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"Enmity Against God": Hanging to be Carried Out in Iran

I don't know what "Enmity against God" means. I know I am not guilty of it, but in the twisted minds of the mullahs who run the Islamic Republic of Iran, they apparently do.

I really don't know why the West tries to reason with this regime. I do know, however, that the day will come when we all realize that the only solution is to destroy this evil regime. No, I am not saying send in the Marines, but the day will come when it is simple self defense.

The Copts in Egypt Today Under El Sisi

Hat tip Coptic Solidarity

While it is perceived that the situation for the Coptic Christians in Egypt has improved since Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were removed from power, they still suffer from attacks by followers of the MB. In addition, there are still doubts as to how far the government of Abdel Fattah El Sisi will go to ensure that they achieve equal status in Egypt. The below article describes an interview with El Sisi that is not all that reassuring.

Almost anything is better than Morsi and the MB running Egypt, but if we are going to continue to provide aid to this country, one of the conditions must be that they protect their Christian community.

Not Everybody in the West is Condemning Boko Haram

Hat tip Jihad Watch

-London Evening Standard

Imam Mizanur Rahman

If you think the West is unified in its disgust at Boko Haram, their countless mass murders, and the kidnapping of 300 mostly Christian schoolgirls-think again. Here's one imam in England who is standing up fro the Nigerian killers and kidnappers.

And this is the same country that arrests and jails the (former) English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson for "inciting hate"?

Conflicting Stories on Mob Violence in Egypt/Lebanon

Viewer warning

There is a disturbing report going on in the blogosphere about a Muslim mob that reportedly was exhorted in their mosque to go out and kill Christians in the Egyptian village of Dalga. Subsequently, a mob murdered a Christian man and mutilated his corpse. The below picture in the link from Maghreb is graphic.

However it appears that the photo is actually from another incident in Lebanon that was reported by numerous sources including CNN and the LA Times  in 2010. In this case, the victim was an Egyptian named Mohammed Mssalem (There are variations in the spelling of his last name), an accused murderer who was taken from police custody by a mob and lynched.

The pro-Islamic web site, Loon Watch, has been quick to point out the error in the report including links to the Lebanese lynching in 2010. Their CNN link has the identical photo appearing in Maghreb

Below is the Daily Mail (UK) report, which also has photos.

It is, however, documented that the 20,000-strong Christian community in Dalga is living in a climate of fear.

*Update: The picture, indeed, does not match the story of the incident in Egypt. I am informed that the incident in Dalga is factual. Atlas Shrugs has taken down the photograph but stands by the facts of the story itself, which are distinct from what happened in Lebanon in 2010.

I will keep checking into this story out of Egypt.

Cultural Appropriation Scandinavian Style

Hat tip John Speedie for audio

In Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Scandinavian-American relations have hit a new low over what they say are cases of cultural appropriation using offensive and racist images of Vikings. Specifically they are objecting to TV ads for Capital One credit cards and the use of the name "Vikings" by the Minnesota NFL franchise. At the risk of being censored by my web server, I am posting a few of these images.

"What's in your wallet?"

Above is an example of the hypocrisy of a supposed liberal, ham actor Alec Baldwin, prostituting himself in a TV ad that mocks Scandinavian culture.

Above: Insensitive fans at a Minnesota Vikings football game. Note the use of racist symbols, such as helmet, horns, blond hair, and blond baseball caps.

During the past few days, mass protests have broken out in front of the US embassies in Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. In Stockholm, protesters climbed the walls of the US compound and set fires in the yard before being beaten back by police. With the embassy cordoned off by police, protesters took to the streets in the mostly Viking-inhabited suburb of Husby, where cars were set on fire by roving bands of people described only as "youths" ( a politically-correct term used in Scandinavia for Vikings).

 American embassy personnel were told to stay home all week and travel advisories were issued for the above three countries. Americans have been told to avoid travel to the region.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the State Department in Washington issued a statement to be released by the respective embassies deploring the mockery of Vikings, but added that there was little they could do because of freedom of speech. Nevertheless, Mr Baldwin was taken into custody by New York police on trumped up charges of disorderly conduct for cursing at reporters and threatening a paparazzo. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Yesterday, Democratic members of Congress passed a joint resolution calling on the Minnesota Vikings to change their name and logo.

