Saturday, October 31, 2020

France: Priest Shot in Lyon: Suspect in Custody

-Photo: FDeSouche

Today, a priest in the city of Lyon, France was shot by a gunman who then fled the scene. The priest is fighting for his life and a suspect is in custody. The below report from the French blog, Francois DeSouche has snippets of information from various news sources. Translation by Fousesquawk.

*Note: The tweets contained in the French article are not translated.

Lyon: Priest shot and wounded in front of Greek Orthodox Church, his vital prognosis is life-threatening- (Update): A suspect arrested in a kabob shop in 3rd district

Firemen who crossed paths with the man who matched the notice that had been disseminated. The suspect was arrested in a kabob shop in the 3rd district of Lyon, located on Baraban Street.

The perpetrator of the shooting fled. He is being actively searched for. "An individual described as Mediterranean in appearance, 1.9 meters tall. He was dressed in a long black overcoat and a black hat. He seemed to be concealing a sawed-off, pump-action shotgun under his coat. He (shot) in the direction of the Orthodox priest of the church and fled," Ludovic Cassier, the department representative of the Unite SGP Police, told Franceinfo.

The perpetrator, who used a sawed-off shotgun, fired at the Greek priest, who was closing the building, before fleeing. He is being actively sought. Terrorist attack, personal issues: His motives remain unknown. The national terrorist prosecutor (PNAT) is evaluating the situation before deciding on an eventual referral.

The victim, hit in the liver by at least two bullets, was transported to the emergency room in a critical state. His prognosis is life-threatening. The investigation has been assigned to the Judicial Police of Lyon. The Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, has set up a crisis unit.

An important deployment of police is in progress in the 7th District, Pere Chevrier Street, near a Greek church. According to a  journalist from Progress, at the scene, a perimeter of ......


Fousesquawk update (Nov. 1, 2020) The above described suspect has been released.

Pakistan: "Protest" Outside French Embassy in Islamabad

Imagine you are a French diplomat, and you are informed, "Congratulations! You are being transferred to the embassy in Islamabad. That's not good news because this is what is happening in the wake of two slaughters in France. Note that the Pakis are not angry about the murders and the beheadings. They are angry about the reaction of the French government. Video hat tip Vlad Tepes.

Christianity Under Attack in Europe-Literally


St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

The news out of Europe is coming so fast we cannot keep up with the translations.

We have been reporting all week about the two horrific attacks in France, where four people have been murdered and two beheaded. Now comes news out of Lyons that a Greek Orthodox priest has been shot in the abdomen by an unidentified gunman who is still on the loose.

In Vienna, meanwhile, on Thursday about 30 Turks stormed a church shouting, "Allahu Akhbar" turning over furniture before being dispersed by police. Today, at the famed St Stephensdom in Vienna, an Afghan man walked in shouting Islamic phrases before being arrested by police.

In both France and Austria, public officials are making statements that they will protect the right of Christians to freely practice their religion. Imagine that it is necessary to make these types of statements in Europe!

Friday, October 30, 2020

France: Turks Rioting in Dijon

 Hat tip Francois DeSouche

"Parden me, do you have any Grey Poupon?"

With tensions running high between France and Turkey in the wake of the Samuel Paty murder- beheading, and Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan fanning the flames, Turks took to the streets of Dijon Thursday night. Among other issues, they are reportedly trying to hunt down local Armenians (with whom they had clashed earlier). The French blog, Francois DeSouche has a report with several videos.

In one of the videos, a passer-by reportedly told the mob to go back to Turkey if they didn't like it in France. Police had to intervene to prevent a lynching.

Earlier this summer, Dijon was the scene of fighting between Chechens and North Africans.

Netherlands: Geert Wilders and Mark Rutte Respond to Erdogan

 Hat tip Ongehoord Nederland, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes-Translation by Fousesquawk.

This week, Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan has alienated both France and Turkey in the wake of the beheading of a French teacher (Samuel Paty). Dutch politician Geert Wilders posted a cartoon of Erdogan with a bomb on his head (above)  and added the word, "terrorist". Erdogan reacted in a rage and filed criminal charges against Wilders in a Turkish court for mocking both him and Islam!!

Below is a short interview of Wilders in Dutch by the conservative Dutch outlet Ongehoord Nederland. It also features a clip of Prime Minister Mark Rutte defending Wilders. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

CAIR Issues Travel Advisory for France

The Hamas-aligned Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has reacted predictably to the horrific events in France this week. Two French citizens have been beheaded, and 4 are dead at the hands of two Muslim terrorists. Both cases are being treated as terrorist incidents. 

In response, Turkish strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  has issued a call for a boycott of French products, oblivious to the two horrific incidents.  And who aligns themselves with Erdogan? The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Why? Because French President Emmanuel Macron has paid homage to one of the victims, Samuel Paty, a French teacher beheaded for showing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in his class and affirmed the right of free speech in France. That triggered the vicious call of Erdogan for a French boycott. And CAIR stands four-square behind Erdogan and against the nation of France whose citizens are being slaughtered by Muslims. Below is their press release.

I pray for the day when this subversive organization is broken up and its leaders are prosecuted and or deported.

Geert Wilders Speaks out on the (Samuel Paty) Beheading in France and Erdogan

 The below video is Geert Wilders speaking in the Dutch Parliament on October 27. He is reacting to the beheading of Samuel Paty in France a few days earlier as well as the actions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is lashing out at French President Emmanuel Macron and trying to bring some sort of bogus charges in Turkey against Wilders. This video is from Wilders' Twitter page and is sub-titled in English. (This is obviously prior to today's latest Islamic slaughter in Nice, France.)

France: Horrific Church Attack in Nice

Translations by Fousesquawk

There are no words....

Once again, France has been hit with a horrific terrorist attack. Once again, an innocent human being has been beheaded. And it could have all been avoided if European leaders were no so eager to bring in millions of Muslims.

According to the French blog, Francois DeSouche, the suspect is partially identified as Brahim A., 21, a native of Tunisia, who arrived illegally in France after earlier arriving at the Italian port of Lampedusa (or at Bari) on September 20.

