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CAIR's Hussam Ayloush Object of Complaint for Anti-Semitism

Hussam Ayloush (R) with Yusuf al Qaradawi (spiritual leader of Muslim Brotherhood)

Hussam Ayloush is the Southern California director of CAIR. For several years he has occupied that position, and for several years, he has been accused of making anti-Jewish utterances. In this letter directed to California Governor Gavin Newsom, the organization, Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, (JIMENA) expresses its displeasure over the history of anti-Semitic statements made by Ayloush, who is also a California Democrat Party delegate.

I might add that I have seen and heard Ayloush speak on several occasions over the years, and I have heard him make what I consider to be anti-Semitic statements. In saying this, I am not talking behind his back because I have confronted him personally with those statements, and I have called him an anti-Semite to his face. Of course, I would expect nothing else from a representative of CAIR, a despicable organization with a  long history of support for Middle East terrorism.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Religious Holidays: One-Way Street in Sweden

Hat tip Nya Tider. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The Swedish town of Växjö is located in the southern region of Småland and has some 66,000 inhabitants. In this article from the conservative Swedish site, Nya Tider, the town's mosque and imam, Ismail Abu Helal, are featured. The imam has been a leading voice in pushing for more official recognition from Sweden's political leaders for the Muslim community and its holidays. Apparently, the imam is not as interested in recognizing Christian holidays. The below article, which features a brief exchange between the imam and Nya Tider, is translated by Fouseqquawk.

Caption:  Imam Ismail Abu Helal in  Växjö wants Sweden's politicians to recognize the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, but he himself does not comprehend when Nya Tider asks him if his Islamic association will recognize a Christian day.


Demands that Sweden celebrate Ramadan- refuses himself to care about Christian holidays: "Why should we? We are Muslims".

Växjö's Muslims continue to make demands. That they recently got permission to have calls to prayer gave Imam Ismail Abu Helal a bleeding tooth, and in a submission in Smålands-Posten, he demands that the Swedish prime minister begin to recognize Ramadan. He himself doesn't understand when Nya Tider asks if his congregation will recognize Christian holidays. "Why should we? We are Muslims," he says to Nya Tider. The anger is now increasing, even among liberal politicians, that "inter-religious respect" seems to be one-way.

New demands with "integration" and "religious freedom" as arguments

When Växjö's Muslim congregation was formed, the imam explained that it was important for integration that Sweden must allow that the country be called a democracy with religious freedom.

The same arguments-integration, democracy, and religious freedom- were also sticking points when the Muslim congregation demanded a few years later to be able to build a mosque. In Dagens Nyheter on 2 November 2003, Ismail Abu Helal argued, among other things, that the mosque was important for integration since it would "bring all nationalities together".

The wooden building in Araby is only temporary. It was there they applied to be able to declare by loudspeaker every week that Islam is taking over the area. Ismail  Abu Helal repeated on Swedish State TV on 12 February 2018  the well-known argument- "I think it is good for integration. It will be a confirmation of religious freedom, " he said then.

Over time, the Muslim congregation also created its own Muslim school. Not unexpectedly with the same argument. Ismail Abu Helal wrote to Swedish State TV on 7 April 2017 that the consecrated Islamic school had an "important role to fill for integration."

With the mosque, call to prayer, and Muslim school in place, the imam is taking another step to create "integration" in that Sweden will show that democracy and religious freedom rule. This time, it is synonymous with Sweden becoming more Islamic.

In a debate article in Smålands Posten on 21 May, a week after the call to prayer received permission, he complained that Sweden did not recognize Ramadan more. 

Swedish prime ministers should give Muslims good wishes before fasting, Ismail Abu Helal believes. That would be "good for integration" and something Sweden should do if it "claims to be a tolerant society that accepts differences." The imam would like to see politicians begin to use the Arabic phrase, "Salaam Alaykum", which means, "Peace be with you" before every Ramadan  and then "speak briefly a little on why people fast." 

One-way openness

Even though Växjö's Muslims constantly refer back to consensus, democracy, integration, and freedom of religion when the congregation demands that Sweden come closer to Islam, they do not want to see any exchange in the other direction.

When Nya Tider asks Ismail Abu Helal if he himself is thinking of beginning to recognize and teach Christian holidays, he becomes confused and cannot understand the question. 

NyT : I was thinking about hearing if the Växjö mosque will recognize Christian Transfiguration Day, which is (coming) soon?

-What is that?

NyT: It is an important day for Christians to honor when Jesus and His Disciples gathered on the Mount of Transfiguration, where it was declared that Jesus is the Son of God. Will you recognize that in some way?

-I don't understand the question. Why would we do that? We are Muslims.

NyT: Since you yourself recently wrote that Swedish leaders should recognize Islamic holidays, I was thinking that you, as a Muslim leader, will begin to recognize Christians?

-I wrote that this is a wish that prime ministers wish Muslims good luck on Ramadan. Many Muslims would be happy, and this has been successful for integration, for example, in Canada.

NyT: Another thing that has been successful is to take the custom where you go, but this is nothing for you?

-Certainly. I can eat herring. But I cannot change my religion.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Mozambique: Germany Sending 26 Million Euros in Aid for Victims of Islamic Terror


As previously reported, the northern Mozambique province of Cabo Delgado has suffered a series of terrorist attacks by Islamic State groups, which have killed many villagers and displaced thousands. This week, Germany has donated 26 million euros to assist the victims of this Islamic terrorism in the African nation. The below article from the Portuguese-language Mozambican newspaper, Folha de Maputo, is translated by Fousesquawk.

National: Germany Donates 26 Million euros to support victims of Cabo Delgado

July 27, 2021 

The German government has made 26 million euros available for an "urgent humanitarian response" in Cabo Delgado.

The amount was made available through the World Food Program (WFP) in response to an appeal made by the organization to the international community, targeting the "urgent availability of new funds" to support the victims of armed violence, according to a statement in possession of "Folha de Maputo."

"I feel proud of these funds, which undoubtedly arrive at the moment when the population of Cabo Delgado most needs (them) in order to survive and recover," said Lothar Freischlader, ambassador of Germany in Mozambique, as quoted in the document.

According to WFP, the amount will allow assistance to more than 290,000 persons affected by the armed violence in the north of Mozambique, at a time in which the need for assistance "is increasing at record levels". 

"Without the support and immediate action, thousands of people would suffer from food insecurity in the north of Mozambique. The WFP will continue to support the most vulnerable and furnish assistance for recovery and resiliency, working in close collaboration with the national institutions," said Antonella D'Aprile, representative and director of WFP in Mozambique.

In accordance with the statement, with the additional funds announced today, Germany has contributed to WFP in 2021 "twice as much as what was contributed in the last 4 years combined."

