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Muslim Brotherhood in France (3)

Hat tip Avenir de la Culture (France). Translation by Fousesquawk.

This translation of the below article by Guillaume Gatterman in a French Christian website (Avenir de las Culture-Future of the Culture) is part of our series of translations of European articles on the Muslim Brotherhood in their respective countries. It is the third such article on France. This article is dated June 16, 2020, but it is still highly relevant. Also mentioned in the article are the Union of Islamic Organizations in France or UOIF and the Association of Muslims for an Islam of France or AMIF.

The hellish network of the Muslim Brotherhood in France

Guillaume Gattermann-June 16, 2020-Islamisation

Last February 17, the independent media site, Lieux Communs published a document of utmost interest: A complete layout of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (re-named Muslims of France in 2017), representing the French network of the international Islamic organization. In other words, the galaxy of the Muslim Brotherhood in France, its allies, and supporters.

In total, the document lists almost 100 individuals and some 50 radical organizations, which provides a quite worrisome overview of the situation.

The development of such a document has as its objective, to "expose the collection of individuals, of structures, and sectors of activity tied in various degrees to the circle of the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, and provide precise information on each of them," and, "shine the light on the interconnection of the entire galaxy with the Association of Muslims for an Islam of France (AMIF), which tends to favor communitarianism and separatism," the site states.

As a reminder, the Muslim Brotherhood, born in 1928 in Egypt, constitutes "one of the two great currents of worldwide Islamism, with Salafism," whose goal is, "Islamic hegemony by the infiltration of societies, construction of mosques, and education of youth in religious schools. Its ideology is based on the notion of "Islam as a just middle ground," (and) it gives itself a peaceful, even peace-making image." 

At the heart of the brotherhood, is found the UOIF, which for years, has been weaving together a powerful network of different movements and militant associations around media personalities such as the Islamologist, Tariq Ramadan.

As for the AMIF, created in April 2019, it is an "ideological tool for the Islamisation of Muslims, favoring communitarianism and separatism", Lieux Communs reports. However, "it is this organization that the government risks officially entrusting with representing Muslims in France."  

Furthermore, in his last speech on this subject, given in Mulhouse, the head of State, while reaffirming that, " Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality, incompatible with the indivisibility of the Republic," never mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, UOIF, or AMIF...Appalling. 

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Italy: Another Rape in Milan-Crime out of Control

Milan-Once upon a time

We have been reporting on the New Year's Eve mess in Milan when a pack of North African young boys sexually molested several girls. At this point, two are in custody and the search for others continues.

Now Italian police have announced the arrest of an accused rapist who attacked a woman in an apartment building elevator on December 21. In this article, the suspect is described as  Maghrebian (North African). In a separate article in Corriere della Sera, the suspect is described as Libyan. 

But it gets worse. Milan is now considered the least safe city in Italy. This is not the Milan I knew when I was living there from 1982-87. Yes, it had its rough edges and there were criminals and drug dealers afoot, but it wasn't like this. 

The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

Raped in an elevator, immigrant arrested, caught by a (finger)print

18 January 2022-15:48

The woman was threatened with death and raped by a North African while in an elevator

-Valentina Dardari

A 40-year-old woman was robbed and raped while inside the elevator of her condominium. The man, a 31-year-old Maghrebian (N. African) with a previous criminal record for sexual violence and aggravated robbery, was arrested by the Carabinieri of the San Donato Milanese Unit.

Raped by a Maghrebian in an elevator

According to what has emerged, the arrestee has no fixed abode. The incident happened last December 21 when the woman parked her vehicle in the garage and was approached by her attacker in the elevator of her condominium in Segrate, a municipality in Milan Province, around 23:30. The man reportedly threatened her with death by tugging at her and demanding a sexual favor, in addition to robbing her of 30 euros and a cell phone. The victim, once back in her home, notwithstanding the shock, immediately alerted the Carabinieri, furnishing them with a full description of the attacker.

