Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Documented and Ignored Warnings About the Boston Mosques Involved With the Tsarnaev Brothers

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Daily Caller

Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance has been documenting the extremist connections of the Islamic Cultural Society of Boston (Roxbury) and it sister mosque in Cambridge  for years now. I have been posting many of his reports as shown by this one from 2010.

Jacobs' efforts have cost him dearly because the religious leaders of his own Jewish community in Boston have excoriated him for his investigative work Why? Because they are too invested in inter-faith activities with the Islamists who run these mosques.

In addition, in this article by Jacobs, it is revealed that as early as 2009, his group gave a power point presentation to the FBI about the Boston mosques.

Then came the Boston Marathon bombs by two brothers associated with the Cambridge mosque.

Then also came the disastrous testimony by FBI Director Robert Mueller before a House committee,in which he betrayed his lack of knowledge about just about about everything connected with the case-as well as others. Now Jacobs and Ilya Fioktiskov describe how  the information was given  to the FBI back in 2009.

And you wonder why our politically correct government has failed to connect the dots?

All Hail Our Glorious President on His Birthday

"Happy Birthday, Your Majesty."

This is an e-mail I get today from none other than David Axelrod:

David Axelrod Add to Addresses Block Sender
Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 7:47 PM
To: fousesquawk
Subject: Join me in wishing President Obama a happy birthday
Size: 7 KB
Friend --

Whenever my phone rang to the tune of Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)," I knew who was calling.

And whenever President Obama called me, sometimes late at night, he was calling to work -- we'd spend hours talking through the issues, and the reasons that drove him to run for president.

Comment: Reason number 1-

Looking back, so many of those issues are the same ones we're still fighting for today. And one thing I admire about the President is that he's never taken for granted the people who are fighting alongside him.

Comment: This is the guy who not only would throw his own grandmother under the bus, but actually did. Remember when the Jeremiah Wright issue  was front and center during the 2008 campaign? Obama referred to his grandmother, the one who had actually raised him, as a "typical white woman" who held fears about blacks. 

You make change possible.

That's why I know President Obama would love to hear from you on his birthday this Sunday.

Join me and take a moment to sign OFA's birthday card for the President:

Thanks for all you're doing,


Can you believe this? Let's all bow down and pay homage to our emperor on his birthday.

Daghestan Chief Rabbi Shot

Hat tip Jihad i Malmö, Algemeiner and Jerusalem Post

-photo Jihad i  Malmö

You would think in light of the Boston bombing by the Brothers Tsarnaev that there would be more US coverage of this latest terrorist act. The chief Chabad rabbi of Daghestan (from where the Tsarnaev family emigrated to the US), Ovadia Isikov, has been shot and gravely wounded. Russian authorities assisted the Israelis in removing him to Israel for treatment. The below report is from Algemeiner

I have noted also coverage of this by Fox News and the Huffington Post. I initially caught it on the Swedish blog, Jihad i  Malmö.

There is little doubt that this was a hate crime, an anti-Semitic attack by Islamist(s).

Will Marseilles Become a Benghazi?

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Atlas Shrugs, and VDare

Manuel Valls-Interior Minister

At least he admits it reached his desk.

Well, I guess it's a bit of a stretch, but the city leaders in Marseilles are asking the interior minister, Manuel Valls,  for extra security and they are not getting it. In the below post by Vlad Tepes, you can link to the French report in Le Figaro and read (in French) the letter from Marseilles' minister Eugène Caselli to Valls.

Marseilles has always been a tough town. It was tough when I was there a couple of times in the 1980s during my 5-year stint in Italy. Apparently, that's nothing to what it is today. I guess even the sailors are afraid to go out of the streets.

VDare has a report on Marseilles from last year. The city is now 30-40% Muslim.

Here is a 2009 video (from Atlas Shrugs) showing what Algerians did to Marseilles after their soccer team was defeated by Egypt.

Where's Popeye when you need him?

Instead it appears that the pussy-foot Minister Valls got the three a.m. phone call and decided to roll over and go back to sleep.

Glad we don't have that kind of lack of leadership in the US.

Random Shots in the Dark (44)

Audio-hat tip John Speedie

This Fousesquawk business is getting pretty stressful. It's only the end of July, and already I am dealing with the biggest field of candidates for the Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year award in my short history, all vying for the coveted Golden Penguin for 2013. There are even some repeat candidates. Come January 1, I have one of the weightiest decisions of my life in selecting among so many worthy candidates. Can I be equal to the task?


Take Anthony Weiner, for example. Just this week, he has added insult to injury (to himself)  by releasing this campaign ad complete with symphony violins and Johnathan Livingston Seagull music. (Get your handkerchiefs ready, Folks.)

