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Göran Adamson : What Happens to a Swedish Professor Who Goes Against Multi-Culturalism

Göran Adamson was a Swedish professor in Malmo. His career was terminated when he published a book critical of multi-culturalism. Below is an interview with Adamson cross-posted on Vlad Tepes. Take particular note of what he says about the plight of Malmo's Jews, who are leaving the city and the country due to anti-semitic persecution. While the public is repeatedly told it is by neo-Nazis or skin heads, Adamson points out that the persecution comes from Muslim immigrants.

Do we have anything comparable to this in America? You bet we do. I experienced it personally. Not being fired by the university where I taught part-time. On the contrary. My rights of free speech were always respected at UC Irvine. No, I am talking about the lies being told about anti-semitism in Malmo. This is what happened when I attended an event at Bat Yahm Synagogue in Newport Beach several months ago.

In Sweden, they blame neo-Nazis for what certain Muslim immigrants are doing to the Jews. (And no, I am not defending neo-Nazis for one instant.) In America, certain people-even some Jews who know better- are blaming neo-Nazis, skin heads, KKK, alt-right, and Trump supporters for what certain Muslims are doing. This is what political correctness and multi-culturalism results in.

Grandpa (in Somalia) Has 4 Wives

Hat tip Fria Tider and Isak

Grandpa has 4 wives

That's the title of a new children's book that is just hitting the shelves in Sweden. It is bi-lingual, Swedish and Somalian, and targeted for a children's audience between 3-6 years. The writer is Oscar  Trimbel. He is also the author of another new children's book entitled, (in Swedish) Grandma is no ghost (referring to her burka). The stories concern a Somali-Swedish children meeting their Somali grandparents for the first time and the cultural differences they see There is quite a stir over the release of these books. The latter book is being criticized because many feel it is promoting polygamy among Swedish children who read the book.

By chance I was speaking over the phone with an acquaintance in Sweden today who picked up a copy of the book at the Gothenberg book fair (second largest in the world). He said he actually met and spoke with the author, Trimbel, who told him the book was meant as a way to help Somali kids integrate into Sweden. The article from Fria Tider was translated by me.

Three year olds learn about Islam

CULTURE NEWS. Now two new children's books are released in Sweden, which include, among other things, polygamy and muslim Somali culture. They are called "Grandfather has four wives" and "Grandmother is no ghost" and is aimed at very young children.

According to Social News , the association, Somali Nordic Culture, is selling the new children's books at the Book Fair in Gothenburg.
The books are written by author Oscar Trimbel.

"Grandmother is no ghost" is about Omar who greets his grandmother who comes from Somalia.

Grandmother wears full covering dress but is no ghost.
"When it's Halloween, Omar dresses like ghosts like any other child. He wants grandma to come along because it's gonna be nasty", the book is featured on Adlibris website.

The second children's book, "Grandfather has four wives", deals with polygamy. The front is adorned by a Muslim bearded man with his four wives in the background.

It tells about Asli who has never been to Somalia, "but now she will finally go there with her dad, to meet grandfather and all her grandmothers," so says

"The book has already been ordered by libraries, and can therefore be assumed to be fact checked in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of Libraries." Grandfather has four wives can also be ordered as a coloring book, " economist Tino Sanandaji writes sarcastically on his Facebook and points out that in the book" our children can be taught pedagogically about polygamy ".

The author Oscar Trimbel worked in the 1980s for Sida's behalf in Somalia. He has, in the past, put out Somali folk songs and self-painted watercolors from his stay in the country.

The two books were published by the book publisher Book Machine in August this year. Appropriate reading age is reported to be 3-6 years.

Mr Sanandaji also submitted a list of suggested titles for children books which are below. I only translated the titles.

 1 Storasyster hade en pojkvän, nu finns han inte längre
2 Pappa känner en snäll socialtant och har tre bostadsrätter
3 Storebror var på semester i Syrien, sen fick han en egen bostadsrätt
4 Lillasyster har fyllt 9, nu ska hon gifta sig
5 Farmor har traineejobb som läkare
6 Mamma är pappas kusin
7 Lillebror har skägg och PUT (?)

8 Morfar hjälper polisen och styr Göteborg

1 Big sister had a boyfriend, now he can't be found
3 Big Brother was on holiday in Syria, then he got his own condominium
4 Little sister has reached 9, now she is getting married
5 Grandmother has a trainee job as a doctor
6 Mom is daddy's cousin
7 Little brother has beard and PUT (permanent residence)

8 Grandpa helps the police to control Gothenburg

Hey, send your cards and letters to Mr Sanandaji.

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Angela Merkel Would Do Nothing Different

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Nash Montana

In case you didn't know it, Angela Merkel was re-elected as chancellor of Germany, but her party had a miserable showing its worst since 1949. Asked at a press conference if she would have done anything different, she gave her usual tone deaf answer. You can watch it below.

