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The Muslim Brotherhood in Germany

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This is the fifth in a series on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. This report was published last year by Die Referenz in Paris (German language). Translation by Fousesquawk.

Muslim Brotherhood....Wolves in secret and ostrich in public
-Thursday 21 March, 2019

Berlin: Shimaa Ibrahim

Has Germany declared war on the Muslim Brotherhood?

For almost two years, the concern of the German Intelligence Service (BND) has grown over the number of Muslim Brotherhood (members) living in Germany, which ranges between one to five thousand.
After monitoring the movements of the Muslim Brotherhood and its member organizations in Germany, the BND announced that the Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to the country, more than the danger from the ISIS-organization. BND justifies its statement in that the positions represented by this group are incompatible with the German constitution. 
BND also labels the Brotherhood as a group which is in public like ostriches and wolves in secret, which reflects the danger that the German government sees in this forbidden group.
The Bavarian interior minister, Joachim Hermann, announced that the Muslim Brotherhood takes positions against the German constitution, which is why the State should be vigilant in this respect.
At that time, the BND announced that the city of Cologne was the headquarters of the Islamic assembly and the headquarters of activities of the forbidden group. Several German politicians have demanded the ban of this group because it presents a threat to the country.
Many German newspapers also reported  that the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood was increasing in mosques and institutions, a matter of concern to public safety.

The head of secret service of North Rhine-Westfalen notes a clear increase in participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the mosques and institutions. He added that these mosques and institutions have become recruitment centers for refugees from Arab countries.

In the past months, German authorities for the first time have closed a kindergarten, which was financed by an association of the Muslim Brotherhood in West German Rhineland; this association was founded ten years ago, specifically 2009, and was named Union of the Nile. The Youth Office, in cooperation with the State authorities, withdrew the license from association's Al-Nour Kindergarten, based on the view that the kindergarten had a strict religious ideology, and this is because of the intellectual content attributed to the association, which  supervises the kindergarten, that it is an intellectual content which reflects the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. This stands in contradiction to the values of the German constitution, and the decision angered the association, and it brought a legal action against the authorities.

The working group, Migration and Diversity of the Social Democrat Party (SPD) of North Rhine-Westfalia, took the first step in the direction of banning the Muslim Brotherhood and classifying it as a terrorist organization in Germany.

Last Saturday, the 16 of March, 2019, the first uncovering of the Muslim Brotherhood took place in Germany. Hussein Khedr, integration chairman of the community of Hiddenhausen and chairman of AG Migration and Diversity of the SPD in Herford district, who has Egyptian roots, called on the politicians to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany, especially all their radical and terrorist slogans, as well as a revision of the Foreign Financing Law and the establishment of a local list of terrorist organizations and not just depending on the EU-list.

Khedr requested the founding of a commission, which (would issue) official and periodic reports on the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood and its danger, and how they can be fought. He said the EU list doesn't go far enough to uncover the danger of the group to the country, that they recruit a large number of Muslim refugees from Arab countries, who are set against the German constitution, which presents a clear danger to Germany's stability.

SPD members and prominent politicians took part in the meeting, Michaela Angelmeier and Aziz Bozkurt (Federal Chairman of the Labor Association), led the hearing as well as other opposition leaders in Parliament.

Hussein Khedr was reelected as deputy state chairman and speaker for the East Westfalen-Lippe region.

Khedr's proposal was accepted by a strong majority and supported by the politicians of the party. All emphasized the danger of the existence of associations and institutions of the Muslim Brotherhood on German soil.

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