Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hussam "Hot Air" Ayloush Questions FBI Role in Terrorist Arrest

Hussam "Hot Air" Ayloush

Yesterday, the FBI in Los Angeles announced the arrest of Mark Steven Domingo, a 26-year-old Muslim convert living in Reseda, California, who is charged with planning to set off explosives and kill people as revenge for the attack against two mosques in New Zealand.

The Southern California CEO of CAIR, Hussam "Hot Air" Ayloush, is in damage control mode with his public response. Once again, a CAIR official implies that the FBI entrapped a Muslim.

Before Mr Ayloush gets too wound up and invested in his entrapment conspiracy theory, let me explain a thing or two about entrapment law. I say this based on my own 25-year career as a Customs and later DEA agent.

Entrapment exists when law enforcement (or their informant) actually lead a person to commit an crime that person was not predisposed to commit. Predisposition is the key word. In this case, the question is-was Domingo predisposed to commit an act of terror prior to coming into contact with the FBI or its informant acting undercover? It appears from the information provided in the FBI press conference that he was predisposed- putting it out online what he wanted to do.

The fact that an FBI undercover agent or informant made contact with Domingo and acted with him-apparently delivering a fake bomb- is not entrapment. A person who is predisposed to commit a crime may be "afforded the opportunity" by an undercover operative. In this case, the undercover person pretended to help Domingo in his mission. Another example would be if an agent infiltrated a drug ring and was tasked with picking up a shipment of drugs and delivering it from point A to point B or person A to person B. That's not entrapment; it's just good undercover work. Same with an agent being introduced as a buyer to a drug dealer, who was already in the business. It is not entrapment when the drugs are delivered and the dealer is arrested. Again, prior statements or acts by a defendant and taped conversations will generally effectively counter any claims of entrapment.

If CAIR hacks like Ayloush want to (once again) claim FBI entrapment, good luck. That will be dealt with at trial. There are many safeguards and rules that go along with undercover work or using informants. These will be properly examined at trial. I suspect once this case is adjudicated, H.A. will once again have egg on his face.

And don't be fooled: CAIR is not relieved about anything. They are in damage control mode.

Blaming President Trump for Attacks on Synagogues

This article first appeared in New English Review.

We have seen two tragic attacks on synagogues recently, in Pittsburgh last October, and now Poway near San Diego, which occurred on Saturday. In the aftermath of both, people on the left have rushed to blame President Trump for the violence, claiming that he has established a climate of hate in this country. The charge is absurd.

Say what you will about Donald Trump. He may not be a saint, but an anti-Semite (or a racist) he is not. Say what you will about his tweets and many of his public statements, but to accuse him of fostering Jew hatred and attacks on synagogues is silly on its face.

First of all, President Trump (who is the strongest ally Israel has had in the White House in recent memory and whose own daughter is a Jewish convert) has reached out to the affected synagogues in both cases. He visited the Pittsburgh synagogue (Tree of Life) and has called Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who was wounded in the attack. Rabbi Goldstein was effusive in his gratitude for the President's call.

That has not stopped the rush to attach the attacks to Trump. Naturally, that includes the universities.

It is true that in both of the above attacks, the perpetrators are white nationalist, racist anti-Semites. I will readily admit there is a rise in white nationalism in the country, and many of these people also include Jews in their hate list. I condemn it just as much as I condemn Islamic Jew hatred, which is also a big problem, especially in Europe.

But here's the catch, which refutes the charges of Democrats, leftists, and academics that Trump is to blame: Neither of the two perpetrators under discussion here are Trump supporters. Quite the opposite. Robert Bowers, the accused Pittsburgh shooter, has written that Trump is a "globalist" who is controlled by Jews". Similarly, the accused Poway shooter, John Earnest, reportedly produced a "manifesto" in which he condemned Trump as a "Jew-lover".

So much for that argument.

