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Deepa Kumar Controversy Continues

This site, like many others, has reported on the outrageous comments coming from Rutgers University professor Deepa Kumar. Here is more from Fox News.

Wow. This woman really hates this country. Let me put on my jingoistic hat here for a moment. While I support immigration ( I am married to an immigrant), recently, I have taken exception to certain types of immigration. That includes illegal immigration and immigration by certain folks who don't accept our values and wish to do us harm. That also includes people who are otherwise gainfully employed, obeying our laws, but trashing us as a country.

Now here comes Deepa Kumar. She is originally from India. I assume that she has been here a long time and is probably a US citizen. Yet I have to question why she is in this country except that she is enjoying the fruits of opportunity and prosperity that this country offers. Her comments indicate that she has no respect for this country and no respect for the majority of people in this country-by that I mean she has a problem with white folks.

“Okay, I'm sold on using the term ‘douchebag’ to describe rich, white entitled males and their misogynistic, racist behavior!” Kumar wrote in a Facebook endorsement of an online article last fall.

Frankly, this kind of rhetoric, which is rampant on university campuses is not only unfair and divisive, but annoying and tiresome.

And this:

"In addition to her attacks on Hirsi Ali, who grew up under Islam in Somalia and was subjected to female genital mutilation and a forced marriage before fleeing to the west, Kumar also condemned former Muslim Wafa Sultan as a “collaborator of U.S. empire” after Sultan criticized Islam."


I say this cautiously because to tell an immigrant to "go back where they came from" can be an ugly epithet. Yet, how is one supposed to react to this? I say this clearly and without embarrassment: Ms. Kumar, if that is how you feel about this country and our people, why don't you go back to India? We don't need you; we don't want you, and the sooner you are gone, the better off this country will be.

The First Time I Saw Wrigley Field

September 1962

I first became a Cub fan in August of 1963. Prior to that, as a kid, I had been a Milwaukee Braves fan beginning at the very end of the 1956 season when they blew the pennant to the Brooklyn Dodgers. I didn't like the Dodgers because every year (almost) it was the Dodgers vs the Yankees in the World Series. (Remember the old Gillette commercials?)  Of course, the next year, the Braves went all the way beating the Yanks in the World Series. Somewhere around 1960 or 61, I lost interest in the Braves. Then, in 1963. I suddenly became a Cub fan. I was about to go to Chicago and spend a week or so with my aunt and uncle, and they were going to take me to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs. My uncle was an executive with the Curtiss Candy Company, whose HQs were located just around the corner from the ballpark. They (Curtiss) had a box behind the Cubs dugout, and my uncle had arranged the tickets. Funny thing: Days before I left, I saw a picture in the paper of Willy Mays being picked off at a game at Wrigley with Cub shortstop Andre Rodgers applying the tag. I don't know what it was; maybe I liked the Cubs' home uniform, but I was getting into the Cubs. (What a mistake that was.)

The clincher was the game at Wrigley. We had great seats and you could hear the players talking on the field. The atmosphere was so different from Dodgers Stadium (which had opened the year before). I felt like I was back in the 1930s. There was old Pat Pieper, the public address announcer and ball boy rolled into one. Pat had been with the Cubs from the very beginning of their time in Wrigley Field in 1916! He wasn't in the press box rather was seated behind home plate in a little chair holding a microphone and minding a bag of balls. There was no national anthem, nobody introducing YOUR Chicago Cubs, just Pat reading the lineups and giving the players' names and positions when they came to bat. They didn't even play the National Anthem in those days before the game. Of course, there were no lights, Wrigley being the last remaining park in the big leagues with no lights. The combination of weekday games and bad teams meant sparse crowds in those days. (This game was on a Tuesday afternoon in front of 15,000.) Wrigley may have been unique to me coming from LA, but you have to remember that at that time, all the other teams were playing in those old ballparks as well. Wrigley's distinguishing features were the absence of lights and the ivy on the walls. Now, of course, Wrigley and Fenway Park are icons.

