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One Fine Day in Berlin

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Some say the art of dueling in Germany is a thing of the past. Back in the "good old days", university men would duel with swords until the "winner" received the obligatory dueling scar on his face. That ensured a lifetime of prestige, respect, and happiness.

But if you think that has disappeared, think again. Thanks to Germany's million or so "refugees" from the Middle East and North Africa, lots of folks are getting slashed with swords, machetes, knives, or whatever is handy. Just this week in one of Berlin's "culturally enriched " zones (Neu-Koelln), a group of Arab men were fighting with swords on the city streets.  They were reportedly Iraqis and Syrians arguing over whose country is the most screwed up. Or maybe it was one of those Sunni-Shia things.

Looks like a scene out of one of those old Errol Flynn swashbuckler movies, doesn't it?

Have We Lost Italy?

This article was first posted in New English Review.

Image result for salvini and meloni
Matteo Salvini- Giorgia Meloni

With this month's resignation of Italian Prime Minster Giuseppe Conte, and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's calls for a new election, things looked promising in Italy. Salvini, who has become a folk hero in Italy (except on the left),  and his Lega party, seemed to be poised to take power in Italy after winning so many regional elections. Salvini's popularity is principally due to his steadfastness in trying to close Italian ports to NGO ships loaded with African and Middle Eastern migrants crossing the Mediterranean. That had brought him the enmity of the EU and European leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France, all of whom want open borders no matter the cost in crimes. terrorism, lives lost, rapes, social breakdown, and everything else that goes with uncontrolled immigration-especially from mostly Muslim lands.

Conte, for his part, was caught on camera chatting it up with Merkel at an economic meeting in Davos, Switzerland this year, telling her how he wanted to cooperate with Germany and the EU in the immigrant matter, but that Salvini was gumming up the works.

So with Italy ready to turn out for Salvini and the Lega in (predicted) large numbers, the tricksters in the Italian Parliament pulled a fast one, something we in America would call a "smoke-filled room". The Cinque Stelle party (Five Stars) and the Partido Democratico joined together this week to form a coalition and voila! They now were in a position to take over the government. Salvini was out as interior minister, and now it is to Italy's president, Sergio Mattarella, to call on a new prime minister (probably Conte!) to form a new government. Salvini and his allies in the Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) party have asked Mattarella to call for new elections.

Salvini, as well as Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Fratelli d'Italia held press conferences this week to denounce the cabal. Salvini asked why should Italians bother to vote when the politicians they regularly vote out just "crawl back in through the window".

Unless Mattarella does the right thing, it appears that Italy is headed back into the arms of the EU, France and Germany. Heretofore, the country had stood in solidarity with the Eastern European members of the EU in rejecting mass migration. Now Salvini's security decrees, designed to stop NGO ships from landing migrants in Italian ports, will likely be rescinded. Italy will continue to be swamped with so-called refugees, who are, in reality, mostly young African male fortune-seekers. Already, the country is having to deal with a particularly vicious Nigerian mafia, which not only deals drugs on Italian streets, but trafficks in body parts for organ transplants as well. The country has been reeling since last year over the murder of a young girl named Pamela Mastropietro, who was raped, murdered, and cut into pieces by a Nigerian immigrant. Mastropietro's uncle this week promised to go to Parliament and lay out the horrific photos of his niece's body if the politicos rescind the security decrees.

The events this week in Italy are disheartening, especially for those millions of Italians who thought their votes counted and who care about their national sovereignty. They deserve better than be delivered back into the arms of the EU and the likes of Merkel and Macron.

Spain's (Own) Border Woes Continue

Hat tip Vlad Tepes for sub-titling, Gates of Vienna for  editing. Translation by Fousesquawk.

As Spain's leftist government continues to undermine Italy's efforts to stop the waves of migrants coming across the Mediterranean, they have to deal with the invasion of their own borders, most specifically at the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, located on Morocco's northern coast. This week some 150 African migrants stormed the fences at Ceuta. The above video from La Nacion shows what happened. 

