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Sweden Lars Vilks Crash (Cont)

 Reference is made to yesterday's posting about new questions surrounding the Lars Vilks death last year in a car crash and newly-revealed audio that captured loud bangs near the scene of the crash seconds before it occurred. Above is a video of a news report from Expressen. The English sub-title translations are by Fousesquawk. Hat tip to Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna for assistance with the sub-titling.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sweden: New Questions About the Death of Lars Vilks

Hat tip Dagen Juridik and Fredrik

There is a new twist to last year's accident that claimed the life of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and two police bodyguards. Near the scene of the accident, a security camera recorded what sounds like three shots just before the crash. In addition, a spent bullet was found inside the car. Police cannot determine with certainty what the bangs were other than possibly the sound of tires blowing out. In addition, police state that the bullet had struck no hard surfaces and was possibly a bullet fired by one of the officers on a prior exercise, such as fired into a water tank and kept as a souvenir. In other words, they do not believe the bullet had been fired into the vehicle.

I have talked to a couple of my Swedish contacts, and they are of different opinions as to this aspect of the case. In my own opinion, for what it is worth, it would seem to me that when two cops are killed, the police will do as exhaustive an investigation as is necessary before ruling out foul play.

The below article from Dagens Juridik, is translated by Fousesquawk. The audio link to the sounds of the suspicious bangs can be accessed in the below link as well. A translated video is pending.

Mysterious bangs seconds before Vilks' fatal crash-Listen to the clip

Posted June 27, 2022 at 13:48

Caption: Police criminal technicians and investigators working art accident scene on E4 by Markeryd where artist Larsd Vilks, 75, and two policemen died. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT/

In the vicinity of the location where Lars Vilks and two policemen fatally crashed, there is a villa with a security camera.
In the audio of the security camera, which Dagens Juridik has had access to, just before the crash two bangs in rapid succession are heard.
Then there is silence for 5 seconds before a third bang is heard.
It sounds like shots.
"We don't know what the sound is, but (we) have discounted shots because we found no trace of that in the vehicle," says chief prosecutor Per Nichols.
It was in the afternoon of October 3 of last year. Artist Lars Vilks was with his police bodyguards en route from Stockholm to Skåne. They were riding in two Range Rover Sentinels, specially-built cars weighing over 4 tons.

In the first car was riding Lars Vilks, who was in the back seat and two policemen were in front. At 15:22 the first alarm about the crash came to 112.

The car in which Vilks was riding had crossed to the wrong side of E4 just north of the South Markryd junction and collided with a truck. The car "was wedged" under the truck, and a large fire broke out. 

Vilks and policemen died

All three in the car died and were dead when the first rescue vehicle arrived. The driver of the truck was seriously injured but survived.

A witness, who had been passed by the car with Vilks just before the crash, stated that the Range Rover "was shaking", that it began to smoke, and "vehicle parts (came off)" before the car first drove over to the right lane and then turned over the highway and collided with the truck in the opposite lane. The witness reported that the car was driving, "extremely fast" and estimated the speed at 178-180 kilometers per hour.

The other Range Rover, the following car, was so far behind the Vilks car that they did not see the accident. They came to the scene of the accident a good while after the crash-when the rescue services were already at the scene and did not understand that it was their colleagues who crashed until they saw a tire of the same type that they had on their own car.

Investigation closed

Two weeks ago, the investigation into the incident was closed. According to the chief prosecutor, the investigation showed that "no crime was committed."

"What happened on the highway was a tragic accident. We have conducted an extensive analysis with a technical investigation of the scene and witness statements. The security-classified car was checked and there was an analysis of the sound recordings. In summary, it is most likely that a tire blew out on the police vehicle, and then the driver lost control over the vehicle, which crossed over to the other side of the road and crashed head-on with the truck," says chief prosecutor Per Nichols of the Special Prosecutor's Office.

But there are several questions in the preliminary investigation.

Caption: Bullet found in car- Police photo

When the police technicians went inside the heavily demolished car, a pistol bullet was found, that is, a fired "shot", from what was apparently a 9mm  Luger.

