Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Bid Adieu to UC Irvine

As my regular readers (and others) know, I have been employed as a part-time teacher at the University of California at Irvine Extension teaching English as a second language since 1998. This morning, I notified my office that I have decided to leave my part-time position and become a full-time retiree.

During the past 10 years I have written often about events at the UCI campus as well as other campuses in the University of California system. Most of the time, my postings were critical since I believe that UC campuses-as well as other universities around the nation- were allowing pro-Palestinian activist students to get away with outrages that often crossed the line into anti-Semitism. This was an issue I became deeply involved in and will continue to be involved in.  Rest assured that with this blog as a vehicle I will continue to monitor the events at UCI and other UC campuses.

At the same time I want to reiterate a couple of points: First, I am still confident that 99% of the students at UCI and other campuses have no involvement with anti-Semitism. It is a small minority-yet a minority that is loud and has damaged the reputation of virtually every campus in the UC system. I still believe that university administrators have acted in a cowardly fashion in not confronting campus anti-Semitism. The Israeli-Palestinian issue has captured way too much attention on university campuses and Jewish students have suffered as a result.

This in no way has impacted my work in the UCI-Extension. My relationships with my colleagues and superiors have been excellent because I have not involved my office in my activism-which, I might add, I never took into the classroom. The UCI Extension has never been part of the issues that I became involved in.

UC Irvine, which was only founded in 1965, is in almost every respect a great university with a wonderful student body and many notable academic achievements.  It is regrettable that a small minority of activist students and an even smaller minority of leftist professors have detracted from UCI's reputation. However, UCI is hardly alone in that respect.

I also want to thank the UCI administration as well as the presidents of the University of California past and present. I have criticized them greatly over the years. Yet they have always respected my right of free speech. Not once has there been any blow back for things that I have said or written on this site, in university settings, or the campus newspaper. When you look at what has happened to other teachers at other universities around the nation, this is notable and worthy of respect.

I will continue to be involved in matters pertaining to academia especially as it pertains to anti-Semitism. Our Jewish students deserve to be protected and public awareness is vital. I will also continue to speak out against the absurd political correctness, which is reaching new heights.

Community involvement is vital in the life of a university-especially a public one. In this respect, transparency is vital. That is why I have been so active in reporting events at UCI and other universities. Our universities are in serious trouble, and with public awareness, hopefully, we can make them better institutions of learning. I intend to continue to try and make a contribution in that effort.

Meet Keith Ellison

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and Truth Revolt

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is the frontrunner to become the next Democratic Party Chair. Nothing could signal the party's radical shift to the left more than this selection. This is not just because Ellison is a Muslim. He has ties to radical Islamists. There is also ample reason to conclude that he is anti-Semitic. Here is what Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism reports on Ellison's troubling background.

And here is what Truth Revolt has to say about Ellison, who apparently wanted a separate nation for blacks when he was a college student.

Please, Democrats. Pleeeease choose this man as your DNC chair.

OSU: How Many i's Do you Have to Dot? How many t's Do You Have to Cross?

Hat tip The Lantern, Jihad Watch and Creeping Sharia

It appears the FBI is not ready to conclude (officially) that the Ohio State University attack was terrorism, but this latest revelation from the Facebook page of Abdul Razaq Ali Artan is a clincher as far as I am concerned. I mean when you say you are ready to kill one billion infidels and then go out and do what Artan did, those of us who are not police can pretty much draw our conclusions.

And thanks also go out to Catholic Charities for bringing the attacker to our shores. All it took was two years and a community college degree for this guy to show his gratitude to his adopted country.

And once again it takes the blogosphere (in this case Jihad Watch) to inform the public of what the media will not do.

Francois Fillon Calls a Spade a Spade

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Francois Fillon is quite likely going to be the next president of France. I don't know much about him, but here is a taste. He has just won the primary vote of his Republican  party and run in next year's election. Here is an excerpt from a speech he gave in Lyons courtesy of Gates of Vienna with translation by Ava Lon and sub-titling by Vlad Tepes.

President Obama and President-Elect Trump take note: Fillon also mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood in his speech.

