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France: Tribute to Josephine Baker

As we reported earlier today, Josephine Baker is being honored by her adopted country, France, today as she is enshrined in the Pantheon.

Below, former culture minister, Jack Lang, paid tribute to Baker. The below article by France Bleu is translated by Fousesquawk.

Josephine Baker to the Pantheon: "An example for all women" for Jack Lang

Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 11:11 by Lise Roos Weil, France Bleu

The French-American artist and resister, who lived 31 years in Dordogne, enters the Pantheon this Tuesday, 30 November. Jack Lang, former minister of culture, who signed the petition, "Dare Josephine", was the guest of 6-9, France Bleu Perigord. 

Caption beneath photo:

Jack Lang, ex-minister of culture, observes the journey of Josephine Baker, who enters the Pantheon this Tuesday.

Former minister of culture, Jack Lang, was one of the first personalities to have worked for the admission of Josephine Baker into the Pantheon. In 2019, he signed the petition, "Dare Josephine". This Tuesday, 30 November, the French-American artist and resister enters among the "immortals". "She is an iconic, symbolic figure," testifies Jack Lang, guest of 6-9 France Bleau Perigord.  "A combative and courageous woman." Josephine Baker is the 6th woman to enter the Pantheon and the first black woman. The ex-minister sees in her an example: "I hope that this ceremony will give all women of France, whatever their origin, the courage to be able to go forward and will show men that they should recognize the rights of all women."

"I hope that this ceremony will give all women of France, whatever their origin, the courage to be able to go forward...." 

For Jack Lang, this ceremony should mark a before and after in our society. "What matters is that this entry into the Pantheon is not a way of saying, 'Hi, good day, Josephine' and then forget, he explains. "She must accompany us through the years to come as an example. A militant for civil rights at the side of Martin Luther King, the entry of Josephine Baker into the Pantheon sends a message of unity, it is a symbol of the disappearance of discrimination, our desire to be a united nation."

Today France Honors Josephine Baker (1906-1975)

Today, France is paying homage to Josephine Baker, the African-American dancer, singer, actress from St Louis who made her fame in France. Baker was more than just a successful entertainer. During the German occupation of France in World War 2, she joined the French resistance. Now, 46 years after her death, she is being enshrined today in the Pantheon of Paris, joining other French heroes. She will be represented in the Pantheon by a cenotaph. 

-France Bleu

Actually, the ceremony is symbolic. Baker's remains are staying in Monaco since her family has refused exhumation.

Baker was born Freda Josephine McDonald. In 1925, she went to France, where she became hugely successful.

Today's article from France Bleu has several photographs of the ceremony as well as live stream video.

Monday, November 29, 2021

The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (2): A View from Portugal

Hat tip Inconveniente (pt). Translation by Fousesquawk.
This is another in our series of translations from European articles regarding the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. It comes from the Portuguese writer, Jose do Carmo, in the blog, Inconveniente (pt). The general theme is that Islam is a direct threat to European democracy, but it also talks about the inroads made by the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe in general. Thus, I am entitling my post as The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (2): A View from Portugal. Do Carmo's title is: Is Islam a Threat?

I have added links to two of the organizations mentioned by the author but not further described.

Is Islam a threat?

by Jose do Carmo

A few days ago, someone said to me that, in his opinion, Islam is a religion like others, and he casually rejected the idea that it was a threat to the rich, strong, and civilized West.

Are there really no reasons to fear?

Well, beyond the very clear and explicit exhortations to violence and conquest, which can be read in the sacred texts of Islam, it is always history that shows us that since this religion broke out about 1400 years ago, Muslims have consistently followed the Koranic command to make war on the infidels, on the House of War.

As a result, almost 75% of the then-called "Christiandom" was definitively conquered by the House of Islam, including all of North Africa, Anatolia, Syria, etc.

Many European territories were under Muslim occupation, at times for centuries, from Portugal to Russia, passing through Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, etc. etc, only being liberated by force of arms.

More than 15 million Europeans were captured and enslaved in the name of jihad, in a process that lasted until the 19th century, reaching faraway Iceland. In fact, one of the first external wars waged by the USA ( Jefferson and Adams) was precisely against the Muslim slavers, having Portugal as an ally.

All in all, for more than 1,000 years, Islam has been the principal and permanent threat to Western civilization and has always been on the offensive when the relative potential of combat has been in its favor.

In the 20th century, Europe modernized itself, (and) managed to neutralize jihad (but) seems now to have forgotten everything about this old and constant threat.

For many Westerners, Islam is just a religion like others, and some, without knowing anything of history and the texts, even proclaim that it is "a religion of peace".

No, it is not.

What history tells us is that it is the most formidable and persistent enemy that our civilization has faced up to today, and this has not changed just because circumstantially, we believe that we are at the top.

The major problem, still, is not the forgetting of history, but its re-writing, so that it fits into new, politically-correct narratives.

And this woke narrative, conveyed in the schools, in the media, and in the cinema, is that Muslims are part of the extensive group of historical victims of the West, that is, of the "heteropatriarchal white" or by definition, the "oppressor".

For example, the Crusades, effectively, a military reaction to the Islamic conquest of the so-called Christian holy places, is described as a cruel and unjust attack on the poor Muslims, who were peacefully on their lands drinking tea and smoking water pipes. Moreover, the Muslim invasions are not even described as such, rather as innocuous "advances" (by) Arabs, Moors, Almoravidans, Tatars, Mamluks, Ottomans, etc., deliberately hiding their true rational aggregate, jihad against the infidel.

But that is history, the appeasers will say. That time has passed. We have to look to the future and enter into a new era of mutual respect and tolerance, even if to do this, we have to gild history a bit.

That could be, actually, a plausible position, if it were mutual.

But it isn't 

All over the globe, millions of Muslims show the same supremacist and intolerant impulse of their ancestors, and hundreds of millions of Christians and other infidels are today subjected to implacable and genocidal persecution in the name of jihad.

None of this should surprise us.

In the schools, the madrasas, millions of Muslim children are instructed in the glorification of jihad and the contempt and hatred towards the infidels.

Meanwhile, here a certain left demonizes our history, tears down statues, and transforms our heroes into villains; in "secular" Turkey, Mehmet the Conquerer, a pedophile who devastated Eastern Europe, is every year, praised and consecrated on the anniversary of the conquest of Constantinople.

It is often said that he who ignores history is condemned to repeat it, but there is no proverb for those who rewrite it, demonizing their ancestors and excusing their enemies.