We should all mourn and be outraged at the synagogue attacks. We need to focus our anger at those who carry out such attacks and those who encourage them. Using them to blame President Trump-even indirectly- is unfair and is just more political noise.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Zahra Billoo Speaks at UC Irvine

Image result for zahra billoo, + iran
Zahra Billoo

Today, CAIR's Northern California director, Zahra Billoo, spoke before the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine as part of the MSU's week of anti-Israel events. This week's theme was "Oppression", so much of what Billoo had to say centered around that theme. There were about 25 or people in the room, about 20 of whom were Muslim students and the rest local community members who held a quiet protest outside the room prior to the event holding posters about anti-Semitism and passing out pamphlets about CAIR.  I was present at Billoo's event and videotaped almost all of it until my battery ran out. (See below.)

This is the second time I have heard Billoo speak at UCI. She is a good public speaker and uses a low key conversational style. She spoke without notes, and her talk didn't really have any organization to it; she basically spoke about oppression going from one aspect of that to another. The constant theme was Muslims and people of color as victims of oppression. Billoo is not a fan of law enforcement as her words and actions have proved over the years. She opened up by referring to the "guests" in the room with their video cameras (like me).

Billoo made references to the recent events in Sri Lanka, San Diego and New Zealand expressing solidarity with all the victims. She spoke of the oppression of the Palestinians in what she always referred to as Palestine. That led a couple of women in the audience to vocally object. Sporadically, one or both of the ladies would say that she was speaking lies. That drew a warning from the dean of students, who was present. At one point, Billoo told the ladies that they would have the opportunity to participate in the q and a. (More on that later.)

Billoo acknowledged that there was oppression in Muslim-majority countries, but only mentioned "minorities" or political opponents. She did not go into the oppression of religious minorities in Muslim-majority countries. She also added a lot of talk about how Muslims only commit violence in self defense, no compulsion in religion, and all those goodies.

Basically, the theme was victimization. One notable statement that she made was that in the past five years, police have killed nearly 1,000 unnamed black people in California!!! (You can find that remark in the last video below at the 6:43 mark.) At one point, she informed the audience that just today, the FBI in Los Angeles had announced a terror arrest. She said something to the effect that they were still trying to find out what happened-and what the FBI's role in all this was. (Billoo does not like the FBI. In fact, she was the one who put out that poster several years ago which advised Muslims not to talk to the FBI if they came knocking on the door.)

After speaking for about an hour, there was a short break, after which the time was reserved for q and a. This time, the little rascals had a new trick up their sleeve. Obviously knowing that there were some knowledgeable adults in the room who didn't share Billoo's point of view and had signs indicating their concerns about anti-Semitism. (I was wearing a yellow Jewish star reading "Jude".) a  new rule was set that only students could ask questions. So she fielded five or six friendly questions from students seeking advice on how to engage in activism, and that was it. No hostile questions allowed. Remember that Billoo had told the aforementioned two ladies that they would be able to participate in the q and a.

Previously, I have attended college events in which students were given first preference to ask questions then other audience members. That is appropriate, but to say that only students could ask questions.....well, it was obvious the game they were playing. It appeared that all the students in the audience were Muslims. I also noted that females sat on one side and males on the other.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the videotape of the speech. It appears that one 20-minute segment near the end did not upload (after the third video). Thus, the first minutes of the q and a are not recorded. Also near the end, I changed memory cards, so there is a short gap of a minute or two, and eventually it all ran out. No, there has been no selctive editing. Apologies to Ms Billoo for any missing parts, which were unintentional, but then again, she ducked our questions. But that is what CAIR does. I suppose it will be the same Wednesday night with CAIR's Los Angeles director, Hussam Ayloush.

Dutch Media: "Somebody Did Something in Sri Lanka"

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes. Translation by C.

The Western European media-even more than the US media- refuses to disclose full details when there is any sort of Islamic attack, terror, crime, riot, or whatever.

Here is how the Dutch media covered the Sri Lanka terror attack. When the news first broke, one Dutch reporter was quick to imply that it was.....Buddhists who carried out the attacks.

Then, when the arrests started being made, the "Buddhists monks" simply became "perpetrators".

Matteo Salvini Puts Down a Heckler

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was speaking in Turin this week when a female heckler in the crowd shouted, "Fascist," at him. Here is how Salvini handled the heckler.

