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Germany: Why Was the Train Attacker Free in the First Place?

Brokstedt, January 25, 2023 (Reuters)

Recently, we posted on the horrific attack that took place on a German train traveling between Kiel and Hamburg. On January 25, a 33-year-old Palestinian man, identified only as Ibrahim A., began attacking fellow passengers with a knife at a stop in the town of Brokstedt. The attacks continued into the station where police finally overpowered the man. As a result, two teenagers, a 16-year-old girl, and a 19-year-old male, were fatally stabbed and others were injured.

Now it turns out that this young man was an asylum seeker who had previously been in police custody for another stabbing incident. While in custody, he threatened prison personnel with a terrorist attack, referring to Anis Amri, the man who drove a truck into the Berlin Christmas Market in 2016 killing 13 and injuring 67. Despite making this threat, Ibrahim A. was later released from custody without any charges as to the threat, and the rest is history.

This episode is causing a firestorm in Hamburg with critics demanding the resignation of the Justice Senator, Anna Gallina, who allegedly was aware of this threat and withheld the information from her fellow Hamburg Parliamentary members.

The details are below in the German site, Junge Freiheit and translated by Fousesquawk.

Political earthquake in Hamburg

Senator conceals terror threat of the Brokstedt attacker

Germany  07 February 2023

The Brokstedt attacker is released even though he threatened a terror attack in prison. Hamburg's Green (party) Justice Senator conceals this from the Parliament. It is not only Alternative for Germany (AfD) that is demanding consequences.

Hamburg/Brokstedt: In Hamburg, a political earthquake is looming in connection with the murderous attack of the Palestinian, Ibrahim A. The asylum seeker while already in custody for another knife attack, signaled another terrorist attack. However, Justice Senator Anna Gallina (Green Party) concealed this from the members of Parliament.

During her interrogations in the Hamburg Parliament and in the Justice Committee, she didn't mention one word on this. At that time, the statements of the 33-year-old were already known. It was first during a question by the DPA (German Press Agency) that the incident became public. Accordingly, in August (Ibrahim) A. told prison officers, " There is not only one Anis Amri. There are several. I am also one". Amri in 2016, used a truck to kill 13 people and injure 67 at the Berlin Christmas Market.

Berlin, December 19, 2016 (Photo: DW)

AfD: Gallina is a total failure"

Prison personnel kept the threat in a "detection sheet" in the personal files of the future murderer of Brokstedt. Allegedly, Hamburg's justice authorities only became aware after the massacre on the regional train. Neither the Senate nor the Security Service (Office for Protection of the Constitution) forwarded this explosive information to the prison management.

The question is whether (Ibrahim) A. should have been released at all and if the two teenagers who were killed on the railway at Brokstedt could still be alive. Hamburg's AfD faction leader, Dirk Nockemann, is sharply criticizing the Justice Senator. "Enough. Everything must be on the table. The Ibrahim A. case is becoming more and more a failure of the Hamburg judiciary. The Green Justice senator is a total failure." (Gallina) stated during the Parliamentary hearings that there were no errors in the dealings with  Ibrahim A. and in the Justice Committee, she withheld important details.

Special session on Brokstedt assassin

Nockemann is asking for a special session of the Justice Committee- as is the CDU (Christian Democrats). Even the ruling parties, the SPD (Social Democrats) and the Greens, are in agreement. Dennis Thering, CDU faction leader, is demanding Gallina's resignation. "If it turns out true that Ibrahim A., while in custody, was able to threaten attacks and in spite of that was set free without consequences, then Justice Senator Gallina, in the end, can no longer hold on." 


Monday, February 6, 2023

Sweden: US Issues Terror Warning to US Citizens

Thank God someone in our State Department is on the ball. Our government has now issued a terror alert warning for Americans who are in Sweden. Due to the Koran burnings by anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan, there is a high risk of a terror attack in Sweden. (I could have figured that out.)

I note in the DOS advisory they warn about possible attacks on places of worship. Translation: Synagogues or Christian churches could be attacked by Muslim terrorists. 

