Thursday, January 25, 2024

Arizona State Univ Under DOE Investigation for Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Campus Reform

I'd say the Devil looks quite good in that Palestinian keffiya.

Arizona State University (home of the Sun Devils) has joined the growing list of universities now under investigation by the Dept. of Education, Office of Civil Rights, over charges of campus anti-Semitism. As usual, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), co-founded by UC Berkeley professor, Hatem Bazian, is at the center of things.

The complaint was filed by Campus Reform's editor-in-chief, Zachary Marschall.

This week's edition of the campus newspaper, State Press, has no mention of the complaint. They do have an article running on a January 19 protest in which the little rascals (SJP, Communist Party USA, and Party for Socialism and Liberation ) presented a list of "demands" to the administration.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Italy: A Life Sentence for Innocent Oseghale

Pamela Mastropietro

We have been following the horrific story of Pamela Mastropietro, a young Italian girl, who, in 2018, was murdered and her body cut into pieces by a Nigerian immigrant named Innocent Oseghale in Italy. Oseghale was convicted, but in a series of appeals, the Italian Supreme Court felt they needed to decide whether the crime was accompanied by sexual violence in order to affirm the life sentence. That has finally been achieved and it appears that the life sentence for Oseghlae has been confirmed.

The below article from today's Il Martino is translated by Fousesquawk.

Murder of Pamela Mastropietro: Life sentence for Innocent Oseghale

Posted 9 hours ago, 24 January 

The Supreme Court rejects the appeal of the defense and finalizes the sentence of life imprisonment for Innocent Oseghale imposed in the first instance (trial)  and twice on appeal. In 2022, the Supreme Court had requested more details on the aggravated (circumstances) of sexual violence.

Macerata- Innocent Oseghale was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the young Pamela Mastropietro, killed, cut into pieces, and left in Pollenza in 2018. Oseghale had been convicted in the first instance. The sentence was affirmed twice on appeal, even if in 2022, the Supreme Court had requested more details on the aggravating (circumstances) of sexual violence.

This was not a small issue, since if it had not been recognized, Oseghale could have avoided life imprisonment. With today's sentence, the final word has been put on a gruesome story, first in the news and then in the courts.

The mother of the young girl burst into tears at the reading and was embraced by so many present to show their solidarity. A scene quite different from when two years ago, she left the courtroom in a rage over the partial annulment of Oseghale's sentence. Her t-shirt was also different: While in 2022, it showed the body of her daughter cut into pieces, this morning, it showed her smiling face against a pink background. 

The woman is satisfied with the sentence, but certain that it has not been completely ascertained  the dynamics of the events of that cursed day. She has always been convinced that Oseghale had not acted alone and that the accomplices are still walking around free. " All the uncertainty of these years doesn't help. To know that there are monsters out there who can still do harm, as they did to Pamela, is a terrible thought."

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Harvard "Combats" Anti-Semitism

Another disturbing incident has taken place at Harvard. Posters showing the faces of Israelis killed and/or taken hostage have been defaced in an especially obscene manner..

But not to worry. Harvard is on the case as far is battling anti-Semitism is concerned. As part of that effort (along with battling Islamophobia) Hravrd has named a Jewish studies professor-a critic of Israel- to lead the effort. The appointment of Derek Penslar has been met with much criticism from some Jewish circles.

The Harvard Crimson, the campus newspaper, is running an op-ed supporting Penslar.

Since I had never previously heard of Penslar, I want to be fair here. On the one hand, I am not surprised that Harvard would choose a Jewish person who just happens to be a critic of Israeli government policies (he claims to be a Zionist). It also buttresses my overall suspicion that universities prefer to staff their Jewish studies departments with professors who oppose Israel (I can't prove it but based on anecdotal evidence, I hold that suspicion.) The Harvard Crimson points out ironically that Pemslar's only "transgression" (italics added) is "criticism of Israeli government policies". My question is whether he was chosen (aside from his credentials) in part for that very reason. God forbid they would pick someone who is a staunch supporter of Bibi Netanyahu and the war against Hamas after October 7. But to be fair, this is about anti-Semitism on campus. The point I have always made is that no matter how you stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is not an excuse for engaging in anti-Jewish behavior. Still I wonder. According to what is stated in the above Jewish Chronicle link, Penslar has reportedly expressed the view that accusations of anti-Semitism at Harvard are exaggerated. 

Yes, we have a problem with antisemitism at Harvard, just like we have a problem with Islamophobia and how students converse with each other,” said Penslar, who describes himself as “left of center.” “The problems are real. But outsiders took a very real problem and proceeded to exaggerate its scope.”

Perhaps, Professor Penslar has changed his opinion after this latest incident involving the Israeli hostage posters.

Monday, January 22, 2024

UNC Under Investigation by DOE for Anti-Semitism

On January 2, we posted a story about the shenanigans of the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

In addition, UNC has also recently been placed under investigation by the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights for allegations of anti-Semitism (Hat tip JTA). The allegations center around a statement made by a UNC professor, E. Chebrolu, during class on October 17, 2023, and statements made by a guest speaker (Rania Masri) on campus on November 28, 2023, describing October 7 (the day of Hamas' attack on Israel) as "a beautiful day."

