Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Fousesquawk "Jerk of the Year"-Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wins the Golden Penguin for 2012

Never let it be said that Hillary Clinton could only be a bridesmaid. This year, she has put it all together and won the most prestigious award of them all. Hillary Clinton wins the Golden Penguin as the Fousesquawk "Jerk of the Year" for 2012.

The end of this year puts a cap on 4 years of flying practically non-stop all over the globe as President Obama tried and succeeded in keeping her mostly out of Washington. For all the traveling as secretary of state, she has little to nothing positive to show for it.

This past year especially, Clinton outdid all her past transgressions as a power-hungry first lady. First of all, she has engaged in back-room diplomacy with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in their efforts to get some sort of defamation of religions law passed that would make it illegal world-wide to criticize Islam in any manner. Ms Clinton has apparently never heard of the First Amendment.


In addition, her embrace of the new government in Egypt has gone beyond the point of absurdity as every day, Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have shown that Egypt will be the next Iran. This year, the State Department paved the way for a suspected terrorist with the Brotherhood to come to Washington on  an official visit.

Even as Israel now has to face a new threat from this new Egypt, Hillary, like her boss, has shown little regard for our one true ally in the Middle East, preferring to cater to the extremists. While Israel's neighbors are busy killing each other and swearing that Israel will be next, Clinton is telling the Israelis they need to make more and more concessions.

As for Africa, her chief for that region has shown great reluctance to say much if anything about the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria as they continue slaughtering Christians and anyone who leans to the West.

In fact, Clinton has said little to nothing-at least publicly- about the on-going persecution of religious minorities throughout the Middle East.

But it was the whole Benghazi episode that put the icing on the cake. For several months this year, our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, as well as his regional security officer were pleading for increased security for their mission in Benghazi, a city that was becoming an al Qaeda- infested stronghold. Their pleas were ignored by the suits in Washington. It would strain credulity to believe that their plight never reached the desk of Secretary Clinton.

Then, on 9-11, no less, when the mission was attacked and 4 Americans killed, the State Department was monitoring the attack in real time. I will not hold Ms Clinton accountable for the fact that our military forces were told to stand down, but I do hold her accountable for pushing the lie that the attack was a protest spun out of control over an offensive video. When the bodies came home to Andrews Air Force Base, she told the father of one of the victims that "they were going to put the video-maker in prison", which the Justice Department proceeded to do.

In addition, five days after the attack, Clinton begged off going on the Sunday talk shows pleading that she was tired. Instead, UN Ambassador Susan Rice went out there and repeated the lie over and over. As the truth came out, Rice took all the heat while those that sent her out with the lies hid in the shadows.

Even now, with Congress trying to get to the bottom of the whole sordid mess, they can't get Clinton into testify because she reportedly fell and suffered a concussion. Instead, two underlings had to go in her place.

And to add insult to injury, the State Department announced that three high-level officials had resigned over Benghazi; then we find out they have just switched jobs within the department.

With her resignation pending, (so she can prepare to run for president in 2016), we still don't know when or if she will ever have to testify under oath about her own knowledge and complicity in the whole sorry affair.

Hillary Clinton feels herself to be (with some justification) that she is above accountability. Her entire public life has been a testament to that.

So congratulations, Mrs Clinton. Your husband must be proud.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Lame Gary. That's shooting a fish in a small bucket where its been swimming for over ten years. Can't you do any better?

Gary Fouse said...


Don't be like Kanye West. The award is richly deserved.

And you know it.

elwood p suggins said...

This is really scary, and I am normally afraid of only two things, fear itself and green Kryptonite. If she fully recovers from her concussion, she will undoubtedly be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016. If the Republicans are unable to come up with their own Superman, she will be the 45th U.S. president, essentially by default if for no other reason.

If anyone thinks the country, the economy, the welfare/“nanny” state, etc., are hell-bent now, just stick around.

Squid said...

Very good choice Gary. I agree, Hillary Clinton is the best pick for the "Golden Penguin.

But, she may get the 2016 nomination and get voted in by the great unknowing. You may have to leave the country, as she will put you on the "no fly" list, and place you in one of the many DHS camps as a potential terrorist, without due process, forever.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in 2016, I will seriously consider voting Republican, if the GOP can come up with a sane candidate. If not, I will likely vote either socialist or Gary Johnson. Hillary was a major reason I supported Barack Obama in February 2008. I really don't expect Hillary to be the candidate, although I can understand why elwood would want her to be. She'd lose.

Kanye West? I never use the word "nigger" unless it is in quotation marks or historical context. What exactly do I have in common with Kanye West anyway? And yes, I am going to watch Djano Unchained, no matter what Spike Lee thinks.

I would think that in bestowing a jerk of the year award, you would want to highlight some depths of depravity that are not already widely known and recognized. I admit that many people I know admire Hillary Clinton, I can't fathom why. But she should have gotten the award in 2000. Isn't there any enlightening new perspective you can offer on a rising jerk, rather than a declining one?

elwood p suggins said...

If Siarlys will consider voting for a Republican for president, all may not be lost. I cannot think of any of the current crop of Dems for whom I would similarly vote.

I don't either "want" or "not want" her as the 2016 Democratic candidate, and I am not at all sure she would lose. Like this year, it would depend on who her opponent was. A LOT of people, but not quite enough, actually wanted her in 2008, and if that constituency has changed appreciably in four years, it is that there are even more of them.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If George Romney had been the Republican nominee in 1968, I might have spent the last 40 years as a Republican. As I've said many times, Mitt is not one tenth the man his father was.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Richly deserved indeed! Regardless what Jenkin says...


ps for Jenkins:
What's with the George Romney thing? I'm old enough to remember old George...can't remember much about him other than that I had uncomfortable feelings about him when he was alive and that's enough to bury everything about the man once he has gone over to the other side.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

She should have gotten this award back in 2009...
Remember this:

During a recent visit to Mexico, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton went to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and laid followers. After observing the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hillary asked the unthinkable and uniformed questions, “who painted it.”