The result is in sight.

Today, in this phase of "weakness", those who open the path of Islam are not the Scimitars, but the Western nations themselves who throw open the doors of crime, demographic imbalance, social fracture, and the devastation of identity and belonging.

Two years ago, Mrs. (Ursula) Von der Leyen (European Commission president) was singing that, "We must dispel the fears and worries about the impact of illegal immigration on our society."

She referred obliquely to Muslim immigration, which is the overwhelming majority.

And in terms of "dispelling fears", the EU spares no effort, generously using the money of the European contributors (the money of the EU comes from states, which, themselves, look for it in the pockets of the citizens, including mine and those of the reader).

Let's see some examples:

The Islamic University of Gaza, an organization of Hamas, a terrorist and anti-Semitic movement, was financed, just in 2019, with almost half a million euros and is in the Erasmus program.

The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMSYO), received about 300,000 euros over ten years.

To, among other things, articulate the recent joint campaign with the Council of Europe and some Muslim countries, in the sense of promoting the hijab as a "symbol of liberty".  It is true that France was vehemently opposed and the Swedish government, for example, already cut the financing of the radical group, but its members continue to be received and applauded in the European Youth Parliament in Strasbourg.

-Various obscure organizations (Islamic Relief, Lokahi Foundation, Muslim Association of Ireland, etc) all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), received, over the course of years, tens of millions of euros, despite explicit and vitriolic anti-Semitism.

Today, the MB has, in Europe, a dense network that comprises openly affiliated militants, activists, and sympathizers, spread through various NGOs that, as mentioned, share the ideology of the Brotherhood.

What is this ideology and what are its goals?

Well, from the mouth of Yusuf al-Qaradawi himself, its principle ideologue, who lives like a nabob in Qatar (Qatar TV, July 2007), "The peaceful conquest is founded on religion, and for this, I hope that Islam conquers Europe without the need for sword or combat. Do it through dawah- that is, missionary work and/or proselytizing and the ideology."

So we see that Von der Leyen and al-Qaradawi, certainly unwittingly, share exactly the same vision, even though the blind one is not Mr Qaradawi.

And yet, the ideology of the Brotherhood (sharia, the submission of women to men, the marriage of minors, etc) is at the opposite pole from European values. Its objective is not to integrate itself within liberal democracy, rather to promote a caliphate in Europe.

All of its activities have this as a beacon, including the strategy of Islamicization of the Muslim communities in Europe and the tactical dialogue with the institutions of the EU and its member states.

The MB oozes total intolerance relative to any belief that isn't Islamic. The European Council for Fatwa and Research, based in Ireland, has already issued fatwas advocating the death penalty for apostates, the right of husbands to beat women, the obligation of the veil, etc.

In recent years, the MB and its front organizations have honed and refined the capacity to manipulate European values, especially freedom of expression. The lexicon of their leaders includes the politics of identity and politically correct language, with a profusion of words like, "inclusion", "diversity", and "racism".

What the Koran itself designates as Taquiya! (dissimulation, deception, etc.)

The MB today is a pressure group well organized, professional, with generous financial resources and excellent communicators who play on the naivete and/or fear of the officials and functionaries of the EU, fearful of being accused of "Islamophobia".

The culmination is that functionaries of the European External Action Service (the diplomacy of the EU), received training from a member of the MB (advisor to ex-president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi) as to how the democracies should be favorable and understanding relative to sharia.

 In effect, the EU chooses radical Islamics as interlocutors and gives them credibility and money from the taxes of its citizens, for an objective in flagrant opposition with the values and interests of these same citizens. At this moment, I and the reader, are literally financing, with our money, terror groups and supremacists.

The historians who, in the future, will study these times, called "the information era", will possibly be stunned to find that it was, after all, a time in which disinformation triumphed, ignorance spread like a stain, and people lived in bubbles of alternative reality, without perceiving that they were on a path of self-destruction.

The problem with bubbles is that inevitably, they end up breaking, and those who live inside them are immediately exposed to danger and the barbarism that they never wanted to see, or were never able to see.

Yes, Islam is a threat.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

EURO Language Police

It's not just on this side of the Atlantic that the left is attempting to re-write the English language. The insane European Commission, representing the multi-lingual EU, is now embarking on their own quest to set new rules for its member states and their own languages.

The Italian newspaper, Il Giornale, has obtained a copy of an internal communication from the European Commission setting out new guidelines for the use of language.  

The below article is translated by Fousesquawk.

In Europe, forbidden to say "Christmas" and even to call oneself Maria

28 November 2021-16:53

The internal document of the (European) Commission: No to the use of "Miss" or "Mr", just religious references  and Christian names

Francesco Giubilei

If they had told us and we had not read it in black and white in an official communication from the European Commission, we wouldn't have believed it because the contents of the new guidelines for "inclusive communication" are incredible. In a document for internal circulation, of which Il Giornale has come in exclusive possession, entitled, #Union of Equality, European Commission Guidelines for Inclusive Communication, the criteria to adopt for members of the Commission in external and internal communication are laid out. As written in the forward, the Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, "We must always offer an inclusive communication, ensuring thus, that everyone is appreciated and recognized in all of our material independent of gender, race, or ethnic origin, religion, or creed, disability, age, or sexual orientation."

To accomplish this, the European Commission lays out a series of rules that don't just cancel conventions and words always used, but also contradict common sense. It is forbidden to use common words like "workers or policemen" or use the masculine pronoun as a predefined pronoun, it is forbidden to organize discussions with only one gender represented (only men or only women) and further, it is forbidden to use "Miss or Mrs" except to make it explicit who the recipient of the communication is. But that's not all: You cannot open a conference addressing the public with the usual expression, " Gentlemen and Ladies," but you must use the formal neutral, "Dear Colleagues". 

The document focuses on specific areas like "gender", "LGBTIQ", "racial and ethnic" themes, or "cultures", lifestyles, and beliefs" with a table indicating what can and can't be done based on the intent to regulate everything creating a new language that doesn't allow for spontaneity: "Pay attention not to always mention the same gender first in word order, or to address men and women differently (for example, a man by family name and a woman by first name)" And further, "When choosing images to accompany your communication, make sure that women and children are not represented in a domestic setting or in passive roles while the men are active and adventurous". 