Pat Pieper

Incidentally, we had a Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, which had been the home of the Pacific Coast League LA Angels prior to the move of the Dodgers to LA. The Cubs were the parent club of the Angels, and the Wrigley family built the ballpark in the early 1920s. I actually played there in the 1960s in a semi-pro city championship game. The major league Angels played their first season there in 1961. Below, you can see the similarity to the park in Chicago. LA is on the left and Chicago (1920s) on the right

Wrigley Field Los Angeles Opening Day LOW.jpg

The Cubs, at any rate, were seemingly on the rise. They would finish 82-80 that year after getting rid of the idiotic "College of Coaches", by which they rotated their managers. They had the big 3 of Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ernie Banks. In addition, they had Ken Hubbs, a smooth fielding second baseman and rookie of the year from 1962. They also had a young right-fielder named Lou Brock, who had yet to have that break out year. He was very fast and quite promising.

That day, they were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, so I was able to see the great Roberto Clemente. I remember he took away an extra base hit by catching a fly ball in the vines.

Unfortunately, the Pirates won that game 5-3. Watching Hubbs in the field, I became a fan of him as well as Lou Brock. I recall he hit an easy comeback to the pitcher and almost beat it out with what looked like a blur going down the first base line.

I was hooked and have been to this day.

A couple of days later, my cousin and I rode the El to Wrigley Field, and we saw the Cubs play the expansion Mets under Casey Stengel. That game they won 6-5 as Billy Williams hit two homers and narrowly missed a third.

Later that season, I saw the Cubs play the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, a game they won 2-1. 

Of course, old-time Cub fans know that after that season, Hubbs lost his life in a private plane crash in Utah, and during the 1964 season, there was the infamous Lou Brock trade for Ernie Broglio. Brock went on to a Hall of Fame career with the Cardinals (as I could have predicted) while Broglio was a bust for the Cubs. The team sank back into mediocrity until the Leo Durocher years (which, unfortunately, brought us heartbreak).

I was able to get back to Chicago again the next year and took in a couple of games against the Phillies. (I actually saw Broglio throw a complete game with 9 strikeouts.)  It was still possible to find a parking place within a block or two of ball park. Of course those days are gone.

I have to confess I don't much like the electronic message boards that the Cubs have put up in the ballpark. The one in left field especially mars the feel of Wrigley. It's too big, dwarfs the old center field scoreboard, and just looks out of place. Certain renovations are needed within the infrastructure. The concourse and the club houses need to be upgraded, and that can be done without destroying the effect.  I know the Ricketts family is trying to bring in revenue to build a stronger team, but I don't ever want Wrigley to lose that feel it had for me the first time I saw it 1963. It had a lot to do with me becoming a Cub fan.

Just How Much Classified Information Was on Hillary Emails?

Like a bad dose of herpes, this is becoming a serious recurring problem for Hillary Clinton as the State Department continues to release her emails. Now we learn that these emails (not surprisingly) involved several intelligence agencies. Now they are worried about how much classified information is  going to be (or has already been) leaked.

I can tell you from my own personal experience working overseas with DEA, agencies like the CIA and NSA classify their toilet paper.

So Hillary keeps adjusting her statements and telling us, "I sent nothing that was classified. (classified at the time.)" Then she prepares for the next outbreak er document dump.

Here is an update from Fox on today's document dump:

"Among the retroactively classified emails was one from Clinton adviser Huma Abedin in October 2009 regarding a call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas."

I cannot believe that the above was not classified at the time-unless, of course, Huma was just calling to wish Abbas a happy birthday-or perhaps, forward one of her husband's cell phone photos. (Her husband is Anthony Weiner.)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rutgers Professor Compares US to ISIS

Image result for deepa kumar
Deepa Kumar PhD

Deepa Kumar is a radical professor at Rutgers University who has tweeted out references comparing the US  to ISIS. She was featured this evening on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox News.