This woman is a combination of Hillary Clinton and Sgt Schultz.

Yoga and White Supremacy Come to UC Irvine Cross Cultural Center

Normally, UC Irvine's Cross Cultural Center functions as a staging area for the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union whenever they disrupt a pro-Israel event. I have literally seen them come marching out of the CCC with their Death to Apartheid banners and march back in when they have exhausted themselves. When I was teaching part time at UCI, I wrote letters to the CCC, the administration, and met with the head of the CCC to express my concerns all to no avail.

Now the CCC is swinging into action again in the name of social change. They are following   in the footsteps of other madcap universities and singling out white people as the collective Boogy Man. They have also accomplished the neat trick of promoting yoga as an Act of Resistance! The below posters require no further explanation.

Yoga as social justice advocacy?

Countering BDS

Hat tip Jerusalem U

I have seen my share of pro-Palestinian students and promoters of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement on campuses over the years. One thing I have learned is that they reject any attempt by pro-Israel students and others to engage in meaningful dialogue. There are two reasons I see: One is that they are incapable of debate, so they resort to chants and shouting down the pro-Israel side. The other is that what they want is not a solution acceptable to both sides. What they want is the total elimination of Israel. That's why you always hear that dopey chant," From the river to the sea. Palestine will be free". What that means is that they envision a future state of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. In other words, no Israel.

I have received the below from Jerusalem U, and I am happy to cross post it below.

Has the BDS Met Its Match?

In today’s world, everything is sensationalized. This is particularly true regarding the various stories we see plastered all over large media networks and our own social channels (Facebook, etc.). Gone are the days of true and honest intellect, and dialogue. Nowadays, it’s essentially about who shouts the loudest. Facts? History? Education? Those are for losers!
If you are all about sane thinking, today’s world must sicken you to the core. And thus, it may seem difficult to keep up with the “modern” times. In many people’s minds, you can’t rationalize with people who are simply all about yelling. It’s almost like the guy who comes to a rally with a sign that reads “I have a sign.” There is no purpose to these rallies, and no facts to back up many (if not all) of their claims, yet most of the sane thinkers out there are terrified of this. Why?
The reason is because many people feel like they can’t fight this. The thing is that as it currently stands, this is true. Most people can’t effectively reason with the other side.
Let’s take the BDS for example – one of the loudest groups on the planet. They walk into stores with their signs and chants. Ten-twenty years ago, this wouldn’t have garnered any attention. But because of today’s world, the media jumps all over it. After all, it’s fantastic for ratings, so why not? When people try to debate them, these BDS adherents have none of it. People have become annoyed at the BDS. Why won’t they listen? Why won’t they hear the other side? It’s simple: a lack of proper education.
There are no shortages of videos showing discussion between pro-Israel activists and BDS members. It almost always ends the same way: in a shouting match. But if you were to analyze these videos, you’d quickly understand why. Many of the pro-Israel activists simply aren’t educated enough to engage properly.
Yes, it’s an old adage that holds true here: “it all starts with education.” Organizations like Jerusalem U have seen a recent surge in popularity. There are a wealth of video courses that come with the proper resources and tools to help fight the BDS, especially on college campuses in the US where BDS activity is rampant. For example, Step Up For Israel is a mini-series that educates people on how to counter the many arguments BDS activists throw around. By simply using these educational resources, we can quite literally take out the BDS, and do so in an effective manner to boot.

And in a world where the average IQ has dropped considerably year over year, it makes it all that much easier.

For those of you, especially on college campuses who see all this agitation going on and are trying to decide which side is right, consider this:

Which side engages in disruption, intimidation and shouting down of others? 
Which side tries to shut down the other sides events?
Which side aligns itself with terrorist groups in the Middle East like Hamas and Hizbollah?
Which side usually condemns America?

This is why I support Israel.

Professor Dragged off Flight


Image result for anila daulatzai     

"I'm a professor!"

Anila Daulatzai (46) who is socio-cultural anthropologist at the Maryland Institute of Art, had boarded a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Tuesday when she noticed that two passengers had brought dogs on board. She objected, and before the dust and the fleas had settled, she had to be forcibly removed from the flight. She is now facing several charges for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest among other things. Parts of the the incident were caught on videotape.

"According to CBS, a witness said that the flight attendants spent a lot of time trying to get Daulatzai to just leave the plane. Bill Dumas, who filmed the scene on his cell phone, told CBS that Daulatzai was acting “odd” and the officers followed protocol. “She just lost control of the situation and she was way in over her head by the point that the police were trying to take her out,” Dumas told CBS Baltimore. “

I have no idea why the Maryland Institute of Art needs a socio-cultural professor of anthropology, but I digress.

Apparently, Daulatzai's academic pursuits have to do with studying things like war widows in Afghanistan. Here are some samples of her work.

