Thursday, November 24, 2022

Despicable Al Jazeera

 I am cross-posting an article by the blog, Elder of Ziyon, which calls attention to a disgusting article by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera written in praise of a Palestinian terrorist who went on a stabbing and car-ramming attack that killed three Israelis in the West Bank on November 15.

Qatar is drawing a lot of deserved scrutiny these days as it hosts the World Cup. People are rightly pointing out the country's lousy human rights record, its support for terror organizations, how it bribed the corrupt FIFA in order to host the World Cup, and its treatment of foreign workers who labored in 100-degree + heat to construct 9 huge stadiums to prepare for the Cup. Overbearing restrictions and harassment of Israeli journalists by Palestinian-supporting fans have only contributed to the toxic atmosphere surrounding these games. 

And then there is Al Jazeera, Qatar's government-supported news organ, Al Jazeera, has labored hard over the past few years to sell itself as a legitimate news organ, not only in the Arab world but the non-Arabic speaking world as well. In that regard, they employ an army of Western academics and writers who share Qatar's worldview and hatred of Israel.

Such writers and academics should look themselves in the mirror after seeing what Al Jazeera has published about this terror strike in Israel. They know who they are.

Our Latest Shootings in Colorado and Virginia

The US has witnessed two more mass shootings in the past week, the first in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and most recently, in Chesapeake, Virginia. Both are despicable tragedies that defy reason. Both illustrate once again that we have a mental health crisis in this country. In the Colorado incident, if not both, once again, our media has shown an inability or an unwillingness to deal straightforwardly with the news. (I am omitting the earlier mass killings at the University of Virginia and the mass stabbing deaths at the University of Idaho.)

The location of the Colorado shooting was a gay nightclub, and the first assumption on my part was that it was a hate crime perpetrated against gays. I was not alone in that assumption. Our media and many of our politicians also jumped to the conclusion that this was a hate crime. In my own defense, I am just a humble, little-read blogger and private citizen. (This is my first posting on this matter.)  When the media and politicians publicly jump to conclusions, the damage is greater.

Then came yesterday's news that the accused shooter identifies himself as "non-binary". This was announced by his lawyer. That threw the hate crime narrative, not to mention any hate crime charges against the shooter into question, if not utter confusion. But the media chose to shift gears in a different way. 

Say hello to wokeness.

Yesterday, while driving home, I had my car radio tuned to a San Diego news and talk station, KOGO, 600 am. Despite the fact that for much of the day they are broadcasting conservative talk radio shows like Sean Hannity and the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, the hourly news, in reporting this case, announced that due to the non-binary issue, this has impacted the way they would refer to the accused shooter. The announcer then proceeded to use pronouns like "they", "them" and "their" in referring to the suspect. Even Fox News's online service used the same pronouns. After seeing Fox News use these pronouns, I didn't bother to check the other major news sources. I had seen enough. One wonders how many readers and listeners across the country began asking themselves if there was more than one shooter in Colorado Springs. Where were "the others"? Should everybody in Colorado Springs lock their doors and barricade their windows? No, but given what we now know about the accused shooter's past problems, one wonders why he was still walking around in the first place, let alone with a weapon.

Fortunately for the media, another mass shooting on the other side of the country replaced the Colorado shooting in the headlines. In the case of the Virginia shooter, a disgruntled store manager, the trend immediately shifted to gun control and the fact that President Joe Biden has proposed gun control legislation, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, none of Biden's gun control measures would have prevented the Chesapeake shooting, in which a handgun was used. Was it a hate crime? No, the shooter (who turned the gun on himself) was black.

With all due respect to the gravity of both incidents and the victims, there is no need to change the English language because of a hare-brained idea that is being pushed by so-called gender scholars on university campuses. Changing pronouns to a confusing third person plural for single individuals will not lead to greater acceptance for gays or transgender persons who do deserve to be treated with common human dignity and not with harassment and violence.

So what do we do with some guy who walks into a gay nightclub and shoots people to death whatever his reason? My solution:

Hang'em all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Netherlands: Interview of Thierry Baudet

Hat tip RAIR Foundation USA, Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna

"They are reptiles."

Thierry Baudet is the leader of the conservative Dutch party, Forum for Democracy. In a recent interview, he caused a firestorm in the Netherlands when he described the current leaders of the Dutch government as "reptiles". In the above interview held in the past week, Baudet explains his use of the term. The video is translated by Fousesquawk.

Baudet is a conservative who shares Geert Wilders' opposition to mass Islamic migration into the Netherlands. Many have considered him a more moderate alternative to Wilders, who regularly attacks his enemies with a take-no-prisoners style in his parliamentary speeches. Some of Baudet's more recent statements, however, have cost him some support in the Netherlands. Aside from the "reptiles" remark (which doesn't give me too much heartburn), Baudet has expressed support for Vladimir Putin, a sentiment I do not share. 

