Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Would Be Terrorist Off to Prison

Hat tip Breitbart

Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen of Garden Grove, California was sentenced to 13 years in prison after he was arrested by FBI agents while boarding a bus that would carry him off to the jihad.

Nguyen was a Vietnamese convert to Islam, who I guess just fell in with the wrong crowd.

But where?

Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove

Could it be here? That is the mosque the fugitive jihadist Adam Gadahn attended before he headed off to Afghanistan/Pakistan to join the jihad against his own country. The point that Nguyen may have attended the above mosque could be irrelevant. The point is whether he was radicalized at the above mosque, any other mosque, or perhaps by forces outside of a mosque. The point is-how was Nguyen, upon his conversion, radicalized?

Reactions to the Murders in Hebron

Hat tip JJ, Algemeiner  and Jewish Press

I am linking two articles from The Jewish Press in reaction to the statements issued by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in reaction to the brutal murders of Gilad Shaar, Eyal  Yifrach, and Naftali Frenkel. The first contains Obama's statement and the second Kerry's statement. They both appear on the same page on Jewish Press.

I have to concur with Lori Rosenthal Marcus, the writer, when she points out Obama's reference to the Palestinian Authority and his cautioning everybody (including the Israelis) not to take action. What in the Hell are the Israelis supposed to do? Even Kerry had enough class not to include that in his statement.

And from Algemeiner comes this: The IDF ambulance that was transporting the three bodies was attacked by Arabs throwing rocks. The windshield was smashed.

One Great Commercial From Thailand

Hat tip to Bill

My old DEA friend and Southeast Asia hand, Bill, sent me this, and I enjoyed it so much I thought I would post it.

Richard Silverstein: How Will He Spin This One?

If you go on the web site of Seattle blogger Richard Silverstein, you can read his pro-Palestinian spin on the abduction of the three Israeli teenagers who have now been found murdered. Silverstain had posted a report that the IDF believed the boys were dead, but his main preoccupation has been to condemn the Israeli response to the abducation and the IDF's efforts to rescue the boys. Now that the bodies have been found, we await Silverstain's spin on that development. Below is the comment I sent in to his latest posting, which i am sure he will not allow to see the light of day on his own site.

"Now that the three boys have been found murdered, how are you going to spin this one for your Palestinian heroes, Richard? Or are you just going to step out in the street and pass out sweets in the time-honored Palestinian manner?"

Here is the answer to my question:

Incredible. Not one word of condemnation for the savages who did this. Instead, Silverstein blames Israel.

Abducted Israeli Teenagers Found Murdered

Today we learn that the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped near Hebron have been found murdered. One of them held dual Israeli-US citizenship.

I don't know as yet whether the bodies showed signs of torture or what the cause of death was. Of course, knowing the nature of Hamas, it is likely they were tortured.

What follows now? I expect the Israelis will retaliate against Hamas as they should. They will be blamed for "over reacting" and any deaths of civilians that result. Hamas will orchestrate casualties to demonstrate to an eager Western media that Israel is killing innocent Palestinians as they (Israelis) try to kill the terrorists with precision strikes.

John Kerry and Barack Obama will call for an end to hostilities and renewed negotiations. The pro-Palestinian lefties in the US and Europe will demonstrate on behalf of the Palestinian savages who respect no life.

This should serve as a lesson to the West that Israel is dealing with an evil enemy-one that has no love for us either. Nor do I have much sympathy for the average Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank. I can imagine that they are dancing in the streets and passing out candy in the time-honored Palestinian tradition. This is the difference between people who fight for a just cause and those that are simply Jew-hating, blood-thirsty terrorists. It is the terrorists who kill indiscriminately. It matters not if their victims are men, women or children.

British Prime Minster David Cameron has denounced the killings. As yet, I am unaware of anything coming out of the White House even though one of our citizens is one of the victims.

It is my hope that Israel goes in and cleans out Hamas once and for all. Sooner or later, the day of reckoning is going to come.

*Update: The Jewish Journal is reporting that it appears that the three victims were shot shortly after their abduction.

* Update: President Obama has issued a statement, which is (partially) contained in the below link.

University of Washington Hillel Invites Jewish Voice for Peace to Conference

Hat tip The Mike Report

Here is another example of why Jewish students who support Israel need to find other sources of support than Hillel and the Jewish Federation.

As I understand it, Hillel and the Jewish Federation in Seattle have a mixed record when it comes to standing up for Israel. This latest action is more what I would expect of Hillel and the Jewish Federation down here in Orange County, California.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

British Islamic Preacher Explains the Role on Non-Muslims in the Islamic State

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

This is what the Brits are putting up with.

Abu Waleed, a Muslim preacher in the UK, explains what life will be like for non-Muslims in an Islamic state, which he envisions Britain becoming.

At least he's honest. Not like these stealth jihadists we have in the US who don't dare say these things in front of a non-Muslim or inter-faith audience but who believe the same thing nonetheless..

If any of you Muslim Student Union members at UC Irvine are reading this, please-please bring this guy to speak at UCI.

Another Howler From Nancy Pelosi

Spoker of the House Nancy Pelosi went down to the border this week ( probably for the first time in her life) and pronounced the thousands of children and Central American families presenting themselves to our Border Patrol not as a crisis, but an "opportunity."

