Friday, September 30, 2022

University of Vermont President's Disgraceful Response to Complaints of Campus Anti-Semitism

"Jews not wanted" in German

We have been following the case of the University of Vermont over accusations of anti-Semitism by pro-Palestinian groups on campus, including a teaching assistant who openly talked about lowering grades for pro-Israel students. In addition, one incident involved rock-throwing at the campus Hillel center. To make matters worse, university president, Suresh Garimella has reacted angrily to complaints that the university is not taking action to protect its Jewish students.

Kenneth Marcus is the director of the Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, which filed a complaint against the university. He is also formerly the director of the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights. He has written the below article criticizing Garimella's response. I am cross-posting it here.

Normally when these problems occur on campuses all over the country, university presidents make lofty comments from a cue card that the university "embraces the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion....blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack." Garimella takes it a step further. He arrogantly attacks those who are complaining and basically says in effect to the Jewish students on his campus, "Too bad".

The University of Vermont is clearly not a welcoming place for Jewish students. Even worse is the fact that there don't seem to be many universities that are as long as administrators tremble and bow to the pro-Palestinian goons on their campuses.

France: Fugitive Imam Nabbed in Belgium

We have previously reported on the flight of Imam Hassan Iquioussen from France in order to avoid an expulsion order. This came as a result of the imam's history of inflammatory remarks about Jews and others in his sermons. Today, it is announced that Iquioussen has been arrested near Mons, Belgium. 

The below article from today's Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

Imam Hassan Iquioussen, subject of a European arrest warrant, arrested in Belgium

The Moroccan preacher, on the run, is charged in France for remarks deemed contrary to the values of the Republic.

Imam Hassan Iquioussen, subject of a European arrest warrant submitted by the French judiciary, has been arrested in Belgium, the Belgian Justice Minister informed Agence France Presse. "I can confirm to you that he was arrested today by the police," declared Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne.

The preacher, charged in France for remarks contrary to the values of the Republic, is under an expulsion order signed July 28 by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. The preacher, born in France 58 years ago, but of Moroccan nationality, is classified S (for state security) by the DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security) since 18 months ago, according to (Darmanin).  

Charged for remarks deemed contrary to the values of the Republic, he could not be located by the police at his residence in Lourches, near Valenciennes after the issuance of the expulsion order by the Counsel of State. He was then subject of a European arrest warrant issued by an investigating judge in Valenciennes (North), for "evading the execution of a separation ruling". The next day, the Nord (North) Prefect explained during a press conference that the imam was then considered "delinquent" because he was in flight.

Proselytizing speech

The expulsion order reproaches him for "a proselytizing speech interspersed with remarks inciting hatred and discrimination and carrying a vision of Islam contrary to the values of the Republic," His YouTube channel is followed by 178,000 subscribers.

His lawyer, Attorney Lucie Simon, is particularly contesting the validity of the arrest warrant targeting him, maintaining that it is based "on an infraction," which is, according to her, "not constituted". "Why look for him? Why do they want to bring him back?" she wondered at the beginning of September. 

Judicial fighting

According to the French Interior Minister, it is now up to the Belgian judiciary to turn (Iquioussen) over to France in execution of the arrest order. The process of returning the imam to France could take several weeks if (Iquioussen) contests it.

Between judicial wrangling and media battles, the debates surrounding the imam have fed French news since the beginning of August beginning with the announcement of his expulsion to Morocco, then suspended by the Paris Administrative Tribunal, which judged that it would "interfere disproportionately with his private and family life."

He had been hit with an initial polemic in 2004, (accused of) remarks deemed anti-Semitic in a speech about Palestine. (Iquioussen) had then acknowledged "inappropriate remarks" and apologized. His name has since regularly reappeared in the press and in public debate. 

Born in France, he had decided when he came of age not to opt for French nationality. He claims to have renounced (French citizenship) at age 17 under the influence of his father and later attempted in vain to recover it. His 5 children and 15 grandchildren are established in northern France: One son is an imam in Raismes, and another is a former elected PS (Socialist Party) at Lourches. 


Thursday, September 29, 2022

Qatari Ambassador to UN: Hend Al-Muftah

Hat tip UN Watch

Hend al Muftah

This is yet another glittering example of just how rotten the UN is as well as the nation of Qatar. The latter is a double-dealing supporter of Islamic terrorism while posing as our friends. They are getting ready to host the World Cup thanks to a stadium-building frenzy of several new stadiums in the 110+ heat built by foreign laborers working in dangerous and slave-like conditions. Qatar is also the home of the disgusting Al Jazeera news outlet. Believe it or not, their English-language edition has several Americans writing articles and op-eds for it.