Here is how the campus newspaper, The Daily Tarheel is reporting the news.

I am fully aware of the free speech aspects of this controversy, and I am not arguing for anybody being arrested here. But as for a speaker describing October 7 as "a beautiful day", I find that to be an outrageous statement that should be condemned by decent-thinking people. If the horrific acts committed by Hamas on October 7 are not enough to turn your stomach, keep in mind that some of the murder victims and some of the hostages still held today by the bloodthirsty killers of Hamas are American citizens. (The UNC chancellor has condemned Masri's statement.)

Question: Was 9-11 also a "beautiful day" for that speaker?

Question: How would we receive someone, say a Japanese citizen residing in the US or a Japanese-American describing December 7, 1941 as "a beautiful day"? Keep in mind that those living on the West Coast were rounded up and placed in internment camps until the end of the war, losing their homes and businesses which, in many cases, were never returned. And guess what. As far as I am aware, not one single Japanese/Japanese-American uttered the words that December 7 was "a beautiful day". The internment was a tragic mistake, and in no way am I suggesting that it should happen to the people who made the above statements post-October 7.

But we have every right to be disgusted. As to allegations of campus anti-Semitism at Chapel Hill, these must be fully investigated. There is apparently a lot going on at UNC. Are these incidents part of an overall pattern of anti-Jewish harassment on campus? That is for DOE to evaluate and determine.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

UCSD-UC Merced Ethnic Studies Department Statements Supporting Hamas

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Hamas in Gaza

The Ethnic Studies departments at two University of California campuses have issued statements in support of Hamas in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Specifically, we are talking about UC San Diego and UC Merced

I purposely say they are in support of Hamas for good reason. Although neither of their statements specifically say they support Hamas- they claim support of Palestinians- the simple fact is that it is Hamas that Israelis are fighting in Gaza. It was Hamas that brutally attacked Israel on October 7. It was Hamas who carried out inhumane atrocities against innocent Israelis on October 7, and it is Hamas that Israel rightfully now seeks to destroy in its own self-defense. To call Israel's righteous response a genocide is outrageous. Let us not forget that the very charter of Hamas calls for the destruction of every last Jew on earth. Where I come from, we call that genocide.

In my opinion, it is Hamas that these ethnic studies fake academics are supporting. If the shoe fits, wear it.

As I have pointed out before, I take no pleasure in seeing civilian deaths in Gaza as a result of the fighting. I could point out that Gazans were celebrating October 7 and that some Gazan civilians participated in the rape and defilement of dead Israelis brought back into Gaza. I could point out that Hamas routinely fights from behind its own civilians as it is now. I could point out that in every round of fighting between these two armies, the Israelis go to great lengths to try and minimize civilian casualties. As in any war, ultimately, civilians will die, and that is a tragedy. But the blood of innocent Gazans is on the hands of Hamas, not the Israelis.

These above two letters speak volumes about what university ethnic study programs are really all about. There is nothing wrong with studying the history and culture of various ethnic groups, including when they have been subjected to discrimination. What they are in reality, however, is a divisive force that seeks to divide us by tribe and put forth the proposition that America is a racist endeavor made up of victims and oppressors. That may have had validity 60-70 years ago, but not now in my opinion. Rather than being a force for understanding and reconciliation, these departments are doing great harm. They do little to truly educate our children. Instead, they indoctrinate them.

Is it any surprise that the Ethnic Studies departments at these two UC campuses are supporting Hamas?

Friday, January 19, 2024

Rutgers: SJP Reinstated on Campus-Makes More Demands

"Yeah, we really taught 'em a lesson, didn't we, Boys?"

Recently, we reported that the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights had initiated an investigation into complaints of anti-Semitism at its New Brunswick campus. The day after the announcement, Rutgers suspended the campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine. That unleashed a storm of outrage not only from SJP but also from their faculty enablers, something called the Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP).

Well, the suspension didn't last long because the Daily Targum (Rutgers campus newspaper) is reporting that SJP has been reinstated. That is accompanied by a photo showing a poster on which are inscribed the moving words: "We are all SJP".

Far from being grateful, three masked members of SJP appeared at a "press conference" making more demands. (H/T Daily Caller)

And to think I had given kudos to Rutgers for suspending these mopes.

Germany: School Pupils Demand Sharia in Class

A school in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia has had problems with some Muslim pupils trying to impose sharia ideas into the school and classroom. The police were called in, and now the state parliament is demanding answers.

The below article from today's West Deutscher Rundfunk is translated by Fousesquawk.

NRW (North Rhine Westphalia) school committee debates sharia incident at Neuss school

January 17, 2024 12;43

The sharia incident in Neuss landed the school committee in the state parliament today. Pupils in one school reportedly have demanded strict Islamic rules.

By Benjamin Sartory

"Radicalism and extremism have no place in our school," said NRW School Minister Dorothee Feller (CDU-Christian Democrat Union) at the start of the school committee session. The AfD (Alternative for Germany party) had requested a current (update) on the incidents in a Neuss school. Several pupils reportedly demanded strict Islamic rules there, including segregation of genders in class. 

Pupils in Neuss wanted gender segregation

Reporting for the state government was the school crisis official within the School Ministry, Martin Oppermann. Accordingly, three of the four high school students contacted teachers last spring and showed "interest in a stricter interpretation of Islam". In the school's view, "statements critical of the State" were made, so they called in the police.

