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Italy: Tomb of 6-Year-Old Boy Desecrated with Swastikas


Very disturbing news out of Italy today. Back in 1981, a 6-year-old boy named Alfredo (Alfredino) Rampi, fell into a  well and was trapped for two days as rescuers attempted to retrieve him. The story was carried live on national TV and all of Italy watched. Sadly, the little boy could not be saved. It was one of those stories that captures the heart of a nation. Here in the US, we remember similar episodes like that of Jessica McClure (1987) and Kathy Fiscus (1949). I recall from my early childhood the case of Kathy Fiscus because it happened in the Los Angeles area where I grew up. While McClure was saved, Fiscus died.

Recently, a mural with Alfradino's image was dedicated in Rome. That may have spurred one or more unidentified barbarians to go to Alfredino's tomb in Rome and deface his tombstone with 11 swastikas and other insults not specified. It has shocked Italy once again.

I have searched several Italian news sources on this story, and I find nothing that indicates whether Alfredino was Jewish or not.

The below article from Il Giornale is translated by Fousesquawk.

The tombstone of Alfredino Rampi desecrated with 11 swastikas and insults

30  May 2022-19:22

Unknown persons (using) a felt pen, have defaced the tombstone of Alfredino Rampi, the child who died falling into a well on Vermicino in 1981.

Pain without end for the relatives of little Alfredino Rampi, the 6-year-old child (who) fell into a well in Vermicino on 13 June 1981 and died notwithstanding all the attempts made to save him. A few days away from the anniversary of his (death), unknown persons have smeared his tombstone with graffiti depicting swastikas and insults. The motives that led to such desecrations of the tomb located at the Verano Cemetery of Rome are unknown.  According to what TGR Lazio (News) revealed, the desecration was reported by a visitor to the Roman cemetery. The woman reportedly noticed the swastikas yesterday, explaining that ten days ago, the tombstone, located at pavilion 85 at Verano (Cemetery), where the brother of little Alfredino is also interred, was intact. The investigation has been assigned to the Carabinieri.

The bewilderment and condemnation on the part of politicians for the vile act carried out on the tomb of the child is unanimous. "The desecration of the tomb of Alfredino Rampi is a very serious, unjustified, and incomprehensible act. The investigators should shed light on what has happened and pursue those responsible without any delay", declared the group leader of Fratelli d'Italia (FdI-Brothers of Italy political party) in the Parliament, Francesco Lollobrigida. "The description of the tomb of Alfredino Rampi is a blow to the heart. The perpetrators of this (attack) should be ashamed of themselves, and I hope (they) will be identified soon," the governor of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, commented. 

(There is) also indignation on the part of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri: "The cowardly desecration of the tombstone of little Alfredino Rampi, smeared with 11 swastikas, is unacceptable. We will immediately clean up this mess. Alfredino rests in our hearts. Shame on these barbarians." In addition, Giancarlo Righini, regional counselor of FdI in the Lazio region, commented on the news. "Whoever offends the memory of the dead commits the most heinous of crimes, against the person and his relatives. But to (attack) the tombstone of that boy who died in such tragic circumstances is an act so ferocious and insane that it reaches the absolute peak of evil. After this dark episode, perhaps, the administration of the capital will  revise the security and control measures of the Verano Monumental Cemetery." 

The desecration might have been carried out in connection with the inauguration of a mural that commemorates little Alfredino Rampi, integrated last May 28 in the Garbatella district of Rome. It is a large work of 70 square meters (in honor of) the child for whom Italy stopped still for two days. The boy was in Vermicino, a small town in Lazio (region), together with his parents, to spend a few days on vacation when, without warning, he slipped into a deep, 36-meter well, which signaled the end. It was the first direct newscast by RAI, which told of the rescue attempts with a live broadcast of 18  consecutive hours, until dawn on the 13th of June, when the tragic news of the death of little Alfredino. A few weeks after the incident, it was decided to create the National Department of Civil Protection.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sweden: Court Rules Police Erred in Arresting Rasmus Paludan

Insert: Rasmus Paludan

During this past Easter week, Danish politician and activist, Rasmus Paludan, (he also has dual Swedish-Danish citizenship) went to several Swedish cities and burned Korans, which led to several Muslim riots. On April 14, Paludan was detained by Swedish police in  Linköping and charged with inciting a riot that had broken out before he even arrived at the scene.  The demonstration he was planning (in which he planned to burn a Koran) had been authorized by the city, and Paludan was sitting in a car two kilometers away in the company of police.

Now a Swedish court has ruled that the arrest was illegal. 

The below article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

Court: Police who arrested Paludan erred

 Linköping  On  Maundy Thursday (April 14), the Danish-Swedish politician, Rasmus Paludan, was detained by police in Linköping. This after a violent riot broke out in the neighborhood of Skäggetorp. Now the administrative court in Linköping has ruled on the police actions and maintains that the arrest of Paludan was wrong. That is reported by Dagens Nyheter, among others.

The riot in Skäggetorp took place after Rasmus Paludan was granted permission to hold a demonstration in the neighborhood, where he planned, among other things, to burn a Koran.

However, Paludan never had time to hold the public gathering before the chaotic scenes broke out, where, among other things, rocks were thrown at police who later withdrew from the scene. Instead, he found himself in a car in a parking lot two kilometers away in the company of police officers who thought that he should not go to Skäggetorp.

The arrest was made at 16:52 on the basis that Paludan had caused the riot. The decision came from a commander and caused surprise within the police.

It was a very far-fetched interpretation of the law. Paludan wasn't even at the scene. He should file a police report of this, a policeman has told DN (Dagens Nyheter).

Paludan was held at the police station for just over 1-1/2 hours, and because of this, he canceled the planned and authorized gathering in Navestad in Norrköping. But riots also broke out there-even though Paludan wasn't at the scene.

Gave no resistance

According to the (written) police report, Paludan gave no resistance at the time of arrest. Instead, he afterward appealed the police's decision at the administrative court in Linköping, which now announces that the police action was wrong.

According to the administrative court, police may not detain people in order to control the behavior of others. In addition, it was stated that Paludan wasn't even in the vicinity of  Skäggetorp when the riot broke out.

Accordingly, the police actions are rejected.

"Even if a violent riot can be connected to a public gathering, a temporary custody presupposes that it is an individual's behavior or actions that lead to disruption or a direct danger to public order," the court writes, according to TT (Sweden's national news bureau).

