Monday, February 29, 2016

UC Skate Board Invents a New Tongue-Twister (Womxn)

Hat tip The College Fix

Try to pronounce this word: Womxn. That's a new term apparently invented by the skate boarders at UC Santa Barbara. Something to do with gender binaries whatever that is.


Islamic Horror Hits Moscow

Hat tip Live Leak and Truth Revolt

Viewer warning

Shouting "Allahu Akhbar", a black clad Muslim woman walked around a Moscow subway entrance waving the severed head of a small child for about 20 minutes minutes before she was arrested. Truth Revolt has a filtered video and Live Leak has a somewhat more graphic video.

I wonder if CAIR has a Moscow chapter (just kidding). If they did, it would be time for another press conference, right?.

Pete Hoekstra Shouted Down by Pro-Refugee Protesters

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

If you want to see a good example of why we should not bring Syrian refugees into the US, look no further than this video of Pete Hoekstra being shouted down at the Rhode Island statehouse by Brown Shirt students from Brown University and clerics from the United Council of Churches.

You know, while I consider myself a Christian, this is also a prime excuse I can give my (Catholic) wife as to why I don't attend church on a regular basis. I mean, who needs religious leaders like these?

Lastly, this is another example of how our right of free speech is under dire threat.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Is Donald Trump's Relationship to George Soros?

Hat tip to Conservative Review and Paul

If this article is accurate, we should have great concern over a Donald Trump in the White House. It appears that Trump has ties to billionaire left-wing activist George Soros.

Make no mistake: George Soros is a bad guy. This is akin to Obama's ties to Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayres. Of course, we already know that Soros has had access to Obama since his first day in the presidency.

If you don't know who Soros is, you need to learn. This is a man who is using his billions to undermine this country in serious ways.

"It's Only a Dick!"

Hat tip Campus Reform

That's a macro-aggression

Hopefully, we won't have this problem when Global Warming overtakes us all.

After a heavy snowfall at the University of Michigan, the little rascals built a snowman, er, penis out of the snow. That set off a trigger warning for  some hall monitor, er, director who filed a bias complaint against poor old Frosty.

Note to hall director: It's only a dick. Get over it.

Trump University

Image result for trump university cardboard cutout of trump

"$35,000 bucks and all I got was this photo of me with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump."

Melissa Harris-Perry Out at MSNBC

Another one bites the dust

Melissa Harris-Perry, who recently spoke at UC Irvine amid great fanfare, has been canned by MSNBC, and she is not going quietly into the night.

It looks like the management at MSNBC is trying to clean up its image. Low ratings and a poor reputation has plagued the liberal cable news channel for years. Harris-Perry now joins Ed Schultz as a former MSNBC host.

The overhaul won't be complete, however, until they get rid of fast-talking Chris Matthews. Just the other night, I watched him covering the primaries, and there he was asking snide questions of his guests. He has a bad habit of asking a question then asking two or three new ones before his guest has even answered the first.

At any rate, the departure of Harris-Perry is welcome news.

Germany Cannot Account for 130,000 Refugees

Hat tip Jihad Watch

So much for German efficiency. (What are we Americans talking about?) The German authorities now admit of the some 1.1 million asylum seekers/migrants and assorted other riff-raff that have poured into the country, they cannot account for 130,000 of them.

"Ah wunderbar, ah wunderbar, ah."

Here's a tip: Check out the local train stations.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Price Tag for a Clinton Speech

Hat tip Zero Hedge and Progressive Activist Voice

So you really think that Hillary Clinton is going to take on Wall Street and get the big money out of politics?

Check out this list of speeches that Bill and Hillary have made just since 2013, the organizations and the fees.

That's a lot of money to pay two people who you know are going to stand up there and tell you one lie after another.  The question begs: What do these entities hope to get besides a meaningless speech for their money?

Do I have to give you the answer too?

Will Congress Finally Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization?

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

"The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions."
-From the Explanatory Memorandum to the "North American brothers" from the Muslim Brotherhood. (Seized by FBI)

That's what some Republicans would like to do, but they are being opposed by John Conyers (D-MI), which is hardly surprising. Gates of Vienna has the report.

