Monday, January 31, 2022

Whoopie Goldberg and the Holocaust

 Leave it to the gals on The View to make another silly comment. The latest is Whoopie Goldberg, who along with Joy Behar, makes The View the most ridiculous show on TV. And that's saying something.

So now Whoopie has made a comment and when challenged, doubled down on it, that the Holocaust was not about race. It was just one group of whites hating another group of whites. This was not just someone's dopey opinion; it was historically false.

Leaving aside the fact that Jews are not all white; they come in all colors, Goldberg obviously has no understanding of what really happened to the Jews in Hitlerian Germany, or at least, why. Yes, historically, Jews have gotten it from all directions and for different reasons over time. The fact of the matter is that Hitler and his followers, considered Jews to be a different race, and an inferior one at that. They believed that Jews were polluting the Aryan race through marriage and/or sexual relations with "real" German women. Hitler never cared about the tenets of Judaism. For him, it was not a Christian vs. Jewish issue. It was race. It made no difference that many Jews in Germany had inter-married and converted to Christianity. To him, they were still Jews. 

There is a video of Hitler speaking before the Reichstag in January 1939 as World War 2 was approaching. He said: 

"If international finance Jewry inside and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, the result will be not the Bolshevization of the earth and thereby the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

If you read Mein Kampf, which I did many years ago (It's not exactly a page-turner), he lays out what he thought about the Jews. He considered Jews to be a race separate and apart from Germans and other pure white Aryans (for example, Dutch or Scandinavians). Hitler also considered Slavs to be racially inferior to Aryans.

At this point, I feel I should stop with the history lesson because I am sure this comes as no surprise to you, the reader. You've probably known all this ever since you were in grade school, right?

But Whoopie Goldberg doesn't know.

To be fair, there are a lot of things out there that I should know but don't. Things I should have known a long time ago. So maybe I should give Whoopie a pass. At the same time, I ask myself, "How many times has this woman stormed off the set because she found herself in sharp disagreement with a guest or co-hostess over some issue and she couldn't win the debate? You put that together with her latest comments about the Holocaust, and what you have is the very definition of an ignorant person.

*Update: Goldberg has issued an apology which reads:

"On today's show, I said the Holocaust ‘is not about race, but about man’s inhumanity to man.' I should have said it is about both," As Jonathan Greenblatt from the Anti-Defamation League shared, ‘The Holocaust was about the Nazi's systematic annihilation of the Jewish people - who they deemed to be an inferior race.' I stand corrected."

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Biden's Supreme Court Pick

This article first appeared in New English Review.

 After months of pressure from the left to retire from the Supreme Court so that President Biden could nominate a younger liberal to serve on the nation’s highest bench, Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement.  No sooner was the ink dry on his announcement, he was at the White House standing next to Biden for the great announcement that Biden was going to fulfill his campaign promise and nominate a black female for the Supreme Court, the first such nomination in history.

Of course, this raises the obvious argument that such a selection should be made on merit and not on one’s gender or skin color, but this is Joe Biden we are talking about here. Biden’s critics on the right, including me, will of course have to be super careful in how we word our opposition to whomever the choice is because the left will immediately cry racism. They will ignore the fact that conservatives are huge supporters of Clarence Thomas, the only black person currently sitting on the court and arguably the most conservative. They will of course, also ignore the memory of the obscene Judicial Committee confirmation hearings (the “high-tech lynching”) in which Thomas was smeared on national television-hearings chaired by Senator Joe Biden. One of the more memorable moments of that farce was when a clearly befuddled Strom Thurmond (R-SC) said, “I still don’t know what Long John Silver’s got to do with all this.”

But none of that will matter. Any Republican who votes against the eventual nominee will be smeared as a racist. The only mystery at this point is who the lucky lady will be-or unlucky if you consider that Biden has set her up to be considered by many people as having been chosen simply because she was a black woman.  

As with any decent person, I don’t care how many black women sit on the Supreme Court as long as they follow the Constitution, as does Clarence Thomas. It would be great if Biden could consider someone like, say, Janice Rogers Brown.

Never heard of her?

Brown is a black woman and a conservative. Back in 2003 then-President George W. Bush nominated her to the US Court of Appeals in the Washington DC Circuit. She had previously been serving on the California Supreme Court. Then-Senator Biden opposed her nomination and filibustered against her. President Bush failed to get her on the federal bench in 2003 but was successful in 2005, again over the objections of Joe Biden. (Brown retired from the bench in 2017.)

Was Joe Biden a racist then? I don’t recall anyone suggesting he was. He just didn’t want a conservative on the federal bench-especially a minority conservative. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether you consider that racist in itself.

No doubt, Biden will pick someone from the left. Since she will be replacing another liberal (Breyer), the 6-3 conservative majority will remain (if you still consider John Roberts to be a reliable conservative). So from our perspective, things could have been worse. Biden’s pick could have been replacing Justice Thomas.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Sweden: ISIS Women Released

Yesterday, two women and their children were brought back to Sweden from a Kurdish prisoner camp in Syria for ISIS detainees. The women are suspected of having participated in ISIS atrocities (war crimes). While they were taken into custody upon arrival in Sweden, they have already been released as have most of the other ISIS women brought back to Sweden (where they hold Swedish nationality).

The below article from SVT (Swedish State Television) is translated by Fousesquawk.

Photo caption: Archive image from al-Hol camp in Syria: Photo: Baderkhan Ahmad/AP/TT

Suspected ISIS women released

Updated today 07:36. Published today 07:17

The two women who were taken into custody yesterday, suspected of committing war crimes in collaboration with the terror group, ISIS, have been released, reports Ekot (Swedish Radio). Remain and a preliminary investigation is in progress.

The women were taken into custody yesterday when they landed at Arlanda (Stockholm Airport). They were met by a delegation of, among others, police, social services, and doctors. The women's children were taken in by social services authorities.

The women and children were picked up by a Swedish delegation in NE Syria where they had been in the Kurdish autonomy camp for suspected ISIS members.