 Police authorities have chosen not to comment on the court.

Two Names on a Wall (Annual Memorial Day Repost)

Forever young

 As I do every Memorial Day since 2007, I am reposting my first "Two Names on a Wall" tribute to two high school friends who gave their lives in Vietnam, Michael Gene Vinassa and Dorian Jan Houser. It is also a tribute to all who gave their lives in war for this country.

My generation was greatly impacted by the Vietnam war. Of course, nobody was impacted as much as those who served in Vietnam, those who came back wounded and scarred, and most of all, those who died and their families.

As an Army vet, while I am proud to have served, I have never lost sight of the fact that my duty station during the Vietnam war was in Germany.  My own service does not begin to compare with those who served in Vietnam, as well as other wars before and since Vietnam.

I have previously written that I am involved with a group of volunteers with the Vietnam Memorial Fund trying to track down missing photos of our Vietnam KIA for whom there are no official photos. My involvement began when this group reached out to me to help find a photo of Michael Vinassa. We were successful in that attempt, and now there are only 11 photos yet to be found, most, curiously, from Puerto Rico.

 On Saturday night, while surfing through YouTube, I came across a 1966 US Air Force documentary about the medical procedure when soldiers were wounded, all the way from the helicopter med-evac to the field hospital and transportation back to the US. It's called "To Save a Soldier" and is narrated by Henry Fonda. To say it was moving and inspirational is an understatement. I am linking it here, and I encourage you to watch it.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sweden: 6 Months in Prison for Koran Rioter

Insert: Rasmus Paludan

A Swedish court has handed down the first sentence resulting from the Easter weekend Koran riots in that country that occurred in conjunction with the Koran burnings by Danish politician and activist Rasmus Paludan. A Tajiki national, already under a deportation order at the time of his arrest, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison. Hopefully, that will be quickly followed by deportation.

The below article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

Alien sentenced for Koran riot-Gets 1/2 year in prison


The now-convicted throws stones at police. Photo from preliminary investigation

Stockholm: A 34-year-old man who is a citizen of Tajikistan, is sentenced by the Solna District Court to 6 months in prison for a violent riot and attempt at violence against a policeman during Easter Weekend's Koran riot in Rinkeby.

According to the district court's verdict, the man threw stones at police and gave stones to other persons to throw at police and police cars.

According to the district court, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the man took part in the riot as a perpetrator, but that he was the instigator or leader of the gathering could not be proven.

The man was also convicted of an attempt at violence against a police officer since he threw a stone at a police officer who, however, was able to duck.

One of the affected police officers had claimed damages of 10,000 kronors for injury. However, that was rejected by the district court, which justified the rejection in that a police officer in riot gear should expect to be subjected to a certain amount of violence. 

The man earlier had a deportation order against him and was being sought for arrest in order to be deported from the country.

The sentence against the man is the first since the Easter weekend Koran riots. 

Uvalde: What Really Happened and Where Do We Go From Here?

This article first appeared in New English Review.

With each passing day, the details surrounding the horrific shooting at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school become more and more troubling. Of course, the most troubling aspect is the loss of 19 children and two teachers. That is unbearable. But now, more and more questions are unfolding surrounding the actions of the police as the children and teachers were being murdered.

Initially, we were told by police that the shooter was engaged by a school security officer/cop in an exchange of gunfire as the shooter was in the process of entering the school, that the officer was wounded but managed to get the shooter to drop ammunition that would have led to greater loss of life. Then we were told that was not what happened. We were told that when police arrived, they entered the school and took down the shooter, too late, of course, to save the 21 victims, but that their heroic action prevented additional loss of life. Now we learn that police waited outside for about an hour before entering, as family members of the children begged them to go in. They secured the area and kept families back while evacuating other school personnel and children. Then we learned that it was a Border Patrol agent or agents who went in and took down the shooter.

Now, the chief of police is admitting today that they erred.  The on-scene commander apparently made the judgment that the situation had changed from a shooting situation to a barricade situation. But what about the prospect that there were critically wounded children who needed immediate medical care? 

As a retired DEA agent, I can tell you that the last thing law enforcement people want to do is Monday morning quarterback when police make mistakes in the course of a tragic event like this. There is a Dutch saying that "the greatest sailors are on the shore". It's true, and unless you have been in such a situation, you can't say how you would react. In fact, as I write this, we still have more details to learn, some of which may support some of the police actions. I just don't know at this point.

As a DEA agent, I was in one full-blown shootout. In addition, in an agency that historically has done a lot of undercover work, I can tell you that when you have an undercover agent who suddenly gets into trouble and is in danger of dying, the cover team has one thing to do. Go in and retrieve the undercover agent. You don't first call for back-up, you don't first call for the SWAT team. You don't first call for a negotiator. You don't first secure the area. You go in with whatever you have as soon as you realize your undercover agent is in trouble. Of course, you plan for that before beginning the operation, and you ensure you have enough personnel and weaponry to handle emergencies. To be fair, the police in Uvalde could not foresee that their elementary school was going to be attacked that day. It is still unclear whether some police were actually inside the school taking fire from the shooter.

In the shooting situation I experienced. We had three undercover agents (one DEA and two local cops), and suddenly, shots were ringing out. We responded, and, as it was, the only person who died was the bad guy who started shooting when he saw the arrest team moving in as he was delivering the heroin. As it was, three local cops, two of whom were undercover, were wounded but survived.

Shifting gears a bit, with all the talk about gun control measures and the political game now in full progress, could I offer a (partial) solution to the problem of school shootings? It's not my idea, but rather one that so many retired law enforcement people are advising.  

It is high time that no matter the cost, schools have to have armed security. Yes, I know we are talking about hundreds of thousands of schools around the country. It's a monumental task and will cost money. But we have so many thousands of retired law enforcement personnel who lawfully possess and carry firearms, and who would be more than happy to spend a few hours of their day guarding their local schools at a minimal salary to augment their pensions. You don't have to create a new agency and hire and train new people with full salaries and benefits. Many would do it on a volunteer basis. This is something that could be handled on the state level with financial support from the federal government if necessary. Declaring schools as "gun-free zones" only ensures an easy target for shooters.

It is not just schools. Places of worship and other institutions also need security, and many hire their own security with private funds. 

