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Academic Lunacy in Pittsburgh

Hat tip The College Fix

I am sad to report that the city of Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers, and where I lived for almost three years, is not exempt from academic lunacy.

Most Pittsburgers are down-to-earth people with common sense. But alas, there is the University of Pittsburgh, located in the scenic section of Oakland (no, not that Oakland), where the iconic Cathedral of Learning overlooks Schenley Park and the site where Forbes Field, once the home of the Pirates, stood. Heretofore, Pitt has flown under the radar when it comes to left-wing activism, but no more. They are attempting to enter the A list of loony universities.

University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning Indoctrination
(Full of people with their heads in the clouds)

The Department of Political Science is currently advertising an asst. professor position to teach structural racism, oppression, and Black political experience.

Here is a sample course. It is listed as a one-credit required course.

Then there is lesser-known Duquesne University, located near the downtown area. They have a professor of psychology named Derek Hook who is in the news. According to his bio, he is full of critical race ideas as well as stuff he learned from Franz Fanon and others. Recently, he participated in some kind of virtual symposium where he referred approvingly to comments made a few years ago by some noted "scholar" in South Africa who said that the ethical thing for all white people to do would be to kill themselves. So Dr. Hook (no relation to Captain Hook, as far as I know) stated at this symposium that he thought the argument had merit.

Don't worry, Affie. I think you are exempt.

But I'm not so sure about Dr Hook.

Here is the posting from The College Fix.

So here is my question to Dr Hook: If you think the hypothesis that all white people should kill themselves has merit, why do you not set the example?

But you won't, will you?

*(Update per Fox News-9-2-21: Duquesne has issued a statement denying that Hook made such statement.)

Meanwhile in Italy....They Keep Arriving

Hat tip RAIR Foundation, Vlad Tepes ,and Gates of Vienna for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

As the West gears up for another massive wave of Afghans, while dealing with Covid-19, the situation in Italy-specifically the island of Lampedusa- remains critical. This past week, within a space of 24 hours,  over 500 migrants from Tunisia and sub-Saharan Africa were brought to the island. 

The below Italian news video from RMK Notizie (Italy) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Just yesterday, we also posted an example of what can be expected from some of these arrivals. A 31-year-old Egyptian man, who arrived at Lampedusa and was transferred to the reception center at Porto Empedocle, made his way to Milan and is now charged with the rape of a young Italian woman, who was attacked while walking to work. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Italy: Another "Graduate" of Lampedusa Arrested in Milan for Rape

Haitham Mahmoud Abdelshafi Ahmed Masoud in front of Milan's Duomo cathedral

(Corriere della Sera)

A 31-year-old Egyptian refugee is charged with rape in Milan. The suspect arrived at Lampedusa in May as a refugee from Egypt. He then dropped from the radar until he showed up in Milan. He now sits in a Milan jail awaiting trial for a rape in August.

This past week, hundreds of more migrants were brought into the Italian port of Lampedusa, many of whom have been transferred to a reception center at Porto Empedocle-the same path taken by this Egyptian earlier this year. (Video translation is pending.) How many of those hundreds of new arrivals will commit similar crimes?

The below article from today's Corriere della Sera is translated by Fousesquawk.

Milan, Rape at Cascina Gobba: The selfie in front of the Duomo that brought down the rapist

-Cesare Giuzzi

The Egyptian, 31 years old, had landed at Lampedusa in May. On July 7, he was photographed in Milan: The image, thanks to facial recognition software, led to his identification. Then the DNA confirmation.

Two months (he disappeared). A ghost that moves throughout Italy, from the island of Lampedusa to Milan. A path during which, Haitham Mahmoud Abdelshafi Ahmed Masoud was never checked by police. Or at least, if so, no trace was left.

The 31-year-old Egyptian, arrested for the rape of a 25-year-old worker at the San Raffaele of Milan Hospital, landed at Lampedusa between the 10-11 of May. Days in which more than 1,400 migrants arrived in a few hours. On one of those boats, there was also Masoud, who after having been transferred to the hotspot of Lampedusa, was photographed and identified with the name of "Abdelshafi Haysem Mahmoud". He said that he fled from Egypt, crossed the Mediterranean together with other co-nationalists, and fled from the repression of the Cairo government. He announced that he wanted to claim asylum. The Interior Ministry assigned him the identification code 064BSVV, a sort of provisional identity for migrants.

His traces were lost during the anti-Covid quarantine, and transfer to Porto Empedocle. In his pocket, a cell phone number which was activated 25 May at Palma di Montechiaro (Agrigento) by a 23-year-old co-nationalist. Probably, Masoud reached the capital of Lombardy by train. And thanks to the identity number, he was identified two months later at the immigration of office of Milan police HQ when he presented himself to advance his asylum request.  It was 1:35 pm on Wednesday, 7 July: With a white t-shirt and gelled hair, he was photographed by the scientific police. It would be that picture, thanks to facial recognition software, "Sari", that led to his identification.

The police begin with another image, that of the Whatsapp profile associated with the telephone number that might belong to the perpetrator of the violence of 9 August when the 25-year-old (victim) was attacked at dawn and raped in a canal while walking along a path on her way to work. A selfie taken with the cell phone where Masoud, in front of the Duomo, was dressed in a black t-shirt. On 24 August, while the police, directed by Marco Cali, already suspicious of him, were monitoring him, the 31-year-old presented himself again at the immigration office to complete his asylum request. In the files, there are shots of the 31-year-old seated in the waiting room. It is here that the officers surreptitiously obtain a can and cigarette butt to compare the DNA with the traces found at the scene of the violence. A few hours later the confirmation arrives. The two genetic profiles match.

At 7 in the evening on Thursday, magistrates Letizia Mannella and Rosaria Stagnaro sign the arrest warrant. The police trace Masoud the following morning to an apartment on Via Tartini, in the periphery (of the city), where he is sleeping with ten other co-nationalists. A dormitory house where he had found hospitality and some illegal work as a laborer at a construction site thanks to "mutual aid" of other immigrants. Masoud had clean clothes, a smartphone, and the same backpack he was carrying on his shoulders the day of the violence.