The (Carabinieri), thanks to the description given by the 40-year-old and video recorded by the surveillance cameras in the area, managed to have an accurate profile of the man. In addition, the Scientific Investigation Section of the Investigative Unit of Milan managed to obtain a fingerprint of the suspect inside the elevator, as well as some crucial biological traces left on the woman's clothes. The biological samples were then analyzed by the Ris (Scientific Investigation Dept.) in Parma.  The 31-year-old, once arrested, and after the investigations by the Carabinieri allowed them to collect (evidence) against the arrestee, was served with a detention order issued against him by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Milan. The man was, therefore, transported to the San Vittore Prison in Milan. 

A city increasingly more dangerous

Milan is increasingly the realm of decay and crime. From New Year's Eve to today, there has been a succession of violence and acts of vandalism not only directed at citizens and tourists, but also employees who, in their workplaces, have to deal with aggressive gangs of young men, both Italian and foreign. On New Year's Eve in Piazza Duomo, several girls were surrounded and groped by some 50 men in a pack who, after having torn off their clothes, began to touch them all over, including and especially, in their genital areas. After some 20 searches, two second-generation Italian men have been arrested. But the investigations continue to try to identify other molesters from that night. 

Crimes and degradation in Milan

On the evening of January 2, it was the area of the Central (Train) Station that was the scene of a violent fight that occurred between foreign citizens hitting (each other) in the head with bottles, causing panic among passersby. The two combatants, both illegally in the country, were a 22-year-old Egyptian and a 30-year-old Moroccan, who began with a big argument, throwing punches and throwing bottles. The two (non-EU) foreigners, in the end, ended up in the hospital.

Even Bocconi University had to take action to protect male and female students. Since the municipality is doing nothing to safeguard its citizens, the university has organized an evening "escort" service by foot every 30 minutes, from 6pm-12:30 am from the administration building on via Gobbi to the Spadolini Dubini and Isonzo  Residences on via Pompeo Leoni and Viale Toscana and in the opposite direction, to counter attacks, verbal harassment, beatings, and pursuits for purposes of robbery. The escort for under-graduates will be guaranteed every day from Monday to Saturday.

Italy's least safe city

If that were not enough, on 14 January, police hqs reported seven more robberies, one that was attempted the previous day, Thursday, the 13th. The perpetrators of these crimes, yet again foreigners, specifically, two Chileans, a Dominican, a Romainian, two Algerians, a Libyan, and three other North Africans. With the exception of the Romanian, the others all had previous criminal records and all illegally in our country. And all are between the ages of 18-30. The incidents of criminality in Milan are now the order of the day. Il Sole 24 Ore (The Sun 24 hours/News) indicated in its report that (Milan) is the least safe city in Italy. The crime reports in the metropolitan area are 4,866.3 for every 100,000 residents, a record number when compared to that of any other Italian province.

Among the incidents of criminality noted in these past days is also one that dates back to 11 December that injured a disabled boy. In that case, the 25-year-old, confined to a wheelchair, was approached by two Moroccan robbers, one 21 and the other 37 years of age, who threatened him to make him hand over his cell phone. Another terrible incident of violence in Milan was perpetrated against a plainclothes policeman, who was surrounded and beaten by a gang of about 10 young men, the night of Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of January in Viale Coni Zugna, as he was conducting an inspection. Once rescued and taken to the hospital, the 61-year-old local police officer was given a provisional prognosis of 5 days.  

Whose fault according to Mayor Sala

Also in Milan, at Rozzano, two groups of Moroccans faced off at each other with clubs and sticks. During the heated quarrel, a  machete also came out. One of the protagonists of the fight was left in agony in a pool of blood on the asphalt. Transported urgently to the hospital, his condition was judged critical by the doctors due to the gravity of the wounds sustained from the machete.