It's hard to admit that this is the kind of society we live in today, but the need for armed security has never been higher. There are so many things that our government at the federal, state, and local levels has thrown money at, but this would be a great investment (I hate to use that word, but I must in this case). I support aid to Ukraine, but think what those huge sums of money could do to enhance our security at home.

And consider this, especially those of you Beto O'Rourkes out there who want to remove guns from law-abiding citizens. In Israel, ordinary citizens normally own guns and are encouraged to do so. When some Palestinian terrorist goes on a stabbing spree or uses his/her car to run down innocent people, he/she knows he/she is likely going to be shot and killed by an ordinary citizen even before the police or army get there. Does that stop them? No, because, after all, they are fanatics who are ready to die, just as these school shooters are. But in Israel, the threat is usually stopped before the body count becomes so huge. Indeed, Israel has been dealing with this problem for so long now, that other police from around the world turn to Israel for training. Of course, here at home, that drives the pro-Palestinian lobby and their leftist allies crazy.

Finally, rather than pass more laws that would only disarm law-abiding people and make them defenseless against this huge problem of violent crime and mental illness that we suffer from, wouldn't it be better to use the laws we have to keep violent criminals locked up, especially when they commit a crime with a gun? Wouldn't it be better if we could keep mentally-ill people with violent tendencies in mental institutions? I know that raises a host of questions as to who decides a person has to be institutionalized. Decades ago, the courts and the powers that be decided that it was better to release mentally ill people out into the community and let them be cared for there. Go to places like Los Angeles and San Francisco and see how that has worked out. 

Those are my thoughts, and I express them reluctantly. The last thing I want to do is second guess cops who make an honest mistake under such horrific conditions. No doubt, they all feel terrible, and I pray for them. The families of the victims deserve straight answers as to the chain of events, and-as always is the case- the Uvalde tragedy must be used as a teaching point for state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. No doubt the Uvalde case will be incorporated into law enforcement training academies everywhere.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Spain: Spanish town rocked by honor killing of two Pakistani residents

A municipality in Catalunya, Spain is being rocked by the apparent honor-killing of two Pakistani sisters who resided in the town. As the below article from El Mundo explains, the two sisters, living with other family members in the town of Terrassa, were apparently lured back to Pakistan by other family members who told them their mother (who had recently returned from Spain to Pakistan) was dying. Once back in Pakistan, it is alleged that family members tried to pressure them into taking two men they had previously been forced to marry back to Spain with them. When they both refused and expressed a desire to divorce the men, they were reportedly murdered by family members, 6 of whom are now in Pakistani custody.

The below article from El Mundo is translated by Fousesquawk.

The mother witnessed the murder of the Terrassa sisters in Pakistan at the hands of their other brother

The woman is under police protection for the threats she received from her family

Caption: Arretees for the deaths of the sisters EFE-News

The crime (against) the neighbors of Terrassa, Arooy Abbas and Aneesa Abbas, the sisters of Pakistani nationality, in their country (Pakistan) for wanting to separate from the husbands they had been forced to marry, could also involve punishment for the family, a brother of the victims is among the material perpetrators of their death(s).

The mother of the deceased, Azra Bibi, had been in her country for some time since she went to take care of one of her sons, a minor, who was living with two others. However, as reported by the daily, Dawn, as soon as she arrived in her village, Nothia, her family locked her in a room, kept her incommunicado without being able to talk to her daughters, and threatened her,  Everything indicates that Arooj and Aneesa were tricked into leaving this country (Spain) when they told them that their mother was about to die.

Once there and seeing that it was a trap, the family pressured the sisters to take their husbands, whom they had been previously forced to marry, to Spain. They refused and asked for divorce(s), for which they were mistreated by their family, including their brothers so that they would change their minds. They also slandered them, that they had relations with other men in Spain and dressed in Western style.

Finally, the woman were suffocated with a handkerchief and shot. The deaths occurred hours after their arrival in Pakistan. It appears that this crime was committed in the presence of the mother, presumably to teach her a lesson for the refusal of her daughters to continue with the forced marriage. For this, after the burial of the girls, a relative took the mother under her protection since she feared for her life, and she is now under police protection. In addition, she made contact with the Spanish embassy in (Pakistan) with the intention to be able to leave to Europe as soon as possible. She has a minor son in this country and another in Spain.

There are 6 arrestees in Pakistan for this crime, among them, two brothers of the victims, as well as uncles and cousins, and another three persons are being sought for their alleged involvement. Meanwhile, in Spain, the prosecutor's office of Terrassa is investigating whether someone in the victims' environment in their location of residence could have led them into the trap. The (Catalunyan Police) have taken a statement from the father of Arooj Abbas and Aneesa Abbas, who explained that he has not had contact with them for some time since they had left home, (as have stated) a brother and an uncle.

The police interrogated other persons connected to the family, like the owner of the shop where the father works, who confirmed the version that he had had no contact with his daughters for some time. In addition, he explained that he didn't know that they (the daughters) were in Pakistan since he considered that he (the father) had "no responsibility" in what has happened because he has known him for years and trusts in his word. He also was surprised by the fact that one of the older brothers, who lived in Terrassa, is one of the material perpetrators of the murder(s) because he "loved his sisters very much". The father might return to give (another) statement at the police station. In Pakistan, the preventative custody of the suspects ends next weekend.

The death(s) of the two sisters, residents of Terrassa, has caused a deep commotion, not only in this municipality, in which there have been several displays of tribute and repulsion for the crime, but also in Catalunyan society. The Parliament condemned this murder, as well as another misogynist crime committed in March in La Granada del Penedes (Barcelona), noting that "violence against women is the most brutal face of machismo and patriarchy." 

But the crime has also shaken the large Pakistani community of Terrassa. Yesterday, a representative, Kamram Khan, stated that it was a "brutal act" and noted that, "a murder is always a murder, and cannot be for honor; they are two words that do not add up. Honor says that you must protect loved ones, not kill them". 

Mass Killings and Mental Illness

 Recent events around the world, including the US, have caused many of us to consider the question of mental illness when especially heinous crimes are committed, particularly involving mass murder. As I write, the US, just yesterday (May 24), has experienced a horrific elementary school shooting in Texas. Ninteeen children and three adults (including the 18-year-old shooter) are reported dead. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were shocked by a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo when ten people were shot and killed by a young white gunman targeting black people. In addition, the US in the last couple of decades has suffered a number of mass-casualty school attacks that defy explanation.

