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Sharia Law: "No Contradiction With the US Constitution"

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and International Business Times

"There is no contradiction between Sharia law and the US Constitution"
-Imam Muzammil Siddiqi

- Michael Downing, LAPD Chief of Counter Terrorism
February 19, 2012

The Indonesian province of Aceh is governed by Sharia law. Accordingly, when an unmarried couple was found affectionately touching, they were publicly caned outside a mosque.

Of course any mention of Sharia law brings back that day in 2012 when I attended a public town hall at the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, California. What a day it was. The panelists were, then-LA County Sheriff Lee Baca (who refused to recognize radicalism in any local mosque), LAPD Chief of Counter Terrorism Michael Downing (whose thinking matched Baca's), Maxine Waters, Judy Chu and Loretta Sanchez (all Democratic representatives in Congress), US Attorney for the Central District of  California Andre Birotte Jr., Riffat Masood, Consul General of Pakistan in Los Angeles, and, of course, Muzammil Siddiqi, head imam.

Both Siddiqi and Downing told the audience that there was no contradiction between Sharia law and the US Constitution. Maxine Waters, in her own inimitable way, said that efforts by states to pass anti-Sharia laws were "motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, plain and simple."

They should all read the article about how Sharia law is being applied in Indonesia.

Houston Mosque Arson Update: Liberal Media Have Egg On Their Faces

Image result for savoy masjid in houston
Savoy Masjid (Mosque) in Houston

Now that police have arrested Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Muslim, for the fire that broke out last week at a Houston mosque (which he attended), a number of liberal outlets have egg on their collective faces after their initial reporting that talked about a wave of hate crimes against Muslims and their mosques.

In addition, Daily Caller, a conservative blog, and, a liberal blog, are in a battle over a posting about the fire by Salon writer Ben Norton, who was reported to have taken his post down after it came out that Moore was a Muslim (and no hate crime occurred).

“The piece was not ‘taken down.’ It was temporarily reverted to a draft, in order to be edited. I was working on another piece at the time (I often write three to four per day) and, as soon as I finished it (a piece criticizing Obama’s mass deportation policies, I might add), I added an update to the Houston mosque piece and it was republished at 5pm, with an editor’s note. I’m sorry this doesn’t fit your narrative, but your entire post is not just misleading — it is plain wrong.”
-Ben Norton,
Here is Norton's updated post from

Whatever the circumstances of the temporary take down of Norton's post, it appears the truth didn't fit his and Salon's narrative.

Fousesquawk 2015 Jerk of the Year-Hillary Clinton

After a two-year absence, Hillary Clinton has reclaimed her crown. Not yet as president, but as the 2015 Fousesquawk Golden Penguin award as Jerk of the Year. Clinton was previously the 2012 winner. As the first repeat winner of the award, Mrs Clinton has finally achieved an accomplishment she can campaign on.

It is hardly surprising that Hillary would return to the Fousesquawk Hall of Fame or Shame if you prefer. She is the woman who will never go away. This year, she added to her long list of scandals with the disclosure of her secret and unauthorized email account, which she used for her State Department communications. Those emails only surfaced thanks to Freedom of Information requests that led into lawsuits for non-disclosure. As we speak, the State Department, which was badly corrupted by Mrs Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, is still dribbling out a few thousand "lost" emails every month as per a court order. Many of the documents released were of a classified nature but handled through Clinton's private email server run out of her home and stored in the bathroom of a communications company in Denver!

Mrs Clinton, as we know, is under FBI investigation for unauthorized handling of classified material. She testified recently before Congress for several hours in the related Benghazi scandal. Her supporters, ignoring her lies, declared victory because "she handled herself so well."

So as the vain-glorious Mrs Clinton blithely goes about her quest for the presidency against a handful of stooges supposedly giving her opposition, much like the old Washington Federals Generals provided "opposition" for the Harlem Globetrotters, we continue to learn more dirty details about the Clinton Foundation, which may turn out to be the greatest money-laundering operation in history.