The interrogation to validate the arrest was held Sunday, at San Vittorio (prison). The 31-year-old will be defended by the legal office of Eleonora Bergamini. In the 52-page indictment from the magistrates, the judge is requested to keep the 31-year-old in jail, as well as the story from the victim. "I felt myself being pushed into the ditch suddenly. My face was crushed on the pavement of the canal, I felt I was suffocating. I shouted. I begged him to stop for my two children. When he fled after the violence, I was terrified that he would return."

Saturday, August 28, 2021

(Andrew) Cuomo's Last Shameful Act

Disgraced New York governor, Andrew Cuomo has left office. Before walking out the door and letting it hit him on the ass, Cuomo granted clemency to convicted Weather Underground terrorist, David Gilbert, who was serving a life sentence for his role in the 1981 Brinks robbery that killed a guard and two police officers. He also granted clemency to 4 other convicted murderers.

Gilbert is the father of current San Francisco DA, Chesa Boudin. Don't let the title fool you. Boudin is also the son of Weather Underground member, Kathy Boudin, who was also imprisoned for the same crime and has since been released to pursue an academic career at Columbia University. He was raised by none other than Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn while his parents were in prison. Chesa Boudin is a left-wing radical who has all but legalized crime in San Francisco. He says his heart aches for the families of the three victims. Nonsense. This man cares nothing about victims of violent criminals.

Sweden Flies Two Deported Afghans "Back Home to Sweden"

How ironic. As Sweden scrambles to get its own citizens out of Afghanistan, it is now reported that two Afghans who were flown to Stockholm from Kabul Airport had previously been deported from Sweden after being convicted of crimes. Since Sweden, like several other European countries, has halted deportations to Afghanistan, unless the situation in Afghanistan changes, the pair will not be sent back.

The below article from Nya Dagbladet is translated by Fousesquawk.

Deported Afghans evacuated back to Sweden

Posted yesterday ( 8-27-21)

Caption beneath photo: Afghans arrested at Arlanda (Stockholm Airport)

On Wednesday, two Afghans who are now "evacuated" by plane from Afghanistan to Arlanda (Stockholm Airport), were arrested. Both had earlier been deported from Sweden after having been convicted for crimes.

According to Kristian Ljungberg with the police authorities, both are now arrested for having broken the ban on returning.

How the criminal Afghans came on the plane is unclear, but the general chaos at the airport may have been to their advantage.

"I think that everyone who has seen the images from Kabul and the airport realizes that the situation is not so simple when it comes to conducting border checks there," says Carina Skagerlind, press spokesperson for police in the Stockholm region to TV$ News.

That the persons were subject to a return ban was discovered in connection with identity checks on arrival in Sweden.

About 90,000 persons have been flown out from Kabul since 14 August. About 800 of these have come to Sweden. 

-Per Nordin

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Biden: Old, Tired, Befuddled and Defeated


I don't know how much longer they can keep putting Joe Biden out there to face the cameras in the wake of this mess in Afghanistan. Today, hours after the suicide bombing that has left at least 13 Americans dead, as well as some 60 Afghan civilians, including children, Biden finally came out to speak. He looked old, tired, befuddled, and defeated. It was a pitiful performance. Even when he promised to track down the people responsible (ISIS), he spoke without energy.

Then, toward the end, he inappropriately lightened up for some inexplicable reason. When he called on Peter Doocey of Fox, knowing he was going to finally get a hardball, he referred to him as "the most interesting guy I know in the press" (probably forgetting his name). Then, when Doocey threw out the hardball question about how much responsibility he bore, the President turned defensive, lowering his head and at one point resting it on his hands with his elbows on the podium The image has gone out worldwide and will be the final, lasting image of Joe Biden. Long after this catastrophic presidency has ended, this will be Biden's legacy.

I have predicted from the start that, given Biden's cognitive decline, he will not be able to finish his presidency. At this point, I wonder if he will be able to last through the end of 2021. The problem is that we have Kamala Harris waiting in the wings, a woman who has as much business being president as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. God help us.

God help the world.

Dutch Report: 72 Dead, 140 Injured at Kabul Airport

Elsevier, a mainstream Dutch news outlet, is quoting AP in reporting that at least 72 persons were killed at Kabul airport today and 140 injured. According to Elsevier, AP is basing its report on information received from "Afghan authorities". Similar numbers (60-70) are being reported by mainstream Swedish news outlets (Dagens Nyheter-Aftonbladet).

Below is a partial translation of the Elsevier article by Fousesquawk.

Live: At least 72 dead in attack at Kabul Airport, 140 injured

In the attack on the Kabul airport this afternoon, at least 72 are dead and 140 injured. That is reported by the usually well-placed press bureau, AP, on the basis of Afghan authorities.

*Update: The Italian newspaper, Il Giornale, has published a photo of the alleged suicide bomber released by ISIS.

Afghan-Austrian Local News (It's All Bad)

Hat tip Jihad Watch, Allah's Willing Executioners, and Unzensuriert. 

The news just keeps getting worse out of Kabul, where suicide bomber(s) at the airport set off bombs that have killed at least 13 people and wounded three American soldiers as American and allied forces attempt to get their people out of the country. Another bomb was set off at a Kabul hotel.

Meanwhile, in Austria, a country still reeling over the recent kidnapping, gang rape, and murder of a 13-year-old Austrian girl, in which 4 Afghan men are in custody, another Afghan sexual assault of a teenage girl has been reported. Three young Afghan men are being sought for the alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old Austrian girl in Linz.

But it gets worse. The conservative Austrian blog, Unzensuriert, reports that Austria has taken in some 44,000 Afghan "refugees" as of  2020-second in Europe only to Angela Merkel's Germany! The below article by Unzensuriert is translated by Fousesquawk.

25 August 2021

Under Black-Green: Hardly any European country takes more Afghans than Austria

The current heated debate on the admission of Afghan "refugees" between the Austrian People Party and the Greens is on closer inspection, only a sham debate. According to statistics as of the year 2020, hardly any other county in Europe took in more Afghans, generally illegal migrants, as Austria. For the Muslims from the Far East, the borders have been wide open for months or actually years, as the daily "arrests", which are nothing more than admission registrations, show. 