At any rate, Baudet is a political figure who bears watching.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden (13)

This is the latest in a series of translations by Fousesquawk of original European articles on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Europe and the 13th on Sweden.

In previous articles on the MB in Sweden, we have often found references to the Ibn Rushd Study Association, which has been identified as an arm of the Egyptian-based organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

In October, there was an agreement between the conservative Sweden Democrat party and other parties that allowed the new prime minister, Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Party to become head of state. It also allowed the Sweden Democrats to enter the new government albeit not as a full coalition partner. This agreement is called the Tidö Agreement. The provisions call for more measures to combat gang violence and a tightening of immigration rules.

The below article from the conservative site, Nyheter Idag, describes an interview of the new head of the Ibn Rushd Study Association, Anna Waara, by the Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet. In this interview, Waara maintains that the Tidö Agreement actually serves to dismantle Swedish values.

Ibn Rushd head: Tidö Agreement threat against "Swedish values"

The Tidö Agreement between the government and the Sweden Democrats means that "Swedish values on solidarity with the outside world and people in crisis" will be dismantled. That is what Anna Waara, the new head of the Ibn Rushd Study Association tells Svenska Dagbladet. (Translator's note: The linked Svenska Dagbladet article is accessible only to subscribers.)

"The Tidö Agreement claims to protect Swedish values. But my experience is that the agreement dismantles Swedish values on solidarity with the outside world and people in crisis," says Waara.

"For us as a study association, it is very important to continue to stand up for these values, that we believe in education as a very important part of societal development and as a way to promote an equal society," she continues.

The Ibn Rushd Study Association has previously received criticism for inviting speakers with homophobic and anti-Semitic views and also for connections to the radical Bellevue Mosque in Gothenburg. But Waara (says) that was "a very long time ago" and that Ibn Rushd has since tightened its procedures.

"We have made mistakes, and I think we must own that. We have also tightened our procedures since then. We want to do right, and room for improvement must also be found."

Waara believes that Ibn Rushd's procedures and become so rigorous that it is wearing on the organization.

"There must also be a trust that people want to do right. A system cannot rest on scrutinizing us to the point where we cannot be an actor in civil society.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Italy: Saman Abbas Case: Human Remains Found in Novellara

Saman Abbas

We have been following the case of Saman Abbas, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl who was allegedly murdered by her family in Italy because she refused an arranged marriage. Her uncle and two cousins are in custody in Italy awaiting trial while her father has just been arrested by Pakistani police. The mother's whereabouts are not known.

Today, it is reported that police in Italy have discovered human remains in the farm complex where Saman lived with her family. Identification is still pending.

The below article in today's Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

Human remains found near Novellara: "Could be Saman"

19 November 2022

During a new inspection in Novellara, forensic investigators have found human remains, a short distance from the place in which Saman Abbas lived with her family.

During the new search of last night in Novellara, a municipality in the province of Reggio Emilia, forensic police (RIS) have discovered some human remains, a short distance from the place where Saman Abbas lived with her family. According to what has emerged as of now, the remains of a cadaver were reportedly found, and at this moment, investigations are underway on the part of the Carabinieri to determine if they are the (remains) of the 18-year-old. 

The arranged marriage

The young Pakistani girl, who had refused a marriage arranged by her parents in her country of origin, had disappeared on the night of April 30, 2021. Since then, she had not been heard from, and all searches resulted negative. The Prosecutor's Office believes she was killed for having refused to join in marriage with a distant cousin 10 years older than her. Five relatives of Saman are under investigation for homicide. In the past few days, the father of the girl, Shabbar Abbas, was arrested in Pakistan. Identification has not yet been confirmed, and it will be necessary to conduct all the analyses and await the results of the autopsy. Only in the coming hours, or perhaps, in the coming days, will it be known with certainty if the turning point in the mystery has finally been reached and if the remains discovered are actually the body of the 18-year-old.

The new search and the discovery

The human remains discovered in Novellara were buried inside an abandoned shed, immersed in the fog, located a few hundred meters from the house in which the family of Saman lived. The Carabinieri from the investigative unit of the provincial command of Reggio Emilia, along with those from the Company of Guastalla, and coordinated by the prosecutor's office led by Calogero Gaetano Paci, conducted a further search yesterday evening. The area has been closed off, and since the early morning hours, the Carabinieri, together with the forensic police (RIS) of Parma, are proceeding with the operation of recovering and finding the remains. The Fire Department of Reggio Emila has also arrived at the scene.

"It is premature to say anything, the activities are in progress: We will evaluate it after recovering the remains discovered. Obviously, we will proceed with all the necessary analyses, and it will take a few days," the prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, Gaetano Paci, stated, responding to AG (Italian Journalistic Agency). The head of the Reggio-Emilia investigators is proceeding to the scene with the medical examiners.