This is long overdue. It is from the MB that most Islamic terror organizations have sprouted. They have their tentacles in the US with organizations like the Islamic Society of North America, CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Muslim Student Association and many others. Designating the MB as a terror organization, which is surely is, would allow us to start dealing with these subversive organizations that are operating in the US.

Vet Raises Benghazi at Clinton Rally and Gets Booted Amid Boos

This incident says much about the mindset of Democratic voters even in South Carolina. Bill Clinton was speaking on behalf of his wife Friday, and when a vet raised the issue of Benghazi, not only was he booed by the audience, he was escorted out of the hall.

Daily Caller has more. There was a woman involved.

Here is a longer video.

It seems to me that while the woman was being disruptive, the man was participating in a legitimate q and a and got a quick hook from security when he raised the issue of Benghazi. Be that as it may, it is the reaction of the crowd that I find most disturbing.

How About Ben Carson for VP?

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Image result for ben carson

With the Republican primary race down to five candidates, I am still struggling to decide on my own choice. As far as Ben Carson is concerned, while I have enormous respect for him as a person and agree with his views, I just don't think he is prepared to be president. Though he is clearly a quick learner, he is still catching up on certain issues especially in foreign policy. That leads me to this question: Why not consider him as a running mate?

First of all, the additional 4-8 years as vice president would give him ample time to become familiar with the myriad of issues a president must deal with. It would also give him valuable political experience, which is also needed. Rightfully or wrongfully, a president should be experienced in the give and take as well as the maneuvering that makes up the game of politics.

I would like to think that I am setting aside Carson's race in these considerations. I am not, but it is in a different way. After 8 years of Obama, the novelty of a black president has worn off. The selection of Carson as a running mate should not be a craven appeal for diversity or black votes.

On the other hand, I don't want to see Carson disappear from public view once he is forced to drop out of the race. Black America desperately needs him as a positive role model. Something is going wrong in race relations in 2016. After decades of progress and the election of our first black president, we are going the wrong way, and much of our black youth is headed in the wrong direction especially with this asinine Black Lives Matter movement. While Obama has been a good role model as a family man, as a leader, he has been an abject failure. He is arguably the most divisive president in our history as well as arguably our worst overall president.

Ben Carson would also be an effective example of why blacks and other minorities should embrace conservatism as a way out of the vicious cycle of poverty and underachievement. He could and should take his place alongside other noted black conservatives, such as Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and Condi Rice and serve as an effective counterweight to the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.

And given additional time and experience, he could still make a fine president.

Friday, February 26, 2016

San Francisco State's MOU With An-Najah University

Cinnamon Stillwell has a posting in Frontpage Magazine about a working agreement between San Francisco State University (a very questionable institution) and An-Najah University, also a questionable institution in the West Bank. Naturally, we see the dark hand of SFSU professor Rabab Abdulhadi behind all this.

This is another example of why SFSU president Leslie Wong is a weak administrator who cannot rein in radicals like Abdulhadi.

Sekou Odinga: My Letter to UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman et al

Image result for sekou odinga
Sekou Odinga

Reference is made to my postings on the February 10 speaking appearance of Sekou Odinga aka 
Nathaniel Burns at UC Irvine on February 10.

On February 19, I sent the below email to UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman, Vice Chancellor Thomas 
Parham, Dean of the School of Humanities Georges van den Abbeele, and Chair of the African-
American Studies Dept. Bridget Cooks.

