Friday, October 22, 2021

Merrick Garland vs. America's Parents

 On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland testified before Congress. He faced tough questioning from Republicans on a variety of issues including the memo he just sent to the FBI directing them to investigate alleged intimidation of school board members by angry parents who have been showing up at school board meetings. Many are angry over the indoctrination of their children by schools and teachers. In particular, many are incensed by the teaching on Critical Race Theory.

This article first appeared in New English Review.

As one who has gone to a couple of school board meetings in Southern California and participated in the public comments time, I would like to weigh in. I also should note that I am retired from the US Department of Justice, which Garland leads and has directed to get involved in this matter.

Public school board meetings, like county and local government board meetings, have certain sessions open to the public, who, in turn, may ask questions or give their opinions-with time limits, of course. Naturally, there are rules of decorum, and threats of violence or violence itself are unlawful. Violators are subject to arrest by local police. I myself would never condone a parent or other member of the public engaging in violence or threats. That is not the point. The point is that we have appropriate local laws and local police to deal with such instances. We don’t need the federal Justice Department getting involved. The only exception, as I see it, would be if there were some conspiracy across state lines to disrupt or do harm to school board meetings and members. I do not see that here. Parents and/or community members showing up to express their anger at the way their children or being taught is fully protected speech as long as they adhere to the guidelines and do not engage in violence, disruption, or threats.

The most notorious case is the recent arrest of a parent in Loudoun County, Virginia, who showed up to accuse the school board of covering up his daughter’s rape. The video I have seen of his removal and arrest indicates to me that the arrest is highly questionable, but I stress that I have only seen a video clip.

Unfortunately for Garland, there is also a possible conflict of interest for him since he has a son who is reportedly involved with the Critical Race Teaching movement. But that is a side issue. The main issue here is whether there has actually been a wave of violent or threatening incidents at school board meetings around the country-other than parents merely expressing their anger. If so, that is a matter for the local police to handle not the US Justice Department-except in the case in which there might be a nationally coordinated effort across state lines to disrupt or engage in unlawful behavior. Then the DOJ can get involved. Again, I don’t see that here. There may or may not be a nation-wide attempt to organize parents to oppose CRT or the teaching of the  “Woke” dogma. That’s OK too as long as it doesn’t encourage lawbreaking.

In my view, Garland’s actions here only add to the growing concern that the federal government under President Joe Biden is trying to criminalize dissent. Garland is the same man that former President Obama unsuccessfully tried to put on the Supreme Court. He should know better and should use more restraint before he injects federal law enforcement into local school board controversies. School boards are, indeed, answerable to their constituents.



Thursday, October 21, 2021

More ISIS Women and Children Coming to Sweden

The good news just keeps coming out of Sweden. Yesterday, Swedish authorities took three ISIS  women and 8 children out of a Kurdish-run prisoner camp in Syria. Today, the plane with the women and children landed in Stockholm (see photo below).

Given the lax penal system in Sweden, my guess is that these women will-at the most- spend a couple of years in prison then be released back into their communities (no-go zones) to raise those kids to be future jihadists. *(Update: The women have, indeed, been taken into custody as reported today by Expressen.)


The below article yesterday from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

New ISIS Women Deported to Sweden

Caption beneath photo: ISIS women riot in al-Hol camp in Syria

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Syria/Sweden-Three ISIS women, together with eight children, have left al-Roj camp in Syria and are now believed to be on their way back to Sweden, Expressen reports. According to SVT (Swedish State TV), they will land at Arlanda (Stockholm Airport) on Thursday.

It was around 9, local time, when the women were taken out of the camp in NE Syria where they had earlier been held prisoner.

In the camp, there are about 11,000 ISIS terrorists from all over the world. The Kurdish forces that control the camp have long held that Sweden should take back those prisoners with Swedish citizenship. But since that has not happened, they have chosen instead to deport the women who can not be brought to justice due to lack of evidence, writes SVT.

Of the women who now appear to be returning, two of them are reportedly from West Sweden and one from Stockholm, according to SVT's information.

The Kurds who run the camps see ISIS women as a security risk.

"These women have been with ISIS, and we have said for months that those we cannot or do not have the resources to bring to justice will be deported for life since they pose a security risk," said the northern representative for the Kurdish autonomous government, Shiyar Ali, in connection with the three other women deported to Sweden earlier in the autumn, according to Expressen.

At Arlanda, the women and children are expected to be received by police, social services, and doctors. In the case of suspected crimes, the NOA's (Police National Operative Section) war crime group will take them in for a hearing.