The bullet has been examined and the technicians' conclusion is that is a "trophy bullet", which was fired in, for example, a water tank during an exercise by one of the policemen who was riding in the car and who had saved it. The bullet had not struck a hard surface, the forensic experts write, either before or after expansion.  

Audio recordings from time of accident

In the preliminary investigation, there are also two audio recordings. In (one) of them, is heard what is described as "a tire explosion", and there is also a sound that was captured after the accident when the car caught on fire. A half-minute after the tire explosion, sirens are heard from the first rescue vehicle which came to the scene.

But police have been unable to identify the sound in the first clip, the three bangs. "It cannot be stated what the bangs/puffs were," it says in a memo regarding the NFC's (Swedish National Forensic Center) sound analysis. 

When Dagens Juridik spoke with the chief prosecutor, Per Nichols, he said that they discount that it was a gunshot heard in the clip.

How have you discounted that?

"We have looked for bullet fragments, explosive fragments, and so on without finding anything." 

But what is it heard there on the video?

"That we do not know."

Thus, gunshots are ruled out since they couldn't find any traces of that- and at the same time, they state that the crash probably happened due to a tire, for unknown reasons, blew out. From the images in the preliminary investigation, it is deemed that at least two of the four tires were totally destroyed in the fire after the crash. 

"The tires were badly damaged by the fire and the rubber was almost completely gone," the technicians write in the report regarding the two rear tires.

Caption: One of the rear tires

In the police report of investigation, the sound clips are also mentioned. It states: "The vehicle, vehicle parts, and skid marks from the road have been forensically investigated in order to find any residue of explosive substances, No such substance has been found to date. The above-mentioned sound recordings have been analyzed by NFC which cannot state what the repetitive sound was caused by prior to the tires screeching."

Listen to the sound clip here:


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

France: Justice for November 13

Today in Paris, a special criminal court announced its verdicts in the terror trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks in and around Paris that claimed 130 lives. Salah Abdeslam, the principal defendant and the only surviving member of the terror team that struck the Bataclan nightclub, the Stadium of France, and outdoor cafes on that fateful evening, received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Nineteen other sentences ranged from 2 years to life with a minimum of 22 years to be served.

The below article from today's France Bleu is translated by Fousesquawk.

November 13 trial: Salah Abdeslam sentenced to life with no parole

Wednesday 29 June 2022 at 20:23. Updated Wednesday 29 June 2022 at 21:18 by Morgane Heuclin- Reffait, France Bleu, Paris

This is the epilogue of almost 10 months of trial, more than 6 years after the attacks of November 13, 2015. Salah Abdeslam, the sole survivor of the commando, is sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Caption: The special criminal court delivered its verdict Wednesday evening after about 10 months of trial for the attacks of November 13, 2015 (photo@ Maxppp-Daniel Fouray)

Salah Abdeslam, the sole survivor of the November 13, 2015 attack commando, is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. The special criminal court found him guilty of "murders as part of an organized gang in connection to a terrorist enterprise" Wednesday evening. It is the heaviest sentence provided by the penal code, which makes any possibility of release minimal. The court, thus, followed the recommendations of the prosecution. 

"The culpability of Salah Abdeslam as to being a co-perpetrator of the acts of murder in relation to a terrorist enterprise has been upheld insofar as the court has considered that the targets altogether should be recognized as one and the same scene of the crime," stated the president of the court in beginning the announcement of the verdict. The court has concluded that the explosive belt that Salah Abdeslam "was wearing was not functional, which puts his declarations as to backing out seriously in question."

Sentences from 2 years to life without parole

All of the accused, with the exception of one, Fraid Kharkhach, were found guilty on all the counts of the indictment. The other 19 defendants are sentenced to sentences ranging from 2 years in prison for Farid Kharkhach to life without parole for the Clain brothers, presumed dead in Syria. Among them, the three who appeared in court free under judicial supervision, are not subject to an order of (custody): That means that they will benefit from an adjustment of sentence.

In his final appearance before the court on Monday, Salah Abdeslam had again reiterated his "sincere" apologies to the victims. "I am not an assassin, I am not a killer," he had stressed from the defendant's dock. The defense attorney of Salah Abdeslam had recalled in his pleading that life without parole has  been given only 4 times in France, against men recognized as "psychopaths" and sentenced for crimes committed against minors.