"Brahim A. arrived in France clandestinely. He was picked up by an Italian rescue boat on September 20 and landed on October 9 at Bari or Lampedusa- elements to be verified- after being placed in quarantine due to Covid. He was the object of an expulsion arrest in Italy, but was not spotted in France, where he hadn't made any asylum request.

Il Giornale reports that the suspect, whom they identify as Aouissaoui Bahrain, had arrived at Lampedusa.

"As he was being treated after being wounded by police- reported the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, he continued to shout without interruption, "Allahu Akhbar".

-Le Figaro

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Tony Bobulinski's Interview with Tucker Carlson

Hunter Biden

"In a recording of a phone call between Bobulinski and Walker, which Carlson aired, he told Walker that if the elder Biden “doesn’t come out on record, I am providing the facts.”

“Don’t say this Tony, you’re just gonna bury all of us, man,” Walker responds in the recording."

If you have not seen Tony Bobulinski's interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and you really want to learn more about the Hunter Biden-China-Joe Biden mess, you need to watch the video. 

Bobulinski was a business partner of Hunter Biden, and he has emails and a recorded phone call that are very embarrassing to the Biden family. He came forward after Adam Schiff (D-CA) publicly dismissed the Hunter Biden story as a Russian government disinformation operation.  Bobulinski resented being linked to "Russian disinformation" and demanded that Schiff retract the statement and that Joe Biden clear it all up or he would go public. He stated this in a phone call to Rob Walker, a spokesman for the Biden family, who replied that he (Bobulinski) "was going to bury us all". That statement was recorded and was played during the Carlson interview.

You can access the interview here.


Once again, America has been hit with riots, this time in Philadelphia. On Monday, police were called to a location in West Philadelphia, where someone called in a report of a man out of control with a knife. There is a video of police ordering Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a black man reportedly bipolar, to drop the knife in his hand as they are backing away from Wallace, who is advancing at them with the knife in hand. The cops fire and Wallace falls to the ground. The cops carry him to the hospital in their patrol car, but he dies. Now we have two nights of rioting, looting, and mayhem in Philadelphia. Some 30 cops are injured, one struck by a car.

It is tragic, both for the Wallace family and for the country. Having viewed the video, it is hard to come up with any other conclusion but that the police were legally justified in firing. They ordered Wallace to drop the knife, and they were clearly backing away from him. Wallace is clearly advancing toward the officers, knife in hand and ignoring their commands. Had they not fired, one of them would have been stabbed, possibly killed.

It is all well and good that Wallace's father is calling for an end to the rioting. At the same time, I must comment on the impromptu press conference in which the deceased's three small children were brought forth, one of whom said on camera that his father was killed by "white racist cops" and that "black lives still matter". Obviously, he was coached to say that. Those children should have been in seclusion, protected from that spectacle.

What a terrible year 2020 has been.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Letter to Head of California State University System re: AB 1460 (Critical Ethnic Studies)

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative and The Israel Group 

The AMCHA Initiative, an organization established to fight campus anti-Semitism, has gathered some 80 organizations together to write a letter to the head of the California State University system, Tim White, asking how Jewish students can be protected from being negatively singled out with the mandated (AB 1460) teaching of Critical Ethnic Studies. Under this theory of teaching, one of the points covered is Israel's alleged "oppression" of Palestinians. Another aspect of this twisted teaching is that Jews are "privileged whites". This, says the AMCHA  Initiative quite rightly, singles out Jewish students for harassment, already a problem on campuses not just in California but around the nation.

"The “ethnic studies core competencies” developed by the CSU Council on Ethnic Studies, and recently approved by both the CSU Academic Senate and your own office, provide strong evidence that these required courses will be based on Critical Ethnic Studies, a very narrow conceptualization of the field that limits its focus to "four racialized core groups," is firmly rooted in ideologies that divide society into oppressed and oppressor groups based primarily on race, and, as part of its disciplinary mission, promotes political activism to challenge systems of "hierarchy and oppression" as defined by the discipline’s practitioners. In fact, the CSU core competencies don’t only encourage politically-motivated student activism based on these ideologies, they actually require it."

"In this regard, we are particularly concerned about the safety and well-being of CSU's Jewish students, who are not only likely to be targeted for hatred and harm because of their membership in what critical theory derogatorily labels a "racially privileged" identity group, but also because of Jewish students’ identification with and support for the Jewish state of Israel. Since its inception, Critical Ethnic Studies and its practitioners have falsely and negatively portrayed Zionism as a “racist,” “colonialist,” “system of oppression” that must be dismantled, condoned terrorism against Israel as a justified tool of “resistance” and “liberation,” and championed anti-Israel academic, economic and cultural boycotts as legitimate "antiracist practices." For example, Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader, a required textbook in an introductory course on Ethnic Studies at SFSU, includes several essays that demonize Israel with false accusations of “genocide,” “apartheid,” and “ethnic cleansing,” and an essay by the volume’s chief editor “calls on academics and others to mobilize support within the academy for the BDS Campaign.” Alarmingly, CSU ethnic studies faculty who have long used their classrooms for anti-Zionist advocacy and activism can now find justification for their politically motivated and directed behavior in the recently approved “ethnic studies core competencies.” Such highly politicized and unprofessional behavior on the part of ethnic studies faculty not only deprives CSU students of accurate information about a complex topic of global importance and tramples on their right to be educated and not politically indoctrinated, it has a well-documented history of inciting hatred and harm towards Israel’s on-campus supporters, particularly Jewish students." 

Fousesquawk comment: I concur with the letter. Having spent 18 years teaching part-time at UC Irvine, I have personally seen and experienced the division that is happening between ethnic groups. Even more, I have seen the anti-Semitism that plays out on campus directed at Jewish students. This Critical Ethnic Studies, rather than bringing people together, only exacerbates tensions. Dragging the Israel-Palestinian conflict into it in favor of one side (Palestinians) has already caused enough misdirected anger at Jewish-American students especially those who support Israel.

Garbage out of San Francisco: Kamala Harris

I am re-posting an article I wrote in 2009 when Kamala Harris was DA in San Francisco. Her policy was not to seek the death penalty for murderers. One such case was the infamous Bologna case, where a man and his two sons were shot to death in a traffic dispute on the streets of San Francisco. The killer was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, Edwin Ramos, who was also a member of the vicious Salvadoran gang, MS-13, and was known to police.

