Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Hate Speech From Kaukab Siddique

Hat tip Campus Watch

If you are upset at the things Donald Trump says, you need to meet Professor Kaukab Siddique of Lincoln University. This guy is a raving Jew hater and supporter of terrorist organizations. He has been spouting off about Jews for years. Now he links the Jews to the Orlando massacre. He also throws around the word, "homos" in referring to the victims of the Orlando massacre.

Kaukab has a long history of this kind of speech and has been noted at Fousesquawk on multiple occasions. Free speech? Yes, but I wonder when someone is going to get in his face and exercise their own free speech in telling him wht an ibn sharmota he is.

And what is an ibn sharmota, you ask?

You don't wanna know. (It's Arabic.)

You Can't Put a Price Tag on Good PR

Hat tip The College Fix

That's what the University of California would tell you. That's why, in the wake of numerous instances of bad publicity in recent years, UC has shelled out $158,000 to a PR firm to, uh, put a positive light on things.

The spokeswoman for the UC Office of the President said the university system “routinely” shells out to put itself in a good light, and this campaign was funded out of an endowment account intended to “enhance the university’s fundraising efforts”:


“Negative tends to stick in the public’s mind much more than positive news,” she said. “Rather than let a blemish take over the whole state, so to speak, we felt it was necessary and good to get out a positive message.”


"Assisted by SKDKnickerbocker, the UC released its own rebuttal report in addition to the media buy."


"I want to stress that we do this routinely," she said, "This was not unique." 

$158,000 x ?

The Study of One's Own Navel at University of Redlands.

Hat tip Campus Reform

Image result for man studying own navel

This is for guys' navels only.

You can't put a price tag on four years of college. Now you know why tuitions are skyrocketing.

The Benghazi Report: "Nothing New"?

Image result for benghazi attack
Ambassador Chris Stevens
Time to move on?

Hillary Clinton's (public) reaction to the House Benghazi report was that there was nothing new and it was time to "move on" (a favorite saying of the Clintons over the years as they have moved on from one scandal to the next).

In a sense, she is correct. We already knew that the State Department under her tenure had refused some 600 requests for enhanced security from the diplomatic mission in Libya. We already knew that the attack had lasted some 13 hours from the mission to the CIA annex and that only an unmanned drone was sent to observe the attack, which enabled our leaders to watch the attack in real time. We already knew that the security men at the annex had been told by the CIA station chief to stand down when they wanted to respond to the mission, an order they eventually disobeyed. We already knew that no military help ever arrived other than other security elements who responded from Tripoli. We already knew that President Obama, Clinton, Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey were huddled together in Washington holding meetings and talking. We already knew that in spite of all that, no military units responded to Libya to assist against an attack that lasted 13 hours.

We already knew that Mrs Clinton had called her daughter that night to tell her a terrorist attack was underway in Benghazi. We already knew that she communicated with the prime minister of Egypt and the president of Libya within the following 24 hours and told them that it was a terrorist attack. We already knew that she told family survivors at Andrews Air Force  Base that they were going to prosecute the maker of "that video". We already knew that Susan Rice was sent on the Sunday talk shows where she told everybody that it was a protest over a video that caused the deaths in Benghazi.

Here is what is new:

We now know that the White House meeting lasted from 7:30-9:30 pm. A number of action items were discussed, half of which  dealt with the infamous video that the administration later blamed for the attack.

We now know that Leon Panetta, instead of being ordered to call and order a military response to Benghazi, was told to make calls to try and get the video removed from the Internet.

We now know that there was discussion and concern over sending in troops without permission of the Libyans, using military marked vehicles and whether the troops should wear uniforms. We also now know that troops who were preparing to deploy were ordered to change their clothing 4 times! But they never went to Benghazi.

What kind of military, diplomatic and presidential leadership is that? Does this jive with Hillary's famous 2008 presidential campaign ad about that phone ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning? The phone was ringing off the hook on September 11, 2102 and it was never answered.

And who made the decision that the security men in the CIA annex should not respond to the burning mission as it was under attack? In the opinion of committee members Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Pompeo (R-KS) it was likely a certain somebody in Washington with whom the CIA man was on the telephone.

This report is damning not just to Hillary Clinton, but to the leaders under her at State, the President, Leon Panetta, and Martin Dempsey.