Somebody should point out to Pelosi that nobody is denying the humanity of these unfortunate people who are flooding across our border not even trying to evade the Border Patrol. The issue here is that our government has declared our border to be basically non-existent. How are we going to continue to absorb this wave of humanity that our government is encouraging to come in even greater numbers? Bill O'Reilly correctly pointed out that we are creating an instant underclass-tens of thousands of people who arrive here poor, uneducated, without professional skills, and in need of government support. Some shrewd activists will use these new numbers to complain that the poverty rate and unemployment rate among Hispanics is outrageously high compared to (non-Hispanic) whites. It is all proof that we are a racist society-even as we care for the new arrivals.

No, Ms Pelosi. This is not an opportunity (except for the Democrats to enlarge their voter base). This is a crisis.

Boko Haram Celebrates the Start of Ramadan

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

In case you didn't know it, the Islamic Month of Ramadan began last night. This is a 30-day period in which Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, sex, and other earthly pleasures during daylight hours as they engage in contemplation on how to be better Muslims. Across the world President Obama and his diplomatic missions are all wishing the Islamic world all the best during the Ramadan season.

Apparently, refraining from killing Christians is not considered among earthly pleasures as Boko Haram has not paused in their savagery in Nigeria. Just today, five churches were attacked by Boko Haram and approximately 100 Christians.

And what is to be our response? Are we to remain silent at the killing of our co-religionists and just wish Muslims a happy Ramadan and happy Eid when it ends next month? Are we supposed to simply mouth platitudes about Ramadan that it is all about peace and compassion as the killing continues unabated? Nobody needs to tell me that millions of Muslims are observing Ramadan in positive ways. I know that. But what about Boko Haram? What about Al Qaeda and ISIS? What about Hamas and Hezbollah? I am sure they are fasting as well. But what does it mean if they walk out of their mosques after Friday prayers and follow the exhortations of the imams to go out and kill people or burn churches as oft happens in Egypt and other places?

Does it make us haters of Muslims when we say these things or write them? To say so given what is happening around the world is simply not fair. I am a Protestant married to a Catholic. I stopped having anything to do with the Catholic church when all the pedophilia scandals came out involving priests and I saw how the church was covering it up. One glaring case of that was the LA archdiocese near where I live and its ex-archbishop Roger Mahony, a man who in my opinion, should be in prison for his long-term multiple cover ups of pedophile priests. When I write this, does that make me a person who hates Catholics? Hardly. I am also harshly critical of the Presbyterian Church USA for their campaign against Israel. It doesn't make me a Presbyteriophobe, if I may coin a phrase.

If Christians were persecuting Muslims in Christian-majority countries like ours, burning their mosques, forcing them to convert to Christianity, or killing them for their faith, would I speak out and march? You bet I would. One reason I stand with Israel is that I refuse to buy into the Palestinian narrative of "genocide" suffering and oppression that is spread around the world by the pro-Palestinian activists. I have spent my whole adult life watching news reports of Palestinian sky-jackings, terrorist attacks, kidnappings and murders of innocent Israelis (and Americans). "Apartheid Wall"? That was built to protect Israelis from Palestinian suicide bombers and keep them out of Israel. It has done a very good job. Check points? Sure. If you had a population dedicated to killing you, you would have check points as well.

To wrap up this little diatribe on my part, it is not about hate. No rational person would blame all Muslims for the insanity we see around the world. I just wish that they would address it honestly and fight against it. Too few are. In the meantime, you can't call people racists or Islamophobes when they speak out against the horrors being committed-in many cases against our co-religionists in the Islamic world who are virtually all living in fear and the threat of death. Last November, the director of CAIR for Southern California, Hussam Ayloush, a self-described human rights activist, while speaking in Riverside, California called me a bigot for bringing it up. You can't say you are for human rights if you don't cry out against this. Any so-called "human rights" activist who calls me a bigot for pointing this out is a total hypocrite.

Pakistan: Never-Ending Horror

Here is yet another horrific event coming out of that poor excuse of a country called Pakistan. A couple marry out of love without the consent of their parents. Their punishment? They are both beheaded by the bride's family. The reason (according to CNN)? Something about "tribal customs". Here is CNN's partial coverage of another honor killing.

Now here's a quiz for you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors:

What is missing from the story?

Let me close with this thought: This is the type of multi-culturalism that we don't need here in the US.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Tyrant": Fox Refuses to Buckle From CAIR Bullying

I have received the below message from the Florida Family Association regarding the refusal of Fox to buckle under pressure from CAIR regarding Fox's new series, "Tyrant".

Without viewing the show, I understand that it is about an Arab doctor in the US who travels back to his native country (a mythical nation) with his American wife and children to attend a family wedding. His father is the president of the country, and it seems this country fits perfectly into the mold of an Arab dictatorship. Then appropriately lies the problem with CAIR, who maintain that the show presents negative images of Arabs and Muslims.I have no idea how Islam enters into the program, but if the show portrays events as they are on-going in the Middle East now, what's the issue? Is it offensive to show despotism and violence in an Arab country? Sorry, but that's just the plain simple reality..

Kudos to Fox for not bending to CAIR's bully tactics. Hopefully, that resistance will continue. CAIR needs to learn that in America we have something called the First Amendment-something they would like to crush.

Another Horrendous Murder in London

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Daily Mail (UK)

The British are really suffering with their restive Muslim population. They had the 7-7-05 subway/bus attacks, the horrific murder of a British soldier, Lee Rigby, sharia-enforced zones in Muslim areas, and child sexual grooming-not to mention the gang led by Anjem Choudary that proclaims that Britain will soon be Islamic and living under sharia law. Now this: A Romanian prostitute murdered on a London street by a Muslim man apparently angry because she was working too close to a mosque.