It is thanks to people like Kamala Harris and many others that San Francisco has gone from being America's most beautiful city to a sh--hole. If Joe Biden is elected, this woman will, in short order,  become our president.

Dutch Politician Calls for Boycott of Dutch Products!

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard-Translation by Fousesquawk.

                       Arnoud van Doorn: "Hey, Alfred! Get your finger out of that dike!"

In the wake of last week's horrific beheading of a teacher in France for showing Mohammad cartoons to his class and President Emmanuel Macron's homage to the victim, Samuel Paty, Turkish strongman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has called on the Muslim world to boycott French products. In response, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has expressed his solidarity with Macron and France. That has led to a Dutch politician, Arnoud van Doorn, to call for a boycott against Dutch products. The below article from the conservative Dutch news outlet, Dagelijkse Standaard, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Netherlands-hating Sharia-Lover Arnoud van Doorn after Rutte Support for Macron: "Boycott Dutch Products" 
-by Tim Engelbart-26 October 2020        

The most clownish councilor in the Netherlands has struck again! This time he calls for a country to be boycotted. Which country, you ask? Well, the Netherlands. Where we all, including Arnoud van Doorn, live. Crack!

We have wondered whether we should write the article. Because isn't attention precisely what this frequently truant Hague councilor wants? Well, yes, undoubtedly. But putting the spotlight on this type of silly words might wake up his supporters. Van Doorn is not busy representing them in the community council of the capital city (the Hague) but makes them completely ridiculous with his almost-satirical proposals.

Take, for example, his latest idea: We must boycott the Netherlands. That is what Van Doorn said in an angry tweet he sent this afternoon after Prime Minster Rutte declared his support for President Macron-who is busy dealing with the radical Islamists, from whom the idea came to cut down Samuel Paty, literally and figuratively.  

The Dutch government supports Macron in his anti-Muslim smear. Scandalous! 😠👎," writes Van Doorn, purposefully in English, in a dastardly attempt to start an international riot. He shares a screenshot of Rutte's declaration of support for his French counterpart. But then comes this hilarious part: "Boycott French and Dutch products".

In short: Van Dooirn is calling for a financial hit on his own country because the prime minister is wholeheartedly committed to freedom of expression. A word like "traitor" doesn't roll easily over my lips, and not now, but stupid, is it not now on the tip of my tongue?

But anyway, it may be that calling out a councilor who in 2022, hopefully and eventually, will be expelled from the municipal council is not the best course of action. So let us laugh at Van Doorn: Because how does this madman see it for himself that he will boycott Dutch products? Does he now and then want to die of hunger and thirst? Because if you want to be consistent here, you yourself can't drink tap water or eat bread from the bakery. So it is stupid that Van Doorn calls for such an impractical boycott. Ha ha.  What an (anti-social dullard)!

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Barrett Confirmation: It's Been a Good Week for Trump

 President Trump may or may not be re-elected next week. Today, however, he achieved a great victory-not only for himself, but for the country. Amy Coney-Barrett, in spite of the childish efforts of the Democrats in the Senate to stop her, has been confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court replacing the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The conservatives now have a 6-3 majority. (Maybe 5-1/2 if you consider John Roberts.) What President Trump has done in his first term is to place three conservatives on the Court. It will have a significant-and positive- effect for years to come. With the prospect of a looming Biden-Harris administration, the importance is magnified. Whatever the final verdict on Trump and his presidency-be it four years or eight years- his impact on the Supreme Court is historic. 

The Democrats knew that they had no realistic way of stopping the nomination, but they played their childish games nonetheless and made asses of themselves. At one point, they stayed outside the chamber with only Chuck Schumer present, who argued that the proceedings could not go forward since there was no significant quorum (2 members of the minority being present). Lindsey Graham brushed that away, and the process continued. Then Schumer objected to Vice President Pence being present for the final Senate vote since somebody might catch the Covid virus from Pence, who was coming from the virus-infected White House, blah blah blah. In the end, Barrett passed 52-48.

Immediately, "The Squad", a coalition of four radical female dopes in the House of Representatives, (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley) began clamoring to expand the court. Joe Biden, for his part, is now mumbling something about rotating courts, rotating justices, or anything that sounds halfway coherent.

Aside from that, as I have already noted, I think the debate went well for Trump. More people are now aware of who Hunter Biden is and what he is all about. More importantly, people are waking up to Joe Biden's involvement in his son's shady business deals with China and Ukraine thanks to the infamous laptop. Now the internet is filled not only with those compromising emails, but XXX-rated videos of Hunter playing hide the baloney with various bimbos while smoking what certainly appears to be crack. We shouldn't hold that against Old Joe, but the business stuff with China and Ukraine? And to think that Trump was impeached over a phone call in which he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate it all.

And don't think that 60 Minutes interview by Leslie Stahl hurt Trump. I viewed the version that Trump released. You don't see Stahl's face, and her voice is not very audible, but she acted outrageously. All she did was argue with the President. When Trump brought up what was done to him during and after the election and the Hunter Biden mess, she claimed that both were unverified. 60 Minutes can yell all they want about Trump ending the interview early, but Stahl's comportment was embarrassing.

On the foreign policy side, Trump also scored a victory this week with Sudan agreeing to normalize relations with Israel. 

One other thing gives me encouragement. The crowds turning out not only to see the President speak, but just to demonstrate their support in other cities, are amazing. The polls, just as they did in 2016, are telling us that Trump trails, but something is happening that we don't see in the polls and certainly not in our disgraced media. Old Joe, meanwhile, if he even holds an event, can't draw much more than his Secret Service protection detail. Are we really going to elect this tired old man, who is drifting into senility, who is now mired in a serious scandal, and has as his running mate, a radical leftist with the charm of Hillary Clinton? I don't know, and I won't know until next week, but this past week has given me encouragement.

Spain: Police Arrest ISIS Recruiter

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

On October 20, the Guardia Civil in Spain arrested a Moroccan man, in the country illegally, who was engaged in efforts to recruit terrorists for ISIS. The arrest was carried out in Altea (Alicante).