We are also dealing with the issue of terror attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorists, which often result in mass casualties, but just as often with only one or two casualties, attacks committed either by suicide vest, gun, or simply using a knife or car if that is all that is available.

In Europe, being politically correct, the politicians, police, and media are very quick to describe a Muslim attacker as "mentally ill". Just two days ago (Monday), a man shouting, "Allahu Akhbar" entered the embassy of Qatar in Paris, and beat and strangled a security guard to death as police had to wait outside almost an hour for official written permission to enter the embassy and intervene. As usual, the assailant is being described as having a history of mental illness. It's not just in France, but also in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, and other Western European countries dealing with a massive influx of Muslim migrants, mostly, single young males. Aside from periodic terror attacks, the rate of murder, aggravated assault, and rape has skyrocketed. In Europe, the powers that be would prefer to label them as individuals with mental problems (which have nothing to do with Islam, of course). Apparently, they are all crazy. But are they?

It is pretty much a given that we have a mental health crisis in the US. When you consider the amount of violent crime, senseless attacks, homelessness, and drug abuse, I fully agree that we have a mental health crisis, and crime is a component of that.

Recently, one of my anonymous reader/commentators took me to task for, according to him or her, being (among those) ready to assign mental illness to white racist perpetrators but not to Muslim attackers when they murder someone to the cry of "Allahu Akhbar". In other words, killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam. 

While I think my critic was off-base (I don't excuse murder by anybody), the point merits some reflection. 

Mass murderers generally by definition have a few screws loose. That applies both to serial killers and one-timers who explode and take out as many victims as they can in one fell swoop.  (It is also true that serial killers and mass killers tend to be white.)

The issue of Islamic radicalization and acts of violence against non-Muslims (or Muslims of other sects) seems more complex because they are following an ideology. An ideology they interpret as requiring them to wage violent jihad against infidels. Of course, not all Muslims subscribe to that ideology, preferring to live peacefully with their neighbors and make a living to support their families.

But many do feel called upon to join the jihad-the "lesser jihad" as the Prophet Mohammad was quoted as saying as he returned from a battle: The "greater jihad" was the inner struggle to be a better Muslim. It is this latter jihad that you hear about when you talk to Islamic apologists. The fact is that both jihads exist.

So the question begs: Are violent Muslim extremists, the members of al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic State-and those who act independently, such as this week's attacker at the Qatari embassy in Paris-insane? Are they all deranged individuals who are incapable of acting rationally? Were the 19 hijackers of 9-11 all insane? They carried off the biggest terror attack in history. They had a motive. They apparently acted very calmly and methodically. In that case, you had 19 "crazies" who all found each other and coordinated their operation perfectly.

The critics of Islam-those who have either left it or studied it in detail- would tell you that a perfectly sane, rational person can attend certain mosques, listen to certain imams, learn the Koran, the Hadith, and the life and sayings of Mohammed, and come to a perfectly rational conclusion that his or her religion compels him/her to take up arms and kill people in the name of Allah. Again, not all Muslims follow that call, but we need to be on our guard for those who might.

So the question of which murderers are mentally ill and which are simply evil is a bit tricky. We should differentiate according to sound reasoning and not assign labels selectively.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Outrage on Saturday in W Los Angeles

On Saturday (May 21), a group of men tentatively identified as members of the Goyim Defense League (an anti-Semitic group) drove through heavily Jewish areas of W Los Angeles and Beverly Hills with anti-Semitic screeds*  posted on a rented truck. They were also shouting anti-Semitic epithets out of the truck. At least two were dressed in Storm Trooper-type garb. The below article from JNS describes the series of incidents and has a link to video clips of these knuckleheads. Warning: It is all sickening.

I don't know much about this Goyim Defense League, but after looking at their website, it is enough to make one puke. These screwballs are admirers of Adolf Hitler. They are sick. 

Frankly, I don't understand why the cops didn't pull their vehicle over and cite them for whatever violation was handy, such as hate speech, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, or simply harassing people. Charge 'em with mopery if you have to.

I fully understand that a lot of hate speech in America is still protected speech, but what these characters did Saturday was aimed at deliberately harassing people in public -Jews.  I am no lawyer or Constitutional expert, but when you are disturbing the peace and targeting specific people for harassment, some line must have been crossed.

This is a very dangerous time in America, and this Goyim Defense League needs to be monitored by law enforcement very carefully.

* Leo Frank, whose name appeared on the truck, was a Jewish man who was arrested, tried, and convicted for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan in 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia. When his sentence was commuted in 1915, a lynch mob stormed the jail where he was being held, drove him to Marietta, Georgia, and hanged him. His actual guilt for the crime has remained open to serious doubt and is an important aspect to the history of anti-Semitism in the South.

France: Murder in the Qatari Embassy

On Monday, France experienced yet another murderous attack carried out to the cry of "Allahu akhbar", this time at the  Qatari embassy in Paris, where a man (well-known to the police, as usual) attacked and murdered a  security guard. Even more shocking, upon arrival at the embassy, the police had to wait almost an hour for official permission to enter the embassy-all while the murder was taking place.

The below article in today's Boulevard Voltaire gives details of the attack and asks why these attacks are always dismissed as the work of somebody who is mentally ill. Translation by Fousesquawk.

To the cry of Allahu Akhbar, a man strangled at embassy of Qatar: More than terrorists, nothing but madmen!

-Marie Delarue, 24 May 2022

In the face of the unbelievable attack that took place Monday morning at the embassy of Qatar, are we to invoke the psychiatric state of the murderer? The facts, this time due to the diplomatic context, are staggering. At 6:30 in the morning, the cleaning lady calls the police, stating that a fight is happening in the lobby of the embassy. An individual is in the process of massacring the guard. The police arrive 5 minutes later but cannot enter: They require written authorization from the ambassador or one of his representatives. According to the police report (viewed by Europe 1), " It was only around 6:50 that a counselor of the embassy of Qatar arrived in front of the entry and asked the police to intervene." The attacker continued the beating. At 7:05, the necessary document of intervention finally arrives, signed by a representative of the ambassador. While waiting for the order to come down through the hierarchy, the police and firefighters continue to (do nothing) during the massacre. "Finally, at 7:28 they get the green light from public order and traffic staff (DOPC)  to enter the embassy of Qatar, 53 minutes after their arrival," The guard is dead, beaten and strangled. It was a 42-year-old Frenchman. 