The direction is compatible

In the meantime, however, the direction in which the crumbling farmhouse, where a cadaver was found, which could be precisely that of Saman, would be compatible, in respect to the house in which the young Pakistani lived, (and) with that (direction) in which the girl's relative moved. The relatives of the 18-year-old, in fact, were captured by a surveillance camera on April 29, the day before the disappearance of the young girl. In the footage, three persons are seen, who were then identified by investigators as the uncle and two cousins investigated for the crime, walking with a crowbar and a shovel.  According to the investigators, the three men were going to dig the hole where they could then bury the girl's body once having killed her. Neither detector dogs nor technical instruments succeeded in finding anything for over two months.

What the Carabinieri found

The Carabinieri found a cadaver inside a black sack about two feet deep. The place of discovery is located less than 500 meters from the house in which the family of Saman Abbas lived and were employed by a farm. The examinations by RIS are in progress and will continue in the coming hours, (and) the Carabinieri of Reggio-Emilia and the Fire Department are present. The ruined farmhouse in which the body was found is part of a complex of ruins near a group of houses where, up to a short time ago, there was a pig farm. In front, there is an uncultivated field, next to a stretch of woods and behind, there are some buildings, some occupied. Around the farmhouse, there are greenhouses, fields, and vineyards. According to what has emerged, it is reportedly a place already searched a few times in the past months. 

The news of the arrest of the father of the 18-year-old by the local (Pakistani) police was reported a few days ago in exclusive by the Channel 4 program, Quarto Grado (4th Grade). The man was reportedly arrested because he is accused of a 20,000 dollar fraud perpetrated against a co-national. From the first moment in which Saman disappeared, suspicions immediately were focused on her relatives, (who were) against her acquaintance with a young man of her age and nationality residing in the Frosinone area. About one month after the disappearance of the girl and precisely on June 8, 2021, the father confessed to the murder of the daughter during a telephone call with a relative who was in Italy. The parents, in fact, managed to escape to Pakistan. It was precisely that conversation contained in the files of the trial that will begin next February 10. Charged with the homicide of the young girl are the parents, the uncle, and two cousins.

The mother is still a fugitive

The parents are charged in the trial. The father, 64-year-old Shabbar Abbas, has been in jail in Pakistan for a few days. Last November 12, local authorities had issued an arrest warrant for both parents. Following a long evaluation, local authorities decided to activate the "red notice", or an international arrest warrant already in the Interpol system, assigning the  Punjabi police, the region of origin for the Abbas family. The man was arrested last Wednesday and is accused of homicide and awaiting extradition. The mother of the girl, 47-year-old Nazia Shaeen, on the other hand, is still a fugitive, and according to what the man told Pakistani police, is reportedly in Europe. Behind bars, there are also three relatives of Saman who were arrested in the past months abroad, in France and Spain: The uncle, 34-year-old Danish Hasnain, considered the material perpetrator of the homicide, and two cousins, Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq , the former 28, the latter 35.


*Update: November 20, 2022: Il Giornale is reporting today that it was Danish Hasnain, Saman's uncle and the main suspect in the case, who led investigators to the spot where her remains were found. Translation by Fousesquawk.

"The uncle revealed where the body of Saman was": Breakthrough in the case

20 November 2022-13:34

It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the farmhouse in the search for the human remains of Saman Abbas: But the prosecutor remains cautious.

Angela Leucci

A year and a half of silence, of efforts to misdirect. But in the end, he reportedly talked. It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the place where his niece, Saman Abbas was hidden.

As reported by Quarto Grado (4th Grade): Danish, considered the material perpetrator of the honor crime, was accompanied to Novellara by the penitentiary police of Reggio Emilia. Here, in the town in which the Abbas (family) lived and worked, he reportedly indicated the vicinity of the abandoned farmhouse where, with Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq, he allegedly dug a hole and hid the body of the niece. 

The news was confirmed by qualified sources. The operations for recovery of the remains were initiated yesterday and will continue today: The Carabinieri and fire department are at work. Saman had disappeared the night of April 30- May 1, 2021. Immediately, investigators focused on the theory of murder: The 18-year-old Pakistani girl had been opposed to a forced marriage with an older cousin.

Quarto Grado had already been in the vicinity of that abandoned farmhouse, as well as the program, "Who Saw it?", also because the investigators had already been there during the summer 2021 search. Quarto Grado had noticed that the, "ruin had not been inspected in a thorough manner. The searches of the structure, in fact. were particularly difficult due to the accumulation of ten years of  debris, so much that a later inspection by Carabinieri and the fire department had met with negative results." Who Saw it? broadcast the images on May 6, 2022, and sent (them) to the competent authorities.