My question here is whether it was really established that the defendant's motive was because the victim was plying her trade near a mosque. There doesn't appear to be any other motive.

It seems to me that British police need to be present and visible in Muslim neighborhoods, if for no other reason than to protect non-Muslims from assaults or harassment.

I also hasten to add that in the US, we have not experienced this problem on the streets with our Muslims-at least not yet. They are a much smaller minority and most come from educated backgrounds-the Somali refugees being a notable exception. Europeans, who also have many Somalis, are having more serious problems with street crime, anti-Semitic attacks, sexual assaults and out and out intimidation of non-Muslim natives. It is an outrageous situation. And it is not just Somalis that are the problem. The troublemakers come from the Middle East, the North African Maghreb, other parts of Africa, and in the UK, South Asian countries, most notably Pakistan. In the UK, many are first generation, native born.

I predict that eventually, the Europeans will decide enough is enough and start taking strong measures against these offenders even measures that might go against their democratic principles. That day has not yet come.

It comes down to this; Islam is going through a very violent phase in its already violent history. Too many Islamists consider themselves and their ideology to be on the march. The world has to stop bending to political correctness and accept the truth. Islam and democracy are at odds, and Islamic immigration is a bad idea to say the least. Unfortunately, many peaceful Muslims are going to suffer the backlash, and hopefully, their rights can be respected and they will not be subject to persecution. However, as citizens of free countries where religious and ethnic differences should be respected, we must demand that our political leaders protect us from these kinds of dangers. The answer is simple: Until the violence, the madness, and the religious hatred stops, Islamic immigration to the West must be halted. Those already here should be deported at the first sign that they are here for the wrong reasons. There are also a fair number here who have gained citizenship and not out of any love for this country, rather for some strategic reason. We must have a way to revoke that citizenship when appropriate and remove the person.

It is not a question of hate. It is a question of protecting our freedoms and protecting innocent people-like Lee Rigby and a simple Romanian prostitute from being killed in the name of an ideology.

"What is Bengazi?" Great News for Hillary Clinton

Hat tip MRC, Allen West and Miggie

The Media Research Center went to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia  and asked students, "What is Benghazi?" The results are truly scary, but great news for Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations.

This is what we call the low information voters. It doesn't say much for our universities, our media, or our culture, for that matter.

Friday, June 27, 2014

It Is Time to Deport Sami al Arian

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

                                                                                   "Out you bum!"


After years of judicial limbo, contempt of court charges have been dropped against former University of S Florida Professor Sami Al Arian, a known supporter of radical and violent Palestinian groups in the Middle East. The government has dropped the charges with the stated intent to deport him.

Of course with this administration, God only knows what they really intend to do. They may appoint him to an official position in the Department of Homeland Security. Hopefully, they will put him on a plane to whatever country he arrived here from. If this requires more protracted legal processes, so be it. If he wants to fight  to stay in this country he hates so much, let him fight and pay the legal costs.

This bum has no business being in our country.

Ramadan Message From US Mission in Uganda

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The speaker in the below video is Scott DeLisi, the US ambassador to Uganda. (I wonder who he pissed off.) Since Ramadan is starting in a few days, it apparently behooves all American officials from President Obama on down to send a message to Muslims of good will. In this case, Muslims comprise 12% of the Ugandan population. Nevertheless........

You talk about submission. Does he know what's going on in Africa these days?

Feminism at its Extreme-Lierre Keith

Hat tip Daylight Disinfectant

Photograph of Lierre Keith.

Lierre Keith-Justin Bieber. Lierre is the one on the left.

I picked this up from my friends at Daylight Disinfectant, a blog in Oregon. It is a video of a feminist and Justin Bieber look-a-like named Lierre Keith, who spoke at a local library. Apparently, she favors the abolition of the white race and men themselves. The tape is about 4 1/2 minutes long, but worth a look if you want some chuckles.

Didn't you learn a lot? Fortunately, this was only in a library. I am sure she is also a regular on the university circuit.

A Report on the Presbyterian Church USA's Opposition to Israel

Hat tip SPME

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is a pro-Israel organization also devoted to fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses. In the interest of full disclosure, I have occasionally collaborated with them over the years.

Their board of directors has authored a piece on the recent activities of the Presbyterian Church USA, which supports Boycott, Divest and Sanctions measures against Israel and recently passed such a measure against three companies that do business with Israel.

"BDS supporters and self-proclaimed anti-Semites such as David Duke, far-right politician and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, offered congratulations to PC-USA for the resolution. Despite the PC-USA’s efforts to distance its decision from the broader BDS movement, Duke characterized their move more plainly as “Victory! Presbyterian Votes Israeli Divestment!”

"The debate was given a more explicit antisemitic tone by statements from participants, such as the vice moderator of the Middle East issues committee, who stated during morning devotions that ‘Jesus was not afraid to tell the Jews when they were wrong.’ Another BDS supporter attending the General Assembly posted on Facebook that “America is the Promised Land. We all know this. Come to the land of opportunity. Quit feeling guilt about what you are doing in Palestine, Jewish friends. Stop it. Come home to America!” The same individual also reposted an article celebrating the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers."

I would say the Presbyterian Church USA needs top watch what friends they are keeping.

Fascinating how a Christian organization can overlook all the persecution of Christians going on around the world, much of it by Israel's neighbors, while Christians (and Muslims) are allowed to practice their religion freely in Israel. 