For months, Mrs Clinton and her underlings were negligent in ignoring requests for more security from the Libyan mission. During the attack, she and the above-mentioned officials failed to send the necessary help. It certainly would not have saved the lives of the two men killed in the initial attack, but it might have saved the lives of the two heroes killed while fighting off the attackers at the annex.

Subsequently, Mrs Clinton and the administration have been involved in a massive cover-up, initially claiming that the attack was a video protest gone awry, and since trying to conceal the details of the attack even trying to keep survivors from being interviewed.

Keep in mind that this attack happened two months before Obama's re-election as the administration was promoting the theme that "GM was alive, Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was on the run".

Hillary Clinton is not fit to serve as our Commander-in-Chief. This report makes it as obvious as that smoking gun tape that resulted in Nixon having to resign the presidency. How times have changed.

Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting

Image result for bill clinton
"Hey, Loretta. You're not gonna leave Chelsea's kids without a grandmother, are ya?"

I am trying to give Attorney General Loretta Lynch every benefit of the doubt based on her prior performance as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. It is getting harder after this week in which she stated that the best way to defeat terror is through love and now the revelation that she had a private meeting with Bill Clinton at an airport hangar in Phoenix on Monday. It is improper and should have been avoided at all costs because the DOJ is investigating  Hillary Clinton, and there is a possibility of a criminal indictment pending. Lynch says nothing was discussed other than personal small talk- like their grandchildren. (Then-President Clinton appointed Lynch as US Attorney.)

Lynch's account of what was discussed may be truthful. It appears that Clinton initiated the contact. However, just the appearances of this are bad. Many already believe that the fix is in and that the Obama Justice Department will never indict Hillary, no matter what the evidence shows. It is also troubling that the news of this only surfaced because of a local Phoenix news affiliate. Lynch only confirmed it after the news came out.

Lynch should have made sure someone was present with her and politely informed the former president that given the on-going case against Hillary, it would not be proper to be meeting.

CAIR to Stand Trial for Fraud

Here is some good news on the legal front. The US Court of Appeals in Washington DC has ruled that CAIR can stand trial on fraud charges. CAMERA has the details.

Hopefully, a Republican administration will bring more serious charges against CAIR that relate to our national security-if you get my drift. I have reason to believe that the US Attorney's Office in Dallas has a wealth of information left over from their Holy Land Foundation case. Had it not been for the Obama Justice Dept. there might have been further indictments.

Have the UCI "Protesters" Been Referred to the OC DA for Prosecution?

"Protesters were falsely accused of endangering event participants, and now the case has been referred to the Orange County District Attorney (DA) to determine whether charges will be filed."

Apparently, the anarchistic, anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace seems to think so. They are organizing a letter-writing campaign to the Orange County DA urging him not to press charges against those who disrupted a Jewish event at UCI on May 18. This link was sent in by an anonymous reader.

It is my hope that charges will be filed. Maybe we can also find out who from the National Lawyers Guild and the UCI Law School participated in that incident. Maybe then we will get a statement from law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

UCI Tries to Save Face With College Republicans

Hat tip Debra and Breitbart


A few days ago, we cross-posted a letter sent to UC Irvine by an attorney representing the College Republicans in the wake of their suspension by UCI in the wake of the Milo Yiannopoulos appearance.

Now UCI has responded to that letter in what can only be described as an attempt to save face while capitulating. Instead of a suspension, it is now a warning.

Even Fox News has weighed in.

It is clear that the College Republicans have outmaneuvered UCI by refusing to file an appeal to the suspension. (If only Republicans in Washington could be so shrewd in dealing with Democrats.) This also shows the incompetence of universities in dealing with issues of free speech. They have no clue what free speech really means. 

John Kerry's Latest Gaffe

John Kerry
A desperate man

As the death toll from yesterday's Istanbul airport attack climbed to 41, John Kerry was in Aspen, Colorado indulging in his own version of "Rocky Mountain High" by telling an audience that the attack merely shows that ISIS is "getting desperate".

Let's hope ISIS doesn't get any more desperate.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Istanbul: The Latest Target

It's just the latest pin on the map. Istanbul airport was hit last last night by three suicide bombers. As of this writing, the toll is 36 dead and over 147 injured. The latest contribution to the world by the religion of peace.