In the below video, Daulatzai is speaking in Zurich. Here she discusses Afghanistan and explains that Afghanis are considered "disposable" by capitalism, white supremacy, etc (7:30). It's the typical radical leftist, intellectual garbage full of incomprehensible psychobabble.

But wait a minute! Did you say, "Daulatzai"? That name rings a bell. Could it be that Anila is related to another leftist professor out here on the left coast? I am referring to Sohail Daulatzai, professor of cartoons at UC Irvine. Like Anila, he is also a far leftie. I have heard this character speak twice at UC Irvine. Sohail is an angry  Malcolm X groupie who hails from Pakistan and has no love lost for his adopted country as well as Israel.

Image result for sohail daulatzai, + anila daulatzai


Well, I have heard Sohail Daulatzai speak twice, and much to his displeasure, I videotaped him both times. Here is one occasion. I will spare the reader the second.

Yes, Dear Reader, it appears there is a connection. In the Acknowledgments section of the book, "Terrifying Muslims" by Junaid Rana, the writer gives acknowledgement to Anila Daulatzai and Sohail Daulatzai consecutively.

Other public source documents, readily available on the Internet, indicate a family relation. Call it two peas in a pod. Both are far-leftie professors who rail about Islamophobia, America, white racism, and capitalism while blaming the West that countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan are so dysfunctional, which they have always been and always will be.

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Intersectionality and Hijacking Issues

Image result for figure 8 race track
Where are the intersections?

If you haven't been in a college social science classroom lately, you may not have heard the term, "intersectionality". It's all the rage these days in academia. This is the newly discovered academic art of connecting every issue under the sun into whatever your favorite issue is.

For example, let's say your pet issue is the Palestinian cause. By intersectionality, you connect the so-called injustices visited upon the Palestinians and connect them to other causes like Black Lives Matter, gay rights, women's rights, or the environment and link them right back on Israel's doorstep. That way you gain allies. You can tell an American Indian in North Dakota that his natural allies are the Palestinians. You can tell Latinos upset about President Trump's immigration policies that the Palestinians are their allies. In other words, everything is Israel's fault. What kind of warped reasoning is that?

So naturally, when a protest was held against racism at Cornell, a leftie professor named Russell Rickford stepped to the microphone and let the crowd in chants of "Free free Palestine".

William Jacobson is a Cornell law professor and one of the few voices of sanity on that lost campus. Here is his report on his blog, Legal Insurrection.

That's how intersectionality works. Everything is interconnected. In reality, however, it is more like a figure 8 stock car race. It is intellectual chaos, brought to us, naturally by the left. Instead of wrecked cars and bodies, intersectionality leaves us with our students coming out of college with warped minds.

"Neutral" Sweden

Sweden is one of the European countries that chose to stay neutral during World War II. There must be something in the water up there because it seems Swedes still choose to be neutral while evil swirls all around them. Take this case where a busload of Swedes-including the driver-chose to remain "neutral" when two teenage girls were being crudely harassed by a Tunisian guy, who already had a string of sexual offenses on record, but who could not be deported because, in the interests of "cultural enrichment", he had been awarded Swedish citizenship.

The below article was translated into English from Fria Tider by Yours Truly.

The now convicted (insert) had already been convicted of having abused several Swedish women - but can not be expelled.

Nobody on the bus intervened when man threatened to rape girls

Published September 27, 2017 at 17.00
DOMESTIC. All passengers were silent and pretended to see nothing when an Arab man on a bus loudly threatened to rape two Swedish teenage girls and called them whores. Instead the girls got chewed out by the bus driver who threatened to throw them off the bus when they told the man.

