Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why We Don't See Images of Hamas Fighters in Action

Hat tip Algemeiner

Isn't it odd that every time Israel goes into a period of fighting against Hamas in Gaza or Hizbollah in Lebanon, Western journalists are there and are recording all those scenes we see of civilians who have been killed and injured in the fighting, but we rarely, if ever, see scenes of Hamas or Hizbollah fighters in action? Of course, as we know, that would involve showing them fighting from pockets of civilian populations or launching rockets from schools, mosques or hospitals. Why is it we never see that? We don't even see scenes of these guys in the streets firing away at Israeli troops. Why not? The journalists are there.

Maybe this report from Algemeiner will help shed light on that question.

Isn't it time that the Western media come clean about how Hamas is fighting this war-as they have fought previous wars- from the middle of their civilians? Why is it that our own leaders cannot publicly acknowledge that fact? Today, President Obama's new press secretary, Josh Earnest, condemned Israel for the latest rocket that killed civilians even before we know who actually fired the rocket. Where is the condemnation of Hamas using its people as shields for their fighters and weapons? Why does our government and media try to make a moral equivalence between our democratic ally and a terrorist organization? Why is it that in Western counties that enjoy freedom of the press and speech, we can't get an honest accounting of the circumstances that lead to civilian Palestinian deaths?

Maybe the Spanish journalist has provided the answer as to why we never see images of the Hamas fighters in action.

Sheila Jackson Lee: "We Did Not Seek the Impeachment of President Bush..."

On Wednesday, Texas brain surgeon Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who represents Houston, took to the House of Representatives to denounce what she thinks is an effort to impeach President Obama.

"We Did Not Seek the Impeachment of President Bush because as president, he had the authority."

Here is Dr. Jackson-Lee back in July 2008, when she was co-authoring a bill to impeach President George W Bush.

Of course, the bill went nowhere.

Houston: You have a problem.

Israelis Having Problems Getting US Visas

Hat tip Israel National News and Debra

If you are a Central American coming to the US illegally, no problem. Saudi students coming to the US to study at our universities? Somali "refugees? No problem.

Israeli? Problem.

Maybe Israel should retaliate-by barring John Kerry from coming to Israel to cause more problems.

15,000 Rally for Israel at UN Building

Hat tip The Jewish Voice and Ted

On Monday, a crowd estimated at 15,000 showed their support for Israel in New York. Several politicians were among them including Charles Schumer (D-NY)

Obama in Kansas City and the Myth of Impeachment

"Stop hatin' on me."

President Obama this week did what he does best. While the world is burning, he hopped on a plane and flew to Kansas City, where he dined on ribs with four pre-selected letter writers and made a snarky speech complaining that the Republicans are "hatin on him". It was classic Obama whining and fiddling while Rome burns.

This is the theme that Obama, the Democrats in Congress, and the mad hatters at MSNBC are playing: That is the myth that the Republicans are drawing up plans to impeach the president.

That is, of course, exactly what the Democrats want to gin up their base for the November elections. Take a page from the Clinton history book and have the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot as they did when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton.

As to the idea of impeachment itself, this is a trap the Republicans don't want to fall into-something akin to throwing Obama into the proverbial briar patch. Not that Obama doesn't deserve it, but it is an impossible task unless a smoking gun tape arises with his voice on it directing Eric Holder to lie to the public about Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, or telling Hillary Clinton to lie about Benghazi and the scapegoat video (which has been alleged by an anonymous Clinton associate). I personally believe Obama's hand is behind all of those scandals, but the proof isn't there as yet. As things stand now there is no way an impeachment vote would succeed in a Senate trial because they would need 67 votes to convict.

It is also important to point out that impeachment is a political process, and even though Bill Clinton clearly committed perjury in his testimony regarding his relationship with Monica Lewinsky in the Paula Jones lawsuit, Senator Robert Byrd stated that while Clinton was guilty in his view, he would not vote to convict. In other words, a sort of jury nullification would almost certainly come into play once again.

The fact is that unless something arises that would convince even Democrats in the Senate and in the public that Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, it is all a pipe dream, You can't impeach a president for bad policies or simply harming the country with his decisions. There would have to be a bi-partisan consensus.

Besides, who among prominent Republicans other than Sarah Palin is pushing this idea? Nobody. In fact, Palin, while a nice voice to have out there pushing conservative principles, is once again showing she had no business being vice president and cannot be considered a serious candidate for president.

This silly talk of impeachment should be ignored except to point out what a desperate ploy it is by the Democrats to stir up their voter base for November. That a major news organization like MSNBC would play along with it shows how low journalism has sunk in the country.

