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West Bank "Elections"

Hat tip JJ and the Gatestone Instiitute

Israel's "peace partners" in happier times

The next time one of those Israel Apartheid events comes to your campus and some wise guy like Ben White or Omar Barghouti starts tearing down the idea that Israel is a democracy, you might like to ask them whatever happened to Palestinian elections.

Take the West Bank, for example. You know, those are the Palestinians that John Heinz Kerry is trying to get the Israelis to make a big piece deal with. You know, that big democrat, Mahmoud Abbas? There's just one problem: Abbas has forgotten to run for re-election. His 4 year term ran out in 2009.

What say you, Mr Kerry?

"Let's make a deal-any deal."

Pearls of Wisdom From Prince Charles


"Once a prince, always a prince"

Prince Charles, that pretender to the English throne, the man who has done absolutely nothing with his life except live on a feathered pillow, travel around the world, and live off the British tax-payer while waiting for his mother, the Queen, to die, has now offered up this pontification on the topic of Global Warming:

He has called GW deniers, "the headless chicken brigade", or some such rot.

Too bad Charlie wasn't on a  state visit to the colonies last week so he could have clasped his hands behind his back, traced the steps of General Cornwallis, and inspected the winter ice in New York and other places.

No wonder Britain is sinking into the muck and mire.

American History at UC Davis

In May 2013 UC Irvine professor Sohail Daulatzai spoke before the University of California at Davis Muslim Student Association. I have cross-posted the videos (in three parts) from YouTube. Daulatzai's talk had to do with his hero, Malcolm X, civil rights, Muslims, and the US. The videos I found were labeled parts one, two and three. They may be disjointed, and I am not sure when the video camera was actually started as the actual beginning of the talk appears to be missing. No matter. You can get the full flavor of the talk.

A few days before this appearance, Daulatzai was speaking at UC Irvine in front of the Muslim Student Union as part of their annual Israel-hate week. This is where I confronted him on an article he had written on Malcolm X in which he said some very harsh things about America. That led to my question to him as to "which he hated more, Israel or America?" (He didn't like that.)

I think you will find that the below video puts it in clearer context.



"...and I write about this in the book."

This is what our children are hearing in college, Folks. (Actually, it doesn't look like he had a very big audience.)

By the way, Mr Daulatzai, once you read this ( and I know you will), you are free to weigh in here and express your thoughts. I will post whatever you care to write.

University of California Regents Meeting

Hat tip New University

I am posting an article from this week's (UC Irvine paper) New Uinversity regarding the UC Regents meeting, which was held at UCSF January 22-23. I am highlighting the part which refers to Jewish complaints about the recent speaking appearances of Omar Barghouti at UC Riverside, Davis and UCLA.

The University of California’s Regents and its committees met for their first meeting of 2014 on Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 22 and 23, at the University of California, San Francisco.
Notable events that occurred during the meeting included a discussion between UC President Janet Napolitano, California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White and California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice W. Harris; a voicing of complaints from several Jewish organizations; news of a possible strike vote by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299; and pay approval of two new executive hires.
In the discussion between Napolitano, White and Harris, the three voiced their desire to “break through some of the walls set up by the state’s 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The three systems hope to streamline transfers and have more transparency between the systems.
White believes the greatest challenge for the three public higher education systems is to plan “for the new economy for the next 50 years.”
Several members of the Jewish and pro-Israel community complained to UC Regents about the recent lectures by Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian scholar who has voiced support of boycotts of Israeli universities. He has held lectures at the UC Davis, Los Angeles and Riverside campuses. They claimed that his speeches violated UC policy and contributed to a hostile environment for Jewish students. The Regents did not respond to allegations during the meeting but have recently stated that they oppose a boycott of Israel, while at the same time supported Barghouti’s  right to free speech.
AFSCME Local 3299 said Wednesday that they were considering raising another strike, the third one in a year. They will be scheduling membership votes regarding this possibility in February.
On Thursday, the Regents approved two new hires: Jagdeep S. Bachher as the chief investment officer and vice president of investments, and Claude Steele as UC Berkeley’s provost and second in command.
The regents approved a $615,000 base salary for Bachher after a short public discussion. Officials stated that this money comes mainly from investment returns instead of tuition and tax revenues.
Steele’s salary was under relatively more scrutiny. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Regent Norman Pattiz voted against the proposed $450,000 annual salary for Steele. The salary is below Steele’s Stanford salary but higher than the salary of many UC campus chancellors.
“My concern is self-evident,” Newsom said. “It’s more than any other provost in the entire system.”
UC regents ultimately approved Steele’s package.