Preliminary investigation initiated

A preliminary investigation into war crimes was initiated against the two women on Thursday, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The suspicions remain against both women.

Prosecutor Johan Udén at the National Unit Against International and Organized Crime, who is conducting the preliminary investigation into one of the suspected women, would not go into any details about the ongoing investigation.

"There are some measures to be taken. So we will have to agree on a time and see if can proceed or if it should be closed", he says to Ekot.

Third group of women

According to information to SVT Nyheter (Swedish State TV News), the two women are reportedly from western Sweden and Skåne.

This is the third group of women deported from the Kurdish enclave in northeastern Syria. Previously, a total of six women with children have come (back) to Sweden.

Several of the ISIS women who have returned to Sweden are suspected of crimes but continue to be free. Almost all children have also been taken into (Social Services) care according to LVU (Social Services).

The Idiocy of Clarence Reams aka Abdul Alim Musa

Hat tip Memri TV and CNS News

Abdul Alim Musa (born Clarence Reams) is a Washington DC-based imam who started As-Sabiqun, a super-extreme version of Islam made up of fellow lunatics and assorted bad hombres. He is also a convicted drug trafficker who absconded to Algeria and other parts before winding up in a prison in the US where he converted to Islam. 

Musa aka Reams hates Jews, Israel, and America in no particular order. He is a friend of the mullahs in Iran and has been interviewed by Iran's Press TV. I watched the video of it once and I got the impression that even his Iranian interviewers thought he was a complete crackpot-which he is.

He is also a total idiot-which I told him to his face after seeing him speak at the UC Irvine campus back in 2006 or 7. It was this event that got me to become an activist and blogger.

Memri TV has obtained a video of Musa speaking to his flock on August 27, 2021, shortly after the bomb explosion at Kabul airport as our military was dealing with the chaos of thousands of Afghans trying to get out of the country. Musa's thinking is that it wasn't Islamic terrorists who carried out the attack; no, it was those Zionists.

Here is a 5-minute clip of Musa's ramblings via CNS News.

Fousesquawk comment: There is no point in trying to pick apart Musa's crazy claims except to make one point: In this clip, he makes the claim that, "ain't no white man that lived a moral life in the United States...." Keep in mind, this man was a drug trafficker-a convicted drug trafficker.

And this is also a man who the Muslim Student Union of UC Irvine brought to campus to rant and rave about Israel-on more than one occasion.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Netherlands: Who Is Soumaya Sahla?

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk. 

Soumaya Sahla

The big news in the Netherlands this week is revolving around Soumaya Sahla, a member of the Dutch Parliament representing the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, (VVD). Recently, Geert Wilders accused the VVD of having a former terrorist within their ranks in the Dutch Parliament. Lo and behold, it turns out that Sahla was arrested in 2005 in Amsterdam and charged with terrorist activities as a member of the Hofstad Network, an Islamic terrorist group in the Netherlands who wanted to assassinate Wilders for his criticism of Islam. At the time of her arrest, an automatic weapon was found in her possession. Sahla spent three years in a Dutch prison from 2005-2008.

That didn't keep her from getting into the Dutch Parliament for the VVD. Apparently, nobody knew-least of all the VVD! Now, however, given the furor, she has decided to resign her duties that have something to do with radicalization issues. In addition, she has stated that she greatly regrets her past life. 

Below is an article by Frits Bosch in the conservative Dutch blog, Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Frits Bosch column: Soumaya had the entire VVD by the tail

By Frits Bosch, January 27, 2022

Since 2011, Soumaya Sahla has been the right hand of the VVD celebrity Frits Bolkestein, 88. She was never a problem for the party until Geert Wilders rang the bell, and her past was revealed during the Second Chamber (Parliament) talks over the coalition accord. The mainstream media and the (2nd) Chamber were furious that Wilders came forward, he was "racist". Until big objections arose against her from the VVD itself, "How can this be, why didn't we know?". A spicy detail is that Geert Wilders himself enjoyed the mentorship of van Bolkestein as a faction member of the VVD. It is completely right that Wilders came forward. Fortunately, there is still someone awake in the 2nd Chamber. 

It would be appropriate if the mainstream media swiftly offered their apologies to Wilders. Naturally, they won't do that. The moral level of the mainstream media and Chamber members is lousy, but that's not news. Ignore the potential danger of a dangerous threat.

Soumaya is working on a dissertation on "the orthodox, religious worldview". Sahla is Muslim, fine. But she was and perhaps still is orthodox, Islamist, Salafist. I hope that she will also read the books by Christopher Hitchens, "God is not great" and by Afshin Ellian, "Allah does not know better".  They (would) save her a lot of work.

Islam has the controversial practice of taqiyya. It would allow Muslims, "for the good cause" to feign integration and moderation, to emerge like a devil out of a box as a true Muslim if that makes sense. So in England, in part of London, sharia law applies. Here no. Do (Kauthar) Bouchallikht and Sahla practice taqiyya? We'll never know.

The next question is how is Kauthar Bouchallikht doing, also with her "fine past". She is keeping a low profile and so is the Green-Left (party). Incomprehensible that these women with a terrible history, got through the beauty commission of our political parties. It works every time. Where is the thinking? This cannot be?!

They are, indeed, "clean women". Somaya Sahla is herself stunning in a pretty suit in order to come across as especially adapted. Would she "tickle" Bolkestein in his (sensitive) place? What do you think?

Bolkestein has been a first-class mop throughout his unimpressive political career. A frightfully vain fellow, as I once noticed during a seminar on Islam. He is a man who says A but shrinks from B. He thought that we and (Pim) Fortuyn would cut a sorry figure internationally. Now he has made a fool of himself. Justifiably, this dull party is in a heavy downward trend.


Below, from Blikopnieuws (see link) is a translation of Sahla's statement:

"There has been a lot of commotion in the past weeks about me and my past. I regret that deeply and feel the need to say a few things about it. I want to be held accountable for a period of 16 years ago which I am not proud of. It is a black page in my life. I deeply regret the choices that I made then, and everyone in my circle knows that about me. I turned those pages a long time ago. I now see that it is good that (I) also express this regret publicly.

