Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Rape Epidemic in Germany Takes a New Twist

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

German police in Freiburg have a arrested a 28-year-old Eritrean man and charged him with........

having sex with sheep and goats.

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That's right.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hatem Bazian Accuses Jews of Islamophobia

"In the past, I wrote an article for the American Studies Journal and I estimated then that 70% of the funding for the Islamophobia Industry comes from the pro-Israel/Zionist sources and concrete evidence is slowly emerging."

"Examining the tax returns from the 2014-2016 period, Josh Nathan-Kazis, pointed out that: “The federation’s support of Canary Mission connects the American Jewish establishment itself to a website that is facing increasing criticism from young Jews.” 

UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian by birth, has a long history of attacking Israel dating back to his days as  a student activist at San Francisco State University. Ever since, many of his critics have accused him of crossing the line from criticism of Israel to anti-Jewish rhetoric. Over  a decade ago, he was was captured on videotape calling for an intifada in the US. He has also been accused of quoting that cuddly little hadith that tells of the Day of Judgment, when the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will call out, "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him." Bill O'Reilly asked him about that quote on air several years ago and couldn't get a straight answer from him. Bazian also once reportedly told his student audience to count the number of buildings on campus with Jewish names. Later, I asked him about those statements when he spoke at UC Irvine and couldn't get a better answer either. He referred me back to the O'Reilly interview.

Now the man who not only founded the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley as well as the brown shirt Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), is accusing Jewish organizations like the San Francisco Jewish Federation and others of stoking the "fires" of Islamophobia. Specifically, he accuses groups like the Federation and the Diller Foundation of providing funding to Canary Mission, (a site that exposes those on college campuses who are engaged in anti-semitic expression).

"The recent reports on the San Francisco Jewish Federation and the Diller Foundation funding for the granddaddies of the Islamophobia Industry make the initial estimates very conservative."

Well, given the events in Pittsburgh, Bazian's timing is ironic. Personally, I don't know anything about the Diller Foundation, and I have no idea where Canary Mission gets its money not that I necessarily consider it a scandal. My own experience has been that most major Jewish organizations are loathe to attack Muslims even preferring to ignore rampant Islamic anti-semitism especially on college campuses. But before Bazian goes around accusing various Jewish groups of financing Islamophobia, I would point out that another organization co-founded by Bazian, American Muslims for Palestine, is a major funder of SJP. That goes to fund things like disrupting pro-Israel events on college campuses, holding annual, week-long events dedicated to condemning Israel, and hosting radical, Jew-hating speakers.

Bazian has also been in the news recently thanks to Cheryl Davila, a Berkeley city council woman. She has taken the bizarre step of designating Bazian as her designated stand-in in times of emergency. When the inevitable criticism ensued, Davila responded by lashing out at "Zionists", "colonizers" etc.

The Pittsburgh attack notwithstanding, my own personal experience of watching the anti-Israel campaign on college campuses has convinced me that most of the anti-semitism in the US is being stoked on college campuses. That is a by-product of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That means that it is mostly pro-Palestinian forces, both students and professors, who are stoking the flames of anti-semitism.

Say hello to Hatem Bazian. But don't take my word for it. Read his own quotes from this article.

Train Sabotage in Bavaria

We have just posted a video of a member of the German Green party extolling the great benefits of immigration from the Middle Eastern countries. The statement is laughable on its face given the rampant violent crimes being committed by migrant men from places like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Syria and other places.

On October 7, a steel rod was placed across a railroad track on the route between Nuremberg and Munich. Luckily, nobody was hurt in what could have been a catastrophic accident. Three weeks later, a suspected claim of responsibility was found nearby written in Arabic.

The Denial of the German Green Party

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

The absurd statement of the below representative  from the German Green party about the benefits of immigration from Middle Eastern countries is belied by the facts on the ground.

What sheer stupidity.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Pittsburgh Jewish Leaders Want Trump to Stay Away

 A group of Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh does not want President Trump to visit their Tree of Life Synagogue to show support for the Jewish community in the wake of Saturday's attack that left 11 dead.

I hate to engage in criticism while people are trying to deal with this tragedy, but this is highly misguided and unfair to the President. We should all remember that this gunman had nothing to do with Trump and was not even a supporter. Any charge of anti-semitism directed to Trump is misguided. His own daughter is a Jewish convert, and no president-no president- has been as supportive of Israel as President Trump. The previous president (Obama) was the polar opposite.