No doubt in the next days there will be the requisite statements by CAIR offering condolences to the victims and their families and condemning  the act. Islamic clerics will hold press conferences and tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and does not condone such acts even though no other religion is conducting these atrocities.

No doubt our local newspapers will run another soapy story interviewing people at a local mosque and running photographs of Muslims kneeling in prayer (no doubt to the victims).

In addition, we will also be subjected to op-eds by people like Loretta Sanchez expressing concern that Americans will lash out at innocent American Muslims and hold them accountable for the latest massacre-even though we continue to respect the rights of the innocents because, after all, we are Americans. In many other countries, those associated with such killers would be hung from lamp posts. Not here.

Will we see demonstrations like those that have followed the Orlando massacre blaming Americans, Christians, Republicans, and the NRA for what happened? I can see it now: "Christians killed the people of Istanbul".

Maybe we should hold lotteries guessing which spots on the map will be the next massacre in the name of Allah. Where will it be next? Copenhagen? Chicago? Milan?  One thing is for sure: It will happen again and again and again.

House Benghazi Report

Read it! It's linked in the Fox News report.

And Hillary Clinton's reaction?

"It's time to move on."

Tell that to the families of the four Americans who died in Benghazi, Hillary.

The "Racism" of Brexit

Hat tip Campus Reform

Brittany Cooper, an asst. professor of gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers, after exhaustive research, has come up with her own theory of why the Brits voted to leave the EU.

White racism, of course.

Leaving aside the other main reason, Brexit succeeded at the polls-the desire to escape Brussels' non-stop control over British lives, Let's examine the racism charge.

Is it racist to want to have a sovereign nation with real border controls?

Is it racist to want to be safe from Islamic terror?

Is it racist to be angry over the presence of (certain) immigrants who refuse to assimilate?

Is it racist to be angry when (certain) immigrants spit on your national traditions and values?

Is it racist to rebel against the EU when they say your country must accept "its fair share" of refugees, most of whom will never assimilate and who may pose a risk of terror?

Professor Cooper, who is sitting over here on our side of the pond, shows the same arrogance as President Obama did when he went to Britain recently and told the Brits that if Brexit passed, they would find themselves at the end of the queue when it came to trade agreements.

Brittany Cooper. I knew that name rang a bell. So I dug into the Fousesquawk archives and sure enough, I found this nugget:

You want to talk about racism? let's talk about Brittany Cooper.

"…This white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, gun-toting, Bible-quoting Jesus of the religious right is a god of their own making. I call this god, the god of white supremacy and patriarchy...
This God isn’t the God that I serve…He might be “biblical” but he’s also an asshole."

It seems self evident by now that gender studies is little more than part of the feminist, man-hating, bra-burning movement. Africana (or whatever you want to call it) studies is all too often racist in its own way, always indulging in bashing white people and attributing everything that goes wrong to white racism. Both fields of studies turn out graduates who are little qualified to do anything in the real world other than remaining in academia and teaching the next generation of "victims".  And that's not just me talking. That's people like Shelby Steele, Larrty Elder, Thomas Sowell and numerous other black thinkers who say the same thing.

If Cooper were a Cub fan, she would blame their failures on-you guessed it- white racism.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Tarheel Micro-Aggressions

Hat tip Daily Caller

These speech codes in our universities are getting so wacky they're going to have to create a new foreign language course for students. The University of North Carolina is just the latest. Examples? "Christmas vacation" and telling a woman you like her shoes.

You can rest assured that Yours Truly has never, nor will I ever, tell a  woman that I like her shoes.

Ain't that right?


UCI College Republicans Bring in the Lawyers

Image result for anteater reading his mail
"You've got mail!"

Below is the text of a letter sent to UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman by Attorney Shawn Steel, who is representing the College Republicans at UCI. It has been published in the California Political Review.