Two Arrests From Hague Rally

Hat tip Dutch News NL

Two men have been arrested for inciting violence against Jews in a recent pro-Palestinian protest in the Hague. The men are (of course) not identified by name, only that they are in their 30s and were heard chanting, "Death to Jews" in Arabic.

President Jimmah Carter to Speak at ISNA Convention

Keynote speaker at Unindicted Co-Conspirator Convention

(Hat tip Creeping Sharia and to John Speedie for audio)

The Islamic Society of North America is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas that concerned monies being diverted to overseas terrorist groups through Islamic charities in the US. ISNA is also a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. None of that will keep ex-president Jimmah Carter from appearing as their keynote speaker next month in Detroit.

Notwithstanding the misleading photo of Detoit's skyline above, the visit of President Jimmah puts a finishing touch to the deterioration of this once-great city.

Italian Journalist Reports Truth About Hamas Rocket Attack

As most of the international media faithfully report what they are fed by Hamas in Gaza, the truth is slowly coming out.

First it was a German TV crew filming Hamas thugs beating Gazans back off the streets into the buildings they were evacuating after being warned by Israel.  Now it is an Italian journalist, who is now safely out of Gaza, testifying as to his eyewitness account of a rocket attack wrongfully blamed on Israel.

Kudos to Gabriele Barbati. CNN could learn a lot from him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Uproar in Germany Over Words of a Journalist in Bild am Sonntag

Hat tip Politically Incorrect (Germany)

Weak-kneed German politicians are demanding that Germany's largest newspaper, Bild am Sonntag apologize over remarks made in print about Islam by one of their editors, Nicolaus Fest.

Here is the full translation of Fest's words:

 It may be offensive to innocent German Muslims, but if Germany is going to continue to stand against a resurgence of its Nazi past then it has to support, not condemn, Fest's words. What Fest is describing may not be German in nature, but it sure is the closest thing to Nazism in the world today.

Given its unique history, Germany must take a leading role in fighting the resurgence of Jew hatred in Europe, and it cannot do so in a vacuum not naming the main perpetrators of this Jew hatred. It is coming from Islamic sources. To pretend otherwise would be akin to blaming skin heads for what happened in the 1930s and 40s.

More Lois Lerner E-Mails


Hat tip Daily Caller

Drip, drip, drip

In the latest e-mails released, IRS official Lois Lerner referred to conservatives as "a--holes" and"'crazies".

Now do you see why she took the 5th?

The UN-Hamas Partnership in Gaza

3 Israeli soldiers killed by booby trap at UNRWA clinic

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

If you are upset by those Israeli strikes at UN schools, but not upset about the three UN schools where Hamas rockets were found, how about this? Three Israeli soldiers killed at a UNRWA clinic by a booby trap.

God save Israel and the rest of us from the UN.

"We didn't inform the appropriate people."

The Jews Are Leaving France

Hat tip Francois Desouche

The French blog Francois Desouche has cross-posted an article by Le Nouvel Observateur Enquete reporting on the exodus of French Jews from their native country.

The article opens with a scene at Paris' Charles DeGaulle Airport in which 450 Jews are departing for Israel-for good. The sub-title in the picture states that between January and June 2014, the Jewish Agency has registered the departure of 2,600 Jews from France. It is predicted that 5,000 Jews will leave France this year, mostly to Israel, Russia or the US.

What a sad commentary on France.

CAIR Launches Nationwide Manhunt

Have you seen this man?

Earlier this month, a Muslim woman in Long Beach, California was reportedly approached by an unidentified man who allegedly ripped the headscarf from the woman's head and ran off making some insulting remark about Islam in the process.

In response, the Southern California chapter of CAIR and the national headquarters (through their web site) have launched what is in effect a nationwide search for the culprit.

Now let me be clear. In no way do I condone what this guy did. It was wrong and some charge is in order. But don't you think this is a bit of an overreaction? A police artist sketch no less? I mean how about an Interpol alert?

But there is one good piece of news. Had this happened just a few miles south in Orange County, we would have had the head of the Orange County Human Relations Commission, Rusty Kennedy, running all over the place, calling news conferences, and using it to justify another year of public funding for his white elephant agency that continues to suck at the government teat.

"Hard job but somebody's gotta do it."

Anyway, if you happen to see this guy (the one above-not Kennedy) do not approach. Surely, he is armed and dangerous.

Erwin Chemerinsky's Weekly Laffer in the Orange County Register

"You're killing me, Erwin."

UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, who some consider one of the greatest constitutional minds in the Land, says in this week's OC Register column that the current challenge to Obamacare must be decided in ACA's favor.