In a "creeping process". the pupils then somehow tried to influence other pupils in their religious practice and create gender segregation. The school then took measures within the school, including, for example, (providing) information and strengthening of students and teachers. In addition, the Ministry authorities were informed.

However, from the point of view of the Neuss school, associating the behavior of the pupils with the term, "sharia police" in no way affects the facts. Basically, (the school) feels it has been falsely presented publicly and they actually believe they are a functioning community.  

State Security called in due to sharia-pupils

Christian Blex (AfD)  (found) the statements insufficient, He would have liked to know more about what exactly happened in the school and also asked questions as to the consequences for the pupils. "Was there at least a written reprimand?" Oppermann answered that one of the pupils was suspended from classes for one week.  

"Every extremist is garbage," said Franziska Mueller-Rech (FDP-Free Germany).  However, she warned against exaggerating the incident. She doesn't recognize a nationwide danger to the schools.

Dilek Engin (SPD-Social Democrat) demanded that the school ministry cooperate more closely with the extremist prevention program "Guidepost".  The Neuss school finally addressed this. This program, incidentally, has had more to do lately, the state interior ministry said today.

"Guidepost" often at schools

Inquiries from schools have also increased with the start of the Middle East conflict. "Guidepost" had carried out more than 1,000 informational events by the end of the third quarter of last year, most of which were in schools.

A representative of the State Ministry of Interior said that the police, from the beginning, have worked very closely with the school. This matter will still be investigated. State Security with the responsible police in Duesseldorf are also involved.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Temple University Under DOE Investigation for Anti-Semitism on Campus

Hat tip Campus Reform and Amcha Initiative

The Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights has its hands full these days investigating universities plagued by anti-Semitism, thanks mostly to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They have now initiated an investigation into Temple University (home of the Owls) in Philadelphia following a complaint lodged by Zachary Marschall, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, a blog site that covers campus controversies and is currently focusing on the issue of campus anti-Semitism.

In my view, the DOE's investigation is long overdue. Just going back through the archives of this site, it is clear that these problems have existed at Temple for several years. In fact, I even wrote a letter to the president of Temple back in 2014 complaining about the tactics of Students for Justice in Palestine. 

Here is how the Temple News (campus newspaper) is reporting the story.

In addition, here is the link describing problems at Temple as compiled by the Amcha Initiative, an organization dedicated to exposing and fighting campus anti-Semitism.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

UC Faculty Letter to UC Regents re: Campus Anti-Semitism

I am cross-posting a letter to the University of California Regents from a group of current and past UC faculty. The letter particularly focuses on the activity of the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) Department at UC Santa Cruz and their anti-Israel activism in the wake of the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. The letter can be accessed here. The letter complains that CRES is misusing the university's name and resources to push its anti-Zionist agenda. It further invites UC faculty, current or emeritus to sign the letter.

A perusal of the UCSC/CRES website gives you a clue as to what kind of "academic" enterprise they are.

The letter was sent to me by a UC professor involved in the letter. I have signed the letter even though I do not exactly meet the criteria of current or emeritus faculty. (I taught part-time at the UC Irvine  Extension from 1998-2016.) Anyway, if that doesn't qualify me to sign, they can strike my name from the letter.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

UC Davis: Whatever Happened to Professor Jemma Decristo?

Hat tip Campus Reform

Jemma Decristo

I am cross-posting an article by Campus Reform on an ongoing controversy over remarks made by UC Davis transgender professor Jemma Decristo on X that appear to be a threat aimed at "Zionist journalists". This occurred back in October in the wake of the Hamas attack of October 7. The chancellor of UC Davis, Gary May, issued a statement to the campus community condemning the alleged comments but did not name the professor or explain what the offensive comments were.

-Campus Reform

The question now being asked by Campus Reform: In light of the fact that Decristo's name does not appear on the UCD faculty bio pages, is Decristo still employed at UCD? 

Checking the campus newspaper, The Aggie, I tried the site's search block and could find no mention of Decristo, past or present. Are we to assume that the student newspaper has no idea who Decristo is? Pity.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Oberlin College Suspends Professor

Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

Oberlin College has been featured often on this blog over the years due to its ongoing problems with anti-Semitism. Joy Karega, a former professor at Oberlin, was canned in 2016 as a result of her anti-Jewish screeds and questionable academic qualifications. More recently, Oberlin has been placed under investigation by the Dept. of Education, Office of Civil Rights for allegations of campus anti-Semitism.

During the same period, Professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati has been under fire for his past record as an ambassador for the Islamic Republic of Iran, his own documented statements supporting Hamas and a "global jihad" against Israel, and allegations of sexual harassment. He was stripped of his teaching duties last November. Now the Jerusalem Post reports that he has been suspended. 

In light of the DOE investigation, it just might be that Oberlin is trying to clean up its mess. We can only hope.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Belgium: 19-Year-Old Arrested in Antwerp for Planning to Attack Jewish Institutions


Belgian police have arrested a 19-year-old man in Antwerp who they say was planning an attack on Jewish institutions. The Justice Minister, Paul van Tigchelt, implies that this plot could be connected to the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas. The suspect is not identified.

