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The 2011 Rusty Report

Hat tip Friends for Fullerton's Future

Well, the report we have all been waiting for has just come out to much fanfare and an article in the Orange County Register. The Orange County Human Relations Commission, the white elephant we taxpayers are paying $250,000 a year for, has come out with its annual Hate Crime report.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

Yes, all seven pages of it. It is mostly full of charts and graphs and has more filler than a bad sausage.But there is alarming news. There has been a 14% increase in hate crimes in Orange County this year.

Put another way, there were 8 more such incidents than last year-from 56-64. About half were vandalism. LA surpasses those figures on a typical day.

And who are the perps, according to OCHRC?

"Note: Most perpetrators of hate crime are not known, and hate crime is committed by people of all colors, ages and backgrounds. Of the hate crime perpetrators who are known, most are young, white males."

Hmm. Didn't the 2010 report say the exact same thing?


"Note: Most perpetrators of hate crime are not known, and hate crime is committed by people of all colors, ages and backgrounds. Of the hate crime perpetrators who are known, most are young, white males."

It's a fill-in the blank template, apparently.

That's it, folks. This is what $250,000 a year gets us.

Friends of Fullerton's Future, a local blog, has this reaction.

The CEO of this outfit is the hapless Rusty Kennedy, Fullerton's favorite son, a career local hack and liberal guy who is fighting to keep this storefront operation alive in the face of ever-increasing criticism and calls for its de-funding.

Rusty Kennedy

And why not? He is raking in a 6-figure salary-not to mention a 6-figure retirement for doing the same thing.

At least, the OCHRC has reported the increase in anti-Semitic incidents. I wonder if he is counting what happens at UC Irvine every May when the Muslim Student Union brings anti-Semitic speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, who brings us all up to date on who the "Zionist Jews" in America are.

Probably not. Back in 2008, I wrote him complaining about this stuff. All I got back was a nasty gram from Rusty telling me what a  great job he was doing and lambasting me because I had criticized the university administration for their lack of any response (because they "were doing a great job too"). I should have known better, but that was before I learned that Rusty was an attendee at that Durban Conference in South Africa several years back that condemned Israel. He even  found time in South Africa to help fete that man of peace Yassir Arafat when he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

That is the kind of stuff the tax-payers have to foot the bill for.

That and that annual bad sausage he puts out.

Jumah in Charlotte Fizzles

                                                                                                Siraj Wahhaj                             

                                                  "You know what this country (USA) is? It’s a garbage can. It’s filthy.”

Siraj Wahhaj's 20,000-person Jumah turned out smaller than he expected. About 200 showed up today at Charlotte's Marshall Park for Friday prayers. The Charlotte Observer has a report that indicates that the DNC may have taken a step backward from the event given the speakers.

"A DNC Host Committee official said the Muslim event was never sponsored by the host committee, and the event was removed from the committee’s website earlier this week. The DNC official said it was removed “because speakers for the event and statements and positions from event organizers were not appropriate and relevant to the Host Committee.”

I'll say.

Read more here:

The Jumah Event in Charlotte-Has the DNC Backed Out?

Siraj Wahhaj

"You know what this country (USA) is? It’s a garbage can. It’s filthy.”

My "nest of spies" has sent me an article from the Florida Family Association, an organization that had been publicizing the fact that the DNC was collaborating with radical imam Siraj Wahhaj and others to hold a public Friday prayer in Charlotte in conjunction with  convention week.

Suddenly, the event(s) have disappeared from the DNC schedule of events.

So the question that begs is this: Has someone in the Democratic party done a little good old vetting on Wahhaj and decided that they might not want to be associated with this guy's brand of Islam, his association with the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, as well as his previous inflammatory statements about the US, statements that would make Jeremiah Wright blush?


If so, I say better late than never. Maybe they have been reading my blog for the past week or so. After all, I could have told them all they needed to know about Wahhaj.

What to Look For Next Week in Charlotte

Now that we have heard all the snide comments from the MSNBC Dawgpound, get ready for all the gushing kudos in Charlotte. The latest insult came last night from Rachel Maddow, who didn't take to Clint Eastwood's performance (at least he didn't use a teleprompter, Rachel). She pointed out that he was 82 years old and called it the strangest speech ever given at a convention-or something similar. (I am paraphrasing, which is always a good idea when you are quoting Maddow.)

The Democratic answer to Eastwood will be desperate ex-housewife of Tony Parker Eva Longoria. I don't plan to catch her act. Matter of fact, I may not be catching any of it because I will be in Missouri drinking beer at my Army reunion all week long. There are priorities, you know.

But I digress.

I also hear that there will be a grande extravaganza on stage in which all the Democratic women in Congress will pose for a group photo. Don't they have one already?

It looks like one of the main themes will be the War on Women with Barbara McKulski giving a big speech. (She's number 67 in the 3rd row.)

Which segues perfectly into my next point. Who do you think will be the biggest speaker at the Convention?

That great defender of women's virtue himself-Bill Clinton.

 Now even if you think that Juanita Broaderick, Paula Jones and  Kathleen Willey are all liars, one cannot help remember how the Clinton machine dragged every one of Clinton's female accusers through the mud. Remember, "trailer park trash"?

"Uhhhhh, yeaaaah."