Spain: Leader of VOX Party Apologizes to Italy

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Image result for santiago abascal pide disculpas a italia por la intromisión del gobierno de sancez
Santiago Abascal

In the wake of the change in government in Italy this week, partially brought about by the attempt of a Spanish ship attemting to land over 100 migrants in Italy, the leader of Spain's conservative VOX party, Santiago Abascal, took to the floor of Parliament and apologized to Italy for Spain's role in the attack upon Italian sovereignty. The video may be accessed at the below link.!/v/vladtepesblog/QmR46J48ohAnYt39ufCioermCUa8GgujndA6h8wAx9qLXT

Friday, August 30, 2019

Italy: Giorgia Meloni Presser

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Yesterday, we posted Matteo Salvini's press conference after he was pushed out of the Italian government through a palace intrigue-all according to parliamentary procedure I guess.

Here at the below link is the statement of Giorgia Meloni of Fratelli d'Italia.!/v/vladtepesblog/QmWtu8QetvXWdLfC4MCQFJVs9QmvjLarSZiHnQeHanz6s9

God help Italy. Their people deserve so much better than what this cabal is giving it. Meanwhile, they can look forward to more scenes like this. (Hat tip Based Poland and Vlad Tepes).

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Italy: Salvini Is Out

This has not been a good week for Italy and Europe. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, besieged by his foes in Germany, France and the EU, is now out as interior minister. In the byzantine world of European parliamentary democracy, two parties, the Cinque Stelle (Five Stars) and Partido Democratico (PD) have formed a coalition to take over the Italian government in the wake of the resignation of Prime Minister Giusepper Conte. Salvini had called for new elections, which he and his Lega party figured to win big.

Below is Salvini's press conference. Segments of the 11-minute event have been translated by Fousesquawk. Editing and sub-titling by Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes respectively.

Video link

So what will be the practical effect? No doubt, the new government will rescind the security decrees issued by Salvini to try and stop the arrival of NGO boats loaded with Africans and Arabs trying to get into Italy and Europe. No doubt the new government will  bring Italy back in line with the likes of Angela Merkel, (Germany), Emmanuele Macron (France) and the bureaucrats of the EU who favor unrestricted immigration. Italy will now receive thousands more so-called refugees. Most of all, Italians will die at the hands of some of these refugees.

Together with Eastern Europe, Italy with Salvini as Interior Minister, has been a bulwark in trying to stem the flow. It is a significant loss for Italy and Europe.

Britain: Six Men Convicted of Sexual Grooming

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Abid Saddiq, Sharaz Hussain, Aftab Hussain and Masaued Malik

Another sexual grooming trial in Britain has concluded with the convictions of six men for their activity over a decade ago in Rotherham, England. They were part of a ring of Muslim men who preyed on teenage British girls and forced them into sexual slavery. This all occurred while local police turned their heads because they were afraid of being accused of racism, Islamophobia or whatever. It is a disgusting story, one that has been played out in different parts of the UK for years. Slowly, some victims are getting justice.

150 African Migrants Gather at Mexico's Southern Border

Hat tip E-TV, Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling. Translation by Fousesquawk.

It seems there is another migrant crisis brewing on Mexico's southern border (Chiapas). Some 150 migrants described as being from Africa and Haiti are demanding entry into Mexico so they can continue their journey to the US or Canada. The situation underlines the fact that migrants from different parts of the world are using Mexico as a gateway into the US. The below video is from E TV.

Note: There seems to be an error in the Spanish sub-titles between the 1:09-1:14 marks, which I have marked as "unintelligible". In addition, the speaker, who is not a native Spanish speaker, uses the term "racista" (racist), but apparently means to say "racism"/racismo). Thus, I have translated it as "racism".

And it gets worse (Hat tip Vlad Tepes):

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Italy: A Victim's Uncle Will Go Public If Government Scraps Security Decrees

Image result for pamela mastropietro
Pamela Mastropietro

In 2018, Italy suffered one of its worst murders in its history when a Nigerian migrant raped, murdered and dismembered Pamela Mastropietro. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has signed security decrees designed to halt the constant arrival of ships bring migrants into Italy. Now with a coalition of the 5 Stars party and the Democrat party, called the Yellow/Reds) poised to take power, there is talk of scrapping those decrees.

In  response, the infuriated uncle of Pamela is threatening to take photos of his niece's mutilated body right to the Parliament to show the the effects of illegal immigration in Italy.

Translation of the below Il Giornale article by Fousesquawk.