The below article from HLN is translated from Dutch by Fousesquawk. We are in the process of creating English subtitles for the video in the article showing remarks by Van Tigchelt. 

*Update: Subtitled video can be seen below. (Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes).

Suspect (19) who targeted Jewish institutions in Antwerp arrested by police

Update: A suspect who was preparing for a possible attack against Jewish institutions in Antwerp was arrested Saturday. That is what Justice Minister Paul van Tigchelt to VTM  News this afternoon.

Patrick Lefelon Jan 14, 2024 at 15:34. Latest update 16:26

The Justice Minister made the statement after the incident last week with Flixbus. At that time, nothing was going on, as it turned out, after a thorough investigation.

"But the services remain alert. Friday evening, we received information about a man in Antwerp who wanted to carry out an attack on Jewish institutions. They leave nothing to chance. They intervened Saturday morning, and the man was arrested and held in custody. In this manner, we neutralize the threats that manifest themselves" according to Van Tigchelt.

The Antwerp prosecutor's office confirmed that on Saturday during an intervention by the Federal Police, a 19-year-old man from Antwerp was arrested who possibly intended to carry out an attack.

Spokesman Kato Belmans of the Antwerp prosecutor's office: "The man was ordered held in detention by the investigating judge and is charged on suspicion of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack and unlawful possession of weapons. Next week, he will appear in front of the council chamber, which will decide on his further detention. The investigation continues under the direction of the investigating judge."

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Barbarians at the Gates (of the White House)

-Daily Mail

 A few days ago, we alerted you that the pro-Hamas reprobates of our nation were planning another march on Washington. It has happened, and just as we suspected, the barbarians have descended on the White House and crushed against the gates, throwing objects over the fence and at security personnel.

The Daily Mail (UK) has an extensive report, probably more extensive the say, the NY Times or Washington Post.

If you are wondering why it is always the pro-Palestinian/Hamas protesters who are always so disruptive and violent, as opposed to the pro-Israel supporters who are civilized.... I have just answered your question.

Take note of the pro-Hamas organizations, like CAIR, who organized this "march". 

Make no mistake: They are tied to Hamas just as they are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a despicable conglomeration of  Islamist organizations that are anti-Semitic and anti-American to their core. They should be rejected by Americans everywhere. They are subversives and merit a full investigation by the DOJ and FBI. Of course, under the current administration, that will not happen.

Netherlands: Koran-Burning in Arnhem-A Bridge Too Far?

-Algemeen Dagblad

In Arnhem, Netherlands (site of a famous WW2 battle), Dutch Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld attempted to burn a Koran. Police were deployed to keep counter-demonstrators at a distance. As Wagensveld began to burn a Koran, he was attacked and had to be taken away by police for his safety.

The below article from NOS News (Netherlands) is translated by Fousesquawk. There is video available, and we are attempting to provide English subtitles for one of the videos. In addition, this link to Algemeen Dagblad has several images of the incident.

As I have previously stated, while I don't think it should criminalized, I question the wisdom of burning Korans, an act that offends every Muslim on the planet, peaceful or otherwise. I believe that what is in the Koran should be subject to honest discussion, therefore, I agree with those who say, "Don't burn the Koran-read it-and understand it." I would add that I don't agree with the violence that results in police being injured while trying to keep peace.

NOS News-Today at 18:19

Pegida leader violently prevented from burning Koran

In Arnhem, an action by Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld got out of hand. Counter-demonstrators wanted to stop Wagensveld from burning a Koran on Jans Square and sought a confrontation. Wagensveld was taken away by police for his own safety. 

Due to the escalation, Mayor Marcouch issued an emergency order and called in the Mobile Unit (riot police) to stop the violent crowd. In the disturbances, several police and the Pegida leader were slightly injured. Thus far, there have been three arrests. The police have opened an investigation. 

"There were rocks and fireworks thrown, and the police barrier was violently broken through," Marcouch tells NOS (News). "I understand sadness and emotion, but not expressions of violence."


Wagensveld had registered his action on the Jans Square in Arnhem to the municipality several weeks ago. According to the mayor, the demonstration met all the conditions, and so the leader of the radical-right group got permission for the Koran burning.

In the video images, it can be seen how Wagensveld tries to set a Koran on fire while the police and the Mobile Unit keep the counter-demonstrators at a distance. A counter-demonstrator breaks through the wall of police officers, runs up to the Pegida leader, and kicks him.

See here the images of the events on the Jans Square in Arnhem.

Caption in video: Edwin Wagensveld attacked as he tries to burn a Koran

Before the escalation, Mayor Marcouch was also on the square. He engaged in conversation with the counter-demonstrators and asked them to find another location for the counter-demonstration.

Wagensveld is the leader of the radical-right group, Pegida. He has been arrested several times in the past. In November last year, he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service for insulting Muslims. In an action in the Second Chamber (Parliament), he tore up a Koran and compared Muslims to Nazis.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

UC Santa Cruz Critical Race Ethnic Studies Indoctrination: Is This Education?

UC Santa Cruz-Home of the Banana Slugs

Recently, we have posted articles on the efforts of anti-Israel activists within the University of California system to impose their doctrines upon students in California including high school students who aspire (for some unfathomable reason) to enter a UC university. This includes Critical Race theory teachings that include course material that claims that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians and even blames Israel for the attack by Hamas on October 7.