Only Germany admits more Afghans

Current statistics for the year 2020 show, where the 2.6  million Afghans who left their country migrated to. Among the front runners are the Muslim neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran, who together, admitted  85% of the migrants (which corresponds to the Geneva Convention on Refugees, which defines the admission of refugees in the closest safe country). After that, European countries, follow, which are 5,000 kilometers away.

To date, 148,000 Afghans have come to Germany. In second place in Europe comes, surprisingly, the 10-times-smaller Austria with more than 44,000(!) Afghans. Surprising because while the rhetoric of the Austrian Peoples Party suggests that for months, it has been almost impossible for Afghans to get to Austria, and this should remain so. However, the numbers don't lie. And a reason for asylum, when we are generally talking about such a country surrounded by safe countries like Austria, for a good portion (40%) there is not even a benevolent consideration. According to the Geneva Convention, for Afghans, unless they jump in by parachute, there is no legitimate asylum in Austria.

But the black-green (and before that, red-black) politicians "successfully" got around that by obediently subordinating themselves to the demands of the EU and signing on to different provisions instead of representing Austrian interests. A limit as to how many migrants in Austria (there are already more than 2,000,000 Austrians of "migration background") has not yet been defined.

Germany, Sweden, and Austria as main "Flight" destinations

According to the UN- Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Austria, with its less than 9 million inhabitants, took in more Afghans than, for example, France,  Great Britain, Italy, India, or Australia. Next to Germany and Sweden, Austria is, for Afghans, is one of the favorite destination countries in their "flight". What these guests will bring us besides costs and criminality, has not to now been comprehensibly defined.

In fact, about 100 illegal migrants a day, most from Arab areas, are walking the Austrian borders daily, especially in Burgenland, where they no longer know where to put them. And their number will continue to rise. Up to now the supposedly so "hard" on migration policy,  Austrian Peoples Party, has not heard of the necessary suspension of asylum rights, given this situation. 


Fousesquawk comment: Why in the world are Western countries accepting all these thousands of people? As I have previously written, I acccept the responsibility of the US and other countries getting Afghans out of the country who worked with us even bringing them to our countries. Assuming they have already been vetted, we have a moral duty to help them. However, accepting any and all young Afghan men who show up unaccompanied at Europe's doorstep is a recipe for disaster. For them, they should be taken in-if at all- by neighboring safe countries like Pakistan and Iran, to say nothing of other Muslim countries in the Middle East. Where does the Geneva Convention say that "refugees" from places like Afghanistan Syria, Somalia, and other places have to be re-located in Western countries-far removed geographically from the nearest safe country? It doesn't. It says "nearest safe country".

How stupid can our leaders be?

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Belgium Pulls Military Security for Jewish Institutions (Cont)

This is a follow-up to yesterday's report about the Belgian Ministry of Interior withdrawing military security for Jewish sites in major cities like Brussels and Antwerp. The below article from the Dutch-language Belgian Jewish Daily, Joods Actueel, is translated by Fousesquawk.

We are working on yet another article that describes how left-wing groups in Belgium have worked to get the military troops removed from Jewish sites with the argument that they don't want soldiers in the streets of Belgian cities. At this time, municipal authorities are scrambling to fill the security void. They are not at all happy about what they see as a breach of promise by the federal government. Below is a long statement by the mayor of Antwerp.

No extra security measures after withdrawal of soldiers out of Jewish neighborhood on September 1

20 August 2021

In spite of earlier promises to guarantee the security of the Jewish community after the withdrawal of the military on September 1, the cabinet of the Minister for Internal Affairs has confirmed to Joodse Actueel that there will be no extra personnel or budget made available. The minister declares her "understanding" for the concern. The Jewish community is "shocked" and wants further consultations. But for the government, the matter seems to be closed.

Guido Joris

Joods Actueel was able to speak about this with Peter Poulussen, communications director for Annelies Verlinden. This confirms the following decisions of the cabinet. The soldiers will remain on the street no longer, neither the federal police nor the General Security Service (DAB) will take over the surveillance task, and there will be no extra budget for local police or for the deployment of private surveillance firms that the Jewish institutions should themselves (hire). 

Minister Verlinden declared in the Parliament, however, on June 30 the following: "I understand the concern from the Jewish community and their representatives. We have continuously underlined that we want to guarantee the same level of security as the current level.  And I shall not fail to reassure the Jewish community on that as much as possible. We shall spare no expense to guarantee the security."

The terror threat is set by the OCAD and the Federal Crisis Center. For our country, that has been lowered to terror level 2 for the last couple of years. That means that an attack at this moment is not very probable. Exceptions are a few embassies (who have their own surveillance) and the Jewish institutions. They are at terror level 3, which means that the threat of an attack is not only "possible" but "probable"


Yohan Benizri, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Jewish Community of Belgium, is reacting with disbelief to the news. "We don't understand this ambiguous attitude of the government. On the one hand, they promise for months that the same level of security will be guaranteed after September 1, but on the other hand, they refuse all of our questions." Yet, Benizri still believes in a last-minute solution, and he won't give up all hope-though at this moment, he is "very concerned".

The Forum of Jewish Organizations is withholding comment for now. "We are in contact with the government and await an official response to us before we react," says vice-chairman Philippe Scharf. 

"Distrust motion"

Michael Freilich, N-VA member of Parliament and also figurehead of the Jewish community, is reacting sharply. "On June 30, Minister Verlinden answered my question in the Chamber. On this, she indicated that the government 'would spare no expense'. How you can promise this and then do the diametric opposite is beyond me."

Michael Freilich: "This is a motion of distrust toward the entire Jewish community, which sends a clear signal that their security is not a priority for the federal government. There have been several attacks on Jewish targets in our country, in Europe; the situation in the Middle East and Afghanistan does nothing to suggest that this period is over. I call on the minister and the government to review this despicable decision.

All government parties have butter on their heads in this. My resolution in Parliament to take the security of the Jewish community to heart has been voted down several times, the last time this past July 15, which causes me pain."