A desire to cancel the male and female genders that reaches paradoxical levels when the Commission writes that it is necessary to avoid expressions like, " Fire is the greatest invention of Man", but it is correct to say, "Fire is the greatest invention of humanity". It is obvious that behind the redefinition of language lies the desire to change European society, our customs, and traditions as seen in the chapter dedicated to "culture, life-style, or beliefs". The European Commission wants to emphasize "avoiding assuming that everyone is Christian" since "not everyone celebrates the Christmas holidays (...) it is necessary to be sensitive to the fact that people have different religious traditions". There is, however, an enormous difference between respect for all religions and being ashamed of or canceling the Christian roots that are at the base of Europe and of our identity.

In the name of inclusivity, the European Commission goes so far as to cancel Christmas suggesting that the phrase, "the Christman period can be stressful:" not be used, rather to say, "The vacation period can be stressful". A desire to eliminate Christianity that goes further with the recommendation to use generic names instead of "Christian names", so instead of "Maria and Joseph are an international couple," you need to say, " Malika and Giulio are an international couple". Reaching the contempt of the ridiculous is that which requires (us) to counter the negative connotation of words like colonialism: It is forbidden to say, "the colonization of Mars" or "human settlement on Mars", better to use, "send humans to Mars". When tragedy gives way to farce.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Waukesha as Seen by a Swedish Conservative

 Hat tip Det Goda Samhallet. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Jackson Sparks (8): His life mattered.

Mohamed Omar is a Swedish writer and apostate from Islam. He has written the below op-ed for the conservative Swedish news outlet, Det Goda Samhallet. This is one Swede's reaction to the Waukesha massacre and other racially-tinged incidents in the US.

Mohamed Omar: Don't white lives matter?

November 26, 2021

For the so-called "anti-racists", white life does not matter. Last Sunday (November 21. 2021), black power follower Darrell E. Brooks drove his SUV into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He killed 6 persons and injured about 50.

Darrell E. Brooks belonged to a black power sect, The Five Percent Nation, which teaches that black people are a master race and white people are "devils".

Here are the names of the victims:

Virginia Sorenson

LeAnna Owen

Tamara Durand

Wilhelm Hospel

Jane Kulich

Jackson Sparks

In all likelihood, you will not read their names in Dagens Nyheter. You will not see them on posters or painted as graffiti on the walls of houses. You will not hear demonstrators call their names on the streets and squares.

Reason: All the victims were white.

The above picture shows one of the victims, the 8-year-old boy, Jason Sparks. 

George Floyd was a criminal doper who died during a police arrest. The victims of the hateful terror attack in Waukesha were completely innocent. Their only crime was that they had the wrong skin color.

The Christmas parade's motto was "Comfort and Joy". Many of the participants were children. It was turned into a bloodbath.

The Black Lives Matter movement says it fights against police brutality. But when Hannah Fizer, 25, on 13 June 2020, was killed by police, nobody demonstrated. I have Googled it and can state that no Swedish media has called her name. Not even alternative media. The only media who named her is Det Goda Samhallet (The Good Society) on June 22, 2020. The lack of interest can be for no other (reason) than she was white.

On July 15, 2017, another white woman, Justine Damond, was shot to death by a black policeman in Minneapolis. She was innocent. Have you seen her name in the mainstream media? How many recognize her face?

The 24-year-old mother of a small child, Jessica Doty Whitaker, was shot in the head after an argument with a group of black men in her hometown of Indianapolis. She reportedly said, "All lives matter", which provoked them.

Don't white lives matter? No, not according to the progressive and "anti-racist Cambridge professor, Priyamvada Gopal, who on June 22 of last year, posted a tweet with the message, "White lives don't matter". Since then many controversial tweets have been found in her account, among others, one in which she expresses a wish to "kneecap white men."

In tweets, she tells of how every day, she has to control herself to not shoot white men.

”I resist urges to kneecap white men every day.”

What really differentiates this so-called "anti-racism" from racism?

Isn't this "anti-racism just anti-whiteness?

One does not have to be a white racist or white nationalist to agree with many, if not all the points that Omar raises. It is not my wish to address each of the incidents mentioned by Omar. But he is correct in making the case that lashing out at all whites in hate and violence is hardly the solution to our racial issues. The fact of the matter is that innocent people are being killed in the name of a nascent ideology (Black Lives Matter) that has little to do with actual civil rights. It is not just white people. Asians and Jews (who come in all colors) are being victimized as well over perceived historical wrongs committed against black people.

Unfortunately, far too many of Omar's fellow Swedes don't share his opinion. Sweden today is dealing with feelings of guilt over the fact that they are a wealthy and successful country and that they somehow owe it to people from other parts of the world to be able to migrate to Sweden and mistreat the native Swedes while enjoying the fruits of their "adopted" country.

I do not post this as some sort of call to white nationalism, which I reject. My wish is for reconciliation, justice for all, and harmony. I am sure any educated Swede knows the name of George Floyd. In that case, justice has been served. But as Omar notes, how many Swedes know the names of the innocent victims of Waukesha? For the sake of God, we should at least remember the name of Jackson Sparks. He was only 8 years old! 

His life, as well as the lives of the other victims, mattered

Netherlands: The Opportunism of a Dutch Refugee Agency

Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The below article by Jan Omvlee in the conservative Dutch news outlet, Ongehoord Nederland, exposes how one Dutch refugee agency is taking advantage of the crisis at the Belarus border with Poland (not to mention Latvia and Lithuania) to bring more asylum-seekers from the Middle East to the Netherlands. Omvlee also notes that most asylum-seekers wind up in reception centers in rural communities where the majority of voters do not support the policies of the leftist parties that push this never-ending refugee program.

Migrant crisis in Eastern Europe  exposes gut feeling of the left

Jan Omvlee, 26 November 2021

The Dutch Refugee Foundation is giving aid to hundreds of migrants who have illegally crossed the Polish border from Belarus. The need is great, they say.

Within a few week's time, an estimated 7,000 residents of various countries in the Middle East have flown into the Belarusan capital of Minsk. The Belarusan president, Alexander Lukashenko, is using them in his fight against the economic sanctions placed against him by the European Union following human rights violations. Upon arrival, the travelers get help from the security forces to illegally cross the barbed-wire border with Poland and the Baltic states. 

To condemn migration or not?

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, calls the migrant flow a "hybrid attack", which has as its aim to destabilize the EU. She also expresses her support for the EU-member states that border Belarus and refuse to allow the migrant flow.