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jews for Trump Caravan In Manhattan Attacked

Hat tip Andy Ngo and

Photographer Andy Ngo has a knack for covering all the worst excesses of the Antifa Black Bloc acts of mob violence. This one took place today in Manhattan when the thugs attacked Jews for Trump caravan as it drove through New York  City. It looks like the cops arrested at least one thug, and another got kicked for a field goal at the end of this video. According to multiple news reports, this was a massive caravan and was subjected to multiple attacks as it drove through the city.

Townhall has more videos and details.

Is there any question as to who the bad guys are here? This is the same crap we have seen in Portland, Seattle, and so many other cities this year. Was this protesting some injustice? Of course not. People were physically attacked simply for showing their support for President Trump. That should tell you who is right and who is wrong. 

And don't think that electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will put an end to this. It won't. It will only empower them. They will continue to act with utter impunity. These people need to be prosecuted and put in jail.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sweden's Little Mogadishu (Follow up)

Hat tip Fria Tider

Tjärna Ängar (Dalarna)

Recently we reported on the dilemma of foreign students at Sweden's Dalarna University who were placed in student dormitories in a dangerous part of the city, largely inhabited by Somalis. It seems a visit by the country's socialist prime minister has not alleviated the problem. The below article by Fria Tider is translated by Fousesquawk.

Three days after Löfven's visit  to Tjärna Ängar - Robbery at knifepoint of large sum of money

Published 24 October 2020 at 3pm

Domestic: A 25-year-old man was robbed at knifepoint in the immigrant-dense (area) of Tjärna Ängar  in  Borlänge, also called "Little Mogadishu". Under the threat of a knife, the man was forced to withdraw a large sum of money.

It was on Wednesday that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited the Somali ghetto, Tjärna Ängar, in  Borlänge, which is characterized by crime and great insecurity.

His visit came after international students who were placed in student apartments in the ghetto became so frightened that they wanted to move to the center of  Borlänge.

Löfven stated that "many are proud to live here," according to Aftonbladet.

But (late Friday-Saturday) night, another serious crime occurred in the area.

About 5 am, police were alerted that a 25-year-old man was subjected to a robbery outside a boutique in Tjärna Ängar.

"Two men, unknown to  (the victim), approached him, threatened him with something that was perceived to be a knife and forced him to withdraw a large sum of money in an ATM. The men then left the scene," police write on their web site. 

The incident is being classified as a robbery. There are no suspects.

Breaking: Al Qaeda Leader Reportedly Killed by Afghan Forces

Reuters and the Swedish news outlet, Aftonbladet, are reporting that  Al Qaeda leader Abu-Muhsin al-Masri has been killed by Afghan forces.

Diplomatic Flap Between France and Turkey

France is outraged over the beheading of Samuel Paty, a teacher who showed Mohammad cartoons in his class. In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is outraged that the French are outraged. Thus, diplomatic relations between France and Turkey are in trouble. The below article in Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

The Elysee denounces the "unacceptable" remarks of Erdogan against Macron

The Turkish president had called on his French counterpart to "have mental health exams", condemning his attitude toward Muslims. The Elysee (Palace) has reacted and brought up the "absence of condolence and support messages" from Turkey after the assassination of Samuel Paty.
-By Le Figaro with AFP-Published 45 hours ago, updated 14 minutes ago.

On Saturday, 24 October, the Elysee (Palace-Residence of French president) denounced the remarks, judged "unacceptable" of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called into question "the mental health" of his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron because of his attitude towards Muslims.

Earlier this Saturday, during a televised speech, the Turkish president virulently criticized the decisions of his French counterpart towards the Muslim community. "All one can say of a chief of state who treats millions of members of different religious communities in this manner is: First go and have mental health exams, " he declared. 

(The) speech was condemned by the Elysee at the end of the afternoon. "The remarks of President Erdogan are unacceptable. Excess and rudeness are not a method. We demand Erdogan change the course of his policy. It is dangerous to all. We do not enter into useless polemics, and we do not accept insults, the Elysee commented according to the AFP (Agence France Presse), in announcing the recall of the French ambassador to Ankara for consultations.

The Elysee also brought up "the absence of messages of condolence and support from the Turkish president after the assassination of Samuel Paty," the teacher beheaded a week ago is an Islamic attack  in the proximity of his school in a Parisian suburb. Also noted (were) the "very offensive statements (of Recep Tayyip Erdogan) in these past days, notably his call for a boycott of French products."

The Turkish president did not stop there: He also predicted that Emmanuel Macron would lose the next presidential election in 2022, "because he has accomplished nothing for France. You spend your time (attacking) me. That will get you nothing."

Two weeks ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had denounced as a provocation the statements of the French president on "Islamist separatism" and the necessity of "structuring Islam" in France. A bill on the fight against "The separatisms" in France, aimed at radical Islam, should be presented at the beginning of December. It is aimed at reinforcing secularism and consolidating republican principles in France and includes several points likely to provoke tensions with Turkey, such as strengthened control of mosque financing or a ban on training imams abroad.

This dispute is added to a long list of disagreements between Emmanuel Macron and his Turkish counterpart, who regularly takes up the defense of Muslim minorities throughout the world. From the tensions in the Mediterranean to the conflict in Libya, to the clashes in Karabakh, a number of issues currently pit Paris and Ankara against each other.

Fousesquawk comment: I am no fan of Emmanuel Macron, but I certainly support his position here. It is long past time that Europe should send a message to the Turkish president.

UK: Police Bust Yet Another Child Sex Grooming Ring

 Hat tip Breitbart

It has happened again. Another child sex grooming ring has been busted in the UK. As usual, they are mostly Pakistani Muslim men. Some of the victims are reported to be young Sikh girls. Breitbart has the details.

Here is the report from the Manchester Evening News.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Germany: Knife Attack by Syrian Leaves One Dead

Hat tip Telepolis (Heise Online). Translation by Fousesquawk. 


On October 4, a Syrian male, age 20, attacked two men in downtown Dresden with a knife. One victim died and the other survived his wounds. The below report adds details to the latest victims of Germany's insane refugee policy. This is being treated as a terrorist attack.

Islamic knife attack in Dresden

-Gerhard Piper, October 22, 2020

Abdullah al-H. H. was considered a danger, was let out of prison at the end of September, and five days later, committed the attack against tourists.