However, even within Scandinavia, there is discord over a Danish-themed party held by a student fraternity at the Swedish University of Uppsala, in which students came dressed as Ugly Ducklings, Little Mermaids, and Cheese Danishes.

Cheese Danishes.

Here are some of the disturbing photos.

Danish exchange students at Uppsala were quick to condemn the party and called on the school senate to issue a proclamation against the offending fraternity, which was done in an emergency session. Danish student Lars Andersen spoke at the session and condemned what he called the Swedish hegemonic structure that appropriated Danish images as objects of mockery. He called for the offending students to be expelled. In response, fraternity president Lars Svensen apologized and said that the images were not intended to insult or mock Danish culture. He accepted the senate recommendation that all members of the fraternity undergo sensitivity training, whereby they could learn the real history of Danish culture including things like herring, smorgasbord, meatballs, aquavit, and the Viking tradition of non violence.

University spokeperson, Katerina Larssen told reporters the following:

"The administration and student affairs is using it as an opportunity to show to fraternities what cultural appropriation is and how they might be more sensitive, to be able to have their week of philanthropy that ends in a social event without offending others,”

In conclusion, the travel advisory for Scandinavia remains in effect as protests continue.

"Damn those commercials."

ICE in Action

What if I were to tell you that when illegal aliens caught crossing the border into Texas from Mexico were being put on Greyhound buses and sent to places like Phoenix, New York and Maryland, where they were dropped off to fend for themselves? You would say I was making it up, right?

Read on.

What say you, Jeh Johnson?

"Uh, I think I heard about it."

This is a mess that people on all sides of the issue can agree on. It is outrageous. In a normal world, since these are Central Americans who traveled through Mexico to get here, the right thing to do would be to turn them over to Mexican authorities at the border. There's just one problem: We all know that the Mexicans are not going to shoulder this problem and transport them back to the their countries of origin. We don't even want to think about what the Mexican authorities would do. At best, they would put them on a bus to Mazatlan or some other place and let them fend for themselves, which is what we are doing.

So what's the solution, Fousesquawk?

Secure the border.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Videotape Issue at UC Irvine: More Letters

Below is the text of an e-mail I sent on May 27 to the offices of Students Affairs and 
Event Services in regards to the issue of videotaping public events on campus. The contents 
are self-explanatory.
Dear Dean Dormitorio/Director Murren, 
I am writing to you on the advice of UCIPD Lt. Joseph Reiss and in regards to an 
an incident which occurred on campus May 1, in which I and another person were 
prevented from videotaping a public event by campus police upon the request of 
the UCI Muslim Student Union. The details are contained in the below letter, 
which I wrote to Dean of Students Rameen Talesh.
Subsequent to the receipt of the referenced letter, Dean Talesh passed the issue 
on to the UCIPD. On May 12, I met with Lt Reiss, who advised me that UCI policy 
on videotaping was unchanged since it was announced in 2007 that such 
videotaping at public events was permitted. He apologized to me for the 
erroneous action of the officers involved. Lt Reiss also advised me that a 
training bulletin would be sent out department wide to that effect, a copy of 
which I have requested. I also suggested at that time and am suggesting to you 
now that in the future any and all campus organizations be made aware that 
videotaping of public events is permitted and that a sign be posted at these 
events to that effect  in order to prevent any misunderstandings or increased 
tension at these events, many of which have enough tension as it is. 
Ultimately, this should not even be an issue of any particular university's 
policy. I see it as a matter of law involving the First Amendment. These are 
public events on public university campuses involving political speech on 
matters of public interest. The right to videotape a speaker should apply on any 
public campus venue. 
Thank you for your attention. 
Gary Fouse 
Adj teacher 
English Certificate Programs for Internationals 
As yet, I have not received a response. 

"Coconut Trees, Ocean and Palm Leaves" UC Irvine Resolution Against Phi Gamma Delta Fijians and Cultural Appropriation

Viewer warning: The below is a racist image.