Here is the comment I added in the reader thread:

"I was present at the Barghouti speaking appearance at UCR. What is troubling about it is not Barghouti’s anti-Israel stance, but the sponsorship of his appearance by the Humanities and Ethnic Studies departments, as well as the fact that students were given course credit to attend. That clearly implies that the university was putting its imprimatur on the content and message of Barghouti’s speech. When I raised this issue during the q and a and asked the faculty if that was the official position of their departments, I got a non-responsive answer and was told that the question was “preposterous”.
What is preposterous is that we have so many faculty members in the UC system who, instead of educating their students, are trying to indoctrinate them with their own world view."

Jon Stewart Hosts Nancy "I'm Not Responsible" Pelosi

Hat tip Daily Caller

This is like watching an old Lucille Ball tape as spoker of the house Nancy Pelosi squirms on the Jon Stewart Daily Show.

Where was Ricky Ricardo?

Stand With Us Statement to California State University Board of Regents

This week, the California State University Board of Regents met in Long Beach. Below is a press release from Stand With Us (a Jewish pro-Israel organization) containing a statement made by Roberta Seid of SWU regarding the on-going controversy of a Cal State University Northridge professor using a CSUN web server to spread his anti-Israel views.

I support that statement just as I support SWU.

Christian College Drops Name (Crusaders): CAIR Applauds

Maranatha Baptist College in Wisconsin has decided to drop its mascot and nickname (The Crusaders) as part of its "efforts to join the global society" or some such rot.

"The heartbeat behind this was not political correctness, but expanded opportunities for our students.”

Expanded opportunities.

So what the Hell is wrong with Crusaders? Just because they were fighting Muslim armies hundreds of years ago? Big deal. It sure sounded a lot better than 'The Fighting Lutherans", be jeezuz.

Of course, we all know that this is just another case of Christian leaders prostrating themselves in front of sensitive Muslim groups like CAIR, whose spokeshole, Ibrahim Hooper was standing by with his words of approbation. Hooper, if you didn't know, is Canada's second undesirable import to the US, the first being Justin Bieber. Instead of changing their name, Maranatha should be speaking out about the treatment of Christians in Muslim lands. Or is it because they don't have any Baptists in those countries? I fondly recall when we sent our son to a Baptist school in Fairfax County, Virginia. That didn't work out so well when they told him and my wife they were both going to Hell because they were Catholics. So much for a global society. Shortly after that, one of their teachers got busted for having relations with an underage female student. So much for who was going to Hell.

But I digress.

If I may suggest a couple of ideas for the new name, let's see.....

1 The Dhimmies
2 The Global Village People
3 The CAIR Bears

Any of those would be appropriate.

But if it were my school, it would stay Crusaders or better yet, how about the Copts?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Handsome Henry Waxman Retiring (What Will I Do?)

"Tax me, Henry. Tax me."

This is a true blow to my blog. Handsome Henry Waxman, a staple on Fousesquawk, is retiring after 40 years in the House of representatives.

Waxman was a prime mover in the Affordable Care Act, the Stimulus Bill, Cap and Trade, and all kinds of bad ideas. He will also be fondly remembered for writing a letter of complaint to the Santa Monica Post Office about their parking situation. Yet, perhaps his most memorable achievement of all was the tour of that factory in El Segundo a couple of years back.
El Segundo FA-18 Factory Tour

He will be missed.

The Hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi on Minimum Wage

Amid President Obama's call for a raise in the minimum wage, Nancy Pelsoi, who supports the idea, has a weak chink in her armor when it comes to this issue.

Now watch this 2008 interview of Pelosi by Jeff Helfeld when he tries to get her to explain why she uses interns who are not paid for their services. Watch until the end because a flustered Pelsoi makes a fool of herself by terminating the interview and calling for the guard.

Cal Poly Professor Lauds Bin Laden as Freedom Fighter

If you ever wanted concrete proof of the sickness and rot that infests our universities, look no farther than Professor Emmit Evans of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

What is there to say when you have people like this that hate their own nation so much as to sprout this trash to their students. Why don't they get out of this country if they hate it so much?

Here is the answer:

Because if they leave, they cannot destroy it from within.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who's That Guy Standing Near Farrakhan?

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

As Farrakhan (r) embraces Bray, Marayati stands directly behind Bray

Why, it's none other than Salam Al Marayati, head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and one of the Obama administration's top envoys to the Islamic world. The below article by Joe Kaufman in Frontpage Magazine shows picture and video of Marayati hobnobbing with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Mahdi Bray, radical leader of the Muslim American Society.

Someone should send this article to Pastor Ed Bacon of the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena. He hosted the MPAC annual conference at his church in December 2012 and made all sorts of apologies for the centuries of evil deeds committed by Christians.

Another Christian Church Attacked in Egypt

Hat tip Jihad Watch

With the trial of Mohammed Morsi underway, Muslim Brotherhood violence promises to intensify. Yesterday, a church in Cairo was attacked by armed gunmen who killed a police officer.