Armed groups have been terrorizing the province of Cabo Delgado since 2017, some attacks being claimed by the group, Islamic State.

Niger: Terror Attack-18 Civilians Massacred

A new massacre of civilians has been reported in the African nation of Niger, presumably carried out by the Islamic State of Grand Sahel. Africa is becoming the new battleground against Islamic terror groups, and thousands of innocent villagers have been killed or displaced by these latest humanitarian disasters. The below article from the French-language news site, Actu Niger, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Insecurity: 18 more civilians massacred by armed individuals Wednesday at Deykoukou near Banibangou (Tillaberi) 

28 July 2021

This Wednesday, 29 July 2021, around 9 am, armed individuals on motorbikes carried out a terrorist attack at Deykoukou, near Banibangou, in the region of Tillaberi. According to a provisional report communicated by local sources, 18 civilians were killed and 4 others injured. It was the second deadly attack in the last few days targeting civilians in this border area with Mali.

According to local sources, it was around 9 in the morning when the people were doing their normal fieldwork when the attackers, presumably members of EIGS (Islamic State of Gran Sahel), burst into the village.

The people tried in vain to fight back, but the numbers were not in their favor, the attackers being heavily armed. The provisional toll is heavy: 18 civilians were killed and 4 others injured in addition to the significant damage recorded.

It's the second attack targeting civilians in the space of a few days in this border area with Mali. Last Sunday, 14 civilians were massacred at Wiye, a village situated a few kilometers from Banibangou, with the same mode of operation. According to a government communique that confirmed the attack, 9 persons among the victims were killed in the field, 3 in the aforementioned village, and 2 on their way back from the fields. One injured was also evacuated to Niamey. 

In spite of the reinforcement of the security force announced by the government, the deadly attacks have continued to multiply in the region located in the so-called three-border region. Since the start of the year, more than 300 civilians have thus, been massacred in various locations in the area, which has provoked a massive displacement of populations, at the same time, amplifying an already disastrous humanitarian situation.

-Ikali (

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Critical Race Theory and the University of Nebraska

Hat tip The College Fix

Jim Pillen is a University of Nebraska regent and is also running for governor of that state. He is opposed to Critical Race Theory and is attempting to gain the support of the other regents in banning the compulsory teaching of CRT at the University of Nebraska, which includes campuses at Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney. Naturally, he is encountering resistance on the campuses.

From the University of Nebraska website, here is a statement in opposition to Pillen's efforts issued by the president of the UN system and its three chancellors.

Not surprisingly, various other university entities are also opposing the ban on compulsory teaching of CRT. They include the Association of Students Executive Team and the UN Student-Athletes, both of whom have published statements in the campus newspaper of the Lincoln campus, The Daily Nebraskan.

 It is pretty obvious that the articles in the Daily Nebraskan give disproportionate weight to the CRT advocates. What is important to note is that the resolution by Pillen would ban compulsory teaching of CRT.

There is nothing wrong in teaching the dark chapters of American history, such as slavery and Jim Crow. CRT goes much farther in that it teaches that certain groups (whites) are inherently racist and privileged, which is not only factually inaccurate but divisive as well. The pending California version teaches that Jews are nothing more than privileged whites and that Israel is oppressing Palestinians, not only a questionable position but one that is contributing to anti-Semitism on our campuses and society as a whole. One might also question why educators and activists in California feel that it is so necessary to include teaching about that particular conflict to begin with.

Even if one were to agree with the above positions, how do we justify compulsory teaching of positions that are opinions to begin with?

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Capitol Hill Riot: ex DEA Agent Charged

Hat tip Chris

I have learned of the recent arrest of a former DEA agent, Mark Ibrahim, for his alleged involvement in the Capitol Hill riot that occurred on January 6, 2021. I also saw the interview of Ibrahim and his lawyer this week on Fox News. As a retired DEA agent, I feel compelled to look further into this and comment-though at this point, I don't feel like I have all the facts.

First my attitude toward the incident in general. I do not support the acts of those who entered the Capitol and engaged in rioting. I do support the rights of those who peacefully protested, listened to President Trump's speech, and walked to the Capitol to peacefully protest. Those who broke into the Capitol and engaged in mayhem were wrong, and I have no problem with their prosecution based on their own individual actions.

I do share concerns of many that those charged are being treated differently than the BLM and Antifa rioters in other cities like Portland, Oregon.  They seem to be getting a pass both at the local and federal levels.

As I understand it from the interview of Ibrahim on Fox News, he is specifically charged with some sort of offense relating to accessing some restricted Capitol property or structure outside of the actual Capitol building. He insists he engaged in no rioting, did not enter the Capitol, and disapproved of the rioters' actions. He also said that he went there with a friend (an FBI informant)  and that his intent was to protect people. He was not on actual DEA duty at the time. According to the linked article, he was stationed in Los Angeles at the time and was on leave when he traveled to Washington. Ibrahim is facing a possible 15 years in prison.

At this point, it might be a good idea to review the Hatch Act, which limits the participation of federal employees in political activity. Even those government employees with "further restrictions" (I am not sure if DEA is in this category-the FBI and Secret Service are) are allowed to attend political rallies.

Since Ibrahim was a recent hire and still on probation, he could have been discharged more easily than one not on probationary status. In other words, agents in their first year of service don't enjoy the same job protections as others.

One thing that bothers me is the photo of Ibrahim exhibiting his DEA badge and firearm, Not that he wasn't entitled to be armed and carrying his badge. Agents do that routinely. It may be argued that he used bad judgment in allowing that photo to be taken and that he should have left the Capitol area as soon as he saw things get out of hand. Then again, I wasn't there with him, so I can't say with 100% accuracy.

Should he have been fired? Had he not been on probation, probably not, but when on probation, showing bad judgment can result in termination.

Should he have been charged? Based solely on what I have seen, no. The problem here is that this incident has been handled in a climate of hysteria. I do not see the reason for holding (at least some of) those charged in solitary confinement. Where are the BLM and Antifa rioters in solitary confinement? Based on what I have seen thus far, the prospect of Ibrahim getting 15 years in prison seems preposterous.

Unless the government has video of Ibrahim engaging in rioting and destruction, I do not see the reason for charging those who simply walked to the Capitol to demonstrate. Prosecution should be limited to those who engaged in trespass, violence, and destruction. Unless something else emerges, I would guess-and hope- that Ibrahim is acquitted.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Netherlands: Anti-Semitism and Homophobia in Rotterdam: Who Is Responsible?