No Reciprocity When It Comes to Proselytizing

Hat tip Gatestone Institute

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American apostate from Islam has written a provocative piece for the Gatestone Institute, which I think merits cross-posting. It has to do with Muslims' unwillingness to tolerate proselytizing by other religions in their communities even as they enjoy full rights to proselytize in our country and the West.

By the way, Nonie has just released her fourth book. The details are below.

OSU Official: Did She Really Say This?

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Daily Caller

This has not been positively confirmed but Daily Caller and Jihad Watch are reporting the below Facebook post that is being attributed to Ohio State's asst. director of residence life.

It is ironic that while OSU President Michael Drake was chancellor at UC Irvine, for years he pampered the Muslim Student Union as they brought in radical anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-Semitic speakers to campus. After the MSU disrupted the Israeli ambassador to Israel’s speech in 2010, they were let off with a ten-week suspension.
We never learn.

The Emails: Why They Are a Big Deal

This article first appeared in New English Review

Hillary Clinton's email scandal from her tenure as secretary of state, may or may not be a dead issue. We don't know whether a newly-led Justice Department under President Donald Trump will re-open the matter or turn it over to a special prosecutor. Not to beat a dead horse, but I do feel that the public at large never truly appreciated the gravity and the absurdity of what Mrs. Clinton did with her sensitive communications as secretary of state. I say this as one who has had personal experience dealing within the State Department's communication system.

During my career as a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, I served two tours of duty overseas. From 1975 to 1978, I was assigned to DEA's Bangkok office at the American embassy. From 1982-1987, I was assigned to Milan, Italy working at the American consulate. All of our written communications were handled within the State Department system. With mail, our reports were sent via State Department diplomatic pouch. For faster communications, messages were sent via State Department teletype. (This was obviously prior to the age of emails.)

Suffice to say, I had to deal with the system of classifications attached to these communications on a daily basis. Had I violated the rules, I would have quickly found myself on a plane back to the US with all my security clearances revoked. Depending on the severity, I might have found myself being criminally charged and fired from DEA. Indeed, every night, Marine guards would go through the offices looking for classified documents that had been left unsecured. Violations resulted in the much-feared "pink slip" left on one's desk. The policy was that three of those meant the offender would have to leave the country.

In addition, when I became the agent-in-charge of the Milan office in 1983, I received a Special Access Program clearance, which enabled me to receive documents classified beyond "top secret". That meant a new background investigation with my neighbors back in the US being interviewed about me, etc. In practical terms, I could then receive information from the CIA.  You may recall that some of the documents Mrs. Clinton was running through her private server had Special Access Programs classification.

So having that experience and knowledge, I found it absolutely dumbfounding that Mrs. Clinton could spend four years as secretary of state disregarding State's secure system and conducting all of her official communications with a private server. To borrow an analogy from a radio commentator whose name I don't recall, it's like she joined the Navy and brought her own ship!  Not having the experience I had, the public cannot properly appreciate the severity  of what Mrs. Clinton did.

That leads to another aspect that cannot be overlooked. Mrs. Clinton not only lied to the public about the issue, but she repeated those lies under oath before Congress. Not only did the FBI disprove many of Mrs. Clinton's public pronouncements, they also disproved several of her statements before Congress as brought out by the questions posed to FBI Director James Comey by Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) subsequent to Comey's announcement that no charges would be recommended to the Justice Department. To be specific: Hillary Clinton, according to facts discovered by the FBI, committed perjury before Congress.

When Donald Trump becomes president, he will have to make a difficult choice as to Mrs. Clinton. Any prosecutorial efforts by the Trump Justice  Department will be attacked as a political witch hunt. In truth, all matters pertaining to Bill and Hillary Clinton should have been assigned to a special prosecutor in the first place. Supposedly, the FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation, and I certainly hope they are. It can be claimed that, as far as the email issue is concerned, law enforcement has had its bite at the apple (which they badly blew), and that it would be against the spirit of the law to re-open the case yet again. However, the perjury issue remains. Mrs. Clinton's testimony before Congress should definitely be looked into.

However this ends, one can at least hope that the reputation and legacy of the Clintons is shattered. They have gotten away with so much over the years.