The Amcha Initiative has just posted a report on UC Santa Cruz's Department of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies that demonstrates how this is being done.

It should come as no surprise that this nonsense would be spawned at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University). We should ask ourselves: Is this education? To advocate on behalf of one side in a war in the Middle East? What kind of "education" is it to "shut down" a university for a day over the Israel-Hamas war? What kind of "education" is it for professors to urge their students to walk out of class? What kind of education is it for faculty to form an organization to march in lockstep with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a despicable anti-Semitic organization that uses tactics of intimidation and disruption to get its point across?

This is not education; it is indoctrination.

This, of course, comes at a time when this movement has, for years, instigated hate and harassment aimed at Jewish students in universities all over the country, a problem that has been festering for decades now.

And now we have Faculty for Justice in Palestine chapters sprouting like weeds on campuses to support the little brown shirts of Students for Justice in Palestine. Is this a reaction to a handful of schools suspending their SJP chapters due to their organized thuggery on campus? Shame on both groups. What's next- University Presidents for Justice in Palestine?

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Charges Dropped Against University of Chicago Occupiers

The Chicago Maroon, the campus newspaper of the University of Chicago, is reporting that charges have been dropped against 26 students and two faculty members who took part in a sit-in in a university building on November 9. The sit-in had been organized by UChicago United for Palestine. The arrestees were charged with criminal trespass.

"The arrested protestors still face a lengthy legal process to have their records expunged and a litany of University disciplinary charges despite the charges being dropped. According to Youssef Hasweh, a fourth-year Palestinian student who was among the arrested and charged, the University required arrested protestors to attend disciplinary hearings during finals week."

There is mounting pressure around the country for foreign students who participate in these protests to have their student visas canceled and to be sent back to their home countries. Defenders of these students argue that it is a matter of free speech. On the other hand, I would argue that much of this protest is directed toward supporting Hamas-a US-desiganted terror organization. It is one thing to demonstrate for a cease-fire or to show concern for the civilians being killed in the Gaza fighting. It is something else to support Hamas or to call for Israel's (a US ally) destruction. Those who call for the death of Jews or violate the civil rights of Jewish students have clearly crossed the line in my view.

I hasten to add that many of the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas protesters are not foreign students. Some are US citizens, and not all are Muslims.  That said, we should not have to show tolerance toward foreign students who are supporting Hamas or engaging in anti-Semitic behavior on campus. Throw them out!

THE Brown University Under Investigation by DOE for Anti-Semitism

"From the river to the sea........"

Over the past several years, this site has posted several articles about Brown University, an Ivy League school in Rhode Island. I have often used the moniker, "The Brown University" to draw an analogy with Erlangen University, which was the first German university where Nazis formed a majority in student government prior to Hitler's rise to power in January 1933. In short, like many other universities in the US, Brown has had its share of complaints of anti-Semitism. 

On December 11, in the wake of Hamas' barbaric attack on Israel (October 7), 41 Brown students occupied a building on campus demanding the university divest from Israel and call for a cease-fire. They were removed. and charged with trespassing.

In addition, the University is rejecting complaints about its Choices Program, recommended course reading materials for secondary students that some claim present distorted arguments relative to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are anti-Semitic. The official campus website is currently running an article defending the materials. Brown also rejects accusations that the nation of Qatar finances the program.

Now the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights has added Brown to the growing list of universities where Jewish students are filing complaints of anti-Semitism on campus. Accordingly, DOE/OCR has opened an investigation. (Hat tip Campus Reform)

I have checked the current issue of the Brown Daily Herald, Brown's campus newspaper. It has yet to report the complaint. It has reported on the arrests of the 41 students. That article is linked above.

France Has a New Prime Minister!


French President Emmanuel Macron has named 34-year-old Gabriel Attal to replace Elisabeth Bourne as prime minister. This gives the French a new one-two punch when it comes to youthful leadership.

In Italy, some are talking more of the appointment recalling how Attal condemned Italy in June 2018 when then-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused permission for a "rescue ship", the Aquarius, to dock in Italy with over 600 migrants on board.

Giorgia Meloni, then head of the Fratelli d'Italia party and now prime minister, responded bitterly to the criticism coming from France.

The below two videos from yesterday's Il Giornale are translated by Fousesquawk. The first is the statement by Attal, followed by the second, which is Meloni's response. (Hat tip to He Ha.) Subtitling by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Los Angeles: Pro-Hamas Protesters Spray-Paint Walls of US Veterans Cemetery

 Hat tip Hot Air

-Sam Yebri/Hot Air

I am cross-posting an article from Hot Air reporting on a pro-Palestinian march that took place on Sunday in Los Angeles. The march occurred specifically in West Los Angeles, just blocks from where I used to live when I was in high school. The focal point of the march was the Federal Building, which over recent years, has been the location of many pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations, of which I have attended several (as an observer of the former and participant of the latter.) 

Hot Air reports (see video) that some of the protesters spray-painted the walls of the National Veterans Cemetery which lies just across the street from the Federal Building. I am very familiar with this cemetery, which is old and has some 80,000 graves of our veterans. For someone to spray paint their propaganda on these walls is shameful. In all the pro-Israel demonstrations that have occurred at this intersection, nobody has ever disrespected the cemetery.