AMCHA Initiative Calling for California Attorney General to Investigate Cal State Northridge Professor

Today at the California State University Board of Regents meeting in Long Beach, the AMCHA 
Initiative will be calling on California State Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate 
the use of university resources by a math professor to conduct his personal agenda against Israel. 

New Evidence Exposes CSUN Mathematics Prof may be Violating State and  
Federal Law 
ZOA and StandWithUs Will Also Express Concerns About CSUN Prof's  
Long Beach, CA, January 29, 2014 - At the California State University  
(CSU) Board of Trustees meeting today, the AMCHA Initiative will  
announce it is asking California Attorney General Kamala K. Harris to  
investigate CSU Northridge’s Professor David Klein. AMCHA Initiative  
contends that for four years Klein has illegally used CSUN’s name and  
resources to promote a personal, political agenda.  The Zionist  
Organization of America (ZOA) and StandWithUs will also speak at the  
“Professor Klein is a math professor. You wouldn’t hire him as an  
International Affairs lecturer.  You wouldn’t offer course credit to  
students if he decided to teach a class on Middle Eastern studies.   
His boycott websites are not educational; they are part of his  
personal mission to indoctrinate,” said AMCHA co-founder, Tammi  
Benjamin. “They’re not state business and should not be promoted on  
the taxpayer dime.” 
The following new evidence demonstrates that Klein’s anti-Israel  
postings are personal, political propaganda and do not qualify as  
state business: 
CSU Trustees Did Not Give Permission:  On September 25, 2013, CSU  
Interim General Counsel Andrew Jones confirmed that CSU Trustees did  
not give Klein permission to post his webpage promoting the boycott of  
Israel on the CSUN website.  A violation of  CAL. EDUC. CODE 89005.5(a) 
(2)(C) occurs if an individual uses the CSU name, without the  
permission of the CSU Trustees, "to display...this name publicly at,  
or in connection with any...propaganda, advertising, or promotional  
activity of any kind which has for its purpose or any part of its  
purpose the support, endorsement, advancement...of...boycott." 
Klein uses CSU website for character defamation:  In March 2012, Klein  
posted a link comparing AMCHA co-founder Rossman-Benjamin to a Nazi  
collaborator.  The author of the link writes, "Rossman-Benjamin  
reminds me of the court academics who prostituted themselves in 1933  
when the Nazis came to power." The author posted three photographs of  
Rossman-Benjamin next to a photograph of Martin Heidegger, whose  
caption reads: "famous philosopher who lent his talents to the cause  
of the 3rd Reich," and he accused her of "climbing into bed with  
Hitler supporters."  The author also calls her a “junk academic,” a  
“zombie,” and a “fruit cake.” 
Violates Federal Law: Federal law prohibits any state from engaging in  
the type of anti-Israel boycott activities advocated by Klein.  Were  
the University to engage in such activities, it would be subject to  
federal sanctions, including fines and tax penalties.  As a result,  
Klein’s advocacy may trigger an obligation by CSUN to report the anti- 
Israel boycott campaign to the U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments. 
“Freedom of speech is essential, but an attempt to demonize Israel and  
its Jewish supporters is antisemitic,” said Leila Beckwith, AMCHA’s  
other co-founder.  “Antisemitism has no place on a college campus and  
certainly not on an official university website.” 
The promotion of non-state business on official CSUN websites violates  
the following state and federal laws: 
CAL. GOV’T CODE 8314: Prohibits any state employee from using public  
resources for personal benefit. 
CAL. EDUC. CODE 89005: Prohibits the use of state-owned name CSUN for  
the purpose of promoting personal or political activities and  
propaganda, including boycotts. 
50 U.S.C.App. § 2402 (5) and § 2407 (c): Make it illegal to for a  
state agency to engage in anti-Israel boycott activities. 
A copy of the AMCHA Initiative’s letter to Attorney General Harris and  
the remarks that will be delivered at this afternoon’s CSU Trustees  
meeting are attached. 
AMCHA Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to  
investigating, documenting, educating about, and combating  
antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America. AMCHA  
Initiative identifies antisemitism using the U.S. State Department’s  
“Defining Anti-Semitism.” AMCHA Initiative's efforts are bolstered by  
a network of more than 5,000 members and supporters of the Jewish  
community -- including university alumni, parents and grandparents,  
rabbis, religious school principals and synagogue members -- who have  
joined together to speak in one voice to ensure the safety and well- 
being of Jewish students on college and university campuses across the  

As much as I support the AMCHA initiative and do so in this effort, I hold out little hope 
for success with Kamala Harris. She is a liberal ideologue much in the mold of Eric Holder. That notwithstanding, I think it is good to bring legal pressure to bear on the universities.
University resources are not for professors to abuse and utilize for their personal political

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Syrian American Council Ads for Mohamed Rateb Alnabulsi

As previously advertised, Sheikh Mohammad Rateb Alnabulsi is coming to Irvine Saturday, February 1 from 6-9 pm at the Irvine Hilton, 18800 McArthur Blvd. Here is the ad by the Syrian American Council (SAC). Pay close attention to the description of Alnabulsi by SAC.