On the other hand, an Atm bus driver, who had refused to allow a couple of kids away from the shelter to board, wound up with a fractured jaw. Once his shift was over, the driver returned to the depot and found himself confronted by two young men. After attacking him verbally, they punched him in the face, in the right cheekbone, cracking his jawbone. In this escalation of crimes and violence, the mayor, Beppe Sala,  blames the lack of safety on everybody except himself and his faithful security advisor, Marco Granelli. For the First Citizen, the blame is on the minister, the chief of police, the prefect. After all, as he noted, safety "is not a matter that can be resolved once and for all or by shouting at the Far West every time there is a problem". At least in the Far West, there was a sheriff who enforced the law.  

What Are the Implications of Colleyville for Jews?

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs. 

 FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno


As the dust settles over the hostage-taking incident at a Colleyville, Texas synagogue, we can give thanks that all four hostages are safe and the hostage-taker is dead. The FBI Hostage Rescue Team and local Texas police did an outstanding job.

Not so outstanding was the performance of the FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge, Matthew DeSarno. As is usually the case when a high-profile case arises, the local top cops handle the press conferences. DeSarno’s comments have raised the ire of many in the Jewish community with his statement that the singular motivation of the gunman, Malik Faisal Akram, was to demand the freedom of convicted terrorist, Aafia Siddiqui, and that it was not specifically related to the Jewish community. (I am paraphrasing.) The FBI suits in Washington have hastened to correct that statement in the face of what was so obvious and the angry reaction.

I noted in watching the video of DeSarno’s statement that he was uncomfortable while making the statement in answer to a question from the press, as evidenced by the rapid blinking of his eyes. Was it his intent to deliberately lie? Was he trying to follow a politically-correct script directed by FBI Hqs? I would like to give DeSarno the benefit of the doubt in handling a sensitive aspect of this case. It may just be that he was struggling to deal with a sensitive subject and unintentionally misstated the facts.

At any rate, while Akram may have been trying to secure the release of Siddiqui, the fact remains that he chose a synagogue. He could have chosen a 7-11 or a Starbucks, but he didn’t; he chose a synagogue. Was he looking for a site near the Fort Worth prison where Siddiqui was being held and also near the Dallas-Fort Worth Airpot? Perhaps, he was envisioning a takeoff from the airport with Siddiqui in tow. The fact remains, however, that Akram chose a synagogue in the area. That fact cannot be explained away by DeSarno, CAIR, or anybody else. While the Jewish community has nothing to do with Siddiqui’s incarceration, it was clearly a target. Why? That leads us into a discussion of the intense Jew-hatred that is embedded in Islamic teaching. Obviously, Agent DeSarno had no wish to discuss that with the media.

But the real disservice in DeSarno’s statement is that telling the Jewish community that it was not under threat is a disservice to their safety. Nothing to see here? Sorry, but there is much to see here. This is very much in line with the unwillingness of European politicians, police, and press to identify Muslim perpetrators when they target Jews or Christians for attack. Who wants a public that is oblivious to the threat they face?

The sad fact is that our Jewish community is under threat, and their synagogues, schools, and institutions must be protected. It is also time for many misguided Jewish leaders and their organizations to admit that the biggest threat is coming from Islamic quarters. Do all Muslims worldwide hate Jews? No. And yes, the Pittsburgh and Poway attacks were not committed by Muslims, but that doesn’t change the fact that Islamic anti-Semitism is real. Instead of engaging in inter-faith events with local imams, many of whom say one thing to their Jewish and Christian counterparts while saying something else to their congregations, these leaders should be speaking out and demanding that their Islamic imam counterparts stop making disparaging remarks about other faiths in their sermons.

It is true that, historically, Jews have been attacked from every direction. Hate is hate, and it must be exposed and countered no matter who the guilty parties are. The truth is all of our communities need to take a look in the mirror when it comes to Jew-hatred. Nobody should be excused from criticism.

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The Synagogue Attack in Colleyville

*Update: The FBI has just released the identity of the hostage-taker. He is Malik Faisal Akram, 44, a British citizen from Blackburn (England).  