Then there will be LA Mayor and  convention chair Antonio Villar-aka Villaraigosa. (He changed his name when he married his wife, whose maiden name was Raigosa before she divorced him when he was having an affair with a reporter from the local Spanish-language news outlet who was assigned to cover him in City Hall, which she did quite well, thank you.) If they let this guy say more words than the above sentence, I pray it is on prime time so the nation can see what an empty suit Tony V. is. This guy makes Joe Biden look like Plato.


That was his most memorable line at the last convention he spoke at.

Finally, in honor of the theme of War on Women, the DNC is collaborating with that famed imam from Brooklyn, Siraj Wahhaj, who has some interesting views about women himself. I suggest to show proper respect, all the female delegates and politicians don burkas and hijabs for the length of the convention.

But one thing is for sure. The mad-hatters at MSNBC will be there and gushing all over themselves.

What You Didn't See Outside the Convention

-Daily Caller

While we were all watching the convention in Tampa, Daily Caller was covering the Occupy folks outside the convention hall. They captured some images of what MSNBC's butter and egg man Ed Schultz calls the "99%-ers".

I guess we'll see these same folks again next week in Charlotte. The only difference is they will be inside the hall.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meanwhile, Another Normal Day in Malmo

Läsarbild från nattens bilbrand.

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Malmo, Sweden, the country's 3rd largest city, awakened to the usual scene. Overnight, five cars burned.

Malmo mayor Ilmar Reepalu must be proud. As the city's Jewish community leaves in droves, it has been replaced by the ones who drive them out and who riot and set things on fire. And who are the firebugs?

Only the shadow knows.

On 27 October, Geert Wilders will be speaking in Malmo. I expect fireworks. I just hope somebody will listen to him.

Our State Department in Action

During my overseas stints with DEA, I learned that even under the best of administrations, our State Department is nothing to write home about. They are in a different universe, overloaded with Ivy League trained elitists who look down their noses at others-like DEA. I still vividly remember an issue from State's monthly journal featuring a cartoon with two DEA agents dressed in cowboy hats and boots and holding beer cans, conversing with two diplomats at a cocktail party. In the cartoon, one of the DEA agents says. Yes. We work for the Drug Enforcement Administration.  How'd you guess?"

So I could not resist cross-posting this article from Fox News describing a missive from State's Diversity Officer, John Robinson, in which he lectures readers on using terms such as, "holding the fort".

Subsequent to the aforementioned cartoon, the DEA representative in India wrote a letter to the State journal, which told them that "diplomacy starts at home." To their credit, the journal admitted their error and apologized.

At least they said nothing about "holding the fort".

Siraj Wahhaj and the Democratic Convention in Charlotte

Hat tip to Frontpage Magazine and Creeping Sharia

Siraj Wahhaj

This article is another in a series of postings that describe who the Democratic National Convention will be coordinating with in their up-coming convention in Charlotte. The below article in Frontpage Magazine by Laura Rubenfeld gives some background on Siraj Wahhaj, one of the coordinators of Islamic events in conjunction with the DNC.

Over a year ago, I took part in a public protest in Yorba Linda when Wahhaj joined with Amir Abdel Malik Ali in speaking for a fundraiser for the Islamic Circle of North America-another organization connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  We were protesting the presence of these two hate-mongers, who were the featured speakers (Wahhaj and Ali). We took a lot of heat because some folks showed up with their own agenda and heckled the attendees. CAIR edited a video to make it appear that these folks were acting in conjunction with our speakers. Of course, we don't know to this day what Ali and Wahhaj told their own audience because outsiders were not allowed.

Amir Abdel Malik Ali at UC Irvine with yours truly

Once again, I cross-post a link from Creeping Sharia, where you can listen to words spoken by Wahhaj in his Brooklyn mosque.

Speaking of Creeping Sharia, here is their latest reaction to Wahhaj's appearance with the Democrats in Charlotte.

I hope Wahhaj gets maximum exposure in Charlotte. Then the Democrats can explain to the American people why they are associating with a man who was linked to the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who testified in his defense, and who talks about arming jihadists in the inner cities with Uzis

Afghanistan: Why They Kill Our Troops

Hat tip Daily Caller

Andrew Bostom, writing in Daily Caller, has a sobering analysis of why our troops are being murdered by their Afghan "allies". This post contains an unclassified military report that has to lead us to question why we remain in Afghanistan at all.

Let me be clear: We had to go into Afghanistan after 9-11 kill Al Qaeda, and drive the Taliban from power. We did that. Yet, the Taliban and other related fighters are still operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I do not criticize President Obama's policy of targeted drone attacks against the bad guys.

However, if we are also engaging in nation-building and trying to establish some sort of stable government and military that will defend the country for the various evil forces, we are on fool's errand. As I have said before, nobody will ever make Afghanistan into Switzerland. It is a backward, uncivilized place, but it's way of life is not subject to reform or change. In the end, we will pull out, just like the Soviets, and the country will be a haven for terrorists and a place where women live in unspeakable conditions under the harshest and most barbaric application of Islam and sharia law. There is nothing that we can do about it. This is not Germany, nor is it Japan post-World War II.

Read this unclassified report. It lays out what the soldiers are having to put up with. And as long as they are there, more of them will be murdered by their so-called "comrades in arms", who hate them. In the final anaylsus, it is religion that matters. These people do not want infidels in their country-especially as soldiers.