Here is a report from

In this article in Inside Higher Education, Ms Kumar defends herself.

I added my own comment on the above reader thread (not yet posted). Ms Kumar, I note, was one of the faculty activists who opposed a speaking appearance by Condi Rice at Rutgers recently. Thus, she appears to be another one of these academics who feel that free speech only applies to them because opposing opinions are just wrong and therefore not fit to be heard and evaluated.

Ms Kumar has the right of free speech to trash her adopted country (She comes from India). Nobody is going to arrest her and nobody is going to fire her.

But folks like little ol' me also have a right to respond to her vile comments and express our own. If anyone has threatened her, as she says, I condemn that. But I will gladly join the ranks of "right-wing blogs" that are criticizing her.

President of University of New Hampshire "Troubled" and "Offended" by Bias-Free Guide on His University's Website

And Shocked and Dismayed Too

I must assume from this article that the presidency of the University of new Hampshire is a ceremonial position. What else can one assume after Mark Huddleston expressed anger over the "Bias-Free Language Guide" that appears on his university's website? A university spokesperson goes even further saying that it was placed there by "community members", while the article says it
was developed by students and staff.

Ironically, if you go to Huddleston's own UNH website, he refers to the school website itself.

Mark W. Huddleston

"As you tour our website and visit our campuses, you will find....."

Maybe you ought to tour it yourself, Mark.

Ohio State's Marching Band: It Was Worse Than Thought

Hat tip The College Fix

In 2014, Ohio State's marching band director, Jonathan Waters, was fired when it came to light that a song book featured sexual and inappropriate material. Now it revealed that it was even worse. There was material in the book that featured mocking of the Holocaust. The below report is from The College Fix cross-posted from the Wall Street Journal.

Does this not underline what we have been claiming all along-that there is a problem of anti-Semitism on our college campuses? The current president of Ohio State, Michael Drake, should understand how serious this is because he came to OSU from UC Irvine, where he was under fire for not confronting anti-Semitism on that campus.

UC Skate Board (Santa Barbara) Cancels Porn Class

Hat tip The College Fix

Constance Penley-PhD in rhetoric

Scholarship took a major blow (no pun intended) when UC Santa Barbara cancelled a long-standing porn class citing lack of enrollment (interest).

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe some parents took the time to check out what their kids were taking in school and decided they weren't going to pay the high tuition for Jack and Jill to study the academic aspects of porn. Maybe Jack and Jill figured they could watch all the porn they wanted on their computers for free.

One thing needs to be said in all seriousness: There are too many universities across the fruited plain that are devoting too much time and resources to sex.

Not that there's anything wrong with sex, mind you. Some of my best friends have sex. I just wonder why porn is considered an academic subject and why colleges need to hold annual sex weeks with workshops and all that. Add this to all the political indoctrination students are getting in college and you realize why they are so unprepared to enter the work force when they graduate with degrees in topics that make basket weaving look like engineering.

The Latest Planned Parenthood Video: How to Lie

Research not business

It gets worse for Planned Parenthood as the Center for Medical Progress releases their fourth undercover video. In this video, a Colorado Planned Parenthood director explains to undercover activists how to mischaracterize the harvesting of fetal body parts to get around the law.

Just think: Our government gives half a billion dollars to this organization in tax-payer money every year. We are all paying for this.

Can Bernie Sanders Take the Nomination From Hillary?

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

When Bernie Sanders, the openly socialist senator from Vermont announced he was running for the Democratic nomination for president (even though he is an Independent), people chuckled. They wondered how the slightly unkempt lightweight walk in and "steal" the nomination from the Queen-in-Waiting with her machine in place and money to burn.

They are not laughing now.

Opinion polls show Ms Clinton slipping and Sanders gaining. He has a long way to go, to be sure, but remember Senator Barack Obama? I think it is possible.