By ERWIN CHEMERINSKY / Contributing Writer
The decision last week by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia puts in serious jeopardy the ability of the Affordable Care Act to achieve its goal of providing health insurance coverage for virtually all Americans.
Interestingly, on the same day, another federal appellate court, the 4th U.S. District Court of Appeals, based in Richmond, Va., came to exactly the opposite conclusion and ruled in favor of the Obama administration. The latter court is correct, though, ultimately, the issue will be resolved by the Supreme Court.
Prior to the Affordable Care Act, 50 million people in the United States were without health insurance coverage. Although enormously controversial, the ACA is succeeding. The number of people without health insurance in California has decreased by half as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
A key mechanism of the ACA is the establishment of “exchanges,” through which individuals can purchase competitively priced health care coverage. To ensure that individuals can afford to pay for the insurance, the ACA provides a federal tax credit to millions of low- and middle-income Americans to offset the cost of policies purchased on the exchanges.
The health legislation calls for states to establish the exchanges. But if a state “elect[s]” not to do so – and only 16 states and the District of Columbia have created exchanges – the federal government creates the exchange. Section 36B of the ACA provides that tax credits will be available for those who purchase insurance on exchanges “established by the State.” Without the tax credits, millions of Americans cannot afford this insurance.
The Internal Revenue Service interpreted the statute as allowing tax credits for exchanges created by the federal government when a state government does not do so. Challengers argue that the statute allows tax credits only for exchanges created by a state government.
The federal court of appeals in Washington, D.C., in a 2-1 decision, concluded that the text of the law allows for tax credits only for state created exchanges.
The court said, “[T]he ACA unambiguously restricts the section 36B subsidy to insurance purchased on Exchanges ‘established by the State.’” The federal court of appeals in Richmond came to the opposite conclusion and held that Congress clearly had the purpose of allowing tax credits for those who purchased insurance on the exchanges, including ones created by the federal government.
For many reasons, the latter view is more persuasive. Time and again, the Supreme Court has held that in interpreting a statute, the law’s purpose and context should be taken into account. For example, the Supreme Court has held that “the words of a statute must be read in their context and with a view to their place in the overall statutory scheme.” Congress’ clear purpose was to provide tax credits for those qualifying and purchasing health insurance on the exchanges.
The D.C. Circuit’s interpretation of the law makes little sense. It would mean that Congress wanted to allow states to undermine the Affordable Care Act by choosing to not create exchanges.
As Judge Harry Edwards noted in his dissent, the majority decision would interpret the 36B provision as a “poison pill” that would harm the exchanges not created by the states and this “surely is not what Congress intended.”
It ignores the overall structure of the law to say that the IRS was wrong in allowing tax credits for federally created exchanges.
Moreover, under long-standing principles, deference must be given to the federal agency, the IRS, in interpreting ambiguities in the ACA. On countless occasions, the Supreme Court has stressed the need for deference to federal agencies as to the meaning of federal laws. The IRS interprets the law to allow tax credits for those purchasing on the federal exchange.
What happens next? The federal government has announced that it will seek review of the decision of the D.C. court’s three-judge panel before all of the judges on that court.
It is expected that the full court will grant review and, given its ideological composition, reverse the panel’s ruling. The challengers have announced that they will seek Supreme Court review of the 4th Circuit’s decision, and that is likely to be granted. The case can be heard in the coming term and decided by June 2015.
What will the Supreme Court do? Everything about the Affordable Care Act is intensely political. The question will be whether the Roberts Court can overcome the partisanship surrounding the Affordable Care Act and follow basic principles of statutory interpretation. As a matter of statutory construction, Congress’ purposes and goals could not be clearer.
Erwin Chemerinsky is the dean of UC Irvine’s School of Law.

"Moreover, under long-standing principles, deference must be given to the federal agency, the IRS, in interpreting ambiguities in the ACA. "

WOW! Given the latest IRS scandal, why should we give deference to the IRS on anything? Naturally, the current IRS under John Koskinen will interpret things according to the will of the administration.

Chemerinsky's legal opinion preferring the federal court opinion that favors the ACA is a glaring example of picking the opinion that matches his ideology.

Obama's "You Built This" Homage to Muslims

"You didn't build that factory. Muslims built it."

President Obama used the occasion of Sunday's Eid al Fitr dinner at the White House to create a new chapter in American history heretofore unknown to the mass majority of Americans.

Something about Muslims building the fabric of American history.

"In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy. "

OK, got it.

Interesting observation. Aside from the absolute inaccuracy of the statement, Islam (and its legal code, Sharia) does not recognize democracy nor a separation between religion and the state.