-Sia Kordestani/Hot Air

As I have previously pointed out, pro-Israel demonstrations feature US flags together with Israeli flags. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations feature Palestinian flags exclusively, as you can observe for yourself in the images posted by Hot Air. That should tell you something.

Shame on these people.

Monday, January 8, 2024

Hitler Learns his Secretary of Defense is in the Hospital

 My latest Hitler parody masterpiece

What's a world leader to do when he finds out his secretary of defense has been in the hospital for a week and nobody knew? Here in the US, President Biden has just found out (after a week) that his own secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin is in the ICU. Furthermore, his deputy, Kathleen Hicks (whoever she is), is on vacation in Puerto Rico!

That's a fine how do you do!

If you have ever wondered what Hitler would have done in his Berlin bunker in such a situation, check out my latest Hitler Reacts parody.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Italy: Egyptian Deported (Second Time) from Italy

A 34-year-old Egyptian man who ran amok in Milan attacking people on the street while yelling, "Allahu Akhbar" and holding a Koran has been deported back to Egypt (for the second time). The below article from Il Giorno is translated by Fousesquawk.

Milan: Attacked three passersby shouting, "Allahu akhbar". The ex-smuggler will be expelled to Egypt.

Wednesday afternoon, he was accompanied by police on board a departing flight from Malpensa (airport) destination Cairo and repatriated to his country of origin, Egypt. Ibrahim Tawfik, a 34-year-old, who on October 14, attacked three passersby at the end of viale (street ) Monza, almost at the border with Sesto San Giovanni, while wearing an Islamic tunic and holding a Koran, was expelled. 

In the course of the attacks in rapid succession, which fortunately did not lead to serious injuries, the man was also shouting, "Allahu akhbar". The 34-year-old was then arrested by investigators from Digos, charged with violence with racial, ethnic, national, or religious motives, and transported to San Vittorio (prison) for evaluation for eventual deportation. 

A procedure now completed, on the basis of a measure issued by Prefect Claudio Sgaraglia and executed by officers of via Fatebenefratelli (Milan police hqs) under Police Commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi.

It is not the first time Tawfik has been kicked out of Italy: It had already occurred in 2018 when the prefect of Catanzaro had ordered his removal from (Italy) as a danger to the public. The Egyptian had arrived at Pozzallo four years prior on board a ship, but a few days after was arrested for aiding illegal immigration, accused of being one of the smugglers who had ferried the migrants from one shore of the Mediterranean to the other. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

March for Hamas Coming to Washington

Hat tip to Steve

Where is the US flag?

Our nation's capital is bracing for another pro-Hamas event, a so-called March on Washington for Gaza on January 13. It will be held at the National Mall.

So what can we expect? Will it be like the recent March for Israel that featured hundreds of thousands of people marching peacefully? Or will it be like the last pro-Hamas march where buildings and statues were spray painted? Will there be a mob in front of the White House gate with their spray paint? Will some demonstrators actually try to climb over the White House gate like last time? Will demonstrators again occupy the Capitol rotunda?

A look at the list of organizers gives you a hint of what kind of march it will be. Some of the organizations listed are new to me, but I am familiar with CAIR (Congress of American Islamic Relations), ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), AMP (American Muslims for Palestine), MSA (Muslim Student Association), and MAS (Muslim American Society). They are all connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and/or Hamas in one way or another.

No doubt we will see hundreds of Palestinian flags. What you will not see are any American flags. (Do you see any in the above photo?) When pro-Israel people demonstrate you see a mix of Israeli-US flags. Not so with pro-Hamas protestors.

The contrasts could not be more obvious.

UCLA's Khaled Abou el Fadl Steps in it Again

Over the years, UCLA law professor Khaled Abou el Fadl has darkened the pages of this site with his insane defense of terrorists, especially those who terrorize Israel. El Fadl is originally from Kuwait but studied in the US, and after getting his degrees, managed to hang around. He has been embarrassing UCLA for years now, but they keep him around for some strange reason.

His latest rant comes in response to the Israeli-Hamas war where he condemns Israel with the strangest logic. He compares the way Israelis (and Americans and Europeans) supposedly talk about Palestinians with the way Germans talked about Jews back in the days of the Third Reich.

MEMRI TV has posted a video of El Fadl's latest outburst. One should not be shocked that he comes across as a crackpot. 

I am fully aware and well-educated on how the Nazis talked about Jews. But there are some differences.

First of all, German Jews were not trying to annihilate the German state.

German Jews were not carrying out terrorist attacks against Germans, either military or civilian.

German Jews were well assimilated into German society. Many had intermarried and many had even converted to Christianity. They had served in World War 1 and were loyal to Germany. (None of that  saved them from the Holocaust since the Nazis considered Jews as a separate race.)

German Jews did not hijack Lufthansa flights. They did not kidnap innocent people and hold them as ransom. They did not set off bombs in German cities. They did not strap on suicide vests and blow themselves up in crowded places. They did not rape women. They did not behead babies or place them in ovens after murdering their parents. They did not cheer and desecrate the dead bodies of Germans as they were dragged through the streets.