According to SVT, several more Swedish ISIS women will be deported shortly. What number that involves is unknown.

One woman who remains in the camp complains to Expressen that the situation there is serious.

"I am happy that several have been allowed to leave. Especially children. They should not have to stay in such a place as this. But after the fire yesterday, I feel sad that several children still remain here. Every day one is here, one comes closer to death," she says to the newspaper.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

France: The Samuel Paty Case Still Haunts France

Samuel Paty

France is still feeling the effects from the murder of schoolteacher Samuel Paty last year, beheaded by a Muslim man outside school for showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in class. A few days ago in Valence, France, a moment of silence was being held in class for Paty when an 11-year-old boy cried, "Allahu Akhbar". When his father was notified of the incident by school authorities, he threatened to burn the school down. He was subsequently arrested.

The below article from France Bleu is translated by Fousesquawk.

Threats after tribute to Samuel Paty: The father of schoolboy will be judged in January

Wednesday, 20 October 2021 at 15:24-by Florence Beaudet, France Bleu Drome Ardeche, France Bleu

Father of pupil who threatened to set fire to Jean Zay School at Valence will be judged next 20 January. He has been placed under judicial control awaiting his trial

Caption beneath photo: The threatening father appeared before the prosecutor this Wednesday morning

The case begins Friday October 15 during a  tribute to Samuel Paty, the teacher murdered by a terrorist a year earlier. A pupil, age 11, at the Jean Zay School makes a provocation during a minute of silence and cries, "Allahu Akhbar". When he is informed of the warning against the boy, the father supports his son's attitude and threatens the school principal on the phone. Threats he reiterates it in going to the school Monday morning. He is then arrested by the police and placed in custody.

The man "minimizes the facts"

According to the national prosecutor of Valence, the man, age 43, admitted part of the facts, notably, 
"that he verbally attacked school personnel", and that he had threatened to "set the establishment on fire". But, Alex Perrin further writes in a press release released this Wednesday, the man, "minimized them in evoking his anger at the situation. He explains that he was carried away by the action taken against his son."

He is not on file for radicalization

Psychiatric expertise requested by the Valence prosecutor shows that the father of the family is totally responsible for his acts. He presents no psychiatric pathology, "despite an impulsive potential". This Valence security officer is not known to the services in charge of following radicalization, nor is he listed as (a radical). The prosecutor did not (allege) support for terrorism, "due to lack of remarks made in public". The man will be prosecuted for death threats against persons charged with the mission of public service and attacks on public property.

The prosecution had asked for an immediate judgment in appearance and placement in provisional custody. The judge of liberty and detention ruled Wednesday afternoon: The man is allowed to remain in liberty under judicial control awaiting his trial, which will take place next 20 January.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New York Times Censorship of Anti-Semitism

 Hat tip Algemeiner

I am cross-posting an article from the Jewish news site, Algemeiner, featuring an interview with Bari Weiss by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Weiss resigned as opinion editor from the New York Times in 2020 due to the leftist intolerance of that newspaper. In this interview, she describes how the Times refused to publish an article she wrote based on two anti-Jewish attacks that had occurred in the US in 2019. The problem? The perpetrators were not white, neo-Nazi types. 

The two incidents Weiss had written about were:

December 2019. An attack on a Jewish grocery store in Jersey City, New Jersey that left one police officer and three people inside the store dead. The two perpetrators, both identified as followers of the so-called Black Israelites, a viciously anti-Semitic group, were also killed. In the linked article, a photo of the male attacker shows him sporting a Palestinian keffiyeh. Quite telling.

Also in December 2019, a man entered the home of a rabbi during Hannukah with a machete and attacked everyone inside, injuring 5 people. He was charged with 5 counts of attempted murder.

Unfortunately for the New York Times, in both cases, the attackers were not white nationalist, Neo-Nazi types. All happened to be African-American. Thus, they did not fit the narrative of the Times.

If you look at all the cases of attacks on Jews in the US in Europe in recent years, whites make up a minority of the attackers-especially in Europe, where the overwhelming majority are Muslim immigrants. I have written many times on this site about the problem of Muslim violence against Jews in Europe. Sadly, the police, politicians, and media avoid describing the attackers so as not to mention that they are Arabs, North Africans, Afghans, Somalis, etc. It is an outrage.