I should also mention that DEA has a considerable presence in Afghanistan. They are trying to get farmers and local leaders to get rid of the opium crops. That too, will fail.

It is time to declare victory and come home. Set up a place in the region from which to launch drone striukes when we locate the  bad guys. Let the Russians invade them all over again, and let them have the headache. As simplistic as it sounds, it is time to isolate these nations. Build a wall around them. Nobody gets in and nobody gets out..

The soldiers who died attacking that country and driving al Qaida and the Taliban from power did not die in vain. In my view, those who are dying now at the hands of Afghan soldiers are dying in vain.

Enough with Afghanistan

Rachel Corrie Verdict in Israel

Hat tip Commentary Magazine

The Corries, Yasser Arafat and a portrait of Rachel Corrie
(Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers)

In the below article by Johnathan Tobin, he comments on this week's verdict in Israel that the lawsuit brought by the activist parents of Rachel Corrie had no merit. The Corries were suing Israel over the accidental death of their daughter, Rachel Corrie, who was killed when she tried to block an Israeli army bulldozer from demolishing a house linked to Palestinian terror attacks. The court ruled that the death was an accident caused by Corrie's own reckless actions.

The Corries have previously spoken at UC Irvine on behalf of the UCI Muslim Student Union. They are continuing their misguided daughter's campaign against the state of Israel in concert with the International Solidarity Movement and others who seek to destroy the Jewish stae.

Rachel Corrie was one of those young Westerners who was dragged in by the International Solidarity Movement to engage in activism and protests against Israel.

It should also be mentioned here that the ISM has its fingerprints all over the Olive Tree Initiative, that UC-Irvine-created venture that sends UC students to Israel and the West Bank to gain a "balanced" perspective on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. In reality, it is anything but balanced. One of the founders of the ISM, George  Rishmawi, is one of the favored tour guides for the OTI. Here is what he had to say about Westerners who come to the Middle East to agitate against Israel:

"In July of 2004, the San Francisco Chronicle reported:
        "Rishmawi said the ISM’s main purpose is to increase international awareness of Palestinian suffering through the involvement of foreign activists, who pay their own way to the West Bank, where they are trained in various methods of nonviolent direct action"
“When Palestinians get shot by Israeli soldiers, no one is interested anymore,” Rishmawi said. “But if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.”
(Hat tip Ha Emet)

In my opinion, the Israeli verdict was correct. The death of Rachel Corrie, tragic as it was, should serve as a a wake-up call, not an inspiration, for gullible young Westerners who are being swayed by the propaganda of the International Solidarity Movement. The same people who trained Rachel Corrie to place herself in harm's way are influencing American college students involved in the Olive Tree Initiative.

"Where Have You Been the Past 10 Years?"

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

That is the question asked by the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism in reply to an article by Richard Barton running in the San Francisco Chronicle online edition SFGate. Barton is a member of the University of California Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion, which just released its report on the problem of anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The Task Force points out that for several years, it has been reporting on the problem at UC Irvine while the university paid no heed and denied the problem.  In the below link you can read Barton's article as well as the reader comments, to which I have contributed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Antonio Villaraigosa Hanging Around Tampa

Antonio Villaraigosa-LA's empty suit mayor

The Democratic mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa has left his decaying and bankrupt city to get in some face time in Tampa and heckle the Republicans. This week, he made a stupid statement about the Republicans having to do more than trot out brown faces to speak in order to win Hispanic voters.

That is a fascinating comment from someone who is nothing more than a brown face-in other words, playboy Villaraigosa is an empty suit. Yet he will be the brown face next week in Charlotte since he has been designated the chair of the DNC convention. That means he will bang the gavel to open the convention and bang the gavel to close it. They figure that's something he can handle without screwing up.

The point that must be made here is that while the Democrats (and Tony himself) think he is a rising star in Democrat national politics, he has been a joke of a mayor in LA. The most notable thing he has done is get divorced because he got caught in a messy relationship with a news reporter assigned to cover him. With one year left in his term, he will leave behind an illegal alien sanctuary city ridden with gang violence, bad streets, and a deficit that will leave his successor no choice but to declare bankruptcy as Tony prances off to run for governor or some national office, none of which he is qualified for (not that any of the current incumbents are).

God. If they only knew in Washington what everybody knows in LA. This guy is a clown.

CAIR Comes Out Against California Assembly Resolution on Anti-Semitism

The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which advertises itself as the moderate voice of American Muslims and defender of their rights, is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood going back to the 1990s. They are also an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas involving Muslim charities funneling money to designated terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Now they have joined the fray over the University of California report issued by the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Exclusion, which outlines problems of anti-Semitism within the University campus system and makes specific recommendations to UC President Mark Yudof. Just this week, I posted a petition created by Stand With Us to  President  Yudof urging him to accept the report and implement the recommendations. This is in the face of a counter-petition by the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace asking Yudof to deep-six the report.

At this point, the California State Assembly has just passed a resolution (Resolution 35), which refers to the report and calls on California campuses to address problems of anti-Semitism.

Now CAIR has lent its voice against the resolution. Shameful. Below is CAIR's statement.