There was no such thing as Jewish terrorism in Germany.

Yes, Jews were dehumanized by the Nazis, just as Jews today are dehumanized by Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Look at what Palestinian schoolchildren are taught about Jews.

I could go on, but you get the point. German Jews (and European Jews for that matter) did nothing to incur the murderous, genocidal hate that Hitler whipped up against them.

Looking at it from a slightly different angle since El Fadl brings up Germany, does he know what happened to Germany after they invaded and occupied half of Poland, invaded and occupied France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and so many other countries? (Unlike "Palestine", those were actually countries occupied by Germany.) After they bombed Rotterdam and Coventry to the ground?  After they terrorized the local population and rounded up their Jews? After they declared war on the US and invaded the USSR? The Allies began bombing Germany's major cities, reducing them all to rubble and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process. Unlike the Israeli military, the Allies did not warn civilians in cities like Berlin that their very apartment buildings were going to be hit (Of course, we didn't have the type of precision bombing that we possess today.) In World War II, we were fighting for our survival, and the aerial bombing was designed to break the will of the enemy and bring about a quicker end to the war. Similarly, Israel is fighting for its own survival, yet it takes every possible measure to limit collateral damage.

Another difference is this: As evil as the German government was, at least they had the "decency", if you will, to evacuate their children out of the cities, At least they had air raid shelters throughout their cities. What does Hamas do? They set up their fighters and their rocket launchers in schools, hospitals, mosques etc. They inhibit their own population from seeking shelter. In short, Hamas wants civilian deaths so they can trot out the international press and show them how "evil" Israel is.

Just what are Israelis, Americans, and Europeans supposed to say about Palestinians, especially after what they did on October 7?

El Fadl is typical of the Hamas apologists we have seen since October 7. Who among this crowd is condemning what Hamas did on October 7? Just what did they expect Israel to do in response? Where are the voices re-examining their support for the Palestinian cause (and Hamas) after October 7? Is this what they are supporting?

El Fadl and his crowd are making excuses for the worst episode of pure savagery since World War II.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Islamist Confab in Florida

Hat tip Steve, ME Forum and Focus on Western Islamism

Joe Kaufman has written a report describing an upcoming convention by the South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF) in Coral Springs, Florida January 12-13. The event is to be held at the local Marriott Hotel. According to Kaufman, SFMF is a collection of radical Islamist groups. In addition, according to Kaufman, SFMF is aligned with Student for Justice in Palestine and is active in siding with Hamas in the wake of the October 7 attacks.

Kaufman and others reportedly met with a Marriott representative at the Coral Springs site and outlined their concerns about the event participants. 

The below article is cross-posted.from Middle East Forum.

If you are inclined to voice your concerns to the management of Marriott, please be respectful.

*Update: January 8, 2023.

Marriott has canceled its hosting of the event. Here is the tear-stained notice by SFMF.

*Update: January 8, 2023. Here is the full report on the cancelation from Middle East Forum.

School Days in Sweden


"Up in the morning and out to school...."

The Swedish site Nyheter Idag is reporting on a study done by the southern Swedish newspaper, Sydsvenskan on the problem of violence in Skåne middle schools (southern Sweden). The article below is translated by Fousesquawk. (Note: The original article in Sydsvenskan is not available due to subscriber block).

* In case you didn't know, the term halal is an Arabic word (meaning "permitted") that when coupled with "slaughter", refers to the customary method of animal slaughter as performed by Muslims. It is similar to kosher.

Chokings and threats of "halal slaughter" - Everyday violence in middle schools in Skåne

Pupils who are choked, beaten, and humiliated, teachers who are attacked when they try to intervene, and children who threaten to take a knife to school to "halal-slaughter" other children. This is how everyday life looks in three Skåne middle schools according to an investigation done by Sydsvenskan (News).

The newspaper examined the Naverlönn School in Svedala,  Hjärups School, and Ljungen School in Furulund, which were chosen because they are of the same size, are located in the periphery communities outside Malmö and Lund, and the examination covered three time frames, all of 2022 and the spring of 2023.

In one case, the newspaper revealed that a boy was chased through the schoolyard and kicked when he was down. He was threatened with violence if he tried to get away, held in a chokehold, and his face rubbed with a shoe.

"Every week, some sort of fight happens. When the younger students run out of words, then it goes to a kick, a shove, or occasionally a choking," says  Naverlönn School principal Anna Moberg to Sydsvenskan.

In another case, sixth graders chased a pupil through the school. When a teacher tried to intervene, (the teacher) was attacked, shoved, and pulled by the arm. The pupil who was attacked managed to break loose and seek shelter in a group room.

In one report, it states that "a pupil threatens to take a knife  to school and "halal slaughter" another pupil," while in another report, a pupil threatened to kill another pupil for several days, "if not today then some other day." 

In one fall, a school employee testifies how a pupil was struck several times in the face. After a visit to the health center, it is reported that the affected pupil received a slight concussion and had sores in his mouth.

The attacking pupil says in a conversation that he had experienced a threatening situation and had been told by his father "that it is ok to hit back". During a family meeting, it comes out that the father has given "permission" to hit and "didn't see any problem" with that.