Racially or religiously-inspired attacks against others are always to be condemned, regardless of who the victims were or who the attackers were. Yes, there are white nationalists and neo-Nazis, both in Europe and North America. They are to be condemned for their ideology and when they engage in acts of hate and violence. No, not all African-Americans hate Jews or feel compelled to attack them. But if anti-Semitism exists within white communities, it also exists within black communities, and it must be addressed. Here our churches should be playing an active role instead of involving themselves in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and buttering up to deceptive imams in these misguided inter-faith affairs.

The lesson from the Bari Weiss episode is not just the ideological bias of our media. When a group of people is under attack-in this case, Jews- we need to be honest as to who the perpetrators are. That is not meant to single out groups of people as being "haters" when most are not. But when the media limits itself solely to covering stories involving attacks by white racists, while ignoring or obscuring attacks by other groups against Jews, it is engaging in......

fake news. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Pete Buttigieg and Biden's "Success"

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. You have successfully guided Germany through World War II. The presence of all these Russians in Berlin is just a testament to that."

 Yesterday, while flying from San Francisco to Orange County and passing by Long Beach, I was able to see all those container ships sitting off the port due to the supply chain mess.

Wondering where Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was (He was on paternity leave), I was nonetheless reassured to learn that this is just a result of President Biden's success in guiding the country out of the recession. That according to Buttigieg.

Not even Goebbels would have thought of that.

UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University) Professor and Sharia

"A tiger is no better than a banana slug."

It's truly amazing what passes for scholarship in American universities these days. That is especially true at UC Santa Cruz, America's Wackiest University, and home of the Banana Slugs (among other assorted critters).

Take Mark Fathi Massoud, for example. He is a professor of politics and legal studies at UCSC. He argues that it is colonialism to blame for Islamic extremism-not sharia law.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, who is an expert on the subject, points out the fallacy of Massoud's thesis much better than I can, so here is his take on the matter.

Turning back to Massoud's article, we find this quote:

“The People are equal like the teeth of a comb,” wrote Sudan’s soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Hassan Muddathir in 1956, quoting the Prophet Muhammad, in an official memorandum I found archived in Khartoum’s Sudan Library. “An Arab is no better than a Persian, and the White is no better than the Black.”

Interesting comment since sharia law codifies the second class treatment of women as opposed to men, gays as opposed to heteros, and non-Muslims as opposed to Muslims. In each case, it is the latter group who is "better than" the former. While there is nothing objectionable or false in the above quote per se, the examples I brought up are conveniently not mentioned.

It is also sharia law which mandates death to apostates-Muslims who leave Islam-particularly if they are critical of Islam as part of their apostasy. 

This is typical scholarship on the part of Islam apologists. They point out something with a kernel of truth in it and come to a false conclusion, ignoring the contradictory points.

The truth of the matter is that sharia law is at the heart of Islamic extremism and violence. That, along with the Koran and the hadith, is what mandates the violence we see today and have been witnessing for 1400 years.

"While Fousesquawk Slept....."

 As my readers noticed, there were no postings this past week. That was because I was in Orlando, Florida all week attending our annual DEA reunion as well as visiting an old Army buddy and his wife.

Jihad did not take the week off, however. It never does. While I was away, horrific events kept on occurring. I just want to quickly highlight two that happened in Europe.

On October 15, a British-born Muslim of Somali descent stabbed a member of parliament to death. Why, we "don't know" but the victim, David Amess, was a supporter of Israel. At any rate, it is reported that the accused killer, Ali Harbi Ali, was a fervent admirer of notorious British Muslim hate preacher, Anjem Choudary. 


Meanwhile, in Norway, five people were killed by a man wielding a bow and arrows. It happened on October 13 in Kongsberg. The accused killer, Espen Andersen Brathen, is a Danish citizen who recently converted to Islam. (*A new report today indicates the victims were actually stabbed to death.)


The common thread here is not Somalis or immigration. Neither are immigrants, and the latter is a native Dane. The common thread, as it almost always is-is Islam. Both were "radicalized"-if that is the right word.


Saturday, October 9, 2021

Spain: Minister of Equality Calls Rape Claim, "False Rumor"

Hat tip EDATV (Spain), Contando Estrellas and Vlad Tepes

Spain's minister of equality (whatever that is) is Irene Montero, a communist, by the way. As we reported yesterday, a woman in Reus (Tarragona), has claimed that she was sexually attacked by three Arabs for wearing a t-shirt with a Vox logo. Vox is a conservative party in Spain that is opposed to massive illegal/Islamic immigration.

