Thursday, August 31, 2017

Guess Who's Coming to Cal State Fullerton on Halloween

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"Trick or treat"

Yes, Milo Yiannopoulis, the conservative gremlin who frightens college snowflakes out of their wits, will be coming to Cal State Fullerton on Halloween night-unless the leftist thought police can stop it.

"A petition on is demanding CSUF block Yiannopoulos and other speakers who opponents accuse of promoting hate speech that incites violence and “threatens the lives of students.” (by us).

Here we go again. The left threatens violence if a certain speaker is invited to campus. Now let's see if CSUF caves in and cancels the appearance-or puts impossible conditions like security fees, which force the College Republicans to cancel.

Violence Parmigiana

Hat tip Vlad Tepes.

The northern Italian city of Parma is noted for Parma ham and various culinary dishes like eggplant Parmigiana. Unfortunately, it is in the news this week  for something else: Migrant violence. The below report from Il Giornale, which I have translated from Italian to English has a graphic story of a Parma bus driver being attacked by a group of migrants in front of the bus station.

The actual videos may be accessed at the link below the article.


Parma, the fury of immigrants. Bus driver "lynched"

Shocking aggression in Parma. The driver absorbs the insults of the migrant group. Then the break in of  the bus and the stomping with kicks and punches

"What are you doing, what are you doing? Call the police." The driver's voice is broken by the pain, slammed to the ground by an immigrant who strikes him with fists in the face. Two more migrants go up to him. They beat him repeatedly: one, two, three facial shots.

An unheard of violence. The driver remains on the ground, full of bruises: seven days of prognosis for what should have been a normal shift of work.
We are in Parma , bus station. Yesterday 18.32 on board a (bus) of the Tep, the local transport company. The driver, GP, 51, must begin the turn at that instant. The journey is always the same: from Parma to Mezzani, on an extraurban road that starts right from the bus station. "When I arrived - he told Il Giornale- that group of migrants was sitting in the middle of the square camping out. I honked (the horn)  to move them but they did not move, so I started to make zigzags to convince them to let me pass. They became enraged.
GP parks the vehicle in the square. He had to allow some passengers in, but avoided opening the doors to not end up in the hands of the  furious migrants. Then  a cellphone picks up what happens in those minutes of  madness. In the video, seven-eight individuals, including two women, are seen slamming their fists on the vehicle's glass and screaming at  the driver who was barricaded in  the bus . "Piece of shit," screams one of the guys outside. "You're a jerk," echoes a comrade. Another strikes the windshield repeatedly, threatening the driver (with violence). A warning that in a few minutes will become reality ( watch the shocking video ).
Pubblica sul tuo sito
"They said everything to me." GP said, "they were throwing stones against the windows. I was scared." Pictures are like a stomach hit for those who have been asking for more security on public transport for years. The migrants seem uncontrollable, they wanted to reach the driver to punish him. A controller left outside the bus tries to bring everyone back to calm. To no avail. "Shut up or I'll break your face," one of the boys well-dressed in a white shirt  threatens  him. A few moments later, the foreigners are able to break through the door. A young man who seems to be little more than twenty years comes on board. He hits the driver and strikes him with a burst of punches in his face. GP tries to defend himself with two kicks in the aggressor's direction. Everything useless. The immigrant pushed him to the floor and continued to beat him without respite. "I was thinking of dying", said GP licking his wounds.
Only the intervention of the carabinieri, called by some passers-by, ends the brutal beating . The hospital's response is tough: seven days of prognosis (tests, treatment) for the injuries reported. But it could be worse. "I'm strong," says the driver, "but if in my place it had been he had been a  fellow less strong, he would be dead now."
GP has been working for Tep for 30 years. "Since my job I have never had any problems with anyone, only with foreigners. In the bus station they move from one spot to the other. It's always the same story: they look mean at you, try to jump under the bus, they pretend that you have touched and they pick a quarrel with you. "
The day before the aggression (two days ago) migrants had threatened the driver. Same dynamics: "They were in the middle of the road. I honked and they started to kick and throw stones. Luckily I did not have people to load and got away. Then I informed the company Asking for the next day to send the police forces for my security. "But yesterday there were only two controllers and the situation degenerated, leading to the beating." I did not see much help from the company, "commented the driver bitterly.  The Tep, for its part, tells us that "only the presence of these people seated at the stop was reported, not situations of insecurity such as to require the intervention of law enforcement." That is why An internal investigation has been initiated to check the driver's responsibility.
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GP has an eight year old son. Migrants have threatened to go to his home to (beat ) him. "They yelled, 'We know where you live.' In a week's time, he will have to go back and drive the bus on the same route. The fear is great. "We are indignant - cries Paolo Leporati, regional secretary of the Orsa Transport Union - It is not possible for workers to always have to  risk their own safety." The videos of the aggression are already in the hands of the Carabinieri, who will proceed with the investigations. Will they arrest them? "They have nothing to lose and they know - concludes the victim -. They said to each other: 'They will not do anything to us'. "

Isn't this outrageous? This is going on in cities and towns all over Italy as thousands more of these guys arrive every week on "rescue ships" bringing them across the Mediterranean to Italy.