Malik Faisal Akram

-Daily Mail UK

Now that the siege of the Colleyville, Texas synagogue is over, and thankfully, all hostages are safe, I feel it is appropriate to comment and perhaps, make some conclusions.

First of all, kudos to the FBI and the Texas police for a successful conclusion. The terrorist is dead, and the hostages are safe.  We don't know the identity of the hostage-taker, only that he holds British citizenship. I would bet the farm (or maybe just the barn) that he is of Pakistani origin. The FBI and police are not releasing his name as yet. Apparently, he is not the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani woman serving 86 years in a Texas prison, just miles from the synagogue, as he had stated. She had attempted to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan in 2008.

The statements of CAIR in the last 24 hours are disingenuous as always. They have actively campaigned for Siddiqui's release. CAIR is a supporter of the terror organization, Hamas, which wants to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Of course, they can say nothing other than to condemn the acts of the hostage-taker, but CAIR is no supporter of the Jewish community. The ranks of their leaders across the country are filled with anti-Semites.

While I applaud the performance of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, I must take issue with the statements of Matthew DeSarno, the FBI agent-in-charge in Dallas, that the motivation of the hostage-taker had nothing to do with the Jewish community. 

"We do believe from our engaging with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community. But we're continuing to work to find motive," FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said at a press conference. 

-Fox News

Nonsense. It was no coincidence that a synagogue was chosen. Notwithstanding CAIR's statements about supporting the Jewish community, anti-Semitism is a core tenet of Islam. The hostage-taker could have chosen literally any site to take hostages. He chose a synagogue (near the prison facility where Siddiqui was being held and near the Dallas-Ft Worth Airport). CAIR cannot explain that away.

As yet, we don't know if anyone else was involved. Was he sent to Dallas on this mission by others? Was he communicating with others during the siege?  Fox News is reporting that he flew from the UK to Dallas to carry out this mission. We don't know just how long he was in the US prior to yesterday. If he had a gun, where did he get it-from whom? Hopefully, we will know more in the coming days.

The larger implication is what this foretells for the immediate and near future. I think it is safe to say that security for Jewish institutions needs to be doubled worldwide. Islamic terrorism is alive and well, we can expect more attacks, and the Jewish community is also at great risk. Every government needs to make it loud and clear that they stand with their Jewish communities. In the wake of this incident, President Biden has stated that, and I commend him.

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Belgium: Man Pushes Woman in Front of Metro Train in Brussels

 Viewer warning: The below video is disturbing.

On Friday night in Brussels, a 55-year-old woman was pushed onto the tracks in front of an arriving train at a Metro station by a young man. The driver of the Metro car was able to stop the train just in the nick of time. Other passengers helped get the woman off the tracks. She suffered only minor injuries.

The below article from the Belgian news outlet 7 Sur 7 (in French) has a clearer video of the incident.

The suspect fled the scene, but thanks to the rapid dissemination of his description, he was arrested a short time later at another station. His motive and whether he knew the victim are unknown. Belgian newspapers describe him only as a "23-year-old Frenchman".

Stay tuned.

*Update: Here is a translated account from the Dutch-language Belgian newspaper, Nieuwsblad. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Woman deliberately pushed onto Brussels Metro track: 23-year-old French man arrested for attempted  homicide

Today at 07:56

A particularly serious incident took place Friday evening, shortly after 19:40 in the Brussels- Rogier Metro Station: A man pushed a woman onto the tracks without reason. The driver of the Metro train, fortunately, managed to make an emergency stop at the last moment. The perpetrator is a 23-year-old French man. He fled across the tracks, but was arrested in the De Brouckere Metro station. He is being held Saturday in front of the investigating judge.

University Suspends "Nutty Professor"


Ferris State University (in Michigan) has its own version of the Nutty Professor. Meet Barry Mehler who teaches  taught something called Science and Racism (Must have something to do with intersectionality). He appeared on video "welcoming" his new students to his course. What followed was a profanity-laced discourse on anything and everything including what is now considered a hysterical old Camel cigarette ad. The university has now suspended Mehler. In fact, his bio page no longer appears on the university website.