The farmhouse, very close to the residence in which the Abbas' lived, reportedly has some rooms still intact, with flooring and the roof, while others are open to the sky and overgrown with vegetation. The place was usually used by Danish and relatives to meet and drink alcohol, prohibited by the Islamic religion. In one of these rooms, without flooring and deep in debris, the 2-meter-deep hole was dug, the famous 6 feet under the ground usually dug to bury someone.

This important breakthrough has nothing to do with the arrest in Pakistan of Shabbar Abbas, father of Saman. Yesterday afternoon, the Reggio Emilia prosecutor, Gaetano Calogero Paci, in fact, flatly denied it: "It has absolutely nothing to do with it."

The breakthrough was thus reached, "thanks to the unfailing activity on the part of the Carabinieri, with the coordination of the Prosecutor's Office, the area of interest was subjected to further checks and verifications". But the  Prosecutor's Office has moved in an absolutely cautious manner: It has not yet been confirmed that the remains really are those of Saman. 

CAIR and the Astounding Naivete of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Recently, I posted an article about the plans for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to contribute $15,000 of public funds to the Congress of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) towards the annual CAIR banquet in San Diego. Subsequently, the Board voted in favor of the funding. Prior to that vote, I, along with many others, contacted the Board to express my disapproval.

Yesterday, I received an email from Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, the text of which is below: 

Dear friends, 

Recently, the Board of Supervisors approved a community grant to the Council on American Islamic Relations San Diego (CAIR-SD) for their 15th Annual gala. The grant covered banquet expenses, including printing, marketing, supplies, and venue fees. Many of our most important elected officials, including our Congressmember Sara Jacobs, attended this banquet. 

Individuals called me to express concerns regarding funds for CAIR San Diego. First, thank you for reaching out to ensure I understand the issues. 

As a person of the Jewish faith, part of a lineage of survivors, I know intimately how people like me have been persecuted and killed by those who hate us. There is no justification for antisemitism or hate of Jews, ever. Anything to the contrary would be wholly unacceptable and will be publicly condemned by my colleagues and me.  

The banquet was a joyous event focused on the excellent work of the local CAIR San Diego. CAIR San Diego has informed me that the speakers chosen, align with their values, including “standing against Islamophobia, antisemitism, and the civil rights of all.” That is integral to their mission. 

The current leadership of CAIR San Diego has been an essential ally in standing against hate in our region. As a part of Sister Faiths–organized by Muslims, Jews, and Christians–CAIR San Diego has engaged in interfaith dialogues, served meals, and engaged in ecumenical events meant to bring communities together. 

In this time where there has been an increase in antisemitism, I commit to you to protect our community and the integrity of our right to exist. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can work together. 


Terra Lawson-Remer

Supervisor, Third District 

Disclosure: Correspondents should assume that all communication to or from this address is recorded and may be reviewed by third parties and the public upon request. 


My response to Supervisor Lawson-Remer:

Thank you for your response. With all due respect, you are very naive about the nature of CAIR. 


Additional comments: 

I would like to focus on the below paragraph of Supervisor Lawson-Remer's response:

"The banquet was a joyous event focused on the excellent work of the local CAIR San Diego. CAIR San Diego has informed me that the speakers chosen, align with their values, including “standing against Islamophobia, antisemitism, and the civil rights of all.” That is integral to their mission."

The announced speakers for the conference can be found here

I am quite familiar with Hussam Ayloush (Southern California CEO of CAIR) and Muzammil Siddiqi, the head of the Islamic Center of Orange County Mosque in Garden Grove, California. I have interacted with both of them on several occasions. Both men, especially Siddiqi, have convinced gullible people like Supervisor Lawson-Remer that they are moderate Muslims, but to those more familiar with them, one has to question the values that Lawson-Remer refers to. I am unfamiliar with Saad Eldegwy and Ismahan Abdullahi. I will note, however, that Abdullahi is Public Affairs and Community Outreach national director for the Muslim American Society  This organization is an arm of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, from which so many terror organizations have sprouted, including Al Qaeda. In addition, I was able to come up with this speech by Abdullahi (date and location not noted).

Friday, November 18, 2022

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Here is another Syrian "success story", that is another young Syrian male who came to the West as a refugee and has shown his gratitude by plotting to blow up a Christian church. In this case, the story comes out of our own country, more specifically, Pittsburgh.

Syrian national, Mustafa Alowemer (24), has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for plotting to blow up a Nigerian Christian church on the north side of Pittsburgh, an area, by the way, in which I resided for two and a half years. He said his motive was to seek revenge for how his "ISIS brothers" were treated in Nigeria. The details of Alowemer's case can be accessed here.

Revenge for how his ISIS brothers are treated in Nigeria? Is he referring to the noble souls who wipe out villages in Northern Nigeria, slaughter Christians, kidnap young girls, and hold them as sex slaves?Oh, silly me. That is Boko Haram. I am sure there is no connection (or similarity) between the two groups.