The Obama-Netanyahu Conversation

Israeli media is standing by the transcript of a leaked telephone conversation between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in which Obama allegedly ordered Netanyahu to agree to an immediate cease fire.

Both Washington and Jerusalem are denying the story, but diplomatically, they have to. Israel depends on the support of the US, its only real ally that matters, and no US administration can afford a break with Israel politically. The majority of the American people still support Israel.

The reality is, however, that right now, the current administration is no help to Israel in its fight to survive. Hopefully, in two years we will have leadership in the US that recognizes that the forces Israel is fighting are essentially the same as those committing the horrors in Iraq and Syria. For Obama to be treating Hamas as co-equals with Israel is an outrage.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orange County Turns Out to Support Israel

I want to finish my reporting (such as it is) on tonight's pro-Israel event at the Jewish Center in Irvine, which was organized by the OC Jewish Federation and several other organizations. The featured speaker was the Israeli Consul General from Los Angeles.

I  had nit-picked the event only because I thought it should be held in open space so that the public could see the extent of support for Israel, much like the event in LA on July 13. In addition, since I am persona non grata with the OC Jewish Federation, an organization I have criticized in the past, I did not plan to attend the event.

I did, however, drive to the event location just in case pro-Palestinians had planned to protest outside, which I would have wanted to document. Therefore, I drove into the parking lot, got the last spot, waited for a few minutes and seeing no pro-Palestinian protesters, I left.

The one point I want to make is that this event drew a whole lot of of people. Indeed, I felt like I was driving into Angels Stadium for a baseball game. The traffic was snarled and there must have been a few thousand people. The overflow had to park down the street in the Mariners Church parking lot and other locations.

The lesson is that the American people overwhelming side with Israel. They may not be as loud, but we have more in numbers.

ISIS Massacres Hundreds of Shia in Tikrit

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

isis victims

Viewer warning

Just another day in the neighborhood, Folks. In the latest video released by ISIS they execute hundreds of Shia in the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

And predictably, among the followers of ISIS, it is a YouTube smash.

These scenes are a carbon copy of how the Nazis massacred Jews in the Soviet Europe before they perfected the gas chambers. They rounded them up, trucked them to their execution site, and shot them to death to be dumped in mass graves.

The term Islamofascism does not do justice to what these savages are doing. Only the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge matched this barbarity.

Keep in mind this is Sunni Muslims killing Shi'ite Muslims. What do you think they would do to the Israelis if they could?

Third Rocket Arsenal Found in UNRWA School in Gaza

Hat tip Breitbart

"We have informed the appropriate people."

For the third time since the Israeli-Hamas fighting broke out rockets have been discovered at one of those UN schools in Gaza.

I am sure that Ban ki Moon is really, really, really outraged now.

Dutch Orchestra Walks Out on Muslim Conductor

Hat tip Miggie

This video has just been posted. I don't know the exact date. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands attends a concert in which the conductor is a Muslim. At the start, the conductor starts to give the queen a lecture on Islam. At this point, the orchestra gets up and walks out. The conductor is then escorted off the stage apparently by security personnel who check his papers and remove him.

This is classic.

UCLA Jewish Student Appointed to UC Regents Despite SJP Opposition

Students protest
A picture says a thousand words

This month, a Jewish UCLA student's appointment to the University of California Regents as student representative was confirmed despite loud opposition from the Students for Justice in Palestine.

Abraham Oved drew opposition because he is a Jewish supporter of Israel. The stated reason for opposition was because he had loose connections with a rich Jewish supporter of Israel named Adam Milstein, who contributed money to Hillel, which, in turn, contributed to Oved's campaign to join the UC Regents.

Also joining in the opposition was the previous student regent appointee, Sadia Saifuddin, whose own nomination drew opposition because she was a supporter of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel. Saifuddin apparently did not recognize the hypocrisy in her position.

During the past year, UCLA has been the center of an ugly campaign (primarily by SJP)  to keep Jewish students off of student government. candidates for student office were asked to sign a pledge that they would not accept funding for travel to Israel by certain pro-Israel organizations. That drew a rebuke from Chancellor Gene Block and UC President Janet Napolitano. Even the Los Angeles City Council has taken note of the ugliness going on in Westwood.

No doubt the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel agitation by SJP and its allies at UCLA will continue. It bears close watching.

Imam in Jerusalem Calls for Jihad Against Jews

Hat tip Jihad Watch and MEMRI

This is good stuff.