Yesterday, we translated a Dutch article on homophobic incidents in Amsterdam. Today, we have a similar report on a study about homophobia and anti-Semitism in the Netherlands' 2nd-largest city, Rotterdam. As with Amsterdam, the victims report that a large percentage of the perpetrators are from non-Dutch, non-Western background, particularly Muslims and Moroccans. The below article appears in Barendrechtsdagblad and is translated by Fousesquawk.

"Homo and Jew-hatred often come from non-Western quarters"

Caption below photo: Counselor Hoogwerf

23 July 2021, 00:24

Rotterdam and region, IJsselmonde News

As to anti-Semitism and discrimination against the LHBTIQ+ community, attackers often have a non-Western background. That is what the victims say in several investigations, writes Leefbar (Party) counselor Tanya Hoogwerf, who takes these reports seriously and still wants an accelerated investigation supported by Rotterdam.

Her first attempt was voted down on July 8 of this month. "The community council thus continues to look away from reality. To stop anti-Semitism and homophobia, a harder approach is required, and there must be a serious investigation into the opinions and backgrounds of the perpetrators of anti-Semitism and homo-discrimination," Hoogwerf emphasizes. 

"From the research, it shows that many Jewish residents of Rotterdam don't dare to wear a kippah and that they have little trust in the community approach to anti-Semitism."

"The investigations with reports about the perpetrators of homo-hate and Jew-hate are piling up," reports Hoogwerf in the name of the Leefbar faction of Rotterdam. "Lately, the report, 'Action Investigation Anti-Discrimination LHBTIQ+' appeared in Amsterdam, in which the investigators reported that they encountered similar characteristics in regards to the perpetrators. The report states,
'Through the respondents of the investigation, the perpetrators often were described as Amsterdammers with a non-Dutch background".

Will you stop looking away?

In addition, this year in Rotterdam, the report, "Openly Jew, but not always", appeared. From this investigation among Jewish Rotterdammers, it shows that the majority have the idea that the anti-Semitism that they and others experience comes mainly from Muslims. "Some respondents specifically name young Moroccan men as the group that most often expresses anti-Semitism in public."

"Europeans have also done investigations into the backgrounds of the perpetrators of anti-Semitism. In 2018, a large European investigation into anti-Semitism reported: Almost one-third (30%) reported that the perpetrator was someone with an (apparent) Islamist-extremist belief.  In 20% of the incidents, the perpetrator, according to the victim, was someone with a leftist political view. In 13% of the incidents, someone with a rightist political view, and in 5% of the incidents, someone with an extremist Christian view."

The letter to the Rotterdam city leadership ends with the question from Counselor  Hoogwerf: "Do you have a plan to stop looking away and engaging in symbolism politics, and will you finally get to work with a hard approach to homo-discrimination and anti-Semitism? And specifically concentrate on those who cause this terror?"

Africa: A New Addition to Our Foreign News Outlets

 Regular readers of this site know that one large feature of Fousesquawk is translating articles and videos in English from foreign news outlets. This has principally revolved around issues of militant Islam and the out-of-control migration problem into Europe. Many of our translated works are from sources found under the heading, "Foreign News Outlets" and "Our Real European Friends". These stories have principally been from European sources in languages we are able to translate at Fousesquawk. Our intent is to provide original news sources for news stories from the countries involved in the native languages, which would not be readily accessible to monolingual English-language readers.

In recent months, we have posted translations from African sources regarding massacres carried out in countries dealing with Islamic terrorists. Since many of these countries have colonial languages as their official languages, there is a wealth of sources available in languages like French and Portuguese. Thus, we have posted translations of several original news reports from local newspapers. It should be noted that many of these news sources are state-operated vs independent-as is the case with many European news sources-thus, the reader must weigh that fact. I would also add that we are limited to the official ex-colonial languages since we don't have the capability to translate native African languages or Arabic.

At any rate, I have decided to add several African news outlets to the "Foreign News Outlets" section. This includes news sources in colonial languages. It also includes news sources from the North African nations of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in French. I have tried to choose major news sources, but I leave it to the reader to evaluate the accuracy and the bent of each source. One example is that I have gotten the impression that many of the nations impacted by Islamic terrorist massacres seem to downplay the news while foreign sources in Europe give the incidents wider coverage.

Africa has become a major battlefield in the struggle against Islamic terrorism, while the three North African countries above have a large diaspora in Europe, which has been featured in many of our news reports. Thus, I hope this will add a meaningful feature to this site.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Netherlands: Who Are the Real Gay-Bashers in Amsterdam?

Hat tip Dagelijkse Standaard. Translation by Fousesquawk.

A new study has just been released. Commissioned by an Amsterdam politician from the Green-Left party, it concludes that much of the gay-bashing occurring today in Amsterdam is coming from immigrants, particularly Moroccans. This flies in the face of the Green-Left Amsterdam mayor, Femke Halsema's claim last year that the problem was coming from a wide variety of groups.

The below article from the conservative news outlet, Dagelijkse Standaard is translated by Fousesquawk. Note that the penultimate paragraph, for some reason, is an unrelated appeal for donations to DS, so it is not translated.

Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink has an investigation done into homo-hate: "The Amsterdam homo-hater is often an immigrant."

by Bart Reijmerink 20 July 2021

Victims of homo-discrimination in Amsterdam state that the perpetrators often have a non-Dutch background. Those are the findings contained in the report, "Action Investigation Anti-Discrimination LHBTIQ+", which was created by Green-Left alderman Groot Wassink. Of all people, a Green-Left member now has to reluctantly recognize that homo-hate in Amsterdam often comes from a "non-Dutch background" quarter.
The party that always would rather sweep the defective and problematic integration of certain population groups under the rug now has to recognize that most homo-hate in Amsterdam comes from immigrants. A striking fact: The publication date of this report is February 1, according to De Telegraaf, but the report is only now made public. Perhaps, Green-Left had to process the result of the investigation.
The Amsterdam JA21 (party) member, Annabel Nanninga, could only sneer at Green-Left and other parties who have ignored this problem for years: "From this report, it emerges crystal-clear what Green-Left and the other council parties have stubbornly looked away from for decades: Homo-hate commonly comes from Moroccan boys."
Amsterdam has finally become a victim of its own political correctness, an overwhelming majority of the Amsterdam city council for years was completely left and ruled the city for decades. Meanwhile, the violence against the  LHBTI community only grew, and for years, you could not state the facts without being made into a racist. But with the findings of this report, even the Green-Left has to recognize that the violence in large part comes from certain groups.

Belgium: One Fine Day in Brussels

Hat tip Zoltan


It was just another day in the Brussels no-go zone of Molenbeek Thursday, where police arrested a group of men attempting a robbery dressed in hijabs.