First of all, as an activist, shouting down speakers is not what I do. But if you are going to do it, you should be better prepared than this young lady. Salvini is very adept at handling these characters. He always has a come-back.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Germany's New Dress Rules for Women: Comply or Else

Hat tip Ex-Muslims of North America, Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna and Miss Piggy for translation

In the below video, someone did a street survey asking Germany's culture-enrichers if a woman was to blame if she was wearing immodest clothing and was raped. Their answers are instructive in case you're wondering why Germany and other European nations are seeing such a dramatic increase in rapes. This is followed by some sheikh explaining Islam's rules for dress (for women, of course).

As an old GI who was stationed in Germany way back when, I'll stick with this style.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Poway: The Latest Wakeup Call

Image result for poway synagogue

It appears that yesterday's attack upon a synagogue in Poway, California outside San Diego was carried out by a person similar to the ones who carried out attacks against the Pittsburgh synagogue, the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a mosque in Quebec. The suspect turns out to be a white nationalist, who has directed his anger and violence against Jews and/or Muslims. Those of us who have been documenting the attacks against Christians and Jews by Muslim extremists cannot ignore this aspect of the problem. White nationalism and hate against others is on the rise including here in America. Are there reasons for it after decades of progress in our country in these matters? One could mention illegal immigration (worldwide), Islamic terror, and the non-stop demonization of white people on college campuses, but they can never justify these kinds of attacks.

More than ever now, we are seeing places of worship being attacked worldwide, and Christians, Jews and Muslims are all being targeted. Europe, especially France, has seen a rash of attacks against churches in the last few years including the 2016 slaughter of a Catholic priest by two Muslims as he celebrated mass. As yet, we still don't know how to classify the Notre Dame fire. It was Muslim terrorists who carried out the horrible attack in Sri Lanka last week. Bad people everywhere have suddenly figured out that houses of worship should be the targets of opportunity. In Europe, Christmas markets are now also a special target by Muslim terrorists.

But we cannot single out only Muslims for blame. In the case of Christchurch and Quebec, mosques have been attacked with large loss of innocent life. In the case of Poway and Pittsburgh, the culprits have been white anti-Semitic nationalists. It all has to be condemned. And I, as a critic of Islamic teachings of hate and violence, must do my part.

Unlike (perhaps) California's left-wing governor, Gavin Newsome, who, in the wake of Poway, has tweeted out this message:

"Charleston, Pittsburgh, Quebec, New Zealand — now our own Poway, California.
No one should ever fear going to their place of worship. Hate continues to fuel horrific and cowardly acts of violence across our state, country, and world. It must be called out. CA stands with Poway."

Was the omission of Sri Lanka an oversight? Perhaps. To be fair, Newsome reminded me of the attack on a black church in Charleston.

Historically, anti-Semitism has come from all directions, and that continues to be the case. Catholicism has a long history of anti-Semitism, which it is trying to overcome in the modern age. Certain Protestant denominations like the Presbyterian Church USA, need to examine just why they work so tirelessly against Israel on behalf of the Palestinian cause. We all, including Muslims, need to confront our own contributions to this worldwide plague.

One thing is sure. All three major monotheistic religions are now seeing their places of worship being targeted for death and destruction. This needs to stop.

A New Low for the NY Times


Just when you thought the New York Times couldn't sink any lower, their international print edition came out with the above cartoon Thursday showing a blind President Trump with yarmulke being led by a dog-like Bibi Netanyahu, wearing a Jewish Star of David on his dog collar. On Saturday, the Times issued an apology, but no apology can erase this or explain how it ever got published to begin with. What is the explanation? "We had an anti-Semitic editor who slipped this through, so we fired him"? "Somebody was asleep at the switch"?

This is the type of cartoon that we see in today's Arab cartoons, a region where Hitler is still considered by many to be a hero. Speaking of Hitler, the Times cartoon also takes us back to Der Stuermer, the Nazi weekly that trafficked in these images. Its editor, Julius Streicher, the so-called "Jew baiter of Nuremberg", was hanged after the war as one of the major Nazi war criminals. Streicher had been sacked by the Nazis before the Holocaust even began for his corruption, never physically ordered anyone's killing, but was condemned for crimes against humanity precisely because his hate, exemplified by cartoons like the one below, contributed in no small measure to the climate that led to the Holocaust.