Subject: CAIR Says Assembly Resolution Stifles Discussion on California Campuses
Sent: Aug 29, 2012 12:47

Greater Los Angeles Area August 29, 2012  
CAIR Says Assembly Resolution Stifles Discussion on California Campuses

(SACRAMENTO, CA, 8/29/12) -- The California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA), along with nine community, legal, and student organizations, sent a letter to lawmakers in the state about House Resolution 35, which passed in the California Assembly yesterday, because it stifles robust political debate on university campuses. The letter urges lawmakers to reconsider the issue when they reconvene in January. 

CAIR: Calif Lawmakers Denounce Anti-Semitism in Colleges (AP)

HR 35 calls upon California college campuses to adopt the recommendations in the Report on Campus Climate for Jewish students, which has been subjected to widespread criticism for its potential threat to students' civil rights.

Text of HR 35
Letter to lawmakers 

The letter states in part: "Though cloaked as a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, the actual goal of HR 35 is to stifle geopolitical debates in academic and university settings. Nobody should hesitate to condemn anti-Jewish expression no matter the context in which it arises. But this resolution characterizes criticism of Israel generally as "cloaked" anti-Semitism. By HR 35's logic, Presidents Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and George H. W. Bush, and organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are all anti-Semitic because they have at times criticized Israeli policies. This politically motivated definition of anti-Semitism lacks any basis and does a tremendous disservice to the fight against real anti-Semitism. It is no more anti-Semitic to criticize Israel than it is anti-Muslim to criticize Saudi Arabia."

SEE: Human Rights Advocacy is Not Hate Speech

U.C. report on Jewish campus climate: Results marginalize, misrepresent students critical of Israel 
UC report on anti-Semitism draws ire
CAIR-Sacramento's Civil Rights Coordinator Rachel Roberts said: "This resolution will do nothing to stop anti-Semitism, but it will stop the discussions college students must be allowed to have to analyze and form opinions on international issues."

HR 35 was passed in less than one month's time, while California students were out of session for the summer. "Lawmakers were not given a full picture of the complexities of this issue and voted thinking they were merely condemning anti-Semitism," said CAIR-LA Government Relations Coordinator Adel Syed. "Since the legislature is so busy, it is easy to miss the enormous constitutional problems with resolutions like HR 35."

CAIR is America's largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. 

- END -

CONTACT: CAIR-LA Government Relations Coordinator Adel Syed, 714.776.1847, E-Mail:; CAIR-Sacramento Civil Rights Coordinator Rachel Roberts, 916.441.6269408.986.9874, E-Mail:;  CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper,202.744.7726, E-Mail:


Asem Abusir, MBA  President 
Baraa Kahf, Esq   Vice President
Amana Siddiqi 
Secretary Yasir Mahar 
Treasurer Shamel Abd-Allah, MD
Hafez M. Hafez
Omar Jubran
Shereen Sabet, PhD
    Deeba Sultani  


Hussam Ayloush Executive Director 
Ameena Mirza Qazi  Deputy Executive Director/Staff Attorney

Adeeb Ahmad   Field Organizer      Atif Butt   Programs Coordinator 
Fatima Dadabhoy  Civil Rights Attorney      Sherrel Johnson  Community Relations Manager

Asim Khan   Multimedia Specialist 
Nour Kweider
Membership Specialist 

Cecilia Peralta  Membership & Administrative Coordinator
   Arefa Simjee
Membership Specialist
Adel Syed
Government Relations Coordinator    
Munira Syeda
Communications Manager

How interesting that CAIR takes this position because it stifles the debate against Israel-even though neither the UC report nor the resolution mentions Muslims, Muslim students, or the Muslim Student Associations. One might surmise CAIR has a guilty conscience.

The fact of the matter is that there is no suppression of anti-Israel rhetoric on UC campuse. It is flourishing. On the contrary, it is  pro-Israel speech that is rarely heard. Therein lies the problem: Many Jewish students who have chosen to speak up for Israel have found themselves insulted, spat upon, had cameras shoved in their faces, loaded shopping carts rammed into them from behind, and been subject to intimidation. If it were Muslim students who were enduring this treatment (which they are not), CAIR would be filing lawsuits right and left.

The people at CAIR are not only blatant hypocrites, they are giving their blessing to anti-Jewish harassment on college campuses. 

Petition Against Anti-Semitism at Michigan State University

I am linking a petition (which I have signed) that concerns a recent attack (August 26) at a party near the Michigan State University campus. A Jewish student named Zach Tennen was approached by two males who asked if he was Jewish. When he answered affirmatively, he was beaten, and while he was on the ground, his assailants stapled his lips together. There were several witnesses, but nobody came to his rescue. Incredibly, the police are saying this was not a hate crime. The Blaze has a report below followed by the petition.

This is a growing problem on university campuses, and if somebody doesn't address it, we are going to have a tragedy on our hands one day. I for one do not want to see one of our campuses become the next Toulouse. Please sign the petition.

A Tweet From Hollywood


No major hurricane would be complete without some airhead Hollywood actress tweeting some absurd staement out to all her loyal followers. This one came from Ellen Barkin (who?).

 “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ”

More Biased Coverage of Convention by MSNBC

Last night, I switched back and forth from Fox News to MSNBC and their coverage of the RNC convention. First of all, I noticed that Fox gave considerably more coverage to the hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast than did MSNBC. For the mad-hatters at MSNBC there was little time to be wasted not bashing the Republicans with their ace panel of liberals, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, and that wise old sage of the political wars, Chris Hayes.