The idea that the migrant flow should be condemned as an attack against the EU, however, cannot count on much enthusiasm from the Second Chamber (Dutch Parliament, House of Representatives). In mid-November, a letter sent by the foreign commissions of 17 European parliaments to Von der Leyen and NATO secretary Stoltenberg was not supported by the House because the D66 (party) and the leftist parties did not want to be too strict in regards to asylum law. Member Kati Piri (PVDA) explained this vote against (the letter) by pointing out that the letter proposed adapting the "existing legal order" to situations in which illegal migration is used as a weapon. "If we make an exception to the Belarusan border area with Poland and Lithuania, we throw the entire refugee treaty in the trash," said Piri. In other words: The right for people to request asylum in EU member states cannot be compromised, even when used as political pressure by hostile neighbor states.

Tineke Ceelen

For the Dutch Refugee Foundation, the widening of activity to Poland offers new opportunities for fundraising, especially now that the crisis is in the media spotlight. Tineke Ceelen, since 2003 director of the Refugee Foundation, wandered along the Polich eastern border and tweeted about the bad weather conditions and the dangers the refugees face in the forested border area. Belarus is not the cause of the misery, he finds, rather the victim, Poland. The country is callously closing its eyes to the human suffering on its own border. Poland is sending automatic text messages to all cell phones in the border zone, in which refugees are warned in English to go back to Belarus. Ceelen also thinks that the Polish military and police are being very intimidating, including the use of tear gas. 

No repeat of 2015

Polish steadfastness, however, is all that keeps Europe from a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis when hundreds of thousands flowed into Europe via Greece. That this time many women and children are seen is mostly thanks to the red carpet Belarus rolled out. The migrants were promised a safe and easy way to reach Germany without having to cross thousands of kilometers or having to make a dangerous sea crossing. 

Annual income

Many migrants have spent almost a year's Iraqi income to sleep overnight in a tent in an improvised campground. That the migrants are poor and in need of help is mainly a result of their own choices. Iraq is sending planes this week to bring back asylum-seekers who are giving up. That directly raises the question of what the reason was to leave home and hearth. In any case, their lives were not in danger in Iraq, the main reason for asking for asylum in the EU. 

Complaining left

The leftist gut feeling, however, places the blame for the misery on us, Europeans. An oft-heard argument is that economic migrants must be allowed in because they have no prospects for a better future in their own country. However, the question is seldom asked of the migrants and their home countries if it would not be much better to invest a year's income for a useful education or a business.

Suction effect

The justified fear of a "sucking effect" of a generous asylum policy is invariably dismissed as an extreme right-wing illusion, but this year, as of September,  21,780 asylum-seekers and (later their relatives) came to the Netherlands. The Central Agency for the reception of asylum-seekers, which spends almost 28,000 euros for each asylum-seeker per year, is always desperate for more reception locations. The asylum-seekers, in one way or another, come to mainly small, rural communities where very few people vote Green-Left or D66. A naive leftist asylum policy-that rattles on all sides- is thus, passed on to the people who did not choose it.  

Why Are We Going Backwards?

 I seem to be going through a period of writer's block the last week or so. Is that because I have come down with Covid-though fully vaccinated? I don't know. Surely, there are so many things to write about.

I did write something up about the Rittenhouse verdict, which I applauded. Up to now, I have not seemed to be able to write anything about the horrible attack this past week in Waukesha that took 6 lives-including a small boy. I had to digest it, let more facts come out, and let others discuss it. 

Was there a connection between Waukesha and the trial in nearby Kenosha? Most of the mainstream media doesn't seem willing to accept that, but the geographical closeness is too much to be a mere coincidence.

That leads us into a closer examination of Darrell Brooks, the man who (allegedly) drove his car into a crowd of people celebrating the holidays with a parade. Some in the media have suggested that he was merely fleeing some other incident and really didn't mean to hit all those people. Eyewitness reports, including from police, indicate that the act was deliberate and intentional. He wanted to mow people down with his SUV. That, ultimately, must be decided by a court.

A couple of things stand out about Brooks. He is a career criminal with a record that begs the question: "Why was he out on the streets?" That was because of a low bail policy which allowed him to roam the streets like a predator.

It has also come out-first by alternative media and now confirmed by conservative outlets like Fox- that Brooks was a man driven by hate. He is reportedly a black nationalist who hates white people and Jews as well. That has all been brought out by his social media rants. His social media also reportedly indicated that he was, indeed, upset by the Rittenhouse verdict. Can we say, "hate crime"?

Not only has Brooks unleashed yet another discussion about the laxness of our judicial system in certain locales run by left-wing Democrats, but his obvious hate -coupled with so many other incidents- should cause a discussion about how our racial relations have managed to get so bad in recent years.

As I have said many times, I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Thus, I have been able to observe the changes in this country thanks to the Civil Rights movement. Yet, we are going in the wrong direction. Millions of black people think that they are still treated as second-class citizens especially by the justice system.

In spite of the gains of the Civil Rights era, many blacks were left behind, and, for some reason, did not or could not take advantage of the changes sweeping the country. We still have inner cities that are more like the third world, where crime, drugs, gangs, and broken families rule the roost.

I could keep on going around in circles here, repeating things I have written dozens of times before. The point is I am sick of hearing excuses and coverups for criminal hate mongers like Darrell Brooks. Six people are dead as a direct result of the failure of our courts to deal with Brooks. And still, our media mostly avoids discussions of what drove him to commit this horrible deed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Netherlands: "Stop Islamofascism Against Jews in Europe"

Hat tip The Balkans Chronicles. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Germany 1938: Reichskristallnacht

Western Europe continues full speed ahead with the importation of young Muslim males and anti-Semitic violence rises proportionately. 

The conservative Dutch blog, The Balkans Chronicles, examines the effects both in the Netherlands and in France. It is depressing reading.

On Tuesday 9 November in the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam, a commemoration of "Kristallnacht" took place. This event went unobserved by the criminal media, which is under control of the elite. The same elite who was behind this heinous crime. Hitler was just its puppet. This super-rich satanic elite went again on the offensive ten years after the end of the Second World War to establish a new Nazi world order.  First, they founded the European Union on the Nazi idea, gradually put its people in the most important positions and now march on two fronts through Europe: The one front run by Klaus Schwab  (whose family collaborated with the Nazis) with a corona-hoax, and the other front is the mass immigration by Muslims, who are the greatest enemies of the Jews, who again are the first to be attacked and murdered, just as in the Second World War. Whoever does not know his history is doomed to repeat it. That can be read at the entrance to Block 4, one of the 28 buildings of the Auschwitz extermination camp. A litmus test of unprecedented magnitude at this time for all citizens, including the Dutch. Those who don't think that history and the investigation of truth is worthwhile, also apparently, don't think it necessary to recognize the current genocide and to oppose it......