Local forces

According to Minister Verlinden, the police forces in Antwerp and Brussels must pay for the security with local resources. Police Chief Serge Muyters had earlier indicated that the setting up of long-term static security assignments was not possible without additional resources and that such was not part of the standard package belonging to the local police.

Five times no

The Jewish community had presented the government with 5 avenues to continue providing for their security. They were rejected one after the other. The 5 avenues:

1 Allow the soldiers to stay at their posts as long as the heightened terror level is in effect.

2 Provide federal police agents to take over the task if necessary.

3 Adapt the KB to transfer the task to the DAB (General Security Service), which was established after the attacks in Brussels and Zaventem.

4 Provide resources for local forces if they must organize it themselves.

5 Provide within a budget in which schools and institutions can hire security forms themselves.

De Wever

The Antwerp mayor, Bart De Wever (N-VA), has also reacted:

"In recent years, the Jewish community, as well as the Antwerp police zone, have greatly appreciated the deployment of Defense after the attacks against the Jewish Museum in Brussels and in Paris. Our city is thankful for the hard work our military has delivered.

The heightened threat level for the more than 80 Jewish institutions in Antwerp, in which we must, of course, give particular attention for a safe school environment, will, unfortunately, not yet end. The situation in Afghanistan, in which we cannot underestimate the mental impact on the violent tendencies within Islamic extremism, makes us realize that all the more.

Both the leadership of the Antwerp Police Zone and I have urged the federal government to provide federal resources for the requirements of this security, which is determined by the federal (government), even after the cessation of Defense deployment. 

The federal ministers for internal affairs, including the current ones, have always promised that this would be done. The city of Antwerp, meanwhile, has taken on more than its responsibility, through investments in technological and infrastructural security and the further development of the special service (DIA/ISRA) within the Antwerp Police Zone. But for the physical security of the Jewish community, 36 extra full-time employees are necessary, which the Antwerp Police Zone cannot supply without cutting core tasks from fighting crime and working in proximity. It was thus, always unthinkable for the city and the various ministers that the local police would take on this task alone.

After various discussions over months, leaving our local police and my cabinet under an illusion, the minister decides now barely two weeks in advance that there will finally be no federal deployment. After the disappearance of the military, the Antwerp Police Zone has to take care of it alone. Even alternatives, for example, concerning the financial support for extra capacity with the local police, were just ignored. Moreover, the timing is hallucinatory. In September, there are several Jewish holidays that require special security measures.

I take this very seriously. Whenever a local government in this country takes on more because the federal government is lacking, it seems afterward to be the case that there is no discussion of any subsequent federal responsibility. That is the world on its head and a further illustration of how the federal institutions are stuck.

If the minister will not take on her responsibility, Antwerp will. With thanks to the excellent functioning of the Antwerp Police Zone and mindful of the security of the residents of Antwerp. In the coming days, I will, together with the leadership of the force, study how we will handle the cessation of the Defence (military). But this is nothing less than a breach of promise from the minister and a slap in the face of the Antwerp Jewish community and our local police."

The Afghan Refugees: Who Are They?

 This article first appeared in New English Review.

As I write, the US and several Western European countries are scrambling to get their citizens and Afghan allies out of Afghanistan. It’s not only a mess for the US, but a mess for Europe as well. Europe is bracing for a wave of Afghan refugees, by some estimates up to 3 million. Already, many Western European countries are dealing with massive numbers of young, unaccompanied Afghans who have significantly raised the rate of violent crime in Europe. Last month, a 13-year-old Austrian girl was kidnapped, drugged, gang-raped, and murdered in Vienna. Four young Afghan men are charged.

The Europeans, like the Americans, feel the moral obligation to get not just their own countrymen out of Afghanistan, including naturalized Afghans, but those Afghans who worked with our forces and embassies, people who are at extreme risk from the Taliban. At the same time, we need to carefully screen those Afghans we bring to our countries.

This week, I have just finished translating two European news articles, one from Belgium (via a Dutch newspaper) and the other from France. In Belgium, police have been warned that extremist Afghans with Taliban sympathies may well be among the refugees. In France, they have already identified 5 Afghan refugees-already arrived in France- who are members of the Taliban.

President Biden has assured us that Afghans evacuated will be thoroughly screened before they land on American soil. I would like to feel reassured by that, but how do you do an adequate background check on these people (I am not talking about those who assisted us as interpreters, etc)? Do we ask the Taliban to check their databases? That, given all the other assurances Biden has given us, leaves me feeling less than reassured. My gut feeling is that it is going to be just like the Somalis, many of whom have gone back to join al Shabaab, and the Syrians in 2015 who flooded into Europe. Innocent blood is going to be spilled.  This is not to say that all refugees will pose a danger, but there will be some.

One thing I find interesting about the Americans who are still trapped in Afghanistan. Am I wrong in assuming that they are almost all naturalized Afghans with US passports who, perhaps, were visiting their families when the place collapsed? That, of course, does not lessen our obligation to get them out, but I find it interesting that the media never speculates about that.

I pray for the safety of our troops, Afghan colleagues, and all Americans in Afghanistan (naturalized or not). The same goes for our allies. May they all come home safely. They have been badly served by this president and this administration.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Belgian Jewish Community Worried About Security

It appears that the Belgian government is scaling back the security measures and personnel assigned to protect Jewish institutions in cities like Brussels and Antwerp. As of September 1, Belgian soldiers will be withdrawn from security duty at Jewish locations. The Jewish community in Belgium is concerned. They expressed their concern in a meeting with Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, who has announced the withdrawal. With the crisis in Afghanistan and the prospect of large numbers of Afghan refugees arriving in the country, the dangers can only increase.

The below article from the Belgian Jewish site (in Dutch), Joods Actueel, is translated by Fousesquawk.

FJO "deeply worried" over security in Jewish neighborhood

24 August 2021

Caption beneath photo: Minister Verlinden by visit to Jewish Forum

As a result of the withdrawal of the soldiers from the Jewish neighborhood set for  September 1, the Forum of Jewish Organizations met with Interior Minster Annelies Verlinden

The minister confirmed during the meeting that there would be no federal police, nor extra resources for local forces made available for the security of Jewish institutions.