Pamela's Uncle: "If they cancel the security decrees, I'll go to Parliament with the photos of her tortured body"

The shocking gesture announced by the uncle of Pamela Mastropietro "to remind those who want to cancel the security decrees the catastrophic effects of illegal immigration".
-Bianca Elisi, August 27, 18:45

Among those who shudder at the thought of a yellow/red (coalition government between 5 Stelle and PD -Partido Democratico) executive, there are also the relatives of Pamela Mastropietro, the 18 year-old raped and killed at Macerata on January 30 of last year.

Judged responsible for one of the most barbaric homicides in the history of our country, the  Nigerian drug dealer, Innocent Oseghale, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first grade. A victory for the family of the victim and for her uncle, Marco Valerio Verni, who has also assumed the role of defender (of the family) in the process. However, in these days of feverish negotiations, anger and worry have erupted.

The same Verni told Libero he is ready for an extreme gesture  if the Yellow/reds (coalition Government) agree to scrap the security decrees. The uncle of Pamela is prepared to bring the (photo) blowups of his niece's tortured body right up to the Parliament and the Quirinale (residence of the president of the Republic) . For what purpose? "To remind those (in power) of the catastrophic effects of illegal immigration". Effects that rendered the body of poor Pamela unrecognizable, enough to cause the president of the criminal court of Macerata to decide that the hearing in which the pictures of the massacre were shown be held behind closed doors.

So now Verni threatens to show them "to remind those in power of the catastrophic effects of illegal immigration". A painful gesture which, according to Pamela's uncle, is necessary to rip the veil of hypocrisy. "Every day we are bombarded with tearful images of barges  loaded with migrants that the left would like to receive without worrying about the consequences. The same left that remained silent when Pamela  was raped and murdered with unspeakable ferocity." And the accusations of racism do not frighten him. "Almost everyone who is in Pamela's case file in various ways- he explains- are asylum seekers who survive by selling drugs to our children."
Oseghale brought to our shore from a shipwreck, is no exception. Not to mention, as lawyer Verni recalls, the suspicion that he is also affiliated with the Nigerian mafia also weigns on his account. These considerations give rise to the idea of an action so hard, however, it risks transforming Pamela's body into a political battleground. Also this time, Verni's reply is sharp. "The question, unfortunately, has been politicized right from the start, and certainly not in favor of the family; from the institutional left there has come no support, while from the right, a light has been lit.   The problem, however, should be transversal because this is not a battle against anyone but for the good of all."


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A Cross-Post From Gates of Vienna

Hat tip Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Gates of Vienna

Image result for elisabeth sabaditsch-wolff
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (L) with Geert Wilders of the Netherlands

Baron Bodissey, the editor of Gates of Vienna, is a on a short break, and the Austrian patriot Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has filled in with this article from an anonymous German blogger about Germany and how it is changing. I am cross-posting it.

Elisabeth is one of Europe's leading voices agsinst the Islamization of Europe. For that, she is paying a heavy price, not only the physical threat from the jihadists, but efforts by her own government and courts to silence her.