Swedish Crime on TV

This article first appeared in New English Review.

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As I wrote in a  previous article about Sweden, I began studying Swedish while living in the Washington DC area in the 1990s. Why Swedish? It all started when I was a young US  Army soldier stationed in Germany in the late 1960s. In 1968, a buddy and I took a vacation in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Already having learned German, I was so impressed by the two countries that I decided one day I would learn a Scandinavian language. It wasn't until the 1990s that I had the opportunity because there was a Swedish school in Northern Virginia that operated culture and language classes on Saturdays. While learning the language, I had the chance to go to Stockholm as part of a DEA drug training course for Scandinavian drug officers. Though not proficient, I tried to carry on conversations with the Swedish cops during social hours.

Unfortunately, my chances to use Swedish stopped when we moved to Southern California in 1998. My interest was dormant for several years until I was able to take private conversation lessons a year or so back.

Now that I am fully retired, I have decided to get serious about Swedish. I have become a devotee of Swedish crime series on TV. The most famous is the Wallender creation of Sweden's famed (and recently deceased) crime writer Henning Mankell. Kurt Wallender is the fiction detective in Ystad, a small town in southern Sweden. There are several varieties, two series in Swedish and one in English with British actors. The Swedish series, which began about 20 years ago has featured Rolf Lassgård  and Krister Henricksson. playing the role of Wallender. The stories, which are quite entertaining, would make you think Ystad is the crime center of Europe or at least Sweden. (That distinction probably belongs to nearby Malmö.)

Having exhausted the Wallender episodes, I moved on to a series called Maria Wern, which involves a female police officer in Visby, a charming town on the island of Gotland off Sweden's eastern coast. Again, very entertaining. The series ran on Swedish TV from 2008 to 2016. I also finished watching a series called Talisman, with a rather improbable plot.
At this point, having finished Maria Wern and Talisman, I am watching a series called The Fjällbacka Murders This centers around a female crime writer married to a cop. One way or another, she manages to work the cases with her husband and help the police solve the crime.

They all have English sub-titles, which I still require to improve my comprehension. Finally, I have gotten involved with a Skype-based online program (Italki) where you can exchange conversation with people around the world who are learning English in exchange for conversation in their native tongue, in my case Swedish.

Be patient. I am getting to my point. It has nothing to do with language.

We hear a lot about Swedish crime these days. Rapes, riots, assaults, and even terror attacks. In one form or another, it is a daily occurrence in Sweden now. But who is committing these crimes? The answer is simple. It is the immigrants, mostly Muslims living in dangerous no-go zones in and around  Malmö and Stockholm. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe-and it isn't because of Swedish men.

But in Swedish TV land, you don't see this. Political correctness rules. Conceding that the Wallender series may be outdated, but among all the murders and blood portrayed in these entertaining shows, the villains are almost always Swedes. But now that Sweden has become a multi-cultural country, one would ask how immigrants are represented in these series given the problems the country is suffering. I must admit that the above shows are centered in small provincial areas far from Stockholm. A few immigrants are shown occasionally, but only as victims or objects of unfair accusations.

Ah, but there are a few foreign-born immigrants who are villains. Guess where they are from.

Russia, former Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries, Moldova, Romania or Belarus.

You see, Sweden learned from Hollywood (or was it the other way around?) that the above groups can easily be portrayed as bad guys. White Eastern Europeans are all the rage these days when film producers concede that there are some immigrant bad hombres. We have seen more than our share in the US. Plane hijackers? Yugoslavians. People plotting to set off a bomb somewhere? Russians.

I am by no means done with exploring Swedish crime shows. If there is something out there centered in today's Stockholm and dealing with no-gone zones like Husby or the Rosengård section of Malmö, I will update and give due credit.

For some unfathomable reason, I would like to become fluent in Swedish. Will I ever go back there? It's doubtful. Frankly, while I am charmed by Sweden's natural beauty as in Stockholm and Visby, I am disgusted with the country. They have created a la-la land, fulfilling their wish to end their homogeneity. Like other Western European countries, they have blown immigration. They could have done it right, but instead they allowed in too many people who have no intention of assimilating. And like other Western European countries, they are prepared not only to deny the problem but make life miserable for those who speak out in opposition.

So enjoy your new country, Sweden-while it lasts. I can envision the day when Swedish becomes an endangered language. If I live to be old enough, I will endure the taunts of my friends who will ask (as they already do), "Why did you ever decide to learn Swedish?"
Did I mention I am also doing all this with Dutch too? That can be the topic of another article.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Academic Lunacy Continues

There are too many stories to fit into one posting, but here a just a few I have selected from this week.

At Dartmouth, some 100 faculty have signed on to support Mark Bray, a professor of gender studies after he defended Antifa's violent tactics.