Image result for der sturmer

Ring a bell?

More recently, we saw another example of this on one of our college campuses, UC Irvine in 2008 to be exact. I know because I saw it with my own eyes posted on the so-called "Apartheid Wall" assembled by the UCI Muslim Student Union as part of their annual week of events dedicated to the demonization of Israel.

Image result for fousesquawk, + 2008 cartoon of netanyahu

And just this year, the Belgian town of Aalst  rightfully came under fire for a Carnival float that featured this image of Jews:

Image result for belgian anti-semitic float

No, the NY Times cannot plead ignorance about these images. This is blatant, and this is with full knowledge of these types of images, what they represent, and what they are intended to provoke. Just yesterday, we once again witnessed an attack on a synagogue (Poway, California) by a Jew hater who killed one person and wounded three others simply because he wanted to kill Jews.

The NY Times for so long has no longer deserved the title, "flagship of American newspapers". What the Times deserves is bankruptcy and extinction, not through a government shutdown, rather because decent people refuse to purchase this rag.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Synagogue Attacked Near San Diego

A man entered the Chabad Center Synagogue in Poway near San Diego today, opened fire and killed one person wounding three others. He was arrested a short distance away and has been identified as 19-year-old John Earnest. Police report he has written some sort of manifesto against Jews.

It may be premature to say this, but according to reports, it appears this is some sort of white nationalist type motive. How sad it is that as has been the case throughout history, Jews are getting it from all directions.

Italy: Giorgia Meloni Joins Protest of New Mosque

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and HeHa for translation

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy),a party in Italy that wants a halt to unrestricted migration into the country. In this video, she appaers at a protest in Marchiano, Umbria to protest the building of a new mosque. She outlines the problems associated with mosques in Italy.

Friday, April 26, 2019

"Can You Tell Me Where Heydrich Was Born?"

Here's a clip from the German city of Halle, where Nazi "hangman" Reinhard Heydrich was born. This week, a new arrival in Angela Merkel's Wonderland, obviously a lost tourist, is seen wandering the streets of Halle looking for Heydrich's birthplace and asking a local for directions.

Meanwhile in Berlin, one German shows us an article in a German women's magazine which explains how to treat knife wounds (in case you run into one of those tourists looking for landmarks). This clip was taken at Berlin's Breitscheidplatz, scene of the infamous Christmas Market truck attack by another "tourist" in December 2016. Note how makeshift memorials are mixed in with broken bottles.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Swedish State Media and Islamic Terror

Hat tip Katerina Magasin and Kronans Martell. Translation by Fousesquawk.

It would be hard to argue that any European country has caved to Islamic terror and supremacy more than Sweden. The rape capital of Europe even allows ISIS fighters who left Sweden to return with their families. Not only that, but they are given new identities, their old identities are erased even from police inspection, they are given job training and new residences.

The below article by Katerina Janouche in her blog, Katerina Magasin, reveals how Swedish state media is under reporting or covering up the Muslim slaughter of Christians and other religions. As example, she gives Sri Lanka, the disruption of a church service in Munich and the case of Nusrat Jahan Rafi.

How Much the Tax Financed Public Service Deliberately Misleads (on) Muslim Criminality and Terror

22 April 2019, 10:50am

Since January 1, 2019, all are involved and pay via our tax bills to be disinformed and misled by the large media platform, Public Service, which includes Swedish Television and Swedish Radio. If one were conspiracy (oriented), one might believe that there is an agenda to diminishing and hiding the acts carried out against Christians, Atheists and Jews by Muslims, in the name of Islam. Swedish Public Service  has taken on the role for itself as educator of the people, where criticism against Islam is now seen as blasphemy, and where one is obviously expected to forgive and tolerate abominable acts when the perpetrators are Muslims.

It became clear with the terrible terror attack in Sri Lanka yesterday. Though, in principle, all the large international news channels reported early on that the terrorist acts were carried out by jihadists, i.e. radical Muslims, SVT chose several hours later to write that it was still not known who carried out the act.

In a long article, it was speculated instead that it could be Buddhists who were behind the attacks, where over  290 people, including many children, died and over 500 were injured. Only in a short bite are Muslim terrorists mentioned. This is generally an approach that Public Service has toward Islamic terror.