June 23, 2016
Chancellor Howard Gillman                                                  VIA FED EX, EMAIL & FAX
Fax Number: 949-824-2087
Dear Chancellor Gillman:
Please be advised this firm represents the UCI College Republicans including Ariana Rowlands, Robert Petrosyan and Peter Van Voorhis. As such, we are requesting a meeting with you directly concerning the rights and privileges of the UCI College Republicans.
As you are aware the UCICRs hosted a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos on June 2, 2016. Unfortunately, some of your administrators following the event has threatened and sanctioned with UCICR’s without notice or due process with inconsistent explanations.
The issues are far larger than the UCICR organization. UCI’s reputation for free speech and tolerance is deeply questioned.
Briefly please note that Ms. Esparza, Director of Campus Organizations Student Life and Leadership, requested to meet with UCICR President Ariana Rowlands on June 16, 2016. The meeting was set for June 20, 2016. During the meeting Ms. Esparza was notified that the UCICR were planning on hosting Milo in the fall prior to the federal elections. Ms. Esparza stated she was not happy to hear this.
A mere four hours later Mr. Pulli, whose title is Certified Meeting Professional Conference and Event Specialist, informed the UCICR’s leadership that the club was in violation of a “level II infraction’ and there would be “immediate suspension of the group for the remainder of the current quarter [Spring 2016] and the following three quarters…” No due process was noted.
The next day Ms. Esparza corrected Mr. Pulli stating his ‘suspension’ order was sent with “some confusing language.” That the UCICRs were not suspended as a club, but use of all UCI facilities for any meetings would be denied.
Hours later on UCI web site, stated that the UCICRs were not “suspended” but its “privilege to book event space through Student Center and Events Services has been revoked until spring 2017 quarter.” This was based on a completely false assertion. Namely that proof of insurance needed to be provided if the UCICRs brought a private security firm to their event. Consider these facts:
ü  The UCICRs did not hire or pay for any security service.
ü  Security was provided for Milo Yiannopoulos, because the administration failed to ensure his personal safety in a meeting. This we learned in a meeting with two administrators, a UCI police officer, myself and Mark Boucher on May 31, 2016.
ü  That when an event hosted by the UCICRs on May 16, 2016, on campus, for speaker David Horowitz was held, he also secured private security – not through the UCICRs and no mention was made of insurance.
When we meet, with leaders of the UCICRs, we would like to also to discuss the following issues:
ü  The suspension order is immediately removed;
ü  Because of the lack of due process and conflicting statements from administration, a formal apology be issued from the Chancellor’s office to the UCICR’s;
ü  An agreement providing fair and balanced funding to the UCICRs from student body funds to support their educational activities;
ü  A room for 1,000 students be made available for the Milo fall event;
ü  That one person be designated to work with this office and the UCICR’s for future events
We look forward to meeting with you.
Shawn Steel
Attorney for the UCI College Republicans

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Loretta Sanchez's Insulting Op-ed in OC Register

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), who is running for the Senate this year, has an op-ed in this morning's Orange County Register, in which she joins the chorus of liberals who turn Muslims into the victims and us into the "haters".

Sanchez is a fine one to talk about division. I remember just a few years ago when she was running for re-election how she attacked the Vietnamese residents of her district and turned Latinos and Vietnamese against each other. Now she takes yet another terrorist incident, this one committed by a Muslim against a gay nigh club, and turns it into a discussion on how we are marginalizing innocent Muslims. I find that objectionable.

First of all, as I have pointed out many times, Americans have done an admirable job of not attacking innocent American Muslims and blaming the entire community for the acts of the violent Jihadists. The problem is that when we point out the role that Islamic ideology has to do with this violence, we are painted as Islamophobes, racists and bigots. To even talk about Islamic terrorism is deemed as divisive and racist. You won't hear the Loretta Sanchezes of the world having any serious discussion about what drives these killers.

In fact, the last time I saw Sanchez was in 2012 at the Islamic Center of Orange County in Garden Grove, where she was participating in a town hall forum dedicated to the proposition that sharia law is perfectly compatible with US law (which it isn't). During that meeting, she angrily told one of my friends in the audience to turn off his video camera.

Loretta Sanchez is a joke.

The Clinton Lottery


"When I  saw Hamilton, I was blown away."

"When I  saw Burr, I was blown away."

The Clinton campaign, which will never be confused with class, has now resorted to a lottery to raise cash. As if they didn't know enough ways to raise dough. Now they are offering us a chance to see the play, Hamilton, if we just chip in enough money.