More Doubt Cast on IRS Story on Lerner's Hard Drive

The story line of the IRS that Lois Lerner's missing e-mails and crashed hard drive cannot be retrieved has been further cast in doubt by industry experts.

Of course, the issue of computer hard drives is beyond my expertise, but it sure looks like the IRS at the highest levels has destructed evidence and is engaging in a massive cover-up. At this point only a fool would believe the excuses given by the IRS and its smirking commissioner John Koskinen. Lois Lerner, the central character in this scandal,  has now twice taken the 5th before Congress. Of course, you can't put a dog in the pound for taking the 5th, but public opinion is entitled to draw the obvious conclusions.

We know that the Democrats in the House and the Senate were putting pressure on the IRS to investigate and prosecute, if possible, conservative tea party groups that were applying for tax-exempt status so they could participate in election activism. The IRS did the next best thing; they stuffed their applications in a drawer and sat on them. They also bogged the organizations down with needless and detailed questionnaires. They effectively kept them from organizing in the 2012 election. In addition, they shared private tax-payer information with people in the White House.

Ten days after the IRS received a written request from House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) as to IRS monitoring of conservative groups, Lerner's computer mysteriously crashed as well as the computers of 6 other high-ranking officials. You wonder why Lerner took the 5th? And that smug Koskinen sits there before Congress with that Cheshire smirk and says there is no apology owed to anybody for this.

Just as the Obama White House has corrupted the Department of Justice, it has corrupted the IRS. An entire agency and an entire department engaging in cover ups of scandals that go right back to the White House.

So my question to all you liberals and Democrats out there is; are you happy with this? Your side is winning. But at what cost-that our government has been corrupted in this manner? Is this what our democracy has become-that whoever is in power can do whatever they want? We have had Fast and Furious and a now open border. People are still dying from the weapons that were allowed to cross unhindered into Mexico, and the death toll includes a Border Patrol agent in Arizona and possibly an ICE agent stationed in Mexico. The corrupt Eric Holder lied under oath, withheld records with the help of Obama and executive privilege, and because the Democrats are in power, nobody is held accountable. It will probably be the same with the IRS. There will not be a special prosecutor because Holder will not appoint one. At this point, the Republican House holds hearings while the Democratic Senate sits silent.

Bottom line: They will get away with it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In Canada, More Bad News Out of Calgary

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

In a recent posting, I pointed out that Calgary, of all places in Canada, has become a hotbed of Islamist activity.

Now a professor, Aaron Hughes, has quit his job at the University of Calgary after the school refused to support him against radical Islamist expressions in his own classroom.

Here is a report from CBC News (Canada) with a video including excerpts of an interview of Professor Aaron Hughes. It also has the standard, boiler plate statement from the university.

One thing I have noticed. There is a standard response line from these universities both in the US and Canada that goes something like this:

"The university is committed to an atmosphere of open and healthy debate while fostering a safe climate on our campus."

How many times have I read that? A lot of North American universities fail on both counts.

LA City Council Member Bob Blumenfield Article in Daily Bruin

Hat tip Daily Bruin

LA City Council Member Bob Blumenfield has written a piece appearing in the Daily Bruin, UCLA's campus paper. It expresses his concern over the recent attempts by campus anti-Israel activists to push an "ethics pledge" that would be signed by student government candidates that they would not travel to Israel on trips sponsored by certain pro-Israel organizations.

I give kudos to Blumenfield for opposing this pressure tactic and for helping bring more awareness of the problem of anti-Semitism on the UCLA campus.

Obama Wants $500 Million for Syrian Rebels??

"You see, Stanley, it's all very simple. We don't like Assad, so we help the good guys in Syria who are against Assad, but we don't help the bad guys in Syria who are against Assad.  Second, we help the good guys in Iraq who are being threatened by the bad guys in Syria who crossed over into Iraq. Third, in Syria we are on the opposite side from the Iranians because they are helping Assad , but we are on the same side as the Iranians in Iraq because they are helping our guys in the Iraqi government. To sum up, we are supporting the rebels in Syria but fighting the rebels in Iraq even though they came from Syria. Just remember if it gets confusing, the key word is vetted." 

This has got to be the most convoluted foreign policy I have ever seen. Remember those Syrian rebels who are carrying out all those atrocities? Remember how they morphed into the ISIS guys who are taking over Iraq? It was bad enough that we are on the side of the Iraqi conflict as Iran, but now we still want to spend $500 million to train and equip the rebels in Syria, but we may bomb them if they cross into Iraq.

Do I have this correct?

I guess I overlooked the key word here (vetted). You see we will only spend the $500 million on those rebels in Syria who are vetted and we can trust.

This sounds like all those times we trained the "new breed" of federal cops in Mexico. I participated in 3 of those training seminars myself in the 1990s, twice at the National Police Academy in Mexico City and once in Washington. They were vetted; background checks, polygraphs, you name it. The results were still the same.

If only the US could train the whole world.

Forgive my cynicism, but I wouldn't trust the most competent of administrations to get this one right let alone this bunch in Washington. You talk about threading the needle. We are going to support a select bunch of rebels in Syria, who are supposed to be good guys, but if they show up in Iraq they are the bad guys.

Look for that equipment, whatever it is, to show up in Iraq.

Malaysians Reportedly Find Incriminating Evidence Against Missing Flight's Pilot

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

The NY Daily News article below reports that Malaysian authorities have retrieved deleted information from MAS 370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah's home flight simulator that shows a programmed flight far out into the Indian Ocean and a landing on a short runway at an unspecified island.

