Saturday, July 13, 2024

Netherlands to Extradite Woman Suspected in Murder Attempt of Spanish Politician

(l-r) Accused shooter, Mehrez Ayari-victim, Alejo Vidal-Quadras

We have been following the story about the attempted murder of a Spanish politician in Madrid and the subsequent arrests of suspects, including in the Netherlands. This week, a Dutch court in Amsterdam approved the extradition of Chahinez K., a woman residing in the Netherlands, to Spain. There are also  suspected connections to Iran and a plan by the same group to murder an Iranian journalist residing in the Netherlands. 

The below article from Omroep is translated by Fousesquawk.

Attack on politician: Woman from Den Bosch (27) going to Spanish cell

Wednesday at 14:09-Updated Thursday at 15:16

Caption: Image after the attack (photo ANP)

Chahinez K. (27) from Den Bosch, who is suspected of involvement in an (attempted) murder attack upon a Spanish politician, will be turned over to Spain. She has been in custody in the Netherlands since April. K. is suspected of financing and preparation in the attempted murder attack.

Written by Ron Vorstermans

The woman denies having anything to do with the attack against politician Alejo Vidal-Quadras in Madrid. He was shot in the head and barely survived the attack.

The International Legal Assistance Chamber of the Amsterdam court has approved the extradition to Spain, as was decided Wednesday. The Spanish authorities have guaranteed that if K. is convicted, she will be allowed to serve her sentence in the Netherlands.


The ex-(husband) of K. according to her lawyer, is one of the co-suspects. He is still a fugitive. The woman reportedly flew spontaneously to the south of Spain at his request then accompanied him to Madrid. She was seen there with him by investigators.

She also reportedly transferred payments of 200 euros and 50 euros to him upon his request. Three days before the attack, he reportedly transferred 250 euros to an accomplice. "I was just used," K. said earlier regarding the suspected financing.

Another man arrested

A 38-year-old man with Tunisian nationality was arrested in Haarlem on June 9 for the attempted murder. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, he is the suspected shooter. Spain has also requested his extradition.

At the end of last month, the Public Prosecutor's Office announced that this man, together with a 27-year-old Colombian, is also suspected of (plotting) the assassination of an Iranian activist and journalist residing in the Netherlands. Vidal-Quadras has connections with the Iranian opposition, which according to (Quadras), was the motive for the (attempted) murder attack.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Biden's "Big Boy" Press Conference

Yesterday was not a very good day for President Biden. On the same day, he committed two embarrassing name gaffes. First, he introduced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskii to his NATO audience as "President Putin". In the evening, he held his widely-anticipated press conference, dubbed the "big boy" press conference by White House press spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. It came in the evening after Biden wrapped up hosting the NATO summit. Another screwup by his schedulers? I don't know, but in my opinion, Biden's performance was not impressive though certainly not as bad as his performance in the debate against former President Trump. His opening remarks about the NATO summit were read from a teleprompter, but, of course, it could not be used for the Q and A.  Once again, he got names wrong as he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as "Vice President Trump". There were other gaffes too, but in addition, Biden had trouble reading the names of the reporters he was supposed to call on for questions.

As I normally do, I switched back and forth between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC to compare and contrast the reactions of the various talking heads. To me, the biggest difference (what set Fox off from the other two) was that CNN and MSNBC, while expressing concern about Biden's ability to go forward, were more sympathetic to him as a person, and as a president, while stressing the importance of defeating the evil Trump in November, etc. Fox was less forgiving of Biden, both as a person and as president. As is usually the case, both Fox and CNN had a few commentators from opposing camps; Fox had a few Democrats, while CNN had a few Republicans, but, of course, they were in the minority in each. 

If there was a "consensus" among commentators of all three networks, it was that Biden's performance was just good enough to buy him a little more time, but that the calls for him to drop out would continue. That is faint praise, indeed.

One other difference is that Fox is reporting rumors that former President Barack Obama is quietly supporting efforts by Democrats to get Biden out of the race. Some are speculating that one reason Biden is holding on is that he is angry at Obama, whom he served loyally as vice president, and who is now "stabbing him in the back." The other networks are reporting that Obama has "huddled" with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the issue of whether Biden can go forward.

On Fox, I believe it was Washington Times journalist Charles Hurt, a conservative, who said before the presser that the Democrats' worst nightmare was that Biden's performance would fall in the middle and slow down the effort of getting him to drop out. As of right now, that seems to be the case, but at this point, everything could still change from one day to the next. 