Since the Syrian civil war exploded in 2015, the West has been flooded with refugees from that country or those claiming to be Syrian. A disproportionate number of these refugees tend to be unaccompanied young men in their twenties as opposed to women and children. Europe is dealing with crimes and violence (murders, stabbings, rapes) committed by many of these young Syrian "refugees" who show no gratitude for being taken in by Western countries. 

“The defendant’s plan to bomb a Pittsburgh church and risk death or injury to residents in the area in the name of ISIS was thwarted by the extraordinary work of the Pittsburgh Joint Terrorism Task Force,” said U.S. Attorney Cindy K. Chung for the Western District of Pennsylvania. “Our office will continue to hold accountable individuals who threaten the safety of our communities.”

While I appreciate the words of US Attorney Cindy Chung, and I am supportive of the FBI's work in stopping terrorist attacks, I ask myself why our government does not do more to keep people like Alowemer out of the country in the first place. Not that I feel no sympathy for legitimate Syrian refugees fleeing the horrible events in their country in the past several years. However, the safety of our own people is paramount, just as the safety of citizens of other Western countries is paramount. 

There is something particularly despicable about so-called refugees who are provided asylum, yet wish to destroy the very society and kill people from the nations that have given them refuge.

Currently, our border with Mexico is wide open, and people are coming here in droves, people whom we know nothing about except that they are not all from Mexico or Latin America and looking for jobs. Many are showing up on our southern border from places like Pakistan, Iraq, and yes, Syria. Some are even to be found on our terrorist watch list. Add all this to the drugs, human trafficking, fentanyl issue, cartels, and violent crime along our border, and one would conclude that our government should be stopping it by securing our border. 

But they are not.

So, along with everything else, we will have to deal with periodic cases like Syrian national Mustafa Alowemer, who shows his gratitude by trying to set off bombs and murder innocent Americans. Mark my words; it is just a matter of time before the next Mustafa Alowemer succeeds in setting off a bomb and killing our people, as did the Boston Marathon bombers. Innocent people will die, sacrificed on the altar of whatever it is that President Biden and his minions believe is best for our country. To me, this is nothing more than criminal negligence on the part of our decision-makers and political leaders.

France: Update on Murder of 12-Year-Old Lola



Murder of Lola: A sister of the suspect, Dahbia B., placed in detention center pending expulsion

We have been following the horrific case of the kidnap, torture, and murder of a 12-year-old French girl which occurred in October in Paris. The principal suspect is a 24-year-old Algerian woman who was in France illegally. Now it is reported that her older sister has been placed in a detention center pending expulsion.

The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

By Steve Tenre

Posted 2 hours ago, updated 2 hours ago

Caption beneath photo:

A portrait of little Lola, killed last October 14

Friha B., older sister of the suspect, should be expelled soon to Algeria, due to "lack of a residence permit".

Friha B., the older sister of the principal suspect in the murder of little Lola, has been placed in an administrative detention center and should be expelled soon to Algeria, Le Figaro learned Friday, November 18 from a source close to the case, confirming a report by

Twenty-six years of age, the young woman was arrested last month for "lack of a residence permit". Friha B had previously been placed in custody within the course of the investigation of the murder of Lola (12), murdered October 14 in the 19th district of Paris. Contrary to her sister, Dahbia, Friha had been freed from custody and was not charged in the case.

It is in Friha's apartment, in which she lived with her sister, Dahbia, that little Lola was murdered on October 14. According to statements made by the principal suspect, reported by the Paris prosecutor, Dahbia B. reportedly admitted having "dragged the victim to her sister's apartment, in the same apartment building as the child. She reportedly forced her to shower before committing sexual attacks upon her and other acts of violence that resulted in her death. Some hours later, the body of the adolescent was discovered in a trunk.

Dahbia B,. 24-year-old Algerian, had been under an order to leave the territory of France (OQTF), which was not the case for her sister, Friha, according to Dahbia B. is currently in pre-trial detention.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Italy: Father of Saman Abbas Arrested in Pakistan

For over a year now, we have been following the alleged "honor killing" of Saman Abbas, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl in Italy. In 2021, Saman disappeared, and it is believed that she was murdered by members of her own family for refusing an arranged marriage in Pakistan. Her body has never been recovered. Today, Italian media is reporting that Saman's father, Shabbar Abbas, has been arrested by police in Pakistan per an international arrest warrant for the murder of his daughter.

The below article from today's Il Tempo is translated by Fousesquawk.

Pakistan, Shabbat Abbas arrested for murder of his daughter, Saman

16 November 2022

Shabbar Abbas, the father of Saman, was arrested yesterday in Pakistan. Tomorrow in a court hearing in Islamabad, the man will likely be served with a notification of an international arrest warrant for the murder of his 18-year-old daughter, (who) disappeared from Novellara (Reggio Emilio) on 30 April 2021 after having refused an arranged marriage.