In the Parliament, however, the minister had announced "no expense would be spared", and she had also confirmed that the Jewish community was under a heightened terror level.

In a reaction, the Jewish Forum  states:

"The Jewish community expressed its deep worry and pointed out that during the meeting with the minister that the government has the duty to provide for the security of citizens and that this should not become a plaything of a political controversy between the local and federal governments.

It was also pointed out again the need for personnel support in the buildings that must be protected. The upgrade in constant protection has been discussed with the government for years.

In light of the fact that  Jewish holidays take place in the month of September, the FJO insists on adequate protection." 

The minister and the Jewish Forum promised to meet again in October.

One Fine Day in London

Hat tip Jihad Watch 

Yes, it was just another day in London. A Jewish man in Jewish garb walking down the street minding his own business on August 20 when he is suddenly punched by the man in the photo below. The victim had to be taken to the hospital with head and foot injuries. You can watch the video of the incident at the below Twitter link (courtesy of Jihad Watch).

The perp.

Of course, in Europe, the media and authorities have all kinds of code words to describe the perpetrator(s). In Germany, they refer to "southerners", you know, pot-bellied Bavarians in funny green hats and lederhosen. In Sweden, they would call them "youths" or "people from non-skiing countries"! In Italy, "people from outside the EU". And so it goes.

In this case, as in virtually every case in Europe, the perp(s) are people like the man pictured above who slugged the Jew on a  London street. It is Muslims who are attacking Jews. Why? Because they hate Jews. Why do they hate Jews? Because they are taught to hate Jews from the time they are children, by reading the Koran and by listening to their imams in the mosques.

This is why anti-Semitism has exploded in Europe. This is largely why anti-Semitism is on the march in the US with all the Palestinian-inspired anti-Israel agitation on our university campuses-which has metastasized into society at large.

And guess what. With the prospect of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Afghans about to arrive as refugees, the problem is about to get worse. The US and Europe, of course, have a moral obligation to rescue those Afghans who assisted us, but we need to be extra careful in screening them. If we just allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to come in (There won't be many Marys), we will see more scenes like the above-and worse.

*Update-via RT: Of course, the BBC, in reporting the incident, mentioned the victim's Jewish garb but not the Muslim garb of the perp. Typical.

Monday, August 23, 2021

France Identifies 5 Suspected Taliban Members Among Refugees

"He reportedly also, 'largely aided in the evacuation of the French embassy,"

According to the French newspaper, Le Figaro, French authorities have already identified 5 Afghan refugees as being members of the Taliban. One even reportedly helped evacuate the French embassy in Kabul. They are already in France and under some sort of house arrest at some hotel(s). The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

5 Afghans repatriated in France placed under surveillance due to their presumed connections with the Taliban

By Jean-Marc LeClerc and Steve Tenre

Posted 6 hours ago, updated 3 hours ago

Caption below photo: Evacuees from Kabul leaving an Airbus A400M, on August 23 at Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Bertrand Guay-Agence France Presse

One of the individuals admitted his belonging to the movement and acknowledged having carried weapons as person-in-charge of a Taliban roadblock at Kabul. 

Several repatriated Afghans in France have been placed under surveillance by French authorities, Le Figaro learned Monday, August 23. The cause: Their alleged closeness with the Taliban fundamentalist movement, which invaded Kabul August 15. Five men have thus, been made the object of an "individual measure of administrative control and surveillance (Micas)", stated the Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin. 

The cases of two men brought to the attention of Le Figaro particularly drew the attention of the surveillance services: Nanggialay S., born in 1995 at Logar, some 100 kilometers from Kabul, and Ahmad M., born in 1991 in the Afghan capital. According to orders issued by the Interior Ministry, the first, Nangialay S., admitted his belonging to the Taliban and also acknowledged having carried arms as person-in-charge of a roadblock at Kabul. He reportedly also," largely aided in the evacuation of the French embassy," explained Gerald Darmanin to Agence France Presse. The second, Ahmad M., was seen in connection with the Islamic movement, carrying a weapon in the streets of the city.

The two individuals, for whom there "exists serious reasons to think that their behavior constitutes a threat of a particular gravity for the security and public order," have been integrated with the two other Afghan nations also "signaled for their connections with the Taliban movement," during a French repatriation operation taking place on 18 August. As of August 23, almost 2,000 persons have been taken in by France, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian. As for the 5th man, "After an investigation by DGSI, we saw that he had connections with these persons though they came separately," detailed Gerald Darmanin.

Those concerned, who must be "regarded as being in a habitual manner in contact with persons or organizations (who are) inciting, facilitating, or participating in acts of terrorism," have thus, been placed under individual measures of administrative control and surveillance.

Police checks and limited movements

In this context, Ahmad M., isolated 10 days in a hotel residence of a Paris suburb as provided by health measures, is required to present himself every day to the police, "who will go to his domicile to assure themselves of his presence." His movements will be limited to his municipality of residence- though he could ask for a written authorization to leave. A violation of these measures, in effect for three months, exposes the person to a maximum punishment of three months imprisonment and 45,000 euro fine.

As the law authorizes, the alleged terrorist, at the administrative level, has the possibility of "presenting written or oral observations within a maximum period of 8 days from the notification of the present decree". The oral observations will be formulated to the prefect of the competent department. In addition, the decree of Gerald Darmanin "could be the object of an appeal for excess of power before the competent administrative tribunal within a maximum period of 2 months from his notification."

Opposition reactions

The Interior is now required to surveil these individuals within the framework of the law. A lot of energy and resources will have to be deployed to avoid a new blunder in this matter, already heavily criticized by the leading opposition leaders. 

"The government must explain to the French people what would prevent the expulsion of these individuals in absolute urgency," Xavier Bertrand, right-wing candidate for the presidency, reacted on Twitter. "The law must be adapted to the needs of our security. Not the reverse." "The 'duty' of France to welcome takes second seat when the security of French people is threatened. This imperative makes sense except for....the government!" tweeted Marine Le Pen for her part (RN-Rassemblement National).

Tweet of Xavier Bertrand: "Five Afghans connected to the Taliban under administrative anti-terrorist surveillance. The government must explain to the French people what would prevent the expulsion of these individuals in absolute urgency. The law must adapt to the needs of our security. Not the reverse."