Mrs Clinton's chief rivals for the award this year were John Kerry, for his diplomatic surrenders, and of course, the Boss himself, Barack Obama, who is always in the running. Yes, I did consider Republicans, chiefly Donald Trump and John Boehner.

But in the end, there was only one clear choice.

Why Is Our Government Giving $2 Million to a Kansas City Mosque?

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Daily Caller

The Islamic Center of Kansas City, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has reportedly received over two million dollars from the Dept. of Agriculture over the past 5 years for-
infant and women's nutrition.

Hopefully, somebody in Congress will demand answers for this expenditure.

Secondly, any connection with ISNA and NAIT is troubling. The linked article gives enough details on that point.

This is another example of our government's criminal negligence when it comes to handling our tax dollars and allowing these Islamist elements to grow and prosper here in the US.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emory Professor Says We (Whites) Are All Racists

Hat tip Campus Reform

Photo of
George Yancy
(Emory faculty profile photo)

Of all the "white privilege" screeds I have heard in recent years, this is about the silliest. It comes from an Emory University professor named George Yancy, and in this piece, he asks us white folks to admit that we are all racists. Campus Reform has the report.

"The letter, according to Yancy, was inspired by a series of 19 interviews he conducted with various public intellectuals on the topic of race, including well-known philosophers such as Peter Singer, Noam Chomsky, and Cornel West."

(Three dopes.)

I don't wish to rehash the same things I have said in the past about America's racial history except to say that we do acknowledge the evils of slavery and segregation and have taken major steps to correct those injustices and educate our youth about them. This guy Yancy, however, is trying to make a point about virtually all white people. To stereotype an entire people by applying  a fill-in-the-blank-"ist" to them is racist in itself. In addition, it is just plain silly. That it comes from a university educator is doubly troubling-but hardly surprising.

Maybe Professor Yancy should examine his own racial attitudes as he has his gender attitudes.

What Happened at San Diego State on November 19?

Hat tip The College Fix and JJ

Students lead a march at SDSU on Monday in response to a hate crime against a female Muslim student in a campus parking lot last week. About 400 people participated in the march and rally against intolerance.
San Diego Union Tribune

On November 19, a female Muslim student at San Diego State University reported that she was verbally and physically assaulted by a white male approximately 20-years of age in a parking lot during the afternoon hours. Police have yet to identify the alleged assailant. In the meantime, demonstrations of support have been held on campus and the Muslim Student Association has come forth with all kinds of demands (Can you say, "University of Missouri"?)

It is alleged that the attacker verbally insulted the woman's faith, calling her a "terrorist" and pulled on her head covering before walking away. If true, the act is to be condemned. Given past experiences with these kinds of reports, I will let it stand right there.

I also have no problem with the university students and administration  coming out to support the alleged victim. Yet, it is always interesting to compare these responses when the victim is Muslim or black with when the victims are Jewish. In my view, the most serious bias on campuses is anti-Semitism, yet universities tend to deny the problem. In addition you never see the kind of response that SDSU has shown here. I would love to see one campus turn out and march when a swastika shows up on campus. I have yet to see it anywhere.

I also find it noteworthy-though hardly surprising- that the SDSU MSA has rejected support from the campus group, Students Supporting Israel.

The Houston Mosque Fire: Not a Hate Crime

Gary Nathaniel Moore

On Christmas Day, a mosque located in a Houston shopping center was set afire after Friday prayers. Investigators quickly concluded that it was arson based on the fact there were several points of origin inside the mosque. CAIR in Houston and the media quickly assumed it was a hate crime.

At the time, I decided to hold off comment. If I am sure a hate crime has been committed, it is my practice to condemn it as I would in this case. No matter what else is happening in the world, it is no excuse to attack mosques in our country.

Yet past experience told me that these apparent hate crimes sometimes turn out to be something else-sometimes a hoax.