Abdullah al-H. H. is a Syrian citizen. In 2015 he came to Germany and lived in a home for asylum-seekers in Dresden-Pappriz (Wachwitzer-Höhenweg  1a). He possesses a short-term residence permit and is 20 years old.

Since the early summer of 2017, he began to become radicalized. Fatema A. recruited him for the Islamic State in July 2017. The Syrian (female) was so badly wounded in an airstrike in 2012 that she has had to use crutches ever since. Her husband was apparently killed in a prison in 2015. In the year 2015, she came as a refugee to Germany. Her asylum request was granted. She was making propaganda for the "Islamic State". In July 2016, she was promoting the then-"ISIS" on behalf of a compatriot at the Dresden University Clinic, as well as in July 2017. In Internet-Chat, she often posed as a man. She wanted -according to the accusation- to support an ISIS-connected sheikh in Morocco with 4,000 euros.

In October or November 2018, she was arrested and kept in the Chemnitz prison. On July 15, 2019, her trial in the Higher Regional Court of Dresden began. Her defense attorney was Gisela Israel. On September 12, 2019, the Higher Regional Court of Dresden sentenced her to a sentence of 15 months, which was suspended for a period of three years (Case number 4 St 2/19).

Abdullah al-H. H. described himself in a chat as a "sleeping cell". On the internet, he researched instructions on how to build explosive belts and was interested in the text, "legal leader client for suicide killers". The festival grounds of the Dresden Marien Bridge and the Cinema Nights on the Banks of the Elbe were apparently then in his sight as possible targets for terror attacks by Abdullah al-H. H. The Regional Criminal Police had since August 2017 classified him as a danger.

In September 2018, the trial against him began in the Higher Regional Court of Dresden. On November 30, 2018, the court sentenced him to a youth sentence of two years and nine months for, among other things, recruiting members or supporters for the "Islamic State", obtaining instructions for carrying out a serious state-endangering act of violence, bodily injury and threats. This punishment was carried out, according to the authority, by the district court in Leipzig on December 9, 2019 included in further sentencing for assault on an official and bodily injury. 

The accused had to serve this youth sentence in full. Not until September 29, 2020 was he released by the Youth Penal Institution, Regis-Breitingen (Saxony). The district court in Borna ordered supervision for him. Thus, he had to report three times weekly to the police station in Central Dresden.

On October 4, 2020, Abdullah al-H. H. committed a knife attack on two tourists in Dresden (Palace Street). One man from Krefeld (55 years) died in the hospital, and his companion from Cologne was wounded. At first, it was not clear why both men-and by whom- were attacked.

The police formed a special commission Palace Street (29 officers) under the direction of First Criminal  Commissar, Frank Haschke. On October 20, 2020 Abdullah al-H. H. was arrested near the scene of the crime. Further investigation was taken over by the General Federal Prosecutor. (Gerhard Piper)

Last Night's Debate Between Trump and Biden

Rather than try to go point by point as to who did better in last night's debate, I would like to make a few observations-both as to the performance of the two men and the press reaction.

Biden started off pretty well in that he wasn't making obvious gaffes, didn't forget where he was, and seemed to be on his game. He looked old, however, and I noticed towards the last 30 minutes or so, he seemed to be getting tired. He began stuttering more than usual. Trump definitely appeared to have more energy.

I think it was a good thing that Trump did not interrupt, and the muted microphone idea was not really a problem.

Any criticism I might have of the moderator, Kristin Welker, would be nit-picking. She was better than I expected. The  Hunter Biden issue deserved more attention, however. Had it been one of Trump's sons, you can bet that the moderator would have included it in the questioning and had follow-ups. It was up to Trump to raise the issue. He did, and Biden failed to effectively rebut it. Biden's bringing up the character issue boomeranged on him. He also hurt himself with his answers on fracking and oil.

The question format was such that Trump would have to look for a chance to bring up the Hunter Biden scandal. The references to character did just that, and Trump scored several points. Welker, to her credit, then asked Biden to address the issue-although she did not ask follow-ups. Biden's basic response was that he never took any money from any foreign sources. There was no defense offered as to his son's reported laptop or the emails contained therein.  

After the debate, I watched the reactions on NBC, ABC, and the Hannity show on Fox. Naturally, Fox declared Trump the winner while NBC and ABC declared Biden the winner. However, I did note that on NBC, both Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell were very disingenuous about the Hunter Biden issue.  Their line was that unless you were following the story on Fox, most viewers were probably wondering what the references to Hunter Biden were all about. What that points out to me is that their own viewers obviously were in the dark about it because they were not reporting it! Hopefully, he stirred his followers to think about the subject and research it. Over on ABC, George Stephanopoulos, in referring to the story, used the words, "unverified", "misleading" and "false". 

Do I think Trump won the debate? Yes, but like everybody else, I am biased. I wanted him to win just as the media wanted Biden to win.

Tony Bobulinski Statement on Joe and Hunter Biden


Yesterday, Tony Bobulinski read a statement to the press about his past business dealings with Hunter Biden and the Chinese. He also described Joe Biden's involvement. This, if true, flies in the face of Joe Biden's past statements about never discussing business with his son, Hunter. As you can see at the end, the press people in the room are skeptical. Of course, this statement requires corroboration. That's where that mysterious laptop and all those emails come in. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Orange County Hate Crime Report 2019

Hat tip Debbie

"Of the 28% of hate crimes motivated by Religion, the Jewish community was the primary target at 52% followed by Catholics, Christians, and Muslims (14% combined), as seen in Figure 2 on page 4.

As my long-time readers know, I am not a fan of the Orange County Human Rights Commission. Most of my beefs with that organization date back a few years when they were run by a career bureaucrat named Rusty Kennedy. Hopefully, they have improved with a change in leadership, but to be honest, they have been off my radar since Kennedy packed it in. 

I am cross-posting their annual report on hate crimes in Orange County for 2019. What sticks out to me is that according to this report, hate crimes based on religion were directed at Jews more than any other religious group. (Total reports for all religions-21) The statistic doesn't surprise me, but under Kennedy's lead, the OCHRC was slow to recognize the problem of anti-Semitism, in my opinion.