"Dr Rateb al-Nabulsi is an internationally-known Muslim scholar, renowned for his scholarship of Islam, who has lent his formidable clerical authority to support human rights, tolerance and respect for all." 

Really? For all? Here is a report on Alnabulsi from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which I posted earlier:

"All the Jewish people are combatants" acceptable as targets for attacks in Israel, al-Nabulsi wrote in his "ruling on martyrdom operations in Palestine."

"He called Jews the "worst enemies of God" and Islam and "a hotbed of vices and evils."

"Homosexuality offers a filthy place and does not generate offsprings. Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the homosexual," Al-Nabulsi said. "That's why homosexuality carries the death penalty."

Now I ask you: Do these statements match with the description of Alnabulsi in the SAC flyer as one who supports human rights, tolerance and respect for all?

Laffer of the Week: Hillary Not Thinking About Running for President in 2016

"I'm just thinking about Fousesquawk (and building on all our successes)."

That is what Hillary told an audience of the National Automobile Association in New Orleans this week. (What an appropriate venue.) Here is the report from The Hill:

Build on our successes? What successes? Benghazi? The Arab Spring? The Russia re-set? If this woman had any sense of shame, she would have retired from public life for good and become a recluse after that Benghazi debacle that caused the death of four Americans. It could have been 4,000 Americans, and Hillary would just waltz away and prepare for 2016 and her presidential run, which is exactly what she is doing.

“I’m not thinking about it,” she added. “I am trying to get other people not to think about it. I will think about it in the future sometime, but right now let’s think about what we have to do to continue building on our success.”

Right. And the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are not thinking about playing in the Superbowl next Sunday.

"Clinton said she's more concerned about current issues facing the country. For example, she said she was “very pleased” Congress was able to pass a budget deal for the first time in four years. She said she also hopes Congress can overcome “this next debt limit challenge.” 

Of course. Those are the things that are uppermost in Hillary's mind, not her own personal aspirations.

"Her comments about a future presidential bid took place as the Ready for Hillary super-PAC arranged meetings over the weekend in Iowa, the state that begins the primary season with its caucuses."
"President Obama's 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, also joined the largest Democratic super-PAC, Priorities USA, last week as co-chairman. The group announced it has begun raising money for Clinton's potential campaign." 
Gee. If Hillary's not even thinking of running, maybe she should tell these folks to stand down and move on with their lives.
And finally this:
"At the New Orleans event, Clinton also said the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, was her “biggest regret” during her time as secretary of State."

Regret? Could you be more specific, Madame Clinton? Regret at ignoring the calls for more security from Ambassador Stevens and the Regional Security officer in Libya? Regret at not calling President Obama or Secretary of Defense Panetta and demanding that they immediately send military aid to Benghazi as you were watching the attack play out? Regret at not living up to your "3 a m phone call" campaign line? Regret about lying about the infamous video being the cause of a protest that got out of hand even to the families of the deceased and taking part in a monstrous government lie to the public? Regret, indeed.
The only thing this woman regrets is losing the 2008 presidential nomination to Obama.

About Those Palestinians

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and Steve

I would like to address this post to all you college students out there who read this site. (I know you are out there.) The next time another one of those pro-Palestinian events come to your campus, please keep this article in mind. It concerns the recently-thwarted plot to bomb a convention center in Jerusalem and the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

In addition, we also have this news from Egypt, where the trial against Mohammed Morsi is opening and transcripts of conversation between Morsi and Ayman Al Zawahiri talk of killing Christians and those who oppose sharia.

So we have all the connections forming. Zawahiri (the head of al Qaeda), Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood), Hamas in Gaza, the Syrian rebel factions, Jamaat al Nusra and the Palestinians plotting to blow up two sites in Israel including the US Embassy.

And you want to support these guys????

Wise up!

The Trial of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"Execute the Christians and those who oppose sharia law"

As the trial of ex-Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi opens, Jihad Watch is posting portions of recorded telephone conversations between Morsi and Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri.

Here is how it went today as Morsi went on a tantrum shouting at the judge.

This is the man that our government supported and still supports.

Carl Goldberg's Speech at Restoration Weekend

I have been sent the below video of a speech by Carl Goldberg (Act for America, Arizona) at David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend event at West Palm Beach on November 16, 2013. In the below speech, Goldberg talks about political Islam, its threats and what we can do to counter it in the US. It is well worth a view.