After a very long evaluation due to a complicated case without precedent, local authorities have reportedly decided, as far as can be learned, to apply the "red notice", that is, the international arrest request, already in the Interpol system, delegating the authority to the police of Punjab, the region in which the family of Saman comes from. In the case of arrest, negotiations for extradition, already requested by our country, could be opened. So the arrest yesterday is reportedly for the charge of homicide and not for fraud against a co-national, as had initially transpired.


New Study on Campus Anti-Semitism From AMCHA Initiative

My friends at the AMCHA Initiative, an organization dedicated to documenting and combatting campus anti-Semitism, have just released a new report that shows how the nationwide campaign against Israel on college campuses has resulted in attacks against the very identity of Jewish students themselves. According to AMCHA, these assaults upon Jewish identity have doubled in the past year on many campuses. That indicates to me that aside from any legitimate opposition to Israel's policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians, the pro-Palestinian movement in academia is anti-Semitic (Jewish) in itself, as I have always maintained.

The AMCHA Initiative identifies not only pro-Palestinian students as responsible sources of the problem, but organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), promoters of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement against Israel (BDS), as well as various faculty members and academic departments.

AMCHA's press release can be accessed here, and the actual report here.


Monday, November 14, 2022

John Kerry's Carbon Footprint

"It's OK. I have a carbon offset."



Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sweden: The Case of the Friendly Prosecutor

Prosecutor Krister Petersson (Photo: Sveriges Radio)

A 35-year-old Iraqi man who was wanted for murder in Sweden was arrested in Iraq. Extradition proceedings were initiated, but since the man is an Iraqi citizen, the Iraqis expressed a desire to try the case in Iraq-where a conviction could result in the death penalty. That was too much for the Swedish prosecutor, Krister Petersson, who lifted the extradition order and expressed a desire that the Iraqis would free the suspect-rather than expose him to a death sentence. Even more incredulously, Petersson reportedly told Swedish Radio that he was hoping the man would move to another country, where he could be arrested (but not be exposed to the death penalty).

The below article from the conservative Swedish website, Samnytt, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Iraqi murder suspect arrested in Iraq-Swedish prosecutor wants to bring him here

Domestic   Foreign  13 November 2022 at 20:00

A 35-year-old man who was wanted (and) suspected of murder in Vivalla in Örebro in 2018 has been arrested in Iraq. The arrest reportedly occurred a year ago, and the Swedish prosecutor has attempted to get Iraq to extradite the man to Sweden.

The  35-year-old suspect is an Iraqi citizen, and therefore Iraq wants to try him itself.

But the Swedish prosecutor doesn't think that is a good idea. If the man is convicted of the crime in Iraq, he risks the death penalty-something that the Swedish prosecutor doesn't want to participate in.

The prosecutor tells P4 Örebro (Sweden Radio) that he has lifted the extradition order from Iraq and now hopes the suspected man will be released and go to another country-to be arrested there instead.

The prosecutor-who was previously the preliminary investigative leader in the (Olaf) Palme investigation-would rather see the suspected murderer set free than be sentenced in his homeland of Iraq.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Italy: Additional Terror Charges for ISIS Prisoner

Like most Western countries, Italy is having to deal with the problem of dealing with its own citizens/residents who went off to Syria and Iraq to fight on behalf of ISIS. The below article from Il Tempo describes Samir Bougana, a Moroccan-Italian, who left to join ISIS in Syria and is serving a 4-year sentence in Italy. He is now charged in Brescia (near Milan) with additional counts of torture against Yazisis.

The article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Italian foreign fighter arrested for torture: He is a soldier for ISIS"

12 November 2022

Brescia police have executed a preventative custody in prison measure issued by an investigating judge in Brescia for 28-year-old Samir Bougana, Italian foreign fighter, born in Brescia, and of Moroccan origin. The man is accused of "kidnapping and personal injuries, aggravated by the use of torture and acting with cruelty as well as terrorism and racial hatred." Bougana, born in Gavardo (Brescia), of a Moroccan family, is currently detained in the prison of Sassari (Sardinia), where he is serving a sentence of 4 years for terrorism and has been (served) with a new order of preventative custody. In 2010, he moved to Germany and then to Syria in 2015 with the woman who then became his wife.

After having joined Islamic Jihad, Bougana left for Syria where he became a soldier of ISIS. Captured by the Kurdish Peoples' Protection Unit in 2019, he was taken to Kobane (Syria) where he was placed under arrest by Digos (Italian Security) of Brescia and by the Central Directorate of Prevention Police, at the conclusion of an operation conducted in close cooperation with Aise, the FBI, and Syrian authorities and charged with association for the purpose of terrorism.