Through the rise of Islam in Western Europe, anti-Semitism and violence have clearly increased. Let's be clear about that. Synagogues and Jewish institutions have to be heavily protected, and that is not because the Brownshirts are again on the march. Up through the Middle  Ages, Jews were hated due to their religion, then because of their race, and now because of their land. Islam detests the Jewish religion. Islam detests Jews as a group. And Islam has a horrible and intense hatred of the Jewish state of Israel. The researcher, Bill Warner, has found that the Koran and other Islamic writings have more anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred than all of Mein Kampf, the book of Adolf Hitler. In the Koran, there are very anti-Jewish verses in which they are described as apes and pigs: " Do not take Jews and Christians as friends," (Koran-5:51). Islam is the greatest driver of anti-Semitism and falls within the definition of neo-Nazism. In the 1930s and 40s in the previous century, there was collaboration between Islam and Nazi Germany, whose goal was the destruction of the Jews. The Mufti of Jerusalem (Al-Husseini), played an important role in this. According to a Nazi officer prisoner who testified in the Nuremberg trial, the Mufti was one of the advocates for the total extermination of the Jews.....

Everywhere Islam is dominant, Jews are, in practice, murdered or expelled. Through the increasing Islamization of Western Europe, Jews are particularly affected. The French Jewish community of about 400,000 people is alarmed over the increasing Jihad anti-Semitism in France. On 19 March 2019, not so long ago and not so far from here, a despicable Islamic terrorist in Toulouse, Arieh en Gabriel, shot two Jewish children, 5 and 3 years of age, in the head. Dead! And then he pulled Miriam, a Jewish girl of  8, up by her hair and also shot her dead. A bullet through her head. Why? Because she was Jewish and he was Muslim. A dormant jihadist who developed from Toulouse to Paris in the lost districts of the Republic as they are called in a widely spread documented charge of brushed aside anti-Semitism in the suburban schools. After the Muslim terrorist, Mohamed Merah, was killed by police bullets, expressions of support rained down on his address from young foreigners, popular Facebook pages were set up for Mohamad Merah, and a support demonstration took place in Toulouse for the murderer. Violence against Jews is increasing in the lost socialist country. Amedy Coulibaly took 19 people hostage in a kosher supermarket in the Paris suburb, Vincennes (2015). Ultimately, in the name of Allah, he murdered 4 hostages, all of Jewish origin.

Mireille Knoll barely escaped the gas chambers of Auschwitz after she and her mother had to report to the bicycling arena Velodrome d'Hiver in 1942. From there, almost all Jews were taken to the extermination camps. Knoll and her mother were able to escape because they were in possession of a Brazilian passport. Knoll-who suffered from Parkinson's and could not move about unassisted- was stabbed 11 times, including in her throat. Her murderer shouted, "Allahu akbar". This murder is reminiscent of that of Sarah Halimi, a Jewish woman, 65 years of age, who in April 2017, was beaten by a migrant from Mali while shouting, "Allahu akbar", verses from the Koran, and curse words before he threw her out the window. Then, according to the complaint, he shouted, "I have killed the Devil" in Arabic. The High Court of France declared that Kabili Traore was under the influence of a drug-induced "delusion" and therefore, not fit to stand trial for the murder of Sarah Halimi.....

France 2018: Mireille Knoll (above)

France: 2017: Sarah Halimi (below)

In the Parisian suburb of Sarcelles at the end of January 2018, an 8-year-old Jewish boy was beaten because he was wearing a kippah, two weeks later, a 15-year-old girl in Orthodox-Jewish dress was stabbed in her face. Shortly before that, two kosher stores in Creteil went up in flames. The same stores, two weeks earlier, were defaced with swastikas. Recently, the teacher, Samuel Paty, was beheaded northwest of Paris because a few days earlier, he had shown Mohammad cartoons in class. France held a minute of silence for the beheaded teacher, but they are the biggest culprits in his death because they vote for leftist parties who import  Islamofascism into Europe. A minute of silence and laying flowers at the scene of the crime does not help. It is high time for a drastic change in the Western European policy, which should follow the example of the Eastern European policy, which does not have this problem. Western Europe is now on the brink of a civil war or Islamization..... 

We in western Europe are quite happy to allow all sorts of anti-Semitic, racist, and xenophobic incitement in Islam to be propagated, even in our schools and universities, not to mention in bookstores on every major street, as well as in the mosques and Islamic associations. Western Europe is the epicenter of the political war against Israel and the Jews. Western Europe is fighting Israel and the Jews on the streets of Europe. Western Europe is fighting Israel and the Jews in the corridors of power in Brussels as well as other Western capitals in Europe, and in the UN. Western Europe is fighting Israel and the Jews in Israel itself. We often see thousands of demonstrators coming together in London, Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm. They burn Israeli flags and call for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. Kauthar Bouchallilikht of the Green-Left (party) has also been seen at a protest where signs with anti-Semitic slogans and swastikas were carried.....

Not long ago, we saw Dam Square in Amsterdam full of idiots who shouted, "Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud". That means: Beware non-Muslims, and especially Jews, the army of Mohamad is coming back as in Khaybar in 629. That means it is a call to violence against all Jews present in the free Western world because the call means that the Jews must be massacred. The Dutch SP party was also at these jihad demonstrations. Leftist zombies choose anti-Semitism and one-sided support for Palestine, which still distributes pensions to each family with a  "martyr" who blows himself up at a bus stop in Israel with explosives and teaches children geography from an atlas in which Israel does not appear on the map. It was also the Green-Left, who, some time ago, visited the Islamic terror group, Hamas, which fights for the destruction of the Jewish state and to drive the Jewish people into the sea. That is what I call anti-Semitism....