Here is a clip produced by MEMRI of a sermon by some fanatical imam named Sheikh Nidhal Siam in E Jerusalem on July 18. It is truly ludicrous. In this sermon, this ibn sharmota refers to a "British study" (probably by Monte Python's Flying Circus) that says that the Egyptian army could crush Israel in a matter of days. He calls on Egypt to annex Gaza.

Well, first of all, Egypt and all those glorious Arab armies have tried to defeat Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973. They have failed. Secondly, Egypt under its current leadership has no desire to go to war with Israel nor to annex Gaza. Who the hell would want it? Maybe word has not reached the sheikh, but Egypt is blockading the southern border between Gaza and Egypt too.

So to Sheikh Siam, I say, "Take your fatwas and shove them".

"Annex this."

Black Plague in the Hague

Hat tip Algemeiner

Masked demonstrators rally in the Hague to support ISIS, but call for the death of Jews. Photo: SWC.

                                                                                                     The black plague returns to Europe

Another day in Europe and another despicable public display of Jew hatred with no response from the authorities. This sickening report comes to us from the Hague.

One distinction that is important to note here is that supporters of Israel are not calling for the murder of Palestinian people. Yet murder is what is being promoted by the supporters of Hamas (a terror group). These people are calling for the deaths of Jews while carrying a terrorist banner through the streets of European cities. As we speak, fanatical Muslim clerics in mosques not only in the Middle East, but in some cases the West are screaming for the murder of Jews and issuing fatwas calling on their flocks to go out and kill people.

And note how so many of this rabble wear scarves over their faces. Pro-Israel supporters don't do that. We are proud of which side we support.

Just another reminder from Stop the Islamization of America:


Anti-Jewish, Pro-Terrorist Graffiti Continues in Miami

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

In the wake of an ugly CAIR-sponsored rally in Miami days ago, the city has been hit with anti-Semitic graffiti for the second day in a row.

So where is Eric Holder's Justice Department if they are so concerned about hate crimes? Or is it just for certain kinds of hate crimes?

If any of the perps are determined not to be US citizens, they should be kicked out of the country.

Anti-Jewish Attacks Continue in France

Hat tip Times of Israel

A man was arrested by French police in Toulouse as he threw firebombs at a Jewish community center.

The article mentions that police were guarding the facility (as God knows they should have been). Though the name of the perp was not released (naturally) I would bet the farm it isn't Pierre.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nancy Pelosi "Weighs in" on the Gaza Fighting

Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur

"And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization..."

Yes, Nancy. We must confer with Qatar, a state that supports terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Why don't we confer with Iran and North Korea while we are at it?

Offense Alert From Scotland: Scottie Dogs Are Offensive to Muslims All Over the World

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and the Telegraph


The world famous and long-awaited  Commonwealth Games have opened in Glasgow, Scotland and during the opening ceremony, a flap ensued. It seems the Scots employed about 40 Scottie dogs to participate in leading the national team delegations around the stadium. That offended Malaysia. The Telegraph has the story, which has also been picked up by Atlas Shrugs.

"It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world."

Yes, of course. I hear violence has already broken out in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Gaza. 

My reaction? This did not happen in Malaysia. It happened in Scotland. In this case, the Malaysians can recall their team. It seems they have better things to do anyway, like helping to do something about poor Malaysia Airlines.

Another Ghastly Atrocity by ISIS in Syria

Viewer warning: Graphic images

Hat tip IBN News and Live Leak

The ISIS rebels in Syria killed approximately 50 Syrian soldiers in the city of Raqqa. The soldiers who were not initially killed in the attack were beheaded and their heads placed on display on a wall on sticks.

I am not posting these images for the sake of sensationalism. I am posting them so that you may see for yourself the nature of what the world is facing if we surrender to this evil.

Israel and Washington Clash Over John Kerry "the Diplomat"

Officially, Washington and Jerusalem will try to put a happy face on it, but John Kerry has clearly worn out his welcome in Israel with his incessant demands for an immediate cease-fire that doesn't even halt the rocket attacks and tunnel incursions from Hamas. Kerry's cease fire would merely save Hamas' bacon so they could regroup and live to fight another day. Thus, Kerry looks good, gets a Nobel Peace Prize, and Israel faces the same dangers as before.

"It's simply not the way partners and allies treat each other," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said."

True enough, Jen, but I would turn that statement around back at Kerry.

What demands has Kerry made upon Hamas? Why did Kerry go to Paris to negotiate a cease-fire with everybody but Israel including Qatar and Turkey hardly countries sympathetic to Israel? Talk about a slap in the face.

The Video Hamas Doesn't Want the World to See

But the Germans Have Seen it.