Now comes this news (in the Jerusalem Post) that the Qatari ambassador to the UN, Hend Al Muftah, has a disturbing history of anti-Jewish and anti-gay comments, which she posted on her Twitter account, which she has now deleted.

This is par for the course. It would not surprise me if she becomes the UN's next secretary general.

Mexico: Obrador Announces That Military Helicopter Crash Not Result of Attack

Today, Mexican President Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that the crash of a Navy helicopter that killed 14 Marines on July 15 was not due to any attack. The helicopter was reportedly involved in the operation that captured fugitive cartel leader, Rafael Caro Quintero the same day. Caro Quintero is wanted in the US for the kidnap, torture, and murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena.

The below article from today's Excelsior is translated by Fousesquawk.

Navy helicopter did not go down from "attack" after the capture of Caro Quintero

President Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that the result of the (finding) revealed there was no attack, he urged the Secretary of the Navy to make an announcement today.

Jonathan Castro at 08:13

Caption: President Andres Obrador Lopez Obrador stated that the (crash) of the Navy helicopter in Sinaloa was not due to an attack. Photo: Archives

In a conference at the National Palace, the president maintained that according to the results of a finding about this incident, there is no evidence that the aircraft had been attacked, as had been said.

In addition, he announced that he would request the Secretary of Navy, Rafael Ojeda Duran, to submit a report today about this finding.

"They are about to announce the finding, if they have not already done so, as to the causes of the (crash) of the helicopter. An attack is ruled out, according to the initial findings, but I will ask the Secretary of the Navy to report today," he said.

On July 15, the Federal Prosecutor's Office announced the apprehension of (Rafael) Caro Quintero in the municipality of Choix in Sinaloa.

However, the crash of the Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Mexican Navy occurred the same day in Los Mochis, in which 14 Marines died.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Italy: Saman Abbas "Honor" Killing Update

Saman Abbas

Today's Corriere della Sera is reporting that Pakistani federal police are looking for the father of Saman Abbas in order to arrest him for the murder of his daughter, Saman Abbas, an alleged honor killing that occurred in Italy. Telephone intercepts of Saman's parents have resulted in recordings where they inform others that they killed their daughter for reasons of family honor.

Italian police have sent letters rogatory to Pakistan trying to get the Pakistan police to take some action against the parents, who fled Italy immediately after their daughter's disappearance. Saman's body has never been found but five family members are charged for her death. Three are in custody in Italy, and her younger brother is cooperating with the police.

Just how hard the Pakistani police are trying to bring Saman's parents to justice is open to question.

The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

Saman Abbas, in Pakistan, the federal police on the trail of the father to arrest him

by Alessandro Fulloni and Andrea Pasqualetto

New impetus for the investigation. The brother of the girl: " I looked for the body in the greenhouses". Three months before she disappeared, she had written her black list with five names: all under investigation. The interviews: How it went that night.

The searches

A risk that seems to have been averted last year by a sort of protection on the part of the local police in Punjab, where the Abbas' reside. But which now could turn through the federal police of Pakistan, which depends on the army. This, at least, is the news that comes back from Islamabad. Last year, everything had been grounded on the part of the Pakistan national cabinet chaired by the prime minister. The Pakistani magistrate had to respond to the Italian letters rogatory, proceeding to the examination of the documentation from Reggio Emilia through Rome, in order to then proceed to arrest. "But no response, of any kind, ever arrived," the (Foreign Ministry) explains. But now there is this new impetus.

I looked for her in the greenhouses

Returning to the dramatic evening, the brother understood everything, and it was confirmed to him by the uncle, Danish, accused of being the material perpetrator of the crime: "I killed her, don't say anything to the Carabinieri". The boy, who had seen the uncle take Saman away putting a hand over her mouth, gasped. He asked where his sister was. "I wanted to hug her for the last time, but he answered that he couldn't tell me." Given the circumstances and the times, he thought that (Danish) had killed her in a greenhouse on the farm,  perhaps, strangling her, imagining also that he might have cut her into pieces and buried her or thrown her into the Po (river). "In Pakistan, that's how they do it." They do this with women who betray or refuse an arranged marriage, the sin of Saman. With this frightening idea that evening, the brother of Saman, therefore, went to close the greenhouses." First, I walked around inside looking for the body of my sister, but I didn't find it."