For one thing, even Democrats see the phoniness and scripted artificiality in the wooden Hillary, whose speeches are akin to the proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard. Just this week she was in South Carolina telling a largely black audience that "Black lives matter". Unlike the hapless Martin O'Malley, she didn't make the mistake of adding that all lives matter. (Of course, Sanders was also present in Arizona during the O'Malley fiasco, but at least he had the gumption to tell the audience that "If you don't want to hear what I have to say....".

In contrast to Clinton, Sanders doesn't try to mask where he stands on issues-which is to the left of Hillary. He speaks naturally and with the conviction of his beliefs. He resonates with his (liberal) audiences.

One senses that except for the true Clinton kool-aid drinkers, Democratic voters are looking for something more refreshing and genuine than  tired old Hillary. They are also starting to finally wake up to the fact that she is dishonest, corrupt, and devoid of any real accomplishments as a senator and secretary of state. They also now see that she is beholden to big money interests just like most all politicians. Further, they see that she is slightly more to the center than this far-left party has now drifted. Sanders, who is about as far left as you can get in the Senate, is the real deal.

Of course, to throw a bucket of cold water over myself, I forgot about the money. Sanders is going to need a big infusion of cash to keep up with the Clinton machine. At any rate, it would be nice to see someone challenge Her Nibs and dirty her up a bit before the general election. I can only hope that there are enough decent and honorable Democrats out there to see how unworthy Hillary Clinton is of the highest office in the land.

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The Stop Iran Now Rally in San Diego

Hat tip JJ

I was planning to attend one of the Stop Iran Now rallies in LA or San Diego sponsored by Stand With Us on July 26, but was unable to.  One of the speakers at the San Diego event was Micha Danzig, a San Diego attorney, former Israeli Defense Force soldier, and board member of TEAM San Diego (Training and Education About the Middle East). Below in the Times of Israel is the text of Mr Danzig's speech. He draws a parallel between the recent deal signed with Iran and the 1938 Munich agreement. I urge you to read it and send it on.

Great speech, Mr Danzig! I wish I could have been there to hear it.

University of New Hampshire Speech Policy: Insane

"American" is problematic

Move over University of California and University of Wisconsin. The University of New Hampshire is about to take over first place when it comes to silly speech codes. The Daily Caller has the report below. There is a link to the UNH "bias-free language guide", and you gotta read it to believe it.

As to the "American" issue, as a Spanish speaker, I know that if you travel to Central or South America and refer to yourself as an "American", you are likely to be politely informed that they are Americans too. That "micro-aggression" aside, I always tell my friends from those regions that in English, we don't have an adjective for United States as they do in Spanish (estadounidense) Thus, we have gotten in the habit of calling ourselves Americans. When I am in Latin America, I try to refer to myself as a North American and my country as the United States.

But if we are in the US, what's the big deal?  What is with all these rules? And who dreamed up all this "micro-aggression" stuff?

Maybe we should all just learn Esperanto.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Theatened With Contempt

Image for the news result
John Koskinen-The Concealer

An angry federal judge has threatened contempt citations to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen over the agency's failure to  provide weekly email records relating to Lois Lerner and the agency's attempt to harass conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

God, is there really hope that justice might be achieved against this corrupt administration?

The Cincinnati Shooting

I have just reviewed the videotape from the shooting of a black man by a white University of Cincinnati police officer. It's too soon to make a final judgment, but the officer has been indicted.

It appears the officer's defense is going to be that the deceased man, Sam DuBose, was trying to drive off and that he (Officer Ray Tensing) thought he was in fear of being dragged by the car. The tape does not appear to support that though at the moment of the shot, the video from the officer's body camera becomes blurred-understandably from the violent movement. Had DuBose been reaching for a gun, that would justify the shot, but that is not the case. he was unarmed.