The below article from today's Dagens Nyheter is translated by Fousesquawk.

After Koran burning: USA warns of terror attacks in Sweden

Updated 20:20, Posted 19:52

Caption: Rasmus Paludan outside Turkish embassy

The latest Koran burnings have caused the American government to warn of terror attacks in Sweden.

"The image painted of Sweden is that Koran burnings are sanctioned by protecting Paludan," says Magnus Ranstorp, who is a terrorism researcher at the Defense Academy.

-Clara Wasell

Due to the latest Koran burnings, American citizens are now urged to "avoid public gatherings" and "keep a low profile", which SVT was first to report. The reason is potential revenge attacks after Rasmus Paludan's Koran burnings in Stockholm and Copenhagen, which led to protests in several countries.

Great Britain has also issued a warning for terror attacks in Sweden. In Denmark, the American embassy in Copenhagen already warned of terrorism earlier.

Adam Samara, press spokesman for the Security Police states that they are aware and have had access to the information in the terror warning for Sweden.

"At the same time, all countries have their own threat assessments. When it comes to the USA and Great Britain, we refer to them."

In Sweden, the terror threat level remains at a high level, that is to say, a three on a scale of five.

Adam Samara doesn't want to theorize about what lies behind other countries' assessments but stresses that Sweden's terror threat level is reviewed regularly by following the development of events nationally and in the world. 

"What we can state is that Koran burnings and the reactions and protests that result amount to a very problematical situation that in itself, can be threatening. It is obviously something we are carefully following."

Magnus Ranstorp believes that the reactions after the latest developments have been violent.

" There are strong feelings going around; most recently today I saw a video where someone was shooting at a Swedish flag. One problem is the image that is painted of Sweden that Koran burnings are sanctioned by protecting Paludan."

He believes Koran burnings, together with the hate campaign against social services, where Swedish authorities are accused of kidnapping Muslim children, risk triggering people who are in Sweden.

"The combination of these has set huge forces in motion internationally; it has really put Sweden on the map." 

"It's Snowing in Miami"

"It's snowing in Miami. Evacuate the city!!"

Back in my days as a DEA agent, there was a joke about how the phrase, "It's snowing in Miami" was an overused bust signal for an undercover agent (wearing a wire) to say when the bad guys delivered cocaine to him/her. That was the signal for the surveillance agents to swoop in and arrest everybody. Maybe it came from Miami Vice-I don't know because I never watched that show.

At any rate, we have another example of lunacy out of UC Berkeley, aka Bezerkley, from a sociology professor named Daniel Aldana Cohen (moonlighting as a meteorologist) suggesting that maybe it's time to evacuate Miami due to climate change. Below is a Fox News report. Cohen and his co-writer, Samantha Schuyler (who does not advocate evacuating Miami) have written a piece in The Nation, a very leftist outfit. Schuyler is research director(!!) for The Nation. That link is here but there is a limited access subscriber block.

There is no point in debating this stuff point by point because, the authors apparently subscribe to the principle of intersectionality, which basically means you can link any two problems in the world, usually for purposes of blaming the US or Israel. As you can see, the writers drag in other issues-all "related" to climate change.

But now you know why they call it UC Bezerkely. Now there's a city that should be evacuated.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Op-Ed by Jewish Student at UC Berkeley-Cross-Post

For the past several months, we have been following the story at UC Berkeley, where a conglomeration of ethnic identity groups within the law school has announced their refusal to invite any speakers who are pro-Israel. During the course of events, I wrote a letter to Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, and he responded.

I am cross-posting an op-ed by Ron Belman, a Jewish student at UCB, in Algemeiner. Belman states that UCB professor, Hatem Bazian, is a co-founder of this aforementioned conglomeration. I had suspected that myself, but had no information as to that effect. If so, it is hardly a surprise. 

Hatem Bazian

 In reference to the title of Belman's op-ed, it has been my position for years that UCB has not been standing up for its Jewish students. I believe that is also true of the entire UC system.