Belgian Police Warned About Extremists Among Refugees

Like the US and several countries in Western Europe, Belgium is also trying to evacuate people with Belgian passports and Afghans who assisted their own presence in Afghanistan. The Belgian police, however, are already concerned that among the refugees will be some violent extremists and Taliban supporters.

The below article is from the Dutch daily, De Telegraaf. It refers to a report by the Belgian Flemish newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad. The translation is by Fousesquawk.

Internal e-mail warns police services: "Arriving fundamentalists cannot be ruled out"

(Posted and updated this  date (August 23, 2021)

Brussels: There is fear among Belgian police that human smugglers, extremists, recruiters, and violent people will come among the Afghan refugees.  According to the Flemish newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad, that comes from an internal email to the police services.

The Belgian Minister for Internal Affairs, Annelies Verlinden, shares the fear according to the newspaper. The police reportedly sent out an urgent email with the message that they want to know what the "coming significant wave of refugees" will bring with them. The email is directed to the services that have supervision over the asylum-seeker centers. In the email, the police services were called upon to report "all facts on religious recruiting, extreme violence, and human smuggling" to a central email address.

According to Het Nieuwsblad, it may be concluded that a portion of the Afghans who are now in asylum centers do not have the best reputation. "Some of these young Afghans behave very violently. There are groups on Tiktok where the content incites violence. It is disturbing that some persons are doing Islamic religious recruiting and claim to be followers of a strict Islam which they dream will be introduced to Belgium."

A police source says that the asylum centers are clearly part of a much greater problem. "The people in asylum centers, they are under control. But the rest who remain here and there or on the street, we know hardly anything about. And that is not reassuring."

Earlier, the Belgian public prosecutor, Frederic Van Leeuw, stated that "the new regime in Afghanistan will not immediately be a new terror threat". According to him, "the Taliban will first focus on the local situation." However, he added, "A threat may emerge within 2 or 3 years." Van Leeuw also indicated that in Belgium, there are possibly some supporters of the new regime already present. 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

The New Afghan Government


White House Press Spokeswoman Jen Psaki refused to comment on reports that the Biden administration has a deep cover infiltrator within the Taliban government.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Sweden: Another Afghan Success Story

Hat tip Nya Riks. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Bearded children

As the West prepares for the next wave of young Afghan men in their 20s, we look once again to Sweden, which has been dealing with Afghan migrants for some time now. Not only do they have to deal with murders, rapes, arsons, and what-have-you, deportation back to Afghanistan is now all but impossible now that the country is under new management.

The conservative Swedish site, Nya Riks has a sarcastically worded article about a young Afghan guy who set fire to an asylum center in Sweden and has just been arrested in Germany. Now he will return to Sweden, be sentenced to a couple of years in jail, and be released back onto the streets of Sweden to commit more mayhem.  

The term "bearded children" refers to young migrant men from Afghanistan and other Muslim countries who claim to be underage-even if they sport beards. Unless the authorities can prove otherwise-often through physical examinations- these criminals have to be treated as children in the courts.

Afghan Sharif Heidari set fire to migrant housing- Picked up in Germany and now gets to stay in Sweden the rest of his life.

SVT text doesn't mention that arsonist is migrant

by Anders Svensson

Caption beneath photo: Afghan Sharif Heidari now charged with arson: Screenshot-Nya Riks

The mentally-ill Afghan migrant, Sharif Heidari, who during 2017, set fire to the Asarum migrant housing in Karlshamn municipality, has been brought from Germany to Sweden for trial.

For some reason, prosecutor Malin Niklasson lifted the arrest on 16 June 2017, and Heidari then moved to Germany instead of using the special rules for small children from other countries who are completely alone and extradited to the adult world. In Sweden, this is called "bearded child legislation" and often means that adults from other counties are allowed to study and rape for several years because they are never deported since they vote for extreme left parties. The legislation that protects these so-called "bearded children" is constantly being expanded, and the latest is that the Migration Board has decided that murderers and gang-rapists from Afghanistan can not be deported on grounds of the security situation in their home country. No need for protection for the Swedish people has ever been identified in this context.

In an interview with SVT, prosecutor Hedvig Lundblad, who will handle the main proceedings, seems to be satisfied that Heidari has been brought from another country to then be guaranteed lifetime support by the Swedish taxpayers.

It is very unlikely that Sweden will resume deportations to Afghanistan as long as the Taliban is running the country. Thousands of rapists and other criminals from that country will thus, live on Swedish tax money for the rest of their lives. This is because Sweden does not deport people who have lived in the country more than ten years if they have not committed murder.

Swedish Television obscures that arsonist was migrant

SVT text on its site completely obscured that it concerns a migrant who set fire to his own residence.

Above: 115 SVT text Thursday 19 August 2021

Man arrested for fire 2017

A man in his 20s has been arrested for setting fire to an asylum residence in Asarum in Blekinge in June 2017.

The man was arrested shortly after admitting to the crime. But he never showed up for trial in March 2019. The (trial) was therefore canceled.

The man was arrested in Germany after the Blekinge District Court charged him in his absence.

German authorities contacted us and reported that he was arrested. So now the proceedings will be August 30, says prosecutor Hedvig Lundblad to SVT News, Blekinge.

Caption beneath screenshot: SVT text wants people to feel sorry for migrants and believe that "right-wing extremists" set fire to housing. Screenshot: Nya Riks

Nor does SVT News take care to point out that it was migrants themselves who set fire to the residence- instead, it appears in an interview with a defense lawyer. In the few cases in which a "right-wing extremist" is suspected, on the contrary, they take care to point that out. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Africa: Another Jihadist Massacre in Burkina Faso

Hat tip Sidwaya (Burkina Faso)

Yesterday, there was yet another terrorist attack in an African country, this time in Burkina Faso. In June, we reported on an earlier attack by ISIS-affiliated terrorists in that former French colony in West Africa. According to South African News-24, this attack is also being blamed on Islamic terrorists. The below news article from the Burkina Faso news site, Sidwaya (in French), is translated by Fousesquawk.