Saman was not afraid

He had his heart in his throat and a sense of infinite guilt. It was he who showed the photo of the kiss with a boyfriend disliked by the family. And it was always he who kept them up to date on her relationships, naturally, without imagining the tragic consequences. "My sister had already escaped two times, once in Belgium and one time from the community, and in our religion, that's a big mistake...," the boy said on May 15, 2021, noting that he had always feared his uncle a lot: "She, on the other hand, had no fear of him and talked back to him, and this he didn't like". It was always like that. And in that period, the situation had further worsened.

The black list

Saman may not have been afraid, but she very clearly had the names and telephone numbers of her relatives and people who could have done her harm. She had (written them down)  three months before her disappearance. On February 4, 2021, she sent them to her boyfriend in a chat, (which) were acquired by the Reggio Emilia Carabinieri in their files. Among others, there are the 5 who are charged for homicide: the parents, the uncle Danish, the cousins Ikram and Nomanhulaq, the last three arrested in the past months after fleeing abroad. Besides them, Saman also pointed out her younger brother, another cousin, and another uncle, who are not under investigation, however.  

 The last night

A younger brother, who, however, regretted having informed his parents about his sister's emotional relationship. And he told the investigators everything. The last night he went to sleep with Saman and then woke up suddenly. "Because of the shouts of my sister and my parents. I went down and saw the fight. She said she wanted to go away and she didn't want to marry that guy (referring to the arranged marriage in Pakistan: translater)" Saman asked for her papers. "And she managed to get them, came into the room, prepared her things, took a bag, and left the house."  Then the father called the uncle, Danish. "My mother was desperate and beat her chest with her hands because she had left. My father was also sick and was dizzy. My father left to look for Saman. I don't know where he went, it was dark. He was outside two or three minutes." Then the uncle arrived. "Now go back in the house, I'll take care of it," he said to the parents, who were outside. The uncle reportedly gave his backpack to the father, telling him to hide it. After an hour, he reportedly returned and cried. "I have killed her, don't say anything to the Carabinieri." The brother loved Saman, he said: "When she came back home, I was so happy that I hugged and kissed her."

Monday, September 26, 2022

Yusuf al Qaradawi, Spiritual Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Dies

Yusuf al Qaradawi

 It has been announced today that Yusuf al Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, has died at the age of 96. Qaradawi died in Qatar, where he had been living as an exile from Egypt for decades.

Qaradawi was considered by many to be one of the top Islamic clerics in the world. However, he was an open supporter of violent jihad. Qaradawi once expressed a wish to die in battle fighting the "infidels". He was also an open anti-Semite who advocated for the destruction of Israel. In short, he was a supporter of terrorism.

No doubt organizations in the US like CAIR are mourning the passing of this hate-filled cleric. After all, CAIR is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As for me, I shed no tears on the death of this man.  I will grant him one thing. As stated above, he was considered by many to be one of the most knowledgeable clerics in the world when it came to Islam, if not the most knowledgeable. I fully agree.

Let that sink in.

Katie Porter Calls Irvine Police "a Disgrace"

Katie Porter

Congresswoman Katie Porter is in the news again, and it isn't good news. Apparently, a man identified as Julian Willis of La Jolla, near San Diego was arrested in July of last year for punching a man at Porter's political rally in Irvine. Apparently, there were protesters at the rally, and a fight broke out involving Willis, who reportedly lives with Porter. Willis was subsequently arrested and Porter took issue calling the Irvine police a "disgrace". Fox News eventually came up with copies of emails between Porter and the mayor of Irvine, Farrah Khan shortly after the incident.

While I am no fan of Porter, I confess this is the first I have heard of this. I have no knowledge other than what is reported. I don't know who was at fault in the incident involving Willis. So I will not comment on the incident per see. If, in fact, Trump supporters were loudly interrupting Porter as she spoke, I would condemn that. People have the right to speak without being disrupted.

I do think, however, that politicians should not be so quick to refer to a particular police department as a "disgrace". I know a little about the Irvine PD, and I don't consider them a disgrace at all. But for today's Democrat party, this is not so unusual. We have people like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez, and others making similar statements. It only enhances the perception that the party is anti-police. In addition, given the philosophy of the UC Irvine Law School, where Porter was a professor before going to Congress, it all seems perfectly logical.