Of his murderer, we only know the initials, Ilies S. and the tumultuous past. He is, "well-known by the police services," for violent acts against the police, outrages, and rebellion. Tested positive for cocaine, he "suffers from psychiatric issues," and if he cried out, "Allahu Akhbar" several times before stating that he acted out of "revenge for his brothers", it is obviously just a coincidence. Because we are telling you that he is crazy! 

After the attacks that have bloodied France and occupied our justice system for months in dissecting the intentions and the moods of the Bataclan and Charlie (Hebdo) killers, France can finally breathe easy: There are no more terrorists, nothing but crazies in complete delirium. And that changes everything.

Like Toinette disguised as a doctor in front of Argan, we treat terrorists today like Moliere (treated) his Imaginary Invalid.

What do they say you are sick (from)?

- They say it is Islamism.

-They are all ignorant, it is your brain that is sick.

-The brain?

-Yes, what do you feel?

-From time to time I get headaches.

-Exactly, the brain.

That's how it is. After having predicted the spread of (lone wolf) terrorism, committed by self-radicalized individuals and being able to go into action at any time, anywhere,  we systematically attribute the commission of these crimes today to mental derangement of the perpetrators.

Soon, 7 years will have passed since the Bataclan (attack), marked by 21 major attacks, numerous attempts, and more than 60 foiled attacks. Islamic attacks on the police prefectures of Villejuif, Romans-sur-Isere, or Rambouillet: a priest or teacher with his throat slashed, passersby stabbed in the middle of the street, police attacked with knives, a 60-something woman tortured then thrown from a balcony.........Whether committed by an Algerian student, a Sudanese, or a Malian delinquent, all these crimes have been to the cries of, "Allahu Akhbar". What have we learned? That the perpetrators were "unbalanced", "psychologically fragile individuals", or having "psychiatric histories," when they are simply acquitted on the pretext that they were drugged. In the face of the madmen of God, we only retain the adjective crazy........

Monday, May 23, 2022

Sweden: Suspected Honor-Killing of 14-Year-Old Girl

Nacka, Stockholm County

Swedish police in Nacka (a municipality next to Stockholm) have charged three Ethiopian family members with murdering a 14-year-old female family member and trying to mask it as a suicide. Police suspect that this was a so-called honor-killing because the family was upset that the victim was going out with friends after school.

The below article from Nyheter Idag is translated by Fousesquawk.

Charges filed against Ethiopian citizens suspected of honor-killing in Nacka

Charges have been filed against a 46-year-old woman and two young men who are suspected of the murder of a family member in Nacka. The suspects are Ethiopian citizens, and police suspect that the underlying motive is honor.

Three Ethiopian citizens are charged for a suspected honor-killing on Thursday in Nacka. Two of the suspects are men, born 2001 and 2005 respectively, while the third is a woman born in 1976.

According to earlier media information, the suspects are family members of the deceased girl.

The reason for the arrests was that the suspects' stories as to the girl's death did not appear to be true, and police suspected that it was a staged suicide to hide a murder, according to Expressen.

Among others things, the suspects gave differing accounts to the police, but they also tried to conceal objects that were reportedly used in the alleged suicide, as well as the girl's cell phone.

Police suspect that the motive for the suspected murder was that the girl was going out with friends after school, which upset other members of the family. All this was reportedly known at the girl's school, where there was concern for the girl, which was reinforced by the fact that she was reported (to school) sick on Thursday, Expressen writes.

A forensic pathologist has also stated that the girl's injuries do not match with the family members' accounts of the supposed suicide.

All suspects deny the crime.

-Johannes Nilsson

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Disinformation Governance Board Canned....Hitler Reacts

My latest Fousesquawk Hitler parody masterpiece. 

After a mere three weeks in existence, DHS's newly-created Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) has been "paused" after three weeks of outcries from Republicans and anybody concerned about freedom of speech. Nina Jankowicz, who served for three weeks as head of the board (I have no idea what her official title was) has resigned in anger, claiming to be the victim of "disinformation".

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Hitler reacts to the news.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Biden's Disinformation Governance Board Goes Bye-Bye

Hardly had DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board and the naming of its head, Nina Jankowicz, suddenly, it all goes poof. It's on pause according to new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, in her customary awkward, stumbling, read-it-off-the-briefing-book manner.

"The Shining"
The Disinformation Governance Board

This has all the ear-markings of a failed trial balloon. If the mere creation of this monster wasn't enough to cause panic, the naming of Jankowicz, coupled with her history of prior statements and videos of her "melodious singing", were all the public needed.  Even by Biden governmental standards, this woman is an embarrassment of epic proportions. Basically, she comes across as a certified wacko.

Here is Jankowicz stating her case to CBS's Jamie Yuccas. Note that aside from one question Yuccas' asks about Jankowicz's past tweets, there is not one critical question as to the idea of having such a board in the first place.

If Ms. Jankowicz has been subjected to threats on her life as she alleges, that is regrettable, but as to the public mocking following her appointment, she has nobody to blame but herself. And Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas should be ashamed and embarrassed that they tried to create this monster in the first place. It's pretty obvious they shut it down in the face of the overall public reaction.

Turkey and NATO

 After careful consideration, Sweden and Finland have decided to apply for NATO membership in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Both countries have realized that it was time to abandon their long-standing neutrality and enhance their security through the North Atlantic alliance. They did so in the face of threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Their formal applications have been almost unanimously welcomed by NATO member countries.

I say almost because Turkey is objecting. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's president, is once again sticking his finger in the eyes of the alliance he is supposedly part of. Erdogan is a dictator, anti-Semite, and a notoriously unreliable partner. Previously, he has threatened to open the floodgates of Middle Eastern refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants, and fortune seekers into Western Europe. Now he says he will veto Sweden and Finland's entrance into NATO. (All NATO members have to approve the applications).  Erdogan is accusing Finland and Sweden of supporting his Kurdish enemies So now, NATO reps have to fly off to Ankara and negotiate with this tinpot dictator-no doubt to sweeten the pot for Turkey.