As for Trump, I suspect he is putting off naming his vice president candidate until he has a better idea of what Biden will do. Previously, he stated that he would announce his pick before or during the upcoming Republic convention in Milwaukee next week. Now it appears he will announce the pick during the convention.

My personal opinion is that Biden's days are still numbered. Yesterday, he showed nothing that could convince voters that he can still do the job, let alone for four more years. The Democrats are still in crisis mode, but the Republicans should not get too overconfident. Never underestimate the Democrats' ability to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Austria: Terror Suspect Found Dead in Cell Prior to Deportation to Russia

"Hi! You have reached the suicide hotline. If you are a terrorist and considering suicide, all of our operators are assisting other callers. Please call back in 6 months. Goodbye."

Today in Austria, a 40-year-old ISIS terror suspect from Dagestan was found dead in his cell on the day (today) he was to be deported to Russia. He was part of a group that was accused of planning a terror attack in Vienna and the Cologne Cathedral in Germany during the Christmas season of 2023. A separate Austrian source (Der Standard) is reporting the death was, indeed, suicide. Last May, the criminal charges were dropped, but the group was still held in detention pending deportation.

At the end of the below article, the newspaper (Heute) writes info about how to call the suicide hotline!!!! (So does the Der Standard.)

 The Heute article below is translated by Fousesquawk.

Planned attack in Vienna

ISIS-suspect found dead in cell prior to deportation

A 40-year-old from Dagestan reportedly had planned an attack in Vienna on 24 December. Shortly before his deportation, he has now been found dead.

From Heute Newsdesk July 11, 2024 at 13:25

Caption: Police were able to prevent a possible attack on the Stephans Cathedral

Karl Schöndorfer /

A terror cell from the notorious ISIS-offshoot, Islamic State-Khorasan (ISPK), caused a lot of commotion last Christmas Eve with attack plans against the Vienna Stephan's Cathedral. After an investigation by State Security, five terror suspects were arrested in Germany and Vienna.

The group was surprisingly released from custody at the end of May. According to (the judiciary), there was no exigent suspicion of a crime. All the suspects- 4 men and 1 woman were transferred to deportation custody.

A 40-year-old from Dagestan was reportedly the brain of the terror network. On Thursday, the man was to be flown to Russia. However, according to a report from "Krone" (news) the IS- fanatic was found dead in his cell during the morning hours.


Suicidal thoughts? Get help, it's there

As a rule, we do not report on suicides-unless due to circumstances, they receive special attention.

If you are suffering from thoughts of suicide or depression, please contact telephonic (mental counseling) care at telephone number 142-every day-24 hours.

Biden to Hold "Big Boy" Press Conference Today


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Shame: Anne Frank Memorial in Amsterdam Vandalized ("Gaza")

Stijn Nijssen, a councilor for the VVD (Peoples' Party for Freedom and Democracy) in Amsterdam, has posted a photo on X of a statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam that was spray painted with the word, "Gaza" this week by some unidentified vandal(s).

Nijssen's accompanying words are translated by Fousesquawk.

"The image of Anne Frank on Merwedeplein (square) in the Rivierenbuurt (neighborhood in Amsterdam)  is defaced by a vandal with the text, "Gaza".

It is really shameful that someone would think to bring attention to the Palestinian issue by smearing an image of Anne Frank, the international symbol of the Holocaust."


Fousesquawk comment: Yes, it is shameful, beyond words, in my view. While sickening, it should come as no surprise. The supporters of the Palestinians and Hamas feel no sorrow for Anne Frank or the 6 million other victims of the Holocaust. That's because they are filled with hatred for Jews in general. 

Dutch Jewry suffered great losses during the German occupation. Most of the Jews who were shipped to the extermination camps from the Netherlands never returned. The numbers are not exact, but it is estimated that about 100,000 Dutch Jews died in the Holocaust while some 35,000 survived. As with most all occupied nations during World War 2, there was a Dutch resistance, while at the same time, there were Dutch Nazis and collaborators.

I am no stranger to the Netherlands, and I firmly believe that this incident is not reflective of the Dutch people in general. While I have my opinion, I won't speculate here about who the perpetrator(s) in this incident might be. Suffice to say that Jew-hatred is once again alive and well in many Western European countries like the Netherlands, primarily due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as age-old hatreds. It must be confronted and stamped out, not only in Europe but in the US as well.