To me, this is all part of the narrative that Trump's ascension to the presidency has unleashed a wave of anti-semitism. I saw this narrative repeated first-hand in 2017 when I attended an event at Temple Bat Yahm in Newport Beach. As I witnessed a collection of Jewish and Islamic leaders decry an increase in anti-semitism and Islamophobia respectively and tie it to the election of Trump, any discussion of Islamic anti-semitism-including anti-semitism on the UC Irvine campus was silenced. At a follow up event at UC Irvine, I was able to address a question to local imam  Muzammil Siddiqi as to whether he thought allowing pro-Palestinian students to use his mosque to assemble their mock Apartheid Wall for their annual week of bashing Israel events was helpful to Jewish-Muslim relations. Naturally, he completely danced around the question.

But the Pittsburgh attack was not carried out by a Muslim. It seems at this point that Robert Bowers was some sort of white supremacist though not a Trump supporter. While we must equally condemn acts of violence against Jews no matter who is responsible, it is wrong to blame Trump for this latest outrage. I hope that Pittsburgh's Jewish leaders will reconsider their position. It has been a struggle to bring real public awareness to the resurgence in anti-semitism in this country. We finally have a president who cares deeply about it. It would be wrong to push him away.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Plenty of Blame to Go Around

The Associated Press

As a life-long Steeler fan who, by coincidence lived in Pittsburgh from 1987-1990, it warmed my heart to see how the team altered its logo to honor the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue attack.

As the facts pour in about the accused shooter, Robert Bowers, it appears that his anti-semitism was part of being a white extremist. Yet, it also appears that unlike the accused mail bomber in Florida, Cesar Sayoc, Bowers is no fan of President Trump. It may be that Bowers targeted this particular synagogue over its perceived sponsorship of helping refugees enter the US. It also appears that this synagogue was involved in interfaith events with organizations like the Council of American Islamic Relations. The local CAIR office alluded to having been welcomed in the synagogue.

Anti-semitism is a hate that cuts across many ideological divides. White nationalist, neo-Nazi anti-semitism is but one form of anti-semitism. Another form is that found in the Middle East/Muslim world including the likes of Louis Farrakhan here at home. It is all well and good for the cynical CAIR to express "solidarity" with the Jewish community. It would be better if they confronted Islamic anti-semitism. Though CAIR claims not to be involved in international issues. they are a consistent critic of the Jewish state of Israel. They are also connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. In addition, they represent an ideology that demonizes Jews as being less than human.

Although Bowers apparently does not represent Islam and has no apparent connection to academia, we need to remember that we have a serious problem with anti-semitism on our university campuses, arising out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that plays out in our universities. The administrators of our universities have shown themselves time and time again to be unwilling to tackle campus anti-semitism. Why is that? It would be easy if it solely consisted of white racists or neo-Nazi students. The problem is that it is largely due-overwhelmingly, in my view- to pro-Palestinian students and faculty and groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Associations-not to mention the toxic Middle East Studies departments. I base this on my own experiences at UC Irvine witnessing hate filled speakers and disruptions of Jewish, pro-Israel events. Coupled with that is my own research over the years into what happens on too many other campuses.

But I have come to the conclusion that we must acknowledge the fact that the KKK-types, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis are out there. They are despicable and must be countered. On the other hand, I don't expect the CAIRs of our country to admit and confront their own form of Jew hatred. What I do expect is that our universities would engage in some introspection into the anti-semitism that is played out on their campuses. It may be that Robert Bowers has never set foot on a college campus. That doesn't necessarily mean that none of these seeds have been planted in the halls of ivy.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Pittsburgh Shooter: Robert Bowers

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The man in custody in today's Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting is identified as Robert Bowers 48. He has a history of anti-semitic rants on social media. At this point, various sources are trying to figure out more about his politics. It doesn't seem to be altogether clear. He is described at various sites as a white extremist, anti-Trump, anti-Jewish etc. Whether his antipathy towards Jews has anything to do with Israel is as yet unknown. There may be a resentment towards Jewish organizations sponsoring refugees.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

This incident appears to have just ended. A gunman opened fire this morning in a Pittsburgh synagogue. It is believed there are multiple fatalities and that the suspect is now in custody.

*Update: Eight people are reported dead and three police officers wounded. Suspect is in custody.

Gang Rape in Freiburg, Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

It is now as common as the daily soccer scores. Thanks to Angela Merkel's insane immigration policies, which have led the way for Western Europe, the body count steadily rises. Just days ago, we were reporting on the gang rape/murder of a teenage Italian girl in Rome by Arab and African migrants. Now in Germany, we have yet another gang rape of a German girl-this time by as many of 15 men, mostly or all Syrians.

And the timing could not be better with the European Court of Human Rights affirming Austria's conviction of Islam critic Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff for insulting the sacred memory of Mohammad by referring to his child bride.

It kind of reminds me of that King Kong movie, where the local natives routinely sacrifice their women to the beast.

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Cesar Sayoc

This article first appeared in New English Review.