As for Mohamed Abrini, childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam, he was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 22 years to be served, as the prosecution asked for, found guilty of complicity in murders and attempted murders. He also spoke a lot during the hearing(s), acknowledging that he had been, "scheduled for November 13," before he backed out, of which he did not provide any explanations. 

End of a (very long) trial

This is the epilogue of 149 days of hearings for the court, the survivors, and relatives of the victims of the November 13, 2015 attacks. Salah Abdeslam is the only one of the 14 accused present before the court who took part in the commando that raged through the outdoor cafes, the Bataclan, and the Stadium of France. Six other accused, of whom 5 are presumed dead, were sentenced in absentia. On June 10, the prosecution had requested sentences ranging from 5 years in prison to life for the 20 defendants.

These last (defendants) still have the possibility of appealing their sentences for 10 days. As for 9 other members of the kamikaze commando, they died the evening of the attacks, killed while setting off their explosive belts or killed by police gunshots. 

France: Verdict in November 13 Terror Trial Expected Today


-Le Figaro

The verdict in the November 13 terror attacks trial in Paris is expected sometime after 18:30 hours, Paris time. That is about one hour from now. We will put up a French report when the verdict is announced. The chief defendant is Salah Abdeslam, the lone surviving member of the terror group that struck Paris on November 13, 2015, which included the notorious Bataclan nightclub massacre.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Prince Charles and Qatar

God Save the Prince

Prince Charles, eagerly awaiting his accession to the throne, is having to explain away why his getting 3 million euros from a Qatari ex-president is all on the up and up. The money was immediately deposited into his charity, says Charles. The donations occurred in separate occasions between 2011-2015.

I know nothing about Prince Charles' charity. There are two things that stick out here. First of all, for the sake of appearances, if nothing else, don't you think Prince Charles would have been better served to have the donation deposited by check into the charity's account-as opposed to someone handing him bags of cold hard cash? Unseemly?

The other thing is Qatar itself. This is a corrupt, double-dealing country that supports many terrorist organizations. On the other hand, much like Saudi Arabia, they pretend to be the friends of the West. They donate money to universities to create Middle East Studies departments, most, if not all of which, are anti-Western and anti-Israel centers of indoctrination. Northwestern University, just as an example, established a Middle East Studies center in Qatar.

In addition, the government-supported news outlet, Al Jazeera, employs a variety of Western stooges, journalists, writers, and professors to get their message to the West. They are in no short supply.

Qatar is also the country of refuge for the Egyptian sheikh, Yusuf al Qaradawi, who is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a man who preaches hatred against Jews and dreams of dying in a jihad against the Infidel.

There is something about the idea of Western big shots like Prince Charles receiving money from countries like Qatar. And in bags of cash no less. 

Rolling Stones to Perform in Berlin


"Good news, mein Fuehrer! The Rolling Stones are coming to Berlin"

General Steiner never made it to Berlin, but the Rolling Stones will. They are scheduled to perform in the German capital August 3.

So all you conspiracy buffs who think Hitler is still alive somewhere (he would be 133), check out the screaming crowd on August 3. If you see a little old guy in his 130s with a clipped white mustache jumping up and down, there he is!

Then again, it just might be Keith Richards.

Norway: Terror Suspect Linked to Local Islamist

There is more information coming out about the Oslo shooter in Friday's terror attack against a gay bar in Oslo. Police have linked Zaniar Matapour, the accused shooter, to a previously convicted Islamist leader in Norway named Arfan Bhatti.

The below article from Swedish State TV is translated by Fousesquawk. We are working on translating the video in the below article.

Caption: 42-year-old Zaniar Matapour is suspected for the crime in Norway. Now he is connected to a known Norwegian Islamist, several media sources are reporting.

Terror suspect man linked to known Norwegian Islamist

Update today at 10:11, posted today at 09;49

After the weekend's act of violence in connection with the Pride Festival, several media sources are reporting that terror suspect Zaniar Matap[our, 42, has connections with the leader of an Islamist organization. The man was earlier convicted for shooting at a Jewish meeting place.