Now it is said that (a) "militant group" is behind the "attacks".

That there occurred an attack against church visitors in Munich by a Muslim criminal, where 24 people were injured, has not even been reported by Public Service.

Last week, the same thing occurred when SVT (Swedish Television) reported on Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a 19-year-old student who was killed by her school mates after she refused to take back her report of sexual harassment against the headmaster  of the Islamic school in Bangladesh where she was studying. Nusrat Jahan Rafi was attacked and burned to death by five women in burkas. SVT, however, left out the connection to Islam in its reporting. SVT, however, uses BBC as a source, and thus, it is evident that it was known that the school was Islamic and that the killers were dressed in burkas, but they still chose to leave this out, (and) it does not even appear that all were women. It would be a stretch to believe that that SVT (would)  leave out information that the perpetrators were white men or for that matter what  one would call, "right extremists". Imagine if a black woman were attacked by a white man in a Nazi uniform? I guess  that SVT wouldn't leave out these details. That tax-financed SVT, which should be impartial, fails to write the connection  to Islam in the Rafi case is a scandal.



That other mainstream media and weak politicians back off from Islam and Muslim criminality and crimes against democracy and human rights is, unfortunately, a fact. The politicians are employed by the people, but lie wildly. Then one verbally changes Christians into "Easter worshippers" according to any international manual appears to be used by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Left party leader, Jonas Sjöstedt. Sweden's prime minister, Stefan Löfvén, who held a press conference after the terror attack against mosques in New Zealand, is carefully silent when Christian children are slaughtered. There isn't much talk about solidarity now. I wonder if the great Social Democrat leader is afraid to come up against his constituents, who, in large part, consist of Muslims?

He has seen what happened in Copenhagen last week, when riots arose when one dared to criticize the religion of peace and love, and threw a Koran (in the air). Twenty-three people were detained in the riots that arose....

And the Swedish Church, with Bishop Antje Jackelen in the lead, doesn't say much about if people should form human shields to protect Christian buildings and churches. The Swedish Church, which has even turned its back on its own symbol, the cross, has long since betrayed its Christian values, so it isn't very surprising. Nonetheless, it is true, really unpleasant.

The mainstream media is reluctant to write that it is about the terror by radical Muslims against Christians and non-believers, so called "unbelievers". Svenska Dagbladet, a newspaper that used to be bourgeois, expresses worry that the terror act in Sri Lanka will result in revenge against Muslims.

Nor does Swedish mainstream media report on the frequent attacks that take place against Christian buildings and targets all over Europe. Vandalism, graffiti, destruction. And quickly the fire  at Notre Dame in Paris is dismissed as an "accident" despite the fact there are many indications that it may have been attack.

And at the same time, jihadists and their families are evidently welcome to Sweden.

With sadness in the heart, I am forced once again to note that lies, disinformation and coddling of terrorists seems to be the new Swedish model.

Fousesquawk comment:

To a lesser extent, this is also true in the US. Our media also is hesitant to report Muslim terror and crime, and when they have to, they are careful to couch it very carefully. But when the media and people like Barack Obama downplay these horrible atrocities by referring to "Easter worshippers" and not saying anything about the fact that the attackers were Muslims on ba mission of jihad, they are betraying their own public, which is entitled to be fully informed on the dangers we are facing.

Make no mistake: The Islamists have turned it up a notch and things are getting worse instead of better despite the efforts of our political and religious leaders to placate Muslims hoping that if we were just a little bit nicer, it would all go away. Now they are attacking our churches and synagogues and in the case of Sri Lanka, while we are present and worshipping. Weakness and kindness have produced no positive results. On the contrary, it has only emboldened our enemies who believe we are ripe for the kill.