Inside Higher Education has an article on the hijinks going on at FSU.

Even better, Campus Reform has the video. It lasts about 15 minutes, but it is well worth the time. Lots of chuckles. Viewer warning, however: Lots of naughty language.

I wonder what they charge for tuition at Dear Old Ferris State.

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DOJ Steps in to Prosecute Murder of LAPD Officer

LAPD Officer Fernando Arroyos-R.I.P.

Once again, the Los Angeles Police Department, like so many other departments across the county, is mourning one of their own. Fernando Arroyos (27), an off-duty LAPD officer, was shot and killed Monday as he and his girlfriend were house hunting in the Florence-Firestone area of Los Angeles. Four men, members of the Florencia 13 street gang, are charged with his murder. The full story is below.

Aside from the obvious loss of an officer's life, it is so significant that the Department of Justice-even under a liberal Democrat administration- has seen it necessary to step in and take over the case when murders, including cop-killings, are normally handled by the local district attorney.

But in this case, the LA district attorney is a radical leftist named George Gascon, who doesn't believe in treating criminals harshly. In this case, Gascon's office reportedly declined to use any enhancements to the murder charge against the 4 men. So the police have chosen to refer this to the federal government for prosecution using whatever charges the federal law has at its disposal against organized street gangs. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Mr. Gascon. 

One would think that this would be a wake-up call to the city and its residents, who voted Gascon into office even though he had already shown he was not fit for the job after his dismal performance as DA in San Francisco. But LA and San Francisco are in two worlds of their own.   

Milan: Worse Than Originally Thought

Reader warning: Graphic material. Translation by Fousesquawk.

With each passing day, the New Year's Eve fiasco in Milan appears to have been even worse than originally thought. More complaints are coming in from women who report being attacked by a mob and sexually assaulted. Presently, there are two young men in custody, but that number will hopefully grow. Italian police are actively searching for many other perpetrators. More and more, this is starting to look more like what occurred in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015-2016.

In translating the below article from Il Giornale, I pondered whether I should even post this. It is graphic and disturbing reading as to what was done to these young women by these animals. In the end, I decided it must be reported (with all due respect to the privacy of the victims). These are not isolated incidents. Ever since the Europeans opened their doors to millions of these young men from the Middle East and North Africa (and other places like Afghanistan and Somalia), this is what they have had to deal with. How many women will be assaulted, groped, and raped before people wake up? How many innocent people will be butchered, stabbed, run over, shot, bombed, or beheaded before people wake up?

Dozens of complaints- In the reports, all the horror

14 January 2022-0:600

Hunt for head of the pack: a 45-year-old who directed the assaults. Release of the detained, to be decided today

Luca Fazzo

Live accounts of a mass rape: With the crudeness, at times indigestible, that the judicial files are forced to contain. In the arrest order for Abdallah Bouguedra and Abdel Ibrahim, the two youths of Maghrebian (N. African) origin, arrested for the violence of New Year's Eve in Milan, frames (images) have been reported that go beyond what has emerged up to now, and that will (influence) the decision as to the requested release of the two, expected today.

One witness tells of having seen a victim surrounded by a mob of men on the east side of Duomo Square, among whom, was "a man in a red jacket who shouted at the girl, intent on tearing her clothes and tugging her". When the police finally arrived, the pack dispersed, "leaving the girl on the ground, naked on the lower part of her body and with her pants down to her feet". She is the victim of whom at the Mangiagali Clinic, "doctors discovered evident abrasions on both her breasts and her genitals, as well as blood and swelling on various parts of her body". The victim, interviewed at 3:55 in the morning, said that "the group succeeded in lowering her pants and touching her vagina, also inserting fingers inside (the vagina)."