"In the cases where cooperation with parents is more difficult, we see challenges in working with the pupils in school, "says social pedagogist Emelie Eldsvan at Naverlönn School to Sydsvenskan.

"Every two weeks on the average, alarming reports on pupils at the school are sent to social services. What is positive is that together we apply for more and more guardians. Parents themselves feel they need help," says Principal Anna Moberg to the newspaper.


Iran vs. ISIS: It's Game on!

Soleimani (+) and friends


On Wednesday, more than 80 people were killed in a bombing attack carried out while people were gathered to attend a memorial ceremony in Iran for Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian military terrorist leader killed in  US drone attack exactly four years ago. Now ISIS is claiming credit for the attack, which occurred at Soleimani's tomb, and the mullahs in Teheran are promising quick retaliation.

Oh boy! A war between Iran and ISIS? Who do we root for in this one? Who will Hamas support?

My biggest fear now is that President Biden will dispatch our hapless Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to the Middle East to try and negotiate peace between the two parties.

"Whatcha gonna do, Joe"

I wonder if protests will now break out on American university campuses blaming Israel. Palestinian-supporting professors can call it a case of "intersectionality", where all conflicts and problems lead back to the Zionist state. My guess is that unless they want to blame this on Israel or the US, there will be no protests on our campuses. The little rascals, as we know, have "other commitments".

So it's game on between Iran and ISIS. They may not be paying attention at Harvard, but I'm going to enjoy this one!

"Relief" in the Bunker


"Good news, mein Fuehrer. Your name doesn't appear on Jeffrey Epstein's client list."

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Claudine Gay's Resignation Letter

This article first appeared in New English Review.

This week, Claudine Gay finally stepped down as president of Harvard after the shortest tenure in the school's history (6 months). She will stay on at Harvard as faculty, and no doubt she will become a martyr to the Woke left. We can also expect numerous speaking appearances and a book (only her 4th). None of that can change the fact that she leaves in disgrace after her testimony before Congress that left the impression that she and her institution were indifferent to campus calls for death to Jews, her mounting accusations of plagiarism, and a scanty publishing resume that poses the question: Why was she hired in the first place?

Gay's resignation letter only adds more fuel to the fire.  It is full of feel-good platitudes to the future success of Harvard, but contains no apologies for her testimony, no apologies for what Jewish students have been subjected to at Harvard (not even a mention of that), no apologies for the embarrassment she caused Harvard, no real reference to the plagiarism charges, and adds insult to injury by introducing the race card with this statement:

 "Amidst all of this, it has been distressing to have doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor—two bedrock values that are fundamental to who I am—and frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus."

Not surprisingly, those words gave ammunition to race hustlers like Al Sharpton, who has blamed the resignation on the fact that Gay is a black woman (which had nothing to do with the reasons she is no longer president of Harvard.) Indeed, one of her principal accusers of plagiarism is Dr Carol Swain, former professor at Vanderbilt University-herself black- from whom Gay lifted many of her passages.

In academia, plagiarism is considered one of the mortal sins. As has been pointed out by many commentators in the past few days, any student found guilty of plagiarism can expect nothing short of a full expulsion. Why should the standards be any different for the president of Harvard? To that end, I question why she is being retained as faculty.

It has also been revealed that Gay's publishing resume is shockingly sparse. One of the most important parts of an academic resume is how many books and journal articles one has published. In her entire academic career, Gay has published three books and by varying accounts that I have seen and heard, 11 or 17 articles. That's it. Just to illustrate how unimpressive that is for an academic, I have published 3 academic books and have 1 journal article to my credit-and I don't even have a PhD. (I certainly don't expect any job offers from Harvard in the coming days.)

Up until a few years ago, Harvard was generally considered America's most prestigious university. The antics of the pro-Palestinian activists on campus and the anti-Semitism should have put that to rest. It wasn't too many years ago, we were learning how Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren had used her very questionable identity as part Native American to land a teaching gig at Harvard. That identity was heralded by Harvard itself to show the world how cutting edge they were in minority hiring. Warren likely has no more Native American blood than General George Armstrong Custer.

And then there was a young man by the name of Osama Shabaik, one of the so-called "Irvine 11", Muslim Student Union members who disrupted the speech of Michael Oren (then-Israeli ambassador to the US) at UC Irvine in 2010 and was convicted of a misdemeanor for that disruption. As I have previously written, he returned to UCI 3 years later as a law student at Harvard and told his audience (I was present) that he was told by the Harvard Law School dean that he (the dean) had read on Shabaik's application that he was a member of the "Irvine 11". The implication Shabaik left with the audience was that this had possibly played a positive role in his acceptance at Harvard Law.

But all this is secondary. The real damage is the harassment that Harvard's Jewish students have been subjected to by the pro-Palestinian goons and goonettes on campus. To be sure, Harvard is not alone in this regard. It is a problem that has been going on for at least two decades in universities all over the country. It needs to be stopped now. If that means the forced resignation or firing of more university presidents and chancellors, so be it. If that means that universities see their enrollment, donations, and public funding dry up, so be it. The Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights has opened several new investigations into campuses that are hotbeds of anti-Semitism. A handful of universities, after years of inaction, have suspended the Students for Justice in Palestine chapters on their campuses. We need to see more of that. Free speech is one thing, but bullying and disruptions are quite another.