A reporter asked Montero if she condemned the attack. Instead, she attacked the media for "spreading false rumors and false news", which she termed "fascist". The exchange was captured on videotape (EDATV).

Translation for the above video and for the below article in Contando is by Fousesquawk.

The minister refused to condemn the rape and said she condemned "fascism"

The miserable answer of Irene Montero on the rape of a Vox sympathizer

The political sectarianism of the government and in particular Podemos (party) is reaching some purely criminal extremes, as we have been able to see today.

The rape (victim) reported that her attackers spoke Arabic among themselves.

Today, the daily, El Mundo, reported on a rape complaint given by a Vox sympathizer in Reus (Tarragona). The woman, 30, reported to the Catalan police that she was raped by three Arabs for wearing a Vox t-shirt. The acts occurred 21 September at 20:00 as she was going in the direction of the Vila-Seca Institute in Reus. The report goes as follows: "When she was about to enter the parking area of the blue zone in front of the library, two young men addressed her from behind telling her, 'you have to take off that t-shirt,' and 'if she doesn't take it off, I will."

The woman ignored them, and seeing that they were following her, she began to walk faster. Finally, they pushed her into a van parked on the library square. In the vehicle was a third individual who spoke with the others in Arabic. One of them grabbed her by the neck and back and got her into the van, the other two entering and closing the door. Once inside, the victim reported that, "they tore her shirt that she was wearing and her pants, and while one of them kept hold of her neck, one of the other two inserted an object that she could not identify into her vagina causing much pain". She resisted and they gave her a blow to the head. 

When the rapists got tired, they threw her from the van saying, "tomorrow, don't wear this t-shirt again". She went running home "without looking back". giving her report to the Catalunyan police, who are carrying out inquiries on the matter, so far with no arrests.

Irene Montero refuses to condemn the rape when asked by EDATVThis afternoon, Channel EDATV asked the minister of equality if she condemned the rape of the Vox sympathizer.  In a response that only deserves to be classified as miserable, the communist, Irene Montero, avoided condemning the rape and said that she condemns, "the fascism that is exercised from the media." Though EDATV persisted, Montero continued to avoid condemning the rape and repeated the same answer.Tweet from Estado de Alarma TV:The reporter from edatvoficial@Rodrigo_Vilar_ asked @IreneMontero@Podemos if she condemned the rape of a Vox sympathizer at the hands of two Arabs. She refuses to condemn it preferring to insult us as she did with @javiernegre10.

A miserable attitude never before seen in the government of a democratic countryIt is not the first time that the minister of equality refuses to condemn attacks against Vox. We recall that in April, Montero justified the rock attacks suffered by Vox members in Valleca, Madrid, accusing the victims of carrying out "provocations". The famous argument of the mini-dress. Yes, that- to this day, no member of the Spanish government had refused to condemn a crime due to the fact it was reported by a sympathizer of a rival party. It is something that had not been seen in a democratic party and leaves this government at the mud level ethically speaking.The attitude demonstrated today by Irene Montero not only shows her worst human quality and her low moral class, but also her inability to continue occupying a position in which, theoretically, she must watch out for all women, and not just for those of her own ideology.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fousesquawk comment: As for the woman's complaint, no arrests have been made. The incident is being investigated by the police. It appears that a hospital examination confirmed that the woman suffered vaginal and anal injuries. I will await the results of a police investigation, but if the incident really occurred, it is shocking that this could happen because she was wearing a t-shirt with a logo of a party that opposes Islamic immigration and is at odds with the government in power. If the charge is true, Ms Montero should be ashamed.

Friday, October 8, 2021

California: Gov. Newsom Signs Critical Race Theory Bill for Calif. Schools

"Jews not wanted" in German

It is hardly surprising. California's woke governor, Gavin Newsom, having waited until he survived a recall vote, has now signed California's version of Critical Race Theory that will result in this divisive and false theory being taught to California schoolchildren.

In spite of letters and petitions from outraged parents and Jewish groups who foresaw an increase in anti-Semitism in California schools (Features of this bill would teach that Israel is oppressing Palestinians and that Jews are merely nothing more than "privileged whites"-thus, "oppressors".). So now, in addition to the myriad of anti-Semitic problems that reign on California university campuses, Jewish students in secondary schools will now be exposed to additional harassment. 

And make no mistake: The California Teachers Union supported this measure, and now their more "woke" members will be able to spread their poison against white students and Jewish students just as Palestinian-supporting professors/students do on our university campuses. 