Biden Finally Shoots Down the Chinese Spy Balloon


"Good news, mein Fuehrer. We've just shot down that Soviet spy balloon."

So President Biden has finally ordered the shootdown of that Chinese spy balloon. After it spent a week over the US, coast to coast, passing over sensitive military installations, and sending its data back to Beijing in real-time, the balloon is finally coming down as I write. In reality, this thing should have been taken down as soon as it was detected, at least when it was over unpopulated areas like the Alaskan coast, Montana, Kansas, or North Dakota.

Make no mistake: This is a test of Biden by China. Biden has failed the test.

I can't wait to hear how Biden is going to explain this one away. The upcoming State of the Union should be great theater.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Spain: VOX Speaks out on Algeciras Attack, Islamism, and Illegal Immigration

Ignacio Garriga

This week, Ignacio Garriga, Secretary General of the conservative Vox party in Spain, held a press conference. Among other things, Garriga spoke out on the recent machete attack in Algeciras that claimed the life of a church sexton and critically injured a priest from a second church. Garriga pulled no punches in stating that this Islamist-inspired attack was due to the lax immigration policies of the Spanish government and the silence of the Spanish media. Garriga also states in no uncertain terms that Islamism is incompatible with Western culture.

The 6-minute portion in which Garriga addresses this issue has been subtitled into English by RAIR Foundation, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad  Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Sweden: "Pleasure Marriages" Come Under Scrutiny

Hat tip Breitbart

The Swedish TV investigative journalism program, Uppdrag Granskning, has revealed that several Shia imams in the country have performed so-called "pleasure marriages" involving prostitutes so that men can engage in casual sex. As a result, two imams have been fired and 12 religious leaders as well by the national association that governs Shia Islamic associations.

Here is a report by Breitbart.

Below is a translation of the SVT report on the matter that is linked in the Breitbart article, The accompanying video is being translated into English sub-titles and will be added shortly. The translation is by Fousesquawk.


Why 12 Shia Islamic religious leaders have had to leave their posts. Hear Chairman Haider Ibrahim on how "pleasure marriages" were abused. Photo SVT

After revelations about buying sex- Muslim leaders fired

Updated 31 January 2023   Published 30 January 2023

Assignment Investigation

Shia Muslim leaders have conducted marriages of women purchased by men for casual sex, which Uppdrag (Assignment) revealed in the spring. Now imams and religious leaders revealed in the reportage are gone from their duties. "People have abused temporary marriages," says Haider Ibrahim, chairman of the Shia Islamic Association in Sweden.

Temporary marriages or so-called "pleasure marriages"  are a practice within Shia Islam that is officially described as shorter relations within the framework of religion. But Uppdrag's investigation was able to reveal that it also functions as a kind of religious-sanctioned prostitution. (This is) where imams are paid to conduct marriages of vulnerable women in "pleasure marriages" to men who want to buy casual sex. 

Stopped contributions

The revelation caused a big reaction. One who reacted was Police Chief Petra Stenkula in Malmö.

"If I had led the preliminary investigation, I would have probably written a report on human traffic," she said in connection with the investigation.

The umbrella organization, Shia Islamic Association in Sweden (ISS), reacted and froze the membership and stopped contributions for 12 identified congregations. They also began their own investigation, which is now finished. 

"We have asked questions to all the congregations, and imams, and spoken with our members. We have gone deep into what occurred," says Haider Ibrahim, chairman of ISS.

Religious leaders leave

The consequences are that 2 imams in the Stockholm area and 12 religious leaders in other parts of the country have left their duties. According to Haider Ibrahim, this has nothing to do with any systemic sex trafficking, but rather with certain persons who misbehaved.

"There were many in your congregations who abused this. How can that not have been systemic"?

"We refer to our congregational policy. We have concluded that they have no such policy that is shown in the program," says Haider Ibrahim. 