The Baron has taken a well-deserved break to visit family and left his house to me. As your housekeeper, I am honored to introduce myself. My name is Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and I reside in a crazy place called Central Europe, a place that I often no longer recognize. It pains me to watch my country, along with so many other countries, transformed into a resemblance of a Third World country.
The following words were originally penned in German, but the anonymous blog owner “Nicht mehr mein Deutschland” (No longer my Germany) kindly provides an excellent translation. What you are about to read epitomizes what I, along with millions of other native Europeans, see and feel every single day. The author adeptly describes a heavy and aching heart witnessing Germany’s transformation, the breakdown of public infrastructure, of society, of losing of free speech, and the rise of incapable politicians that magnify their capabilities.
Summer is waning; fall is just around the corner, not only for Germany, but for all of us. The change of season is inevitable, a part of life. Germany need not be waning. But  Germany believes its fall is inevitable.
How Germany Is Changing
When I was a child in Germany, some things were ugly on the outside, but pleasant on the inside. The houses they had built after the war were ugly, as were the hairstyles, the furniture and the fashion.
But what was pleasant and plentiful were the old houses in the cities, the winding streets, the bridges and rivers, the fortresses and castles. The rich nature everywhere, the well-kept parks and the large forests, the fields and the vineyards, the sea and the mountains.
And people were content. Most had a job. And almost no-one had to fear for their future, or their security, or that of their children. There was the cold war, but it seemed remote and didn’t affect us directly. Most of all, people were more alike. Most spoke the same language. They felt at home in the same culture. And they enjoyed the same, principal values. Those who had come here to work and who spoke a different language were viewed as guests, and if they wanted, they could usually stay. They were treated with respect, and the same was expected in return.
Times are changing
Today Germany has become a different place, and it is continuing to change, permanently. The houses built today are nicer than those constructed after the war, even if not as pleasant as those from one or two centuries ago. The furniture is nicer, and the fashion and hairstyles are, too.
But the streets are in need of repair. The schools are slowly falling apart. And on the pavements, in the cities, the homeless sleep at night. Many people have worse jobs than before, and they can afford less things that have a permanent value, like houses or flats. The streets are crowded with large, heavy lorries with foreign license plates, bringing goods in and out of the country, to be processed cheaper elsewhere, with traffic jams everywhere. The parks of yesterday are barely being tended. And outside the cities, in some forests, wolves are howling like they last did centuries ago.
Most of all, people have changed, they feel more rushed and under pressure. Many fear for their future and their safety, and that of their children, if they still have any. People are worried that they soon will be owning less, and perhaps that is why some have the urge to show even more that they do own something. Cars are larger than before, and the people in them more aggressive and reckless. Those making the most money take it from others unchallenged, keep some of it and hand the rest upwards.
Politicians and lobbyism
In politics, those who have increasingly attained power overestimate themselves and are more and more removed from the needs and opinions of those who voted for them, and who in a democracy they should naturally be representing. Instead, these people are often driven by simple and overrated ideologies, more than ever wittingly or unwittingly adhering to the wishes of those who, with a mixture of coddling and manipulation, have enforced this to the disadvantage of all others. In these times of lobbyism and one-sided medial distortion, with little balance, ethics or humanist values, the richest of the rich reign once again.
Through the shifting of political responsibilities towards European agencies, German parliamentarian democracy has been weakened. Through the introduction of the Euro, the possibility of a devaluation of national debt has been taken. Through the shouldering of debt of other European countries and private banks, every German citizen has been made responsible for the mistakes and greed of others. And through the introduction of an anti-debt regulation in the constitution, the path for further privatisation has been paved.
A changing society
And last of all, and again as a consequence of political decisions, many people on the streets and in the cities don’t speak my language anymore. They don’t live my culture. They don’t know my country. And many of them don’t even seem to want that. Many of them have come here because they wanted to worry less, and the rich beckoned them in because they demanded cheap labour and uncritical consumers, and the ideologists because they like to dream. But where all these new people should live, and where they should work, and who should pay for everything, till and if they ever earn their own money, no-one has ever clarified.
Some of these immigrated people seem less and less to respect my country, its people and its values, and they are changing the tone and the atmosphere in this society profoundly. They voice their demands loudly and take it as given that one supplies them with all of what other people in this country have worked hard for generations to attain. In their demands and ideas they are supported by some who are from Germany, but seemingly don’t like it very much.
Most of all, no one asks if all this change is actually deemed desirable by most of those who have been here longer. Instead, one has imposed a unified ideological mindset on the outside and an unrefrained neoliberalism on the inside. It is the worst of both worlds, and it destroys all that once made up our culture.
Freedom of opinion
At the same time, I have to worry about still being able to say or write something like this. Quickly and easily words like populism or agitation are used, and it supposedly always is about equality and tolerance. But curiously enough, it’s never about the tolerance towards those who adhere to the common rules and laws of this society and consistently demand that from others, too. Freedom of opinion has become a foreign word. Instead, those who make and impose the new moral rules are increasingly resorting to any means.
One has learned very little from the past in Germany. Under the fascists and in communist Eastern Germany, one neighbour denounced the other, some people their own partners, and sometimes even children their parents, because the children didn’t know better and one had told them in school that it was right that way. And always, afterwards, one shook ones head and allegedly asked how all this could have happened.
Prescribed intolerance
And now, in this country, once again generations of people are being raised, in schools, in universities, and by politics I don’t understand, and through media that either is owned by the state or again by the very rich. And the people today learn that intolerance against those who think differently, who voice criticism, and therefore are portrayed as intolerant, is totally alright. Denunciation, too. Defamation. Isolation. Or hate and violence. In fact, much is just like it was those times before. But today, people seem less educated, less informed and more manipulated than they have for a long time.
That scares me. Because again, most people are just learning off by heart what supposedly is right and what is wrong, instead of learning to think on their own. Is it in our genes? Is it our culture? Are we, on the whole, just too stupid? It may be of advantage to adapt and go with the crowd. But it can be really sad. And it makes life difficult for those who aren’t fooled by bread and circuses, who still have some education and the ability to think for themselves, who can hear the nuances and perhaps have a better feeling for the essence of things.
What I am sure of, is that the only people who really profit from all this madness are very few, very rich people, somewhere, in a very different world from mine and that of most others.
I love this country. But it is not my Germany anymore.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

To Shake Hands or Not to Shake Hands?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Kronans Martell and Ullis News.