Here is the translation of the YouTube caption:

At Molenbeek this Thursday, the Brussels police arrested a group of men trying to commit a robbery dressed in hijabs, the Islamic veils worn by Muslim women. (Translation by Fousesquawk)

Cleveland's Latest Mistake: The Cleveland Guardians


It's official. The Cleveland Indians are no more (after the 2021 season). Next year, it will be the Cleveland Guardians. Earlier, I had suggested the Mistakes, but nobody listens to me (or reads this blog for that matter).

Apparently, the name is "emblematic of Cleveland" because of some carvings on a bridge that is in the city. (Who knew?)

Equally ridiculous is this statement released by team owner Paul Dolan, which was probably composed by some failed speechwriter for Barack Obama.

 "In searching for a new brand, we sought a name that strongly reflects the pride, resiliency and loyalty of Clevelanders. Guardians embodies those defining attributes while drawing upon the iconic Guardians of Traffic proudly standing just outside Progressive Field on the Hope Memorial Bridge," Dolan wrote. "It brings to life the pride of Clevelanders take in our city and the way we stand for each other while defending our Cleveland process."

What the Hell is the Cleveland process?

At any rate, political correctness has had its way. The Cleveland Guardians it is. Now if they can just do something about that Cleveland part. That's the one that had to go.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sweden: 5 Years in Prison and Deportation for Two Rapists of 14-Year-Old Girl

Hat tip Samnytt. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Here is another sickening example of how broken the Swedish immigration system is-not to mention the criminal court system. Two migrants, one from Afghanistan and one from Bangladesh, both previously ordered deported, have been convicted of raping a 14-year-old handicapped girl. The punishment? 5 years in prison and deportation (but they can return to Sweden in 2036). This is the price that innocent Swedes are paying for their government's lax immigration and penal policies.

The below article from Samnytt is translated by Fousesquawk.

* Note: You will notice that there are inconsistencies in the spelling of one of the defendant's names. I have simply followed the Swedish text, spelling inconsistency and all.

Deportation-ordered gang-raped handicapped girl in woods: "F- you very nice"

Photo caption:  Janohmmed Mohamadi and Mohammad Musaruf. Photo: Police

Two asylum-seekers from Afghanistan and Bangladesh respectively, who came to Sweden in connection with the migrant chaos and were earlier ordered deported, were convicted Thursday for aggravated rape of a child. This after they tricked a 14-year-old functionally handicapped girl into the woods in Norrbotten and there raped her vaginally, anally, and orally. The men, who had been spared (deportation) through the school amnesty, are now being punished with prison and deportation-but will be allowed to return to Sweden again.  

It was on April 28 this year that 22-year-old Janmohmmed Mohamadi, Afghan citizen, and 23-year-old Mohammad Musaruf, citizen of Bangladesh, picked up a 14-year-old girl in a car from her school. Mohammad, who was superficially familiar with the girl, had enticed her to go for a ride.

The girl, who, according to legal documents, has a disability, was surprised that Mohammad had another friend with him in the car and also began to feel worried when she saw that they were going far away from the hometown of  Klöverträsk, 40 kilometers outside of Luleå. The men eventually stopped at a hidden turnoff.

Caption figure 2: Aerial photo over the turnoff north of  Klöverträsk. The turnoff is marked with a  yellow circle. Aerial photo was taken June 15, 2019. Taken from police map web May 10, 2021.

After marking by a dog with competence for (detecting) sperm, an area was observed where the mark gave off a blue forensic light source in combination with yellow observation filter. A soil sample was secured in the area marked by the dog.

Caption below photo/ Figure 3: Overview of turnoff. The area where the soil sample was secured is marked by a yellow circle.

Turns taken raping

At the location, Janmohmmed and Mohammad took turns climbing into the back seat and forcing the girl to perform oral sex. But though the girl asked the men to stop, the rape continued-they also penetrated the girl both vaginally and anally.

After the incident, they drove back with the car and the girl was released. When she came home, the girl's guardian (noticed) that she was distant and also began to cry. Later the same day, the girl was taken to the hospital for an examination.

 Ordered deported - but allowed to stay after school amnesty

Samnytt has received information from the Migration Agency in which it appears that both Janmohmmed and Mohammad had initially received a deportation decision from the Migration Agency since they lacked grounds for asylum.


Mohammad Musaruf (19980818-)

Interpretation need- Bengali or Hindi, citizen of Bangladesh.

Represented by attorney Marcus Strom

Warrant issued April 28, 2021, Arrested  May 6, 2021, Ordered held in custody, May 7, 2021

Jan Mohmmed Mohamadi (19991013-)

Interpretation need, Dari, citizen of Afghanistan

Represented by attorney Marko Tuhkanen

Warrant issued April 30, 2021, arrested April 30, 2021, Ordered held in custody May 3, 2021

Janmohmmed first applied for asylum in Sweden on 7 November 2015. The Migration Agency rejected his application on 13 October 2017, and at the same time, decided to deport him to Afghanistan. The decision became final on 28 May 2018, but thereafter, Janmohmmed applied for a residence and work permit to study at a secondary level.

On 19 November 2018, Janmohmmed was granted a residence permit to study in secondary school according to the law on temporary restrictions of possibilities to receive residence permits. The permit was valid until 19 December 2019.

Mohamadi was then granted an extended residence permit on the grounds of study at secondary school level according to the law on temporary restrictions of possibilities to receive residence permits. The permit was valid until 12 January 2022.

Mohammad applied for asylum in Sweden on 20 August 2015. On 11 August 2017, the Migration Agency rejected the application and (ordered) Mohammad deported to Bangladesh. The decision was appealed, and on 12 January 2018, the Migration Court remanded the matter back to the Migration Agency for further processing.

On 22 March 2018, the Migration Agency again rejected the application and (ordered) the deportation of Mohammad to Bangladesh. The decision was appealed, and on 22 February 2019, the Migration Court upheld the appeal as to the part regarding residence permit on the grounds of secondary school study. 

Mohammad was granted a time-restricted resident permit between 1 March 2019 and 1 April 2020. On 8 January 2020, Mohammad applied again for a residence permit on the grounds of secondary school study, and on 18 January 2020, Mohammad reported an obstacle to the enforcement.

On 26 May 2020, the Migration Agency decided to reject the application for a residence permit on grounds of secondary school study, reject the notification of a practical obstacle to enforcement, as well as reject the notification of an obstacle to enforcement based on health condition. The Migration Agency also decided not to grant a new examination.

The decision was appealed, but on 22 July 2020, the Migration Court rejected the appeal, and the judgment became final on 11 August 2020 when permission to appeal to the Migration Appellate Court was not granted.