As to the question of being dragged or otherwise injured by the car, if a suspect uses his car to try and injure or kill an officer, that generally justifies shooting in self defense. There are many cases like this in law enforcement. I was in a somewhat similar situation one night in Los Angeles back in the early 1980s. In my case, which occurred one night in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, we were attempting to arrest a suspect who was just leaving his house as we arrived and were setting up to hit the door. As the suspect drove out of his driveway and down the street, one of the agents tried to stop him by acting like a drunk pedestrian staggering across the road. The suspect stopped briefly, but when he realized he was about to be arrested, he hit the accelerator and tried to drive away striking the agent and knocking him out of the way (He was not injured.) The agent then fired a round at the left front tire, but only succeeded in killing a hubcap.

(I am not making this up.)

As all this happened, I was standing right next to the driver's side window with a direct bead on the suspect's head. I could have fired, but I noticed that one of my fellow agents was slightly to the left. Had he moved to the right he would have entered the line of fire. Thus, I did not fire, and a high speed car chase ensued before we were able to stop and arrest the suspect with a struggle.

Subsequently, an internal investigation was conducted-as is required. The shooting was deemed justified, and the agent hung the hubcap on the wall behind his desk.

Back to Officer Tensing. Unless something emerges that supports his version of being dragged, I think he has big problems. However, I will withhold judgment.

British Jihadists Bite the Dust in Syria

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo

Image result for juan cole
Juan Cole- PhD

University of Michigan professor Juan Cole likes to pooh-pooh the problem of British (and US) Muslims traveling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. At a speech at California State University at Long Beach on October 16, 2014, he called British Prime Minister David Cameron a racist for alerting the public that some 400 British Muslims had joined ISIS. Given the 4 million Muslims in Britain, 400 was a "minuscule "number".

Cole is going to be reminded of his remarks every time a story comes out of Britain about their problem of home-grown jihadists.

And here is one:

"More than 60 Britons are now believed to have died in Syria, many of them fighting alongside the brutal Isil group."

(A minuscule number. Hopefully, that number will rise.)

Israel Scores One for the Good Guys

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Amid all the depressing news about ISIS, Iran, John Kerry and Barack Obama, a bit of good news comes from our friends in Israel. They have reportedly killed a Hizbollah leader who was one of the most vicious killers in the world of terror. The Investigative project on terrorism has the report.

Hopefully, Obama and our State Department will not issue a statement decrying the "loss of life".

New Words on Parade at Dartmouth: Exoticized, Intersectionality

Hat tip The College Fix

The victicrat industry apparently is in constant need of inventing new words to add to the English language in order to drive the Victim Express. Thus, we learn a couple of new words. The College Fix has the report.

"Intersectionality" (noun) Defined as having to do with an intersection

Image result for intersection accidents

White privilege intersectionality in action

You can't put a price tag on a college education, Folks. Can you imagine when these young people graduate and go for their first job interview?

Hillary's Emails: Loretta Lynch Is Being Put to the Test

Image result for loretta lynch

Loretta Lynch, the successor as attorney general to the corrupt Eric Holder, came over to Justice from her previous position as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn). Even though she was appointed by President Obama, it was at least hoped that she would bring true professional experience to the job. Now she is truly being put to the test, and that test centers around Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

Two inspectors general have recommended that the Justice Department open an investigation into Ms Clinton for possible criminal wrongdoing in the email server matter.  There is ample evidence to at least merit an investigation. The inspectors have already uncovered messages that dealt with sensitive material as part of random sampling. That leads to suspicion that there could be thousands of similar messages.

Ms Clinton's denials and "explanations", far from clearing up the matter, have only cast more suspicion on her truthfulness. Her running correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal on matters relating to Libya have further clouded the issue. Blumenthal turned over his copies of correspondence with Ms Clinton-correspondence that she said she had turned over to State, but which State couldn't find.

The only proper course of action is to turn this over to the professional investigators of the FBI. Make no mistake, the field agents who would actually conduct the investigation will be subservient to their bosses in hqs, who will be subservient to the suits in the DOJ. Federal law enforcement agencies have sections in their respective hqs that oversee so-called "sensitive investigations" and this fully fits that description. If on the other hand, Ms Lynch comes out and makes an announcement that no investigation is deemed warranted, the claims of political cover-up will be prompt and loud.