The Death of Fidel Castro

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

It is hardly surprising how the American left and outlaw nations like Iran are lining up to praise Fidel Castro upon hearing of his death at age 90. After all, they have been lionizing him since the revolution even after he embraced communism and lined his country up in the Soviet camp. Even the executions of thousands of people connected to the regime of Fulgencio Batista could not dampen their enthusiasm. It must be conceded at the outset, however, that Batista was a corrupt and brutal dictator. During his regime, Cuba was a holiday resort for the Mafia. Batista woud up in Florida and lived there until his death.

Had Castro brought democracy and economic prosperity to his people, he would have gone down in history as a truly great leader to be admired by all. Instead he merely replaced one dictatorship with another. His appeal was that he became an enemy of the US much to the glee of the USSR and the American left. His deputy and chief henchmen, Che Guevara, the Argentine medical student, took over the kangaroo courts, where anyone connected to Batista was brought in and taken out and shot after a few minutes of listening to the evidence. Yet you see American college kids walking around with this killer's image emblazoned on their t-shirts. This "phenomenon", for lack of a better word, has been going on since the 1960s. It is sickening.

Thousands of educated people and business leaders fled Cuba to the US chiefly settling in Dade County, Florida. Ever since they have represented a prosperous and conservative community-a community that has made so many contributions to the area to this day. To be sure, the infamous Mariel boat lift during the hapless Carter administration of the late 1970s brought criminals and mentally unstable people to the US as Castro emptied his prisons. As an aside, I happen to know one of them very well. He spent almost a decade in prison for a crime he committed in the US. He is now reformed, married with kids, and working. In short, he has turned his life around.

It is said that Castro brought improved health care and education to Cuba. Maybe so, but in terms of freedom and human rights, he did not. Not that Cuba didn't have international tourism. Many European men flock to the island to enjoy the sexual favors of underage prostitutes.

None of that kept fools like Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau from lavishing praise on Castro as a great revolutionary and orator. (So was Hitler). He said that ALL Canadians were mourning Castro's death. And of course, there is that America-hating "brain surgeon" who plays quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who weighed in positively on Castro's legacy. He was probably too dumb to realize that the fans in Miami (where he had to play Sunday) were not fans of Castro. They booed him lustily. I don't even want to mention his name.

Fidel Castro is just one more poster child for all that is wrong with communism-and the American left.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The OSU Attack: It Was Jihad


It's not an official announcement yet, but as expected, we have information now as to the motive for yesterday's attack at Ohio State University.. The social media of Abdul Razaq Ali Artan reportedly shows high praise for American-born jihadist imam, AnwarAl Awlaki, as well as other rants about Islam. In addition, ISIS is calling him a "soldier of the Islamic State" (albeit a dead one).

Monday, November 28, 2016

Anti-Trump Protest at UC Santa Barbara

Hat tip Campus  Reform

UC Skate Board

The snowflakes at UC Santa Barbara are acting like angry brown shirts over the election of Donald Trump. Not content to act like little fascists, they are making life miserable for one student who has voiced opposition to illegal immigrants-calling him a fascist and brown-shirt.

Protesting is fine and protected under law. So is waving a Mexican flag and shouting, "Viva la Mexico". Calling for the desecration and burning of an American flag is also protected.

But what happened at UC Skate Board is also very offensive.

Update on OSU Attacker

Here is updated information on the OSU attacker. Earlier we posted reports that his name was Ali Mohammad. His true name is Abdul Razaq Ali Artan, 18 years of age. a Somali refugee who was an OSU student.

As to motive, the authorities are not going to use the word, "terror" until they have some evidence to confirm that. No doubt they assume terror just as I do. They will be interviewing witnesses to find out if he said anything during the attack as well as searching his residence, cell phone and computer.

OSU Attacker Identified

Hat tip

We now have a name to attach to the 18-year-old Somali refugee who went on attack today at Ohio State University. Drum roll, please..........


So all of those who are still searching for a motive, you may now call off the search.

It was jihad.

*Update: The attacker is now identified as Abdul Razaq Ali Artan. He is an i8-year-old Somali immigrant and OSU student.

Was the Ohio State Attack an Act of Jihad?

Hat tip Jihad Watch

The man who went on a stabbing spree today at Ohio State University before being shot dead by police has not been officially identified as yet, however reports are coming in that he is a Somali refugee. Jihad Watch has the tentative report.