The two girls had to take a bus from Augustenborgstorget in Malmö one evening in May 2016. At the stop stood a 38-year-old Arab, now sentenced to a month's imprisonment. He commented that the girls were each eating a candy bar.
- Is it good? If you want to suck on a big club you can suck on mine, he explained.
The man, who has immigrant background from Tunisia, who has been convicted of abuse of several Swedish women, continued to comment on the appearance of girls and said that they were dressed like sluts. As they went on the bus, the man looked at the bus driver and proclaimed:
- Look what nice asses they have!
The girls sat in the middle of the bus and the man sat behind them and continued to harass them:
- Habibi, habibi, I've raped your mothers! he said, threatening to rape even the girls.
He turned especially towards one girl and threatened to first drug her and then rape her:
"You still have too big ass, but I do not care, I'll take you in the ass," said the Arab.
When she said they were only 14 years old to get the Arab to quit, he just said that he didn't care and that he would "take them in the ass" anyway.
The girl, who was terrified, responded to the fact that nobody in the bus said anything. Everyone just looked away. However, the driver reacted - by threatening to throw her off the bus when she shouted at the man and desperately asked him to stop.
- He told me to get off the bus, but I said it was not me who should be off, but it was the man who should be thrown off for what he was doing. But nobody in the bus said anything to my defense, everyone just sat quiet, said the girl in police interrogation.
On the bus, the man also explained that he would go where the girls left, as he did. When they left the bus at Student Street, he followed them and continued to threaten them, inter alia by telling him that he had a connection to a criminal gang. One girl had previously called her father and the perpetrator was arrested by  the police.
The 32-year-old man has now been sentenced to a month's imprisonment by the Malmö District Court for sexual abuse and unlawful threats.
He has previously appeared in no less than 35 sections in the tax register (!!??), but can not be expelled to the Arab world because he is a Swedish citizen.
The man was sentenced to a month's imprisonment last 10 May 2017 by the Gothenburg District Court for threat to official and violent resistance  Hässleholm District Court sentenced him on 31 August 2016 to two months in prison. for attempted violence against the official, threat to official and violent opposition. 
The violence that the 38-year-old has been convicted of has affected several Swedish women with whom he had relations. In June 2013, he was convicted of gross women's violence and for intercourse after inducing a woman to sell sex.

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AfD on Why Islam Has No Place in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Oz-Rita for translation

Below is an excerpt from  speech given by Dr Alexander Gauland, a leader in the German political party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland. Dr Gauland explains why Islam has no place in Germany. The video is about 5 and a half minutes long with English sub-titles. It is well worth the time.

One might ask: Is this not the same type of rhetoric the Nazis used against the Jews? Indeed, Germans are still very leery to criticize Muslims or Islam for the very fear of invoking memories of the Nazi persecution of the Jews. There are important distinctions, however. First of all, Judaism has no political theology that says it must dominate the politics of where Jews reside. Secondly, Jews in Germany during the 1930s were not trying to take over the country. They were not engaging in violent street assaults and rapes. They were not engaging in terrorism, They were merely assimilating and living their lives as Germans. Sadly for them, Hitler and the Nazis believed that they were a separate and inferior race that was polluting German blood.

Germany has no intentions of repeating the  inhumanity that they visited upon the Jews. What Dr Gauland and AfD are saying is that this insane immigration policy of Angela Merkel is destroying the nation-as it is other Western European nations. If demographics one day result in Muslims becoming the largest group in Germany, their very freedoms will be destroyed by Islamic ideology.

And make no mistake: Islam is a political ideology with a religious veneer.

I think the two AfD representatives refute the Nazi comparison very well in the below press conference. Egri Nok did the translation for Gates of Vienna.

CAIR Eulogizes Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

On September 22, Mohamed Akef, a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who had been imprisoned in Egypt, died.

Akef was nobody that  we should mourn. Yet, that is exactly what CAIR is doing right here in the US.

CAIR is more than just a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood; they are an arm of the MB. They are also a supporter of Hamas, a US-designated terror organization.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Swastikas at School: Guess who Gets Disciplined

"One teacher had walked into her classroom, where a small group of students were speculating on what occurred. She decided to talk to the students and was punished. The other teacher talked about the situation with her colleagues, as well as one student during a private conversation."

Last November, a student at Stoughten High School (Massachusetts) was suspended for creating a swastika out of masking tape in school. However, the school has also disciplined three teachers who spoke out about the incident. One of them rescinded a letter of recommendation she had written to a  college on behalf of the student. Apparently, the school feels that the student was "targeted" by the teachers, based on complaints by his parents. The teachers are getting an outpouring of support and the school is getting a lot of criticism.

One of the teachers, Stella Martin, is also getting support from the Louis Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under the Law.

To me, while I side with the teachers based on what I have read, there seems to be something missing in this story. Not only is the school superintendent, Marguerite Rizzi, seemingly putting the obvious issue of anti-semitism in the background, but I get the impression that there are legal considerations and political correctness going on here. I don't want to jump to conclusions or go out on a limb, but I think there is more to this story.

Head of DEA Resigns

Chuck Rosenberg, who was appointed by President Obama to be acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2015, has announced his resignation. Rosenberg made waves recently when he sent a message to his agents which rebutted  remarks by President Trump which seemed to encourage police to rough up suspects.

I am not going to mention any names, but as a retired DEA agent, in meeting with my fellow retired colleagues and a couple not retired, I got the distinct impression that Rosenberg was not well liked within the agency.

$4.50 for Tap Water at NE Pats game

As if the NFL doesn't have enough of an image problem, check this out: The New England Patriots were charging fans $4.50 for a cup of tap water on Sunday.

No wonder Tom Brady is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Berkeley Blues

Hat tip The College Fix

Milo Yiannopoulos showed up at UC Berkeley Sunday with a few supporters and security in tow. He spoke for about 15 minutes in front of Sproul Plaza. Of course, he had to stop-not because his lungs gave  out. He was shouted down by the usual gang of suspects.