Now an arrest has been made. The suspect is 37-year-old Gary Nathaniel Moore, a Muslim who has been a member of the mosque. As yet, his exact motive is not clear, and I will continue to follow this story. One thing is pretty clear: This was not a hate crime. (See TV news video of the below report.)

The unanswered question at this point was whether Moore had a grudge against the mosque or whether it was a hoax that may involve others.

I Don't Feel Excluded

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

As often documented here by this writer, almost all universities in the US these days have gone off on an obsessive tangent about diversity and inclusion. As to the latter, there is the concern that certain activities or certain holidays may make "others" feel "excluded".

For example, just this year at UC Irvine, the student government voted to remove the American flag from their work space because its presence might make foreign students feel excluded or uncomfortable. It brought national embarrassment to UCI.

To me it was strange because I have traveled to over 60 countries in my life and lived in three of them (Germany, Thailand and Italy) for a total of 11 years. The sight of their flags never made me feel uncomfortable or excluded. Nor did the playing of their national anthems make me uncomfortable in any way. When the anthem was played, I did what was expected. I stood in respect. It had nothing to do with me making a show of allegiance to that country; it was just a case of simple respect.

Similarly, I was once in Turkey on official business during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It was not easy to find restaurants that were open for lunch. One evening, our party was the dinner guests of one of our police colleagues. We had to wait until precisely 8 pm before we could sit down to eat. We simply went along with the program.

Here is my point: I have never complained or felt that I was being excluded because I was in an environment where other customs were observed and different flags were honored. I realized I was in another country and just needed to respect the traditions and allegiances. I didn't complain when the flag of the country was raised or the national anthem performed in my presence. I didn't demand that Ankara open up its restaurants for lunch for my sake. I didn't demand that Turkish people not pray in public because it "offended" me. I didn't get indignant when Italian or Thai hamburgers didn't measure up to American authenticity. (I include that because just recently, there was a major stir at Oberlin College in Ohio because the cafeteria was serving Chinese food that didn't measure up in authenticity. I mean, what would you expect?)

At the same time, my life in the US has been one of cultural interaction. My wife is Mexican, and over the course of 40 years, I have been intimately involved with the Mexican culture as well as others. I am not uncomfortable stepping into another cultural circle here or abroad, something that has enriched my life greatly.

And you know what? I think the overwhelming majority of foreign visitors to our country do not feel uncomfortable or excluded at the sight of the American flag or celebrations of Christmas or July 4th in public places. I think in most cases, it is our wacko, left-wing activists who take it upon themselves to act as representatives for the so-called "Other". (I am using a new academic buzz word here.) I can say comfortably that at UC Irvine you don't often see foreign students involved in activist causes. There are certain exceptions, and I have often written about them here. However, for the most part, foreign students realize they are ambassadors for their countries and act accordingly.

Going to different countries means experiencing what the people in those countries do. If you show the right attitude, you will be welcomed and helped through things that are unfamiliar to you. Here in the US, we are a diverse people who come from many old traditions that differ from Asia to Africa to Europe and Latin America. In almost every case, the traditions of immigrants can be respected as American assimilation takes hold. While accepting the traditions of others, we have no need to apologize for our own customs and for our pride in our country. We don't need to hide our flag and remove words like "Christmas" from our vocabulary.

I mean, what are foreign visitors and immigrants supposed to think if we don't show pride in our own country and our own traditions?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

State Dept. Lists Its "Accomplishments" for 2015

"Bringing Peace and stability to Syria"

"At the same time, it’s also important to take a step back and look at how the United States has helped change the world for the better. Our diplomats have been busy, and they have met with significant success across a range of issues – each of these issues vital in their own way to ensuring the safety, security, and prosperity of the American people. So, here's my take on #2015in5Words.  - See more at:"

Even by the low bar set by people like Jay Carney and Josh Earnest, this State Department post is side-splitting laughable. It lists their top "achievements" in 2015. This list includes "bringing peace and stability to Syria" and the infamous Iran nuke deal. They also give themselves credits for holding a conference on countering violent extremism-their euphemism for terrorism-which they have not effectively countered-let alone won the fight. That is what they consider an accomplishment!