If accurate, this puts the focus squarely on Shah. As to possible motive, Atlas Shrugs takes us back to Shah's support for Islamist Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, a man with a real suspicious background. Remember that on the day prior to the jet's disappearance, Shah attended a court hearing for Ibrahim and wore a t-shirt that read, "Democracy is dead".

We still don't know with certainty what happened or why, but if Shah is the guilty party, the question is motive. The answer to that may lie with Ibrahim. We are left with the possibility, maybe the likelihood, that this was an act of jihad.

Will Obama Grant Amnesty by Executive Order?

Hat tip Breitbart

It seems President Obama is not satisfied that his policies have given the green light to thousands of Central American families to send their children heading north with or without their parents. He is not satisfied that thousands of these children are now being shuttled around the country by Border Patrol agents longing for the implementation of private contractors to take over diaper-changing duties. Now he seemingly wants to by-pass Congress using his ever-complaint new head of DHS, Jeh Johnson.

You think we have a flood now? Wait until amnesty is enacted. We have chaos on our border, and Obama just wants to make it worse.

SFSU President Defends Professor's Trip to Middle East to Meet With Terror-linked Palestinians-on Official Funds


San Francisco State University President Les Wong has reacted to complaints about one of his professors using official funds to travel to the Middle East to meet with people linked to terrorism by justifying the trip.

As previously reported here, Professor Rabab Abdulhadi traveled to the West Bank, Jordan and Israel  on official funds which were granted for her to attend an event at a  Middle Eastern university-an event that was cancelled. She traveled anyway and met with convicted sky-jacker Leila Khaled and another person linked to Hamas. Abdulhadi herself reportedly called the trip a "political solidarity tour".

In a reaction to complaints by the AMCHA Initiative, Wong justified the travel. Now the AMCHA Initiative has written to California State Controller John Chiang.

How does a political solidarity tour merit use of official funds?

Here is a comment on the issue by Abraham Miller, professor at the University of Cincinnati, which appears in Campus Watch and The Blaze.

Nonie Darwish on Islamic Values in the West

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-American apostate from Islam. In this piece for Frontpage Magazine she analyzes the conflict between Islamic values in the West.

I have also noted this convoluted argument by stealth jihadists in the US that says that sharia law is compatible with the US Constitution and that the best environment for Islam is in America. In a word, it doesn't make sense. It is Judeo-Christian values that have helped shape what America has become and Islamic values are in conflict. How can America be the best environment for an ideology that does not recognize a separation between religion and the State? How can a pluralistic society based on freedom of religion be the best environment for an ideology that preaches war against other faiths? How can America be the best environment for an ideology that does not recognize women as equals?

I could go on and on about apostasy blasphemy and homosexuality under Islam and how that is supposed to exists in harmony with American freedoms. None of it makes any sense unless Muslim immigrants were leaving the religion in droves as soon as they arrived, which they are not. The only explanation that makes sense is that the stealth jihadists here are engaging in taquiyya in an effort to gradually eliminate our freedoms that conflict with Islamic teachings. The ultimate-albeit very long range- goal is to make Islam dominant in the West.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Shots in the Dark (48)

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

We begin this RSD with who else but Hillary Clinton. She's been making headlines almost every day with her lollapalooza book tour. In one interview, she claimed that she and her erstwhile husband Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House. Of course, charging hundreds of thousands of dollars per speaking appearance will fix that in a jiffy. "Po Folks" Bill and Hillary are now worth hundreds of millions.

Then Bill makes things worse by trying to stick up for his erstwhile missus by talking about how they go to the neighborhood market together on the weekends.

Speaking of the Clintons, my sources tell me that if Hillary becomes president, she plans to send Bill to Paris as US ambassador.

And you know what that means

I heard on the news today that explorers think they have found the remains of a ship called the Griffin, which purportedly sank in Lake Michigan in the 17th century. That sounds fishy enough (no pun intended), but then they said that the ship was commanded by a captain named La Salle who was searching for the northwest passage to China!

China! On Lake Michigan!

You talk about a fool's errand, that sounds like John Kerry searching for peace in the Middle East.

This week, Kerry sailed into Baghdad and told the Iraqi president that he had to step down and let a "unity government" take over. And you know where that will lead....

Have you seen those Johnny Bench Blu Emu commercials? Time hasn't been good to Johnny.

I mean times are bad when you go from Hall of Fame catcher to Danny De Vito look-a-like.

I don't know about this Blu-Emu stuff, but maybe the Cubs can advertise it next year on that new jumbo-tron they plan to build in left field.

In closing, that stuff about Bill going to Paris as ambassador? I made that up. It was the only way I could fit that Can-Can bit in.

Justice for Shaima Alawadi- The Sentence

Shaima Alawadi-Victim of an honor killing

Kassim Alhimidi has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for the beating death of his wife, Shaima Alawadi in El Cajon, California.

This was the case that CAIR initially exploited to begin a "hijad and hoodie" campaign to protest alleged attacks against Muslims due to the fact that Alhimidi had tried to mask his crime by staging it as a hate crime against Muslims.

I note that the son, who had objected with profanities in court at the verdict, has apologized to the judge. Yet what strikes me is that he has not deserted his father for killing their mother. When the verdict was announced, the son yelled that it was "BS". Now he forgives his father. Unless he learned something between the verdict and now, something doesn't jive. The daughter's reaction to the verdict had been mild. She expressed sadness at the act that "they now believed their father committed" ( I am paraphrasing.) The statement read at the sentencing was stronger. Yet I vividly recall her after the murder being interviewed by the media behind big sunglasses and lecturing us about Islamophobia. Indeed, it seems only Alawadi's blood relatives have expressed satisfaction at the father's conviction.