Pointed out and recognized in messages

The rape was reported to the police, and the girl was able to point out both perpetrators on Facebook. It appears from the police investigation that Mohammad made contact with the girl through an acquaintance and that they had flirted with each other prior to the gang rape through Facebook Messenger.

There are also a number of sex-related messages from Mohammad which he writes under his internet name, "Musharaf Khan".

Inlay: "Musharaf Khan": "My cock works well, and I can F--- you very nice."

When police went through the suspects' mobile phones, they found messages about the incident. One acquaintance of the perpetrator Mohammad asked how he could do such a thing to the girl.

Tried to flee to Germany

Janmohmmed was arrested 30 April while Mohammad, who was staying in the country illegally, was wanted internationally. He was arrested 6 May by police when he was in the process of fleeing from Sweden to Germany.  But according to Mohammad, the trip to Germany was only because he lacked money and a job in Sweden.

"Why were you going to Germany?"

"M. Says that he was going because had no money or job, he was looking for a job there. M. added that there was a job in Alvsbyn, but that he couldn't work for the Swedish State."

Deported-but can return

On Thursday at 14:00, the Luleå District Court sentenced both Janmohammed and Mohammad to 5 years in prison and deportation with a ban on returning to Sweden before 2036 for aggravated rape against a child.


Crime which defendants are sentenced for:

Aggravated rape against a child, 6 kap 4-1 st and 3 st crime bar



5 years imprisonment


The defendants are (ordered) deported from Sweden according to 8 a kap 1- foreigner law (2005:716) and banned from returning here before July 22, 2036. Violation of the ban can result in a maximum one year imprisonment.

Italy: Video of Shooting in Voghera

Yesterday, we posted an Italian news report on the shooting death of a 39-year-old Moroccan man by a local town official, Massimo Adriatici, in the northern Italian town of Voghera.  At the below link from La Stampa, you can watch a video of the incident from a security camera. There is no sound, but what the video shows is the Moroccan man approaching  Adriatici. After a short discussion, the Moroccan punches Adriatici to the ground. What cannot be seen is the discharge of the firearm.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Italy: Lega Party Official Shoots and Kills Moroccan During Dispute

Hat tip Vlad Tepes 

On Tuesday, July 20, in the northern Italian town of Voghera, a local lawyer, city councilor and Lega Party member, Massimo Adriatici, was involved in a physical struggle with a 39-year-old Moroccan man who was reportedly harassing people in front of a bar. The fight resulted in the Moroccan being shot and killed by a single shot to the chest fired by Adriatici. It is Adriatici's claim that he fired accidentally as he was being pushed to the ground. Adriatici, an ex-policeman, has a legal permit to carry the gun and it had apparently, already been drawn.

Due to Adriatrici's position and Lega Party membership, the news is all over Italy, and political opponents are referring to the "Far West" (USA-Old West) and criticizing the center-right Lega Party, which is opposed to mass migration into Italy.

The below article from Corriere della Sera is translated by Fousesquawk.|

Homicide in Voghera: Councilor shoots and kills a 39-year-old Moroccan

The version of Adriatici and the silence of the witnesses

Ansa/ Corriere TV

Tuesday, 20 July at 22:30 at Voghera, Youns El Bossettaoui, 39-year-old Moroccan, was killed by a pistol shot. The bullet was fired by Lega Party lawyer Massimo Adriatici, counselor for security of the Pavese municipality. According to Adriatici's version, now under house arrest, the shot was fired accidentally as a result of a push received from the Moroccan, which reportedly caused him to fall to the ground. The bullet struck Youns flush in the chest, who died in the hospital. A fight broke out between the two after a request by the counselor to El Bossettaoui not to bother the people present. From there, a struggle began, which resulted in tragedy. The 39-year-old was a known figure in Voghera for his quarrelsome and intimidating behavior. The man, with a police record, has been several times subject to deportation orders, never executed. The owners of the bar on the square, where the homicide occurred, have stated they saw nothing. The recordings of the security cameras are pending, requested by the counselor himself a few months ago.

In response, the head of the Lega Party, Matteo Salvini, has made a video lamenting the death of the victim, but insisting that everyone should allow the investigation to play out, and that if Adriatici's version is accurate, self-defense is a legitimate issue. The video is translated by Fousesquawk.

The NFL and the Black National Anthem

This article first appeared in New English Review.

There is a reason why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is so unpopular. I have always suspected that he must be the illegitimate son of some important person. (Actually, he is the legitimate son of former New York Senator Charles Goodell, which may explain how he got his current job.) At any rate, Goodell has guaranteed that the fans will once again greet him with boos when the 2022 NFL Draft rolls around, and he steps out to announce the names of those drafted. The new politically correct NFL has just announced that next year, not only the National Anthem will be played before every game, but the Black National Anthem  ("Lift Every Voice and Sing") as well.

Please rise and remove your caps.

Ever since the NFL so badly screwed up its response to Colin Kaepernick and the other players who refused to stand for the National Anthem, the league has been bleeding support among the fans. The fact is that Goodell and the rest of the league had no clue how to walk a middle line and avoid pissing everyone off-which they have managed to do-piss everyone off. All of their "Salute to the Military" stunts have been painfully transparent as PR attempts to stop the bleeding. 

While there is nothing really objectionable in the lyrics of the Black National Anthem, one has to ask, what does this achieve? Does this solve any of the problems that afflict black communities in America? No. 

I also question the timing. If this were the year 1968, I could understand. Personally, I have come to terms with what Olympic athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith did, raising their fists during the Mexico City awards ceremony in 1968. It was a different America then. Colin Kaepernick never lived in those times.

Of course, to call this song a black national anthem is a contradiction in terms. National Anthems are about nations, as the term makes clear. It is not about races. Our nation is comprised of many races, and to honor one with an anthem is-as liberals would say-exclusive of every other race. I do not wish to make light of the history that African-Americans have suffered, slavery and Jim Crow, but playing a black national anthem in front of large crowds comprised of many races, is not going to do anything but cause new problems.

I need not ask what the response would be if someone came up with a White National Anthem, and believe me, I have no wish to hear it. I know how divisive it would be. It would also be dismissed as racist. Then again, what's next, a Brown National Anthem, a Gay National Anthem, Transgender National Anthem....where does it end? You think those Super Bowl pre-game ceremonies are too long now. Just wait.

And what happens in an NFL stadium next season when the Black National Anthem is played and some non-black fans decide not to stand? What happens if a black fan stands for the Black National Anthem and sits for the National Anthem? Do you think maybe there are going to be a few fights among fans next year? This is the last thing we need.