Keep state contribution

During the years 2019 to 2021, the Shia Islamic Association in Sweden received a total of over 14 million (kronors) in contributions. The absolutely largest portion comes from the Authority for State Contributions to Faith Associations. They say they have continued faith in ISS and are satisfied with the action plan of activities that is presented.

"We will follow up so that they do what they should," says the authorities director, Isak Reichel.


*Update: As promised above here is the SVT video in the above article. Hat tip to Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Belgium: Knife Attack at Brussels Metro Station

Hat tip New English Review

7 Sur 7 (Be)

On Monday, a 30-year-old man went on a knife rampage on the Brussels  Metro as his train was arriving at Schuman station. As passengers fled from the car, the suspect continued his rampage in the station. By the time he was subdued by police, three people had been stabbed. (Two slightly, one seriously, but he is expected to survive.)

New English Review and other sources report that witnesses reported the man as yelling, "Allahu akhbar", but I find nothing about this in the several Belgian newspapers, both in French and Dutch, that I have scoured. The official line to the media from authorities is that the man has no criminal record but is believed to have psychiatric problems (How many times have we heard that?) Furthermore, police state there is no reason to suspect a terrorist motive. One Dutch-language site, Niuewsblad reports that the man is identified only as Anwar H.

The below article from the French-language outlet, 7 Sur 7, is translated by Fousesquawk. It also contains a video of the attack. (Viewer warning).

 Attack at Schuman: The suspect was not known to any intelligence service

The man suspected of having committed a knife attack Monday evening at the Schuman Metro station in Brussels was not known to either the intelligence services or the Organ of Coordination and Threat Analysis (OCAM), the Minister of Justice, Vincent van Quickenborne told the (Parliamentary) Committee Wednesday. He was responding to a question from Katja Gabriels (Open Vid).

Editorial staff February 1, 2023 at 16:12. Last update February 1, 2023 at 16:15 Source: Belga

His criminal record was clean. He had never been imprisoned but had been admitted into psychiatric institutions several times.

Review of the facts

On Munday around 17:45, an individual, armed with a knife, wounded three persons on a metro train that had arrived at Schuman station. He was neutralized a short time later in the station by several police officers. He is a 30-year-old man. The motive of his attack is not yet known, but presently, nothing indicates he was motivated by a terrorist motive, according to the prosecutor's office.

Murder attempt

After being overpowered and handcuffed by police, the individual was questioned Monday night. He was then brought before an investigating magistrate designed by the Brussels Prosecutor's Office.  The magistrate decided Tuesday to place him under an order of arrest on the charge of attempted murder.

Three wounded

Three persons were victims of this attack, including a 25-year-old man who was gravely wounded and is still hospitalized, but whose life is no longer in danger. The two other victims-a 40-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman, both slightly wounded-have already been able to leave the hospital.

Monday, January 30, 2023

One Wednesday in Spain and Germany

This article first appeared in New English Review. 

Wednesday, January 25th, was a really dark day in Europe, specifically in Spain and Germany. In Spain, the secretary general of the conservative VOX party (which opposes unrestricted migration into the country), Ignacio Garriga, was speaking in the Catalonian legislature, of which he is a member. He was repeatedly interrupted by the lady presiding over the session for reportedly correlating immigration with crime. She repeatedly demanded that he retract his words.

Another example of free speech in "democratic" Europe!

The lady may well want to retract her own words. That same evening, in the southern Spanish town of Algeciras, a 25-year-Moroccan man, armed with a machete, attacked 2 churches, killing a sexton in one and gravely injuring a priest in another before being arrested by police. As you can well imagine, the attacker, who was verbally admonishing bystanders to convert to Islam, was in the country illegally and was under a deportation order Why was this man even in the country to begin with? 

The same day, a stateless Palestinian "refugee" attacked passengers on a train between Kiel and Hamburg, killing two, a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old male, and injuring seven others. The man was arrested when the train stopped at a small community along the route. The man had been in Germany since 2014, living on government assistance since 2016, and had an extensive record of assaults and sexual offenses. In fact, he had just been released from custody days before the attack. Why was this man still in Germany? The official explanation is that there was no country to send him to.