I had little doubt that law enforcement would quickly identify the person who was sending bombs through the mail addressed to prominent liberal figures. I did have some question as to which extreme the suspect would belong to ideologically. I thought there might be a possibility that it was some Antifa type trying to discredit the Trump administration and Republicans in general in the run-up to the midterm elections. I was wrong. By all accounts, the suspect, Cesar Sayoc, is a right-wing kook.

First and foremost, we should all be grateful that law enforcement has quickly brought an end to this scare. As a  conservative, I have strong, negative feelings about all of the people who were targeted. Sending them bombs or targeting them for violence never entered my mind, nor would 99.9% of other conservatives ever entertain such thoughts. The actions of this person are despicable and deserving of the harshest punishment.

Of course, we are already seeing the crowing from the media and the left. President Trump is being blamed 24-7 for fostering an attitude of violence. Already, the despicable Maxine Waters, who has actively and with specificity encouraged her followers to get in the faces of Republicans and administration officials-with positive results, is hypocritically saying that Trump has to accept responsibility for the actions of Sayoc. We need no lectures in civility from the likes of Maxine Waters.

Cesar Sayoc will have his day in court where his guilt nor innocence will ultimately be established. What is important to note is that these acts will find little to no sympathy among Republicans or conservatives. We all applaud the prompt resolution of this case.

European Court of Human Rights Affirms-No Freedom of Speech in Europe

Hat tip Gates of Vienna


It is one of the curiosities of Europe that citizens' rights in the EU member nations are decided by unelected jurists and bureaucrats in places like Brussels and Strasbourg who make decisions binding on citizens in Austria, Germany, Sweden and the rest of the member states.

So it is that the European Court of Human Rights, located in Strasbourg in a compound that more resembles a brewery than a court, has affirmed what was already known. When it comes to Islam  there is no freedom of speech. The ECHR has affirmed the previous conviction Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of defaming Islam by Austrian courts.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Latest Migration Wave From C. America Underlines Need for Border Security

As we speak, the latest wave of thousands of Central Americans is making its way though a compliant Mexico en route to our border. They have no visas. They have not been invited. They are coming anyway. They come waving Honduran, Salvadoran or Guatemalan flags. They stop to demonstrate in front of  our embassy in Mexico City along the way. Not exactly the best way to ensure you're welcome in the US. Apparently, they don't care whether they are welcome or not.

The same situation is playing out in Western Europe, where hundreds of thousands of migrants, asylum-seekers or refugees have stormed in from the Middle East and Africa, Most are young men in their 20s. With few exceptions, they are making no positive contributions to their countries of destination unless you call, terrorism, murder, and rape to be contributions. While the East European countries refuse to accept them, the Western Europeans seem powerless to say no.

There is also another possible similarity between the two groups: In both cases, billionaire financier George Soros appears to have his hand in it. In the case of Europe, it is documented. He funds some of the NGO rescue ships that are picking up African migrants in the Mediterranean and dumping them in Italian ports.  (At least up until the point where the new Italian government stopped allowing the ships to dock.) Soros is also suspected by some to be involved in the Central American wave though the liberal "fact check" sites dispute it.

Both examples point to the need for secure borders on both sides of the Atlantic. Contrary to accusations from the left, very few Americans oppose all immigration. We do insist, however, that we control who comes and who is not allowed in. For his part, President Trump, in his inimical style, is promising to stop the migrants marching through Mexico. Unfortunately, we are dealing with the by now obviously outdated law that people can apply for asylum if they can  get one foot over the border. We can't send our Border Control one foot over the line into Mexico to stop them. What is needed is cooperation from Mexico. In past decades, they have flooded this country with drugs and their own illegal immigrants. Now they are providing a way through Mexico for Central Americans. In short, Mexico is being a very bad neighbor.

It is up to Trump to pressure Mexico in no uncertain terms to stop this march toward our border. If these people are allowed into the US, it will be a huge failure on the part of the Trump administration.

Among all the hand-wringing from the left about the plight of all these thousands of 20-something men, lost is the fact that the actions of these migrants-both in the Americas and in Europe are truly hurting decent, legal immigrants. I still believe in legal immigration for those who will adopt our values and contribute to our various nations. I don't blame people who want to escape horrific conditions in their home countries to seek a better life in America or Europe. But the final say in who is admitted must rest with the receiving country. Immigration is not just for the benefit of the immigrant. It must also be for the benefit of the receiving country. We seem to have lost sight of that fact.

Rome: Italian Girl Raped and Murdered by Migrants

Hat tip Voice of Europe and Vlad Tepes

Le foto social di Desirée Mariottini

The victim: Desiree Mariottini (16)

Two Senegalese migrants, both in Italy illegally, are in custody charged with participation in a gang rape and murder of an Italian teenage  girl.

"Thank you to the police. I will do everything so that the worms guilty of this horror pay in full for their vileness, with no discounts,” he added."

Here is a report from the Italian media translated by Fousesquawk.