Poor UCB spokeshole Dan Mogulof. He always has to defend the police state at UCB. In this case the police are not campus cops because they are irrelevant. The police are the leftist students and rabble who shut down free speech.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Free Speech Week at Berkeley Cancelled: AG Will Weigh in

The organizers of a scheduled Free Speech week at UC Berkeley (September 24-27) canceled the events even though Milo Yiannopoulos and others say they plan to show up on campus and speak anyway.

I may not be privy to all the details involved, but it can be safely said that if Berkeley were open to all forms of political speech, these problems would not exist and the event could go on. It was obvious that it would have drawn massive disruption and violence from the left.

It is good that the Justice Department will look into this-not to crack down on leftist speech, but to ensure that conservative speech can also be heard. I believe that this Antifa activity is something that crosses state lines and that there are active conspiracies (Yes, conspiracies) to shut down speech which the far left objects to. These are not spontaneous disruptions. They are planned and organized. People are traveling from state to state and somebody is paying for it. That justifies bringing in the Justice Department.

Oh No! Villanueva Apologizes to Team

Amid a national backlash against the Pittsburgh Steelers for not taking the field until the National Anthem was finished Sunday (with the exception of Army combat vet Alejandro Villanueva), now the waters get muddied. Villanueva is blaming himself for what he calls a screw-up and apologizing to his teammates for making them look bad. Apparently, he though some other players would join him at the end of tunnel where he stood during the playing of the Anthem.

Let me say this: The report is somewhat confusing, but I suspect Villanueva is getting some negative blow back from  his teammates. He owes them no apology. They made themselves look bad. He says he had been getting messages from his buddies and fellow vets imploring him not to snub the Anthem. He knew what his teammates were doing, and he made the correct decision to show himself for the Anthem. Whether he thought others were joining him or not I have no idea. The fact is no one else did.

Villanueva owes more to his fellow vets than his fellow Steelers. What does he owe to Steeler running back Le'veon Bell, for example? This guy has been suspended twice in his career for failing drug tests. Nevertheless, he chose to skip the entire pre-season over a contract dispute. Now he has played poorly in the first three games of the regular season. He's the guy who should be apologizing to Villanueva.

In addition, I don't appreciate Coach Mike Tomlin's comments throwing Villanueva under the bus during a press conference. Tomlin said he expected "100% participation" referring to Villanueva.

Moreover, Steeler President Art Rooney was weak in his statement that was devoid of taking a stand.

Not weak in his statement is (former) Steeler fan Richard Williams of Texas. He has made the below video burning all his Steeler gear and explaining why.

I have not yet made the decision to burn my Steeler paraphernalia, but here is what I hope. If this team decides to continue their demonstration, I hope the Heinz Field crowd roundly boos them. I also hope the stadium will be half full on Sundays for the rest of the year. Only the fans can send a message to the NFL, its teams and their players.

Praying for Death in the Streets of Paris

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes is running video of Muslims praying on a major street in Paris and reciting a verse from Sura 9 of the Quran that beseeches Muslims to fight against the infidels.

This will only accelerate and accelerate until somebody draws the line. Public streets are not for people to use for prayer especially when they are calling for the deaths of people who are not Muslims.

The French could have stopped this in the last election, but they chose to stay with the same old establishment liberals. I guess they haven't gotten mad enough yet.

The Man Who Attacked a Church in Tennessee

You may recall that when President Trump imposed his travel ban against six countries, opponents claimed that nobody from those nations had ever launched an attack against Americans on American soil.

Meet Emanuel Kidega Samson from Sudan.

Yesterday, Samson opened fire on a  church in Antioch, Tennessee killing one woman and wounding six. I should note that Samson is apparently not a Muslim since he had reportedly attended this church at some point in the past according to reports. Whether he is a recent convert to Islam is not known. As yet, we don't know the reason for the attack. The FBI is involved in the investigation, which indicates that terrorism has not been ruled out. Since Samson is Sudanese and Sudan is a predominantly Muslim country, that probably explains the FBI's involvement.

So we will await the results of the investigation, but one of the arguments against Trump's travel ban just went out the window.

Screw the NFL/Steelers

*This article first appeared in New English Review I updated it to include the information about Alejandro Villanueva. At the time of my submission to NER, I was unaware of Villanueva's actions.

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva stands outside the tunnel alone during the national anthem.
Alejandro Villanueva-The only Steeler to come out for the National Anthem

The events in the NFL on Sunday have pushed me to the point of walking away from it all. First, players from the Ravens and Jaguars, playing in front of a British crowd in London, stood for God Save the Queen (as they should), but knelt for their own National Anthem. They embarrassed their own country.