And don't think that these were the only two violent incidents in Europe committed by these so-called "refugees" and "asylum-seekers", overwhelmingly young men who arrived unaccompanied from the Middle East, North Africa, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The nations of France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands have all been hit hard by this wave of migrant crime. For years, mostly Pakistani grooming and rape gangs have been operating in the UK for years, protected by police who were too afraid to arrest them lest they be accused of racism and Islamophobia. In the Netherlands, it's the Moroccan Maffia (with two f's) who control the drug trade and carry out assassinations. In Sweden, rival immigrant gangs shoot and bomb each other on a daily basis. The country is the virtual European capital when it comes to shootings, bombings, and rapes. Jews are emigrating in droves due to the anti-Semitic violence committed against them not by native Swedes, but by Muslim immigrants. Jews in France are also emigrating for the same reason as that country also deals with some type of murderous attack almost on a weekly basis. That includes attacks on churches and killings of priests and parishioners, much like what occurred this week in Algeciras. Tiny Belgium is the home of the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek, a nest of radicals and terrorists who not only carried out the deadly Brussels attacks on March 22, 2016, but the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, at multiple sites that left 130 dead. 

I could go on and on, but what stands out about January 25, is the irony, not just the deadly attacks in two different countries, but coupled with the admonition in the Catalonian legislature the same day not to link immigration in Europe with crime.

As an American married to an immigrant, I should add that we have our own problems with an immigration system that has gone off the rails, a problem our current government-like Western European governments- refuses to confront. While our southwestern border is a dangerous mess, now controlled by cartels instead of our Border Patrol, thousands more keep pouring into Europe every day from the above-mentioned regions. People are dying at the hands of too many of these young men. Make no mistake: It is the European political leadership, including the EU, that has blood on its hands. The fact of the matter is that in Western Europe, there is a definite correlation between immigration (which is actually an invasion) and crime. I know from my own experience of having lived in Europe (Italy and Germany) that there are many decent immigrants in Europe. They have to pay the price for those who have arrived more recently, refused to assimilate, and have nothing but contempt for the societies that have taken them in. Europe could have had its workforce and its diversity had they simply chosen wisely and controlled who they would admit and who would assimilate and contribute. Instead, they chose this.

Sweden: Stockholm is Called to Prayer

 Hat tip Samnytt

"Allahu Akhbar"

According to the conservative Swedish news outlet, Samnytt, only three mosques in all of Sweden are authorized to broadcast the call to prayer.  This occurs five times a day beginning in the early morning (when most people in Sweden are fast asleep or trying to sleep). Yet, residents in one area of Stockholm-where no such permission has been issued by police- have been awakened by the Muslim call to prayer on repeated occasions. The below report from Samnytt is translated by Fousesquawk.

Video: Call to prayer in Stockholm night: "Allahu Akhbar"

Posted 0900 am

In a video clip posted by a resident in Hendriksdal in Nacka, a sound is heard that sounds suspiciously like a call to prayer. The prank was recorded during early Sunday morning-but it isn't the first time such sound is heard at the location.

In Sweden, there are three mosques that have received permission from the police to put out a  call to prayer by loudspeaker. They are the mosques in Fittja in Botkyrka, Kungsmarken in Karlskrona, and Araby in Växjö.

But in the Stockholm area of Hendriksdal in Nacka, there is no permission issued for a Muslim call to prayer. In spite of this, residents in Hendriksdal on repeated occasions, have witnessed what appears to be some type of Muslim call to prayer.

"Hendriksdal, today at 4:47 am, This howling in the early mornings is recurring. The sound seems to come from the station or its vicinity. As far as I know, this began last year. Today was the first time I was able to capture it on video," one witness writes in a posting on Twitter. (See below )

Unclear sender

In the video clip, a man's voice is heard singing in what seems to be a Muslim call to prayer, that "Allah is greatest". The phase, called takbir, is used daily as an introduction to the call to prayer from the mosque at prayer times, which occur five times a day and is also part of the scheduled prayer. 