The insanity found on most campuses has also enveloped UC Irvine, usually one of the saner schools in the county. That was until Phi Gamma Delta, nicknamed the Fijians, hosted a Fiji-themed party. Never mind that many of the students fall under the category "Asian-American Pacific Islander". They are guilty of "Cultural Appropriation".

Now comes forth the UCI student government with one of those resolutions or proclamations, or whatever you call it.

"Whereas, the materials included the event title on a background of ocean and palm trees and;"

 "Whereas, these actions sanctioned and promoted by the fraternity are egregious acts of cultural appropriation of both the name and culture of the indigenous people of Fiji and; "

It gets better......

5) There is a UN convention of the Rights of Indigenous people that recognizes the need for natives to preserve entities that are endemic to them and this includes their cultures, language, and most importantly EXCLUSIVE OWNERSHIP TO THEIR IDENTITY! What you're doing in your event by using Fiji Islander is committing group identity theft which is subject to legal ramifications under international law.

A violation of international law, be jeezus!!

I'll bet at least half of these people who passed this resolution didn't even know where Fiji was until this happened.

University of North Dakota Farce Continues

"Expel them"

That's what tribal leaders in North Dakota want done to UND students who wore Sioux-themed (former UND mascot) shirts to a drinking party.

I don’t think there’s any question in anyone’s mind that it’s offensive … offensive and racist,” university spokesman Peter Johnson told Campus Reform. “We see it as a highly unfortunate situation, a terrible situation that connects to our needs to provide better education about sensitivity issues.”

Please. This is a university so nervous that they have banned the Sioux mascot and won't have a new one until sometime in 2015 after a "cooling off period". And to think that they would actually expel these students?  Gimme a break.

West Point Speeches: Obama vs GW Bush

Hat tip

Not only did President Obama give a lousy speech at West Point, it is pretty widely reported that he got a very tepid (the word most widely used) response from the cadets who sat in their chairs and politely clapped. Compare that to the enthusiastic reception President George W Bush got when he spoke at West Point during his administration. You can see both videos below.

Is there a teachable moment here?

Full Text of Czech Prime Minister's Speech in Prague

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Miloš Zeman
This is what a real leader looks like

Yesterday, I posted an article on remarks given by Czech Prime Minister Miloš  Zeman to mark Israel's Independence Day in the wake of the attack in Brussels. Here is the full text of his remarks.

Why can't we have a leader like that now?

Campus Reform Report on the Fiji Party at UC Irvine

A couple of days ago, I posted a story on the "shocking" Fiji-themed party held by a UC Irvine fraternity that drew protests over "cultural appropriation".

Today, Campus Reform is running a story on the big hullabaloo with even more "shocking" details.

"UCI spokesperson Cathy Lawhon told Campus Reform that the charity event has prompted the school to have a “series of ongoing discussions and fraternity leaders” about cultural sensitivity."

“The administration and student affairs is using it as an opportunity to show to fraternities what cultural appropriation is and how they might be more sensitive, to be able to have their week of philanthropy that ends in a social event without offending others,” Cathy Lawhon, a spokesperson for UCI, said in an interview with Campus Reform on Wednesday.

That sounds like something Cathy would say. Too bad she didn't explain to the reporter what cultural appropriation is. I would like to know myself.

Apparently, it has, like, something to do with, like, when racist people steal the culture of others, like, in this case Asian Pacific Islanders.

"On May 20, Fijian student (deleted) released a statement claiming that these traditions “hurt marginalized … communities” and “fortify white male hegemonic structures.”

So the shirtless guy in the picture above is fortifying white male hegemonic structures, eh? What goofy professor did you get that phrase from?

The whole thing is ridiculous.

Smile, Rabab Abdulhadi

You're on Fox News

Hat tip

Could it be that the national media is now starting to pay attention to the questionable activities of San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi? Well, Fox News is.

Hopefully, SFSU and the California State University system will now look into how Professor Abdulhadi is spending their money.

Hillary's Latest Memoirs

Hat tip Outside the Beltway and John Speedie for audio

"Those e-mails never reached my desk."