Not so long ago, a Muslim drove into a group of Jews on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Some months later a man came into a Jewish restaurant and stabbed a young woman. And after that, a nearly fatal attack on two Jewish merchants at the AlbertCuyp market in Amsterdam (the biggest anti-Semitic city in the Netherlands, where the incitement to anti-Semitic hate and violence against Jews is freely allowed, and all this thanks to the leftist parties who run this city.) The man who attacked the HaCarmel kosher restaurant turns out to be a fighter from Damascus, an ISIS-fighter). He told the police he was trained in the use of weapons and that he had combat experience. This was reported by the Telegraaf based on a leaked source from the police interview of the man, who reportedly said he would not mind  had he been killed during the attack on HaCarmel and reportedly glorified martyrdom. And he also reportedly said that in the future, he was prepared to use violence to attain his goals. It is incomprehensible and shocking that this man with a terrorist background, who says he is ready to commit violence, is in the Netherlands. And there are surely tens of thousands of such sick idiots in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we are ruled by people who look away and traitors, who place innocent Dutch people in grave danger by letting terrorists run free. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Jews are already leaving Western Europe, ethnically cleansed from Europe, and later, the rest will come. STOP the importation of Islamofascism to Europe and close the borders. NEXIT!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Amy Phan West for Congress

A couple of weeks back, I attended a rally in Irvine in support of our police and vets. During the rally, I happened to make the acquaintance of Amy Phan West, who is running for Congress as a Republican for the seat currently held by Katie Porter (D) in the 45th Congressional District of California. We spoke for about 20 minutes, and I was curious to learn more, so we subsequently spoke on the phone so I could learn more about where she stands on the issues and if perhaps there was some way I could help her campaign.

Amy and her family were refugees from the fall of Vietnam. They fled on a  boat in the 1980s and wound up temporarily in Thailand before being admitted to the US. Coincidentally, I had been stationed in Thailand with DEA during the previous decade just after the fall of South Vietnam when there were refugee camps set up along the Thai coast for the Vietnamese "boat people". Our daughter was born in Thailand. 

It goes without saying that one of Amy's biggest issues is keeping America free from Communism, having had first-hand knowledge of what Communism is all about. She also stands for the rights of the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, legal immigration, and border security. She would bring conservative representation back to her congressional district.

That would be a refreshing change from the ultra-liberal Katie Porter.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

"Intersectionality" in Evidence After Rittenhouse Verdict (CAIR/Palestinian Flags)

Hat tip Jewish Press, News Nation USA, and Investigative Project on Terrorism

Wednesday night, after the Rittenhouse acquittal in Kenosha, there wasn't as much violence as was feared might happen. Yet, there were protests around the nation, and some violence in places like Portland, Oregon. The coming nights are likely to see more as BLM and Antifa organize their forces.

There was also a big protest march in Brooklyn, which also featured the ubiquitous Palestinian flag.

According to News Nation USA, those carrying Palestinian flags appeared to be quite prominent.

"Demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags appeared to be leading the protesters in Brooklyn in videos and photos posted on social media."

Then there was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which calls itself a civil rights organization though it has links to decidedly non-civil rights organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. They also weighed in on the jury's verdict.

"Although we respect the jury process and accept the jury‘s decision, it is difficult to imagine a black or Muslim defendant in the same circumstances being found not guilty or receiving the breaks that Kyle Rittenhouse received during the trial." 

So you might ask: "What is the connection between the Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the Palestinian cause against Israel,"-or should I say the cause devoted to the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel?

The word is "intersectionality", a term adopted by leftist professors and pro-Palestinian forces to make the case that problems in the US-like racial injustice- are linked to the Palestinian struggle. It's a term that has great currency on our university campuses, where left-wing professors dominate the discourse both in and outside the classroom. These "theorists" got a huge boost not long ago when it was reported that some Minneapolis police officers had received counter-terror training from Israel-before all the George Floyd stuff happened.

And what is CAIR's interest in Kyle Rittenhouse and our jury system in America? Their interest is that they are on the side of the left-wing, anti-America, anti-Israel crowd. CAIR also supports the Palestinian cause, even though their Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush, famously told an interviewer several years ago, that CAIR did not let itself get dragged into Middle Eastern affairs and Middle East conflicts. Moments later, he erupted at his interviewer when the latter brought up the magic word-Hamas. Ayloush himself, often speaks out in favor of the Palestinians in his role as CAIR SoCal CEO.

The fact of the matter is that the Kenosha jury came to the correct decision based on the facts and the law, and did so in courageous fashion in the face of a media witch hunt and the presence of mobs outside the courtroom demanding a conviction. It is hardly surprising that CAIR and those carrying Palestinian flags would be condemning their verdict. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse: It was the proper verdict

 Now that the jury has spoken and Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted on all counts, I think it is proper to weigh in.

First let me begin by saying that at the tender age of 17, Rittenhouse made an error in judgment in going to Kenosha and being present at the site of the riots. His intentions were noble-to protect the property of innocent people where police could not and the National Guard wasn't even called. I would have counseled the young man to stay at home. At the age of 17, he should not have been there.

Having said that, Rittenhouse never lost his right to self-defense. It was not proven or effectively shown that he provoked the violence that was directed at him. He was not the aggressor. On the contrary, he was being chased by the people he shot. In the case of Joseph Rosenbaum, the video shows that as Rittenhouse was being chased, a shot was fired by someone else. Cornered, Rittenhouse turns around and is confronted by Rosenbaum, lunging at him in an apparent attempt to take his weapon away-and presumably shoot him with it.

Rittenhouse is then chased by others, he falls and is set upon by Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz, and others including one man just identified who delivered a running kick to Rittenhouse's head. Grosskreutz points a loaded a gun at Rittenhouse, whereupon Rittenhouse shoots him in the arm. Huber is also shot (fatally) while attacking Rittenhouse with a skateboard.

Is there any doubt that Rittenhouse feared for his life-and with good reason?

That leads me to my next question: Why was this case even brought to trial? Answer: It was the state submitting to mob justice. BLM and Antifa. As I write, it remains to be seen what happens when night falls in Kenosha and other cities like Portland, Minneapolis, and who knows where else?

The performance of the prosecutors was awful, and I say this as one who is usually sympathetic to prosecutors and supports them. But for a prosecutor to attempt to make an issue in court that Rittenhouse remained silent when arrested is astounding and would have been grounds for a reversal had he been convicted. Some have speculated that the prosecutors intentionally tried to provoke a mistrial in order to bring about a second trial since this one was going so badly. In all my years in law enforcement, I never saw such a thing or heard of such a thing.

As for Judge Bruce Schroeder, I may not have been impressed with his judicial temperament, but his rulings were sound and based on the law and the Constitution. And for this, he is attacked and even threatened with death.

And then there is our old friend, the media. All along, they were clamoring for a conviction. On the last day of this drama, there was NBC/MSNBC reportedly sending one of their reporters to try and follow the bus carrying the jurors from the courthouse. Every day, the media sinks to a new low.