The time of the recording of the (video) clips corresponds to the time of the day's first Muslim prayer, the morning prayer, which is called "Fajr".

"I don't know who is playing the sound. The nearest mosque is Södermalm mosque, but this sound must be coming from someplace else," the witness writes in a comment to Samnytt.

The witness later realized on Sunday morning that he had managed to capture all of it on video once previously, one August morning in 2022, but somewhat less clear. Samnytt has had access to the clip where at the beginning, you can hear a similar sound as the current clip.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Forced Marriages in France

The below article concerns the problem of forced marriages in France. Forced marriage is illegal in France, but according to this article, there are some 200,000 forced marriages in the country. The problem is largely among the immigrant community, people who come from countries where the practice is common.

The below article from Revue de Presse Police et Realites (an outlet of the National Police) is translated by Fousesquawk.

200,000 forced marriages in France "My father told me if I protested, or I spoke out, he would kill me."

According to a recent report, there are reportedly 200,000 forced marriages in France. The victims of these marriages are often immigrant women and girls who are forced to marry against their will. often for cultural or religious reasons.

In a poignant testimony, a young woman tells how she was forced to marry at the age of 18 being threatened by her father. "My father told me if I protested, or I spoke out, he would kill me," she stated.

These forced marriages can have devastating consequences on the victims, who may incur physical and psychological violence, as well as sexual abuse. Moreover, they may be cut off from their family and community, and often have difficulty integrating into French society.

It is important to note that forced marriages are illegal in France, and laws exist to protect the victims. However, it is often difficult for the victims to speak about their situation and ask for help.

It is important to sensitize the communities to these problems and to support the victims. Charity organizations and associations can offer assistance services and support people who have been forced to marry. The authorities should also take measures to fight this scourge and protect the victims.

In summary, forced marriages remain an important problem in France, affecting numerous people each year. It is crucial to sensitize the communities to this problem, to support the victims, and to put measures in place to fight against this scourge.

Spain: Update on Algeciras

Spanish police in Algeciras are searching for the cell phone of the Moroccan suspect in the machete attack Wednesday, January 25th, in which a church sexton was murdered and a priest gravely injured. The perpetrator attacked two different churches on a major plaza in the city.

The below article from today's Algeciras al Minuto is translated by Fousesquawk.

*Note: In this article, the suspect's name is given as Yassin Kanza. There are different spellings of his name going around. Previous articles we have translated have given his name as Yasine Kanjaa.

Secondly, the article refers to a police search of the suspect's apartment in the early morning of Wednesday. This is misleading for an English-language reader since the attacks on the churches occurred in the early evening of Wednesday. I have noted over the years that some languages have different ways of expressing the transition from night into the morning of the following day. The search clearly took place early Thursday morning.

The police searching for the cell phone of the Moroccan killer of Algeciras

According to El Confidencial, the police do not yet have the phone.

January 29, 2023 16:48-Editorial staff

Caption: State (condition)  of the house

The officers investigating the attack in Algeciras last Wednesday, where the sexton of the La Palma parish was assassinated and the priest of San Isidro (church) was wounded, are intensively searching for the cell phone of the perpetrator of the acts because it may contain key information on the origin of the incident.

According to El Confidencial Digital, although it had been published that the police seized the device, apparently, the cell phone is still not in their possession because Yassin Kanza would have taken care to get rid of it since in the search of the apartment on Ruiz Tagle Street, flash drives were found with extremist Islamist contents, but no cell phone.

The police investigations suggest that in the telephone of the perpetrator of the machete attacks upon the priest and sexton, there would be conversations with jihadist suspects in Tangiers and Ceuta, (which) stick out in the digital media, where in spite of the search conducted the early morning of Wednesday, no electronic device was found.

The discovery of the cell phone would make it possible to discover who could have helped the Moroccan individual in his process of rapid radicalization.