Winston Churchill's multi-volume work on World War 2 has nothing on Her Nibs, Hillary Clinton. Beginning with, "It Takes a Village" and followed by "Living  Rewriting History". Hillary the Great is now set to release her latest magnus opus that recounts all her great accomplishments as secretary of state, such as visiting over one hundred countries and ... and .... and... Well, you'll just have to read the book. Of course, much like Monica Lewinsky took up much of Book Number Two, Benghazi will be "explained" in this one. Or will it beyond the charges of a Republican witch hunt? Of course, Hillary and her cronies showed up at the White House for tea and crumpets with Obama and some kind of strategy meeting that reportedly had to do with how they are going to deal with Benghazi in the upcoming 2016 presidential race..

" I could hardly breathe. Gulping for air, I started crying and yelling at him, "What do you mean? What are you saying? Why did you lie to me?"

No, that's not Bill she's talking to on page 466 in "Living History"; that's what she probably told an aide when he told her that it wasn't a protest over a video that caused the attack on our mission in Benghazi. Said conversation probably took place on the evening September 11, 2012. Where she was that evening is still a mystery. Hopefully, she will reveal that in her book.

Of course, there probably won't be too many pages devoted to Bill in this book since they hardly saw each other for four years while she was gallivanting around the world pushing the restart button on our relations with Russia while Bill was pushing the restart button on his love life. Here's Bill below attending some Clinton Global Initiative event in Vienna initiating contact with Fran Drescher's arse.


"As my motorcade left the American embassy in Cairo, Huma and I were greeted by hundreds of thousands of cheering Egyptians...."

Of course, one of the 100+ countries that Hillary visited was the Congo, where she made a lasting impression on the Congolese youth. Surely, that will be recounted in her book. (Hat tip Outside the Beltway)

"Hey! It was the Congo! What difference at this point does it make?"

At least tell us where that missing $6 billion went, Hillary.

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Jeh Johnson: "I think I've Heard About it"

That was the response today from our director of Homeland Security when asked by Rep. Trent Franks about the case of the Sudanese woman condemned to death for apostasy. The woman is married to an American citizen and has two children, one just born, who are in prison with her. She is reportedly been shackled to the floor of her cell for 4 months. The children are American citizens as well. Mr Johnson has the power to grant instant refugee status to all three, yet, he only thinks he has heard about the woman. Below is tonight's interview of Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, by Fox's Megyn Kelly.

I guess we can only pray that some very quiet but strong diplomacy is going on behind closed doors. I understand that we still give foreign aid to this cesspool of a country-why I don't know. If so, that should be a leverage.

Obama's Squalid Speech at West Point

Full text above (Washington Post)

The more I listen to excerpts of President Obama's speech at West Point, the more disgusted I am. It's like the musings of a man thinking out loud. He rambles about all the world's problems going on which he is unable to deal with as if he is grasping for a solution. In most instances, he is telling his audience that they (the graduates and the military) will not be able to solve them.

Then there was this:

"I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. But what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it is our willingness to affirm them through our actions.
And that’s why I will continue to push to close Gitmo, because American values and legal traditions do not permit the indefinite detention of people beyond our borders. (Applause.) That’s why we’re putting in place new restrictions on how America collects and uses intelligence -- because we will have fewer partners and be less effective if a perception takes hold that we’re conducting surveillance against ordinary citizens. (Applause.) America does not simply stand for stability or the absence of conflict, no matter what the cost; we stand for the more lasting peace that can only come through opportunity and freedom for people everywhere -- which brings me to the fourth and final element of American leadership: our willingness to act on behalf of human dignity."
First of all, didn't he say he would close GITMO when he was running for president in 2008? He has had 6 years to close GITMO. The problem is what do you do with the prisoners who are there? Most who have been released have returned to the battlefield. Are you going to bring them to the US for trial in federal courts? The first issue a defense attorney will raise is that of a speedy trial. What about the countries that refuse to accept their own citizens back? Do we just release them onto the streets of the USA as some leftist groups advocate?
Secondly, who do you think is guarding GITMO? Our military, which the cadets are getting ready to join. The President has strongly implied that our military men and women who are guarding GITMO are doing so in contravention of "international norms and the rule of law". Thanks a lot, Mr President.
Can you imagine what many of those cadets must have been thinking after going through 4 tough years at West Point just to hear the Commander in Chief say all that? I'll bet many were asking themselves why they didn't go to UC Berkeley instead.