"They were earlier neighbors," confirms Matapour's lawyer without going into many details.

After the shooting Friday night, which deprived two persons of their lives, Matapour has been deprived of his liberty.

On Monday, a large number of media, including Aftenposten and NRK, that he is reportedly in the circle around Arfan Bhatti, who in 2021 co-created the organization, Prophet's Ummah.

As early as the same year, according to Norwegian Public Service, the group was investigated by the Norwegian Security Police (PST) after they threatened "a new July 22nd"-the date of the rightwing extremist terror attack on Utoya and in Oslo.

NRK further reported that Bhatti, on June 14 this year, posted a picture of a burning Pride flag on social media. On this profile picture at the time, there was also a quote calling for the killing of homosexuals.

Caption: Arfan Bhatti co-founded the organization, "Prophet's Ummah". Archival photo.

The men reportedly drove in a car together

At a press conference over the weekend, PST reported that Matapour and Bhatti recently rode in the same car in connection with a demonstration against a Koran burning. Information that Matapour's  defense attorney, John Christian Elden, did not comment further on other than writing to TV2:

"My client was neither reported nor arrested during the ride as far as I know."

The lawyer also reported that he had no details about the relationship between his client and Bhatti-other than the men were neighbors.

Matapour earlier known to police

As late as May, the PST had contact with Matapour after he, according to their information, showed an interest in statements that were perceived as violating Islam.

"It wasn't considered in this conversation that the perpetrator had violent intentions, but PST is aware that the perpetrator has had challenges connected to mental health," said Borge Enoksen of the Oslo Police on Sunday. That is reported by TT.

The country's justice minister has announced that both the police and PST will be examined as to how they handled the information they had earlier about Matapour.

SVT is seeking an interview with Chamber Prosecutor Ingvild Myrold.

Belgium: Vlaams Belang Statement on Oslo Terror Attack


Ortwin Depoortere of the conservative Flemish party, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, has made an important statement regarding the Friday night attack at a gay club in Oslo, Norway. Simply put, it was an Islamic terror attack, and as long as Europe's leaders continue to allow mass migration from Muslim countries, terrorism will always be present. The solution? Stop Islamic migration now.

The below statement from the Vlaams Belang website is translated by Fousesquawk.

Sunday 26 June 2022- Posted in News

Attack in Oslo was Islamist terror

Two were killed and 21 injured in a terrorist attack at a gay club in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The perpetrator was a Norwegian of Iranian origin, and the police have classified the attack as Islamic terror.  "How many attacks are still necessary before the left sees the danger of Islamic fundamentalism?" says Parliamentary member and BiZa (Interior Ministry) committee chairman Ortwin Depoortere. "If we do not stop mass migration and Islamization, Europe will just get more dangerous. In the meantime, our security services have to track down and smoke out as many Islamists as possible." 

In a shooting Friday evening in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, two people died and 21 others were wounded. Eight of them were taken to a hospital, three of whom are reportedly in serious condition. The attack is considered "an act of Islamist terror" by the Norwegian intelligence service, PST. The suspect is a 42-year-old Norwegian of Iranian origin with ISIS sympathies. Since 2015, he has been on the radar of the intelligence service for radicalization, and he had a past record of violence and threats. Due to the attack, the terror threat level in Norway is raised to the highest level. Normally planned this week was a Pride parade in Oslo, but it has been canceled due to the attack and heightened terror threat.

"This shooting is the umpteenth terror attack in Europe in the space of a few years," says Depoortere. "And each time, it is Islamist perpetrators with a heartfelt hatred for the West, which was detected by our intelligence services."

"The self-proclaimed progressives who pretend that they stand for gay rights and more migration from Islamic countries, should better reflect and realize that both are opposed to each other," concludes Depoortere. "It is, thus, important that we move to a halt to migration. In the meantime, our security services have to track down and smoke out the Islamist terror cells. These are deadly elements in our society that are living under our noses, but they have to be removed as a priority. With radical Islam present, we will always have to look over our shoulders. And whoever sows more Islamization, will reap terror."