Dear Chancellor Gillman et al, 
I am writing to express my dismay at the recent speaking appearance of Sekou 
Abdullah Odinga aka Nathaniel Burns at UCI on February 10, 2016, sponsored by 
the African American Studies Dept. and the School of Humanities. More than that, 
I am outraged at the false and misleading biographical description of Odinga 
that appeared on the School of Humanities website. 
Let me state at the outset that I am fully aware that Odinga has served his 
sentence and has the right to speak in public just as the African American 
Studies Dept. has the right to invite him as a speaker. Yet, as a retired law 
enforcement officer with nearly thirty years of experience (US Army Military 
Police, US Customs, and Drug Enforcement Administration) I wonder why this 
particular speaker was chosen. Had he come, expressed remorse at his past, and 
offered it as advice for young people not to make his mistakes, that would be 
one thing. While I was not present at this event, given his recent speeches 
since his release, which I have reviewed, I think it is safe to say he did not. 
Here is how the School of Humanities advertised Mr Odinga: 
"Sekou Abdullah Odinga grew up in Jamaica, Queens-New York in a family of nine. 
He is a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  He was inspired by 
the revolutionary principles of Malcolm X when he joined the Organization of 
Afro-American Unity, followed later by the Black Panther Party and the Black 
Liberation Army. He is a Muslim, a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika and for 
thirty-three years was a U.S. held political prisoner of war. In 2009, Sekou 
reached his mandatory release date for his federal conviction in connection to 
the Liberation of Assata Shakur - living in exile in Cuba - and was "paroled" to 
the New York State prison system. After five years, he won a parole hearing and 
was released on parole on November 25th, 2014 from the New York State sentence." 
First of all, I don't know where the Republic of New Afrika is located, and 
secondly, Mr Odinga was not a US political prisoner of war. Thirdly, I find it 
curious that a prison break would be called a "liberation". At any rate, here 
are the facts of Mr Odinga's incarceration: 
First of all, I think the sponsors of this event have an obligation to fully 
present the background of the speaker. Again, I was not present, and perhaps, 
those who introduced Odinga to the audience did, in fact, describe his 
connections to the 1981 Brinks robbery that left  two police officers and a 
Brinks guard dead. 
Secondly, in reference to the above bio listed on the School of Humanities 
website, I would like to ask the following: 
Is it the position of the African Studies Dept. that Odinga was a US political 
prisoner of war? 
Is it the position of the School of Humanities that Odinga was a US political 
prisoner of war? 
Is it the position of UC Irvine that Odinga was a US political prisoner of war? 
Again, I am fully cognizant of the First Amendment, which I hold dear. However, 
I think universities, while allowing controversial figures to speak their views, 
need to consider whether they are knowingly or unknowingly putting their own 
imprimatur on those views. 
Thank you for your attention. 
Gary Fouse 
Adjunct teacher 
DEA retired 


I wanted to give the addressees ample time to respond to my (3) questions in the above email 
before posting this. As of today, I have received no response. If I do receive a response I will 
post it. In the absence of a response, I must assume that the answer to those three question is 

Last Night's Debate

Image result for tag team wrestling

When last night's Republican primary debate in Houston ended, my immediate conclusion was that John Kasich came across as the most presidential (in spite of his limited time) and that Marco Rubio looked the weakest.

That shows how much I know about politics.

The conventional wisdom among the pundits is that Rubio was the biggest winner for his attacks against Donald Trump. Actually I thought Ted Cruz proved the more effective debater in the sparring. As it was, Cruz and Rubio were doing a tag team on Trump while Kasich and Ben Carson spent much of the evening twiddling their thumbs. Trump, as is his wont, conducted himself like some sort of Mafia don, which his followers love.

As for CNN's befuddled Wolf Blitzer, he clearly lost control of the debate as Trump, Rubio and Cruz at times appeared to be doing a male imitation of The View. According to the rules, if one candidate slams another, that allows the latter to respond. At one point, Carson drew the loudest laughter when he called out, "Will somebody please attack me."

In my opinion, the only ones who came across as presidential were Carson and Kasich, but they don't seem to be long for the race. As it is, I have pretty much thrown up my hands in disgust at what once looked like a strong field of 17 candidates. To me Kasich would make the best president of the bunch though I don't think he would attack Hillary Clinton as much as she needs to be attacked in the general election.

So I must stand corrected as to who really won the debate. The experts tell me it was Rubio. Perhaps, but he didn't look presidential doing it.

What Will Hillary Tweet Now?

It's been another bad week for Hillary Clinton. Not only does she confuse the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence, now she has to eat crow after reacting a tad too fast to a manufactured hate crime at the University at Albany.

I guess she could say that the three girls were "super predators".

"I don't think that's funny."

Melissa Click: "I Thought He (Student Journalist) Might Have A Gun"

Hat tip Daily Caller

Here is the latest laffer from fired University of Missouri journalism professor Melissa Click (the one who didn't know anything about the First Amendment). Seems that one of her defenses for her outrageous actions in trying to call for "some muscle" to remove a student journalist from a public protest on the Mizzou campus was that she thought he might have a gun.