Op-Ed by Qasim Rashid in Time Magazine

I have written previously about the Ahmadiya Muslims. On one occasion, I attended one of their speaking events at UC Irvine. They are an interesting bunch because they believe in a successor prophet to Muhammad, which has caused them to be essentially cast out by mainstream Muslims. In addition, this sect is severely persecuted in places like Pakistan

Below is an op-ed written by an Ahmadiya leader in the US, Mr Qasim Rashid in Time Magazine.

Before commenting, I would like to re-post what I reported on the aforementioned appearance by Ahmadiya Muslims at UC Irvine in 2013.

It seems to me that Ahmadi Muslims have not been involved in the countless acts of terrorism and violence  that we see virtually every day around the world by more mainstream sects. That is commendable. Yet, my impression is that while they may, indeed, reject violence, they do adhere to sharia law, the Koran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, all of which they defend to non-Muslims.  It seems to be their position that all the horrors we see, all the hate, all the rejection of other faiths are by certain extremists only and that these "extremists" are not following true Islam.  Yet, ask the Ahmadis uncomfortable questions about sharia, Muhammad and certain verses in the Koran and what you get is the same pablum you get from people like Imam Muzammil Siddiqi and all the other US-based religious leaders. "Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance". "The Koran is being misinterpreted." The Prophet preached love and forgiveness." In the above event, I had to drag it out of the main speaker in front of the audience that the Ahmadis were being persecuted by other Muslims.

We as Americans sincerely want to believe all that because it is part of our nature to respect religions of others. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult as the blood and the bodies continue to pile up. The more you learn, the worse it gets. Islam clearly does not respect other religions.

The question becomes: Are the terrorists, the people who carry out honor killings, those who murder apostates, and the imams who scream hatred toward infidels really just extremists? Or is it they who are following the true teachings of Islam? (Remember when we used to call them "fundamentalists"?)

That leaves the millions of "moderate peaceful" Muslims and the Ahmadis who don't engage in violence and hate, but just go quietly about their lives. What are they to do? Do they rise up and fight against the extremists who have "hijacked" Islam? Do they call for a Reformation to rid Islam of its violent teachings? The latter would be pretty hard to do without removing parts of the Koran and rejecting some of the Prophet's words and deeds. The Protestant Reformation was not aimed against Jesus Christ or the Bible, rather at the corruption of the Vatican.

So what are they to do? A few people have left Islam-either quietly or courageously as have Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish and a few others. But they are a few who are willing to face rejection by their family and society and risk death. I guess if you are an Ahmadi, you criticize the "extremists" and insist that they do not represent the teachings of Islam.

And time marches on (small case t, of course).

BDS: An Analysis by SPME

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East has written a good analysis of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel on college campuses. It includes their recent and troubling tactics, which often resemble Brown Shirt methods of intimidation.

State Department Apologizes for Promoting Abdallah bin Bayyah

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah

Called for killing of US troops
Calls for death of Jews
Invited to White House for a strategy meeting
Promoted by State Department

Once again, our State Department has been embarrassed, this time  by their promoting of some guy who called for the killing of US troops just because he condemned Boko Haram. Now they are apologizing and deleting the offending message.

Now will the White House apologize for inviting this same guy to the White House for a meeting?

UCLA Workshops

Hat tip Campus Reform

"Oh Petie. It's time for dinner."

"I'm studying for my finals, Ma."

Now that all that BDS nonsense is out of the way, the Bruins need some time for relaxation before the finals-or even during the finals according to the latest "workshop" that just came smokin' into Westwood Village. Campus Reform has all the juicy details.

"The Student Wellness Commission Gender Health Committee plans to host more workshops teaching students how to have sex for pleasure."

Czech President Blames Islam For Brussels Attack

Hat tip Prague Post and Atlas Shrugs

"However, I have heard of no movement calling for the massive murder of Arabs, but I know about an anti-civilization movement that calls for the massive murdering of Jews," he said.