Italy: Giorgia Meloni the New Prime Minister in Italy: A Huge Win for Center-Right Coalition

Giorgia Meloni

Italians went to the polls on Sunday and voted for a center-right coalition. It appears certain that Giorgia Meloni, head of the  Fratelli d'Italia party, is going to be Italy's first female prime minister. Along with Fratelli d'Italia, the coalition consisted of Matteo Salvini's Lega party and Enrico Berlusconi's Forza Italia party.

This move is a huge defeat for the left, not just in Italy but the EU bureaucrats in Brussels. This week, European Commission President Ursula von der Letyen told an audience at Princeton that if the election in Italy went badly (a victory for the center-right coalition), they (EU) had the "instruments to intervene". This was seen as a threat to Italy that funds would be cut if the EU didn't like the new government.

Welcome to the New Soviet Union. 

This is a great victory for Italy in my view. It means that the new government will do everything it can to put a halt to mass migration into the country by illegal aliens. Unfortunately, they will be fiercely opposed by the EU.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sweden: Katerina Janouche Convicted of "Gross Defamation"

She reported on a school where students are forced to profess Islam.

If you think that it is only in the US that school kids are taught the glories of Islam, think again. In Sweden, a court has convicted a Swedish writer and blogger named Katerina Janouche for posting an article about a school where kids are forced to profess their faith in Islam (even though they are not Muslims). Janouche was contacted by an angry parent and wrote a posting on the issue. She also identified the school and the teacher. For that, a Swedish court found her guilty of gross defamation.

The below article from Fria Tider is translated by Fousesquawk.

"Grumpy batik witch" convicts Katerina Janouche for defamation

Posted 22 September 2022at 17:39

Domestic: Immigration critic profiler and childrens' book author, Katerina Janouche was convicted today for gross defamation of a teacher who she accused of forcing pupils to profess Islam.

"Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK court," Janouche commented after the conviction.

Publicerad 22 september 2022 kl 17.39

Katerina Janouche wrote a blog post in March 2020 about an assignment that pupils received in the third grade at a school in Tierp.

A parent had contacted Janouche about how schoolchildren were forced to write texts from a Muslim perspective and, among other things, describe how they pray to Allah and visit the mosque.

"9-year-old forced to confess to Islam," read the headline of Katerina Janouche's post, in which the school and teacher were named.

"I myself am so mad I am boiling. How can they do this? We are Christians and my child should not be forcibly Islamicized in school teaching," said the mother of one of the children that Janouche wrote about.

The district court finds that Katerina Janouche-who has a large number of followers on social media- by posting the teacher's name, is guilty of gross defamation. She is sentenced to a suspended sentence and 50 daily fines of 150 kronors. She must also pay damages of 50,000 kronors to the teacher.

On Twitter, Janouche comments on the verdict and reports that it will be appealed.

"Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK-Court by a grumpy batik witch who has no problem with the Islamization and humiliation of small children. The teacher wants 50,000 in "damages". An appeal to the appellate court, for sure!", she writes and continues:

"I expected to be convicted since the judiciary is a wreck, and we already have sharia law where it is forbidden to criticize Islam and its apologists".

Italy: Update on Saman Abbas "Honor Killing" Case

Saman Abbas

We have translated several articles from Italian news sources regarding the notorious case of Saman Abbas, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl residing in Italy, who was allegedly murdered by her own family because she refused an arranged marriage in Pakistan. Her body has never been recovered. Her uncle and two cousins are in Italian custody, but her parents have fled to Pakistan.

The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

Your father and I died" The wiretap of Saman's mother

25 September 2022-13:53

The 18-year-old's mother, Nazia Shaheen, was wiretapped after the alleged crime. The telephone call with the younger brother of the girl. "Your father and I....."

by Rosa Scognamiglio

Caption: Saman: One hour before the crime, the trap is sprung.

"Your father and I died on the spot." These are the words spoken by Nazia Shaheen, the mother of Saman Abbas, in the course of a phone call with the younger son and brother of the 18-year-old Pakistani who disappeared from Novellara the night of April 30 a year ago. The (wire) interception, in the files of the case for homicide and illegal disposal of a body, goes back to the end of August 2021. The woman (mother) was likely already back in Pakistan with her husband, Shabbar.

