last of their Jewish population quietly emigrate so they can live in peace and harmony with the millions of Muslim immigrants in their countries-so they think.

A Shooting in St Louis

St. Louis County police say a man who pulled a gun and pointed it at an officer has been killed in Berkeley, Missouri.

Last night in the greater St Louis area, an 18-year-old black man was shot and killed by a white police officer. This time we have a video of the incident, and it appears to conclusively show that the suspect was pointing a gun at the cop, who fired and killed him. Within minutes, a crowd formed and clashed with police.

It will be interesting as the facts unfold if this incident results in more marches and protests.

Stacey Dash-Another Courageous Black Conservative

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Image result for stacey dash

You may have seen Stacey Dash on Fox News occasionally as a conservative commentator. Stacey is yet another example of black conservatives face when they dare go against the leftist grain. They are attacked.

As I have previously said, there is no group of Americans who are more intellectually stimulating as black conservatives. That is because it takes real courage to go against the liberal grain. The result is they are routinely attacked. You would think that the mainstream media would come to their defense if for no other reason than in defense of the First Amendment. Such is not the case.

The list gets longer all the time; Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Dineen Borelli, Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott, Allen West, Nigel Innis, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, and so on..and so on. These are people we should stand with and support.