France: Two Months After the Bloody Prisoner Escape

Mohamed Amra

On May 14, in northern France, a police van carrying a prisoner named Mohamed Amra was attacked by his confederates, and Amra was freed. Two correctional officers were killed and three wounded. Two months later, Amra and the attackers are still at large. Now the French police and prosecutors have sent out a public appeal for witnesses to come forward if they were in the vicinity that day and observed anything unusual. 

The below article from today's France Bleu is translated by Fousesquawk.

Correctional officers killed in Eure: A appeal for witnesses sent out two months after the escape of Mohamed Amra at Incarville.

On Wednesday, the authorities are sending out and appeal for witnesses after the escape of the drug trafficker Mohamed Amra on May 14 at the Incarville toll booth in Eure. The attack on the prison van left two dead and three wounded.

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 10:56-Updated Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 17:03.

Caption: Two correctional officers killed

The attack at Incarville on 14 May left two dead and three wounded. On Wednesday, 10 July, the authorities sent out an appeal for witnesses. They are asking, "anyone present on 14 May between 10 am-noon between Acquigny and Evreux, or more generally, in the Eure and Seine-Maritime, to report any suspicious or unusual event".

The contact number if you have any information to transmit to the police is 0800 35 83 35. It is a toll-free number. You can also send an email to

The police say that the two vehicles used by the attackers to flee were set on fire. The first was burned at Houetteville around 11:20 on the day of the escape. The second a little later around 11:50 at Gauville-la-Campagne. If you saw these vehicles, you are also asked to come forward. They are a white Audi S5, license plate CZ-328-HK and a black BMW 4 series, license plate ED-398-RH.

The Prosecutor's Office is also disseminating an appeal for witnesses via text to residents of the concerned zone.


To anyone present between Acquigny and Evreux, or more generally, in Eure and Seine-Maritime,

witness to unusual events or having seen the offenders' vehicles (specifically, a black BMW series 4 and a white Audi S5)

Please contact

0800358335 or

Additional information:


Caption: The text received by residents.

The two correctional officers killed were from Calvados. They worked at the regional judicial extraction* center at Caen. Three other officers were wounded during this attack.


* Judicial extraction refers to the transport of prisoners between prison and court (translator).

Austria: It's the Chechens Against the Syrians in the Vienna Cup

Police in Vienna

Austria may have been eliminated from the Euro Cup soccer matches going on in Germany, but forget about whether Spain, the Netherlands, or England will win the coveted Euro Cup. The truly exciting match is going on in Vienna, where it's the Chechens against the Syrians battling for the coveted Streets of Vienna Cup. (The Austrian police team was eliminated years ago.) 

The below article from today's Heute (Austria) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Chechens against Syrians

Gang fight in Vienna- Now there is an explosive twist

For days, a bloody conflict in the Vienna migrant community has been escalating. Now the "elders" are reportedly negotiating a peaceful solution.

By Maxim Zdziarski

Caption: Police operation in Vienna-Brigittinau

There has been a conflict between Chechens and Syrians in Vienna. In January, there was reportedly a fight-since then there has been a bloody feud between both communities on Vienna's streets.

Last weekend, the dispute between both groups reached its sad high point. On Friday, there was a gang fight between Syrians and Chechens, in which knives and weapons were used. Just two days later, Syrians were attacked by masked men at the Meidling train station. There were injuries here as well.

Hate continues on Internet

The Criminal Police are now investigating at high speed. A 29-year-old Chechen has already been arrested. In his apartment, a blank pistol was found.

While the youths continue to massively agitate against each other in their chat groups, others from the communities are trying to finally settle the dispute. They speak of "making peace", which means peace between the two parties. On the other hand, others continue to foment the hatred. "Chechens and Turks will continue to f*** you in Vienna until you will regret being born at all."

"Elders" reportedly to bring peace

Explosive: Not only state institutions, but the "elders", that is, respected personalities within the diaspora, are reportedly already working on a peaceful solution-this was explained by a Chechen influencer on Tiktok. Apparently, there will reportedly be a meeting in which the hatchet will be buried. If and when that will take place remains to be seen.


Fousesquawk comment: I have the perfect peaceful solution: Arrests, imprisonment, and deportations.

Problem solved.

Qatari Anti-Semitism

Doha, Qatar
The ugliness behind the glitter

The Jerusalem Post has published an article focusing on anti-Semitism in Qatar. The wealthy Arab nation on the Persian Gulf has made great efforts in recent years to become an important player on the world stage from hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup to positioning itself as some sort of "strategic ally" to the US against international terror. Much like Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a questionable ally, indeed. More significantly, not only does Qatar play host to the leadership of Hamas, it has joined with Antony Blinken's State Department in an attempt to broker a cease-fire in Gaza and release of Israeli hostages.