This maniacal fury directed at the most intimate parts of the victims seems to be a constant modus operandi of the pack. Paying the price shortly after, a girl found herself at the entrance to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (the "good shopping area" of Milan), and who, the day after, told of "being literally run over from behind by a wave of men who groped her violently in her intimate parts, putting their hands on her backside, anus, and vagina to the point of tearing her pantyhose." Another girl explains that "on that evening, she was wearing a dress and remembered feeling hands behind her shoulders grabbing at her stockings at the height of her vagina and buttocks."

Together with the obsession of the pack for the female body, from statements reported in the arrest decree signed by public prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, numerous other details emerge that confirm that the two arrests are only the beginning of the hunt for the perpetrators. The statements of the victims and their friends clearly describe other protagonists of the attacks: including one whom some point out as the "leader". "A man of about 45 years of age, bald, with light-colored eyes, light complexion, wearing a black shirt with yellow, Versace-type decorations." He spoke Italian but with the same accent as the boys in the pack. And while the number of potential suspects grows, so does, unfortunately, the number of victims. In the offices of the prosecutor and the police, reports and complaints continue to arrive from girls who had to suffer the violence of the pack. The reports come from various parts of Italy because on New Year's Eve in Milan, young men and women arrived from afar, convinced they would be able to celebrate the new year serenely in the heart of a safe city. They were mistaken.

Let's Go........Duce!

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The below video shows Benito Mussolini speaking in Taranto (That's in Italy for all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors) on September 7, 1934.  Using a little poetic license, I decided to have some fun by adding my own English sub-titles. Of course, I admit that in this clip, Il Duce exhibits considerably more energy than Old Joe Biden, aka Brandon, and no, the crowd was not shouting, "F-you, Duce!", but as Old Joe would say, "....but anyway....".


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Italy: Where Are the Feminists?

Hat tip HeHa

 Photo: Two victims of sexual assaults in Milan's Piazza del Duomo on New Year's Eve

In the wake of the Milan sexual assault incident(s) on New Year's Eve, Francesca Galici, a reporter for Il Giornale, has written an op-ed asking, "Where are feminists?" Galici raises the point that the feminists on the left are always silent when it comes to the matter of sexual assaults in Italy committed by Muslim immigrants. We have similar issues in the US where our leftist feminists have nothing to say about how women are treated in Islamic societies.

The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

The deafening silence of the feminists regarding the molestations of New Year's Eve

11 January 2022-11:50

There have been no sit-ins and explicit demonstrations against what happened in Milan on New Year's Eve, while the number of victims of the herd of foreigners rises to 9

Francesca Galici

The events of New Year's Eve in Milan continue to stir public opinion for the gravity of what happened in Duomo Square shortly after midnight. With the passage of days, even more women have found the courage to report molestations suffered at the hands of the herd of foreigners who followed a plot similar to the well-known events in Cologne in 2016, even if fortunately, to a lesser extent.

What causes reflection, among other things, is the deafening silence from the left, which never misses the chance to claim the feminist battle over pronouns, but doesn't use the same energy to condemn what Milan is becoming due to a policy that forces cultural integration, which, in many cases, is evidently not desired by the same immigrants.

Alessandro Morelli, vice minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, has been attacked by the left in the last few days for having denounced the gravity of the events. Morelli has stressed how what happened in Milan is the result of the lack of true management of immigration in Milan on the part of the left which, on the other, hand, blames all responsibility on "society".

The work of the police in the last few days has been huge, the investigators have traced 18 of the members of the herd who, between December 31-January 1, molested at least 9 women in the center of Milan, near Duomo Square, transforming a night of partying into a nightmare. "Scenes similar to those of Cologne, with a planned attack, surrounding and groping," notes the Lega (party) municipal counselor, Silvia Sardone. The context in which the events played out becomes increasingly clear, exactly for this reason, as the (Lega) star lays out, "ensure the shameful silence of the feminists of the left, always ready to tear their clothes for feminist ends, but always silent in the face of this violence, the result of a culture incompatible with our society."