I gladly dedicate myself daily to the safety and freedom of our beautiful country. From this motivation, I am also actively involved in the VVD. The commotion that has arisen stands in the way of my positive contribution at this time. Thus, I am resigning my chairmanship in the J and V thematic network. I remain motivated to look where I can make a contribution in a free and safe society. I am also remaining in the VVD."

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sweden: One Fine Day in Tjärna Ängar (Video)

Yesterday, we translated an article on the situation in the Tjärna Ängar neighborhood in  Borlänge, Sweden, a so-called "no-go zone" inhabited mostly by immigrants, a large portion of whom are Somalis. 

Swedish State Television (SVT) has produced a video documentary on this neighborhood. In this clip, translated by Fousesquawk, Swedish police in the area describe the problems of assimilation-or lack thereof. For example, many Somali parents forbid their daughters to have Swedish girlfriends since they are considered to be "whores".

Sweden: One Fine Day in Tjärna Ängar (Borlänge)

Hat tip Nyheter Idag. Translation by Fousesquawk.

-SVT (Sweden)

In the past couple of years, we have cross-posted and translated a few articles about the Tjärna Ängar neighborhood in  Borlänge, a town of about 43,000 people in Sweden, which is the home of Dalarna University.  Borlänge is also the site of considerable public housing and is now largely inhabited by immigrants, particularly Somalis. The Tjärna Ängar area has earned the nickname, "Little Mogadishu" due to its large Somali population. It is also considered one of Sweden's "vulnerable areas" in polite discourse, or more accurately, "no-go zones", where crime and violence are rampant. In October 2020, we translated an article describing how many foreign students of Dalarna who found themselves housed in this area decided to get out of town and out of Sweden altogether since it just wasn't safe. Also in 2020,  we translated two other articles about this charming neighborhood which can be read here and here.

So reporters from Swedish State Television (SVT) decided to venture forth into the neighborhood to see what all the fuss was about. What follows is translated from the conservative Swedish outlet, Nyheter Idag.

SVT reporters attacked in "Little Mogadishu"

 Borlänge: Not everyone is happy when SVT's Investigative Assignment comes to visit in Tjärna Ängar in  Borlänge. Indeed, some become aggressive and violent. One person threw a rock at journalists and shouted, "F--- SVT."

Investigative Assignment has done reportage from the Tjärna Ängar neighborhood in Borlänge-the country's northernmost vulnerable area, which is called "Little Mogadishu" in the vernacular since at least half of the residents come from Somalia.

Among others, they meet an older woman who has lived there for 18 years but has still not learned Swedish.

"What are you doing? Hello! Don't film me, bitch," shouts one guy when reporters drive around the area.

Official statistics say that just over 3,500 people live in Tjärna Ängar, but according to certain politicians and police, the true number is upwards of 10,000. Families are large with many children, which leads to overcrowding.

The area is marked by high unemployment, welfare dependency, and by the rule of criminal networks and foreign customs while police control and intelligence are extremely limited.

When Investigative Assignment was there one evening, they were attacked by a person who threw a rock at them, screaming, "F---SVT!" then ran away.

Shortly thereafter, some masked men come and ask why they are filming in Tjärna Ängar. The guys are (insistent) on not being filmed and push the camera down.

"You have to say nice things about this area if you are going to record," says one of them.

"You have to focus only on the positive."

"Damn, we were attacked," exclaims one of the reporters, referring to the rock thrower.

SVT also meets with local politician Mursal Isa (MP-Green Party). He says that the foreigners who come to Tjärna Ängar primarily receive their information on the new country from other immigrants.

Newcomers are told that the "Swedish language is a local language", which you don't need to learn, that it doesn't pay to work, as well as that they should not testify against criminals since they themselves run the risk of being hurt.

"This is going still today, and I think it has even become worse," says Mursal Isa.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

France: The Afghans Have Arrived

With all the other problems France is facing, not to mention, Covid, it seems a major portion of Afghan men leaving that country are arriving in France and requesting asylum. The below article by Francis Gruzelle in the conservative French blog, Riposte Laique, is translated by Fousesquawk.

More and more Afghans in France

24 January 2022, Francis Gruzelle   Migratory invasion

The great majority of Afghan refugees are young men, arriving alone, and not speaking French. Almost all are of the Muslim faith and are very religious.

Afghans have become the principal population of refugees in France. A population principally male, and between 20-30 years of age. A great majority are male, young, and arrived alone.

The Afghan refugee community in France is very young, and very male-dominated, with a ratio of men to women extremely unbalanced. Only 12.5% are women, and the average age of the entire group is 27.2 years. As Gerard Sadik explains, migration to Europe is made principally overland and is mostly by, "mostly unqualified youths who have worked at odd jobs in the countries they have crossed." He also reminds us that these youths are, "especially fragile due to the traumatic situations encountered in their countries of origin or during migration, and due to severe economic insecurity," and that they, "don't fit well into the guidelines for reception of asylum-seekers and settle in frequently evacuated migrant encampments, for example in Ile-de-France." 

It would seem that these Afghan refugees would be difficult to integrate given the Afghans in France, a growing and fragmented community.

In the same way that Professor Remi Chauvin was passionate about the life and the habits of bees, many researchers study the evolution of the invasive species in a real way. Thus, the researcher Francois Gemenne evokes the fear that henceforth, asylum will be reserved, "for the most-connected Afghans, the richest, who were able to leave the country while those who stay risk finding themselves in an open-air prison." He offers the hypothesis that those who wish to flee but don't immediately have the means, will not be considered, in the coming months, as candidates for asylum, but as "economic migrants", which will reduce their chances of seeing their requests accepted in the receiving country.  

Who grants resident permits?