I write this not forgetting the horrible attack against Muslims in New Zealand. It also must be condemned, and we must not take out our rage on innocent Muslims who live in our countries. Yet, we as a people must stand up and tell the jiahdists and their US apologists that we will never submit to Islam. We must also let the phony Muslim moderates like CAIR, MPAC, the Shura Council, and so many other extremist Islamic organizations that we are onto their game of telling us that Islam is a religion of peace and that Islamophobia is some evil danger, that Muslims are the real victims when these attacks occur. We must also continue to speak out openly about the true nature of this ideology, which is built around violence and hate towards those who follow other religions. In Sweden, that exposes people to risk that they could have their careers and lives destroyed by the power machine of the Social Democrats and the media. It is shameful, and true here in the US albeit to a lesser extent. We still have the First Amendment. We need to use it and protect it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Submission in Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and HeHa for translation

“The transformation of Western societies into multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious societies is a fact and a future that inevitably awaits us.”
-Cardinal of Florence

In spite of the best efforts of politicians like Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and others to save their country, some peope in Italy are bound and determined to submit to Islam, especially under Pope Francis I. Now we have a cemetery in Bologna which is covering up its crosses on tombs because others (Muslims) find them offensive.

Sri Lanka Killers Swear Allegiance to ISIS Before Their Deadly Attack

Hat tip Kronans Martell, Katerina Magasin, Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Once again, the world media tries to underplay the fact that Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims in the name of Allah. People like Barack Obama referred to the victims in Sri Lanka as "Easter worshipers" as if they were pagan idolators. The Swedish state media refers to the terrorists as "militants". For all they care, they could have been militant animal rights activists.

"Just now- Minister: Militant group behind attacks

Just now: Bombings in Sri Lanka were carried out by a local militant group according to Sri Lanka's health minister. At the same time, a government spokesperson states that the acts were carried out with international help. 290 people have now been confirmed dead and about 500 are injured." 

The Sri Lankan police have identified most of the bombers and assigned blame to a local off-shoot of ISIS, which has claimed responsibility.

Meanwhile, we now have the video of these beasts swearing allegiance to ISIS prior to their evil deed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

UMass Puts Its Imprimatur on Anti-Israel Event

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

Free speech dictates that people have the right to express their opinions about things-including Israel- on university campuses as well as everywhere else. On May 4, there will be an event at the University of Massachusetts, a public university, bashing Israel and promoting the Palestinian side. What is concerning is that this event will actually carry the imprimatur of the university. That's because it is being sponsored by three academic entities.

Below is a letter to UMass signed by 80 different organizations protesting this university sponsorship.

Notre Dame, French Culture, French Art, and Emmanuel Macron

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

The fire at Notre Dame in Paris is juxtaposed in this video with recent proclamations by France's president, Emmanuel Macron decrying the existence of French culture and art.

Woodland Hills Revisited

Hat tip Counter Islamist

My friend David Swindle of The Israel Group was present at the Woodland Hills protest against Ilhan Omar last month. He has posted two articles on the event, both of which mention Yours Truly. (It was the day we met for the first time.)

The below article shows photographs of the protest as well as one of the signs I brought.

Does Free Speech Exist in Spain?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Video translation by Fousesquawk.

Free speech obviously did not exist under the regime of Francisco Franco, but Spain is a democracy now. Yet, a prominent politician, Javier Ortega-Smith of the conservative Vox party, finds himself the subject of an investigation for hate speech by the Prosecutor's Office in Valencia after he described the "Islamist invasion" as the enemy of the country, liberty, family, democracy and other things. His comments were made in a speech in Valencia on September 16, 2018. The Spanish organization, Musulmanes contra la Islamofobia (Muslims Against Islamophobia) lodged the complaint.

Worldnet Daily has a report on the matter.

Below is a video of the speech that got Ortega-Smith into trouble. He spoke the absolute truth.

Bernie Sanders Wants Boston Marathon Bomber to Have the Vote

Bernie "the Red" Sanders has added to his legacy of radicalism and utter stupidity with his latest comment to the effect that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is sitting on death row for the Boston Marathon bombing, should enjoy the right to vote while in prison.

No doubt Tsarnaev would cast his vote for Sanders. The only vote he should have is choosing his method of execution.

Image result for man on death row cartoon
"How about having to listen to a Bernie Sanders speech?"

Cardinal Robert Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah (cropped).JPG

Among all the submission and stupidity of so many of our religious leaders, Cardinal Robert Sarah is a breath of fresh air. In the wake of the savage attacks in Sri Lanka, Cardinal Sarah,a  high-ranking Vatican official who is originally from Guinea, has condemned the attack and named the guilty party, "barbaric Islamist violence".