After a radical ideological adherence to Islamic Jihad, begun in Italy and continued in Germany, he left for Syria. In July 2020, the Tribunal of Brescia sentenced him to 4 years imprisonment, a sentence later confirmed under appeal. The investigations, however, led to identifying other episodes for which the 28-year-old was responsible. In fact, responsibility reportedly emerged for the foreign fighter, who allegedly inflicted torture upon at least two persons, among them, an adolescent who had refused to fight for ISIS, and who is currently a refugee in Germany.  The testimony of one of the victims of the torture, was taken in Dusseldorf by the prosecutor assigned to the investigations, officials of the Central Directorate of Preventative Police, and Digos of Brescia. The witness, in fact, also told of torture perpetrated with electric shocks against Kurdish detainees belonging to the Yazidi minority to force them into conversion to Islam.

Election in Overtime-Knee-Jerk Reactions

 To use a sports metaphor, the 2022 election is in overtime. At this point, we don't know for sure who will control the Senate or the House of Representatives. Obviously, many Republicans and conservatives are disappointed that the expected Red wave did not happen, but for the sake of argument, if the Republicans do win both the Senate and House, it is a great success for them, no matter how slim the margin. If the Democrats maintain control of both, then the election represents a devastating loss for Republicans. If the House goes Red and the Senate stays Blue, many will call it a toss-up or even a small victory for the Republicans.

What is disconcerting is the delay in knowing the outcome. It's not a question of not being able to stand the suspense, it's a question of how fair and honest some states are conducting their elections. I am not yet prepared to say that these elections are being rigged or take the position that "We wuz robbed", but I do have querstions.

The obvious question is why most all states can determine who the winners are on election night while some states cannot. How is it that Florida is decided while much less populated states like Arizona and Nevada are not? Even worse, how is that certain Congressional districts, at this point about 21, cannot count their votes in a timely manner? My congressional district, California's 47th, has only counted about 67% at this point, with incumbent Katie Porter (D) holding a slight lead.

This is as unscientific as it gets, but this morning, while on the treadmill at the gym, I was following CNN's count of the House races. They had the Republicans up 211-203 with 21 races undecided.  Of those, I counted 11 in which the Republican was leading. (I may have been off one or two, but they need 7 more, a total which has stood still for at least a day now.) Take that for what it's worth if the Dems manage to win the majority.

Many Republicans and conservatives point out in that the overwhelming majority of cases, we see Republican candidates leading most of election night, then when the vote count hits 90%, the counting stalls and days later we learn that the Democrat won. There is a refrain among many Republicans that the Democrat-run machines in the big cities wait to see how many votes they need then somehow produce them. Is that true? I don't know, but I do have suspicions.

The question of whether we have dishonest elections may or may not be more fiction than fact, but it is also important that there is a perception among a large percentage of voters that we have a rigged system that favors the Democrats. If it is fact, say goodbye to our democracy. If it is only perception, our democacy is still in danger. Just today, I spoke with two close friends, an Italian couple who are immigrants and conservative. Today, they are saying that they will no longer vote.

That is a problem.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Belgium: Two Cops Stabbed: One Dead

It has happened once again. Yet another victim on the altar of Europe's insane policy of importing millions of young Muslim men into their countries. Today in the Brussels area, two police were stabbed by a man who was known to the intelligence serves as a radicalized Muslim. He is identified as Yassine Mahi (32) by the Dutch-language Belgian news site, Nieuwsblad. 

According to Sky News, the man shouted, "Allahu akhbar" during the attack near a Brussels train station.

The below article in the Belgian Dutch-language daily, Standaard, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Stabbing perpetrator left hospital before undergoing psychiatric examination

Yesterday at 20:50 by HRT

The man who stabbed a police officer to death Thursday evening in Schaarbeek had asked for help earlier in the day,.  That did not come to pass, however. He left the hospital of his own accord before he could be examined.

Before he stabbed a police officer to death and wounded another Thursday evening, the 32-year-old Yassine M., who was on the OCAD (Belgian Terrorism Intelligence) list of "radicalized" and had mental health issues, had entered the police station in Evere. "He made incoherent remarks, spoke about hatred toward the police, and asked for psychological care," according to the Brussels Prosecutor's Office.

A forced admission of the man was not seen as a legal option "since he was ready to voluntarily undergo psychological treatment," it seems. Upon request of the magistrate, the police accompanied the man to emergency care of the university hospital, St Luc in Woluwe. "The police patrol remained on the scene until the person was taken over by the nurses. A few hours later, the police again made contact with the hospital to check if the person under conservation had been held. Then it turned out that the person had left the hospital," said the Prosecutor's Office of Brussels. 