Then the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team I have rooted for for 62 years-since I was 10 years old- chose to remain in the locker room in Chicago during the National Anthem. Imagine the Chicago Bears out there on the field and the Steelers in the locker room. To add insult to injury, the Steelers went out and stunk up the field losing to a clearly inferior Bears team.

I must add, however, that one Steeler walked onto the field alone and stood for the Anthem. That was left tackle Alejandro Villanueva, a West Point grad and Army Ranger captain with three tours in Afghanistan to his resume, something that no other Steeler fat cat teammate can match. Villanueva put the rest of his teammates and coaching staff to shame. I don't know if he'll get any flack from his teammates but at 6'9 and 300+, I think he can handle it.

Notwithstanding my hero, Villanueva, this has put me in a position I never thought I would experience-walking away from the Steelers as a fan. Something that was unimaginable is happening. Today I am thinking that I will not watch another game this season until this crap stops.

It is now up to us the fans whether we go to the stadium or watch on TV, to say, "that's enough".  It will be hard to break with the Steelers, but I can try.

And you know what? If this stuff spreads to baseball, as it might -one Oakland player is now doing it- I can stay away from baseball too. I  have been a die hard Cub fan since 1963 and experienced the joy of last year's championship. But if the Cubs start doing this, I will consider walking away from them too.

Of course, the demographic makeup of the players in football and baseball differs. The NFL has over 50% African-American players. In baseball, a large percentage of players are foreign-born. Many are from Latin America. They know that it is expected to stand for anybody's national anthem. It is also true that in this point in time, there are not that many African-American baseball players, a sad state of affairs due to many social and economic factors which we don't need to go into here.

To be fair, I should note that most black football players are standing during the National Anthem. I applaud them. I do not respect those that are disrespecting our country, our anthem, and our flag. This is not 1968, and Colin Kaepernick is no John Carlos or Tommie Smith. He has started something very ugly and divisive and it is spreading.

I am not sure how I feel about President Trump's comments. I agree with him, but I wonder if a president should be jumping into it. Now the NFL commissioner,  Roger Goodell, is reacting as well as the sportscasters and sports pundits. They are now basically supporting the players who kneel as a way of opposing Trump.

Of course everybody has their right of free expression. The players have a right to kneel or stay in the locker room. Trump has a right to say his piece. We have a right to agree or disagree. We also have a right to stay away from the stadium or turn off the TV.

After all, I love my country more than I do the Steelers.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Merkel Re-Elected: Go Figure

German voters have decided that they will follow Angela Merkel over the cliff. In spite of increased unpopularity over her insane immigration policies, she has been re-elected.

The one positive note is that the new anti-open borders party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland, won 13% of the vote gaining entrance into the Reichstag. How much influence they will have I don't know.

The anti-open borders parties are winning surprising percentages in Europe's elections, but the establishment candidates and parties continue o come in first. These  Western European countries continue their road to self-destruction.

Ravens and Jaguars Kneel on Foreign Soil

One of the points I have made about the Colin Kaepernick controversy is that when on foreign soil it is still expected that you stand when their country's national anthem is played even though you are not a citizen of that country. That is what I have done many times on such occasions. I asked whether Kaepnernick would fail to stand for God Save the Queen were he playing in England as the NFL now does.

Today, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars answered that question. They stood for God Save the Queen (as was proper) while many of them knelt for their own anthem. While British fans had the courtesy and respect to stand for both anthems, many of these players chose to kneel for their own anthem in front of a foreign crowd.

To me this is worse than kneeling in an American stadium. What these players did was embarrass their own country while on foreign soil. That was a double insult.

Quite a legacy this man Kaepernick is establishing. I suspect the NFL lost many more fans today.

OC Register Op-ed on the New Anti-Semitism

Orange County Register columnist Joel Kotkin has an article today in which he correctly identifies the new anti-semitism as being on the left and Islamic.

The one fact he omits that in the US, the focal point is on our campuses.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Fascinating Interview With Tatjana Festerling

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita

Tatjana Festerling is a former leader of PEGIDA in Germany and a co-founder of Fortress Europa. The below interview is with the French outlet Libertes. As noted in the link, the interviewer poses his questions in French and Festerling answers in German. Sub-titles and translation are by Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita respectively.

This exchange lasts 11 minutes and is well worth the time. Festerling describes the madness in Germany caused by Angela Merkel's open door policy toward refugees. She also questions the current mentality of the German people who seem to accept it blindly no matter the risk to their safety. She also says that the East Europeans need to build a new Iron Curtain  to protect themselves from Western Europe.

Merkel is running for re-election this year. Her main opponent is Martin Schulz, an empty suit socialist who would certainly continue Merkel's mad policies.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The True Intent of BDS

As part of the Palestinians' PR war against Israel, they established something called Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against the Jewish state. One of their co-founders, Omar Barghouti. travels the world giving anti-Israel speeches-usually on university campuses, where their movement is strongest.

