Friday, May 22, 2020

Some Swedes Are Speaking Out

Hat tip Joakim Lamotte and Rair Foundation

Hat tip citizen-journalist Joakim Lamotte

Sweden is a country swimming in violence from many of its Muslim immigrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and general all round fortune seekers. Yet, the countries political leaders and institutions keep bringing them in. And the murders, the rapes, the riots, the attacks on Jews continue.  Now the country is dealing with the shock of last month's murder and beheading of a Swedish girl in Uddevalla by her Iraqi boyfriend.

In addition, freedom of speech in Sweden is nothing like what we Americans think of freedom of speech. The woman in the above video is literally risking her freedom and her job by saying what she is saying in public. (This interview took place late last year in Gothenburg.)

I applaud her.

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