But that's the way it will be because we are living in times where bad ideas are now in charge. And this is the worst idea since the NFL named Roger Goodell as commissioner. 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Sweden: Muslim Hate Preacher Confronted by Press

Hat tip Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Reporters from Expressen in Sweden recently confronted Basem Mahmoud, a Malmö-based imam who repeatedly uses hate-filled language toward Jews. He did not take kindly to the intrusion. The below video and written article are translated by Fousesquawk.

Malmö imam continues to spread hate against Jews

Posted 17 July 2021 7:04
New hate speech:  A half-year ago, Kvällsposten was able to reveal that Rosengård (Malmö)
iman Basem Mahmoud repeatedly preached disgust toward Jews. Now Jenny Strindlöv reports that the Malmö imam continues to spread hate towards Jews.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Statement to Press on the Death of Peter R. de Vries

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes. Translation by Fousesquawk.

On July 15, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke to the press upon learning of the death of investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries who had been shot in Amsterdam the previous week.

Germany: Kristallnacht 2021

Hat tip Journalisten Watch. Translation by Fousesquawk. 


The German town of Hof is located in Upper Franconia (Bavaria) on what was the border between East and West Germany during the Cold War when Germany was divided. Today it is in the news for other reasons. In May, a shop selling Israeli products was vandalized. Now two Syrians are charged with smashing the store's window. According to police, they have confessed that they did it for anti-Semitic reasons.

In the below article, Journalisten Watch asks where are the voices of Germany's politicians? This latter-day Kristallnacht was not carried out by pot-bellied German thugs in brown khaki uniforms. It was allegedly done by two of Angela Merkel's imports who brought their age-old Jew-hatred with them from the Middle East to Germany.

Syrians commit anti-Semitic attack on Israel-shop, politicians keep their hypocritical silence

July 14, 2021

Where is the outcry from hypocrites like Maas,*Baerbock, Roth, and the like? Two "youths" reportedly smashed the window of an Israel store in Hof out of anti-Jewish motives.

After the window of a business (selling) Israeli cultural goods was destroyed in the inner city of Hof at the end of May, police wondered if it could have been a politically motivated act. In an interview with BR (BR 24 News in Bavaria), the operator of the shop ruled out an accident since there were no traces of such. He called it deliberate property damage, which, according to BR, because of recent "escalation of the Israel-Palestinian conflict", meaning here from the public news sender, BR, the attack by the terror organization Hamas upon Israel could have motivated the attack by the perpetrators.

Now it is clear who was (involved), who was motivated here, and who let their Jew-hatred have free rein. Two 17-year-old Syrians of Palestinian origin, according to the police, confessed to smashing the window of the 33-year-old business for anti-Semitic reasons. As Bild reported, the two imported anti-Semites only expected a charge of property damage. Their anti-Semitic action will presumably, as has previously happened, be classified as "right-wing violence".

From (Foreign Minister) Heiko Maas, (Green Party politician) Claudia Roth, and other allegedly Jew-hatred-fighting verbal heroes, thus far, there is not a single word said about the incident.

* Annalena Baerbock (Green-Alliance90 politician)

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Netherlands: Journalist Peter R. de Vries Dies of His Wounds

 Peter R. de Vries, a well-known journalist and crime reporter in the Netherlands, has died of wounds sustained last week when he was shot in Amsterdam. Two suspects are in custody, and the Moroccan Mafia in the Netherlands is widely suspected of being behind the shooting. De Vries joins the list of previously assassinated public figures in the Netherlands along with film director Theo van Gogh and politician Pim Fortuyn.

De Vries is the reporter who organized a secretly recorded admission from Johan van der Sloot that he was present when Natalee Holloway died in Aruba.

Fousesquawk is working on translating a Dutch news report of de Vries' passing.

*Update: From De Telegraaf (translation by Fousesquawk)

Peter R. de Vries (64) dies

Amsterdam: Peter R. de Vries died Thursday, July 15. The crime reporter was seriously wounded last Tuesday evening when he was shot on the Lang Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam. De Vries was 64.

The family and his partner announced the following: "Peter fought until the end, but was not able to win the battle. He died surrounded by the people who loved him. Peter lived according to his conviction: 'On bended knee is no way to be free'. We are immensely proud of him and at the same time, inconsolable." 


The attack happened around 19:30 on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, in the area of the Leidseplein (Square) near a parking garage. About 100 meters away sits the studio of RTL Boulevard, where de Vries was present that evening. Images of a bloodied de Vries quickly spread.

Two suspects are still in custody because of the shooting. They are a 35-year-old Pole from Maurik in Gelderland and a 21-year-old man from Rotterdam. The latter was allegedly the shooter, the Pole is believed to have driven the get-a-way car. The police conducted house searches in Maurik, Tiel, and Rotterdam and seized data processors and ammunition.

As yet, little is clear as to the background of the murder. Attorney Inez Weski complained that the media too easily points to Ridouan Taghi, whom she is defending in the notorious Marengo murder trial. Taghi is the chief suspect in that (trial). He is believed to be the one who gave the order for a series of murders against the backdrop of the international cocaine business.

De Vries is the confidante of Nabil B., and worked in that role with the two current attorneys of the prosecution witness. It was often said in the corridors that his advisory role became fatal for him. As far as is known, he had no security because he didn't want it.

Peter R. de Vries began his journalistic career with De Telegraaf right after middle school. A Hague murder case that he worked on awakened his interest in crime journalism. In the 35 years that followed, he investigated more than 500 murder files and grew into one of the most well-known crime journalists in the country.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Cal State LA's Troubling Choice for Dean of Ethnic Studies

Julianne Malveaux has been named as dean of Ethnic Studies at California State University Los Angeles. This is a troubling selection, but we could hardly expect a university not to make a troubling selection for their Ethnic Studies departments. As an academic field, Ethnic Studies has time and time again, distinguished itself as one characterized by chauvinism and divisiveness. 

So it is with Malveaux, who has a history of supporting characters like the noted racist and anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. In addition, she has a history not only of attacking Israel but Jews as well.

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin is a former professor at UC Santa Cruz and co-founder of the Amcha Initiative, an organization dedicated to exposing and fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses. In this article written in the Jewish Journal, she outlines the reasons why Malveaux is a troubling choice-especially for Jewish students on campus. Also prominently mentioned in this article is San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi.

In the interest of full disclosure, Cal State LA happens to be my alma mater. Every now and then, I get flyers asking me for donations. The next time I get one, I will respond and explain to them exactly why I refuse to send them any money.

Netherlands: Supreme Court Upholds Conviction of Geert Wilders

 Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Last week, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Dutch politician Geert Wilders for insulting an ethnic group, in this case, Moroccans. The below video is Wilders reacting to the decision.