If so, I can't wait for the news media to ask, "The search for a motive is underway."


"The suspect's name was not released, but law enforcement officials told NBC News he was an 18-year-old Ohio State student, a Somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident of the United States.
The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance."

Talk about answering your own question.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

ADL's New Leader

Hat tip Algemeiner

And I Thought Abe Foxman Was Bad

As a longtime critic of the Anti-Defamation League, it is clear that under the new leadership of Johnathan Greenblat, things are only going to get worse.

Modern Day Pied Piper of Hameln

Image result for pied piper
Is he back?

Hameln is the  German town that gave birth to the Pied Piper of Hameln (Hamlin in English). Today, Hameln has a new pied piper, a guy who led his  ex-wife through the streets-tied to his car by her neck-after stabbing her, of course. Gates of Vienna has the latest from a defeated Germany (no, not 1945, but 2016).

No word on the status of the pied piper. Better check the river.

Illegal Migrants Refuse to Leave Italy

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Here is the most recent video which I have  translated and sub-titled for Vlad Tepes. It concerns migrants who are refused asylum status in Italy, but....

refuse to leave.

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

Hat tip Gatestone Institute

Image result for migrants in germany

Soeren Kern has the latest roundup in Germany, and it is not good news, but then again, what can you expect since Angela Merkel opened the gates and let in the Trojan Horse? Robberies, rapes, stabbings: It's all part of the New World Order as Hitler would have termed it.

I hear Rick Steves has changed the name of his travel show to Rick Steves' Asia. Smart move.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Justin Trudeau's Sickening Tribute to Fidel Castro

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Fidel Castro died yesterday at the age of 90. In Canada, leftist prime minister Justin Trudeau outdid himself in paying tribute to the dictator who killed and imprisoned thousands.

"Trudeau also referred to the late president as a "legendary revolutionary and orator."
So was Hitler.
"The prime minister went on to say that "Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation."
Yes, but he did nothing to improve human rights after overthrowing the previous dictator, Fulgencio Batista
"On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro."
All Canadians? Really?

Patriotism Canadian Style

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Here is what happened this week in Mississauga (near Toronto) during a school board meeting. Some Muslim delegates refused to stand-or stood with their hands in their pockets during the playing of the Canadian national anthem.

Colin Kaepernick, take heart. You can always play in the Canadian Football League when you get cut by the 49ers.

German Woman Blocked From Facebook: See Why

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

A German opinion writer named Anabel Schunke was blocked from Facebook for 30 days because she wrote about how a migrant had sent her obscene messages. She is upset because it keeps her from having a Christmas donation drive on behalf of homeless people and abandoned animals.

OK, Facebook. here it is. I will post this on my Facebook page as well. Block me.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Alms For Juan Cole

Juan Cole
Deep thinker

Juan Cole is a professor at the University of Michigan. His claim to fame is that he is one of this country's biggest apologists for all things Islam including acts of terrorism. I caught his act at California State University at Long Beach on October 16, 2014.. Most memorably, he blasted  then-British Prime Minister David Cameron and his government for alerting the British public to the fact that some 400 British Muslims had left the country to join ISIS. Cole termed that a "minuscule number" and said that Cameron was "racist" and "Islamophobic" for the release of information.

Cole runs a blog curiously named, "Informed Comment". I have occasionally jumped into the reader thread with critical comments-which Cole chooses not to publish. Nevertheless, my comments have apparently placed me on Informed Comment's mailing list because I have received the below missive, which is his annual plea for money. It is long and  torturous, but reveals much about Cole, such as delusions of grandeur and paranoia.

From Islamophobia to corporate media to climate change "denialism", Cole pretty much covers it all. Of course, I would never compare Mr Cole to Adolf Hitler, but his writing does bring back memories of Mein Kampf and the Fuehrer's last will and testament. In short, it is laughable. It reveals Cole to be just another left-wing, loopy professor.

At this point, I would add that, like Cole, I run a one-man blog. Having scoured his blog, I think my humble blog compares pretty well.

Yet, I have never asked anyone to send me money. This guy even asks for funds to cover his travels to the regions he writes about.

Nice scam.