Hillary's Greatest Hits

Attention music lovers! Now is your chance to get all your favorite Hillary Clinton hits all in one CD. The world's smartest singer has just released all her hits just in time for the upcoming presidential election. Just imagine all the hours of listening pleasure you can enjoy with the hits that made Hillary famous.

Hits like these:

Ramblin' Rose Law Firm
Me and Paula Jones
Little Rock Around the Clock
Don't Mess With Bill
Good Golly Miss Dolly
Along Came Paula Jones
What Difference at This Point Does a Day Make?
Blame it on the Bossa Nova Video

and many more.

When Hillary sings, she sings with passion, a passion only one who knows of the tears, the broken hearts, and the broken lives she has left behind her.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy today while supplies last.

Price $200,000 per copy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LA Times Article on Mosul: Dewey Defeats Truman

That's pretty much the tone of this article in the LA Times on the ISIS takeover in Mosul. They are liberators, Folks and all is well (except for those few hundred people who were executed in mass graves and the 35,000 Christians who had to flee for their lives).

"ISIS did act quickly and ruthlessly in certain circumstances. It's accused of looting the city's central bank of $420 million, of abducting the 49-member staff of the Turkish Consulate and of executing hundreds of mostly Shiite government security forces, reportedly by firing machine guns at them in a ditch or slitting their throats.
Residents said the militants also destroyed monuments to several local cultural icons."

(In certain circumstances) They mention this as an afterthought. Hundreds executed!

What about the Christians? What about the heads of beheaded captives being used as soccer balls?

Springtime in Germany!

Video of 2011 Protest in Anaheim: Muzammil Siddiqi Gets Award

In May 2011 Muzammil Siddiqi, ex-president of the Islamic Society of North America, was given a community leader award by the Orange County Human Relations Commission, a useless drain on the Orange County budget led by Rusty Kennedy. The event drew a protest (in which I participated).

A friend has sent me this video which was made at the time by a group called Islam and I had not previously seen it.

So here it is. It features interviews of protesters and Siddiqi himself, as well as CAIR's Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush. Around the 3-minute mark you will see the moderator trying to interview counter protesters across the street from us. At that point, local Muslim activist Shakeel Syed enters the picture and tells the person being interviewed not to talk to anybody at which point the interview is terminated. (Ironic since Syed made it his practice to show up at the "Irvine 11" trial with masking tape over his mouth to make the case that Muslims were being "silenced".) In the next shot, Syed walks across the street to where Ayloush is trying to start a scene with us and leads him back across the street. Ayloush had walked over to where we were standing, started taking pictures of us with his cell phone, and tried to start an argument with us. One of our fellow protesters started to engage him in a debate and told him that he (Ayloush) represented " a despicable organization" (CAIR) That was when Syed led Ayloush away as you can see in the video. Near the end of the video, Ayloush tells the moderator/interviewer that Islam is by definition moderate and any deviation from moderation is a deviation from Islam

Someone should ask Ayloush why he supports the rebels in Syria if they are deviating from Islam.

John Kerry's Howler in Baghdad

Yesterday, John Kerry was in Baghdad making a boffo statement that US aid to Iraq will be "intensive" and "sustained". (That statement will live on late night shows if Iraq falls.)

But there is a condition to all this. Iraq's government must become more "inclusive". That means a new government made up of Shia, Sunni and Kurds.

Isn't it a little late for that? I mean do you really think ISIS is going to stop their advance, link arms with the nearest Shia they can find, and lay down their arms in the hope of a coalition government?

My advice to Kerry: Get out of town while you still have your head.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Marie Harf Spins on Fox Re: Iraq and Bergdahl

I am writing this from hotel computer in Las Vegas, so it won't be as detailed as usual. I just finished watching Fox's Megyn Kelly take Deputy DOS bubblehead spokesperson Marie Harf apart.

Harf was asked about the Obama administration's failure to predict or prevent the collapse we are seeing in Iraq. Harf began by spinning the tale that the administration had been warning about ISIS since last November then went into her talking point that they were now focused on assisting Iraq, a point she kept coming back to. She was cut off by Kelly who pointed out that Obama had referred to the fighters in Iraq as the jayvees back in January and said just because they put on Laker uniforms doesn't make them Kobe Bryant. To that Harf retreated back to her talking points. They then went back and forth on who wanted the US out of Iraq-Obama or Iraq. It was Harf's position that Iraq wanted us out and that they would not agree to a status of forces agreement. (Yeah, for 3,000 soldiers which was all Obama wanted to give.)

At any rate, Kelly had her facts together as a good lawyer does, and Harf was left with nothing but spin and her standard talking points.

Kelly then gave Harf a chance to clean up her earlier comment during a briefing that dismissed the idea that Bowe Bergdahl's platoon mates were in the best position to know the circumstances of how he left his unit. She gave the standard line about how much she respects the military, but said that the DOD will have to get to the bottom of what happened and that Bergdahl should not be tried in the press.

Marie Harf handled herself as best one could when all you can do is spin and give the administration's talking points. Before she goes up against Megyn Kelly, however, she needs a lot more seasoning.

I don't have the video available, but it is worth one's while to go to Fox and watch it.

Did Obama Tell Hillary To Use the Video Lie on Benghazi?