The stated objective is to promote boycotts of Israel, its academics, and companies that do business with Israel. As to what should happen to Israel itself, the stated objective is that they want to force Israel to change its policies and give the Palestinian people their due justice (whatever that is).

Their true intent is to help bring about an end of the Jewish state.

Let's begin with the proposition that the Palestinian leadership and most of its people want not just the West Bank and Gaza plus any land where Israeli settlements have sprung up; they want it all. They want the complete elimination of the Jewish state. They want a land called Palestine, not existing peacefully next door to Israel, but all of it.

Let me also state my opinion that the 70-year conflict is not really over who is entitled to the land. Both the Arabs and the Israelis have claims on the land, and both sides have valid points to argue. The real issue is that the (overwhelmingly Muslim) Arabs don't want a Jewish state in their midst. Fortunately for Israel, many of the Arab nations have come to the realization that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, and that many of Israel's enemies (Iran, for example) are their enemies as well.

Getting back to BDS and its proponents in the US, the question is whether these activists, like Barghouti, would all go away if Israel and the Palestinians were to make a peace deal. Barghouti himself has answered that question. That occurred  when he spoke at the University of California at Irvine in 2013 on behalf of the Students for Justice in Palestine and the  Muslim Student Union. I was present in the first row and videotaped the event (over the SJP/MSU's objections). Barghouti was asked about that possibility and answered that BDS would not accept it unless its (BDS) conditions were satisfactory to them (again BDS). He listed the right of return as an example.  But don't take my word for it. Watch it yourself. This was my posting after attending the event. His comments on that issue are in the last clip after the 4-minute mark.

You will also note that Barghouti, who was not even born in the disputed region but got his higher education at Tel Aviv University after moving to the West Bank at some unclear point in his life, refused to answer my question as to where he was born.

As I said above, BDS has its strongest presence on college campuses. Every year student governments at various universities have to spend days and long overnight hours debating resolutions to call on their universities to boycott companies that do business with Israel. Sometimes these resolutions pass and sometimes they don't. If passed, virtually every university has rejected its demand. One would wonder why the Israeli-Palestinian dispute has become such a hot button issue on US campuses, but it has as I can personally attest having just completed 18 years teaching part-time at UC Irvine (1998-2016). It was a nice post-retirement gig for me teaching two hours a day after my law enforcement career. However, I did get involved  in campus issues like this (out of the classroom. Unlike many professors, I did not express my personal opinions in class. I was teaching English to foreign students.)

I have seen first-hand the anti-semitism that accompanies the anti-Israel drive on campus. SJP and the Muslim Student Associations deny they are anti-Jewish, just anti-Zionist. Many of their invited speakers whom I have observed put the lie to that. I mention people like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, Mohamed al Asi and Abdul Alim Musa as examples. I invite the reader to Google them. They have a long history of hate-filled rhetoric against Jews including at UC Irvine. As another example, when a BDS resolution was passed at UC Davis in 2015, it was accompanied by a swastika being painted on the outside wall of a Jewish frat building. I can list many documented examples of anti-semitism on college campuses including the University of California system that have accompanied this movement.

I saw Barghouti speak a second time at UC Riverside. On that occasion (2014), he was sponsored by no less than the Dept.of Humanities, but specifically by Professor David Lloyd, a BDS activist. (I believe that Lloyd is also Jewish, but trust me; more than a handful of Jewish activists in academia are vociferous enemies of Israel. I consider them to be left-wing misfits.) Again, I videotaped the event and took part in the q and a. I pointed out to the audience that Barghouti's own origins were something he was uncomfortable speaking about, and I also asked the university sponsors if they planned to invite a pro-Israel speaker so that their students could be exposed to both sides of the issue instead of just this one-sided presentation. Lloyd in his response termed the question "absurd".

What is absurd is David Lloyd and the UCR Dept. of Humanities who are indoctrinating their students instead of educating them.

Given the fact that universities are routinely and universally rejecting BDS resolutions, I am optimistic. BDS may be gaining symbolic victories, but other than swaying a few opinions, they are not resulting in what they want to achieve. Nevertheless, the PR war is important, and those who support Israel will need to continue combating the propaganda of Omar Barghouti and BDS.

The Netherlands Sink Lower-The Numbers Don't Lie

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Last week I posted an article about crime statistics in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, showing that immigrants from Muslim countries are responsible for a disproportionate share of the crime. Of course, this is true of most all Western European countries, who for too many years madly imported people without any thought of assimilation. The Netherlands is just another case in point. Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been pointing out the dangers of Muslim immigration for years at the risk of his life and the cost of being repeatedly prosecuted by his own government for so-called hate speech. Now the wave of asylum-seekers has dramatically increased crime in Western Europe including the Netherlands. The statistics in the Netherlands bear this out.