Nor does Sarah share the sentiments of his boss, Pope Francis I, as to the idea of allowing millions of Muslims to flood Europe.

"The Church can not cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration. If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians."
"My country is predominantly Muslim," he said. "I think I know what reality I'm talking about."
"If Europe disappears, and with it the priceless values of the Old Continent, Islam will invade the world and we will completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision," he said. 
I just hope that the Vatican and the Pope will not pressure Sarah to apologize or retract his words.
There has been considerable speculation that an African pope is in the near future, and Sarah's name has been mentioned. I can only hope that this becomes a reality. The Church needs a Pope like this. Other churches and Christian denominations also need leaders like this.

Ilhan Omar and Black Hawk Down

Hat tip Town Hall

Just when you thought Democrtaic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota couldn't sink any lower.

What an insult to the memory of our dead servicemen. Getting involved in Somalia's civil war was a terrible mistake. Bringing some 80,000 Somalis to the US during the 1990s was also a terrible mistake. That's how we wound up with Ilhan Omar in Congress, not to mention street gangs, Al Shabaab terrorists, and other ills.

Monday, April 22, 2019

George Galloway, Jeremy Corbyn and Ofcom

George Galloway (behind podium)

In the territory formerly known as Great Britain, the big news these days is the "rift" between Prince William, Prince Harry and their wives, who reportedly cannot stand each other. Over here in the colonies, we are following the story with something less than baited breath.

That has pushed local comedian George Galloway off the front pages for about a month now. Last month, George found himself where he usually finds himself-in the soup.

No, George didn't don his red leotards and sip milk out of a cat bowl again. It was because on his dopey radio show, he defended anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, which Corbyn leads, against charges of ......anti-Semitism. That got George in trouble with something in Great Britain they call Ofcom, which is a government approved  agency that enforces "impartiality rules".

Riverside House, Bankside 01.jpg
Ofcom offices

At the risk of sounding like I am defending Galloway (which I am loathe to do), one wonders how Great Britain could become more impartial than it already is. They are impartial when it comes to Pakistani rape gangs operating across their nation. They are impartial when it comes to Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman they refused to grant asylum to as she hides from Muslim mobs searching for her to kill her for the "crime" of blasphemy. They are impartial when it comes to radical Islamists living on their soil. They are impartial when it comes to Brexit, trying to decide if they will honor the wishes of their citizens who voted for it or have another referendum hoping they get a different outcome. So why shouldn't they have an official watchdog agency to make sure nobody expresses any opinions on the airwaves?

Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave knowing that his country has become the country of people like Prince Charles, Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Ofcom, and last but not least, George Galloway.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Anti-Islam Artist/Activist Assaulted in Sweden

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Nya Tider, and Nyheter Idag

Dan Park is a Swedish street artist who is active against the Islamization of Sweden. Vlad Tepes has re-posted a 2015 speech by Park in Malmo as he was heckled by protesters. Park was also interviewed in 2015 by Vlad Tepes as to the problems he has had with the police regarding his "offensive hate speech" and controversial paintings, some of which have been branded as racist.

This week, Park was attacked and beaten while walking home from a concert in Malmo. Therefore, Vlad Tepes has decided to re-post the 2015 posts. First, here is the latest report from Nyheter Idag (Times Today). Translation by Fousesquawk:

Street artist Dan Park assaulted

Malmo: Street artist Dan Park has been assaulted in Malmo. Park was assaulted when he was on his way home froma  concert., and reports to Times Today that he was jumped from behind- "I felt a blow to my head. Pow! Ended up on the ground. My glasses flew (off), that's why they did it. Then the f-ing people stood and  fed off of it. You know, kicking, both in my face, in my back....