So, at the risk that some of my readers might be "inspired" to send this guy some cash, I have chosen to cross-post his plea for money because I think it reveals clues as to his thinking.

Italy: Give up Your Properrty to Migrants or Go to Jail

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Things are getting really bad in Italy, where the government is now planning to requisition property from ordinary Italian citizens in order to lodge migrants. And for those Italians who do not cooperate, they risk jail and permanent forfeiture of their property. Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes are posting an article from Il Giornale which I translated for them. It is scary. The Viminale Plan is that drafted by the government to settle migrants throughout the country.

Those Fires in Israel

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Israel has been hit with a wave of fires most notably in the port city of Haifa. No need to put up those Smoky the Bear posters. These are the result of arson- Palestinian arson. Meanwhile, Palestinian supporters dance in the streets and celebrate the destruction. That's because destruction is what Palestinians do best.

It seems the Palestinians have added a new skill to their limited collection of arts and crafts. First came hijackings then suicide bombings. Now arson.

What a culture.

Once Upon a Time in Paris

Hat tip Gallia Watch

 Once upon a time is now.

Die For ISIS and Get 76 Virgins

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Now that the battle for Mosul is raging, the leader of ISIS has upped the offer for those jihadis who are prepared to die. Instead of the normal 72 virgins, he will throw in 4 additional "houris".


So what are you jihadis waiting for? Pick up the suicide vest and die now.

But wait!

If you die in the next ten minutes, we will send you four additional houris absolutely free!
 Die now!

I wonder if that is pronounced /whories/?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Liberal American Jews Embrace the Wrong Allies and Attack the Wrong Friends

Hat tip Miggie and Jerusalem Post

Melanie Phillips has a spot-on piece in the Jerusalem Post in which she calls out liberal American Jews who are holding hands with anti-Semites while unjustly calling others anti-Semites.

I want to point one thing out about Breitbart and Steve Bannon. During the time he has been editor at Breitbart, that site has taken note of three posts I have written. Two of them were about local anti-Semitism. Breitbart under Bannon is a supporter of Israel.

Instead groups like the ADL and American Jewish Congress prefer to break bread with Islamists and people like Keith Ellison, a man who is about to drag the Democrat party even farther down into the sewer if he is appointed DNC chair. It makes no sense, but that is liberalism.

Battleground Torino (Turin)

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Here is an Italian article I translated from Il Giornale for Vlad Tepes. Migrants who live in Torino's ex-Olympic village have been rioting in the street in front terrorizing local residents. This report is dated 11-24-16.

As in Rome and Milan, the people are complaining that their leaders will not do anything to protect them.

George Galloway Learns That All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I think he looked better in red spandex.

British comedian George Galloway is back in the news this week. (Actually, he is always in the news for one reason or another.) This time he was speaking at Aberdeen University when someone rushed the stage and covered him with some glitter substance. Slapstick has never been funnier.

Here is a video that somewhat captures the fun. Check out George's Jack the Ripper costume.

Abdul Alim Musa and More Nonsense

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Image result for abdul alim musa


Washington DC imam Abdul Alim Musa never opens his mouth without spewing hate and nonsense. He became a Muslim in prison having been sent up the river for drug trafficking. I remember back in 2006 this mope came to UC Irvine. I was coming out of the library when I saw him speaking at the flagpoles and telling the student audience that Islam was going to take over America. After he finished I called him an idiot. (I think I actually called him an f-ing idiot). That was the beginning of my life as an activist. This guy, who is a friend of the mullahs ruling Iran, is the worst of the worst.

Now he has come out with more nonsense in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. Jihad Watch has the report.

This guy should get a job in a traveling circus.

UN Arrogance on Parade

Incoming Secretary General Says European Countries Must Accept Migrants

Image result for german occupation of paris
Paris 1940 as German occupation begins

Hat tip Breitbart London and Vlad Tepes

Antonio Guterres, the incoming secretary general of the UN, has told an audience in Europe that European countries have no choice but to accept migrants. Politicians, he says, should ignore national sovereignty and their voters as well.

What arrogant statements out of the mouth of Guterres. As crime, terror and rape take over the streets of European cities, as the people increasingly object and protest, comes this man who tells them they have no sovereignty, no rights, no nothing. No doubt he will have the same message for the US. Our incoming ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has her work cut out for her.

