Friday, May 29, 2020

What the Hell Is Going on at Rutgers?

Hat tip Breitbart and Algemeiner

Professor Brittney Cooper is someone who occupies space at Rutgers University (and a whole lot of it). Other than that, she doesn't make much in the way of contributions to academic discourse other than spreading her hate. Once again, she is making headlines with an anti-Trump rant, blaming the Covid-19 virus on the President and this....

"Fu-- each and every Trump supporter".

Cooper, of course, has a long history of such inflammatory comments. One would think that Ms Cooper's tenure at Rutgers would be short given the foul and incendiary nature of her language. Alas, think again. It seems Rutgers  has more than its share of ignorant people with advanced degrees teaching our kids. Several of them have been featured on this blog over the years.

Deepa Kumar figures prominently in the Fousesquawk archives. She has compared the US (unfavorably, I might add) to ISIS.

When it comes to anti-Jewish harangues, few can match Rutgers professor of Gender Studies and "queer theorist" (whatever that is), Jasbir Puar.

Back in 2017, three Rutgers professors came under fire for anti-Semitic rhetoric, Puar, Michael Chikindas, and Mazen Adi. The president of Rutgers, of course, defended them.

And just this year, Rutgers hosted anti-Semitic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and gave the bums rush to a Jewish audience member, a rabbi, who dared throw up a critical question to her.

Clearly, something has gone haywire at Rutgers. I can only shake my head and wonder what the job requirements are to get a teaching gig at this broken institution.

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