The call 

The details of the conversation between Nazia Shaheen and the younger brother of Saman (the boy is currently housed at a protected structure in the Bologna area) are not yet known. This is certainly not an insignificant element.  (It is) the umpteenth of this tangled family affair that, for the moment, involves five persons: The two cousins of the girl, the uncle, and the parents. They are all under investigation, even if the Abbas spouses, for whom there is an international arrest warrant, remain free. The fact is that this call, as well as that from Shabbar to his step-brother, is the umpteenth piece of the puzzle that the investigators are attempting to reconstruct. The hypothesis of honor crime, already confirmed in part from the statements of Saman's father- "I killed her for my dignity," were the man's words- now takes on even more body and shape with the cryptic phrase spoken by Nazia: "We died there".

The homicide told by Ijaz

It was reportedly Ikram Ijaz, one of the two arrested cousins, who furnished the relevant details of the dynamic of the alleged homicide.  According to what (he) reportedly told a detainee, who then passed on the contents of the alleged confession to prison authorities, Saman reportedly was strangled with a rope, cut into pieces, and finally thrown into the Po River by "a man with a balaclava". The crime was reportedly consummated in the countryside of Novellara, probably in the greenhouses of the agricultural business where the Abbas clan worked. Nazia, who reportedly accompanied the daughter in her final steps before handing her over to her uncle Danish, reportedly broke out in tears. At that point, Shabbar reportedly asked her to return home giving the task of finishing the operation in disposing of the cadaver to an unknown person.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

European Commission Head Threatens Italy Ahead of Elections

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna, and HeHa

On Thursday, European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen, speaking at Princeton, appeared to make a threat against Italy if the center-right coalition wins the upcoming Italian elections and takes control of the government. It appears that Giorgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d' Italia party (Brothers of Italy), is poised to become Italy's first female prime minister. That does not sit well with the EU folks in Brussels. Her remarks can be seen below.


 Von der Leyen's remarks have upset conservative leaders like Matteo Salvini of the Lega party. In the below video excerpt, Salvini expresses his disgust at Von Der Leyen's words. Translation is by Fousesquawk.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Remains in Mexican Prison (For Now)

Felix Gallardo-Then and now

The ongoing saga of the possible transfer of Mexican cartel leader Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo from prison to house arrest continues. The cartel leader who was involved in the kidnap, torture, and murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena and his Mexican pilot, Alfredo Zavala Avelar, was scheduled to be transferred to house arrest, but that has been delayed due to appeals from the prosecutors. The below article from today's Excelsior is translated by Fousesquawk.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo will remain in prison; Transfer suspended for 2nd time

On 12 September, a federal judge granted house arrest to the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel.

The transfer of narco-trafficker Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo planned for this Friday, September 23, was suspended for the 2nd time.

The General Directorate of Prevention and Social Reintegration of the state of Jalisco announced by way of a statement at 2:50 pm on Thursday, it received a notification from the 7th District judge of the suspension of the transfer of Feliz Gallardo to the authorized residence because the Federal Prosecutor's Office had requested he be transferred to a Federal Center of Social Reintegration in the state of Morelos and to correct some deficiencies of the company that will supervise the electronic monitoring bracelet.

"The judge of the 7th District denied the transfer to a Federal Center of Social Reintegration, but postponed the measure until the deficiencies of the company supervising the electronic bracelet are corrected, with no date specified for the moment." 

It is worth remembering that on September 15, the transfer of the 76-year-old Boss of Bosses was scheduled to a residence in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara to serve out the rest of his sentence of 40 years in prison, the same that was postponed since the National Guard argued that it did not have the capacity to carry out the transfer.

On September 12, a federal judge granted house arrest to the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel due to his deteriorated state of health.

UCLA Law: Tracking Critics of Critical Race Theory

 Hat tip Legal Insurrection

(Apologies to Moscow State University)

Last week, we were writing about the controversy at the UC Berkeley School of Law, where lefty groups of law students voiced their opposition to inviting supporters of Israel to speak on campus. I myself got so bent out of shape about it, I wrote a letter to UCB Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (and he responded).

This week, it's the UCLA School of Law. Our friends at Legal Insurrection have an article about the shenanigans going on in Westwood. It seems those who are training the future lawyers of America are now actively tracking those who are opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). It's called the Forward Tracking Project. My question is just who is it they are tracking?  Apparently, they don't teach the First Amendment at UCLA Law.