Probably the most egregious abuse of  journalism by MSNBC was not showing the speeches by Republican minorities, specifically Artur Davis, Mia Love and Ted Cruz. Can't have our minority viewers suddenly realizing that the Republicans are not represented exclusively by old white men, can we?


Of course, Rachel Maddow was quick to condemn Chris Christie's speech in the worst terms because he talked more about himself than the nominee, Mitt Romney. Fox's Chris Wallace did the same. Both apparently have forgotten eight years previous when a little-known politician named Barack Obama spoke mostly about himself at the DNC convention and started his march to the White House.  (He never has stopped talking about himself.)

Then there was the Democrat woman on MSNBC, whose name I don't recall, who immediately said Ann Romney came across as "the lady of the house" in her speech.

Chris Matthews? He was Chris Matthews. Who else could he have been? After Ann Romney finsihed her speech and Mitt came onto the staged to hug her, Matthews remarked that he looked as if somebody had wheeled him out there.

That's journalism, folks.

The Plight of the Copts in Egypt: Will Rick Warren Talk About This?

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Rick Warren

The below video is courtesy of Muslim apostate turned Christian, Walid Shoebat. It concerns the on-going persecution of Egypt's Coptic Christians

In posting this video, Atlas Shrugs mentioned that it should be required viewing for President Obama. I agree, but would add that it should also be viewed by Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren, who in cancelling any plans for a open forum with the presidential candidates, is planning a forum on religious freedom. He plans top invite a leading Muslim and Jewish cleric to participate.

My question is whether Warren will feature any discussion of the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Muslim countries. He seems to be more concerned about the right of women to wear religious headscarves since there is a prominent lawsuit against Disneyland in Anaheim on that very issue.

So Pastor Warren, will you talk about the Copts in Egypt?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jewish Voice for Peace Petitions University of California President to Table Campus Climate Report

I recently reported that the University of California Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion had issued a report on the problem of anti-Semitism within the UC campus system. While I felt the report did not go far enough, it was an important first step.

Predictably, Jewish Voice for Peace, a leftist organization that is aligned with the Palestinians and dedicated to the destruction of Israel, has taken exception to the report. They have created a petition to UC President Mark Yudof asking him to disregard the report.

In response, Stand With Us (SWU), a pro-Jewish, pro-Israel advocacy group, has created a petition to Yudof asking him to accept the report and implement its recommendations. I have had dealings with SWU, and I consider them one of the few national Jewish organizations that is willing to step up to the plate and fight for Jewish students who have to tolerate insults and harassment on campus if they support Israel. Thus, I have signed their petition, and I ask my readers to do the same.

Mark Yudof created the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion in response to several incidents that have happened on UC campuses over the past few years. Many of those incidents were directed against Jews. Since its creation, whenever he gets complaints about anti-Semitism, Yudof has used it as a shining example of what he is doing to confront the problem. I have been one of the skeptics.

If Mr Yudof caves in and tables this report, then this council, which he himself created, will have no credibility. Nor will he.

Chris Matthews Bites Off More Than He Can Chew (Gingrich)

Chris Matthews has one technique of interviewing; he asks his hardball question then when the person is trying to answer it, he keeps right on talking over the person's answer. Monday, Matthews took on an adversary whose league he (Matthews) is not in. Whether you like Newt Gingrich or hate him, you must concede that he is a sharp thinker and nobody you want to debate. On Monday, he joined Matthews at the Tampa convention where Matthews is holding his "Hardball" show. Matthews tried to nail Gingrich with that Democratic talking point that it is Romney who is playing racial politics. Gingrich was more than up to the task.

Chris Matthews is basically acting as a heckler at the Republican convention. He reminds me of the drunk Irish guy in the East Coast bar who has had too much and tries to pick a fight. The problem is that Chris doesn't have the intellect to win a debate based on reason, so he tries to bully and interrupt his adversary-not let him get in a word edgewise as he piles on the charges. Gingrich refused to let him get away with it.

The fact of the matter is that it is the Democrats, led by President Obama, who are playing the race card in this election. They are painting Romney and the Republicans as people who want to keep blacks and other minorities down-in chains-as Joe Biden said. It is disgusting and disgraceful. How ironic it is that this man named Obama, who ran four years ago on "Hope and Change" as a bi-racial candidate who was going to bring us together, now is running a dirty and divisive campaign based on class and race. And to think that he has a major news network doing his dirty work for him.

Hopefully, Chris Matthews, Obama's number one cheerleader, won't wind up getting kicked out of the convention for being drunk and disorderly.

"Chris Matthews, you've got a weak show."

Elizabeth Warren-No Photos Allowed

Elizabeth Warren aka Little White Dove     (Note high cheekbones)

Hat tip Hot Air

Apparently, Little White Dove (Elizabeth Warren) has yet to learn that if you want to be a senator, you need to suffer certain indignities, like have people take videos of you or maybe even ask a question. Warren plays by a different rule. Watch what happens when one of her goons confronts a guy with a camera.

"Get out of my f------- face."

Running Bear to the rescue. Maybe the incident happened on an Indian reservation where cameras are not allowed.

Christian Pakistanis Living in Fear-Will Rick Warren Talk About This?

Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren has announced that he will be convening an interfaith meeting at his Saddleback church sometime in September. The topic will be religious tolerance, and he will be inviting at least one major Jewish and Muslim leader to join him at an open forum.