Tributes to Samuel Paty

Translations by Fousesquawk.

France is in mourning (and I hope outrage) over the beheading death of Samuel Paty by a Muslim refugee near Paris last week. I am posting some of the tributes-and a disgusting disruption in Lyon.

"Don't touch my teacher"

"Solidarity with all the teachers of France"

Above tweet courtesy of BFMTV- Title: The coffin of Samuel Paty in the Court of Honor at the Sorbonne (This is a must view.)

Above tweet courtesy @LaTourEiffel

Then there is this tweet (above) from Belgium courtesy of Sam van Rooy

"Let this sink in: Islamic youths on scooters in Lyon try to intimidate police and disrupt a tribute to the French teacher beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen Muslim."

Note: There are conflicting reports as to the cause of these actions by the young men on motor scooters. The below article states that they were actually protesting the suicide death of a young man named Idir Mederess (22) in a Lyon prison in September. The title of the article reads: "Free-for-all to thumb the nose at police at edge of gathering for Samuel Paty." (

Joe and Hunter Biden: Where's the News Media?

This article first appeared in New English Review. 

This week, in a truly shocking development, a CBS reporter named Bo Erickson actually asked Joe Biden to comment on the revelations surrounding a laptop purported to belong to his son, Hunter. Former Vice President Biden, who was boarding an airplane, was clearly agitated and refused to comment, calling it a "smear" and basically insulting the reporter.

"I have no response. I know you’d ask it. I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

That is about as close as the mainstream media has come to trying to find out the truth about the laptop and the alleged emails to and from Hunter Biden indicating that he was trading on his father's name in order to do business with China and Ukraine. Other than Fox News, the New York Post, which broke the story, and Mr Erickson, our media is trying its best to bury this story.

CNN continues to ignore the story while trying to deal with the latest in their own embarrassing stories with one of their talking heads, this time, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who is "taking some time off". Over at MSNBC, Joy Reid used it to bring up a hit piece on President Trump's children while calling the Hunter Biden story, "fake".

Meanwhile, over on Capitol Hill, Adam Schiff (D-CA) is calling the story another Russian government disinformation piece designed to interfere in our election. Never mind that he has no basis for making such a charge and zero evidence to support it. In rebuttal, the FBI and Justice Department have gone on record this week stating that there is no "Russian connection" to this scandal.

Here is something else that is worth noting. Neither Biden nor his campaign has made any specific denial that the laptop in question (which was turned over to the FBI) belongs to Hunter Biden. Nor are they denying the emails that have been reported. The most that Joe Biden has said to this point that I am aware of is that it is a "smear" and that neither he nor his family has traded on the Biden name as has been alleged. Wouldn't you expect those type of specific denials from Joe Biden? And where is Hunter Biden these days? Where are the reporters camped out in front of his house? Does anyone even know where to look for him?

Of course, the Bidens know that there is a living witness to the story-the computer repair shop owner, who saw the material on the laptop and who apparently stands ready to corroborate everything. It has also been revealed this week that there is a receipt with Hunter Biden's signature on it. Joe Biden also knows that the laptop in question is in FBI custody and has been referred to the US Attorney's office in Delaware.

What we have not heard from Biden or his camp is a statement along the lines of: "the laptop in question does not belong to Hunter Biden", or, "the emails that have been reported are false". He might also throw in something like, "any reports that the laptop shows Hunter using crack cocaine and engaging in sex acts are false". None of that. Instead, they are attacking Rudy Giuliani for his role in the turning over of the material.

As far as the alleged meeting in 2015 in Washington with a Burisma official named Vadiym Pozharskyi, the Biden camp has stated that a review of then-Vice President Biden's schedule reflects no such meeting as being scheduled. That is hardly conclusive. Unscheduled meetings happen all the time with Washington officials. 

Then there is Joe Biden's reference to the CBS reporter about the "smear". It's an ugly word with all sorts of negative connotations, but sometimes, a smear can be true.  For example, when people bring up Monica Lewinsky and her affair then-President Bill Clinton, that is a smear against Clinton-but it is a true smear. So Joe Biden calling the story a "smear" is not really a denial.

Of course, all this is going to be asked of Joe Biden in Thursday's debate, right? It's the elephant in the back of the room, and it should be the first question asked, right?  Don't get your hopes up. The debate is being moderated by pro-Biden Democrat Kristin Welker of NBC. In addition, the Commission on Presidential Debates intends to cut off the microphone of the candidate(s) when "appropriate". So if Welker says nothing about the Hunter Biden issue, and Trump tries to bring it up, we can now look forward to his microphone being cut off. 

And then there are social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, trying to short-circuit any discussions about this story while they "fact-check" it.

And to cap it all off, should Biden win this election, once the new administration comes into office and a new attorney general sets up the new Justice Department, we can rest assured that any further investigation of Hunter Biden will quietly disappear-just as the on-going investigations into the corrupt practices of the Obama administration in trying to take Trump down before, during, and subsequent to the 2016 election- will also quietly disappear.

An old colleague of mine once said decades ago, "the only thing the people need to know is the ball scores". That thought may now be coming true. At least we will know who won the World Series.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A New Brewery for Erlangen

When I was stationed in Erlangen from 1966-1968 with the US Army, the town had three breweries in operation, Erichbrau, Kitzmann, and Henniger-Reifbrau. Eventually, Henniger and Erichbrau were bought out by a larger brewery (I think it was Tucher of Nuremberg), and Kitzmann was bought out in 2018 by Kulmbacher, a major brewery in Kulmbach. Erlangen, a town which in the early 20th century, had earned a reputation as a "Bierstadt" (beer city) has been struggling in recent years to maintain that tradition. The re-establishment of an old brewery (Steinbach) has helped, and a few years ago, another former Erlangen brewery, Weller Bier, was re-established. And today, I read in the Erlanger Nachrichten that a new brewery is being opened in Erlangen, Entlas Brau.

The owner of Entlas Brau, Vincenz Schiller, is the son of Thomas Engelhardt, owner of the Entlas Keller located on the grounds of Erlangen's annual Bergkirchweih. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Engelhardt several years back when I was writing my book on Erlangen. During the warmer months of the year (April-September), the Entlas Keller is open and features a limited daily menu, often with duck, as the name Entlas Keller implies (Ente=duck).