     "It's not about me."                                                                                                        

Yes, it's the Peoples Campaign.

Meanwhile, a former intern for the campaign has come forth and stated that Weiner had a curious habit of addressing all of his female interns as "Monica". That led to a profanity-laced tirade from one of  Weiner's handlers (no pun intended).

Well, enough about Wiener. As we all know, it's a bad time to be a mayor. Ask Dave Bing in Detroit.

Then there's San Diego's Bob "Feeling you" Filner.
"I'm just a friendly guy."

He's heading off to some clinic for a couple of weeks hiding out from Gloria Allred, who is representing one of his female accusers.

Up in LA, as the city heads toward bankruptcy, ex-mayor Antonio Villar aka  Villaraigosa has gotten a temporary job as a bank consultant while he prepares to run for governor of California.

Speaking of which, we return briefly to New York, where Eliot Spitzer is running for city comptroller.

He's the guy who used to be governor until he got caught blowing some 80 grand on call girls.

80 Grand.

This just in: Alex Rodriguez has just announced he is entering the New York City mayoral race since it looks he will have a lot of time on his hands this summer and fall.

Even in Milwaukee, Ryan Braun is jumping into the race.

Gee. What a shame we won't see a Yankees-Brewers world series this year.

I wonder who's running for mayor in Boston

Well, enough about the small stuff (no pun intended). Let's turn our attention overseas, where John Heinz Kerry, eyes on that Nobel prize, has strong-armed the Israelis into releasing 104 Palestinian killers-yes killers as a sign of good will to the Palestinians just so they can resume "peace" negotiations.

As if Kerry could achieve what the Olive Tree Initiative has failed to achieve. And what is the Olive Tree Initiative, you ask?

You don't wanna know.

At any rate, we haven't seen such diplomacy since President Jimmah was in office.


As for prisoner exchanges, don't be surprised if Obama commutes the sentence of Jonathan Pollard in the not-too-distant future. The Israelis need to have something to show for this give-away. Prisoner deals seem to be all the rage now. We're hearing about a possible trade of a female Pakistani terrorist named Siddiqi for that Pakistani doctor who helped us track Osama bin Laden. Then there is the trade by the Department of Homeland Security, which shipped Janet Napolitano to UC Berkeley for a burglar alarm. The trade deadline expires today, but thank God the Cubs finally sent Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees (We were speaking of New York, weren't we?).

I must change that photo to another player next year along with the new number (106).

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah. I was talking about people getting out of jail. I don't know if you've heard from NPR, but over in THAT part of the world, they don't need prisoner exchanges. They just break out by the hundreds. Just this past week, 1,000 of them escaped from a Libyan prison, and the Taliban broke out 250 in Pakistan. Maybe the US should send some drones over there to help the local marshals track them down. Then we can send a few more billions of bucks over there to help them build up their prison infrastructure.

Sure glad we got'em on our side.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reza Aslan's Book on Jesus

Reza Aslan is a young Iranian-American Muslim activist. I happened to catch one of his acts a couple of years back at UCLA when he acted as a "moderator" for Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the original would-be builder of the Ground Zero mosque, It was a one-sided propaganda feast designed to paint Rauf and Islam in as positive and peaceful light as possible. Frankly, Aslan came across as arrogant, which by most accounts he is.

Aslan often engages in polemics with people like Islam-critics Robert Spencer and Pam Geller and apparently likes to tweet warlike and  obscenity-laced challenges  to them.

Now comes this young man out with a book on the life of Jesus ("Zealot-The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth") since he claims to be some sort of religious scholar. Well, I guess that's fair enough since Spencer has written a book or two on the life of the Prophet Mohammed. It seems, however, according to the below article by John Dickerson for Fox News  that Aslan is making the interview circuit without disclosing that he is a Muslim-and an activist one at that.

In case you did not know, Muslims do consider Jesus as one in a line of prophets, Mohammed being the final one. They respect Jesus, but dispute that he ever even claimed to be the Son of God. I assume that Aslan's book does not attack Jesus. But since Aslan is such an expert on the subject, I would like to ask him if according to his research, Jesus ever killed anyone, led an army to fight wars, ever ordered anyone killed, or ever took anyone as a slave as part of the booty of war.

No, I don't plan to buy the book to find out.

George Mason Students Sign 4th Trimester Abortion Petition

Hat tip Campus Reform and Media Research Center

In the interest of full disclosure my daughter attended George Mason University back in the 1990s-for one SEMESTER. So, I caught onto this video in which 14 people-including apparently a teacher- signed a petition to legalize 4th trimester abortions.

You can't put a price tag on a university education these days.

Actually, I stand corrected. It is very steep price tag. In some universities, the tuition is $20,000 per trimester.