The JP article focuses on anti-Israel, anti-Jewish attitudes prevalent in Qatar, including anti-Jewish tropes present in Qatari textbooks. The article is based on the US State Department's 2023 report on religious freedom around the world.

The State Department report on Qatar is troubling indeed. Yet, that same State Department is partnering with Qatar to find a "solution" to the Gaza war. 

In addition, Qatar is also home to the Al Jazeera news network. Much like Qatar itself, Al Jazeera poses as a responsible and objective news outlet, you know, like CNN, BBC, and so many others. Their English language operation even features many liberal Westerners eager to carry water for Qatar's positions on issues such as the West in general, and Israel in particular. Not surprisingly, many of their op-ed contributors are American university professors, uniformly hostile to Israel.

And let us not forget that Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, pours a lot of money into American academia, much of it to fund Middle East Studies departments in our universities. These departments are basically bastions of pan-Arab, anti-Israel, and anti-West teaching. In short, they are propaganda centers. A significant part of the blame for the turmoil currently going on in our universities over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is attributable to these so-called academic departments.

Of course, in international politics, nations sometimes need to cooperate with odious regimes. The US learned that during World War 2 and the Cold War. Today we have the sector of Iran looming over that part of the world. I get it. At the same time, Qatar is a country we should be leery of. The less we have to depend on duplicitous countries like Qatar, the better.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Suspected Honor Killing in the Netherlands:

Joure (Friesland), Netherlands

Back in May, an 18-year-old Syrian female was found murdered in the Netherlands. Police strongly suspect she was the victim of an honor killing by her family. Her two brothers are currently in custody awaiting legal proceedings, while the father is believed to be in Syria. The father allegedly sent emails to the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, acknowledging that he had killed his daughter. Dutch authorities are currently attempting to have him arrested and extradited. The news that this is a suspected honor killing has just recently been reported the past few days. The family resides in Joure (Friesland).

The below article from NHN Nieuws (NL) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Father also a suspect after death of woman (18) from Joure, Public Prosecutor suspects honor killing

July 5, 2024 at 04:36. Updated July 5 2024 at 14:16

The Public Prosecutor's Office

The Public Prosecutor's Office believes that an 18-year-old woman from Joure has been the victim of an honor killing. And meanwhile, her father is identified as a suspect, the Public Prosecutor's Office reports. Her two brothers are in custody.

The father has not yet been arrested. The authorities think that he is in Syria. That is where the family is originally from. The Public Prosecutor's Office reports that "measures are being taken to expedite his arrest".

The Public Prosecutor's Office recently subpoenaed emails that the father reportedly sent to De Telegraaf. In them, he reportedly acknowledged that he killed his daughter.

Honor-related violence is committed because the honor of the family is supposedly damaged. In order to restore the honor, those who are said to have violated it are threatened or abused, or in the worst case, murdered. According to the aid organization, Fier, fatal honor killings occur 7-17 times a year.

The body of the woman was found last May in Lelystad. It was quickly determined that she had died from a crime.

Until recently, the two brothers were in full restrictive custody, which means that they can only have contact with their attorney. Now they can again have contact with the outside world. Omroep Flevoland (news) reports that the men are 22 and 24 years of age.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled in September.

Columbia: Three Administrators "Permantly Removed" From Their Positions

The plot thickens at Columbia University. Three university administrators have been "permanently removed" from their positions in the wake of leaked texts that mocked the concerns of Jewish students and the leader of the campus Hillel chapter. A 4th official who was involved in the text exchanges, Columbia College Dean Josef Sorett, remains in his position, which has many critics asking why. In addition, it is not immediately clear if the three administrators in question have been suspended or fired.

The College Fix has the report here. In addition, the Columbia Spectator also has a report here.

In November, 2023, Columbia suspended the campus chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), both rabidly anti-Israel groups, and certainly in the case of SJP, anti-Semitic as well. In my opinion, both of these radical organizations should be permanently banned from Columbia and all university campuses. Their actions on campus go far beyond speaking out against Israel and are unacceptable.

Portugal: One Fine Day in Porto

Porto, Portugal

On Saturday afternoon, about 40 Bangladeshi men were engaged in a massive brawl in the Portuguese city of Porto. One man had to be taken to the hospital with cuts to the head and apparently, nobody was arrested.

"Don't turn that corner, Bud."

This article from today's Correio da Manhã is translated by Fousesquawk. The article has a video of the incident with no sound.