"Winning the fight against violent extremism"

Image result for john kerry
"I attended a conference."

Having a conference is not an accomplishment.

A Response to UC Irvine Chancellor's Statement on Donald Trump

This month UC Irvine Chancellor Howward Gillman reacted to Donald Trump's controversial call to
ban Muslims from entering the US with a missive to the UCI community condemning those remarks.
The message is contained below. (I apologize for the formatting issues. It is due to cutting and
pasting from the emails.)
To the Anteater community:
As our world is shaken by tragic acts of terrorism, some may be tempted to say regrettable things based on fear. But yesterday’s statement by a leading presidential candidate, calling for barring all Muslims from entering our country, was so offensive that I feel I should speak out.
Excluding any group based solely on religion, ethnicity or background contrasts sharply with the fundamental values of our community, where all peoples come together to improve our planet through knowledge. We are not immune from the anxieties of our age, the biases of the world, or the passions of the moment. But as an institution of higher education it is our distinctive mission to confront them with intellect and reason, with a spirit of inquiry and discovery, with a commitment to mutual respect — knowing that the work of enlightening the world benefits from the tremendous diversity we welcome on our campus.
We stand together in imagining and creating a hopeful future for humankind. And today, at a time when the faith of many members of our community is under outrageous public attack, let us stand with all our Muslim faculty, staff and students who are here to help us all realize a world where we work with each other to promote our mutual well-being and common humanity.
Fiat lux,

The below response was sent to Chancellor Gillman by one of my teaching colleagues at UCI, Larry 
Sims. He forwarded it to me and has given permission to post it here.
From: Larry Sims
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2015 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: We Stand Together
December 10, 2015
Dear Chancellor Gillman
In regard to your email the other day on “standing together” I 
feel I must comment.  Clearly you have something of a tight line to walk, and I 
don’t necessarily envy you.  Thank you for your efforts, but honestly I don’t 
think continual appeasement is the best strategy. 
Many of us Americans who were born here are not afraid; we are angry and utterly dismayed by a lack of leadership in this country. Sadly some people 
in our global community cannot be successfully “confront[ed] with intellect and 
reason, with a spirit of inquiry and discovery, with a commitment to mutual
respect”- as much as we’d hope they would change- because they have repeatedly 
stated with fanatical intent and with the action to back it up- that they want a 
worldwide Caliphate where they call the shots and execute those who do not bow 
to the Sword of Islam. Hardly an open-minded global community where the
majority can flourish, wouldn’t you agree? I personally do not relish the 
thought of going out to a Starbucks and even thinking that my children and I 
might be gunned down or blown up by religious fanatics who think they are going
to Heaven if they kill people who do not have the same beliefs as they do. “Oh,
all Muslims do not think that way,” is the tired cliché.  Granted, but if only 
1% of them do, then we have 15 million ‘time bombs’ walking around this 
‘advanced global community.’  And if the other 99% do not like what the 
militants are doing, why don’t they both say and do something? 
Many of us are also tired of hearing the words ‘hate speech’
when we simply caution others about segments of our society- be it national or global- who have such a predilection for such egregious acts as seen in San Bernardino, Paris, New York City as well as on the mountainous slopes of Iraq 
where Yazidi Christians are being tortured and slaughtered by the hundreds.
religion without the fear of tyranny or retribution.
Muslims are not under “outrageous attack”- an accurate look at history clearly shows that they are the least persecuted and most aggressive of all religions. Is it Christians, Jews, or Buddhists we immediately think of when some mass murder takes place?  
I hate to put it this way, but please let us stop kowtowing to 
Muslims and apologizing for what America stands for- freedom of speech and 
religion without the fear of tyranny or retribution. 