San Diego Mayor Wants City to Pay for His Sexual Harassment Suit(s)

"Daddy, what are cojones?"

You gotta hand it to this guy Bob "Feelin" Filner. He's got, as they say down around the border  area, a real set of cojones. He has now asked the city of San Diego to pay his legal expenses.

"I'm just a friendly guy."

And as if this story wasn't ridiculous enough, guess who has now entered the picture as one woman's attorney.

That's right. None other than G-L-O-R-I-A (Allred).

"Daddy, take us to the San Diego Zoo."

"Which one?"

Let's Play, "What the Hell Happened Today in Iraq?" (July 29, 2013)

"Here are your choices"

a 12 car bombs went off in Shi'ite neighborhoods killing 51
b Steve Wynn opened a new luxury hotel in Baghdad
c Iraq was selected to host the 2014 Miss Universe contest
d President Obama threatened an invasion if the bombings don't stop
e Steve Wynn opened a new luxury hotel in Las Vegas called the Baghdad
f  President Obama threatened an invasion if the bombings stop

"Can I call a friend?"

"Sure. Who do you want to call?"

"Jim Clapper."

"Clapper speaking,"

"Hey Jim, what the hell happened today in Iraq?"

"Hell if I know, but I'm up on Fousesquawk right now. Let me check. He's one of our most reliable sources, you know. He's never wrong." Oh yes. Go with "a"'.

"Thanks, Jim." (click) "Let's go with "a", Bob."

"And you are absolutely right!!"

Our Friends in the Muslim Brotherhood Call for Attack on US Embassy

Hat tip Clarion Project

Essam el-Erain, who is leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and vice president of the misnamed Freedom and Justice Party, has called on his followers to besiege the US Embassy in Cairo.

Notwithstanding this, our current administration presses on with its support of the MB in its calls for Mohammed Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders to be released and new elections held that would include the Brotherhood.

It's called gratitude.

More Textbook Controversy

Hat tip Townhall and Patriot Update          

 1933                                                                                                                                2013


We have reported before here on various school textbooks that our children are reading that give a misleading portrait of Islam. Now there is another textbook controversy brewing in Florida over Prentice's World History. Todd Starnes in Townhall has the report.

In this book, which I perused online, no mention is made of any Islamic war or fighting  until after the death of the Prophet Mohammad. That is misleading if not completely inaccurate.  Schoolchildren in the Islamic world are not misled about those things. Why should children here be misled? As I have said before, if schools cannot teach true history to pupils when these sensitive subjects come up, it is better to stay away from religion altogether. False history has no place in our schools.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Morsi Supporters Attack Two Christian Churches in Egypt

Hat tip Jihad i Malmö  and Daily News of Egypt

-Jihad i Malmö

Peace and Justice Party in action

I came across this report through the Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmö. Two churches in Egypt were attacked Saturday by a mob of Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood supporters with Molotov cocktails. They were thwarted by security forces and some local Muslim and Christian youths who came to the rescue.

Of course, not a word of this on the MB's English-language website,

All they do is complaint about the military crackdown on them and their supporters.

And isn't it strange that I have to visit foreign blogs to learn of these things that our own vaunted news media with all their overseas offices and foreign correspondents can't or won't report to us?

So Much for Hoodies and Hihabs

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Shaima Alawadi- Will she get justice?

Remember those hoodie and hijab marches that linked the deaths of Shaima Alawadi and Trayvon Martin a year or two back? Well, the hoodie trial is over, and the hijab trial is soon to begin.  George Zimmerman has been acquitted, and  Kassim Alhimidi has been ordered to stand trial in San Diego County for the murder of his wife.

In both cases, in spite of the best efforts of the activists and the media, truth is emerging. Like the Martin case, we were all led to believe that Shaima Alawadi was the victim of an anti-Muslim hate crime, as was trumpeted by her family and supporters. There were marches and candlelight vigils. Now it turns out that her husband is charged with killing her because she planned to leave him. I can only hope that this trial receives as much coverage as the Zimmerman trial. It would be a great way to send a message that Middle Eastern-style honor killings will not be tolerated in this country. Unfortunately, I will be shocked if this gets any TV coverage. It is simply too sensitive, you see. Had the killer turned out to be a Muslim-hater-as was hoped by the activists and media, you would be watching gavel to gavel coverage on HLN and other outlets.

At any rate, now it is someone else's turn to cry, "Justice for Shaima."

Another Fine Day in Vichy France

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Everybody loves a parade, right? Paris has sure seen their share of them over the centuries, It used to be Germans marching down the boulevards in triumph. Now it's a different kind of Nazis who rule the streets.

Gallia Watch has a 2-minute video showing a march in solidarity with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.