There are two ways to enter, a duel track, if you will (no pun intended). You can either enter the raffle for as little as three bucks. This way you have as much chance of winning as getting your portrait on a 10-dollar bill.

Or you can go ahead and pay not ten dollars but 10,000 dollars and be assured of getting that premium seat and a photo op with Her Majesty herself (suitable for framing).

Here is an email I got yesterday from Hillary herself.

Friend --

When I first saw the musical Hamilton last year, I was blown away. It's an incredible feat of storytelling about the fight for the heart and soul of our very nation. It's a look at history that feels immediately relevant today. It's a beautiful piece of art with empathy to spare.

So I want you to experience a performance with me next month. Will you chip in to be automatically entered for the chance to be my guest?

You can bring a friend -- and don't worry about the cost of tickets or flights. The campaign will cover it, so you can focus on enjoying the show!

Enter now, and I might see you at the theater!

If you've saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately.






Or donate another amount:
Thank you,

Imagine that: Just like Alexander Hamilton, she was blown away.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So Who Was the Shooter in Viernheim, Germany?

Up to 25 injured after masked gunman storms movie theatre and barricades himself in before being shot dead as police raid complex with tear gas
Looks like these cops are taking a pee break during the long siege.

It seems the news reports on the man who stormed into a movie theater in Viernheim, Germany (near Mannheim) and took hostages before being shot by police have hit a wall for the past two days. So far, it has only been further revealed that the man was firing blank rounds from his "weapons" and that he was a 19-year-old German from Mannheim. No name has been released. Suicide by cop, perhaps?

Yet there are those eyewitness accounts that the suspect was speaking "broken German".

Here is an article from the Mannheimer Morgen regarding the man's identity:

"VIERNHEIM. 19 Jahre alt. Geboren in Mannheim, deutscher Pass. Wohnhaft in Norddeutschland."

19 years old. Born in Mannheim. German passport. Residence in northern Germany.

"Wie lange hat der Täter in Mannheim gelebt? Studierte der junge Mann, machte er eine Ausbildung, war er berufstätig? Und was hat den 19-Jährigen dazu gebracht, ausgerechnet in einem Kino nahe seiner Geburtsstadt Geiseln zu nehmen? Es gibt noch viele offene Fragen. Die Staatsanwaltschaft Darmstadt schweigt dazu, weil die Ermittlungen andauern."

How long did the perpetrator live in Mannheim? Did he study, have any education, was he working? And what exactly did he bring into a movie theatre close to his birthplace to take hostages? There are still many open questions. The prosecutor in Darmstadt is silent as the inquiry continues.

While we are waiting for answers, I think I'll take a pee. It looks like it might be a while.

University of Arizona Now Offers Degree in Transgender Studies

Hat tip College Insurrection

Image result for hippie smoking grass
"Sounds cool, Dude. Tell me more."

This is long overdue, but it is about time a university recognizes an issue that affects all of us so deeply. The University is now offering a program-masters degree and all- in Transgender Studies.

When I was a young man, my elders used to tell me that if I majored in Russian, I could write my own ticket in life. Sadly, I didn't follow their advice. Today I am still working on my Swedish-an increasingly useless language unless you are trying to seduce some young, blonde Swedish bombshell who speaks English better than you do (Just kidding, Dear.)

But I digress.

Can you imagine applying for a job and putting Transgender Studies on your CV? What business wouldn't jump at the chance to hire you?

But this gets better.

“The three people who had been hired were all white, and we were really trying to prioritize hiring faculty of color,” Susan Stryker, the taxpayer-funded professor in charge of the transgender studies program, told Inside Higher Ed."

That should be no problem at all. There's always a Sherman-Williams store nearby.

Image result for sherwin williams

"I'm applying for a teaching position at the University of Arizona. Can you recommend a color for me?"

"How about blue? I bet they don't have any of those."

UCI College Republicans: "No Appeal"

Image result for 2 anteaters
"Aren't you going to file an appeal?"


The UCI College Republicans have posted the below notice on their Facebook page. Now that UCI has lifted the suspension pending the College Republican's "appeal", the CRs say there will be no appeal.

"Appeal? What appeal?"

Now that the ball is back in UCI's court, the best thing they could do is walk away from this mess that they have created. Should they choose to reinstate the suspension, they will be merely stepping in it once again.