In France, it is the French Office of Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) which handles asylum applications and granting of refugee status or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection (given to persons who cannot benefit from refugee status but who risk suffering serious harm in their countries; death penalty, torture, inhuman treatment, general violence resulting from a situation of armed conflict, etc.)

Even if the official numbers are undercounted, Ofpra counts 41,174 Afghan nationals under its protection (refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection) as of 30 June 2021, and 8,000 applications are being processed.  Suddenly, without the average French person realizing it, Afghans constitute the main population of refugees in France, ahead of Syrians (35,327) and Sri Lankans (33,675). The number of applications on the part of the Afghans has increased ten-fold recently due to the migratory crisis (616 initial applications in 2014, 6087 in 2016), and they constitute the first community in the number of applications for protection filed and for protection granted.

For Gerard Sadik, national manager of Cimade, an association of solidarity with migrants, "these numbers are explained by the policy conducted by Ofpra, particularly in Calais, to convince Afghans to ask for asylum in France, which they were not doing much till then, preferring to continue their journey to the United Kingdom.

Is it France's calling to receive most of the Afghan refugees after a lost war on the ground by Western armies? Is it France's calling to lodge these Afghan refugees in castles, former police stations, or hotels?

In the majority of municipalities where the "Afghan refugees" have been placed, the concerned elected officials, either on the left or the right, have the bitter impression of being, "taken for idiots". It is hard to fault them.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

USC's Jewish Problem

I am cross-posting an op-ed in the (Los Angeles) Jewish Journal by my friend Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, former professor of Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz and co-founder of the Amcha Initiative, an organization dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses. 

The University of Southern California has experienced a series of anti-Semitic incidents recently. After months of protests and letters, the university has announced a couple of steps designed to combat anti-Semitism. They are cosmetic, in my view, and don't go nearly far enough to tackle the problem.

First, Tammi's op-ed:

"For while the university professes that all students should be free from harmful behaviors that threaten their safety or deny them opportunities to fully participate in their college experience, the school’s policy only affords protection to victims of “discrimination and harassment based on protected characteristics.”

"What this means is students who don’t fit into certain identity groups cannot rely on any of the policy’s protections, even if they fall victim to behavior that exceeds the policy’s threshold for “hostile environment harassment.”

Fousesquawk comment: Tammi is spot on in pointing out where USC falls short of remedying the problem. Jewish students don't fit into any of the categories of "protected" groups. In essence, they are considered whites-privileged whites, in fact. 

So the practical result is that beleaguered Jewish students who are bullied, harassed, and threatened by pro-Palestinian elements on campus get no help from the university. To be specific, their tormenters are generally part of a so-called protected group-Muslims from the various chapters of the Muslim Student Association/Union and their sister organization, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a Brown Shirt organization open to membership for anyone who hates Israel. Basically, SJP is made up of Muslim students and their leftist allies-including misfit Jews.

So the practical result-as I have personally witnessed on campuses-is that disorderly conduct, disruption, and anti-Semitic speech by anti-Israel forces is protected by the university. If Jewish students were to respond in kind against the right of speech for MSA/SJP (which they don't), the university would crack down.

But there is good news.......

"The Jewish community deserves kudos for getting President Carol Folt and the USC Board of Trustees to commit to addressing the problem, including through the establishment of an Advisory Committee on Jewish Life and ensuring Jewish representation in DEI efforts." 

And the Nazis established those infamous Judenrats-Jewish Councils. A lot of good they did. As for having Jewish representatives within the department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), they are not exactly walking into friendly territory, and they can count on being a (non-protected) minority. University departments of diversity, equity, and inclusion, or whatever they call themselves, are friendly ground for the very folks who are dedicated to destroying Israel and harassing Jewish students who support the Jewish state.

It is good that USC President Carol Holt has made a formal statement acknowledging the problem. As to the actions she has announced, I am skeptical, but it's a first step. There is no need to wait for the next steps. There should be no double standards as to who is or isn't a "protected" group. 

The bottom line is that I concur with Tammi that much more needs to be done at USC. Students, professors, and outside speakers should be put on notice that anti-Semitism and incitement or threats of violence or death directed at Jews are not welcome at USC, just as such behavior toward any other group is not welcome.

Sweden: Imam/ISIS Recruiter Deported

While there is not much good news coming out of Sweden these days, here is one positive development. Ahmed Abdulkarim Ahmed Ahmed, aka Ahmed Ahmed, has been deported under suspicion of recruiting for ISIS. The action was carried out last week by the Swedish Security Police 
(Säpo) The below article by Sofie Löwenmark in the Swedish blog, Doku, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Suspected ISIS recruiter deported in Security Police action

Posted by Doku, 20 January 2022

The previously suspected ISIS recruiter, Ahmed Ahmed, has been in detention awaiting deportation for a long time since he has been judged to pose a threat to the country's security. During the past week, he was flown out of the country in a secret Security Police action. Ahmed Ahmed was a key person in the radicalization and recruiting of jihadists, says terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp.

Doku reported on Ahmed Abdulkarim Ahmed Ahmed's deportation case in the spring of 2021. He had been in detention for almost a year since the government decided on deportation according to the law on special alien control after an application from the Security Police. For security's sake, he was placed in solitary confinement in the Security Section of  Huddinge's (detention center).

During last week, the 52-year-old Ahmed Ahmed was flown out of the country in a secret Security Police action, which Aftonbladet was the first to reveal. According to Aftonbladet, Iraq refused to accept him, and he was flown instead to Istanbul in Turkey, where he reportedly landed with a small amount of money, a cell phone, and an airline ticket to Iraq.

In his role as imam and preacher, Ahmed Ahmed went under several aliases, and, as an imam, he was active in the mosques of Eskilstuna, Västerås, and Örebro, among others. He has also been very active as a lecturer on Islam for young people in a number of different associations.

He was first arrested in 2015 in a Security Police action in Vivalla in Örebro, and he was arrested as a suspect on probable cause for crimes against the law on incitement, recruitment, and training in regards to terror activity.