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and The Minority Report

Here is one reason the Palestinian death toll is so high. When the IDF notify civilians to evacuate locations where they are living or gathered, the thugs of Hamas are there to beat them back. That is because Hamas is placing their fighters and their weapons where the civilians are. It is also true that Hamas wants dead civilians to show off to the world. It has been repeatedly charged that when civilians try to heed the Israeli warnings, they are violently prevented from doing so by Hamas. The below video taken by a German news crew, proves it. In the below scenes you see people being beaten as they come out onto the streets. You see the thugs try to stop a German film crew from filming. The German sub-titles translate the man who says "Turn the camera off. Enough film" There is also a translation when a woman tells the Hamas thugs that they are "worse than the Jews". In one scene, people are ordered off the street with their prayer rugs and back into an empty mosque. In another a man tells an interviewer that he is 90% certain it will not be necessary to beat the people as they had to the previous Friday.

France Offers Asylum to Iraqi Christians

More good news out of France today that the US and the other Western countries should emulate. The French are offerring asylum to Iraqi Christians who have been uprooted and driven from their hoimes by ISIS.

President Obama should add the US to France.

In Lyons, 500 Demonstrate Concern for Christians in Middle East

Hat tip Gallia Watch

As much negative news is coming out of France these days, when something positive happens, I am happy to note it. On Saturday, about 500 people in Lyons led by churchmen showed their support for Middle East Christians. The French blog Gallia Watch has the report.

As positive as this is coming from mostly Catholic France, I have to ask where is the Pope? He is so outspoken on so many issues, but to my knowledge, has spoken only obliquely about the plight of Christians. Should he not be more forceful and name names? Should he not be in contact with Muslim religious and political leaders in these countries and demand that Christians be protected?

Pro-Hamas and Child Suicide Bombers

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

I may "have no right" to show this picture of an underage child, but I'm doing it anyway.

Most of you who read this blog have seen the images from Gaza and the West Bank of mothers dressing their small children up as suicide bombers complete with mock suicide vests. But that was in the Palestinian territories. Surely no sane person in America  would do that, right?


Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has the video of a recent pro-Hamas rally in San Francisco in which just such a thing happened. And to make it even more absurd, one of the pro-Hamas mopes tries to tell the photographer that he/she has no right to film the underage child.

Israel Releases Video of UNRWA School Mortar Hit

Hat tip Algemeiner

The IDF has stated that during a battle with Hamas fighters, an IDF mortar did, in fact, hit an UNRWA school on July 24. This is the incident in which several people including children were reportedly killed. Watch the video, which shows the explosion, very closely

Something is wrong here, right? The video clearly shows that the mortar struck the courtyard of the school-and the courtyard was empty. Even after the explosion, there are no people running about. Israel is claiming that this explosion didn't kill anybody, and the video appears to corroborate that.

If this video is authentic, it means that there is more to this story. It would not be the first time that Hamas has produced its own casualties in order to demonstrate to the outside world that Israel was massacring Palestinian innocents.

Miami Beach Synagogue Vandalized

Here is just the latest outbreak of pro-Hamas anti-Semitism: A North Miami Beach synagogue spray-painted with swastikas and "Hamas". Watch the below local Fox News report,

Interestingly, the local reporters can't seem to make the obvious connection between this action and this past week's hateful anti-Jewish demonstration in Miami, which was sponsored by the Florida chapter of CAIR.

So now that we know the media is loathe to report certain facts, where is Eric Holder's Justice Department? If mosques had been vandalized, you can bet they would descend on Miami in droves. But this? They don't seem to care, do they?

"Peace and Tolerance" in Pakistan: The Latest Horror

Hat tip Ted and Vlad Tepes

Police arrive at the houses of Ahmadis after they were torched by a mob following accusations of blasphemy in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

In yet another case of persecution against Pakistan's Ahmadi religious minority, a woman and two children-one an infant- are burned to death in Pakistan over charges of blasphemy.

Vlad Tepes has a short news video in English.

There is a perplexing aspect to this issue. The Ahmadis are a branch of Islam. There are two things that set them apart. First, to the best of my knowledge they are not involved in the terrorism and violence that you find among Sunnis and Shia. Second, they recognize a 19th century prophet named Ahmad who lived in British-run India. Thus, they are considered heretics. Yet, despite their persecution, they adhere pretty much to the party line when it comes to defending Islam against the charges of violence and intolerance despite the fact they themselves are targeted. They will tell you that the Prophet Mohammad was a kind and generous man who forgave his enemies. If you ask them about the death penalty for apostates and blasphemers, they will deny it and tell you that the Koran states, "Let there be no compulsion in religion".