This is why we saw Brexit. Hopefully, the coming elections in Europe will sweep out the traitors who are surrendering their countries to the marauding migrants and so-called "refugees". New leadership is desperately needed in Europe, just as surely as it is needed in America.

When the German army occupied France in 1940, people like Pierre Laval told the French that they must accept it. When the Germans occupied Norway, Vidkun Quisling told the Norwegians they must accept it. Now leaders like Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel and others are telling their people that they must accept it. Ultimately, the people will not accept it. National sovereignty must prevail.

The UN and EU have become too tyrannical. They must be reformed or abolished. We can our part by drastically cutting our share of the UN budget.

Media Arrogance on Parade: Christiane Amanpour

Hat tip Breitbart

Sean Hannity has often and correctly stated that journalism in America is dead. Apparently, CNN's Christiane Amanpour has taken that as a threat especially with the election of Donald Trump.

Apparently, Amanpour is confusing the US with her native Iran. We are not Iran. She also complained that Trump bypassed the media and took his message to the people-a winning strategy. Had the people listened to CNN, they would have elected Hillary Clinton. So now she goes around telling people that reporters are going to be put in cages under Trump. What nonsense. Hannity was right.

Happy Thanksgiving

Image result for thanksgiving

Just remember all you college students: No matter what your loopy professors tell you, we give thanks to God on Thanksgiving. Not to the Indians for teaching the Mayflower folks how to plant corn (though it was much appreciated) -but to God.

One Fine Day at the Bulgarian Border

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Widows and orphans, I presume?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Breaking: Wayne State Police Officer Dies From Wounds

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

WSUPD Officer Collin Rose

Sad news. Collin Rose of the Wayne State University Campus Police has died after being shot in the head last night near the campus.

I understand a suspect is in custody.

Trailer re: Anti-Semitism on Campus

Americans for Peace and Tolerance has produced a video documentary about campus anti-Semitism. Below is a trailer. Sadly, once again, UC Irvine is featured in a  couple of clips. You see radical imam, Amir Abdel Malik Ali, speaking. You see a group of students chanting anti-Israel slogans. You see Taher Herzallah, one of the so-called "Irvine 11", speaking about an Islamic state and violent resistance.  And that's just UCI. Then there is American Muslims for Palestine and Students for Justice in Palestine, both co-founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian.

Pat Condell Speaks to the Marauders in Europe

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Irish pundit Pat Condell speaks to the marauding migrants who have flooded Europe, and as usual, he does not hold back. This is priceless.

Italians React to Muslim Street Prayers in Rome

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Below is a video from an Italian news outlet that I translated and sub-titled for Vlad Tepes blog. (They did some editing after I submitted it.) In this video, a reporter asks Italians in Rome about the possible opening of a new mosque. Clearly, the people interviewed are angry because local Muslims, not having a large enough space to pray in their mosque, are blocking the sidewalks with their prayers. You will see that those interviewed have no tolerance for the newcomers, there mosques and their businesses. I don't know whether the reporter interviewed others who expressed more moderate feelings. My inference from the video is that the media wanted to show the local Italians in a bad light as being racists. It is instructive however, that the residents did not hold back their feelings.

The Muslim community in this video consists mostly of Bangladeshis. There is now a large Bangladeshi population in Rome, which I had not been aware of. In researching then, it seems that they are not legally in Italy, and that many of them begin as street merchants, and some have graduated into opening their own stores.

A note on the translating. I have no problem translating the reporters since they are using standard Italian. In some cases, those being interviewed on the street use local slang words and expressions, which I have had to mark down as unintelligible. Curse words were edited out by Vlad Tepes.

Geert Wilders Speaks For Freedom of Speech

Hat tip Gatestone Institute
Image result for geert wilders

"A worldwide movement is emerging that puts an end to the politically correct doctrines of the elites and the media that are subordinate to them.
That has been proven by Brexit.
That has been proven by the US elections.
That is about to be proven in Austria and Italy.
That will be proven next year in France, Germany, and The Netherlands.
The course of things is about to take a different turn. Citizens no longer tolerate it."