 Miloš Zeman, the president of the Czech Republic, while speaking at the Israeli Embassy in Prague, laid the blame for the Brussels attacked that killed four people on Islam.

I am wondering if Mr Zeman is privy to some inside information since I am being more cautious and waiting until the killer is identified. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Obama Doctrine

"Just because we have the biggest hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail."

If they ever build a monument to President Obama in Washington (which they won't) that would be the inscription on the base.

CNN may like it and Chris Matthews probably had a ....well, you know. Conservative commentators are calling the speech dreadful-a speech that probably made the cadets wonder why they went through 4 hard years to get there.

A friend of mine told me today that one of her family's closest friends was one of those cadets in the audience politely applauding the President's Chamberlainesque remarks today. Halfway through the speech, my friend got a text message from her cadet friend who said that the president had not even congratulated them on their graduation to that point. I checked the video, and to be honest, he did congratulate the cadets at the beginning of the speech. The cadet must not have been paying attention. I suspect a lot of the cadets were not paying much attention.

Westerners Going to Join the Jihad in Syria: Why We Are Worried

Suicide bomber in Syria was American

Image: Alleged American suicide bomber 'Abu Hurayra al-Amriki' (@abusulayman321 via Twitter)

As we have often reported here, virtually every Western intelligence agency is concerned about those who are leaving their respective countries to join the fighting in Syria-generally on the side of the rebels. We are all concerned about what these jihadists might do if and when they return. That, of course, has drawn the ire of apologists like Hatem Bazian up at UC Berkeley, CAIR and others who see it as more "Islamophobia".

This is why we are concerned.

I don't know who this guy was, but let's just say better in Syria than here in the US.

PS: I hope he didn't blow up the cat too.

Nigel Farage Was Right

Back in March, Nigel Farage stood up in the European Parliament and told the "maniacs" in the room that the idea of a central Europe was about to be soundly rejected in 72 days by the voters. He was absolutely correct. He and his UKIP party were also big winners in the European elections last week. Above is the video. He also slaps down an Irish delegate who tries to tell him that the Europeans support the EU.

The French People Speak Out

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Last week's elections in Europe were a stunning victory for the right and a stunning defeat for the Euro-centrists. In France, the Front National under Marine Le-Pen was the biggest winner. Gallia Watch has a report with a video of Le-Pen's remarks with an English translation below. Though the election was for the European Parliament, it still has enormous political repercussions for the French government. It is a sign of no confidence in the current government of Francois Hollande.

Gallia Watch also has the alarmist speech by Prime Minister Manel Valls, who is also a big loser in this election being a Euro-centrist himself. Valls simply does not get it.

I am cautiously hopeful here. The French people are telling their leaders that they are fed up with a central Europe managing their ;lives and they are fed up with seeing their society ripped apart by certain immigrants who refuse to assimilate and who have made the streets of French cities unsafe. Their government has up to now refused to listen to them. Now they have heard what the people have to say.

To be sure, we must watch and see whether anti-Semitism will be a part of this changing picture and whether innocent immigrants also find themselves unwelcome due to racism. Immigrants who obey the law, work, contribute and assimilate should encounter no problems.

Mysterious "Youths" Torch Cars in Stockholm Suburbs

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.33.54 AM
-TV Nyheter

Sweden is plagued by a serious problem of juvenile delinquency. Sunday night and early Monday morning  in the suburbs of Stockholm, unidentified "youths" threw rocks at police and set cars aflame. Nothing new. It happens all the time in Sweden. One of the suburbs, Husby, was the scene of a week of riots last year.

But nobody knows who the perps are. I mean its the biggest mystery since Jack the Ripper. Atlas Shrugs has the report with a TV news video (in Swedish) which tells its viewers essentially what I just told you. (Atlas Shrugs does tell you who the perps are. I guess that's why European countries don't allow Pam Geller entry. She might divulge state secrets.)

Amazing how the TV news in Sweden usually shows you images of the aftermath of the riots but not the riots themselves. God forbid that the Swedish public would learn who the perps are. That is a state secret.

At any rate, the police are asking the public for help in identifying the rioters.

"If you see any youths, call the police."

Cultural Appropriation at UC Irvine

"One person's hate speech is another person's education."