Hopefully, if I ever get back to Erlangen, I can sample the new brew.

France: Father of Muslim Student Exchanged Messages With Assassin

Samuel Paty

In France, The case of the murder and beheading of a teacher this week continues to shock the nation. Le Figaro is now reporting that the father of a Muslim student who viewed Mohammad cartoons shown by the teacher, Samuel Paty, in class, had exchanged messages with the killer, now fully identified as Abdoullakh Anzorov. The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

The assassination of Samuel Paty: A parent of a pupil and the assailant exchanged messages before the attack

These exchanges are believed to have been on the message server, Whatsapp.
by Le Figaro and AFP.  Published three hours ago, updated one hour ago

The pupil's father who had called for a mobilization on social media against Samuel Paty, the professor assassinated Friday, 16 October near his school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), exchanged messages by telephone with the assailant in the days that preceded the attack, AFP learned Tuesday from a source close to the case.  

These exchanges are believed to have taken place on the message server, Whatsapp, added this inside source, confirming news from BFMTV, without giving specifics as to their content.

The father of the coed had given his telephone number on Facebook in a message accompanying a video disseminated 8 October, in which he called for mobilization against Samuel Paty after a course on the Mohammad caricatures, which, according to him, his daughter attended. The latter, who is in the 4th grade, was, indeed, part of a class in which Samuel Paty gave a course on freedom of expression on 6 October, but she was absent that day according to a source close to the case.

On 12 October, he had disseminated a new video on YouTube targeting the teacher, in which the militant Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, appeared with him. The two men were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in this anti-terrorist investigation, along with 14 other persons including 5 students. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

France in Shock

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, RAIR Foundation, ITV News, Vlad Tepes. Translation by Ava Lon. Today, the entire nation of France is trying to deal with yet another horrific Islamic act of terror. Once again, a French citizen has been slaughtered-decapitated by a young Muslim refugee, angered because the Frenchman, a teacher, had shown Mohammad caricatures to his class. Today, thousands of French turned out in major cities to demonstrate their solidarity with the teacher, Samuel Paty. -ITV News
-Paris Match: Poster reads, "I am a professor. I am thinking of you, Samuel" 

-Le Figaro: Place de la Republique, Paris

Prior to the murder, an activist imam, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, produced the below video, in which he interviewed a female Muslim student who had chosen to remain in the classroom when Paty advised Muslim students to step out because he was going to show images they might find offensive. In the video, the imam demands that the "thug" teacher be fired, and advises French Muslims to be vigilant. (Sefrioui has been detained.) One French Muslim took vigilance to a new level. The killer, identified only as Abdoullakh A.(18), a Chechen refugee, born in Moscow, traveled to the Paris region from his home in Normandy, proceeded to the school, sought out Paty, and butchered him. He was subsequently shot to death by French police. Before he was shot, he apparently posted a message on social media featuring a photo of the severed head. (I have seen it, but for obvious reasons, will not post it.


While it is nice to see tens of thousands of French marching in solidarity with the victim and defending free speech, this will not bring an end to the carnage. Lighting candles is clearly not enough because the jihadis are not impressed. Once again, a "refugee", who was welcomed into France, has shown his appreciation by committing an act of barbarity and making a statement that freedom of expression is not respected. When will Europe's leaders wake up and bring an abrupt halt to the nightmare they have allowed to take over an entire continent? Innocent people are dying, for God's sake!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

France: Update on the Beheading

The victim of the horrific beheading near Paris on Friday has been identified as Samuel Paty. The killer is identified only as Abdoullakh A., an 18-year-old Russian-Chechen. He was born in Moscow and came to France as a refugee with his family.

A translation of the Le Figaro article is pending.

Here it is. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Caption below photo: In front of the college of Bois d'Aulne at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 
Saturday morning 17 October. Bertrand Guay/AFP 

 Live: -Professor decapitated: A national tribute to Samuel Paty will be held Wednesday

Here is a late recap of the events that followed the murder Friday evening of Samuel Paty, a professor decapitated because he had shown a character of Mohammad to his pupils.

The assailant, killed by the police after the attack, has been identified as Abdoullakh A., a Russian-Chechen, 18 years of age, born in Moscow and (who) came as a refugee to France with his family, stated the national anti-terrorist prosecutor, Jean-Francois Ricard, to the press. He was known for past common law (offenses), but not by the intelligence services for radicalization. On 4 March 2020, he obtained a residence permit valid to March 2030. He had refugee status and resided at Evreux in Normandy.

Ten people were in custody Saturday, including the parents, grandfather, and younger brother of the assailant, detained at Evreux (Eure). Also in custody is the father of the pupil who called for action against the teacher. He was placed in custody at Chanteloup-les-Vignes. The man who accompanied him to the college to complain about the professor, and who interviewed the daughter of this parent of a pupil in a video, the militant Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, active in France since the middle of the years 2000, as well as his companion, also (arrested).

About 1,000 persons gathered Saturday afternoon in front of the college of Bois d"Aulne a Conflans-Saint-Honorine (Yvelines). Samuel Paty, age 47 and father of a family, teacher of history-geography in this establishment. The professor, known for his investment in his pupils, was "very well-thought-of," stated Armelle, whose 13-year-old son attends the college.  In the morning, white roses were placed at the entrance to the college in this residential quarter, where pupils and parents are in a state of shock.

Large demonstrations of support are expected Sunday across the country. Representatives of the principal political parties, associations, and unions will demonstrate Sunday at 3 pm in Paris, at the emblematic Place (Square) of the Republic, and in numerous other cities. A  national tribute will be held Wednesday to this professor of history and geography, the Elysee (Palace) announced. And a defense meeting, presided over by Emmanuel Macron, (is expected to) take place Sunday. "Other expressions and announcements are planned after the meetings," according to the executive.


Friday, October 16, 2020

Muslim Legal Fund of America's "Angels" Await Fund Raiser

Hat tip Counter Jihad Coalition and Investigative Project on Terrorism 

Last night, the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) held what was termed a (virtual) "charity gala" (see announcement below). Looking at the photos of the speakers below, 4 names jumped right off the page at me. Keith Ellison, Noor Salman, Hatem Bazian, and Hassan Shibly. 