-Geert Wilders

You may not have noticed, but once again, the Netherlands has placed politician Geert Wilders on trial for statements he has made about Islam and in this case, Moroccan immigrants (who account for a disproportionate share of crime).

Courtesy of the Gatestone Institute, here is what Wilders told the court. It is well worth reading. Other countries are threatening their own citizens with fines and imprisonment for speaking out on the outrages their societies are suffering from open borders and Islamic extremists who refuse to assimilate into the societies they have chosen to live. These are laws that the 57-member nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants the UN to impose on all member nations.

Are Campus Cops Now a Target?

It's too soon to draw conclusions, but the shooting of a Wayne State University campus police officer last night may signal a new front in the war on police.

I hope this does not represent the beginning of a new trend-the targeting of campus police, but if it does it would hardly be surprising given the Black Lives Matter-Blue lives don't matter rhetoric we are seeing on university campuses.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Anti-Semitism Surges on Campus After Trump Win

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative

Incidents of anti-Semitism on college campuses has jumped since the election of Donald Trump. The AMCHA Initiative has a rundown.

It would appear that the attacks are coming from both the left and the right. I have long maintained that the majority come from the left and still do-notable exception the University of Florida incident. After all, who is the angriest over the reelection result? Of course, the Israel-Palestinian issue is often a factor. Also notable is the incident at Oberlin College in the wake of the firing of Professor Joy Karega as a result of several anti-Jewish screeds on her part.

It's just another form of cancer on our university campuses.

Anti-Trump, Pipeline Rally at UC Irvine

I was going to watch this circus at UC Irvine today, but a family event came up. Look what I missed.
Image result for circus

Rally Against Trump, Dakota Access Pipeline
Planned at UC Irvine Today

Speakers include Dean of the School of Humanities Georges Van Den Abbeele, ASUCI President Tracy La and ASUCI Senator Mohammed Abdelrahm, and others. 
Music by Professor of History and internationally acclaimed musician Mark Le Vine.

IRVINE – Today, November 22, a coalition of academic higher education unions, activist organizations and student government members will hold a peaceful rally at noon on the campus of UC Irvine. Titled "Say No to Trump, Say Yes to Standing Rock," the one-hour informational rally will feature speakers calling out President-Elect Donald Trump's record of dangerous positions against science, the environment, and civil and human rights while also calling for student and faculty solidarity with those protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). 

You can find the event and RSVP on Facebook: 
Say No to Trump, Say Yes to Standing Rock

Event organizers seek to spread awareness about opposition to the North Dakota pipeline resistance encampment, and provide solidarity and physical support on the ground. The rally is one of a number of actions recently organized by civic, labor, faith and community organizations in opposition to DAPL and in support of indigenous resistance across the country.

WHAT:          Say No to Trump, Say Yes to Standing Rock informational rally
WHO:            Coalition of higher Education unions, activist organizations, student government members, and educators.
WHEN:          Today, November 22, from 12 to 1 p.m.
WHERE:       UC Irvine Campus, at the flagpole outside Aldrich Hall 
Flier for the event is attached. 
Know your rights, Academic Freedom for Lecturers, also attached.
The event is co-sponsored by the unions representing Librarians and Lecturers (University Council-American Federation of Teachers Local 2226) and Academic Employees (United Auto Workers), as well as the UC Irvine American Indian Resource Program and other campus organizations.

UC-AFT Local 2226 represents Librarians and Lecturers at UC Irvine. It is affiliated with the California Federation of Teachers, which represents 120,000 faculty and school employees in public and private schools and colleges, from early childhood through higher education. 

Yes, Folks it was an all-star cast headlined by the dean of the School of Humanities, which indicates to me that UCI put its official seal on bashing President-elect Donald Trump. I see it was co-sponsored by the local union hacks.

But the main act had to be UCI professor,and internationally acclaimed musician...drum roll please...... 

Mark Levine!
(That's him below)



I understand he is quite popular in the hookah bars of Egypt. Other than that, don't hold your breath waiting to see him at the Grammys. LeVine's main claim to fame is bashing Israel-but don't ever call him an anti-Israel activist like I did. He gets real mad when you do.

So sorry I missed his "performance".

Internationally acclaimed musician. What a joke.