In addition, there are reportedly several monitored conversations where ISIS recruiting was discussed and witness statements about Ahmed Ahmed's role. According to Aftonbladet, there are reportedly 14 people in the circle whom he educated about Islam and who traveled to join terror groups; also in his residence and telephone, police found a large amount of jihadist propaganda. One returnee from Syria was also registered at Ahmed Ahmed's home address as recently as last year.

But suspicion never led to charges, and in connection with the preliminary investigation that was closed, the prosecutor of the case commented: "In general, it is hard to prove this type of crime. Those who are recruited or were (object) of attempted recruitment are perhaps not so keen on answering questions that might be directed against them."

From the classified file, which Doku earlier had access to, it is revealed that Ahmed Ahmed was on the Security Police radar long before he was arrested, suspected of terror recruiting in 2015. His legal representative had then requested files on him from the Security Police beginning in 2008 and on several occasions in subsequent years.

Unlike other cases with imams who received deportation orders after applications from the Security Police, the Migration Board and the Migration Appeals Court ruled that there was nothing to prevent the deportation of Ahmed Ahmed to his home country, Iraq.

He is, thus, the first of the notable imams with deportation orders whose deportation has been carried out. Previously, the principal of the Science School, Abdel Nasser El-Nadi (Abo Talal), voluntarily left Sweden and is reportedly also in Turkey.

Terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp at the Defense College commented on the deportation to Doku:

"Ahmed Ahmed was a key person in the radicalization and recruiting of jihadists, not only in the Örebro and Eskilstuna mosques but also in Gothenburg and especially Stockholm.  It is important that we remove important security threats against Sweden-this will influence the future security situation."



Saturday, January 22, 2022

France: Father Who Threatened to Burn Down School is Sentenced

In October, the father of a Muslim student in France was charged with threatening to burn down the school after his son was counseled by school authorities for yelling, "Allahu Akhbar!" during a moment of silence for Samuel Paty, the schoolteacher who was beheaded by a Muslim after having shown caricatures of the prophet Mohammad in class.

The father's case in court has now been adjudicated, as reported by Le Figaro (translation by Fousesquawk.)

Tribute to Samuel Paty: The father of the student who cried, "Allahu Akhbar," sentenced

by Le Figaro

Posted yesterday at 15:14, updated yesterday at 21:20

Caption beneath photo: A tribute to Samuel Paty at Conflans-Saint-Honorine in October 2021. Alain Jocard/Agence France Presse

Not tolerating that his son be punished, the man had threatened to burn down the school.

A father who had threatened to burn down his son's school after he (the son) had been punished for having shouted, "Allahu akhbar" during a tribute to Samuel Paty, was sentenced Thursday, 20 January, to 6 months in prison, suspended,, the national prosecutor of Valence, Alex Perrin, told Le Figaro confirming information from France Bleu. The man had been accused of death threats against public service personnel and,"damage to public property."  

The punishment is also accompanied by two years probation, a ban on appearing at the (school), as well as treatment and work requirements, the prosecutor told us. The father of the adolescent had also insulted and threatened to burn the cars of three members of school personnel. In addition, he is also obliged to pay them 700 euros.

While the son of the defendant had immediately apologized after having received a warning for having shouted, "Allahu Akhbar", his father supported the young boy. At the court, he explained that he had acted out of anger, and he insisted that "his words had surpassed his thinking," France Bleu reported, quoting the defendant.

Friday, January 21, 2022

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden (10)

Hat tip Ledarsidorna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Johan Westerholm is one of Sweden's top experts when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in that country. He is the author of a book entitled, Islamism I Sverige (Islamism in Sweden), which outlines the MB's activities and fronts in Sweden. A sequel to that book is set to be released shortly. Both books are in Swedish.

Westerholm writes numerous articles on the Swedish blog, Ledarsidorna, some of which have been translated by Fousesquawk. 

This is the 10th such article on the MB in Sweden that we have translated. It is part of our series of translations of articles concerning the MB in various European counties, published from those respective countries.

How the Muslim Brotherhood's Structure in Sweden Has Changed

On the eve of 2022, there are clear signs that the Muslim Brotherhood will further change the structure and methods of its financing through tax funds. From the private schools and private school groups as well as student associations, which early on financed activities, it is moving over to other appropriation items in the State budget.

Over-financed student unions and religious communities have received amounts in the multi-millions from the government during the Corona crisis despite the fact that these are not directly covered by the support. At the same time, Ledarsidornas examination shows that the student unions have systematically attempted to appropriate more funding for themselves by reporting inflated salary levels for the people they seek support for.

There are questions surrounding the student unions in particular as to whether these are actually covered by the law on short-term work, which explicitly excludes all tax-funded activities from what became the Corona grant. Student unions today are over-financed, and the Public Education Council is currently under investigation by the National Audit Office after extensive irregularities were discovered.

Irregularities with the Public Education Council that Ledarsidorna and opinion-maker Rebecca Weidmo Uvell have pointed out since 2015 and which have come to the attention of researchers Aje Carlton and Magnus Ranstorp, to finally be revealed in the greater context on TV4. Some of the organizations that are subject to doubt are the organizations that can be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Ledarsidornas examination shows that the organizational and financial structure organized by the Brotherhood has a long history. As early as 1990, the Islamic Association in Stockholm, which today (operates) the Stockholm Mosque, held a meeting at the Hotel Malmen in Stockholm with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA. The Stockholm Mosque is open about its affiliation with the Brotherhood through many statements from the present imam, Mahmoud Khalfi.

This meeting, with documents such as meeting notes, will be reported in a sequel to "Islamism in Sweden", planned for release in May 2022.

Members of the Stockholm Mosque, during the time they were members, as well as after they left Sweden, have been engaged in weapons smuggling to ISIS or have joined allies of ISIS/Al Qaeda. The Stockholm Mosque is considered one of Sweden's most radicalizing environments, but at the same time, is the mosque with which many representatives of the Swedish Church prefer to work  The same situation prevails in relation mainly with the Environmental Party and the Social Democrats.