And if all that isn't enough, we have President Biden, who, while campaigning last year, compared Rittenhouse to white supremacists-even though all of the persons shot were white. Today, he announced that he was not happy with the verdict. Shameful.

Had Rittenhouse been convicted, it would have represented a cautionary tale for ordinary citizens who try to protect themselves and their property from the likes of BLM and Antifa, especially in cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle, where the politicians order their police to stand down. This verdict should stand as a cautionary tale for the rioters in America.

What Is a Policeman's Life Worth in Sweden? Answer: 8 Years

Hat tip Nyheter Idag, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

In June, we reported on the shocking murder of a Swedish policeman in one of Gothenburg's "no-go zones". The person later charged with the crime was a 17-year-old Somali gang member.

Today, a Gothenburg court sentenced Sakariye Ahmed to 8 years for the crime. Incredibly, some in the Swedish media think the punishment is too harsh!!

Although not mentioned in the below article, the Swedish news outlet, Expressen, reports that during his questioning, Ahmed claimed that he had been smoking cannabis on the day of the crime. We are working on getting a video from that report sub-titled into English.

This, of course, brings to mind the vicious 2017 murder in Paris of a French Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi. Her attacker was judged not criminally responsible for the murder since he had been smoking cannabis on that day.  

The below article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

TV4 after verdict against police murderer: "How do you defend 8 years in prison?"

Gothenburg: Sakariye Ahmed, 17, is sentenced to 8 years in prison for murdering policeman, Andreas Danman, and attempted murder in Bishopsgarden in Gothenburg. TV4 News commentator Jens Lapidus thinks that the sentence was unusually harsh, and TV4's reporter "pins court spokesman, Goran Lundahl, against the wall". (Translator's note: Presses him or puts him on the defensive).

How do you defend 8 years in prison? asks TV4's reporter.

17-year-old Sakariye Ahmed is sentenced in the Gothenburg district court  to 8 years in prison for the murder of policeman Andreas Danman and a murder attempt on June 30 this year

Danman was shot to death with a k-pistol, and according to the prosecutor, Ahmed intended to shoot enemies in a rival gang when Danman came riding on an unmarked black moped and was shot.

Author and lawyer, Jens Lapidus, commented on the sentence to TV4 and says that he is surprised that Sakariye is sentenced to a relatively harsh punishment.

"It is really unusual to sentence a 17-year-old to prison, and I would have thought that the reduction would be a little more, that he might get 7 years or 6 years, but now he gets 8," Lapidus says to TV4 News.

When TV4 interviewed court spokesman Goran Lundahl, the reporter asks Lundahl how the court "defends" giving Sakariye 8 years in prison.

"We have just heard our commentator, Jens Lapidus, talk about how this is seen as a really harsh punishment. How do you defend 8 years in prison?" asks TV4's reporter.

"Yes, it's because we see this act as very serious. I agree that it is a harsh punishment," answers Lundahl and continues:

"But this involves a shooting that occurred in the middle of a residential area with a weapon that has no legal use, which is powerful, where there are people out and about as part of an on-going gang conflict. And so we believe that murder for an adult would result in life imprisonment."

Sakariye was earlier convicted for a series of crimes, including attempted murder with a knife in November 2019. On that occasion, Sakariye was sentenced to one-year juvenile detention.

*Update: Here is a Swedish news video (Expressen) on the questioning of Ahmed wherein he claimed not to remember the day of the shooting because he was smoking cannabis. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

UK Bomber: A New Picture Emerges

The below article appearing today in Daily Mail (UK) is based on what an anonymous security source revealed to another British newspaper, The Telegraph, regarding the man who was killed when his bomb exploded in a taxicab outside a Liverpool women's hospital this past weekend. Of course, I treat anonymous sources with hesitation. I await official confirmation, but given the politically correct climate in Europe, will it ever be confirmed-or debunked? Who knows?

If the reports are accurate, Emad Al Swealmeen, who "converted" to Christianity while attempting to gain refugee status, had been seen at a local mosque on a regular basis in the days leading up to his death. It is also reported that the bomb likely went off accidentally as the taxi came to a halt rather than deliberately set off by the bomber.

Also coming to light is a report that many asylum-seekers are falsely claiming to be converted to Christianity to enhance their claim to being persecuted. That makes a lot more sense to me than a convert to Christianity being inspired to go out and kill people. Not that there aren't so-called Christian wackos out there like Jim Jones and David Koresh, but where in the New Testament does it urge followers to kill non-Christians? I hasten to point out that I am no theologian, but I will leave it at that.

Monday, November 15, 2021

The UK Suicide Bomber: More Info and More Questions

British police believe they have identified the man who blew himself up in a taxi in front of a hospital in Liverpool yesterday. He is identified as Emad al Swealmeen (32), only further identified as an asylum-seeker from a Middle Eastern country, and one who had mental problems. (Where have we heard that before?) The above Sky News article also reports that the 4 unnamed individuals who were arrested in connection with the bombing have now been released.

Interestingly, The Times (UK) is reporting that Swealmeen is a convert from Islam to Christianity. It also states that possible targets of the bomber were a maternity ward or a cathedral.

Frankly, I am skeptical. Many asylum-seekers in Europe have claimed to be converts to Christianity, and if he were, why would he target a cathedral? Notwithstanding this report, the threat level in Britain has been raised to "severe". Do the authorities believe there is a wave of Christian suicide bombers planning to launch bomb attacks? Not likely.

It will take more time for the dust to settle given the political correctness and confusion in the British media, but to be fair, given the above, the jihad motive is still open to question.

UK: Liverpool Suicide Bombing "a Terror Attack": (Motive "Yet to be Understood")

Yesterday's suicide bomb attack in Liverpool has been declared a terror attack by British police. Four men are now in custody, believed to be the incident.

Yet, as always in Europe, the public has to learn about the true facts in drips and drabs. Police reportedly know the name of the man who blew himself up in a taxi yesterday but have not released it.

Maybe the nearsighted Mr. Magoo knows the motive.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

UK: Apparent Suicide Bomber in Liverpool

On Sunday, in Liverpool, a man apparently blew himself up in a taxi after the driver left him locked in the vehicle after seeing what he thought was a bomb. (I guess he was right.)

Here is a report from the BBC. It is unfathomable from the article as to who in the world might have done such a thing. The British police have subsequently arrested three people, whose names we don't know.