Noor Salman, the young lady in the lower left-hand corner, is the widow of Omar Mateen, the jihadi terrorist who slaughtered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016. She was charged for obstruction and aiding and abetting but was acquitted in 2018.

Keith Ellison, of course, is a former congressman from Minnesota, the current attorney general of that state, and a friend and associate of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian professor at UC Berkeley, has been featured on this site more times than I can count. He has a long history of being accused of hateful statements made not only toward Israel, but against Jews as well. He is a co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), and the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley. He is basically a two-trick pony, an advocate for the Palestinian cause and Islamophobia. When he was a student at San Francisco State University, he called for an intifada in the US. He has also been accused of telling a student audience to go and count the number of buildings on their campus named after Jews.

Hassan Shibly is a lawyer and head of CAIR in Florida. He has also been featured on this site for his own associations and statements. Here is what the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has to say about Mr. Shibly.

As for the others, Osama Abuirshaid (also spelled Abu Irshaid) is the director of American Muslims for Palestine, mentioned above. AMP is a funding arm of SJP. Here is what IPT has to say about him.

Arshia Ali-Khan is described by IPT here. She has also been associated with the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition as a board member. Below is her photo from their website.

Ayman Aishat, aside from his current association with the MFLA, has also been associated with the Muslim American Society and the notorious Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Fairfax County, Virginia, where he has preached. He came to the US from Jordan in 1989 and was involved in legal action with the US Government over delays in granting his citizenship due to reported ties to the Holy Land Foundation Islamic charity, which he reportedly failed to disclose. The Holy Land Foundation was the subject of a criminal trial in the Northern District of Texas in 2007-2008 due to funds that were diverted to Middle East terrorist organizations.

Khalil Meek is a convert to Islam and currently serves with the MLFA. He is listed as a scheduled speaker at the annual convention for the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America ICNA to be held December 2020 in Chicago. These two organizations have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Jammat e Islami, a South Asian Islamist group, respectively.  Here is their list of 2019 speakers, which includes a veritable all-star team of controversial including Siraj Wahhaj, Linda Sarsour, Hatem Bazian, and others. It is also noted that the aforementioned Abuirshaid spoke in 2019.

Finally, Linda Moreno is an attorney with the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America (CLCMA). Her bio sheet states that she has represented Sami al-Arian (former University of South Florida professor, who has been deported and now resides in Turkey.) and the chairman of the board of the Holy Land Foundation. According to IPT, the CLCMA also represented the above-mentioned Noor Salman.

All in all, an interesting cast of speakers.

Beheading in France: Breaking

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Jihad Watch

Another atrocity has visited France today. Near Paris, a Muslim man (described by some sources as a parent) and outraged that a history teacher had shown Mohammad cartoons in class, beheaded the teacher and was subsequently shot dead by police. The below report is from Jihad Watch.

This is front-page news in France, and the French President, Emmanuel Macron, has responded to the location. Le Figaro reports that according to police sources, the killer is a Muslim of Russian nationality, born in Moscow in 2002. The obvious question here is how the suspect could be a parent of a school-age child if he himself was born in 2002? Since this story is still breaking, I assume this point will be cleared up.  According to Le Monde, a message (in  French) was posted on Twitter just after the murder saying, "To Macron, the leader of the infidels: I have executed one of your dogs of Hell who dared to belittle Mohammad") It was also reported that several Muslim parents were upset at the victim for showing Mohammad cartoons in class.

Fousesquawk comment: Reasonable people can disagree on the subject of Mohammad cartoons. I myself am not comfortable with them and do not show them though I support freedom of expression and an open discussion on Islamic terrorism and the teachings of Islam. I have posted images against Islamic radicalism and will continue to do so.

But there is never any excuse for murdering someone because they have insulted your religion.  The larger problem is that this is not an isolated incident, and clear links can be found between this type of murder and Islamic teaching when it comes to blasphemy. It may be OK in Saudi Arabia or Iran. It is not OK in the West.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Chasing the Ambulance Chasers

On Facebook, I get daily messages from a West Coast personal jury law firm soliciting clients. The replies are many and generally consist of questions like, "I was in an accident....", or "I got fired .." followed by the question, "Can you help me?" The replies from the law firm are generally, "I have sent you a personal message." I am omitting the name of the law firm because, after all, we are talking about lawyers here.

I have had some fun sending in replies with some outrageous scenarios like, "I shot my boss.....can you help me?".

Late last night, I noticed that there was a way to send my spoof, via Messenger, directly to the law firm, so late last night, after getting yet another Facebook blast from these people, I sent them this: (The below exchange occurred immediately after I sent it.)

Fousesquawk-I got stopped by a cop for driving 120 mph in a school zone. Can you get me off?

Law firm: The information disclosed in this conversation does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship.

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will only be supplied to the chosen business, who may contact you using modern phone equipment, which may include auto-dialers and text. Consent is not a condition for purchase or hire. Privacy Policy.

We may be able to help you with that. Do you mind explaining the situation in a bit more detail?

Fousesquawk- I was really only going 110 mph. I think the cop's radar gun wasn't calibrated right.

Law firm- I understand. Could you tell me where this took place; city and state?

Fousesquawk- Bullsnuts, West Virginia.

Law firm- Thank you for briefing me on the situation. Do you mind holding for a moment?

Thank you for holding. The lawyer best suited to assist you is unavailable to chat at the moment, but I can have someone from our legal team contact you as soon as possible.

What would be the best number for us to reach you?

Fousesquawk- Well, I don't have a phone at the moment. I threw it out the window when the pigs stopped me. I had some stuff on there I didn't want them to see.

Law firm- If you are more comfortable with email I could ask them to contact you that way.

Fousesquawk- No, My wife checks my email and she doesn't know anything about this.

Law firm- Are you sure you would not like to leave an email or a contact number just for future reference?

Fousesquawk- Tell you what. I'll call you guys.

Law firm- You can try contacting the office directly at (number omitted).

I am closing this chat session. If you require further assistance please contact us at any time.

Fousesquawk- Gotcha.

Law firm- Thank you again, and goodbye.

Fousesquawk- Goodbye.