 "Top 5 crimes by arrested asylum seekers (first nine months of 2016)
  • Theft 663
  • Crimes against persons (insult, threats, spitting, sexual assault, rape and assault and battery) 302
  • Offenses (except traffic and environmental) 193
  • Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest 156
  • Vandalism 80
  • Miscellaneous 273 (this is actually number 6)"
The linked article also illustrates the warped thinking that goes into considerations of deportation for those who abuse the generosity of receiving countries like the Netherlands. The policy should be easy: Arrest, prosecute, incarcerate, and deport in that order. Instead these countries bend over backwards to allow foreign criminals to stay. The cost is paid by the host country nationals in terms of their safety and having to pay for services to these foreign criminals, deadbeats, and in some cases terrorists who kill and maim on a large scale.

Of course, this is not to suggest that all immigrants to Europe fall into the above categories. Having lived in two different European countries (Germany and Italy) for a total of eight years and going back for visits every few years, I know better. It is undeniable, however, that Europe failed to do what America did (at least until recent years). We vetted immigrants and insisted on assimilation. The Europeans did not. They thought first and foremost about manual workers to do the work Europeans would not do. Then they realized they needed to import people because their own birth rates were insufficient to maintain the level of those working and paying the bills for their generous welfare states and retirement services. Finally, countries like Sweden decided they were not multi-cultural enough.

Europe could have had all three had they vetted their newcomers and insisted on assimilation. Instead they brought in millions of people without regard to assimilation and wound up with too many who had no respect for the host country values or even the concepts of free speech and democracy.  And that was before the recent tsunami of refugees, asylum-seekers, and plain old migrants most of whom are from Muslim background.

Incidentally, I am specifying Western Europe because the Eastern European countries, primarily, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, are fiercely resisting allowing Muslim refugees and migrants entry into their countries. They are defying EU demands that they take in "their fair share".

Ironically, the Netherlands up to now has arguably been the most successful of Western European countries in trying to assimilate immigrants. Historically, most of them came from the Dutch colonies (past or present) in Indonesia, Suriname, Curacao, Aruba, and other parts of the Caribbean. On the other hand, Moroccans, Afghans and Somalis, to name a few, are a different story. Wilders was brought up on charges for specifically referring to the crime problems among the Moroccan community.

It is time for the Netherlands to start listening to Geert Wilders instead of trying to put him in jail. In my view, it is time to elect him and his party the Dutch Freedom Party, and make him prime minister. However, I am not Dutch, so I don't have a vote. The Netherlands, just like the rest of the Western European countries, needs to close off their borders and rapidly deport the bad apples or they can say goodbye to their democracies and, indeed, their very countries.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Maxine Waters Openly Plays the Race Card

Hat tip IPatriot

There are few people in politics more rotten that Maxine Waters. Most of this year she has been calling for the impeachment of President Trump. When asked for the reason, she just says we have to dig deeper to find it.

At the same time, she is also one of the more racially divisive people in the country.

Too bad nobody is willing to dig deeper into Waters' tangled finances. It wouldn't be hard to find a lot there.

Germany: Angela's Kids Strike Again

Hat tip Politikstube and Vlad Tepes

Another day, another rape in Angela Merkel's Germany. This time a young woman was attacked by a group of North African Arabs at the Giessen (Hesse) trains station and raped.

At least this time someone is willing to stand up and tell the public who the perps are. It is not simply "youth" or "southerners" as the media and the authorities euphemistically like to call them. If you don't read between the lines you would think the rapists are young, beer-swilling Bavarians in lederhosen and funny green hats. They are not. They are Middle Eastern and African migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and wandering minstrels. These bums have no respect for the countries who have granted them asylum and provide food and housing for them. They think the "infidel" local women are theirs for the taking.

Another thing that needs to change is not being able to deport these people because they don't have passports or their home countries don't cooperate and take them back. Taking away aid and cutting off foreign relations might change that behavior.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Racial Indoctrination at Ohio State

If you are wondering why race relations in America are going backward, you might pay a visit to one of our universities, where demonizatuon of white people is in full fashion mode. Take Ohio State for example.

I  am not going to repeat what I have already written on this subject many times.What is going on at Ohio State is going on in many many other universities. Remember all those calls from people like Eric Holder for Americans to have a frank conversation about race. I say fine as long as it's a two-way conversation. That is not what OSU wants. They tell white students they are to shut up and listen when some persons of color spouts off on their grievances, real or imagined.

This kind of indoctrination is dangerously divisive. Notwithstanding our history of slavery and segregation, white Americans today (with the obvious exception of the KKK and neo-Nazis who are a tiny fringe) white America is not trying to keep minorities down. The entire government at every level is working to advance the interest of minorities. We have raised  two generations of Americans to believe that discrimination is wrong. This white privilege crap is 50 years too late.