The propagators and supporters of CRT say that their critics are a bunch of white racists who don't want their kids taught about the dark chapters in our history, such as slavery, Jim Crow, racism, and segregation. I take issue with that. I am against CRT, but I do think our younger generations should learn about these things as part of American history. They should also be taught about the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, and all the changes that have occurred over the course of just my lifetime.

The reason they need to be taught about our dark chapters is so that they don't happen again. However, I believe that the people who are pushing CRT have a different agenda. That is basically to divide the American people into different tribes who are all oppressed by whites. What better way to hasten the demise of our country?

CRT teaches things that go far beyond slavery and racism. The basic premise is that America was founded on slavery, and that white people are all privileged and irredeemably racist. In California, we now have an ethnic studies requirement for kids in high school. Beyond ethnic studies, this new requirement includes a lot of CRT.  The original draft version was rejected rightly by Governor Gavin Newsom largely because it contained propaganda about Israel "oppressing" Palestinians and that Jews are merely privileged white people. Many Jewish parents and Jewish organizations were opposed to the draft for those very reasons. Their kids are facing enough anti-Semitism in school. This would have just added fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, Newsom signed a revised bill that leaves the barn door wide open for whatever our activist teachers want to teach.

Returning to UCLA, we have a law school that not only embraces CRT, but is now forming an organization of sorts apparently to ferret out people who are against CRT. Just who will wind up with their names in the UCLA Law School database? Will it be people and organizations who are actively fighting CRT? Will it be politicians? Will it be little ol' me? I am not an activist in this matter, but I am writing an article now against CRT and what this law school is doing.

Will it be parents?

Yes, parents who have gone to tell their local school boards they don't like the extracurricular indoctrination that their children are receiving. Parents who write letters of complaint to their schools and the school board. Who would have thought that one day the FBI would be investigating these parents as possible "domestic terrorists". 

It appears from the links in the Legal Insurrection post that at least part of their database is open to the public. From what I could tell, it contains information on various state legislative actions pertaining to CRT. I would like to know if it contains or will contain names of private individuals.

If this endeavor is aimed at silencing people who have a different opinion on a serious issue and are voicing it, it is cause for concern. I believe that has something to do with the First Amendment. Maybe the learned law professors of UCLA have heard of it.

This really bears following.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Muslim Brotherhood in France (5)

This is another in our series of translations from European articles on the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and the 5th pertaining to France. This latest article is from the French site, Marianne, and is translated by Fousesquawk. It concerns funding for the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization FEMSYO  (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations). The European Commission has informed Marianne that it no longer funds FEMSYO. This comes after several French officials had written to the European Commission complaining about subsidies given to FEMSYO.

 Info Marianne

Political Islam: The European Commission maintains that they no longer finance FEMSYO

By Jean-Loup Adenor

Posted September 14, 2022 at 17:00

The European Commission has informed Marianne that the association, FEMSYO, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, was not receiving any more financing from the European Union. "A very good sign" for the European deputy, Ilana Cicurel, who maintains that France can count on certain of her neighbors in the fight against fundamentalist Islam.

Has the European Union really turned off the tap? On Tuesday, September 13, Marianne revealed excerpts from the letter written by Gerald Darmanin, Minister of Interior, Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and Lawrence Boone, Secretary of State for Europe to the European Commission to call it to account for subsidies granted to FEMSYO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations), an association close to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to our information, the ministers, as of today, have not received any response from the European Commissioners they have queried. Asked by Marianne, the European Commission, nevertheless, informed us on Wednesday, September 14, that FEMSYO,"does not currently receive any funding from the European Commission," admitting that, "in the past, it has received a certain amount of finds from the EU." 

The European Commission noted the rules as to: No funding for organizations, "who pursue illegal or extremist objectives, or who do not fully respect fundamental values and rights. We only fund organizations that adhere to the values of the Union, as enunciated in Article 2 of the treaty". Among these values, particularly, equality between men and women, tolerance, justice...."In case of violation of the applicable conditions, we have the means to put an end to cooperation and recover the money, if necessary."

"We have allies"

"This is a very good sign!" European Deputy (Renaissance) Ilana Cicurel, committed to these questions of secularism and fundamentalist (infiltration), rejoices with Marianne. "This response commits them. I think that the letters from the French government have not left them indifferent, " she continues. There has been, up to now at least, a lack of thought from the European Commission on this subject, and, on the other side, a very big ability of the associations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood to put together files which seem to correspond to our European values." For Ilana Cicurel, the European institutions are beginning to "become aware of the menace that today can also come from this kind of association."