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Did We Have an Insurrection Friday at the Arizona State Capitol? Just Askin'

Hat tip Red State. This article first appeared in New English Review.


On Friday evening, while the Arizona legislature was still in session voting on bills in the Arizona State Capitol building in Phoenix, several thousand protesters, enraged over the US Supreme Court decision on abortion, descended on the building, threatened to break through the glass doors, vandalized outside monuments, and had to be dispersed by police using tear gas. All the while, lawmakers, many of whom later reported having felt like hostages, were evacuated by police.

The comparisons between this event and the January 6, 2021 event in Washington are obvious though the Arizona incident pales in comparison to the Washington incident. But the question is being asked by many: Was what occurred in Phoenix Friday night an insurrection-as many label January 6, an insurrection designed to stop or influence lawmakers inside who were deliberating on other issues?

Just to be clear, I condemn both incidents. Whether January 6 represented an actual attempted insurrection is a matter for debate, but here is my point: Will the reactions to Friday night be similar to the January 6 reactions? In other words, will there be a US Department of Justice investigation, and will charges be brought against the protesters in Arizona-those that can be identified after an exhaustive investigation? Will those charged be held for a year or so in solidarity confinement? Will there be prison sentences? Will there be Congressional hearings? Will our news media, led by CNN, spend the next year or so condemning what happened in Arizona?

Just askin'.

Of course, to be fair, there are contrasts, especially in terms of severity. Nobody was killed Friday night, no police officers were assaulted or injured, and apparently, nobody actually breached the Capitol building. There was no vote ongoing to validate the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade.

But things did get out of hand in Phoenix, and police had to defend the Capitol from being breached by a mob of thousands of angry protesters while lawmakers were inside conducting the People's business. It went beyond a peaceful protest.

Of course, hypocrisy cuts both ways, and those who would condemn Friday's incident in Phoenix but excuse January 6 can fairly be accused of hypocrisy-whatever you think of the 2020 election and whatever you think of the Supreme Court's decision on abortion. I did not like the results of the 2020 election, and I still have my doubts about what occurred on Election Night in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Milwaukee. I am opposed to abortion, but I think I can understand the anger of those on the other side of the debate. 

All of which is irrelevant as far as I am concerned because I condemn both incidents and I concede there are distinctions in terms of severity. But if what happened in Arizona Friday night has disappeared from the news in a couple of days-or not reported at all by certain news sources, then somebody is guilty of hypocrisy. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Who to Blame for Oslo? The US Supreme Court???

On Saturday night in Oslo, Norway, a 42-year-old man of Iranian origin opened fire at a gay bar while screaming, "Allahu Akhbar!". Two people are dead and over a dozen wounded.

As Norway tries to come to grips with this attack during a week of gay pride celebrations, Jonas Gardell, a Swedish columnist in the Swedish newspaper, Expressen, has his own theory about what happened in neighboring Norway. Nowhere in the article is mentioned the report that the attacker is a Muslim immigrant from Iran who had a previous criminal record and was previously diagnosed as mentally ill. Nowhere is there any mention of the reference to "Allahu Akhbar". Nowhere is there any mention of Islam's well-known hostility to homosexuality. There is a mention of the infamous 2016 Orlando attack on the Pulse (gay) nightclub, but no mention of who carried it out-a Muslim extremist.

The connection that the writer wants us to make is this week's US Supreme Court decision striking down Roe vs. Wade, a hate crime, according to the Swedish writer.

The op-ed in question is linked below. I am translating only that portion that refers to the Supreme Court decision.

"The evening's attack shows how brutal the hate against us still is.

In my eyes, we must connect this hate crime with the hate crime that the USA's highest court subjected America's women to yesterday.

Only hours earlier, 6 conservative justices decided that abortion rights were being revoked since the right to an abortion is not mentioned in the original constitution dating back to the late 18th century, and now abortion bans are being introduced at a frantic pace in a number of US states. The State- read men- once again, is taking over the right to decide over women's bodies. 

Many are warning that the US Supreme Court, with the same argument, is ready to tear up same-sex marriage and enable a ban against homosexuality in the USA.