I noted near the end that Goldberg mentioned a table set up occasionally at the Santa Monica Mall area that hands out materials. It is run by the Counter Jihad Coalition. (Great group)

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Day of Anger" Against French President Also Attacks Jews, Gays and Foreigners

Hat tip Algemeiner

A disturbing demonstration took place in Paris yesterday as thousands marched through the streets chanting, "Jew, France is not for you." What purportedly began as a protest against the policies of French President Hollande degenerated, at one point, into Jew-bashing. There were also verbal attacks against gays.

In the evening, it became violent, and over 150 people were arrested. The below video comes from Gallia Watch:

Interior Minister Manuel Valls is blaming the extreme right. It appears that the protesters were a melange of folks, some protesting against immigrants, some shouting France for the French, etc. The most common chant apparently was "Hollande Resignation".

Do you get the sense that the social fabric of France is unraveling?

MPAC's Politically Correct American History Test

Now that the Muslim Public Affairs Council has rewritten US history to include all the contributions of Muslims all the way back to our founding fathers, it is time for you readers to take the MPAC Politically Correct US History Test.

Are you ready?

1 America was discovered by

a Christopher Columbus
b Cristobal Colon
c Cristofero Colombo
d Popeye the sailor man
e Ahmed the sailor man
f  a, b, and c. They are all the same person.

The correct answer is f. The politically correct answer is e.

2 When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they were greeted by

a Indians
b Martians
c Canadians
d Muslims

The correct answer is a. The politically correct answer is d.

3 What was Patrick Henry's famous statement?

a "Give me liberty or give me death."
b "Give me bourbon or give me death"
c "Give me a Cubs pennant or give me death"
d "Give me sharia or give me death"

The correct answer is a, but the politically correct answer is d.

4 When Captain John Smith was about to be killed, he was saved by the intercession of

a Pocahontas
b Hillary Clinton
c Lola Montez
d Huma Abedin

The correct answer is a. The politically correct answer is d.

5 The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on

a Judaic-Christian principles
b The Law of the Jungle
c Murphy's Law
d The Peter Principle
e Sharia Law

The correct answer is a. The politically correct answer is e.

6  Why did Thomas Jefferson send the US to war against the Barbary pirates?

a Because they were raiding US ships and selling the captives off into slavery while demanding tribute and ransom
b Because they refused to move the Barbary pirates to Pittsburgh
c Because they were treating our people too humanely

The answer is a, but the politically correct answer is c.

7  When Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London in 1785 and met the Tripoli envoy, Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, they asked him on what authority his people were raiding Western ships and taking Westerners as captives and slaves, he replied

a  It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy's ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.
b  "What raids?"
c   Self defense
d  "Hell if I know."

The correct answer is a, but the politically correct answer is b, c or d

8 Martin Luther King was heavily influenced by the life and teachings of

a Mohatma Gandhi
b Alfred E Newman
c Ayn Rand
d Nihad Awad

The correct answer is a, but the politically correct answer is d.

9 Malcolm X was assassinated on the orders of

a Elijah Mohammed of the Nation of Islam
b George Burns
c Gracie Allen
d Some unidentified white guys from inside the beltway

The correct answer is a, but the politically correct answer is d.
( I heard that one last year at the University of California Irvine.)

Sweden-The Country That Never Learns

Hat tip Jihad Watch

In a perverse sort of way, one almost wishes that Sweden had gone through Nazi occupation in World War II rather than sitting it out as a neutral. Then they might have learned what real Nazis were. Instead the ever-peace-loving Swedes are living under a new occupation, and they don't have a clue what to do about it.

Muddle on Sweden, but save your lectures to the rest of us and your indignation towards Israel. Unlike you, they learned their lesson.

A Rabbi Calls Out an Over-The-Hill Rocker

Every time I go to one of these college events featuring some advocate of the boycott of Israel like Omar Barghouti, I hear the name Roger Waters thrown out as some distinguished person who supports the idea of a boycott. Like who the hell is Roger Waters? Turns out he is or was a member of the old rock band Pink Floyd.

It also turns out that his hatred for Israel is visceral. So visceral it crosses over into out and out Jew hatred. In the below article in the New York Observer, Rabbi Schuley Boteach blasts Waters and gives him a bit of history in response to Waters comparison of Israelis to Nazis.

Well stated, Rabbi.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Erwin Chemerinsky's Op-ed in OC Register

UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, a liberal guy, has written an editorial in today's Orange County Register, which I am linking below.

"The recommendation for a FISA court public advocate makes great sense. It would mean that there would be an adversarial presentation to the court, ensuring that the judges would have the benefit of hearing two sides. National security and secrecy would be protected, while still allowing the government's position to be challenged."

I state at the outset that this NSA spying scandal has divided people within both the left and the right as to what is acceptable in government spying in trying to prevent terror attacks and save lives. Like many, I question whether it is necessary to read what I say and write or even have it available. What I do take exception to, however, is Chemerinsky's assertion that applications to the FISA court should involve an opposing attorney to contest the applications for monitoring.