The Secretary of State for Europe, Lawrence Boone, explained to Marianne last August that, "in addition to our calls for vigilance that we already issued in the past, we envision a common approach with our European partners in Brussels on this subject, to recall the risks of undermining social cohesion, induced by certain actions and messages of FEMSYO". Which European partners, when many among them criticize the secularism of the French? "We have some allies on this subject," says Ilana Cicurel. "Belgium, the Netherlands....countries that have experienced the consequences of Islam in their flesh".


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Fentanyl: We Need to Secure Our Southern Border

This article first appeared in New English Review.

One of our close family members is a drug and alcohol counselor. In the past two years, she has seen three people she knew die from fentanyl overdoses, the last one just days ago. Another was an old high school friend who died recently in San Francisco. For those of you not familiar with fentanyl, it is a synthetically produced opioid. There is legitimately produced fentanyl used primarily for purposes of anesthesia. Produced illicitly, it becomes a highly potent street drug, many times stronger than heroin and mixed with other drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and pills to produce a stronger effect. It is about 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. It is so potent that it is deadly.

When I was working with DEA in Pittsburgh from 1987-1990, we worked on a major fentanyl case in concert with the Pittsburgh PD. After 13 addicts died from injecting fentanyl, which they thought was "China white" heroin, we were finally able to take down the distributor and identify the chemist. I previously posted an article on this episode which can be read here. (I apologize for the brief humor at the end of the post because I am reposting it today in a spirit of sadness and outrage.) 

That was in 1989. Now the problem is much worse. Since 2015, over 200,000 people in our country have died from fentanyl overdoses.

Fentanyl today (or its precursors) is primarily produced in China and smuggled to Mexico from where the drug cartels smuggle it into the US. (Like virtually all drug trafficking patterns, this is subject to change.)

This leads me to my main point. Given that most illicit fentanyl is produced in China and smuggled to the US via Mexico by the Mexican cartels, and given the incredible number of American deaths involved, would that not be enough reason in itself to control our border? No brainer, right? Wrong.

Instead, the Biden administration and its feckless director of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, refuse to take any meaningful action. Basically, our southern border is wide open. Former President Trump's border wall has been discontinued, and now illegal migrants have become "asylum-seekers". They don't have to sneak across our border anymore and try to make their way to wherever their destination is. All they have to do now is seek out the nearest Border Patrol officer and claim political asylum. Now they are being processed and released with an order to report to an immigration court in 6 months or so-which they ignore. Now, the Border Patrol is putting them on planes and flying them to various points across the US in the dead of night, releasing them. From there, they just disappear. 

Meanwhile, people like Mayorkas, Biden, Vice President Harris (our "border czar"), and White House press spokesperson Karina Jean-Pierre insist with a straight face that our border has never been more secure. Secure for whom, illegal migrants, human smugglers, and drug smugglers?

Their denials would be laughable were it not for the tragic results of this lax border policy. American youth are dying from fentanyl overdoses by the tens of thousands every year. They are mostly young people. Yes, they are addicts, but they are human beings. Our own government is acting like it doesn't care. It is disgraceful and borders on criminal negligence.

We need a government that will stand up to China and its economic stranglehold over the US. Chinese imports need to be drastically reduced for many reasons. That includes legal imports, to say nothing of cracking down on the fentanyl traffic. We need a government that will secure our borders and protect the American people from cartels, gangs, drugs, and terrorists from countries in the far-away Middle East, Afghanistan, or wherever they are coming from. And make no mistake; unidentified people from the above regions are now using Mexico as a transit stop to enter the US. It is not just Mexicans or Central Americans trying to cross our border with Mexico.

As I have said many times; I fully understand the reasons desperately poor Mexicans and Central Americans try to come here illegally. I lay the blame on those countries that do nothing to provide their poor people with education and opportunities. But we cannot turn a blind eye to the criminal elements who are part of this wave. The fentanyl crisis should be the last straw. It appears that China and Mexico are both unable and/or unwilling to stop the flow of fentanyl into the US. A change in diplomatic and economic relations should follow. More than ever, our southern border should be secured. That means completing the wall and letting our now demoralized Border Patrol and Customs Enforcement agents do their job of stopping illegal immigration and drug smuggling. However, it is clear that it won't happen under Biden.  If he allows this deadly epidemic to continue with his lax border policies, it will just be another chapter to a sorry legacy.