Given the above incident-which is hardly isolated- it all defies logic.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

UC Berkeley Diploma Not Worth the Paper It's Printed On

Hat tip John Speedie for Audio

Did'ya here about the big mispeled dyploma frum UC Berkly?

"Yeh, I did."

When I furst herd about it, I figgered it must be form one of those corses from the Islamerfobia Resurch and Dokamentation Sentr, or maybe from the Wimmins Studys or Jinder Studys Departmints. I was rong tho.

A Message to Liberal American Jews

Hat tip to Miggie

I don't have the link to this, but it is an article by Abraham Miller, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati. It makes so much sense and it is urgently needed in the face of so much ignorance by so many liberal Jews in America who simply refuse to acknowledge the danger Jews everywhere face.

To my embarrassment, once again the University of California, which employs me as an adjunct teacher, is mentioned front and center.

By Abraham H. Miller
— Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science at the University of Cincinnati. He has served on the faculty of the University of California, Davis, and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
At pro-Hamas demonstrations in U.S cities in recent weeks, anti-Semitism rises up and is heard.
 In the largely Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Chicago’s Petersen Park, residents last Saturday morning found anti-Semitic leaflets on their way to synagogue to observe the Sabbath. The leaflets threatened violence against the community unless Israel stopped the war with Gaza.
For those progressive Jews who have found solace in the myth that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, the events across the globe of the last few weeks have been a rude and discomforting awakening. And so they turned to their final recourse, the belief that America was different.
 Sure, there was a pogrom at a synagogue in Paris, but, well, that’s Paris. Muslims and their neo-fascist and leftist allies might walk through the streets of Germany shouting anti-Jewish slogans reminiscent of the Hitler Youth, but, well, that’s Germany.
Then came the pro-Hamas demonstrations in Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago.  
In San Francisco, if not for the police, some 30 pro-Israel protesters would have been brutalized by over 300 people demonstrating on behalf of the genocidal Hamas terrorists.
Sounds of a vicious, leftist anti-Semitism associated with anti-Zionism have long been audible in American society, but Jewish-community leaders, cut from leftist cloth, refused to acknowledge them. 
I have to wonder if those Jews pushed back on the streets of San Francisco by frenzied haters recognized some of their opponents from joint ventures on gun control, gay and lesbian rights, reproductive rights, and interfaith dialogues.  
Those who believe in women’s rights, gay rights, reproductive rights, and human rights have cast their lot with people whose culture violates the basic dignities of freedom. What explains that? Hatred!
Hatred is the great unifier. If you are going to hate anyone, hate Jews, because no one cares. 
 When a naïve foreign-born student at the University of California, San Diego, put up a noose in the library, as a prank on her boyfriend, the administration called for a campus soul searching and held meetings, vigils, and teach-ins. Moved by the inadvertent crisis she caused, the student confessed. The administration, however, was unsatisfied and notified the FBI, calling for her to be charged with a hate crime, all for an act of naï​veté. 
But just months later, on the same campus, Jumanah Imad Albahri, a member of the Muslim Student Association, publicly proclaimed her support for killing Jews. The UCSD administration took no action.
Slight the voluble sensitivities of any group on an American campus and you’ll be condemned to sensitivity training and endless bureaucratic harassment. But propose to kill the Jews and you’ll find that the Constitution will be wrapped around you tighter than a piece of cling wrap.
The palpable anti-Semitism visible in recent demonstrations here in the United States has caused some of our progressive community leaders to come out strongly for Israel, but in so doing, they have to showcase their progressive credentials, as if it is necessary to say, take me seriously because I too am a progressive and I support Israel.
Forgive me if I am not awed by progressive credentials, especially knowing that these are the people who helped put this administration in office. Why did the Federal Aviation Administration cancel flights to Tel Aviv, when flights to Ukraine, where a passenger plane actually was downed, continue? Flights to Damascus and Baghdad, active war zones, were never canceled. Why was the Jew-hating, Islamist Turkish president Recep Erdogan once one of President Barack Obama’s most trusted allies in the Middle East?  
The questions answer themselves.
As for progressivism, gay marriage is not worth putting the lives of 6 million Jews in the hands of an incompetent, indifferent president, whose cultural affinity is with Islam. His Jewish associations in Chicago’s Hyde Park were with rabbis who believed peace was more likely if Israel was on the receiving end of condemnation.
 Progressive Democrats do not support Israel in this existential struggle, but the Republicans do.
The reality is that progressive Jews are going to have to decide whether they are progressives or Jews, because the term “progressive Jew” is increasingly becoming an oxymoron.
The modern anti-Semitism that now concerns our progressive leaders is an outgrowth of the Left. It was Marx who wrote the vile “On the Jewish Question.” Hitler recruited from elements at the margins of Germany’s economy. There is a reason he called his movement National Socialism and infused it with an ideology of workers’ rights. The distinguished political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset has shown how Hitler’s electoral surge came from the liberal elements of Germany.
Progressive rabbis will probably organize a call for peace, but that is precisely what Israel does not need. Israel needs to destroy the Hamas tunnels, some of which are under Israeli schools and residences. They form part of the command-and-control apparatus of the terrorists. No nation-state can live with rockets and missiles falling from the skies and explosive-laden tunnels underneath its schools.
As for our progressive Jewish communal leaders, I will believe their commitment to Israel when they go to the next interfaith-council meeting and publicly confront their fellow progressives about their boycott-divestment-sanctions hypocrisy. 
 I will have renewed faith in our community-defense groups (e.g. ADL) when they confront the double standards on campus that protect every group but Jews-
 In the meantime, their failure to do so only means that, increasingly, American Jews will have to start behaving and thinking like French Jews, because the bigotry of Islam and its leftist allies does not end at Europe’s coast.