Group of about 40 men involved in brawl with sticks, iron bars, and knives in Porto.

Only one of those involved was hospitalized with two cuts to the head.

 By Nelson Rodrigues at 10:36

A group of about 40 men, immigrants from Bangladesh, were involved in attacks outside a cafeteria Saturday afternoon on Dr. Aires Gouveia (street) next to the emergency room of the Saint Anthony Hospital in Porto. Sticks, iron bars, and knives were used in the confrontations.

Only one of those involved, a 48-year-old, was hospitalized. He had two cuts to the head. He is not in a life-threatening condition.

The PSP (police) was called to the scene and identified two men suspected of participating in the attacks. neither was detained.

The attacks were filmed. The suspects fled in the direction of Restoration (street).

*Update: (July 9, 2024). Latest reports from Portuguese media suggest the reason for the brawl was "political". No word on whether it was Portuguese politics, Bangladeshi politics, or Trump supporters vs. Biden supporters.

Joe Biden: Our Great American Soap Opera

This article first appeared in New English Review.

President Biden has done himself no good in the wake of his debacle debating former President Trump. In short, the damage control is not working. Sure, he went to Raleigh, North Carolina and gave -or tried to give- a "stemwinder" of a speech (with teleprompter) to prove that he really does have the energy to serve as president for another four years.  The only thing he showed was that he was an angry old man.

Then he gives a radio interview to a black-owned station in Philadelphia (WURD).  His interviewer later admitted that the questions she asked Biden had been sent to her in advance by Team Biden. (She has now been fired by WURD.)

And then there was the 22-minute interview in Wisconsin on ABC in which George Stephanopoulos basically asked him variations of the same question throughout. Biden insisted that his debate performance was a one-off. Several times, he repeated that it was his fault but also repeated the lines about having a cold and suffering from jet lag. That was in reference to his June trip to France for the D-Day commemoration, followed by a disastrous trip to Italy for the G-7 summit. The Italian newspapers (unlike the US media) were buzzing about his embarrassing episodes, begging off from a ceremonial dinner for Italian President Sergio Mattarella, wandering away from the other world leaders as Italian parachutists were landing at their feet, and seemingly drifting off as Andrea Bocelli was reaching his climax of Nessun Dorma (which happens to mean "nobody sleeps" in Italian). Then he flies to California for a fundraiser before returning to Washington and Camp David to prepare for the debate. In all that flying, he was also probably stuck in a middle seat on Air Force One, right?

And they only served him peanuts and a coke!

Even more astounding in that interview was when he claimed that Trump was yelling at him during the debate, and that had distracted him. Millions of people who watched the debate live can testify that is a ridiculous statement. 

Also, while Biden was in Wisconsin, he gave another energy-filled "stemwinder" (with a teleprompter) in which he promised his audience that he was going to beat Trump again in 2020!! 

And as all this is going on, Biden insists he will not drop out of the race as the groundswell rises from within his own party for him to withdraw. With some exceptions, they realize that Biden has reached the end of the road and will likely lose to Trump in November. They (and the media) should have realized in 2020 that he was in a state of mental decline. Then again, maybe the powers that be in the party figured they could more easily control him. Somebody clearly has been. For the left, the only thing that matters is that their agenda is carried out, and under Biden's inept rule, it has.

At any rate, it seems inevitable that the Democrat leaders in Congress are gearing up to march down to the White House and have that talk similar to when the Republican leaders told Nixon that his presidency was over. Nixon, whatever his faults, was not senile, and he was persuaded to put the country above himself. I honestly wonder if Biden, in his current condition, can be convinced to withdraw. He is a stubborn man, and stubbornness only increases with senility. In his public appearances since the debate, he appears to be in a state of denial.

And you know who the real "bad guy" in this sordid mess is? That would be the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden herself. She is the one person who could have convinced him it was time to go back to Delaware. I have no doubt that she is the person Joe Biden depends on the most, the person he listens to the most. But she is clearly determined to hold onto power as First Lady, so she encourages him-pushes him- to stay in the race. What a disservice to the nation. The First Lady cannot claim senility on her part for her refusal to admit the truth. She can only be described as a conniver.

So with the rest of the world in turmoil, the American drama drags on as the Democrat party tries desperately to pull a rabbit out of the hat. The spin doctors can claim all they want that Biden is "bouncing back", but when even the mainstream media is now forced to admit there is a problem with the President's mental well-being, the chances for a Biden reelection seem more and more remote.