It should be most interesting. The question is what will be talked about and what will not be talked about. Warren has already dropped a hint when he listed complaints of religious intolerance and included a reference to Muslim women being banned from wearing their head scarves.

But will Warren also open the floor to discuss the on-going persecution world-wide-by Muslims?

Here is just the latest out of Pakistan.

Of course, I could once again mention the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the persecution of Baha'i in Iran, the massacres of Christians in Nigeria, and on and on.

Whoever represents the Jews at Pastor Warren's event could also recite all the anti-Semitism being provoked in Europe by Muslim immigrants and all the horrible calls friom Middle East imams to kill the Jews.

But will he?

Warren has a great opportunity to open all this up for discussion in front of a large audience. Or he could just bring in some rabbi who doesn't want to make waves and a propagandist like Muzammil Siddiqi (arguably the most influencial Muslim leader in Southern California), and they will all sing Kumbaya and moan about Islamophobia. Which will it be? I suspect the latter.

It all remains to be seen.

DOJ Whitewash?

CBS is reporting that the draft of the DOJ Inspector General report is laying the blame for Fast and Furious on the ATF office in Phoenix.  If accurate, this is just another step in the whitewashing of DOJ's role in this scandal.

The report is now in the hands of Holder and his cronies at DOJ, where they can add their own comments. If the highest person in this mess that can be blamed is Phoenix agent-in-charge William Newall, then this is a whitewash of monumental proportions and puts the lie to IG Michael Horowitz's assurances to Darrell Issa that he would conduct a fair and thorough investigation.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Freedom Pledge Updated

Maher Hathout

I have previously written about the Freedom Pledge letter, which had been sent in 2009 by Former Muslims United, an appeal addressed to one hundred of the most prominent Muslim leaders in America asking them to sign statement that American Muslim apostates should not be harmed. Only two of those leaders ever signed the letter or even replied. In April 2012, I met with Imam Muzammil Siddiqi (one of the recipients) at Loyola Marymount University and asked him about the letter. He stated he never received it.

On June 24, 2012, this writer attended a speaking appearance by one of the recipients, Maher Hathout, a high-ranking leader of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles.  During the Q and A, another member of the audience asked him about the letter, which Hathout stated he never received. At that point, I handed him his copy of the letter addressed to him. When asked if he would sign it, Hathout replied that he would read it, and if it was serious and did not insult Islam, he would sign it. Below is the video of that event.

On July 4, 2012, FMU sent another round of the same letters to over 200 Muslim leaders including Hathout.

I have been informed by Nonie Darwish this evening that Hathout still has not signed the letter.

Reading the above links you can also access the lists of Muslim leaders who were sent letters in 2009 and 2012.

So the question must be asked as to why so many of our top Islamic leaders in the US have failed to sign a simple statement that former Muslims in America should not be harmed.

One thing is sure. Maher Hathout cannot claim he never received the letter.

One New Heart-Akram Update

A few days ago, I posted a report from Hank Dannecker of One New Heart in Jerusalem regarding one of their latest sponsored children, a little boy named Akram. Below is the latest update from Hank on Akram.

Dear Friends and Family,

Today when I entered the PICU it was all good news.
Akram's recovery is moving in the right direction. He has been extubated and they were even starting to wean him off some of the medications. They also talked about removing one of his chest tubes maybe later this evening.
Inline image 1

Inline image 1

We want to thank you again for your prayers for these precious children.


Hank Dannecker Jr.
1 New Heart

"Answer the Question!"

Hat tip to Global Infidal TV for the video

If you have never attended one of these Islamic events where the speaker spouts all kinds of disinformation about Sharia and related subjects (as I have), it's a good idea to know what to expect if you have a pointed question. In the below video, Parvez Ahmed, a professor and ex-CAIR official in Florida, is confronted with a question about the rights of women under Sharia. (I believe the questioner is Randy McDaniels, of ACT for America in Jacksonville, who is an expert on the topic.)

In these events, question and answer sessions tend to be structured in such a way as to limit the number of questioners and prevent follow-up questions. Even if the events are sponsored by Christian or Jewish groups or places of worship, you can expect the sponsors to run interference and protect the speaker from having to deal with uncomfortable questions to the extent possible. It is clear that Ahmed did not want to deal with a well-thought out question from one who was armed with passages from The Reliance of the Traveler, a book highly regarded within Islamic scholarship and jurisprudence which serves as a guide for Muslims in non-Muslim countries.

Those who are active in promoting Islam and Sharia know the hard questions, and they are armed with their talking points in response. The trick is to get beneath the talking points and show the deception. I never recommend becoming disruptive because it makes you look like the bad guy, and people like Ahmed will (as he did above) try to paint you as a bigot. At the very least, if you can't get all your questions or points in, you can document the deception. That is why your questions should be videotaped by a friendly colleague.

In the above case, the video captures Ahmed's reluctance to answer the question and the efforts of the event's sponsors to shut down the questioners. (The poster on the wall indicates the event was sponsored by Americans United for Separation of Church and State-rather ironic)

Chris Matthews and His Magic Decoder Ring -Again

Hat tip Hot Air

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is wearing that magic decoder ring again. In this latest interview he does with RNC head Reince Priebus, he declares that the Republicans are playing that old race card again.

Of course, we know that nothing gets by Chris. He is an expert at picking out anything Republicans say and passing it off as appealing to white racist voters. Why else would anyone vote against his hero, President Obama?