I can well appreciate what Miller is saying. It is so frustrating for Gentiles like me to be fighting anti-Semitism and have to deal with these liberal Jews who are a hindrance to efforts to educate the public as to what is happening either overseas or in the US especially on our own campuses.  Indeed, many of the mainstream Jewish organizations, even those who say they are fighting anti-Semitism, are whitewashing Islamic anti-Semitism. Their refusal to actively stand for Israel in its moment of peril is disgraceful.

Paul Weston Video: "I am a Racist"

Hat tip Miggie

Paul Weston is a British politician and activist who is outspoken on the topic of Islamic immigration into Britain and the threat of political Islam. because of that, he actually runs the risk of being prosecuted for incitement to hate or whatever the Brits call that absurd law they have. Weston is also labeled as an Islamophobe and a racist. In this video, he willingly accepts the label.

The video is an act of courage on Weston's part because he not only opens himself up to prosecution in the UK but also risks death due to his critical comments about Islam as apolitical ideology. He has made the decision, however, that the risks must be taken in defense of free speech and in defense of the future of Britain. Indeed. Britain is facing the prospect of a religious civil war in the next generation of two as is much of Western Europe-not because the Brits or the Europeans are necessarily racists, but because so many Muslims in Europe have nothing but contempt for the societies to which they have chosen to immigrate. Yet, nobody is willing to accuse them or bigotry toward those who hold other religions.

I have long observed that we have a different situation in America with our Muslim immigrants because most who came here did so as educated professionals as opposed to those in Europe. Yet, given what I have observed on our streets in recent days with the anti-Israel protests and the fact that some American Muslims, like European Muslims, are running off to join the jihad in Syria and Iraq, it only confirms my suspicion that we are only a few years behind Europe.

All Western societies are going to have to face some hard choices in the coming years as to this problem, some of which may run counter to our principles of equal rights and welcoming of immigrants. The world situation with Islam has made it so. Sooner or later, we have to choose whether we want to survive as free democracies or surrender. In the meantime, we must do as Weston has done. We must speak out and not worry about who calls us "Islamophobes" or "racists". We know what we are, and we know what we are not. We are facing the most intolerant and violent force since Nazi Germany threatened the world. We are going to need to same will to resist it.

We can start by re-affirming our support of Israel.

John Kerry: No Friend of Israel

Hat tip JJ and Times of Israel

"No deal"

David Horovitz, the founding co-editor of the Times of Israel, has written a scathing editorial  about John Kerry's latest failed effort to stop the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Horowitz nails it. John Kerry trying to hammer out some kind of deal in Paris with the EU, Turkey and Qatar reminds me of Munich in 1938 when Chamberlain, Daladier of France, and Mussolini met with Hitler and Ribbentrop to throw Czechoslovakia under the bus-then marched out and informed the Czechs (who were not invited) of their decision. They would have to surrender the Sudetenland to Hitler's Germany.

Imagine Kerry promoting a cease fire that doesn't even address the tunnels and the rockets been shot into Israel. What kind of friend is that?

Hillary Clinton, at least until Benghazi, was simply an ineffectual secretary of state who flew around the world setting records for most countries visited with no successes to show for it. She climaxed her tenure with her disgraceful handling of Benghazi, before, during, and after the attack. She left four dead Americans in her wake.

John Kerry is much more dangerous because he tries to make deals that threaten to leave thousands dead in his wake. Thank God he is at least temporarily back in the US, where he can do what he does best.