It must be stopped.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Switzerland: Female Knife Jihadist Sentenced

 In November 2020, a woman in the Swiss city of Lugano went on a stabbing rampage in a department store as an act of jihad. Two women were stabbed (both survived). This week, the woman was convicted by a Swiss court and sentenced to 9 years in a lockdown mental facility.

The below article from the local Corriere del Ticino is translated by Fousesquawk. (Due to a subscriber block, this is a partial translation.)

Sentence- The Manor (Dept store) was an act of terror

Punished by the federal criminal tribunal, which condemned the perpetrator, a 29-year-old resident of Ticino, who had stabbed two women, for repeated attempted murder to 9 years confinement in a closed treatment facility

by Federico Storni

9-19-22, 10:44

The stabbing of two women-one seriously wound in the neck on 24 November 2020 in the household section on the 5th floor of the Manor Department Store in Lugano by a 29-year-old resident of Ticino (Canton) is an act of terrorism. This was punished a few minutes ago by the Federal Criminal Tribunal through the words of the president of the court, Fiorenza Bergomi (assistant judges Monica Galliker and Roty Garre). Thus, the woman is sentenced to treatment in a closed facility and 9 years imprisonment for repeated attempted murder. The 29-year-old suffers from a psychiatric disorder and mild mental retardation (two experts, from whom the court did not depart, warned of a medium grade liability and a high-medium risk of recidivism). The prosecution, the public prosecutor, Elisabetta Tizzoni had asked........

(The remainder of this article is reserved for subscribers.)

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Saturday, September 17, 2022

My Letter to Erwin Chemerinsky: His Response

On September 16, I sent an open letter to UC Berkeley Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky regarding a controversy in which certain organized student groups within his school had expressed their opposition to having pro-Israel speakers on campus. The letter was also posted here on this site.

In fairness, I feel I should post Chemerinsky's response, which came the same day. I am also posting my own reply. At this point, I do not anticipate any further exchanges, and I am grateful that we could have a civilized exchange to express our differences. Both of the below responses are dated September 16.

"Dear Mr. Fouse,


Thanks for writing.  The Law School cannot constitutionally ban a student group because of its views.  The Law School cannot exclude the National Lawyers Guild student group or the Students for Justice in Palestine or any other group because of their views.  That would unquestionably violate the First Amendment. 


I also disagree with your assumption that liberals are pro-Palestinian and against Israel.  I think it is far more complicated than that.


As for counter speech, Berkeley Law has the Helen Diller Institute on Israel and Jewish Studies.  You might take a look at its programs to get a sense of the many things that occur at Berkeley Law from a different perspective.


Ultimately, a campus must be a place where all ideas can be expressed, those that you or I like, and those that we loathe."



Dear Dean Chemerinsky,,

Thank you for your reply. I don't wish to take up any more of your time, but I would just briefly like to respond to your points.

1 I was not saying that you should ban any student groups within your law school. (Hopefully, you will not have to deal with a neo-Nazi or KKK student group insisting on acceptance in the future.) As a retired law enforcement officer, I fully appreciate the First Amendment.  I have always respected that right when attending MSU/SJP events at UCI, and I only wish they would respect the free speech rights of pro-Israel students and their events. You inform me that the NLG cannot be excluded from establishing a chapter within your law school. Fine. I do note, however, that the Career Development Office of the law school includes the San Francisco chapter of the NLG on its list of recommended legal associations. Again, that is your right. I only mention it for what it is worth.

2  As for the question of whether liberals are pro-Palestinian and against Israel, perhaps, I did not make myself clear. I did not mean to imply that all people on the left were pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. As you say, it is more complicated than that, and I agree. However, my point is that there is definitely an alliance between the pro-Palestinian cause and many leftist groups and individuals, both on and off campus. 

3  As for the Helen Diller Institute, I was unaware of that. I have been searching their websites, and thus far, I don't see anything that indicates any agendas one way or the other when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I will continue to research them

4 I agree with your view that a campus must be a place where all ideas can be expressed, both those we agree with and disagree with. Unfortunately, that is hardly the case in academia today. 

Again, I thank you for your time.


Gary Fouse