I recognize there are geopolitical considerations for keeping Turkey in NATO, but at what point do we realize that one of our members is no friend? Personally, I would like to see Turkey (under Erdogan) kicked out of NATO. If Erdogan thinks he can find better security in bed with the Russian army after its embarrassing performance against Ukraine, let him go. NATO is better off with Sweden and Finalnd.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Buffalo....and Other Places

On Tuesday, President Biden and First Lady, Jill Biden traveled to Buffalo in the wake of the horrific shooting by a young white male, a shooting directed at black shoppers which left ten people dead. During his speech, Biden specifically attacked white racism and white supremacy. A text of his speech can be read here.

There have been a lot of negative reactions to Biden's speech, mostly from conservatives. Many reacted as though the President was singling out white people in general and implying that the idea of "white supremacy" was still prevalent in this country. It has also been pointed out that the shooter's "manifesto' clearly indicates a sick mind and leaves doubt as to whether he was on the left or right of the political spectrum. The truth is we have a mental health crisis in the country, a  crisis that accounts for so much of the violence committed. What happened in Buffalo is part of that.

It is pretty clear that the shooter was motivated by anti-black animus, and that is to be condemned. But are we to hold all white people responsible for the actions of a clearly-deranged individual? How many white people in this country applauded this act? A very small fringe, I would argue. 

As for the notion of white supremacy: Yes, it was very prevalent when I was growing up in the 40s and 50s, especially in the South, where it had the force of Jim Crow laws. White supremacy today has no force of law. The vast majority of people of all colors in America reject it. In short, it has no currency, and is only whispered among fringe individuals in dark places. Yes, there is racism and hate, which comes from many sources and directions.

This week, in Laguna Woods, a small community near Irvine in Orange Country, California, a 68-year-old Chinese man walked into a church where a group of Taiwanese parishioners was holding an event. Five people were wounded and one killed. The motive: As a child, the shooter had grown up in Taiwan, and as a Chinese national from the mainland, he was subject to discrimination of some sort, a wound he carried with him all his life. His motive was a Chinese hatred of Taiwanese people (who consider themselves ethnically different from the Chinese). President Biden did not go to Laguna Woods and talk about an Asian-on-Asian attack. 

A few days before Buffalo, a large number of people were shot and wounded in Milwaukee in a series of shootings in the wake of an NBA playoff game involving the hometown Milwaukee Bucks. The victims were black, and it appears the shooters were also black. Joe Biden did not go to Milwaukee to talk about a black-on-black attack. For that matter, he could go to Chicago just about any Monday to talk about black-on-black murders that explode with regularity on the weekends. What happened in Milwaukee and what happens regularly in Chicago is a persistent and recurring tragedy that our political leaders will not confront or talk about, not because the dead victims are black, rather because the perpetrators are black.

In addition, on May 11, a shooter entered a Korean-owned salon in Dallas and opened fire, wounding three Asians. The man charged is black and reportedly professed a hatred of Asians. Joe Biden did not go to Dallas. (He did mention Dallas in passing in his speech.)

Speaking of black attacks on Asians, this is happening with increased frequency in places like New York City. Our leaders and the media bemoan the attacks against Asians, which is proper, but will not discuss the fact that most attackers have been black, just as most attackers against Jews on the streets of our cities tend to be black.

To be fair to President Biden, he can't go everywhere, and of all the incidents mentioned above, the Buffalo attack is clearly the worst in terms of loss of life, and the personal words of any president can be comforting to the victims' families. If racial animus is the motive, it is proper to point that out as well, but in confronting the problem of racially-inspired violence, we must condemn all forms. Of course, it is only when the attacker is white does that fit the narrative of Joe Biden and our media.

Yes, we have racial divisions in our country, which we must work to eliminate, but, while not excusing white racism for one instant, it is hardly the only ingredient in our racial problems. Community and religious leaders of all colors-not to mention our mental health professionals- need to be tackling this problem. And we, as everyday people, need to condemn the idea of the supremacy of any group.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Germany: A New Study on German and Muslim Anti-Semitism

The Allensbach Public Opinion Polling Institute, located in Allensbach, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, has conducted a survey on behalf of the American Jewish Committee. It queried Germans over the age of 18 and asked them if they agreed with a series of anti-Semitic tropes against Jews (see below). It also measured the responses of the general population versus responses from Muslims and supporters of the Alternatif fuer Deutschland (AfD) party, which opposes mass Muslim migration into Germany. The results of the survey indicate that Muslims and supporters of AfD agree with the anti-Semitic tropes at a higher rate than the population at large. Even so, the numbers attributed to the population at large are troubling, especially given Germany's history.

Full disclosure. Heretofore, I had the AfD website linked to this site. It appears I may not have done sufficient homework on them, so I have removed the link pending further checking with my German contacts. It behooves me to check out this allegation carefully, and I will do so. Thus far, all I can determine is that AfD has been accused of harboring anti-Semitic sentiments among some of its members, but there also is widespread disagreement on the question. Of course, what I read in the media, I take with a grain of salt, and much of the German media and political establishment is anti-AfD.

The below article from Welt is translated by Fousesquawk.

The devastating indifference to Muslim hatred of Jews

 11:48, Reading time: 2 minutes

by Claudia Kade

Head of Political Department

Caption: Almost one in four Germans agree with anti-Semitic statements. That comes from a new study. Among Muslims, the number is even higher. Frederik Schindler of Welt-editorial staff (domestic policy) has the numbers and clear demands.

In an Allensbach-survey, more than 45% of Muslims questioned shared anti-Semitic statements. In other groups, Jew-hatred is also widespread. The reaction: A collective shrug of the shoulders. Have we taken all this into account?

It has only been one week since these numbers have been out there-in their frightening and urgent clarity. And yet today, these numbers play no further role in the public. Sent out in the news broadcasts, clicked on the websites. With no outcry. Without debate or even an idea of how this must be permanently countered.

As a reminder: These are the results of a representative survey by the Allensbach Public Opinion Polling Institute (IdF) on behalf of the American Jewish Committee. According to (the above), almost 22 % of the population in Germany shared anti-Semitic attitudes. Among Muslims questioned, the agreement with anti-Semitic statements was almost 46%.