It's not the first time that the left prefers to close itself off in silence rather than expose itself by denouncing the gravity of acts done against women at the hands of foreign citizens. "Exactly like the case of Saman,"* continues Silvia Sardone, "we find ourselves faced with a consolidated idea, the result of traditions and Islamic religious teachings, which provides for the submission of women". A situation that Italy cannot accept, that Milan cannot be seen as the scene of a similar barbarity. "Milan cannot become the avant-guard of an idea of women being oppressed and their rights stomped upon. The Pd (Partito Democratico) and their comrades need to figure out this real problem as quickly as possible, which breeds particularly in the multi-ethnic (city) peripheries and in certain Muslim environments, rather than chasing after utopias like integration, which in fact, has always shown itself to fail and which so many immigrants don't even want," concludes Silvia Sardone in her statement.


* Link provided by Fousesquawk.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Italy: Two Charged in New Year's Eve Attacks in Milan

Italian police have charged two young men, ages 18 and 21, with participation in the sexual attacks that occurred New Year's Eve in Milan.

The below article from today's Corriere della Sera is translated by Fousesquawk.

New Year's Eve in Milan, the 18-year-old arrested for violence: "I saw the girls surrounded, but I didn't touch them"

By Editorial Staff, Milan

The young man responded to the questions of gip (preliminary investigation judge) from the San Vittore jail: "I didn't touch the girls. Then I got scared and left". The Egyptian father, in Milan for two years, lives in the Comasina zone.

                                                            Abdallah Bouguedra, 21, and Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim, 18 

"I saw that they surrounded these girls, but I didn't participate." He defended himself. He said he "did nothing", that he didn't "touch" the girls, that he saw the people crowded together, and then he ran. That he only watched. A spectator, not a molester: "I am a good person, I have always worked." Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim, the 18-year-old arrested in the evening at Milan for the attack case in  Duomo Square on New Year's Eve, together with the 21-year-old Abdallah Bouguedra, resident of Turin, was interrogated by remote (with the help of an interpreter) by the preliminary investigating judge, Raffaella Mascarino. The young worker, second-generation Italian, father Egyptian, (resident) in Milan for two years in via Bovio (street) in Comasina, is locked up in the San Vittore jail. His lawyer, Iacopo Viola, has requested house arrest. The judge must decide on the request for approval of pre-trial custody in jail requested by the prosecutor. 

Interrogation at San Vittore

Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim reconstructed, step by step, the entire sequence of attacks but said that he did not participate in any type of violence. "I was there, I saw it, but I wasn't involved." The 18-year-old, heard by the preliminary investigating judge in a hearing to validate the arrest and assisted by attorney Jacopo Viola, told of having met friends at the Duomo and having observed the entire scene from afar. "I had just arrived and I met with some people I knew," he said. After a short time, the 18-year-old's friends reportedly "surrounded the girls," The "mess" reportedly "happened from 12:30 on". The boy confirmed having seen, "the girl dressed in red," while she was trying to defend herself, and "spit in the face of someone,".  After the attacks, the 18-year-old said he was  "scared" and went off to take the Metro.

The lawyer

"He responded and had a cooperative attitude with the judge," attorney Viola said at the end of the interrogation. "It is a delicate situation that involves one (who is)  barely an adult. I can say that he admitted being in the square, but denied the accusations. I have requested house arrest." The judge has reserved the decision on accepting the measure from the Milan Prosecutors Office and to apply pre-trial detention in jail.

The father: "Three months ago, he lost his brother"

"My son is a good boy, a worker who recently lost his brother," Ahmed, the father of the boy, told reporters in front of the building on the periphery (of Milan) where he lives with Abdelrahman. "My son has suffered, only 3 months ago, he lost a brother."  He works with plasterboard and has a clean record. That evening, he went out to have fun with friends, I am sure he is innocent, and that everything will be cleared up," he added.