Merry Christmas, (Fiat lux finds its origin in Genesis, so I am being consistent here) Larry Sims

Fousesquawk comment: Regular readers of this blog know that I have always made it clear that 
innocent Muslims-especially American Muslims- must not be punished or retaliated against for the 
crimes of others. Yet, it is irresponsible not to acknowledge and discuss the threats that we 
face. I myself have called for a suspension of Islamic immigration as long as the threat of 
violent jihad and terrorism exists.  

As for the university Muslim community, I have yet to see that they are under some threat. Groups like the Muslim Student Associations and Students for Justice in Palestine have shown they can 
fend for themselves. They have hardly been victims. In addition, there are many (not all) 
Muslim professors in academia including the University of California whom I have criticized on 
this site-and will continue to do so. I am not calling for a curtailment of their First Amendment rights, but when I feel they 
have engaged in outrageous polemics, I will continue to call them out and exercise my own freedom 
of speech.

I commend Larry for his letter. As for Trump's comments, he may have used inflammatory language 
and shown some legal ignorance, but he has opened up a topic for discussion that we must have.

The Tri-Partite Pigs and Hatem Bazian

"The conditions in today's America and the world resemble what MLK described in "The Three Evils of Society" speech in 1967."
-Hatem Bazian

There was a time not long ago when America was blessed with the arrival of immigrants, people coming here to seek a better life and longing to be part of America-to be Americans. They were grateful for the opportunity and freedom that America afforded them, and we in turn have benefited from their presence. They were overwhelmingly hard-working people who adopted our values and gradually assimilated into our culture.

Over the past several years, however, while millions more have continued to fit into that mold, we have unfortunately seen something go awry in our immigration patterns. Millions have come here illegally, mostly out of desperate economic circumstances in Mexico and Central America, but even most of them have found jobs and otherwise stayed out of trouble. To be sure, there is a percentage who have come for the wrong reasons because America can also be the Land of Opportunity for criminals, gangs and drug traffickers.

But imagine another category of immigrants. These are people who came here to enjoy a better life, but who, at the same time, have no respect for our country or our values and consider us to be a racist and imperialistic entity that has caused most of the problems of the world. It certainly leads one to wonder why they come to live here.

Consider University of California professor Hatem Bazian, who came to the US from the West Bank to study in college. He got his advanced degrees here and today is a professor at UC Berkeley, from which he launches his campaigns against Israel and something he calls Islamophobia. Bazian apparently thinks the world is out to get Muslims and that includes right there in the US. Several years ago, while speaking in front of a college audience, he said he was "angry" and called for an intifada-not in Israel-rather right here in America.

No, thank you.

He also seems to think that  Americans (at least white Americans) are a bunch of redneck racists. At least that's the flavor you get from his latest screed for something called The Daily Sabah.  Here Bazian tries to show off his knowledge of the days of Martin Luther King, something he must have learned from the history books because he sure wasn't around to see it here when it was happening. Here he writes a silly and nonsensical article about "Tri-Partite problems", America's "three evils", or what have you.

"The time is right to ask the question whether the current wars ravaging the world, obscene militarism, racism and Islamophobia are reflective of the highest human values? If the answer is no, then why the silence!"

How about the obscene wars and actions of Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and ISIS? How about the obscene beheadings? How about the obscene persecution of non-Muslim minorities in practically every Muslim-majority nation of Earth including murder, church burnings, rapes, and forced conversions to Islam? How about the obscene calls for hate and murder coming out of mosques around the world-including in Europe and the US? How about the obscene acts of violence and murder against Jews in Europe? How about the obscene terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians? Remember the massacre of the Fogel family in Israel a few years back which included a months-old infant in its crib having its neck slashed? That was obscene. It was also obscene to watch Palestinians dancing in the streets to celebrate the foul deed, just as they danced in the streets on 9-11. That was also obscene. How about the obscene predictions of Islam dominating the world and subjugating all other religions?

You know what is also obscene? Obscene is pseudo-intellectual ingrates like Bazian coming to this country, calling it his own, and insulting it and its people. Bazian apparently also has little use for capitalism notwithstanding the fact that it is precisely our economic system that made America the greatest economic power in the world and lifted millions upon millions out of poverty. 