There is a reason why certain national security requests for electronic monitoring are made outside of the normal court procedures. In the past, it was monitoring on the Soviet embassy and rooting out espionage. Now it is trying to identify Islamic terrorists in this country before they strike and kill people in large numbers.

And Chemerinsky wants to have a FISA court request become an adversarial proceeding where the "rights" of Al Qaida terrorists are protected?

But, of course, the opposing attorney would  never compromise the investigation, right?

Two words:

Lynne Stewart

Keep Bringing Those Somali "Refugees" to America

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Here is the latest update on another "American success story": the Somali refugees.

This is the result of our own efforts to bring in some 80,000 Somalis to the US as refugees by the State Department in the 1990s. Now they are here. Most are not assimilating. Some have gone back to Somalia to hook up with Al Shabaab. Many are forming street gangs in places like Minneapolis. The authorities in Minneapolis still won't tell us what set off that explosion in a Somali family's apartment a few weeks back. Initial claims by the fire chief of a natural gas leak have been discredited.

Stories like this are thanks to our own government's misguided policies.

The Thwarted Terrorist Attacks in Israel

The below report regarding the recently foiled Al Qaeda attacks against the American embassy in Tel Aviv and another facility in Jerusalem highlight a couple of important points:

1 Israel's enemies are our enemies.

2 Al Qaeda is hardly decimated or on the run as President Obama insists.

Scarlett Johansson Responds to the BDS Screeds

Hat tip Squid

Kudos to actress Scarlett Johansson, whom I believe is herself Jewish, for refusing to buckle under to the Boycott Israel gangsters. Johannson is representing Sodastream, an Israeli company that produces soft drink kits in the West Bank and employs Palestinian workers, who are quite happy with their jobs, thank you. The below article in The Blaze explains quite well her position.

DEA Chief Rips Obama Over Marijuana Remarks

President Obama will never fire Eric Holder over Fast and Furious. Nor will he ever fire Kathleen Sebelius over the Obamacare roll out debacle. However, he may very well fire DEA administrator Michelle Leonhart over her recent remarks criticizing him over his irresponsible comments about marijuana.

What exactly does Obama know about the on-going research into marijuana, which is increasingly finding negative consequences of pot use? Oh, yes. I forgot. Obama himself was a pot smoker-maybe still is for all I know.

And how is a DEA agent supposed to feel when he or she sees a hemp flag flying over the US capitol building courtesy of Colorado?

Colorado is presently violating federal law, but it is obvious that DEA has been told by Holder's corrupt Justice Department to stand down.

As I have said before, I do not advocate putting anyone in jail for the offense of smoking marijuana. Nor is that any part of DEA's mission. However, when it comes to traffickers growing, smuggling, or selling large commercial quantities of marijuana for profit, that is a horse of a different color. Consider this: In 1985, when DEA agent Enrique Camarena, who was stationed in Mexico, was abducted, tortured and murdered, along with his informant/pilot, it was in retaliation for the fact that they had located a huge marijuana plantation, which was subsequently raided and destroyed by Mexican police. This is a wound that DEA has never recovered from due to the brutality of these murders and the fact that Mexican police were actually involved. These are the people behind the marijuana industry. These are the people that you pot smokers are supporting every time you light up your weed.

"Oh, but Fousesquawk, if we legalize it, we get those people out of the picture."

Dream on. If that's what you think, tell me specifically how you will accomplish that. How are you going to keep it out of the hands of minors and children? How are you going to deal with the new black market?

In addition, how are you going to keep those losers who are lining up outside the doors of those pot stores in Colorado from selling it to whomever they want?

I wonder what Mr Obama was doing in 1985 as our agent and his pilot were being tortured to death.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bay Area Radio Station Caves Under Anti-Israeli Pressure.

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Hatem Bazian

Here is an example of moral cowardice in the face of anti-Israel pressure. A Bay Area public  radio station pulled Sodastream (an Israeli company) as one of its prizes after local bully boys complained.

I note that UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian was involved. Does this guy ever teach class?

How the ASA Does Business

Hat tip Pro Israel Bay Bloggers

Here is a report on how the American Studies Association went about passing that  boycott Israel resolution.

MPAC's Twisted History of the US

The Muslim Public Affairs Council has published a treatise which purports to show the influence and participation of Islam in the founding and development of America. It is a cynical collection of anecdotes that show little more than certain of our founding fathers were aware of the presence of Muslims in far off lands, and examples of Muslim slaves in America.