That's the question the female officials in Sweden and Norway were tying themselves up in knots over when the Iranian foreign minister, Zavad Zarif visited their countries this week. Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallström chose not to extend her hand to him-not because he was representing the world largest state sponsor of terrorism- rather because pious Muslim men are not supposed to shake hands with women, and she, of course, wanted to show proper respect. I'm surprised she didn't don a burka and full face covering.

Jimmie  Åkesson, the leader of the conservative Sweden Democrat party was interviewed and gave his opinion on the matter.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Netherlands: Homes for Somalis Fleeing.....Brexit

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard: Translation by Fousesquawk.

It seems many Somali refugees living in Britain are afraid of what will happen to their status when Britain leaves the EU. Solution? Move to the Netherlands. The Dutch government has tried to dissuade them due to a housing shortage, but thanks to a Dutch judge, one Somali family "fleeing" Birmingham will receive a house. Surely, more will be on the way.

Image result for birmingham england
"War-torn" Birmingham, England

Judge rules: Somali "Brexit-returnees" Somali family gets house

A Somali-Dutch family has "fled" from Birmingham. According to the court in Utrecht, they must immediately receive a house. Fortunately that the new, gas-free residences are unaffordable and unpurchased, (so) they can immediately move into these expensive properties.

Apparently, even more - as many as 25,000 - Somalis want to make the crossing to our little country. This way it will be pleasantly busy on the already tight housing market. Various ministries have even run a campaign to combat the flow of 'refugees'. It is no problem if we have courts that will place these people directly in homes. This signal is a license to still come here. The British must be happy, I suppose.
The Somalis were already here in the Netherlands in the 1990s, but they made the choice to move to England. In England they could live in their own enclaves, something that the Netherlands tried to prevent. Various municipalities refused to offer housing to the family that arrived here. This is because they would be 'homeless due to their own fault'. What it comes down to is that they didn't actually think about the crossing. They have left an excellent - and safe - residential area to be able to benefit more here. According to various municipalities, this is not how it works.

But the judge thought differently. All the trouble from our government, and then the court decides to announce permission for immigration.

They get signals that there were (problems), so we have sent them a message in Somali that there is no reason for panic. We have told them that for them nothing has changed after Brexit. They are fine there." 
This time the government had good intentions but the court decision did the opposite. We shall see if more now come, surely with the fear of Brexit in mind.

-Geert Wilders (Twitter): "Sure, First 50,000 homes for fortune seekers, and now they go to Somalis. Our own people last."

1929 Hebron/Safed Massacre of Jews

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

For all you misinformed people that think that Jews first appeared in Israel in 1948, and were all just a bunch of European Holocaust survivors, I suggest you read this piece from Legal Insurrection. In the towns of  Hebron and Safed, the former of which had been a place where Jews had lived for centuries, Arabs went on a rampage massacring 133 Jewish men, women and children. Today, that massacre has not been forgotten either by descendants of the victims or descendants of the killers (who are still honored by the local Arabs).

Sweden: Protest Against Visit by Iranian Foreign Minister

Hat tip Kronans Martell and Ullis News

This week, Zavad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister and noted pal of John Kerry, visited Stockholm and was hosted by Sweden's leftist, Israel-hating foreign minister, Margot Wallström in the Parliament building. Outside there were numerous Iranian ex-pats protesting the visit by a representative of a terrorist regime. Kronans Martell and Ullis News were there to capture it on videotape. Most of the video, which lasts over 9 minutes, is in English.

This is an encouraging development in a country (Sweden) which hasn't seem  much good news in the past few years. (Zarif also visited Norway.)

As yet, no comment from John Kerry.

Image result for john kerry and javad zarif

"Ease up, Fousesquawk. Zavad's my pal."