This character has no clue about how this country has changed from the time of MLK to now. His fixation on "White Supremacy" is based on something that no longer exists in America aside from a small fringe element that counts for nothing.  I assume Bazian comes from a society that cannot appreciate a people recognizing injustice and working to correct it. Bazian may think this is the same America in which Dr King lived and died, but I can assure him it is not because I have lived through these times. Where was he? Not even old enough to pick up a history book. Yet he has the audacity to write jibberish about "tri-partite" problems because we support Israel and refuse to buckle under to the Islamo-Nazis who plague the world. 

So a belated welcome to the US, Mr Bazian. Just remember: We do have running toilets here. Our living room is not your toilet.

Christmas in America: A Time to Be Grateful

This was originally posted in Eagle Rising.

As we celebrate Christmas in the United States of America, there is so much to reflect on and so much to be grateful for.

First and foremost, we should remember that we live in the greatest and freest land in the world, where everyone is free to practice their faith-whatever it may be. Our Christian brothers and sisters do not enjoy that freedom in many other parts of the world. As we enjoy our holiday, Christians in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria, are huddled down or fleeing for their lives. A program of genocide is under way designed to remove the last vestiges of Christianity from the Middle East. In Egypt and Libya, things are scarcely better with churches being burned to the ground and children kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. In Northern Nigeria, Boko Haram wipes out entire villages and kidnaps young Christian girls for forced conversion and sexual slavery.

Meanwhile, here at home our universities, with rare exceptions, have been turned into places where expressions of Christmas (and Hannuka) are frowned upon as being "non-inclusive". Cornell has just issued guidelines banning crosses, menorahs, Nativity scenes, and Stars of David, but "allowing" trees and snow flakes!

Similarly, the university campus is the last place you will find expressions of patriotism and gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices of our forefathers. Instead, they are now condemned as racist, slave-owning white men whom we should not honor for anything. (No, I am not excusing slavery for a second.) America is described to our children as a racist, imperialistic entity that is to be blamed for all the ills of the world. Just this year, a professor at UC Irvine, where I teach, wrote an op-ed on the occasion of Memorial Day to trash our country and its military questioning why we should honor either.

Indeed, we should honor our servicemen and women on Christmas as we should throughout the year. They and the troops and veterans who preceded them have been the guarantors of our freedoms including the freedom to worship as we choose. Were it not for the US and its military, no nation in the world would be living in freedom today. We especially honor our fallen and those who are spending Christmas in far away and dangerous places protecting us.

The message that our children in college should be getting is that in spite of the mistakes America has made and in spite of the dark chapters in our history, this is still the greatest country on Earth, and that it does deserve their love and their loyalty.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Al Jazeera's "Big Scoop"

I don't pretend to have any inside information on Peyton Manning and whether he uses or used performance enhancing drugs. Based on what has been reported as well as the source, I tend to scoff at the story.

Al Jazeera, a despicable news outlet based in a despicable nation (Qatar), is relying on a pharmacist who bragged to an undercover reporter that he has sold PED to Manning and several other famous athletes. He is now saying the statements were mere braggadocio.

Al Jazeera would be better served trying to cater to left wing American audiences with their pro  Arab, anti-Israel blather using oddball college professors with an ax to grind than trying to break into the sports market.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Who Will Be 2015 Jerk of the Year?

Only four more days remain before I will select the winner of the Golden Penguin award as 2015 Jerk of the Year. There is still time to send in your nominations, but the final decision is mine alone. There are plenty of worthy candidates including a Republican or two.

Who will it be?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

More on the Despicable Misuse of the Jewish Star at the University of San Diego

Hat tip JJ

A few days ago, I posted a story on a professor at the University of San Diego who used the Jewish star to make a point about Islamophobia.

Mitcha Danzig has a great article in the Times of Israel with his own take on the controversy.