Chart 1- Agreement with statements about Jews

Proportion of those questioned who agree with the following statements in percentages

Jews use their status as victims of genocide in World War 2 to their advantage: General population 34%, Muslims 54%

Jews are richer than average Germans:  General population 27%, Muslims 47%

Jews have too much power in the economy and finance: General population 23%, Muslims 49%

Jews have too much political power: General population 18%, Muslims 45%

Jews are responsible for many economical crises: General population 11%, Muslims 33%

-Base: Federal Republic of Germany, from 18 years (of age), Allensbach Archives, IdF Survey

Of Muslims who declared frequent mosque visits, agreement with the anti-Semitic statements queried was clearly higher than those Muslims who reported only occasional, seldom or never visiting a (mosque) service. And: In all of the queried statements, the agreement among supporters of Alternatif fuer Deutschland (AfD) was the highest in comparing (political) parties.

Chart 2-Anti-Semitic prejudice especially pronounced among AfD supporters

Proportion of (those) questioned in agreement with following statements in percentage

Jews use their status as victims of genocide in World War 2 to their advantage: General population 34%, AfD supporters 48

Jews are richer than average Germans:  General population 27%, AfD supporters 46%

Jews have too much power in the economy and finance: General population 23%, AfD supporters 39%

Jews have too much political power: General population 18%, AfD supporters 34%

Jews are responsible for many economical crises: General population 11%, AfD supporters 22%

-Base: Federal Republic of Germany, from 18 years (of age), Allensbach Archives, IdF Survey

Each of these findings alone is reason for a comprehensive Parliamentary debate, a cabinet referral, a packet of measures from the Federal Interior Ministry- and what about the representatives of Islam?  And the comments of the AfD deputies in a Parliamentary debate on these numbers would also be interesting. Yet, nothing about it.

A devastating sign

What is really going on here? Have we taken all this into account? According to the motto: "It's always been this way, move on." "Can nothing be done?" "The problem is thousands of years old".

A Welt research has investigated how the justice system deals with the problem of Muslim hatred of Jews in this country, and using as an example, the anti-Semitic riots across the republic in May 2021, when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated anew. Result: Apart from single, severely punished cases, numerous investigative proceedings were dropped or handled with absurdly low sentences.

The signal that goes out from this collective shrug of the shoulders is devastating: Anti-Semitism is firmly anchored in the republic's everyday life. Politics and the judicial system cannot bring enough strength to counter it in an effective way. A deeply disturbing finding, exactly like the results of the Allensbach investigation. And possibly, they are connected. When will Germany act?


Fousesquawk comment

Here is a current article on the survey from the American Jewish Committee on the (English-language) website. The AfD is not mentioned.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

France: The "Boys of Lampedusa"

Tunisians arriving at Lampedusa-NPR file photo

It's an all-too-familiar story. A young guy from North Africa is fished out of the waters of the Mediterranean by some NGO boat and brought to the Italian island of Lampedusa like tens of thousands before him. From Lampedusa, he makes his way to other European countries like France. The next thing you know, someone is victimized, robbed, raped, or murdered. In this latest case in Nice, a Tunisian refugee who had previously arrived at Lampedusa, is now charged with raping an English woman in the French coastal town.

The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

Nice: An illegal Tunisian suspected of raping a young English woman

by Guillaume Poingt

Posted yesterday at 12:33, updated yesterday at 14:12

Caption: A prison cell

The individual, recently arrived from the Italian island of Lampedusa, was charged and placed in pre-trial custody.

A Tunisian, born in 1996, without fixed abode and in illegal status, has been charged with rape and placed in pre-trial custody on Friday, 13 May, Le Figaro learned from the prosecutor's office of  Nice, A judicial investigation has been opened.

The facts, reported by Nice-Matin, occurred Wednesday, 11 May shortly after 5 in the morning in the Port neighborhood. A woman of English nationality, who was leaving Garibaldi Square, was followed by a woman. The rape took place in an adjacent street.

According to our colleagues, The Center of Urban Supervision of the Nice municipal police, were able to retrace the steps of the victim and her attacker up to the point of the rape, captured by city cameras. Officers of the CSU found the presumed attacker an hour later in the same quarter. The individual was arrested while he was in the process of breaking the glass of a parked vehicle with a rock.

According to our information, the suspect had recently arrived from the Italian island of Lampedusa and was under the influence of drugs at the time of the rape of which he is accused.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Belgium: Moroccans Attack Photographer in Antwerp

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

This incident reportedly occurred in Antwerp on April 23. A 75-year-old photographer, identified as Donald Woodrow, was punched and knocked to the ground by a young Moroccan man. The circumstances are unclear, but it appears that a group of Moroccan youths were angry at Woodrow because he was filming something.  According to the below report from EU Times, Woodrow is a well-known Jewish photographer in Belgium. He reportedly has dual US-Belgian citizenship. Two perpetrators involved in the incident have been arrested. It seems Woodrow was actually filming a road hazard in the street caused by construction. 

The below video is from the Dutch news outlet, Ongehoord Nederlands, and is translated from Dutch by Fousesquawk.

The Death of a Palestinian Journalist

 Passions are once again inflamed in Israel as the never-ending conflict with the Palestinians continues. In the latest episode, Shireen Abu-Aqleh, a Palestinian-American journalist for Al Jazeera, was shot dead while covering a skirmish, battle, wherever you want to call it between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. Her funeral in Jerusalem this week got out of control when Palestinians refused to follow Israeli orders to transport her body to her burial place by car as opposed to a procession by foot.

Once again, the well-oiled Palestinian propaganda machine is accusing Israel of deliberately murdering Abu-Aqleh.

That is an open question since the bullet retrieved from Abu-Aqleh's skull is in the possession of the Palestinian Authority, and they are refusing to share the bullet with Israeli authorities. For the Palestinians, the case is closed. Abu-Aqleh was shot by an Israeli soldier, and furthermore, it was not a case of her being caught in the crossfire. It was a deliberate targeting according to the Palestinian version.

I should emphasize here that I do not know what happened. The Israelis, unlike the Palestinians, are saying they don't know what happened. Whatever the truth is, it should be brought out. If it was a case of a war reporter being caught in a crossfire, it is a tragedy regardless of where the bullet came from. What is truly important to determine is the Palestinian charge of deliberate murder of a Palestinian journalist (who was pro-Palestinian in her reporting, which should be irrelevant).

In my mind, the important distinction is that Israel is a democratic state with a credible system of justice. It has shown that it can punish wrongdoing by police or soldiers. That is hardly the case with the Hamas-ruled Gaza or the West Bank under the corrupt Palestinian Authority.  If the Palestinians want to withhold the fatal bullet and conclude that Israel deliberately assassinated Abu-Aqleh, they will be believed only by their rabid followers both in the Middle East, the UN, and here in the US, especially in academia.