And from Nya Tider (New Times) Translation by Fousesquawk:

After beating: Exclusive interview with Dan Park

The well-known street artist and freedom of expression activist Dan Park has once again been assaulted. A masked gang kicked him down in central Malmo during the day and continued to kick him in the head and body while Park lay on the ground

Published April 20 at 0:938

 It was yesterday when Park was on his way home on Mollevangs Street when the masked gang jumped him from behind and kicked him (down). Once on the ground they continued to kick the artist in the face and stomach among other (places). The gang consisted of 6 persons and according to Park, (one)  had a typical Asian appearance while the other five were masked. Today Park limps, has much pain in the nose, and a blue (black) eye over one eye.

Two witnesses afterward said that there was one Asian and five whites, says Park

When our reporter asked him if he had made a police report, Park said it was meaningless-even though there were witnesses. He reports that he has been assaulted before, that police took the persons who had assaulted him, and that evidence in the form of Park's blood which was found left on their shoes. The people who assaulted him gave false personal information and were afterward released. The (case) was then dropped for lack of evidence because they couldn't identify those who attacked him.

Park was sentenced recently by the court to three months in jail for hate against an ethnic group due to his art. The prosecutor appealed to the appeals court, proceedings have just been completed and (their decision) is expected April 24. His art is seen as provocative  especially by the left and that is why he has been targeted.
Park has been convicted five times for hate against ethnic group for his art,  but so far all the dozens of suspects who have assaulted him have gone free.
Park also earlier suffered an assault in Norrebro in Copenhagen. At that time, he was at the youth house, which is a well-known gathering place for the autonomous left. When Park's girlfriend went off to a 7-11 to shop, a left extremist gang jumped him from behind, just like yesterday in Malmo, kicked him as he lay, and chanted "piggy" in Danish.

And now the 2015 posts by Vlad Tepes, which they have re-posted  due to this week's incident.

April 18, 2019

It is more than that. One Swedish Jew I know tells me that it is dangerous to speak out against Islam and immigration in Sweden, also because if you acquire such a reputation, you can be branded as a racist or Islamophobe and fired from your job. With that on your record, good look gaining another job.

Easter in Munich

Hat tip Allah's Willing Executioners and Vlad Tepes

The results were not horrific as in Sri Lanka, but in Munich,a  Croation-language Easter service was disrupted when a man rushed into the church shouting, "Allahu Akhbar", throwing firecrackers and/or rocks into the pews. This led to a stampede in which over 20 people, including children, were injured.

German police are giving the standard reports that this had nothing to do with terrorism since the man is reported to be "mentally ill". Of course.

It is clear given what happened today in Sri Lanka as well as the flood of church vandalism attacks in Europe (Notre Dame is still investigation) that Islam is coming after our churches and our services. They are coming after Christians, and they are coming after Jews. Not all Muslims, of course, but it is the very ideology of Islam that is at work here-whether the attackers happen to be drunk, "mentally-ill" or otherwise.

Sri Lanka

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We awaken to learn of the latest horrific Islamic attack-this time in Sri Lanka, a majority Buddhist country with Muslim, Christian and Hindu minorities. As Christians were celebrating Easter, a series of coordinated attacks took place in several churches and hotels frequented by tourists. At this point the death toll stands over 200 including several foreigners.

Of course, the BBC, like the major news organizations, says nothing about who the perpetrators might be. Abundance of  caution? Perhaps. Jihad Watch seems to have much more information based on regional news reports. Two of the perps have been identified.

It also appears that ISIS is claiming responsibility.

Arrests have been made, and it appears the police are tracking the events leading up to the explosions.

We can talk all we want about how ISIS has been defeated on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. As a fighting army, that may well be true. However, many of the surviving fighters and their families are attempting to return to the Western countries from which many of them came. Astonishingly, the Europeans are actually debating whether to allow them to return. In Sweden, they are already welcoming them back with new identities, job training, and efforts to "re-integrate" them back into the societies they never integrated into to begin with. Even in the US, they are attempting to use the courts to force the government to allow them back in-at least their surviving widows, as illustrated by the case of an ISIS widow from Alabama, who is represented by a CAIR official/attorney.

ISIS clearly still has the ability to strike via terror as is evidenced by today's events in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the Teresa Mays and Pope Francis' of the world wring their hands and insist that Islam is a religion of peace, which it is not.  The problem is that we are not just fighting against fighters/armies like ISIS or Al Qaeda; we are fighting against an idea. That idea has a name. It is Islam.