Friday, December 25, 2015

"O Holy Night" by the Hillsdale College Choir

Hat tip College Insurrection

Here is a beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night" by the Hillsdale College choir.

Hillsdale College in Michigan is a private institution that does not accept any government funding. Instead of indoctrination, students can expect a quality education at Hillsdale and also learn a healthy appreciation for the US Constitution. In the bleak landscape of academia these days, Hillsdale is a shining star.

Making Fun of Michael Moore

Hat tip Tundra Tabloids and Gates of Vienna

Image result for unmade bed
"We are all Michael Moore."

Michael Moore recently showed up at Trump Towers in New York with a poster that read, "We are all Muslims". (He must have had a mouse in his pocket.) In response, Tundra Tabloids came up with a production mocking Moore, who, let's face it, is the lowest-hanging fruit in the garden. Enjoy.

Today is Banned in Brunei, Tajikistan and Somalia

In case you didn't know it, there is no today in three Islamic countries today. Tajikistan, Brunei and Somalia have banned any celebration of Christmas.

Not very inclusive, I would say.

More importantly, we remember that Christians in the Middle East are living in fear for their lives especially in Syria and Iraq, which heretofore had significant Christian minorities.

Meanwhile, here on the home front, universities are issuing strict guidelines that limit just how students and staff (Christians and Jews) are supposed to celebrate "the holidays". They want to make sure nobody feels offended or "excluded".

Merry Christmas

Image result for frosty the snowman

I want to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and happy Hannuka to my Jewish friends.

As for all you politically correct, inclusive, bah humbuggers out there at Cornell and other wacko universities who think we are celebrating sub freezing temperatures and dangerous driving conditions, I say, Get Over It.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another Farce in France

Hat tip Gallia Watch

                                                                                                   In? Or out?

As the French try to grapple with their growing terrorism problem, one of their biggest handicaps is that they have as minister of justice, a radical named Christiane Taubira, a native of Guyana. Currently, she is the subject of a major political embarrassment in France.

Un souhait tout de suite réalisable : bon débarras Taubira !
Christiane Taubira-France's Eric Holder

After the latest French attacks, President Hollande had announced that he was introducing a  measure in a constitutional reform bill that would have stripped French citizenship from bi-national criminals. Then, this week, under pressure from the Socialist Party, he flip-flopped on the measure announcing that he was pulling it.

Now it develops that Taubira had made the announcement that Hollande was pulling the measure in Algeria-before Hollande had announced it himself. So as it stands now, the measure is back in as Hollande tries to save face.

Gallia Watch has the report, which has much more detail on Taubira's role than the above-linked Guardian article.

"This was too much even for Hollande, a man of unfathomable weakness."
-Gallia Watch 

Well, we here in the USA know what it's like, don't we, Folks? 


(Would you like a glass of wine?)

UK Wakes Up to the Reality of the Muslim Brotherhood

It may be too late to save Britain, but at least they are waking up to what the Muslim Brotherhood is really all about-quite unlike the current US administration under President Obama. In a new report, the UK government says the MB is sympathetic to terrorists and is a threat to British national security.

(I could have told them that years ago.)

I note also that CAIR has denied (once again) ties to the Brotherhood. That's a bunch of Bolshoi.

You will note in the above IPT report a reference to an MB memo seized by the FBI and introduced into evidence at the 2007 Dallas Holy Land Foundation trial. (Explanatory Memorandum addressed to "North American Brothers" including numerous American Muslim organizations.

The Brotherhood denies having branches in the US. That was the position one of their spokesman, Ibrahim al Hudaiby of Egypt, took when he spoke at UC Irvine in 2008 and was confronted with the above document by this writer.

And, of course, here is a photo of CAIR's Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush, posing in front of a poster in support of the Brotherhood after they and Mohammad Morsi were deposed by the Egyptian military.

Image result for hussam ayloush and muslim brotherhood poster

It is going to require a new administration in Washington to recognize the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood. No amount of smoking guns will change Obama's position.