Wilders' offense was asking a crowd of supporters a few years back whether they wanted "more or less Moroccans in the Netherlands", to which they answered, "Less". On the surface, it seems an outrageous thing to say, though certainly not criminal. But you have to understand that while certainly, not all Moroccans in the country are criminals, the Moroccan community in the Netherlands is infested with violent drug gangs, referred to as the Mocro-Maffia. One of the leaders, Radouan Taghi, is currently on trial with several others for having organized contract murders. In addition, they are the principal suspects behind the recent shooting of journalist Peter R. de Vries in Amsterdam. Given the situation, it is perfectly understandable why many Dutch wish there were fewer Moroccans in their country.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sweden: The Transition of Attitudes Toward Israel by the Swedish Church

Hat tip Ledarsidorna. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Antje Jackelen, Archbishop of the Swedish Church

The below article appears in the conservative Swedish blog, Ledarsidorna. It is written by Gunnar Hyltén-Cavallius, a retired priest and theologian. It concerns how the Swedish Church has changed over the years from a supporter of Israel to a strong critic. This actually is a review of a work on the topic by Professor Johan Sundeen of Lund University.

How hostility to Israel rose up in the churches

Gunnar Hyltén-Cavallius has read Johan Sundeen's report of the opinions hostile to Israel within, among others, the Swedish Church. Hyltén-Cavallius concludes that in order to understand how the earlier friendly attitude to the State of Israel could change to one directly hostile, Sundeen's report constitutes an inevitable fundamental building block.


In recent times, anti-Semitism has come to be debated more. Investigations point out the Jews in our country are living with increasing insecurity, especially the situation in Malmo, (which) has received special attention. 

Recently, a scientific report has been published, whose focus is a previously strong feeling of friendship for Israel, which has come to be replaced by pronounced criticism. The Ecumenical Clapham Institute has an on-going research project within the framework, "Israel and Faith Communities". Johan Sundeen, professor of history of ideas, has now issued the project's first report: When theology became 68 ideology. Establishment of a hostile opinion (against) Israel within Swedish Christianity, 1967-1982.

The dust jacket drawing speaks its own language: A Swedish bishop, in full vestment, holds the Palestinian flag like a crosier. Behind him, he sticks an Israeli flag down (in the sand, the snow?

For years ago, when Sundeen published his ground-breaking study, 68-Church, he focused less on the complex problem of Israel and Palestinians. One reason for this was that the book would be more extensive. Perhaps, this deficiency was for the good, for now, Sundeen has been able to return and examine this many-faceted and controversial question.

The preface is by Annika Borg, Doctor of Theology and priest. She believes that research that investigates and exposes the imaginary worlds that give rise to and spread anti-Semitic ideas are not just a scientific task, but are "crucial for the development of society," as well.

In the introduction, Sundeen refers to a debate in Expressen during the late summer of 2020 when the Swedish Church's relationship with Islamist organizations was discussed. Columnist Susanna Birgersson had pointed out that many churches "designate Israel as the world's villain, among them, the Swedish Church". This was quickly denied from the Church's house in Uppsala. Israel's ambassador, Ilan Ben Dov, claimed in an upcoming post that the policy of the Swedish Church toward Israel often seemed "more polarizing than that which has its origin in the Arab world." (Expressen 8-30-2020, September 1, 2020, and September 9, 2020). 

Questions over the building of relationships in the Islamist direction and hostility toward Israel are closely related, claims Sundeen. Anti-Semitism is a key component in both cases. Critics from several quarters believe that Archbishop Antje Jackelen, in her endeavors for deeper religious dialogue, has allied herself with fundamentalist forces.

Johan Sundeen, who launched the term, 68-Church, places anti-Israel opinion in a historical context of ideas with a leftist twist by Swedish Christianity. In his sources, he has been able to expose agenda-setting, personal circles with roots in the radical Christian student circles in the 1960s and 70s. Other opinion makers regarding the changed image of Israel are, according to Sundeen, the Social Democrat center, like SSU, but especially the (Muslim) Brotherhood movement, presently, the Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity.  It would be beneficial to do in-depth research into this side organization (S), I mean so that the pattern is clarified for much of what has emerged from the Church and Free Church. 

Key persons in the swing in opinion against Israel are Uppsala theologian Sigbert Axelson, a pastor in the Mission Association, and Carl-Henric Grenholm, professor of ethics. Sundeen writes: "Generations of Swedish Church priests have been under the direct influence of university teachers with political sympathies far to the left and with a particularly negative view of the State of Israel."

The fight for the Palestinians' cause is one part of the left's conflict against the Western world, the USA, and capitalism. Israel is seen in the context of a USA in miniature, a racist state, now and then with comparisons between the Zionist state and Third Reich Nazis. In the progressive student publication, Kristet Forum (Christian Forum), Per Eric Sandström takes Free Church pastors who led Israel trips in disguise, likening them to narcotic dealers.

It is not just the commitment to the militarily weaker party, the Palestinians, which explains the animosity to Jews and the State of Israel. Sundeen points to an anti-Semitic current within Marxism. The main source of historical ideas here is Karl Marx' writing, "On Jewish Questions.

At the dividing line between ideology and theology in Christian anti-Zionism, ideology weighs heaviest, claims Sundeen. It is in the political that man observes the greatest commitment. (Here) is the following review of an article by Jim Walch in the anthology, "Israel-the lost country" (1970):

"His article is an ideal, typical example of a studied, anti-transcendent, secularized Christianity. In Utopian spirit, he imagines images of God's Kingdom on Earth, a Happyland, where righteousness lives (dwells)... For the good to win, the evil must be first removed."

In summary, to first understand how a previous Israel-friendly compact in Swedish Christianity could be replaced by its opposite, Johan Sundeen's study is of the greatest value.

Gunnar Hyltén-Cavallius

Priest emeritus, Theologian

Author:  Stream became a River: Network around 68-Church, and Inter Nos magazine in Lund.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Austria:Half of Parliament Refuses to Observe Minute of Silence for Leonie

As previously reported, Austria is dealing with the shock of a murder case in which a 13-year-old girl named Leonie was drugged, gang-raped, and murdered in Vienna. Three Afghan asylum-seekers are in custody and a 4th is being sought.

This week, Herbert Kickl, a member of Parliament from the Austrian Freedom Party, asked his colleagues to stand and observe a minute of silence for the girl. Only about half of the chamber stood.

That request came at the end of an electrifying speech in which he excoriated his colleagues and government officials like Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, who was present in the chamber just a few feet away. 

The below article from Unzensuriert is translated by Fousesquawk. It contains a video of the speech by Kickl and shows how half of the chamber refused to stand in silence. Due to the length of the speech, it is as yet, not translated. For those readers who know German, it is well worth spending 20 minutes to view it. If not, you can still watch the last minute of silence as requested by Kickl. After that was finished, he closed his speech with these words: "A picture says more than a thousand words."