(Who said that?)

If you are not familiar with the term, "cultural appropriation", you need to get up to speed. Along with "white privilege" this is one of the hot new in-terms on college campuses all across the fruited plain. Cultural appropriation is when one group of people (usually white) uses a cultural feature of another group of people (usually people of color-another hot new term) in order to, er, uh, ah what the hell. I can't really explain what it is, but here is an example from UC Irvine, where I teach part-time. In this instance, some Fijian students are upset because a campus fraternity, whose nickname is Fijians held a Fiji-themed party and...

Well read it yourself. It's in today's Orange County Register.

"More than 100 students attended a meeting last week to voice concerns to the student government, with critics saying the party involved cultural appropriation."

I guess I will have to get rid of all those Guayabera shirts I love to wear. And wasn't Fiji a French colony?

But I digress. Here are some of the shocking photos of the cultural appropriators in action at the above-mentioned party.

Here are some other examples of cultural appropriation that must be addressed.

No longer.

Cultural appropriation. Racially insensitive.

Pictured below is your politically-incorrect American blogger appropriating German culture, which I often do.

(Mexican too. That's one of my Guayabera shirts I am wearing. My wife isn't speaking to me all day today.)

Actually, it's made in China. Is that cultural appropriation too?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update on the Outing of that CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan

It has been announced that the White House is launching an investigation into who in the White House was responsible for outing the CIA station chief in Afghanistan during President Obama's visit to that country.

I am informed from my secret source in the White House that the President is outraged, and that he will issue a statement that the White House will get to the bottom of it and make sure it never happens again.

No word on yet about any appointment of a special prosecutor.

State Department Calls on All Americans to Leave Libya

So our illustrious State Department in all its wisdom, has finally decided that Americans should get the hell out of Libya.

Here is my question: are my questions:

When did the State Department decide it was not safe for Americans to be in Libya?

When did the State Department decide it was safe for Americans to be in Libya?

How many months has it been since four Americans were murdered at the US mission in Benghazi?

When and why did the situation deteriorate?

Between Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, I am sure they can come up with all the answers.

Shameful Editorial in Gazet van Antwerpen: Israel and Netanyahu to Blame for Attack on Jewish Museum

Hat tip Joods Actueel

It was inevitable. In the wake of the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, a Belgian newspaper editorial, written by Paul DeBruyn in the Gazet van Antwerpen (Antwerp), while lamenting that anti-Semitism is alive and well, has opined that the responsibility for the attack lies with Israel, its policies against the Palestinians, and Bibi Netanyahu.

Terry Davids, the editor of Joods Actueel, writes of her disgust in reading the article. The below link is in Dutch (Flemish)

Here is the article, also in Dutch:

Final paragraph:

"Maar het blijft een feit dat de situatie van de Palestijnen onduldbaar is en dat daarvoor zo spoedig mogelijk een rechtvaardige oplossing moet worden gevonden. De onbuigzame houding van de Israëlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu heeft alle westerse bemiddelingspogingen doen stranden en de kwestie nog uitzichtlozer gemaakt. Dat is alleen de voedingsbodem voor nog meer haat. Geweld leidt tot meer geweld, een doorbraak in een conflict bereiken kan alleen door te onderhandelen. Echt onderhandelen."

"But the fact remains that the situation of the Palestinians is intolerable and a just solution must be found as quickly as possible. The unbending position of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has thwarted Western mediation efforts. That alone is a breeding ground for more hate. Violence leads to more violence. A breakthrough in the conflict can only be achieved through negotiations. Real negotiations."

With all due respect, is this the time to point fingers at Israel? A statement like that can only feed the sense of justification for this foul deed and encourage further attacks "in the name of the Palestinian people". Was the killer a Palestinian? Maybe he was a Moroccan? If so, what was his stake in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? (I know the answer. Aside from a common religion, there is no stake.)

This is a time when everyone in Belgium (and Europe) should be engaging in some self reflection. What have they done to enable such an evil act be committed in their capital? Why are their cities places where Jews cannot walk around in safety?