Of course the video clearly fails to show her saying anything about any gun when she was calling on students to remove the young man with a camera.

What Click has done to Mizzou is much worse than bring discredit upon the university. She has made it a national laughing stock.

Oberlin College Back in the News

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Hey Parents! If you want little Johnny to get a well rounded education on conspiracy theories, send him to Oberlin College. The Investigative Report on Terrorism has the latest on the Tom-Nuttery going on at Oberlin College, where a wack job professor named Joy Behar, I mean Joy Karega is blaming everything from 9-11 to Paris to the latest collapse of the Chicago Cubs on-you guess it- the Israelis and the Jews.

Oberlin is already in the middle of charges of campus anti-Semitism. This doesn't help. But, alas, this is what passes for scholarship in today's academia.

Teaching Climate Change and Sustainability in an English Class

The Orange County Register has an editorial today on an initiative at UC Irvine whereby a selected group of teachers can introduce climate dogma into their teaching curricula-no matter what their class subject matter is- and get paid to do so..

The College Fix recently had an article on this.

Too bad I didn't sign up for this. I mean who would want to miss Borrego Springs during the spring wildflower season?

And where is Borrego Springs, you ask?

You don't wanna know.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ben Shapiro at CSULA: President Backs Down, But Can't Stop Thuggery

Hat tip Breitbart

After California State University President William Covino tried to stop conservative pundit Ben Shapiro from speaking, he was forced to back down when Shapiro and Young America's Foundation stated they they would conduct the event anyway. Shapiro came and spoke, but the thugs at CSULA did their best to prevent the audience from entering and to shut it down. They failed, but did manage to give a black eye to the school.

Kudos to Shapiro and Young America's Foundation for their courage in standing up to the thugs. Shame on those who tried to disrupt Shapiro.

And shame on CSULA and it's feckless president.

Mizzou Bids Adieu to Melissa Click

The University of Missouri has fired Melissa Click, the communications and journalism professor who had never learned about the First Amendment.

“The board respects Dr. Click’s right to express her views and does not base this decision on her support for students engaged in protest or their views,” said Chairwoman Pam Henrickson, who voted against Click’s termination, in a statement viewed by The Columbia Tribune. “However, Dr. Click was not entitled to interfere with the rights of others, to confront members of law enforcement or to encourage potential physical intimidation against a student.”

Aside from my introductory paragraph, that pretty much says it all.

Now get ready for the student protests.

Correction: The University of Missouri needs to get ready. I don't.

John Kerry Still "Evaluating" the Genocide in the Middle East

Hat tip Truth Revolt

                                                                                      John Kerry "evaluating"

It is hard to put into words the embarrassment I feel that John Kerry is our secretary of state. When it comes to diplomacy, this guy makes Neville Chamberlain look like Attila the Hun and Vlad the Impaler molded into one. Now he tells Congress that he and his State Department are still in the "evaluation" stage when it comes to deciding whether there is a genocide actually going on in the Middle East.

It reminds him of the Holocaust, but he just can't make up his mind if it constitutes genocide. Wow.

Maybe he should consult with his Russian counterpart.

Hillary Meets Black Lives Matter in SC

Hat tip Daily Caller

A funny thing happened to Hillary Clinton yesterday in South Carolina on her way to winning all those black votes. Daily Caller has the report and video.

Here is more on the charge regarding Hillary's comments about "super predators" in 1996 at Keene State College in New Hampshire.

Poor Hillary. She just doesn't know what to say when confronted with BLM protesters. So what should she say when asked about all the black incarceration while Bill was president?

I got it!

"I (will) stand in solidarity with the incarcerated."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ZOA Complains About SJP Excesses at CUNY

Hat tip Algemeiner

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has written to the City University of New York outlining incidents of anti-Jewish intimidation on the part of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on several CUNY campuses.

The documentation on this Brown Shirt organization continues to accumulate. From coast to coast, SJP engages in thuggish tactics of intimidation, and it is time to say enough is enough.  It is high time that universities strip SJP chapters of their charters when they engage in this type of behavior.