In a response, Saint-Luc stated that the hospital personnel were not fully informed by the officers how dangerous the man was. The man was taken to a waiting room pending a psychiatric evaluation. Then a nurse came to pick him up, but it turns out that he had left the hospital of his own accord, according to a statement. Something that is the right of each patient who presents himself to an emergency room, according to St. Luc. A psychiatric evaluation, could thus, not be performed.

A few hours later he stabbed two officers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Austria: Halloween in Vienna



Yesterday, we posted an article about riots in Linz, Austria on Halloween. Below is an article in today's Austrian press (Heute) about riots in Vienna the same night. In the article, there is a video of a "youth" firing a gun into the air and screaming, "Allahu akhbar", as well as a few F-bombs.

The article is translated by Fousesquawk.

"Allahu akhbar" Man shoots gun off in Vienna

On Halloween, (rioters) left a trail of devastation in Vienna. Along with illegal fireworks, a gun was also fired in the air.

Scenes of fear and terror. In Linz, serious riots occurred on Monday evening; also in Vienna, young men caused numerous police and WEGA (Special Operations Unit) operations. In Floridsdorf, garbage containers and telephone booths were blown up. While in the Sonnwend quarter, firecrackers were thrown into crowds of people and caused panic, (and) numerous residents reported hearing gunshots. The police could not, however, confirm this on Tuesday.

Shots and cries of "Allahu akhbar"

Now a video has surfaced that provides the sad evidence for the escalation in the above evening. A band of youths moves completely unhindered and screaming in the Sonnwend quarter near the Vienna Central Train Station. A young man walks with a gun in his hand along the street, screaming, "Allahu akhbar" (God is Great in Arabic) and fires several times in the air.  

Caption above video:

The video of the dangerous scenes in Vienna

"Scenes like in war"

"There were scenes like in war," describes one witness of Halloween night in Favoriten (Vienna district) that obviously completely escalated. Concerned residents alerted police the same evening.- a WEGA operation was the result. However, nobody was cited because the suspects fled in all directions when they heard the sirens. According to State Police in Vienna, nobody was injured in the incidents. Shell cases were initially not found. A resident of the surrounding houses collected them at daybreak, however, and turned them over to the police. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Austria: Halloween Riots in Linz

The goblins were out in force in Linz, Austria for Halloween (All Saints Day). About 200 youths rioted and pelted police and bystanders with firecrackers and bottles. As it turns out, most of the "celebrants" were asylum-seekers from Syria, Chechnia, and Afghanistan. In other words, the usual suspects. The Austrian federal government, which is responsible for this mess in the first place, is pissed off, apparently. They are promising to deport the bad guys. Problem is, according to the below Krone article, translated by Fousesquawk, only nine persons were arrested.

Here's a fun fact: Linz is the city where little Adolf Hitler grew up. His parents are buried in the little church cemetery of Leonding, just outside the city. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the little rascals were dressed up as Hitler for Halloween.

"Yee gads!"

November 1, 2022 15:21- National-Upper Austria

Many migrants present

Halloween rioters should lose asylum status

The "Night of Horror" should not remain without consequences. According to information to Krone, the Halloween rioters in Linz were mainly young Syrians, Afghans, and Chechens, many of them asylum-seekers. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner now says: Withdrawal proceedings should be started without delay.

130 reports and nine arrests on the night of All Saints Day in the inner city of Linz. As reported, the riots- 200 youths rioted for hours and threw firecrackers and glass bottles at passersby and police- were no coincidence. It was rather a planned action. On Tik Tok, it was announced 19 hours earlier.

The large operation around Halloween night had already been debated in Upper Austria on Tuesday morning. The mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger (SPÖ-Social Democrat Party Austria), announced that in Linz, "zero tolerance for violent acts- no matter the motive". State GovernorThomas Stelzer (ÖVP-Austrian Peoples' Party), praised among others, "the courageous operation" of the security forces. At the same time, he stressed the necessity of "strengthening the punishment for attacks against policewomen and policemen."

Caption beneath photo:

In Linz, 200 youths rioted (Photo: APA/Fotokerschi at Kerschbaummayr)

Ruling FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria)-OÖ (Upper Austria) rants against Federal-ÖVP

The FPÖ-Upper Austria, which governs the state with the Peoples' Party, took the occasion of the incident to criticize the Federal-ÖVP.  "That is the visible bill for the failed and sleepy migration policy of Federal Chancellor Nehammer and Interior Minister Karner", stated State Party Secretary Michael Gruber.

Caption beneath photo: 

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner  (ÖVP)/ Photo:APA/Georg Hochmuth

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner  (ÖVP) first explained in a press release that he had instructed the state police director and city police commandant to convene a security summit with the mayor in order to "analyze the situation and decide on the necessary (measures)". To make it more precise to Krone: The security summit will "be convened immediately" and asylum withdrawal procedure will be "initiated immediately."