At the University of Tampa, a professor named Ken Storey tweeted that  Hurricane Harvey was instant karma for Texas since it had voted for Trump. The university (in a shocker) fired him. (Hat tip Campus Reform)

And in Colorado, the reefer madness continues as fliers were posted at CU Colorado Springs saying that veterans have no place on a four year university campus because they promote all kinds of hate and make the campus unsafe for-let me make sure I get this right- the LGBTQQI2SAA community. (Hat tip Legal Insurrection) It is also reported that fliers placed on campus must have school approval.

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"OK, kid. repeat after me: LGBTQQI2SAA."
" Uhh, LGTBAA65TT...."
"Turn around and put your hands on the car."

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A News Man Learns First Hand About Antifa

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Information Libertation

This is a personal account of Frank Somerville, a  KTVU news anchor who went to see the Antifa counter protest this weekend in Berkeley. He was stunned by the hate that he experienced first hand at the hands of Antifa.

The American public needs to wake up to this loose-knit organization of goons and thugs. They are the successors of the Occupy Movement, but worse. They are inspired by the violent left-wing Antifa groups of Europe.

Ironically, Antifa means Anti-Fascist, but they employ fascist means of violence and suppression of free speech. They chant, "No hate", but as Somerville learned, they are full of hate. They hate America, Trump, Republicans, conservatives, Israel, and who knows what else. They are anarchists and Marxists rolled into one. They have no interest in debate because they are incapable of debate, and they do not respect the right of their opponents to speak. At Charlottesville, they flew under the radar because they were fighting against vile neo-Nazis and KKK types, plus the fact that one of the neo-Nazis drove his car into a crowd of protesters killing a young woman. Nevertheless, Antifa is just as much a threat to this nation as the KKK and neo-Nazis. They are all despicable.

Now that we have a responsible Justice Department, it is time for the FBI to open an investigation into this group-just as they have been investigating the KKK and neo-Nazis for decades. Antifa coordinates nationally, and someone is providing funds  for them to travel from one venue to another. (George Soros, perhaps?) For example, the man who was arrested in Laguna Beach last week for assaulting a black Trump supporter was arrested the next day at a bus station buying a ticket back to Ohio. Does that not tell you something?

Crashing a Party in Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

The beat goes on in Angela  Merkel's New Germany. In Sondershausen (Thuringia), a bunch of asylum-seekers tried to crash a party they weren't invited to. (Come to think of it they weren't invited into Germany either.)

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Gang Rape at Rimini: "Don't Say It Was Done by Foreigners"

On Saturday, a Polish couple, who were visiting the Italian city of Rimini as tourists, were set upon by a gang of North African immigrants. The man was beaten savagely and the girl was gang raped-apparently for hours. Based on descriptions provided by the victims, police are looking for three suspects-again described as North Africans (Maghrebian).

Yet, once again, the police and most of the media will not inform the public of the identity of the attackers. It could have been the Sicilian Mafia as far as they are concerned. But it wasn't the Sicilian mafia. It was a group of immigrants believed to be from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya). One courageous journalist, Alessandro Sallusti, of Il Giornale dares to write the truth.

Below is my translation of the article from the Italian into English.

It is forbidden to say that the suspects are foreigners

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the political correctness softens the blow.

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the politically correctness softens the blow. Rape is an infamous crime, regardless of who commits it.

But the point is: why not say who, or rather who is being sought as the  alleged persons responsible, as what is happening in the case of the girl raped on the beach of Rimini? Readers of most of yesterday's daily newspapers and news broadcasts, which have also reserved a lot of room for the matter, do not know or have the slightest idea, reading through the lines, that the police are hunting for three Maghreb (Northern African) immigrants.
Will they be the ones guilty? We do not know, but the news is that investigators are looking for them. So why not say it, why not give public opinion the identity of the possible killer, as in all cases of black chronicle since the (beginning) of time? We are confident that if the raped girl and her wounded partner reported being attacked instead of dark-skinned people by Italians, there would not have been all these precautions and silence. And the titles would have been more or less: "A  gang of blondes rape a young  tourist."
Again, today no one knows the truth, but investigators know well who they are looking for, journalists know the track beaten by investigators, newspaper directors know well what journalists know. Everyone knows, but no one dare say and write clearly. We are so concerned that immigrants, compared to us Italians, are not only protected by the system when they occupy a home but also when they are suspected of raping a girl.
It is the damn virus with which the Boldrinis and Savianos have infected the country, a reverse racism even protected by the Order of Journalists who investigates and punishes those who dare to vaccinate themselves, that is to call things by their own name.
I recently was under prosecution for an article: "They try to kidnap a child, the police clean out a Roma (Gypsy) camp", which faithfully reported the facts. I claim the freedom to inform you that the police, for the facts of Rimini, are looking for three immigrants, which means nothing more and nothing less than what is happening in these hours. We will not be politically correct but professional, yes. And that's enough for us.

This is why Poland is refusing to accept migrants in spite of pressure from the EU. Can you blame them? This case, which Poland is fully aware of, will only harden their resolve. Can you blame them for not wanting these animals in their country?

I fully support the stance of the Eastern European nations. It is they who are the sane ones here. The Western Europeans, however, and that damnable EU seem incapable of coming to their senses.