The Stockholm  Mosque itself is the hub within the Islamic Association in Sweden, which is the foundation that controls the Brotherhood financing through the Ibn Rushd Study Association, as well as the aid organizations, Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid.

Muslim Aid, from its own information, is currently negotiating with the Sida aid authority to be elevated to the same status enjoyed by Islamic Relief. As a strategic partner with Sida*, (Islamic Relief) receives (infrastructural) subsidies financed by tax funds to distribute itself without any real intervention from the authority. Islamic Relief's annual grant exceeds 100 million Swedish crowns.

There is a trend today for the Brotherhood to widen its financing by general funds to include several budget items, but the most evident is that today, they lump their activities in budget items that are hard to examine from outside. Such as citizens, media, and investigating authorities as well. By placing a greater emphasis on foreign aid, it makes examination more difficult in that this is partly protected by foreign secrecy, and partly because foreign aid is based on (close) cooperation with civil society organizations. 

These organizations have no obligation to report, even internally to their members, how they distribute allocated funds. 

Forum Civ, or formerly, Forum Syd, is the clearest example, which itself has over a quarter-million Swedish crowns in tax funds available every year, and there they distribute this among members without the members themselves having full insight. Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief, like ACT Swedish Church, are members of Forum Civ. Muslim Aid is now also seeking status as a strategic partner of Sida in order to be able to increase revenue from tax funds even more.

The National Auditing Office is presently examining the aid authority Sida's criteria and selection of strategic partners.

On the eve of 2022, it is not excluded that the Brotherhood will further change structures and methods for its financing by tax funds even more. From the private schools and private school groups, as well as study associations that financed activities at an early stage, they are moved over to other budget items in the State budget.

There are clear signs that the trend will continue and be expanded with several sources of financing, while, at the same time, such activity will be protected as much as possible by secrecy. 

* Sida- Foundation for International Developmental Cooperation Agency

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Muslim Brotherhood in France (3)

Hat tip Avenir de la Culture (France). Translation by Fousesquawk.

This translation of the below article by Guillaume Gatterman in a French Christian website (Avenir de las Culture-Future of the Culture) is part of our series of translations of European articles on the Muslim Brotherhood in their respective countries. It is the third such article on France. This article is dated June 16, 2020, but it is still highly relevant. Also mentioned in the article are the Union of Islamic Organizations in France or UOIF and the Association of Muslims for an Islam of France or AMIF.

The hellish network of the Muslim Brotherhood in France

Guillaume Gattermann-June 16, 2020-Islamisation

Last February 17, the independent media site, Lieux Communs published a document of utmost interest: A complete layout of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (re-named Muslims of France in 2017), representing the French network of the international Islamic organization. In other words, the galaxy of the Muslim Brotherhood in France, its allies, and supporters.

In total, the document lists almost 100 individuals and some 50 radical organizations, which provides a quite worrisome overview of the situation.

The development of such a document has as its objective, to "expose the collection of individuals, of structures, and sectors of activity tied in various degrees to the circle of the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, and provide precise information on each of them," and, "shine the light on the interconnection of the entire galaxy with the Association of Muslims for an Islam of France (AMIF), which tends to favor communitarianism and separatism," the site states.

As a reminder, the Muslim Brotherhood, born in 1928 in Egypt, constitutes "one of the two great currents of worldwide Islamism, with Salafism," whose goal is, "Islamic hegemony by the infiltration of societies, construction of mosques, and education of youth in religious schools. Its ideology is based on the notion of "Islam as a just middle ground," (and) it gives itself a peaceful, even peace-making image." 

At the heart of the brotherhood, is found the UOIF, which for years, has been weaving together a powerful network of different movements and militant associations around media personalities such as the Islamologist, Tariq Ramadan.

As for the AMIF, created in April 2019, it is an "ideological tool for the Islamisation of Muslims, favoring communitarianism and separatism", Lieux Communs reports. However, "it is this organization that the government risks officially entrusting with representing Muslims in France."  

Furthermore, in his last speech on this subject, given in Mulhouse, the head of State, while reaffirming that, " Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality, incompatible with the indivisibility of the Republic," never mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, UOIF, or AMIF...Appalling. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Italy: Another Rape in Milan-Crime out of Control

Milan-Once upon a time

We have been reporting on the New Year's Eve mess in Milan when a pack of North African young boys sexually molested several girls. At this point, two are in custody and the search for others continues.

Now Italian police have announced the arrest of an accused rapist who attacked a woman in an apartment building elevator on December 21. In this article, the suspect is described as  Maghrebian (North African). In a separate article in Corriere della Sera, the suspect is described as Libyan. 

But it gets worse. Milan is now considered the least safe city in Italy. This is not the Milan I knew when I was living there from 1982-87. Yes, it had its rough edges and there were criminals and drug dealers afoot, but it wasn't like this. 

The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

Raped in an elevator, immigrant arrested, caught by a (finger)print

18 January 2022-15:48

The woman was threatened with death and raped by a North African while in an elevator

-Valentina Dardari

A 40-year-old woman was robbed and raped while inside the elevator of her condominium. The man, a 31-year-old Maghrebian (N. African) with a previous criminal record for sexual violence and aggravated robbery, was arrested by the Carabinieri of the San Donato Milanese Unit.

Raped by a Maghrebian in an elevator

According to what has emerged, the arrestee has no fixed abode. The incident happened last December 21 when the woman parked her vehicle in the garage and was approached by her attacker in the elevator of her condominium in Segrate, a municipality in Milan Province, around 23:30. The man reportedly threatened her with death by tugging at her and demanding a sexual favor, in addition to robbing her of 30 euros and a cell phone. The victim, once back in her home, notwithstanding the shock, immediately alerted the Carabinieri, furnishing them with a full description of the attacker.