How clear it is for me on this Midsummer day of grief and anger in Paradise that the hate of the Oslo killer and the hate of the Supreme Court are similar to each other.

Hate comes from the same source."


To connect the US Supreme Court decision, which merely refers the abortion question back to the states, is outrageous.  Regardless of where you stand on Roe vs Wade, saving the lives of an untold number of babies is not a hate crime. To liken it to a man who pulls out a gun and shoots people dead is an outrage.

Was this an act of homophobia by the Oslo shooter based on religious belief? It appears so, but we await further information from the authorities. No matter who did it or what the motivation, it is to be condemned just as decent people everywhere condemned the Orlando attack and the previous Norway attack by Anders Breivik, who killed 72 people in 2011 because he was angry over massive Islamic migration into Norway. It was wrong. It was evil.

I may not agree on every stance taken by organized gay lobbies, but I do not want to see them harmed. It does no service to the gay community worldwide to ignore or mask the true motive for a particular killing. What happened in Oslo has nothing to do with the US Supreme Court or abortion rights. If it is to have any meaning, it must be followed by a full and open discussion of why it happened. If this was a case of a man lashing out at a gay target because of what he perceived his religious teaching to be, that must be acknowledged. That is not to demonize every Muslim living in Norway because not every Muslim in Norway is inclined to shoot up a gay bar while (allegedly) shouting, "Allahu Akhbar".  But it must be discussed both within and outside the gay and Muslim communities.

It does no good to cry about evil if you are not willing to identify the perpetrators. Just like women and the Jewish community, it does no good to complain about sexism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism, if you are not willing to identify all the perpetrators no matter who they are. The gay community needs to stand up and decry hate from every source-including when it comes from Muslim extremists.

Norway: Two Dead in Oslo: Police Call It "Islamic Terror", Gay Bar Hit

Arrest of suspect-Daily Mail

 A 42-year-old  Iranian immigrant, identified as Zaniar Matapour, is charged with two counts of murder after opening fire at a gay bar in Oslo, Norway Saturday night during gay pride celebrations. Norwegian police are calling this an act of Islamic terror. Matapour reportedly immigrated to Norway with his family when he was 12 and was known to police.

Jihad Watch, citing the Norwegian news outlet, Dagbladet, reports that the attacker was screaming, "Allahu Akhbar" during the attack.

*Update: The Swedish news outlet, Aftonbladet, posted a video of the shooting and the takedown of the shooter (viewer warning). We are working on a translation of the Swedish subtitles. (H/T Vlad Tepes)


 ** Update: Here is the English translation of the video sub-titles. Translation by Fousesquawk.


Friday, June 24, 2022

Spain: New Border Assault at Melilla: 18 Migrants Dead During Stampede

-El Pais

Once again, the Spanish border enclave of Melilla, bordering Morocco has been hit with a wave of African migrants attempting to storm their way into Europe via Spain. The results this time were tragic as 18 migrants, reportedly mostly Sudanese, were killed by being crushed or by asphyxiation. There are many more injuries to both migrants and border police.

The below article from El Independiente is translated by Fousesquawk. We hope to have a translated news video up tomorrow. Note that the below article reports 5 deaths, but more recent sources are reporting 18 deaths.

The images of the immigrants who tried to jump the fence at Melilla

El Independiente

June 24, 2022, 19:21

The tragedy took place Friday next to the fence at Melilla, where at least 5 immigrants lost their lives trying to get to the perimeter to access the Spanish side in a new attempt. The deaths took place on Moroccan territory, whose security forces could not avoid the crossing of hundreds of sub-Saharans.

The cause of the deaths is reportedly crushing or asphyxiation being trapped in a valley near the border perimeter. According to information from the official Moroccan agency, MAP, citing as sources the authorities of Nador, there are another 76 injured (13 of them seriously).

In the video that accompanies these lines, hundreds of migrants are seen fallen on the ground under custody of Moroccan gendarmes, many of them injured as a consequence of the (human) avalanche. Some inert bodies can also be (noticed).

*Update- June 25, 2022. The below video from El Pais is translated by Fousesquawk.