A newly released book by Edward Klein (Blood Feud) is alleging that on the evening of September 11, 2012, President Obama called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and over her protests, told her to put out a message blaming the anti Muslim video for the attack on Benghazi.

This is, of course, a most serious revelation which, if true, would destroy whatever is left of Obama's credibility, and would also be devastating to Clinton's presidential hopes.

But it remains to be proven.

 This, of course, is based on an anonymous source.  It is interesting that this source, supposedly a member of Clinton's team has put out a story that shifts most of the blame to Obama while an earlier book by Kenneth Timmerman puts the blame on both as having concocted the video story. Could this be an indication that the wheels are coming off the story? It would be nice if Clinton could be asked this question under oath, but I doubt that it will happen. Probably something to do with presidential privilege with his cabinet will get in the way.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Armenian City in Syria Re-Captured From Rebels: Every Church Had Been Destoyed

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and The Eponymous Flower

Kasab, the so-called "City of the Armenians" has been recently retaken by Assad forces in Syria from the rebels. However, while in rebel hands, every Armenian church was destroyed.

British BDS-er Hopes for 3,000 More Kidnappings in Israel

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Friends of Israel in Sussex (UK) obtained this video of some guy named Abdul, a Boycott, Divest and Sanctions activist against Israel, expressing his wish for 3,000 more kidnappings of Israeli teens.

Kerry in Egypt Defending Muslim Brotherhood

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Has someone explained to John Kerry that his latest trip to the Middle East was supposed to be to "solve" the crisis in Iraq? Instead he shows up in Cairo where he plays defense attorney for the Muslim Brotherhood.

"We do not share the view of the Egyptian government about links between the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS [the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq]," an aide to Kerry said. "[Egyptian leaders] need to include, and find ways to reach out to, the Muslim Brothers. ... With regard to the challenge that the Muslim Brothers pose, I would characterize it more as a political challenge than a security challenge."

As Gil Hodges used to say when arguing with umpires, "Horsefeathers". Someone should show Kerry that explanatory memorandum the FBI seized and introduced into evidence at the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007. Mind you, that document does not date back to the days of Hasan al Banna or Sayyid Qutb in the 1920s or so, but 1991. It is a letter addressed to the "North American Brothers" and outlined the MB's design for destroying the West. If Kerry needs any further evidence, all he needs to do is examine the MB track record when they were ruling Egyopt under Mohammed Morsi. All he needs to do is talk to the Coptic Christians who continue to suffer at the hands of Morsi's followers even after he was overthrown.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization that spawned Hamas and al Qaeda not to mention US-based organizations that are masquerading as mainstream moderates. Aymin al Zawahiri, an Egyptian, the number one leader of Al Qaeda since bin Laden's death, came out of the Brotherhood. Yusuf al Qaradawi, also an Egyptian, with all his proclamations of hate against Jews and infidels, is the spiritual mentor of the Brotherhood.

But John Kerry, just like Jim Clapper, John Brennan and Barack Obama, have all decided that the Brotherhood is harmless, non-violent, and secular.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Stupidity of the Presbyterian Church USA

In case you have not heard, the Presbyterian Church USA, which has already "distinguished" itself by engaging in all sorts of anti-Israel efforts, has passed a measure divesting itself from certain corporations that do business with Israel, such as Caterpillar and Motorola.

So let's put this in perspective. At a time when the Christian minorities in most of Israeli's Arab neighbor-countries are fleeing for their lives, the Presbyterian Church USA singles out Israel, the only country in the Middle East where Christians can live in peace and freedom to worship.

You talk about dumb. You talk about anti-Semitism.

At World Cup, Nigerian Press Makes Bold Statement

The Nigerian national soccer team is competing in the World Cup in Brazil under the shadow of the horrors committed by Boko Haram back home. Members of the Nigerian press at the games are showing their hatred for Boko Haram in a cool way.

A Nigerian journalist wears a T-Shirt with the words 'World Unites Against Boko Haram' at the media centre of the Pantanal Arena in Cuiaba

Can we get some of those t-shirts here in the US? I'll sure buy one.

Belgium: Jewish Kindergarten Bus Pelted With Rocks in Antwerp

Hat tip Europe News (DK) and JPUP

Since the killing of four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum, security is heavy at Jewish sites. Antwerp is no exception. Yet a school bus carrying Jewish kindergarten pupils was surrounded and pelted with rocks by Muslim teenagers in Antwerp on June 15.

“Antwerp – a centuries old, orthodox Jewish centre at the heart of the global diamond industry – is now colloquially known as ‘Gaza,’” Samuels wrote. “Talk there is rampant in the Pelikaanstraat gem-stores of an exodus from Belgium.”

Where do you think those teenagers learned their hatred of Jews from? From their parents, of course.

CNN's Staged Applause at Hillary Town Hall

This is CNN (The Most Trusted Name in News)

How could it be anything else when you have Christiane Amanpour as the interviewer for Hillary Clinton? According to this Washington Post article by Erik Wemple, the live studio audience was coached as to when to applaud for La Grande Dame.

They should have had canned laughter too.

When Did Lerner's Computer Crash? Ten Days After Rep. Camp Asked About Targeting

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

The big talking point of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and his Democratic apologists is that Lois Lerner's computer crashed three years ago in 2011 resulting in the loss of all those critical e-mails before he became commissioner and before all this fuss started.

Well, not exactly.

It turns out that the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Dave Camp, had sent a letter to IRS in 2011 asking if conservative groups had been targeted, ten days before the computer crashed. Six other IRS officials suspected of involvement also mysteriously had their computers crash during the same period.