My friend and colleague, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin of the AMCHA Initiative, who lobbied hard against this measure, has an article breaking the bad news.

Spain: Woman Sexually Attacked for Wearing VOX T-Shirt

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

In Tarragona (Catalunya), a Spanish woman has reported to the police that she was attacked by three young Arab men while jogging at night and wearing a VOX (party) t-shirt. VOX is a conservative political party in Spain that is opposed to unrestricted immigration and is especially critical of Islamic immigration. The woman alleges that the three men ordered her to remove her t-shirt then dragged her into a white van where she was brutally beaten and sexually attacked with unidentified objects. A police investigation is underway.

We are presently translating an audio account of the incident by the victim, which is quite graphic. In the meantime, here is a very brief report on the incident from the Spanish newspaper, El Periodico

Sexual attack in Tarragona

Woman reports that she was raped in Reus for wearing a VOX t-shirt

According to the victim's account, three "Arab" boys attacked her and "asked"* her to remove the garment. (* Quotes by translator)

A woman has reported that she was raped in Reus (Baix Camp) for wearing a VOX t-shirt a couple of weeks ago. Criminal Court 4 of this city is investigating the alleged group sexual attack committed by three young men on September 21, as reported by El Mundo.

The judge has opened preliminary proceedings after receiving a report from the Catalunyan Police. Judith M.R. 30, has already given a statement to the police. It is maintained that the attackers were young "Arabs".

Remove the t-shirt

On the 21st, around 20:00, she left her residence "dressed in cycling tights, sneakers, and a black t-shirt with straps with the emblem of VOX on the front."

She was going in the direction of the Vila-seca Institute in Reus. "When she was about to enter in the parking lot of the blue zone in front of the library, two young men addressed her from behind, saying, " You have to take off that t-shirt," " If she doesn't take it off, I will," the woman related,

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

DEA Agent Killed in Tucson


As a retired DEA agent, I am sad to see that our agency has lost another hero in the line of duty. Special Agent Mike Garbo was shot and killed at the Tucson train station on October 4 while conducting a drug investigation. Also shot and wounded were another DEA agent and Tucson PD officer. One suspect was killed and a second was arrested.

Here is a statement issued on October 5, by DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.

DEA agents have one of the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement. When we lose one of our own, it impacts the entire organization whether we knew the agent or not.

I pray for the family of Mike Garbo and for the recovery of the other DEA agent and Tucson Police Department officer.

* A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help defray the funeral expenses of the Garbo family.

Sweden, Europe, and Other Things

 Several readers of this blog might be asking why there are so many postings about Europe, especially Sweden. During the past week, most every article has featured events in Sweden, specifically with the death of cartoonist Lars Vilks. 

As an American blogger, I would like to address this. It is not that I am not interested in events in my own country. I absolutely am, from the disastrous presidency of Joe Biden, to the excesses of the radical left, and many other issues, including on our college campuses. When this blog first opened in 2007, two of my main issues were anti-Semitism, particularly on college campuses, and Islamic jihad. That is still the case today.

Both of those issues are huge problems in Europe. As I have pointed out many times, Europe is dealing with mass migration of people from mostly Muslim countries, and the results have been a catastrophe-also for Jews who now have to deal with renewed anti-Semitism. It is so bad that Jews are leaving Europe in large numbers. What happens in Europe is important to the US because it should teach us lessons about immigration, which, if not handled right, can go so wrong. 

Sweden is prominent on this site for two reasons: First of all, it arguably has the worst immigrant/refugee situation in Europe in terms of crime. Secondly, this site is able to translate Swedish articles into English. I myself have been a student of Swedish since the 1990s, and I am still active in developing my Swedish skills. The same is true of Dutch, which I began learning around 2000 when I was researching my book on the history of Papiamentu-the creole language spoken on three of the islands in the Dutch Antilles. (Most of the literature on Papiamentu has been written in Dutch.) In addition, I have lived in three foreign countries, Germany, Thailand, and Italy, and am married to a Mexican. Suffice to say, Fousesquawk is in a position to translate news from most West European countries. I feel that we should take advantage of this capability and not let it go to waste.

But I recognize that this has resulted in fewer postings about very serious issues going on in the US. I am trying not to lose sight of the problem of anti-Semitism in America, particularly on our college campuses. I am still very interested in Islamic radicalism in the US, as well as what Joe Biden is doing every day.

So please be patient with me, Dear Readers.