The example of the Barbary pirates is illustrative. Here the writer compares the humane treatment afforded Christian slaves taken prisoner with the cruel treatment that America practiced upon African captives. Behold the title:

"The Barbary Wars in Context and the Hypocrisy of American Slavery"

Of course, it ignores the fact that Arabs from North Africa were taking black, Sub Saharan Africans as slaves long before the Europeans set foot on West Africa, and continued slavery after the Europeans and Americans abolished it in the 19th century. How do you think black Africans were introduced to Islam? The same way they were introduced to Christianity. Both forms of slavery were evil, but where is the hypocrisy? I would say on both sides.

All in all, I call this a cynical attempt to re-write American history by inserting some minor anecdotes to suggest that Islam has played a role in our history since the founding of our country. Could we not dig up the same kind of anecdotal evidence that Buddhism has played a role in American history?

And, more significantly, how about the influence of the Jews in the history of the land called Israel? How about the fact that over 3,000 years ago, long before the Prophet Mohammad walked on this earth, Jerusalem was the capital of Israel?

Which reminds me:

Friday, January 24, 2014

AMCHA Initiative on the Omar Barghouti Appearances at UC Riverside, UCLA and UC Davis

My friends at the AMCHA Initiative have written the below-linked article in which they claim that thre University of California campuses have violated their own regulations when university departments at Riverside, Los Angeles and Davis sponsored speaking appearances by Omar Barghoti, who is one of the leaders of the drive to boycott Israel.

I have to agree with their assessment. While it is recognized practice for university-recognized student groups to bring in speakers who reflect their point of view, when done by a university department, unless it is a balanced debate, it appears to the students that faculty and the university are putting their imprimatur on a particular point of view. In reality, that is what is happening.

Jewish Division in the Face of Anti-Semitism

Hat tip JJ

Boston-based Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) has an article in the Jerusalem Post outlining the divisions within the American Jewish community when it comes to anti-Semitism.

I have met Jacobs and agree with his assessment. Locally here in Orange County, the ADL has been missing in action when it comes to the problems on the UC Irvine campus. The Orange County Jewish Federation has been an obstacle to all our efforts to bring public awareness to the UCI problems. Hillel has generally declined to get involved. In Jacobs' own case, he has been excoriated by Boston Jewish leadership when he tried to bring attention to the radical connections of the Islamic Cultural center of Roxbury. Then came the Boston attack at the hands of the Brothers Tsarnaev, who sprang from the Roxbury mosque's sister mosque in Cambridge. Similarly, efforts by APT to protest Saudi-funded anti-Israel textbooks in Newton, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) have been countered by ADL.

Jacobs also refers to several liberal Christian churches who have aligned themselves with the anti-Israel forces. Among them I could mention the Presbyterian Church USA and its connection with Sabeel, and local churches like the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena. They are all covered in shame at a time when Christians and Jews should be linking arms.

But it is not just Christians. The foes of Israel have shrewdly managed to enlist radical leftist Jews, like Jewish Voice for Peace and individuals like Norman Finkelstein, Hedy Epstein, and so many other misguided folks.

Should, God forbid, that second Holocaust ever occur, there will be many Jews who will have blood on their hands for their refusal to stand up for their co-religionists.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

James Clapper's Super Bowl Lock

James Clapper here, director of National Intelligence. Well, it's that time of the year again, and I am ready to announce my Super Bowl prediction. My team of intelligence agents has been digging up the scoop on what you can expect on February 2 in New York.

1 If you are wondering which team will wear white and which team will wear their colors, here is my prediction: Last year, the Ravens (AFC) wore white, and the 49-ers (NFC) wore red. So after careful computer analysis, I am predicting that the Seahawks (NFC) will wear white, and the Broncos (AFC) will wear their colors.

(We are still checking with our sources to find out if the Broncos will wear their blue or orange jerseys.)

2. It will be cold during the game.

IRS and George Galloway's Viva Palestina

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

                                                            George Galloway (c) and his gang of cartoon characters in Gaza

The IRS looks like it is getting ready to take away the tax-exempt status of a US-based charity linked to George Galloway's Viva Palestina venture that organized convoys of goodies and money to the terrorists of Hamas in Gaza.

Of course we all remember George's grand tour of the US back in March 2009 when he was speaking at US campuses and passing the hat. I was there at UC Irvine when the hat was passed right under the nose of a dean. Nobody said anything, and nobody did anything in spite of complaints afterward to the university and the Dept. of Justice.

You don't hear much about Viva Palestina these days. Looks like they pretty much went belly-up. So has George, come to think of it. It's just that nobody has told him yet.

Stephen Harper's Speech to Israeli Knesset

I am posting the video of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's speech to the Israeli Knesset this week. During his speech, Harper was loudly disrupted by two Arab members of the Knesset (14:45 mark). Keep that in mind if you believe all that talk you hear in your university about Israel being an "apartheid state".