Just another coincidence, I am sure.

The point is that the loss of e-mails is part of the time line of events. Moreover, Koskinen knew about it back in March when he testified and assured the committee that all of Lois Lerner's e-mails would be forthcoming. Yet he and the IRS waited until last Friday to mention the problem on page 15 of a 27-page letter.

Yet, yesterday virtually every Democratic member of the Ways and Means Committee apologized to the arrogant Koskinen, dismissed the whole thing as a witch hunt and neglected to ask any probing questions, preferring to cede part of their allotted time for the commissioner to make his talking points. And today on MSNBC, liberal talking head Jonathan Alter repeated the Democratic line that this is just one big hootenanny.

The thing that is most outrageous about all this is that Lerner, Koskinen, the previous commissioners of IRS will all get away with it because you have a White House, a Senate, A Justice Department, Treasury Department all controlled by Democrats. Some of the Democrats in Congress, like Dick Durbin, Carl Levin, and Elijah Cummings have their own hands dirty in this mess because they pressured the IRS to go after conservative groups in the first place. They actually wanted the IRS to investigate and prosecute these groups. What the IRS was able to do was keep the requests for tax-exempt status in limbo.

And then you have most of the main stream media, which might as well be a state-run media since they refuse to investigate and root out the corruption of the Obama administration as they did the Nixon administration.

This is no way to sustain a democracy.

The Christians of Mosul

Hat tip CBN News and Revoltes en Europe

The below video from CBN News was cross-posted from the French blog, Revoltes en Europe. It is a CBN video report on the situation for Christians in and around Mosul, Iraq. Upon the takeover by ISIS, Christians have been left with stark choices. If they open their churches, they will be burned. They are forced to pay the jizya tax required of non-Muslims under sharia law. If they refuse to pay, they will be decapitated.

Paris Jews Attacked While Marching in Support of Abducted Israeli Teens

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

The below video is running today in Atlas Shrugs. It shows French Jews holding a peaceful march through Paris in support of the 3 Israeli teenagers who were abducted in the West Bank when they are attacked by young men identified by AS as Muslims. French police, who were escorting the march intervened.

Is there any doubt here who the bad guys are? Why is it that the anti-Israel side is always resorting to violence and thuggery?

DHS's "Escort Services" Ad

"Welcome to the US."

When I posted the below article two days ago, I did so with some trepidation. Even though I backtracked it to the DHS website, I still had the feeling that this had to be some kind of prank or put-up job..

Alas, it was righteous, all right. Seems the DHS actually took it down, re-worded it then put it back up. We don't some Honduran kid thinking he had hookers waiting for him on the other side of the Rio Grande, do we?

"They promised me a hooker."

Actually, I suspect the real reason DHS changed it was because it had gone viral. No matter how you break it down, your tax dollars are now supporting the transportation of illegal aliens around the country.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Chris Stevens Gets Hillary's Autograph

Hat tip Daily Surge and Frontpage Magazine

Jason Mattera of Daily Surge asked Hillary Clinton to autograph a copy of her book, "Hard Choices". She balked, however, at Mattera's request to make it out to Christopher Stevens, at which point Jason asks, "What difference does it make?" That's when Hillary's security detail moved in

Too bad, Stevens didn't have even that kind of security at Benghazi.

University of Wyoming Prohibits Pledge of Allegiance Because It Would Offend Foreign Students

Hat tip Campus Reform

It is getting to the point where we may ban the American flag because it offends non-citizens who happen to be in the country. Such is the craziness that infects even the University of Wyoming, where the student government will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance because two of its members are foreign students.

Here is the way I see it. Should foreign students who are on the student government be forced to recite the pledge? No.

However, every country has its customs pertaining to their flag, national anthem, or other national signs of respect. Let's examine a few examples.

At international sporting competitions, when various national anthems are played, each contestant is expected to stand in respect. That is all. Accordingly, if you are a foreign visitor to the US and our national anthem is played, you are expected (not required by law) to stand. You don't have to place your hand over your heart or sing the lyrics-just stand with the others in respect.

When I was living  in Thailand, every time we went to the movies, the event opened with the Royal Anthem (to the King and Royal family). We stood along with the Thais in respect. Had we not stood, we might not have gotten out of that theatre in one piece-as other ignorant foreigners learned the hard way. Any time I have been in another country, I have stood for their national anthem. It was a simple sign of respect for the country I was in-not a sign of allegiance and none was expected.

As for the case at the University of Wyoming, nobody should expect non-American students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, but it is a part of our custom in many venues. A procedure could have been worked out before-hand whereby the concerned students could enter the room after the pledge. If they are in the room, I think it would be appropriate for them to simply stand in silence with their hands at their side. An appropriate announcement could be made to the audience beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

But we should not do away with our national customs for the benefit of non-citizens.

Australia's Common Sense on Jihadists

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Japan Today

It appears that unlike the US and most of Europe, Australia has a leader with a common sense attitude about jihadists from Australia who have gone to fight the wars in Syria and Iraq. Prime Minisiter Tony Abbot says they should not be allowed to return or be put into custody.

Makes sense to me. If these people from the US who leave are not citizens. block their return and cancel their visas. If they are naturalized citizens, they obviously lied on their naturalization papers about their loyalty to this country. Take away that citizenship and kick them out. If they have broken our laws, prosecute them. If they have broken the laws of any other country, extradite them.

If there are any laws that need passing to achieve this, get to work, Congress.