The (Carabinieri), thanks to the description given by the 40-year-old and video recorded by the surveillance cameras in the area, managed to have an accurate profile of the man. In addition, the Scientific Investigation Section of the Investigative Unit of Milan managed to obtain a fingerprint of the suspect inside the elevator, as well as some crucial biological traces left on the woman's clothes. The biological samples were then analyzed by the Ris (Scientific Investigation Dept.) in Parma.  The 31-year-old, once arrested, and after the investigations by the Carabinieri allowed them to collect (evidence) against the arrestee, was served with a detention order issued against him by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Milan. The man was, therefore, transported to the San Vittore Prison in Milan. 

A city increasingly more dangerous

Milan is increasingly the realm of decay and crime. From New Year's Eve to today, there has been a succession of violence and acts of vandalism not only directed at citizens and tourists, but also employees who, in their workplaces, have to deal with aggressive gangs of young men, both Italian and foreign. On New Year's Eve in Piazza Duomo, several girls were surrounded and groped by some 50 men in a pack who, after having torn off their clothes, began to touch them all over, including and especially, in their genital areas. After some 20 searches, two second-generation Italian men have been arrested. But the investigations continue to try to identify other molesters from that night. 

Crimes and degradation in Milan

On the evening of January 2, it was the area of the Central (Train) Station that was the scene of a violent fight that occurred between foreign citizens hitting (each other) in the head with bottles, causing panic among passersby. The two combatants, both illegally in the country, were a 22-year-old Egyptian and a 30-year-old Moroccan, who began with a big argument, throwing punches and throwing bottles. The two (non-EU) foreigners, in the end, ended up in the hospital.

Even Bocconi University had to take action to protect male and female students. Since the municipality is doing nothing to safeguard its citizens, the university has organized an evening "escort" service by foot every 30 minutes, from 6pm-12:30 am from the administration building on via Gobbi to the Spadolini Dubini and Isonzo  Residences on via Pompeo Leoni and Viale Toscana and in the opposite direction, to counter attacks, verbal harassment, beatings, and pursuits for purposes of robbery. The escort for under-graduates will be guaranteed every day from Monday to Saturday.

Italy's least safe city

If that were not enough, on 14 January, police hqs reported seven more robberies, one that was attempted the previous day, Thursday, the 13th. The perpetrators of these crimes, yet again foreigners, specifically, two Chileans, a Dominican, a Romainian, two Algerians, a Libyan, and three other North Africans. With the exception of the Romanian, the others all had previous criminal records and all illegally in our country. And all are between the ages of 18-30. The incidents of criminality in Milan are now the order of the day. Il Sole 24 Ore (The Sun 24 hours/News) indicated in its report that (Milan) is the least safe city in Italy. The crime reports in the metropolitan area are 4,866.3 for every 100,000 residents, a record number when compared to that of any other Italian province.

Among the incidents of criminality noted in these past days is also one that dates back to 11 December that injured a disabled boy. In that case, the 25-year-old, confined to a wheelchair, was approached by two Moroccan robbers, one 21 and the other 37 years of age, who threatened him to make him hand over his cell phone. Another terrible incident of violence in Milan was perpetrated against a plainclothes policeman, who was surrounded and beaten by a gang of about 10 young men, the night of Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th of January in Viale Coni Zugna, as he was conducting an inspection. Once rescued and taken to the hospital, the 61-year-old local police officer was given a provisional prognosis of 5 days.  

Whose fault according to Mayor Sala

Also in Milan, at Rozzano, two groups of Moroccans faced off at each other with clubs and sticks. During the heated quarrel, a  machete also came out. One of the protagonists of the fight was left in agony in a pool of blood on the asphalt. Transported urgently to the hospital, his condition was judged critical by the doctors due to the gravity of the wounds sustained from the machete.

On the other hand, an Atm bus driver, who had refused to allow a couple of kids away from the shelter to board, wound up with a fractured jaw. Once his shift was over, the driver returned to the depot and found himself confronted by two young men. After attacking him verbally, they punched him in the face, in the right cheekbone, cracking his jawbone. In this escalation of crimes and violence, the mayor, Beppe Sala,  blames the lack of safety on everybody except himself and his faithful security advisor, Marco Granelli. For the First Citizen, the blame is on the minister, the chief of police, the prefect. After all, as he noted, safety "is not a matter that can be resolved once and for all or by shouting at the Far West every time there is a problem". At least in the Far West, there was a sheriff who enforced the law.  

What Are the Implications of Colleyville for Jews?

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs. 

 FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno


As the dust settles over the hostage-taking incident at a Colleyville, Texas synagogue, we can give thanks that all four hostages are safe and the hostage-taker is dead. The FBI Hostage Rescue Team and local Texas police did an outstanding job.

Not so outstanding was the performance of the FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge, Matthew DeSarno. As is usually the case when a high-profile case arises, the local top cops handle the press conferences. DeSarno’s comments have raised the ire of many in the Jewish community with his statement that the singular motivation of the gunman, Malik Faisal Akram, was to demand the freedom of convicted terrorist, Aafia Siddiqui, and that it was not specifically related to the Jewish community. (I am paraphrasing.) The FBI suits in Washington have hastened to correct that statement in the face of what was so obvious and the angry reaction.

I noted in watching the video of DeSarno’s statement that he was uncomfortable while making the statement in answer to a question from the press, as evidenced by the rapid blinking of his eyes. Was it his intent to deliberately lie? Was he trying to follow a politically-correct script directed by FBI Hqs? I would like to give DeSarno the benefit of the doubt in handling a sensitive aspect of this case. It may just be that he was struggling to deal with a sensitive subject and unintentionally misstated the facts.

At any rate, while Akram may have been trying to secure the release of Siddiqui, the fact remains that he chose a synagogue. He could have chosen a 7-11 or a Starbucks, but he didn’t; he chose a synagogue. Was he looking for a site near the Fort Worth prison where Siddiqui was being held and also near the Dallas-Fort Worth Airpot? Perhaps, he was envisioning a takeoff from the airport with Siddiqui in tow. The fact remains, however, that Akram chose a synagogue in the area. That fact cannot be explained away by DeSarno, CAIR, or anybody else. While the Jewish community has nothing to do with Siddiqui’s incarceration, it was clearly a target. Why? That leads us into a discussion of the intense Jew-hatred that is embedded in Islamic teaching. Obviously, Agent DeSarno had no wish to discuss that with the media.