As for the two Arab members of the Knesset, who disrupted Harper's speech before storming out (Maybe disrupted is not the right word because he kept right on talking through their outburst), maybe they should realize that they, as Arabs, have more rights and freedoms in Israel than they would in any of the surrounding Arab nations, Gaza, or the West Bank, just as Muslims in Israel have more rights than Muslims in the other above lands. Yet, we keep hearing these propagandists in the West beating the drum that Israel is an apartheid state. It is absurd. And as for the statements made by these two guys, read the below Frontpage Magazine piece.

Kudos to Mr Harper for being what our own president and our secretary of state are not: A true statesman who has the courage to speak the truth about Israel.

Why We Need Tighter Borders: Justin Bieber

It may be too early to anoint Canadian punk Justin Bieber as our Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year for 2014, but he sure qualifies as the Jerk of January. First the egg-throwing incident at his California mansion that resulted in some mope named L'il Za getting busted for drugs as a dozen members of Lee Baca's LASD SWAT team served a search warrant. Now Bieber has been busted for drag racing, resisting arrest, and DUI in Miami.

Enough is enough. Here we have a Canadian public enemy number 1, who is clearly out of control on our scared shores and throwing f-bombs at Miami's finest. Isn't it time we deport this punk?

I mean get him outta here!

Melee in Tunisia

Hat tip Jihad Watch

"Taste great!"

"Less filling!"

Tunisia, that enchanted land where the "Arab Spring" began, is having a tough time dealing with the issue of apostasy in the draft constitution. In the below-linked piece, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch takes a look at the issue of apostasy according to the leading schools of Islamic thought. Spencer argues that they all agree that death is the required punishment. Saudi Arabia agrees.

Do you think Israel has a death penalty for those that leave Judaism?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UC Riverside Newspaper Report on Omar Barghouti

Here is the report by The Highlander of Omar Barghouti's speech at UC Riverside last week. Of course, I have added my comment, which probably has not yet been approved.

More Presidents Reading Fousesquawk

                                                                       Hi Linda!

What is it about all these presidents reading Fousesquawk? Just days ago, somebody from the White House was visiting my site-from the Executive Office of the President no less. Then it was the Office of the President  of the University of California in Oakland. Now it's the Office of the President of UC Davis reading one of my posts about Omar Barghouti's speaking appearance there.

Domain ? (Educational)
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Visit Number312,719

Who knows? I may be in line for a big promotion to one of those six-figure deputy associate dean jobs.

Stephen Harper's Visit to Canada: Sour Grapes From the Peanut Gallery

Hat tip Algemeiner

I have been passing out kudos to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his supportive words to the Israeli Knesset this week. Unfortunately, however, not everybody appreciated Harper's support for Israel. Within the Knesset itself, there are a couple of Arabs who don't support their own country and who used the occasion of Harper's visit to heckle him.

Of course, this might cause an objective chap to ask whether Israel's neighbors have any Jews in their "parliaments" (no ) or whether they could get away with this type of behavior in a place like Damascus, as Bibi Netanyahu pointed out.

But it gets worse. There is a Canadian blog called "Northern Truth Seeker", in which the proprietor is quite angry at Harper's visit to Israel and is also angry at Harper's words of support for the Jewish state. Consider this post, which refers to Harper as a "criminal Jew-Butt Kisser"

But it gets even more bizarre as the Truth Seeker from the North "dissects" Harper's speech line by line and reveals something else very interesting about himself: Aside from being a raving Jew hater, he also doesn't believe all that stuff about the Holocaust and extermination camps during World War II.

"Laureen and I share that pride, the pride and the understanding that what has been achieved here has occurred in the shadow of the horrors of the Holocaust; the understanding that it is right to support Israel because, after generations of persecution, the Jewish people deserve their own homeland and deserve to live safely and peacefully in that homeland." (Harper)

"Cue the still unproven and unresearchable Holocaust....More groveling.... And the "persecution of the Jews" that you state here is primarily due to their criminal activities! (Truth Seeker)"

And so it goes.

But it gets even more bizarre. Checking out this website, I found (and you can too) all sorts of stuff, like 9-11 conspiracies, tributes to Rachel Corrie and Adolf Hitler (yes, both) and stuff about the Rothschilds and other evil, wicked Jews. He even has articles attacking DEA.

But who is the Northern Truth Seeker?

Well, he won't tell us, only that he is a 53-year-old man living in the Canadian tundra (probably about 500 miles from the nearest igloo.) Of course, that is a wise move on his part. People like that don't have the nerve to put their names next to what they believe because their beliefs are so sick. This guy is a nutty conspiracy theorist and a Jew hater. The more intelligent Jew haters who attack Israel try to disguise their hate by using the term, "Zionists" or never mentioning Jews at all. This guy is the literary heir to Julius Streicher.

So congratulations, Canada. Down here in California, we have La voz de Aztlan. You have the Northern Truth Seeker.