British Schoolwork Assignment: "Why I Converted to Islam"

I guess the days of kids having to write how they spent their summer vacation are gone. Now in Britain, at least at one school, the kids are supposed to write letters about why they have converted to Islam (even though they really haven't converted to Islam). That did not sit well with at least one parent, who is standing up to the school and refusing to let her child pen this letter.

No word on whether the woman has been dragged off to jail by Britain's politically-correct police.

Think that could never happen here? Right now, we are involved with the Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach, California, where a school teacher wrote an Islamic fight song for the kids in her class to sing that included this verse:

"And they (Muslims) really don't care if no Jews or Cs (Christians) believe..."

Presently, we are trying to get the district to pass a rule whereby a teacher has to get school approval before instituting their own teaching aids. It would be cumbersome, sure, but that's the price you (may have to) pay when you try to indoctrinate the kids.

Meanwhile, if teachers in Britain or the US are looking for some instructional aids about Islam for the kids, may I recommend Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Image result for ayaan hirsi ali

"Why I left Islam."

BDS Taking Multiple Hits

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

It's time for the BDS lobby (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against entities doing business with Israel) to get out their crying towels because they are being told to take a hike. First of all, the Canadian Parliament has voted a resolution condemning BDS.

In addition, Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers has cross-posted  (from AIPAC) a list of universities that have recently formed or strengthened ties with Israel.

Catholic Bishop in San Diego Lectures Audience on Bigotry Against Islam

Hat tip to Jihad Watch

God save us from our religious leaders. On February  17, the Catholic Bishop of San Diego, Robert McElroy, held one of those interfaith events featuring Islamic Society of North America official Sayyid Syeed. The Bishop told his audience that they must not be bigoted towards Islam. Instead, they must be welcoming. Jihad Watch has the story, to which there is little to be added.

Somebody needs to send McElroy to Europe, where he can see first-hand how the cultural traditions of Europe are being destroyed (to say nothing about Europe itself). It would be an education for him. He also needs an education as to ISNA, which Syeed represents.

Poor Little Brown University

Hat tip Campus Reform

"Into each life, a little rain must fall"

Note to Readers: This is not, I repeat, this is not a spoof. This is an actual article running in the Brown Daily Herald.

"It's not faaaair."

This morning, my friend Dave Huber of The College Fix was interviewed by Doug McIntyre of KABC Radio (790) in Los Angeles about this absurd complaint by Brown University student activists that they unfairly have to complete their coursework in the midst of all their protesting.

No doubt, the little rascals are simply worn out after protesting the appearance of Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky

And who is this university hack named Ashley Ferranti who is actually sympathizing with these poor little snowflakes? Good grief!

"This work is an “important part of the academic learning experience,” Ferranti said. She was present at the Brown/RISD Hillel-sponsored lecture that was protested by Students for Justice in Palestine earlier this semester, offering academic and emotional support for the protestors."

Hardly surprising. University officials must support their Brown Shirts.

Maybe they should just cancel the rest of the school year so the kids can rest up in their Safe Spaces.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brown Shirts (SJP) in Action at University of Chicago

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Chicago Maroon

So what happens when a Palestinian human rights activist who is not afraid to condemn Hamas and other Palestinian leaders comes to speak at the University of Chicago?

He gets the Brown Shirt treatment from the Students for Justice in Palestine, aided by their kapos in Jewish Voice for Peace. Carolyn Glick of the Jerusalem Post has the disturbing story of what transpired.

Here is the report from the University of Chicago Maroon (campus paper). I have added my own comment to the reader thread.

What would you expect from an organization founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian?

At least they didn't hurl beer mugs.

Ben Shapiro's Speech at Cal State LA Cancelled by School President

Hat tip The Blaze and Squid

Image result for california state university at la
"Free speech for me, but you need an opposing voice for balance"

Free speech just got kicked in the ass at California State University at Los Angeles (my alma mater) when conservative pundit Ben Shapiro's speaking appearance was cancelled by the president of the school, a hack named William Covino.

William Covino

So, according to Covino's thinking, figures like Cornel West and Angela Davis can speak without having opposing voices on the stage for balance, but Ben Shapiro, a conservative, has to share the stage with opposing voices.

I really hope Shapiro and the Young America's Foundation follow through on their promise of going to CSULA Thursday. (I wish I could make it.) In addition, it is time to bring in the lawyers.