*Update 8-21-21. The death toll has now risen to 80 civilians and troops.  In addition, the death toll among the terrorists is also now listed as 80.

Attack in the Sahel: 47 Dead and 58 Terrorists killed

by JK. Sidwaya 19 August 2021

A mixed convoy composed of civilians, elements of the defense and security forces, (FDS), and volunteers for the defense of the fatherland (VDP) was the target of a terrorist attack Wednesday (yesterday), 18 August 2021 at Gorgadji, in the Sahel region, according to the government. The same source also indicated that 47 persons lost their lives,  including 30 civilians, 14 elements of the FDS, and 3 from the VDP. 19 other persons were wounded in the attack, according to the (authorities). During the response, informed the government, the FDS and VDP killed 58 terrorists and wounded numerous others. The FDS and VDP were on an escort mission to Arbinda.

Afghanistan From a German Perspective

Hat tip Journalisten Watch. Translation by Fousesquawk.

"Oh, the women and children!"

The German website, Journalisten Watch has an interesting article on the Afghanistan collapse, and what the repercussions will be for Germany in terms of more refugees. This is a disaster not only for the US, but for our allies in Europe as well. Like us, they are scrambling to get their own civilians and Afghan co-workers out of the country, and like us, it is no easy task.

So now, Western Europe, still coping with Covid and still trying to deal with millions of mostly Muslim young males running around their countries, are now anticipating possibly millions of Afghans. How many will be true refugees, marked for death by the Taliban? How many will just be young male freeloaders? How many will be jihadists waiting to carry out a terror attack? How many Europeans will die at the hands of these coming "refugees"?  Austria, just to take one example, is still in shock over the kidnapping, drugging, gang rape, and murder of a 13-year-old girl, allegedly by 4 Afghans.

Here is something else to consider: Remember that scene at Kabul airport of hundreds of Afghans trying to climb onto a US military transport plane as it was departing? How many women and children did you see? It was almost all able-bodied young men.  Men who were leaving behind their women and children. That is the pattern you see all over Europe. It is almost all young men.

This should also be a lesson for our own government. But it won't be as Joe Biden is arranging for thousands, tens of thousands of Afghans to come to the US. I have no problem with saving the ones who collaborated with us. We have a moral duty to do that. But to open the floodgates to any and all Afghans will be a tragic mistake. One wonders which American city will soon have a section called, "Little Kabul", much like Minneapolis' "Little Mogadishu".

And we should not be fooled. Islam is on the march.

Triumph of the Taliban: The More Afghan refugees, the more Islamic sleeper terrorists

18 August 2021

The security-political consequences of the Taliban triumph are for Germany, perhaps graver than the refugee crisis in 2015, when the Merkel government, in oath-breaking irresponsibility, out of naive humanitarianism, flooded the country with millions of people, about whose intentions and background were, in the most cases, not known. Because the change of power in Kabul conjures up exactly the horror scenes that were fought there for 20 years and gives jihadists worldwide a tailwind.

After the terror attacks in New York, the West moved to Hindukush- under the motto "War on Terror", contradictory in itself because they were crooked and utopian words from the start. Germany, which under the then-Schröder government, negligently and hastily declared "unconditional solidarity" with the USA, made its contribution. Then the terror was fought; but in the last few years, in which Berlin negotiators dealt with the Taliban in Doha, even more so now after the foreseeable takeover of power, the important lesson from the RAF  (Red Army Faction) "You don't negotiate with terrorists" has become (obsolete). That yesterday, the political leader of the Taliban, Mullah Baradar, was flown to Afghanistan from exactly where Merkel's diplomats chatted diplomatically in air-conditioned luxury offices with the barbarians and where Germany will play in the World Cup next year, could not be more symbolic than the breaches of German morals and consistency.

Actually, the Taliban is now being made socially acceptable: The pseudo-pragmatism of a pathetic and spineless appeasement, which the despondent cowards of the West advise as conflict and confrontation readiness, will mean that the West will serve them just as it did with the Iranian mullahs. And even when Germany "suspends" its development aid payments (which flowed unchecked until last month, especially in the private box of the fleeing ex-president, Ashraf Ghani, who fled with 164 million dollars), one can assume that it will soon bubble up again. The Taliban has made a clever contribution to PR here, the generous promise to protect "women's rights" (in conformance with sharia, you understand) and suddenly under the eyes of the public, make themselves harmless. With the softened political amateurs, something like that resonates.

"Dialogue readiness" with the Taliban as with the Mullahs

This is entirely in the interest of the Holy Warriors, who, due to their own inability, are now using it as an argument to remain "dialogue ready". Because the de-facto hostages, among whom, are still hundreds of German and Afghan ex-Bundeswehr (German army) local forces, as well as diplomats and co-workers of aid organizations stuck in Afghanistan, and in addition, the Taliban also got a huge weapon arsenal free of charge, and have an ideal negotiating position.

In addition: In the future Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Stone Age warriors also have learned since 2001: They don't need open confrontation anymore, rather, thanks to the suicidal naivete of the West, they have long since placed their 5th column in the Western kuffar states, more effective than any military success or any secret intelligence infiltration would have allowed.  Just in Germany, over half a million Afghans are living, a large number of whom are "Merkel guests" for the last 5-6 years. Nobody knows how many of them are submarines in connection with the Taliban or other extremist Islamist groups.

It is their characteristic that these sleepers stay inconspicuous for years, and then can be activated when necessary. And now, with the recent fall of the country, nobody can say how many of the Afghans reaching Germany are terrorist time bombs. This is not about prejudice or general suspicion, rather about a fully objective and sober consideration of the facts, which touches on our direct security interests. The day before yesterday, Interior Minister Seehofer counted about 5 million possible refugees, but even if it is only a tenth of that, this is sufficient to be the final straw for Germany, not only for integration and migration policy, but to become an Islamic high-risk area with 365-day critical terror incident (alert status).

Code Red alarm for internal security of Germany

Even under the assumption that only one in a thousand of those taken in is a Taliban danger, this would mean alarm code red for our internal security. The actual number could clearly be higher- especially (since) the Taliban obviously will send their people among the asylum-seekers to the West who can be turned on and off. Mohammed and company send greetings.