One minute of the speaking time of Austrian Freedom Party chief and club chairman Herbert Kickl was used to commemorate Leonie. Only standing were the blue deputies and a few of the red

Parliament        9 July 2021 11:27

Commemoration for the murdered Leonie: Only blue and a few red deputies stand

The "urgent request" to Austrian People's Party Interior Minister Karl Nehammer yesterday, Thursday, was used by the Freedom Party for a minute's commemoration (minute of silence) for Leonie, allegedly murdered by rejected Afghan asylum seekers.

Speaking time used for a minute commemoration

Austrian Freedom Party chief and club chairman, Herbert Kickl, used his speaking time in Parliament to show his sympathy to the 13-year-old girl, who was made compliant for sex with drugs, repeatedly raped and killed, as well as her (next of kin). He asked all the deputies in Parliament to join with the Freedom Party members for a minute of commemoration.  However, only the blue faction and a few Social Democrat deputies stood (in contemplation), the others remained seated, sometimes looking furtively into space. 

Sobotka refused commemoration of Leonie

As reported, one day previous, on Wednesday, National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (Austrian People's Party) refused a commemoration minute for Leonie in Parliament. He wanted no politicization of "the single, very very tragic incident," he said an argument for his refusal. Kickl then stated that that was just a flimsy excuse, after all, commemoration minutes had been held for the victims of a massacre in a homosexual club in Orlando, USA, or for victims in the Mediterranean as a result of the mass migration from North Africa. He accused the Austrian People's Party of making an unpleasant topic taboo.

The Mocro-Mafia Connection to the Amsterdam Shooting of a Journalist

Peter R. de Vries

Aside from mere speculation, there is now a link possibly connecting the shooting of the Dutch crime reporter, Peter R. de Vries with the Moroccan Mafia, based in the Netherlands. The suspected shooter is reportedly a first cousin of another Mocro-Mafia member currently in Dutch prison. 

This information was first published by the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf. However, since they have a subscriber firewall to this report, we are translating a similar report from the German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine. The translation is by Fousesquawk.

As of today, de Vries is still in critical condition.

New trail leads to Radouan Taghi's circle

Delano G. is believed to have shot Peter R. de Vries. He is related to a man who reportedly planned contract killings for drug boss Radouan Taghi. After a prison sentence, Delano G. tried his hand as a rapper.

By Thomas Gutschker, Brussels- Updated July 9, 2021 at 11:38

In the case of the murder attempt on journalist Peter R. de Vries, there is a first lead in the circle surrounding the drug dealer Ridouan Taghim, who, due to several contract murders, is on trial in Amsterdam. As the newspaper, De Telegraaf" reports, one of the two suspects arrested by police is related to a convicted offender, who comes from Taghi's circle. The arrested (person) is 21-year-old Delano G., (who) allegedly shot and critically wounded the crime reporter on Tuesday. Delano G. is, according to the newspaper report, a first cousin of Jaouad W., who, in 2019, was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Jaouad W. was tried in the so-called 26Koper proceedings. This criminal trial concerned the preparation for contract murders in the area of organized crime. Five defendants were sentenced to long prison terms, among them, W. In 2015, they were found in possession of more than 100 firearms, hand grenades, and stolen vehicles. Based on (intercepted) conversations and decoded messages, the Amsterdam Appeals Court concluded that the defendants had the firm intention of killing several people. Previously, the District Court in Utrecht had imposed lesser sentences because they viewed the death plans as not been sufficiently proven. Taghi, at the time, was not one of the defendants, but since then, decoded messages indicate that he was the head of the gang.

As the newspaper, Volkskrant, reports, Delano G. committed two thefts as a youngster and five residential break-ins, all in Tiel (Gelderland Province), where he grew up.  He was sentenced to a prison term of ten months for this and for a violent crime. After his release, he founded a music label and released a rap song. In it, it says that he is "on the rampage because I am sick of the crisis". At the end of the day, it is above all, "money that we smell". Acquaintances told the newspaper that the man reportedly fell into the drug milieu. Delano G. and the second suspect, Kamil E.- he reportedly drove the getaway car-will be brought before the judge this Friday.

Peter R. de Vries was a confidant of prosecution witness Nabil B. in the so-called Marengo Trial against Radouan Taghi. The brother and the lawyer of the witness were already murdered, which commentators attributed to a campaign of revenge by Taghi. The drug dealer, born in Morocco, along with 16 other defendants, must answer for 6 other contract murders. He was arrested in Dubai in 2019 and delivered to the Netherlands. The second principal defendant in the trial, Said R., is soon to be delivered to the Netherlands. He was arrested in Medellin at the beginning of 2020, (and) on Thursday, the Highest Court in Colombia approved his extradition. Said R. was reportedly the "right-hand man" and the one who selected and trained personnel for the contract murders. 

Hunter Biden's Latest Scam: Is This Money-Laundering?

"Acevedo said the pieces would garner more like $25,000 to $100,000 if not for Hunter’s name. The art consultant said he expects some of the works to possibly top $1 million in the end."

You gotta hand it to Hunter Biden. He doesn't know jack about Ukraine or energy, but he made millions by joining the board of directors at a corrupt energy company in Ukraine because his old man, Old Joe, was vice president and tasked with being the Obama administration's frontman on Ukraine. When the top Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating the company, Old Joe paid the president a visit and told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't fire the prosecutor within 6 hours, Ukraine was going to lose out on a big aid package. In Old Joe's own words, son of a B., the prosecutor was fired. How do we know all this? Old Joe is on videotape bragging about it during a speech.   

Now that Old Joe is sitting in the Oval Office drooling all over himself, Hunter is free to embark on his latest money-making scam. It seems he is an artist of some renown. (I can't wait for the late-night jokesters like Jimmy Kimmel to start making jokes about this.)

When it comes to art, I am no expert, but I am pretty cynical when it comes to modern art. You know the old line about splashing a bucket of paint on an easel and letting your dog run across it then selling it for a million bucks to some naive sucker. 

Of course, some nay-sayers are questioning these inflated prices for questionable art-especially now that it has been announced that the buyers will be .......


Of course, as the Washington Times points out, hostile foreign governments might be eager to buy one of Hunter's masterpieces, but to this broken-down old DEA agent, this smells like it has the potential to be money laundering.

As for evaluating Hunter's talent, maybe we should compare it to that of another "great artist" from the 20th century. Compare this painting below with Hunter's above and tell me which you think is better. Then guess the artist.

And the artist was.............

"I was born too soon."

(Artwork by Fousesquawk-All rights reserved. Send for a free catalog.)