Here's a secret message to Chris:


&YHR/3344+ 7

What does it say, Chris? Here is the answer.

"They gonna put y'all back in chains."

(Message sent by Joe Biden)

"Chris Matthews, you've got a weak show."

Eric Allen Bell's Take on Sharia in the US

Cross-posted from Frontpage Magazine

Documentary film-maker Eric Allen Bell is an out-spoken opponent of the mosque project in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Originally a supporter of the project, he went to Murfreesboro to make a film. Over time, as he saw who was involved in the project, he turned against it-at great personal risk to himself and his career.

In this just-posted article for Frontpage Magazine, bell describes the inroads that Islamists are making into promoting the idea of sharia law in America-and why it has no place in a  free and democratic society such as ours. For those of you who think sharia can never get past our Constitution, read this article.

There are also those who say, "Why not just allow the local Muslim communities to practice sharia, at least when it comes to civil affairs? After all, it won't affect the rest of us."

Sorry. Every citizen is entitled to our protections-including Muslim Americans. If a Muslim woman or girl (like Rifqa Bari) turns to our courts for protection, she cannot be turned away. What if a Muslim gay or apostate asked a court for protection? Should they be denied that protection because they were a member of a religious community? Did we not act to protect minor children from abuses carried out by the Warren Jeffs religious sect?

C'mon all you feminists and gay rights groups! Where are your voices on this?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meanwhile in Denmark........

Politiet  patruljerer foran Odense Universitetshospital i formiddags. Et  stort antal mænd hærgede i nat hospitalets skadestue i  forsøget på at få udleveret en patient, der forinden var blevet skudt i  Vollsmose. Det har nu startet en debat om brugen af vagter på sygehuse.

Odense University Hospital

"Some 70 aggressive men invaded Odense Hospital last evening."

Let's call it "General Hospital" Danish style. The Copenhagen Post has the story of how 60-70 men stormed a hospital in Odense on August 20, looking to finish off a shooting victim.

The Danish prime minister is shocked.......

Who could have done such a thing?

Why, of course.

"What's in your wallet?"

Obama is Getting Desperate: Now He Wants 5 Dollars

President Obama just sent me another e-mail. Things are getting urgent. As Josef Goebbels said in 1945, "It's 5 minutes to midnight." Now it's 5 dollars for Obama.

"Friend --

When I'm out there talking to voters, we talk about what we've done, what we plan to do over the next four years, and why the other guys have dangerous plans to go back to the policies that failed America for almost a decade. 

But there is another question that keeps coming up, and you need to know about it: "Why do I see so many more ads for the other guys?" 

You don't need me to tell you that the Romney campaign is outraising us -- that billionaire ideologues and corporate interests are piling on tens of millions more in negative ads trashing us, and that all of it means that undecided voters in battleground states like Iowa could be seeing false, misleading, negative attacks at a rate almost twice as often as they hear from us. 

                                                                    (Undecided voter)

Last week, when I was in Iowa, voters told me they were feeling it. The numbers back it up: Our side is getting outspent 2-to-1 on the air there. 

But the folks asking me about this don't want an explanation -- they want to know what I'm going to do about it. 

And the fact is that solving this problem is up to you. 

Close the gap on the air by making a donation of $5 or more now. 

You're getting this email because you know what the stakes are in this election. You know the facts about what we've done to prevent a deeper crisis and to start building an economy that works for the middle class. 

But for someone who's not as engaged, these ads may be an important and possibly even primary source of information about the choice in this election. 

So it's a bad situation if 90 percent of them are false, negative attacks on us. 

We're losing this air war right now. 

I don't have as much time to campaign this time as I did in 2008, so this whole thing is riding on you making it happen. 

Donate now to close the gap on the air: 

Thank you, 



Does Dick Morris know this? This has to be a major turning point in the campaign-a shift, if you will. Instead of asking for three bucks-now he wants 5-and no prize-no lottery.

"If you go to Dick, I have some inside scoop from Fousesquawk. This can mean only one thing-a landslide for Romney." 

Les Miserables in France

                                             "Good news, mein Fuehrer. Paris is burning."

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and Vlad Tepes

You could call it the dog days of summer in France, but once fall and winter arrive, la misere will continue. We have been steadily reporting on the civil strife on-going in France for years now. More recently, it was the massacre at a Jewish school in Toulouse, the killing of two French cops, and riots in Amiens and Mulhouse. Jews continue to be attacked and the French continue to wring their hands. In the three articles below (from Atlas Shrugs and Vlad Tepes), we learn about a Lyons rabbi being threatened, three cops wounded near Paris while responding to one of those "no-go" zones, and a Marseilles restaurant owner beaten for not closing during Ramadan.

For one brief, shining moment, under Nicolas Sarkozy, France became the leader of the Free World-even winning their first war in centuries in pounding Libya into submission. Here at Fousesquawk, we even played the Marseillaise. Now the place looks like France under the occupation in World War 2. What to do?


Are We Not Supposed to Say Something When We See Something?

The below article was written by my friend and colleague Karen Lugo, a Constitutional Law expert who teaches at Chapman University. As we know, Janet Napolitano has launched a call for American citizens, "If you see something, say something." That sounds reasonable, but when people do speak out about what they see happening, the administration is quick to try and shut them down. Rep. Michele Bachmann quickly comes to mind.