The 21-year-old "from Turin"

As for Abdallah Bouguedra, the 21-year-old arrested in Turin, in the arrest decree issued by the Milan prosecutor, it reads, "he demonstrated a clear and conscious adherence to the criminal actions of the group of men who attacked the two 19-year-olds at McDonald's, "unequivocally inserting himself  as an active participant  in the sexually violent conduct of the group." "The brutally of the conduct of Abdallah B. shows the marked dangerousness of the subject, who, if freed, could commit other crimes of the same nature, also exploiting the force of intimidation of the violent group of which he is a part."  For the asst prosecutor, Letizia Mannella and the prosecutor, Alessia Mengazzo, "the same considerations must be made in reference to the conduct carried out by Abdelrahman Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim." The latter is also under investigation for his alleged participation in the sexual attack on a group of 4 friends from Tuscany, aged 18-19, at the entrance to the Vittorio Emanuele II Galleria.  

Parents defend him

The parents of Abdallah Bouguedra also defend him. "Our son is a good boy, he didn't do anything." "Leave us in peace or we will call the Carabinieri," they add responding to the call box of their residence, an apartment in the housing areas of the northern periphery of Turin. In the home of the young man, a second-generation Italian of North African origin, the investigators from the Milan police, with the help of colleagues from the Turin police hqs, found the clothes the young man was wearing on New Year's Eve. 

The FBI Under Fire (January 6)

Hat tip Town Hall

On January 11, 2022, Jill Sanborn, Executive Asst Director for National Security in the FBI, testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the events of January 6, when the US Capitol was overrun. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointedly asked her if any FBI agents or their informants engaged in illegal acts or urged others to do so before or during the riot. Cruz also asked her whether a certain Ray Epps was an FBI agent or informant. Sanborn's repeated answers were that she could not answer the question. Cruz also asked Sanborn whether any FBI agents or "those in service" of the FBI actively encouraged acts of violence on January 6. Sanborn: "Not to my knowledge, Sir"

As a retired DEA agent, I take no pleasure in criticizing another law enforcement agency. In the past, I have supported their attempts to fight Islamic terrorism in the US, and I still do. I believe that most FBI agents are honorable people who have also been troubled by much of what has happened over the last several years in their agency. But something is wrong at the FBI. In my mind, though J. Edgar Hoover is long gone, he created a culture that still exists to some extent. That is the attitude that they are the premier law enforcement agency in the world and that they can do things other agencies are not allowed to do.

Reading between the lines, my impression is that Ms. Sanborn is attempting to protect sources and methods, and it is true that this is legitimate to a point. But her answers are troubling in that it leads to the conclusion that FBI agents and/or their informants, operatives, or whatever you want to call them, were, in fact, among the crowd on January 6 and that they were more than just observers present to document any crimes and identify any law breakers-which would have been legitimate.

As to Ray Epps, whoever he is, Sanborn's unwillingness to answer the question as to whether he was a "fed", would seem to imply that Epps did have a relationship to the Bureau, agent, informant, or otherwise. Given his alleged statements and actions that day at the Capitol, this is indeed troubling.

Sanborn's final answer ("Not to my knowledge, Sir") is also troubling and may even approach perjury. In her position, she is in a position to know the answer to all of Cruz's questions. If she doesn't, she should be replaced on grounds of incompetency. Surely, she prepared for her appearance before the Committee. Surely, she was briefed by her colleagues before appearing.

If the answers to all of Senator Cruz's answers were "no", Sanborn would have or should have said so in no uncertain terms.

Of course, given who is in charge in Washington and who is the attorney general (Merrick Garland), I don't expect anything much to come out of this in terms of charges or discipline against Sanborn.

I also want to reiterate that I am not excusing anybody who engaged in violence and destruction at the Capitol on January 6. It was wrong, and those responsible should be prosecuted no matter who they were or what their motivation was. I still suspect (though I have no proof) that there were some Antifa types there egging the crowd on. That does not excuse those who broke the law. That does not excuse those who attacked and beat police officers that day.

But if the FBI had actual agents or informants in the crowd inciting or encouraging violence, this must be brought out.