We will check back see what the British press has to say tomorrow.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

France: "Individuals" Attack Tribute Display to Samuel Paty

Last year, France was horrified by the murder and beheading of a teacher named Samuel Paty, in retaliation for having shown caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad to his class.

On Thursday, "a group of individuals" (not further described) was seen throwing rocks and breaking a display window paying homage to Paty.

The below article from BTMTV (France) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Manosque: Glass display window paying hommage to Samuel Paty destroyed, an investigation opened.

Romain Hirt, 12 November 2021 at 17:06

A group of individuals was seen Thursday evening in the process of destroying a glass display window by throwing rocks. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor's office of Digne-les-Bains to find the perpetrators.

The prosecutor's office of Digne-les-Bains has opened an investigation Friday at Manosque (Alpes-de-Haute-Province) after the damage to a glass display window paying homage to professor Samuel Paty, Thursday evening, BFM DICI learned from a police source.

Thursday, around 9 pm, some neighbors of the Saint Charles College at Manosque witnessed the damaging of a glass display case, located on the college's facade, paying homage to the history professor, decapitated on 16 October 2020 after having shown some caricatures of the Prophet during a class at the college of Bois d'Aulne, at Confians-Sainte-Honoine (Yvelines). 

According to initial reports, a group of individuals was seen in the process of breaking this glass display window by throwing rocks. Though the photos in the window were neither stolen nor damaged, the window was destroyed.

Romain Hirt


Fousesquawk comment: "A group of individuals". If the police are hoping that someone in the public will come forward with information, it might help by giving a better description. "A group of individuals" could be 4 or 5 little old ladies from Pasadena. Of course, knowledgeable readers in France will quickly read between the lines and realize what the police, prosecutor, and media refuse to say.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Italy, Germany and the Green Pass

Hat tip RAIR Foundation, Vlad Tepes, and Gates of Vienna. Translation by He Ha.

Italians are now required to carry a Green Pass in order to access certain buildings and services. It certifies they have been vaccinated against Covid, tested negative, and/or have already recovered. .

So recently, a lady vising a museum presented her own German version of a Green Pass. The only problem is that it was an Ahnenpass, an old Nazi-era certificate of ancestry that Germans had to prove they were of pure Aryan blood.

It worked. She got in. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

France: Murderer of 85-Year-Old Jewish Woman Sentenced

This week, a measure of justice was achieved in a French court when Yacine Mihoub was sentenced to life imprisonment, and his accomplice, Alex Carrimbacus, received 15 years in prison for the brutal 2018 murder of an 85-year-old Jewish woman, Mireille Kroll. (Carrimbacus was only convicted of robbing the victim.) The court found that there was an anti-Semitic nature to the murder and robbery.

French justice has been severely criticized since the murder of another Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, had been found criminally "not responsible" for the brutal crime since he had been smoking marijuana previous to killing Halimi. The Halimi case is referenced in the below article from France 24, which is translated by Fousesquawk.

Note: The reference to the 1942 Vel d'Hiv(er) roundup refers to the location, the bicycle racing arena of Paris, (Winter Velodrome) where Jews were kept before being shipped east to their deaths during the German occupation of World War 2.

Anti-Semitism: The murderer of Mireille Knoll sentenced to life imprisonment

Caption beneath photo: A tribute in front of the apartment of Mireille Knoll during a silent march in Paris, France, Wednesday, 28 March 2018.

The criminal court of Paris sentenced Yacine Mihoub to life imprisonment for the murder of Mireille Knoll in 2018. The body of this woman, age 85, suffering from Parkinson's disease, had been discovered stabbed and partially burned in her residence. The aggravating circumstance of the victim belonging to the Jewish community was recognized.

Yacine Mihoub was sentenced Wednesday, 10 November, by the criminal court of Paris to life imprisonment, at least 22 years to be served, for the 2018 murder of Mireille Knoll, with the aggravating circumstance that the victim belonged to the Jewish community.

His co-defendant, Alex Carrimbacus, was acquitted of the murder of the octogenarian but sentenced to a punishment of 15 years imprisonment, at least 2/3rds to be served for robbing the victim. The anti-Semitic character (of the crime) was also applied for him, as well as the aggravating circumstance of Mrs. Knoll's vulnerability, 85 years old and very weakened by Parkinson's disease.

 An "anti-Semitic halo"

The court concluded that the facts had taken place within a "global anti-Semitic context", according to the reading by (court) president Franck Zientara after more than 9 hours of deliberating.

According to the court, "the villainous character was fed by a hatred due to the victim's belonging to the Jewish religion" and by the prejudices of Yacine Mihoub and "beliefs that valuables could be concealed" in the social housing of Mireille Knoll.

"It's just; it's what we were expecting. Our family can begin mourning," the grandson of Mireille Knoll reacted.

The arguments before the court concentrated on the question of the anti-Semitic character of the crime. Snippets of conversation on Jews and stereotypes on their supposed wealth, as well as internet searches, constituted the set of facts to determine the "anti-Semitic halo" in which, according to the attorney general and the civil parties, the crime was carried out.

11 knife blows

On 23 March 2018,  the fire department was called for a fire in an HLM (moderate rent housing) in east Paris. On the 2nd floor, they found the partly burned body of Mireille Knoll, laid across her hospital bed, her legs dangling. Her frail corpse had suffered 11 knife blows.

The attorney general had requested imprisonment for life with at least 18 years to be served.

The death of Mireille Knoll, who had fled Paris in 1942 to escape the Vel d'Hiv roundup, had aroused great emotion, especially since a year previous, Sarah Halimi, a Jewish woman in her 60s, had been killed and thrown from her window by a man who was ultimately found not to be criminally responsible.  

Three days after the death of Mireille Knoll, the Paris prosecutor opened a judicial investigation for "murder " of an anti-Semitic nature before the case was sent to the criminal court of Paris in July 2020 for voluntary homicide.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

UK: Israeli Ambassador Mobbed at University Event


It's happened yet again, this time in London. The Israeli ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, was at a speaking event at the London School of Economics Tuesday night. The pro-Palestinian thugs were out in force and brought shame and embarrassment to the school. The linked article has a video of the ambassador being escorted out of the building to her car by security.

Of course, this is par for the course when it comes to the pro-Palestinian mob. I find it curious that while Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza engage in violence and terrorism to advance their cause, their supporters abroad engage in intimidation and disruption to advance that same cause.

Did I say "curious"? Silly me. It makes perfect sense.