Rome, 16 year old dead in the pusher building: drugged and probably raped | Stopped a 30 year old
A Senegalese witness says: "They abused her in three or four, there was also a friend of hers"
It was not a "normal" case of overdose the death of a girl in a building occupied in Rome, in San Lorenzo, on the night between Friday and Saturday: the prosecution investigates murder and rape. The autopsy performed on the body of the 16 year old Cisterna di Latina, Desiree Mariottini, confirms a sexual relationship but on the causes of death we will need further analysis. According to some media reports, a 30-year-old Senegalese was arrested.

A witness: "She was shouting, there was also a friend of hers" - To tell the last moments of life of Desiree is a witness, a Senegalese boy, who told the police: "They drugged and raped her." An eye witness  that would have seen Desiree dying, or perhaps already dead, lying down with a blanket over her. "A girl was screaming," said the young man, who has already made his deposition at the police station. "I looked at the woman screaming and there was another girl in bed: they had put a blanket up to her head, but you could see her head. I do not know if she was breathing but she seemed dead already, because the other girl was screaming and saying she was dead ".

"I arrived there between midnight or half past midnight - he added - I went in and there was a girl screaming, in the building there were Africans and Arabs: a few people, six or seven people". Also according to the testimony, next to Desiree there was  another girl: "she was Italian I think she was Roman, she spoke Roman, she shouted 'they raped her', then she also took some drugs because drugs are sold there. She said 'they were certainly three or four' ". For now, even if the Prosecutor suggests rape, the autopsy would not have shown signs of violence but a sexual relationship that now investigations will have to check if consensual.

The drug stable- The investigators are listening to several people, almost all frequenters of the building in Via dei Lucani, in the district of San Lorenzo, university area and that at night turns into a place of nightlife, but also alcohol and drug dealing. In the meantime, the building was put under seizure. Many inspections and videos of surveillance cameras were also secured.

Desiree Mariottini lived in Cisterna di Latina. The neighborhood of San Lorenzo are days that show its solidarity with the girl's family and on a wall appeared also written in white paint "Justice for Desiree, San Lorenzo does not forget you".

The last call to her grandmother - "I missed the bus, I am staying in Rome with a friend". These are the last words Desiree said to her maternal grandmother in a phone call on October 17 last before disappearing and found dead on the morning of October 19th. Revealing this is the lawyer of the girl's family, Valerio Masci. The girl lived with her mother and grandmother, and a younger sister.

Hunting the gang, maybe 4 people - There may be three or four people involved in the brutal murder of the 16-year-old. While the prosecutor tries to clarify what happened, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, visited the neighborhood where he was greeted with applause and whistles .

Unfortunately, Italy does not have a  death penalty. There is no other fitting punishment for these animals.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Germany: Two Migrants Charged in Rape of German Woman

Hat tip Jihad Watch

An Iranian and an Afghan are charged in the German city of Mainz for raping a mentally-impaired German woman. In Angela Merkel's  Germany, this is becoming an occurrence as common as snow in January.

At a certain point, when Europe's leaders refuse to stop this invasion of the body snatchers, it becomes a case of criminal negligence.

Italy: One Fine Day in Ancona

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Ancona is a town in the central Italian province of Marche. This week, a Bangladeshi immigrant went on a spree assaulting people, beginning with a bus driver and ending with police who responded. An eyewitness captured the scenes from a neighboring window,The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

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The immigrant beats an agent: the video shock of the assault

In Ancona, a Bengali attacked a driver, the customer of a store and a driver: the video shock published online

First he beat the bus driver. Then he attacked a shop customer. Finally he punched the face of a municipal agent.
All in the center of Ancona, by day. This is what happened yesterday around 3pm in the city in the  Marche  region and is raising a cloud of controversy after the publication by some residents of a video ( watch ) that testifies to the brutal beating by the immigrant.
The protagonist of this latest case of violence against the police is a 31 year-old Bengali resident legally in Italy thanks to a long-term residence permit. Actually, according to reports from AnconaToday , the Bengali would have been subjected for some time to a "suspension" of the permit by the Immigration Office, which, after a series of previous incidents accumulated  collected by the migrant, is deciding if it is the case or not revoke the document. So you can expel it.
I wonder if this last case will have any consequences. But let's go to the facts. According to what was reconstructed by the Municipality, in fact, the Bengali first attacked the bus driver with a fist to the cheekbone and ear, then he  chased him in a shop where he had taken refuge. At that point he entered the market where he  attacked a client. Chased by the clerk and the driver, he was stopped by a municipal patrol. While the agent tried to reason with him, suddenly (as seen in this video) the Bengali  launched a slap in the face of the policeman. The two agents reported at the end prognosis of 4 and 7 days.
Hopefully, the perp will be quickly reunited with his home country, where he can go on as many rampages as his heart desires.

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