For too long the Europeans and their media have accepted with an uncritical eye any version of the conflict offered up to them by Palestinian activists and propagandists including staged "atrocities" blamed upon the Israelis. Yet, depending on the identity of the shooter, even that may not explain the hate that led to this attack. Let us assume for the sake of argument that the shooter is a Belgian or native European. One could just as easily lay the blame for his anti-Semitism at the feet of the Belgian and European media for their biased and inaccurate reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That goes as well for the dozens of European NGOs who have served to spread public opinion against Israel-as Davids points out in her piece.

Talk about blaming the victims!

SFSU Mess Continues

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative and Truth Revolt

The controversy over San Francisco State University Professor Rabab Abdulhadi continues. The AMCHA Initiative has written to California State University Chancellor Timothy White and SFSU President Les Wong asking them to investigate whether Professor Abdulhadi obtained university funding for a trip to the Middle East under false premises.

The letter may be accessed below.

Here is Truth Revolt's take on this controversy:

CAIR Official's Shameful Memorial Day Message

Hat tip American Thinker, Ryan Mauro and David

Zahra Billoo is the director of the Council of American Islamic Relations in San Francisco. It was she who dragged out this poster urging Muslims to slam the door when the FBI came calling looking for cooperation against terrorists.


Last year, she spoke at UC Irvine on behalf of the Muslim Students Union Islamic Awareness Week. In answer to a question from me she confirmed that under sharia law, the punishment for adultery is death.

Now she has put out this tweet to mark Memorial Day.

Disgusting. Beyond disgusting.

It is time for Muslims in America to reject this subversive organization. Way past time.

Our State Department in Action

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Amazing how our government continually pumps up the wrong Muslims as "partners for peace".

Surely, the White House will call Mr Kerry in on the carpet for this blunder.

Won't they?

( I knew that guy's name rang a bell.)

Copenhagen and Their Somalis

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Europe (at least their politicians and intellectuals)  thinks it's a grand idea to import hundreds of thousands of Somalis into their various countries. Denmark is no exception. Here is the price they are paying. In this case, a young Danish woman walking her dog was attacked by 4 Somalis who threw rocks at her and her dog, kicked the dog, and threw her into a lake.

Were this an isolated incident, it would not be worth writing about. Unfortunately, it is not isolated. What has happened to that merry city of Copenhagen I knew in my youth? It was a city that welcomed foreign visitors of all races including blacks. Everybody had fun in Copenhagen.

This is why this past week's elections in Europe took a sharp turn to the right. The people are fed up.

In Sudan, "Mother and Child Are Doing Fine"

Above-Meriam Ibrahim and new-born in her jail cell (Arab News)

Now that a Sudanese Woman sentenced to death has given birth in prison, the next step in this hell hole of a country is for her to receive 100 lashes. The "good news" is that she will be allowed to nurse her baby for two years before she is hanged.

For leaving Islam. (She never left it. Her Muslim father deserted her and her mother who was Christian and raised her as Christian.) That is all in accordance with sharia law.

"Sharia law is perfectly compatible with the US Constitution."

-Muzammil Siddiqi (on right)
Head imam of Islamic center of Orange County and ex-president of Islamic Society of North America

Jerusalem Post: Brussels Suspect in Custody-Denied by Belgians

The Jerusalem Post is reporting as of 15 minutes ago that the Belgian police have a suspect in custody in the Saturday shooting assault on Brussels' Jewish museum. No further details are available as yet.

*Update (10:43 PST) The Belgian daily Le Soir reports that an arrest made this afternoon is not connected to the Jewish Museum shooting on Saturday.

The Jerusalem Post is still running with the same report as above.

Update: (11:30 am PST) The Post is now saying that Belgian authorities have denied a suspect is in custody.

Meanwhile, in Merry Olde Pakistan.....

Woman stoned to death-in front of the court

pakistaanse vrouw gestenigd omdat ze trouwt met man waarvan ze houdt
"This is the city....Lahore, Pakistan.."               This is the victim

Another White House Snafu

Obama Afghanistan_AP_660.jpg

"Let me give a shout out to our CIA station chief, (deleted). Where are ya (deleted)? Stand up."

Remember Scooter Libby?

Where's the special prosecutor?