This assessment was recognized by realists worldwide and followed with concern- not, however, naturally, by German policy, which has not only shown the world that they are at the top in their insane and no-upper-limits acceptance of the refugee movement, but also in their production- as was proven in Afghanistan, where a totally failed foreign and security policy reliably helped prepare the next exodus. 

 Colin Clarke from the US think tank Soufan Center in New York points out that the victory of the Taliban will give the jihadists "an enormous boost". "They now believe that the foreign powers can be driven out, even a great power like the USA," the political scientist told N-TV. Clarke anticipates that Islamists will exploit the example of Afghanistan in their propaganda, especially before the approaching 20th anniversary of the attacks of 11 September in New York. "That will strengthen the morale of the jihadists from North Africa to Southeast Asia," says Clarke. And naturally, here in Germany. With every major Afghan (community) according to the number of people who will be accepted here, the acceptance of sharia and jihad also grows more here. And with some "luck", the fight for the next Caliphate will soon be carried out on our streets. The Merkel government has done great work. (DM)


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

State Dept. Spokesman Calls on Taliban to Be "Inclusive"

Ned Price

Just a few days ago. we featured State Department spokesman, Ned Price, in true State Department fashion, citing a meeting the US had attended in Qatar in which the participating countries stated loud and clear and "with one voice that a military takeover in Afghanistan would be unacceptable".

Well, now Mr Price, in true State Department fashion, has called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government with lots of women. 

"Price cited a United Nations declaration calling for "an immediate cessation of all hostilities and the establishment, through inclusive negotiations, of a new government that is united, inclusive and representative – including with the full, equal and meaningful participation of women."

Isn't the world laughing at us enough? I  guess the next thing we will hear from Price is that the Taliban must commit itself to fighting climate change. No doubt, they will establish a cabinet-level Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.  And I certainly hope they will make good use of that rainbow flag they have no doubt by now seized from the American embassy flagpole.

As I have said many times, based on my ten+ years of dealing with the State Department in my overseas work with DEA, even under the best administrations, the State Department is a world onto itself. If you've been watching White House Press Spokesperson, Jen Psaki, she got her start as State Department spokesperson under Obama.

Someone should remind Mr Price that while he is worried about Taliban inclusivity, there are by some reports, some 10,000+ Americans still unevacuated from Afghanistan.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Biden's Speech to the Nation

 Joe Biden's 20-minute address to the nation in front of a gaggle of reporters at the White House was vintage Biden. He was defiant, and he blamed everybody but himself for the fiasco in Afghanistan. He blamed Trump, and he excoriated the Afghans. At the same time, he stood firm that America had to get out of Afghanistan.

I do not condemn Biden for ordering an end to American involvement in the war in Afghanistan. He is right that Americans should not have to fight and die if the Afghans were not willing to fight. (To be fair, tens of thousands of Afghan soldiers have, in fact, died.) 

It was the manner in which Biden brought everything to a halt that has led to the tragic chaos we saw unfolding at the Kabul airport, not to mention the sudden fall of one provincial capital after another and ultimately, Kabul itself. In addition, it has left our European partners scrambling to get their own civilians and Afghan collaborators out of the country. Whether we will get all of our Afghan partners out is still a question. How this final act will play out at the airport is anybody's guess.

But there was Old Joe refusing to take any blame (or questions from the press, who had plenty), but still ending his speech by stating that "the buck stops here".


I watched the speech on ABC, and afterward, there were few words of praise for the way in which the administration has handled this. (That's a stunner in itself. It's virtually the first time I have heard Biden as president being criticized by the mainstream media.) Over at MSNBC, however, Lyin' Brian Williams gave Biden rave reviews for "owning it". Meanwhile, the European press is crucifying Biden.

For one thing, this represents a colossal failure of our intelligence services. They had assured Biden that the Afghans would fight on even after we left. It is painfully clear that this withdrawal, justified or not, was poorly planned.  This is not just on Biden; it is also on the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As with everyone else Biden has appointed, they have proved to be incompetents. This is not to criticize the troops who bravely fought and died in Afghanistan over 20 years. As always, they performed admirably. They were not defeated on the battlefield. As is usually the case, they have been betrayed by their political leaders in Washington.

In almost 50 years in Washington, Joe Biden has never been on the right side of anything. Nonetheless, he has never admitted being wrong about anything. He has always been a loudmouth, empty suit who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. He never was, and now to compound things, he is going senile. His presidency thus far, has been a complete disaster. I don't know how any presidential biographers are going to be able to clean this up. Maybe Brian Williams can write his bio after it's all over.

Afghanistan: The Perfect Vacation Spot

There's an old saying: "You can't fix stupid". So it is with a Swedish family of five that was taking that dream vacation in Afghanistan when the bottom fell out. No, their timeshare didn't go bankrupt; the Taliban came smokin' into town. So now, our intrepid travelers are stuck in Kabul, and the Swedish embassy can't help!

The below article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

Family went to Afghanistan for vacation-stuck in Kabul: "We feel completely abandoned"

Kabul: Swedish personnel are now being evacuated from Afghanistan due to the Taliban's conquest of the country. But there are still Swedish private persons remaining in the country, like Robina Ansary. She finds herself on vacation in Afghanistan together with her husband and her three children, and now they can't get home, Aftonbladet reports.

"We don't know if the airport will be open or how it will be now that the Taliban has taken over. Even the prime minister has left the country. So we feel completely abandoned," says Robina Ansary to Aftonbladet.

The family had planned the trip for several months and was to return home August 26. Now they are stuck in Kabul where the Taliban has taken over and they don't dare go out to get food, Robina tells Aftonbladet.

"The Taliban go around on the streets and you hear gunfire. We women cannot go out from home. My husband has been out and has seen the Taliban. But he doesn't dare go out now," she says to Aftonbladet.

Robina has contacted Swedish authorities to get help without result.

"The embassy says in an email that they have warned people not to come to Afghanistan since 2006, and since August 5, they would be leaving here. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do that. We didn't think that the situation would become as serious as it has now become," she says to Aftonbladet.


Fousesquawk comment: Have you tried the American embassy?