Loretta Lynch is now squarely on the hot seat.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mika Brzezinski's Absurd Attack on Mike Huckabee

Hat tip Breitbart

Image result for mika brzezinski


Mika Brzezinski, who sits with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's Morning Joe show, is no intellectual heavyweight. She adds very little of substance or interest to any conversation going on around her. So now comes the Mike Huckabee comment about President Obama's Israel policy "delivering Jews to the oven", and  Mika's take on it is that Huckabee, a devoted  Christian, is "un-Christian".

There is little I can add to Breitbart's analysis. Sure, Huckabee used explicit words to describe Obama's betrayal of Israel, but this Iran deal does put Israel in much greater danger of a nuclear incineration. After all, it would only take one nuclear device to "wipe Israel off the map", as the Iranian mullahs have threatened to do many times.

Un-Christian? What is un-Christian about wanting to protect Jews from what would be a second Holocaust-this one at the hands of fanatical Muslims? Would the Christian thing be to do nothing and allow Israel and another 6 million Jews to be "wiped off the map" so that we can live in peace and harmony with Iran and the Arab world-as Obama would like?

I am not saying that Obama wants to see Israel wiped off the map and 6 millions Jews killed, but in my view, he certainly believes Israel to be a most inconvenient country.

I never could figure out what Scarborough and Brzezinski are doing together on that show. Considering the lineup at MSNBC, I figured they would have given her a show of her own long ago, you know, right before Ed Schultz.

 Or after?

Canadian Couple's Plan to Attack Synagogue and Kill Jewish Children

Hat tip Arutz Sheva and Frontpage Magazine

A Canadian couple, both converts to Islam, were planning to infiltrate and attack a synagogue with the intention of killing children.

Is there any comparison here to Dylann Roof, the young man who recently entered a black church in Charleston, went through the motions of worshiping with members of the congregation, then killed 9 of them? Are not both cases motivated by hate?

Yes, but in the case of Roof, there was no religious motivation. In the Canadian case, there was.

The problem-and it is worldwide-is that Islam is motivating a lot of people to carry out horrific acts of murder. It is true that most Muslims are not so motivated, but way too many interpret their faith as a directive to kill. That affects us, of course.

In my view, peaceful Muslims are either secular in their outlook or simply don't have a violent nature. The latter, of course, includes most Muslim women. The question I still have in my mind is whether they focus on the peaceful passages of the Koran, Meccan Muslims if you will, or they truly do understand the texts in their entirety and find other ways to support the jihad. I believe there are many in the US who are furthering the aims of jihad through non-violent means. CAIR is one such example though several of their members over the years have crossed the line.

Is Lincoln University Newspaper Overlooking Professor Kaukab Siddiqi?

Hat tip Campus Watch

Over recent years, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has suffered one embarrassment after another over Pakistani-born professor Kaukab Siddiqi's anti-Semitic and sexist comments. Recently, university administrators have had to condemn his vicious remarks even while defending his right of free speech. Among other ideas exposed by this character, he has denied the Holocaust, insulted Jews as people, and made light of rape by implying that Western women are whores and sluts. That includes a defense of Bill Cosby.

Apparently, there is one campus institution that has overlooked Siddique's offensive comments especially as they pertain to women. That would be Lincoln's online campus newspaper, The Lincolnian. Not exactly an active newspaper, I have nonetheless been unable to find any recent comments on The Lincolnian as to Siddique's rants. That is especially interesting since the paper did report on student demonstrations against ex-school president Robert Jennings last November when he was forced to resign after insensitive comments over complaints of three co-eds of sexual assault.