See Something, Say Something, Run For Cover
Karen Lugo

The record of testimonies and statistics presented at Rep. Peter King's five hearings on Islamist radicalization demonstrated that America faces a serious problem; just thestory of Melvin Bledsoe, whose son was radicalized by the Nashville Muslim Students Association and a Tennessee mosque to eventually commit jihad murder at the Little Rock recruiting center was all that Americans really needed to hear.  This heartbreaking story alone highlights the systemic failings that still contribute to denial of this crisis.

In July, the House Appropriations subcommittee held a hearing on the FBI’s handling of the Fort Hood massacre.  Rep. John Carter who represents the district that includes Fort Hood was allowed to question the FBI official, although not a member of the subcommittee.  He was rightfully indignant at the level of political correctness that still hamstrings the very agencies established to monitor radicalism and thwart attacks: “If [Nidal Hasa] yelled out ‘Jesus Christ is God,’ would they have said Christians were involved? I mean, at what point does it get to be Islamic terrorism? That’s the simple question. Answer that one,” Carter said.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has attracted bolts of invective for raising legitimate, but inconvenient, concerns about high level Islamist infiltration of government.  If a member of the House Intelligence Committee who is charged with the essential duty to “say something” if she “sees something” is ridiculed by establishment politicians and left undefended when Islamist agitators blame her for inciting murderous hate, the average person takes away a powerful lesson: if you see something, whatever you do, don’t say anything.

Largely overlooked in this controversy is a fifteen-page letter from Bachmann to Muslim congressman Keith Ellison in which she chronicles the current administration’s blasé relationship with arguably dangerous Islamists; those with connections to expansionist wahhabist groups or terrorist inciters.  She explains that the congressional signatories to her request for an inquiry by the State Department’s inspector general are concerned with the positioning of Hillary Clinton’s top deputy, Huma Abedin (evidentiary record presented by Andrew McCarthy and Andrew Bostom here and here), and they question the administration’s outreach to court-noticed Muslim Brotherhood-associated groups as well as the decision to grant a visa to  Hani Nour ("did-no-one-google-him?") Eldin,a member of a U.S. designated terror organization.

Yet, in light of the published record of Abedin’s past connections to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas activists, President Obama -- hosting a White House Iftar dinner -- went out of his way to honor Huma Abedin “for her patriotism, grace, and generosity of spirit and “extraordinary representation of our country.”

When government short-cuts important structural processes that serve the ends of security and safety, asking why is obligatory -- not scandalous.   According to Ambassador John Bolton “what these members of Congress have done is simply raise the question to a variety of inspectors general in key agencies — are your departments following their own security clearance guidelines?”

Related concerns over government streamlining of required process – one much closer to most American neighborhoods -- is growing alarm over the siting of mosques and whether prescribed regulatory scrutiny is given to the permitting process.  Very similar complaints of expedited process and short-circuited deliberations (two current examples here, here, and here), as compared to other religious land use applications, are being registered across the country.  Fueling community fears, the Department of Justice has been tipping the scales -- in what some communities are calling a precipitous fashion -- by weighing in on the side of the mosque proponents. A Wall Street Journal article shows the Justice Department is increasingly intervening on behalf of mosques with 16 of 26 probes in the past decade occurring in the 15 months preceding August 2011.

While some mosques are legitimate houses of worship, many have proven to be radicalization centers as an exhaustive empirical study presented on this quandary demonstrates.  The conclusions, based upon indicia of violent materials, promotion of jihadism, and adherence to strict sharia, reached in Shari'a and Violence in American Mosques indicate that “Islam -- as it is generally practiced in mosques across the United States -- continues to manifest a resistance to the kind of tolerant religious and legal framework that would allow its followers to make a sincere affirmation of liberal citizenship.”

As localities approve variances to allow siting of the mosques in residential areas, residents have registered frustration at what they see as a short-cutting of the statutory tests for how a particular use will impact traffic, parking, and other infrastructure concerns.  If zoning scrutiny has relaxed, as compared to the deliberative response that other-than-Muslim religious land use applications receive, the streamlining of process in such cases prompts serious questions as to why mosque treatment appears to be preferential.

The example provided by European Islamic enclaves that have locked down under sharia law systems, thus denying assimilation opportunities and defying civil authority, cannot be ignored.  There are no easy answers as the American guarantees of individual liberty, religion freedom, and expressive rights must not be compromised but we will not reach solutions by muzzling those courageous enough to begin the discussion.

Intimidation and cowardice have long been the enemies of liberty and security, especially when the exercise of liberty and the concerns of security have been in tension.  American voters are responsible for holding elected officials accountable for enforcing security standards and this includes demanding that candidates speak to these issues in an informed and specific manner.

For the sake of all Americans, including secular Muslims, the discussion on how we achieve security while protecting liberty deserves respect.  Much of the tone for this debate will be set by how we treat the serious questions posed by Bachmann’s “National Security Five.”

What our leaders don't seem to understand is that it is not just seeing a suspicious person leaving a package unattended at an airport. There is cause for alarm going on all around us. There are citizens in this country who have taken the time to learn about the jihadist movement in America. Lugo is one of them. It is not a question of labeling all Muslims as threats. At the same time, however, the threats are out there. It seems that too many of our national leaders don't want to see anything.