But the real disservice in DeSarno’s statement is that telling the Jewish community that it was not under threat is a disservice to their safety. Nothing to see here? Sorry, but there is much to see here. This is very much in line with the unwillingness of European politicians, police, and press to identify Muslim perpetrators when they target Jews or Christians for attack. Who wants a public that is oblivious to the threat they face?

The sad fact is that our Jewish community is under threat, and their synagogues, schools, and institutions must be protected. It is also time for many misguided Jewish leaders and their organizations to admit that the biggest threat is coming from Islamic quarters. Do all Muslims worldwide hate Jews? No. And yes, the Pittsburgh and Poway attacks were not committed by Muslims, but that doesn’t change the fact that Islamic anti-Semitism is real. Instead of engaging in inter-faith events with local imams, many of whom say one thing to their Jewish and Christian counterparts while saying something else to their congregations, these leaders should be speaking out and demanding that their Islamic imam counterparts stop making disparaging remarks about other faiths in their sermons.

It is true that, historically, Jews have been attacked from every direction. Hate is hate, and it must be exposed and countered no matter who the guilty parties are. The truth is all of our communities need to take a look in the mirror when it comes to Jew-hatred. Nobody should be excused from criticism.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Synagogue Attack in Colleyville

*Update: The FBI has just released the identity of the hostage-taker. He is Malik Faisal Akram, 44, a British citizen from Blackburn (England).  

Malik Faisal Akram

-Daily Mail UK

Now that the siege of the Colleyville, Texas synagogue is over, and thankfully, all hostages are safe, I feel it is appropriate to comment and perhaps, make some conclusions.

First of all, kudos to the FBI and the Texas police for a successful conclusion. The terrorist is dead, and the hostages are safe.  We don't know the identity of the hostage-taker, only that he holds British citizenship. I would bet the farm (or maybe just the barn) that he is of Pakistani origin. The FBI and police are not releasing his name as yet. Apparently, he is not the brother of Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani woman serving 86 years in a Texas prison, just miles from the synagogue, as he had stated. She had attempted to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan in 2008.

The statements of CAIR in the last 24 hours are disingenuous as always. They have actively campaigned for Siddiqui's release. CAIR is a supporter of the terror organization, Hamas, which wants to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Of course, they can say nothing other than to condemn the acts of the hostage-taker, but CAIR is no supporter of the Jewish community. The ranks of their leaders across the country are filled with anti-Semites.

While I applaud the performance of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, I must take issue with the statements of Matthew DeSarno, the FBI agent-in-charge in Dallas, that the motivation of the hostage-taker had nothing to do with the Jewish community. 

"We do believe from our engaging with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community. But we're continuing to work to find motive," FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said at a press conference. 

-Fox News

Nonsense. It was no coincidence that a synagogue was chosen. Notwithstanding CAIR's statements about supporting the Jewish community, anti-Semitism is a core tenet of Islam. The hostage-taker could have chosen literally any site to take hostages. He chose a synagogue (near the prison facility where Siddiqui was being held and near the Dallas-Ft Worth Airport). CAIR cannot explain that away.

As yet, we don't know if anyone else was involved. Was he sent to Dallas on this mission by others? Was he communicating with others during the siege?  Fox News is reporting that he flew from the UK to Dallas to carry out this mission. We don't know just how long he was in the US prior to yesterday. If he had a gun, where did he get it-from whom? Hopefully, we will know more in the coming days.

The larger implication is what this foretells for the immediate and near future. I think it is safe to say that security for Jewish institutions needs to be doubled worldwide. Islamic terrorism is alive and well, we can expect more attacks, and the Jewish community is also at great risk. Every government needs to make it loud and clear that they stand with their Jewish communities. In the wake of this incident, President Biden has stated that, and I commend him.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Belgium: Man Pushes Woman in Front of Metro Train in Brussels

 Viewer warning: The below video is disturbing.

On Friday night in Brussels, a 55-year-old woman was pushed onto the tracks in front of an arriving train at a Metro station by a young man. The driver of the Metro car was able to stop the train just in the nick of time. Other passengers helped get the woman off the tracks. She suffered only minor injuries.

The below article from the Belgian news outlet 7 Sur 7 (in French) has a clearer video of the incident.

The suspect fled the scene, but thanks to the rapid dissemination of his description, he was arrested a short time later at another station. His motive and whether he knew the victim are unknown. Belgian newspapers describe him only as a "23-year-old Frenchman".

Stay tuned.

*Update: Here is a translated account from the Dutch-language Belgian newspaper, Nieuwsblad. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Woman deliberately pushed onto Brussels Metro track: 23-year-old French man arrested for attempted  homicide

Today at 07:56

A particularly serious incident took place Friday evening, shortly after 19:40 in the Brussels- Rogier Metro Station: A man pushed a woman onto the tracks without reason. The driver of the Metro train, fortunately, managed to make an emergency stop at the last moment. The perpetrator is a 23-year-old French man. He fled across the tracks, but was arrested in the De Brouckere Metro station. He is being held Saturday in front of the investigating judge.

University Suspends "Nutty Professor"


Ferris State University (in Michigan) has its own version of the Nutty Professor. Meet Barry Mehler who teaches  taught something called Science and Racism (Must have something to do with intersectionality). He appeared on video "welcoming" his new students to his course. What followed was a profanity-laced discourse on anything and everything including what is now considered a hysterical old Camel cigarette ad. The university has now suspended Mehler. In fact, his bio page no longer appears on the university website.

Inside Higher Education has an article on the hijinks going on at FSU.

Even better, Campus Reform has the video. It lasts about 15 minutes, but it is well worth the time. Lots of chuckles. Viewer warning, however: Lots of naughty language.

I wonder what they charge for tuition at Dear Old Ferris State.