"LINCOLN UNIVERSITY, Pa.—On Saturday, Nov. 15, Lincoln University students held a silent protest outside of the university’s Board of Trustees Meeting held in the University’s International Cultural Center.
Over 50 students gathered early Saturday morning outside of the trustees meeting, after the meeting room reached capacity, with posters stating “Our Voice Doesn’t Matter,” using the hashtag #UnSilenceOurVoice, in retaliation to the recent headlines circulating of the university’s president, Robert R. Jennings, and the recent faculty Vote of No-Confidence in Jennings.
During the opening statements of the meeting, the board released a statement of support, stating that it collectively agreed to remain in support of Jennings, and had applauded him for his accomplishments in bringing the university to its current state. The board also reassured they would continue to review the university’s current state and its current president in a thorough investigation.
Thembisile Gxuluwe, a sophomore of the university, along with other students stated that Jennings, in fact, was not the university’s major problem.
“These issues [some are wanting to address] are long awaited issues; these issues were here long before Jennings got here,” said Gxuluwe. “Getting Jennings out won’t simply fix these issues. So us protesting isn’t us trying to slander him or make him leave because we can’t afford that. It’s to let our voices be heard.
While some students attended Saturday’s meeting in all black with their mouths covered in tape, other students chose to speak up and refute the actions of their peers.
“I feel like a lot of people are distracted,” stated Shaheem Sabor, a junior at The Lincoln University and President of the university activist group, Black Men in America. “I feel like a lot of people are set by trends, taping their mouths, wearing all black, and that’s all cool but we’ve got to start taking actions [as studeSignsnts].”
The Mighty Lion Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. Chapter President, Eloheem Ali, a senior, argued that the real problem students were facing wasn’t their unheard voices, but the lack of communication between each other.
“It’s real easy for a bunch of people to follow a leader of whoever to demonstrate their ‘voicelessness’,” stated Ali. “The real problem is unity between the students and communication between the students because at the end of the day….we have the most control in this situation and have the power to [solve our issues].”
Saturday’s student protest comes after a previous town hall meeting, held by the university’s Student Government Association last Wednesday, where students agreed to vote on a Vote of Confidence in the university.
“A voting ballot will be sent to the students, via their Lincoln email, addressing whether or not they have faith in the direction this university is going,” Student Government Association Executive Secretary, Olutoyin Olowookere said. “It’s important that the student voice is heard.”
However, some students believe that there is an uncertainty in what the desire of the student body may be.
“I don’t think anybody knows what they want; everybody’s just feeling all this confusion and anger,” argued Tiana Spencer, a sophomore. “Half of the people don’t even want to speak; they don’t even know what they’re here for…but they want change. “
Shamsiddin Lother, a senior, stressed the importance of students understanding the urgency of fighting for the direction of the university, instead of fighting to fire Jennings.
“It’s bigger than just the president and we must let our voice be heard, but let our actions speak louder than our words,” stated Lother. “This is a legacy, this is [our] life. It’s about the university; it’s about the direction of the university. We’re in an identity crisis. It’s important that we are known and that we allow ourselves to be outspoken.”students
The Student Government Association is set to release a statement on behalf of the students by the end of this week."

The Case Grows Against Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress has just released a third undercover video showing how Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts for profit, which is against the law.

Here is the latest video (viewer warning: graphic images).

I'll be interested to see the latest Planned Parenthood denial.

Clinton True to Form: Declines to Comment on Keystone Pipeline

"No comment, but vote for me anyway."

Hillary Clinton continues to act as if all she has to do is throw her hat in the ring and she will be the next president. She won't answer questions about the Clinton Foundation's suspect finances, and she makes dubious generalities about her emails. The latest was that she never sent any emails that were classified "at the time". This is a woman who wants us to believe that in all her years as secretary of state, she never engaged in any communication of a classified nature. In addition, now she demurs when asked about her position on the Keystone Pipeline.

This reminds me of that incident at UCLA a couple of years back when I asked then-Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano why she wasn't pounding on Eric Holder's desk demanding to know why two of her agents were dead as a result of weapons involved in Operation Fast and Furious. Her answer was that she preferred to let the investigation play out while castigating me for rolling my eyes.

The arrogance of people like Clinton defies description. Her performance as senator was devoid of achievement. Her performance as secretary of state was likewise devoid of achievement and marked by failures with Russia and the Middle East, and capping it all off like a giant turd blossom was Benghazi, which should have disqualified her from any further government job.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Insanity Reigns Supreme at University of California (Which Has 6 Genders)

Hat tip The College Fix

 “male; female; trans male/trans man; trans female/trans woman; gender queer/gender non-conforming; and different identity.”

You can't make this stuff up.

I'm sorry. In the past few years, I have become much more sensitive and sympathetic to gay issues. The libertarian side of me says if you want to change your gender, go right ahead. I just wish people like (You-Know-Who) Jenner would do it privately and disappear. It's all part of that Kardashian legacy you know. It will never go away.

But this latest from the University of California is just too much. (Full disclosure: I am a part-time teacher at UC Irvine Ext.) All my life, I have believed there were only two genders. Now there are six.

Another year or two there will be ten or twelve genders at UC. This is Janet Napolitano's University of California.

Indoctrination U: Anti-Israel Bully Professors

"At Northeastern University, professor Muhammad Shahid Alam demonizes Israel, delegitimizes Jewish history, and infringes on his students’ free speech by shutting down any differing views. A non-Jewish student that dropped his class stated that, “if someone does raise a counterpoint, he uses semantics to twist it around and try to tear whoever asked the question apart.”

There are few academic fields that have been corrupted more than Middle East studies. Many of the Middle East studies departments in universities around the country are funded by money from Saudi Arabia,.They are staffed mostly if not entirely by biased, agenda-driven professors who preach a steady stream of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-West, post-colonial dogma. In the below piece in Algemeiner, Cinnamon Stillwell of Campus Watch describes what Jewish and pro-Israel students are confronted with in the classroom.

It is bad enough that our campuses are crawling with groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and various Muslim Student Association chapters, who agitate against Israel. It is bad enough that Jewish students who support Israel find themselves being bullied on campus. It is even worse when they have to put up with it from radical professors in the classroom-professors who use their positions as bully-pulpits to push their view of the world. One wonders how the Saree Makdisis and Hatem Bazians of the world have time to teach their courses they spend so much time speaking at events attacking Israel.

And it's not just Middle East studies. At Cal State University at Northridge, they have a math professor (David Klein) who uses the school's web server to spread his anti-Israel venom. To make matters worse, CSUN and the CSU chancellor defend this practice even though it clearly puts their imprimatur on the bashing of Israel. They ignore any and all complaints. I could go on and on. It is impossible for me or Ms Stillwell to include every professor who fits into this category. In the humanities and social sciences, they make up the majority.

If such a one-sided view is what dominates in academia, perhaps, the universities might consider closing Middle East studies.

Bobby Jindal Speaks Out on Radical Islam

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Of all the contenders for the Republican nomination, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal comes closest to addressing the Islamic problem. Below is what he wrote for Conservative Review.

As I said, Jindal comes closest in his description of the problem. He mentions keeping Muslims who don't value our freedoms and law from immigrating. That is good. He demands that Muslims do more to confront the problem. That is good.

Where I might disagree is in his insistence in using the term "Radical Islam". I have used it myself, and in a sense, we are all groping for the right term. I have come to the conclusion, however, that fundamentalist Islam is probably the most accurate, which literally means that radical is not the right term. The true Islam, in my view is that being practiced by the jihadists, who are following the example of Mohammad in his Medina period. At that point in time up to his death, he was spreading Islam at the point of a sword.

Why should we have to roll the dice and try to sort out the decent Muslims from the murders and haters of non-Muslims?

I am still in the process of deciding which of the Republican candidates looks the best to me, which also includes who is most capable of beating Hillary Clinton. Right now, I am taking a closer look at Bobby Jindal.