Take University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, who seems to be on a personal crusade to bring down Israel. Here is what this "learned academic" has concluded sitting in his ivory tower in Ann Arbor in his blog, Informed Comment.

Juan Cole, you see, is informed. 

For me, sitting here in my study in Orange County, I don't pretend to know what happened. I would like to see a full and impartial investigation that all sides can agree on. If the Palestinians choose to hold on to their evidence and merely accuse the Israelis of deliberate murder, then their case should be viewed with skepticism. It suggests they have something to hide. The bullet itself would likely show which side fired it, but it would not in itself prove any deliberate attempt. 

Apparently, however, the Palestinians have already proved their case to their supporters worldwide. The Juan Coles of the world have reached their verdict.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Germany: Court Upholds Ban on Palestinian Protests

Berlin 2021

In the wake of recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations both last year and in recent weeks that have turned violent and featured anti-Semitic speech, the Berlin police have banned demonstrations this weekend. Their ban was appealed, and the courts have upheld the ban on demonstrations this weekend over concerns of violence and anti-Semitic speech. Demonstrators had hoped to mark this May 15, the date of Israel's independence, as their "nakba" (Arabic for catastrophe.)

So now they have a double-nakba.

The below article from Berliner Morgenpost is translated by Fousesquawk.

Courts uphold bans on Pro-Palestinian demonstrations

Updated May 13, 2022, 21:10/Reading time, 3 minutes

by Philipp Siebert

Caption: On 15 May 2021, thousands marched at a pro-Palestinian demonstration through Neukölln. It resulted in riots.

The Berlin Administrative Court and Higher Administrative Court upheld bans on pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the weekend.

Berlin. The announced pro-Palestinian demonstrations for the weekend remain banned. The Berlin Administrative Court, in an emergency session, upheld the police ban and rejected the corresponding applications from the event organizers. "The experiences with similar gatherings last year and April and May 2022 give rise to fears that violence will break out among event participants," the Administrative Court explained. "The police's prognosis of danger is (accepted)."

In the past, bottles and rocks were thrown at police, and pyrotechnics were used, the Court further stated in its explanation. It is also to be expected that participants would make legally punishable statements such as public incitement to crime and hate speech.

The highly anti-Israel and reaching anti-Semitism atmosphere, to the point of denying the right of Israel to exist, identified at previous gatherings, carries a readiness to use violence, and thus, has an intimidating effect. In view of these direct dangers, the bans are also "reasonable".  The applicants have filed an appeal against this decision with the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. In the evening, this (court) rejected the appeal and upheld the ban. The decision is not appealable (final).

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Rasmus Paludan Returns to Sweden

Danish politician and activist, Rasmus Paludan, made another visit to Sweden today to burn Korans. In the town of Borås, he appeared in a park and was separated from counter-demonstrators by a narrow river. Some of the counter-demonstrators attempted to swim across the river to get at Paludan, but were arrested. One woman nearly drowned but was rescued by others.

The below article from Fria Tider is translated by Fousesquawk. There are also three videos.

Muslims jumped in river to get at Paludan

Posted 12 May 2022 at 18:47


When Rasmus Paludan held a public meeting in Borås today, several persons tried to swim across the river to get to where he was.

Rasmus Paludan showed up at the city park in  Borås around 2 pm, reports P4 Sweden Radio.

He burned several Korans, and at Sandwall's site on the other side of the Viskan (river), a large number of upset counter-demonstrators gathered, several hundred.

Some of them jumped in the river to swim over to the park where the Danish Koran-burner was located, writes P4 Sweden Radio.

A video of the incident shows how police took several people into custody.

According to Dagens Nyheter, ten people have been taken into custody and have been arrested, suspected of assault after the incident.

One of the men who swam across the river threw a rock at Paludan which instead hit a police officer, according to the newspaper.

FLAME Article on Campus Anti-Semitism and Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP disruption at UC Irvine in May 2017

I am linking an article by the pro-Israel organization, Facts and Logic About the Middle East (FLAME) which describes how Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is responsible for much of the anti-Semitism found on college campuses. It contains a lot of specific examples, including an incident in May 2017 at UC Irvine in which I was present. The article is entitled, "How SJP’s Antisemitism and Violent Harassment Threaten Jewish Students". I am in agreement with everything stated in the article.

SJP was co-founded by UC Berkeley professor and activist Hatem Bazian, a Palestinian himself, who studied at San Francisco State University, where he was a pro-Palestinian agitator, and even then, his rhetoric and activity at SFSU led to accusations of anti-Semitism, accusations which have persisted to this day. In my view, SJP was founded to serve as an adjunct to the various chapters of the Muslim Student Association (known as the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine). Many MSA/MSU chapters have been very active when it comes to anti-Israel activism on campuses, but it seems that SJP (which has many common members of both organizations plus, in the case of SJP, some non-Muslim members) tends to be in the forefront of the more disruptive actions taken against pro-Israel organizations and events on campuses. That certainly appears to be the case at UC Irvine, where an SJP chapter was formed after the suspension of the MSU as a result of their disruption of Israeli Ambassador  Michael Oren's speech at UCI in 2010. SJP at UCI went on to disrupt pro-Israel events at UCI in May of 2016 and May of 2017, which has led to (mild) disciplinary actions taken against them by the university.

As cited in the FLAME article, it is not just UC Irvine, but campuses across the nation that have experienced SJP's tactics of disruption, bullying, and verbal/physical intimidation against Jewish students and other supporters of Israel. I have personally witnessed it at UCI. More than a few times, SJP and MSU (unsuccessfully) tried to intimidate me and prevent me from videotaping their speakers. 

As I have written more times than I can remember, SJP has proven that they don't belong on any college campuses. They do not respect the right of others to speak, and they try to shut speech down that they don't agree with. I applaud Fordham University for its decision to ban SJP from its campus. Fordham was supported in their subsequent legal battle by the Zionist Organization of America

Any campus that experiences these tactics is fully within its rights to ban such an organization. I only wish more universities had the gumption to stand up to SJP. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

It is instructive that virtually every pro-Israel group on US college campuses conducts itself in a civil and orderly manner, quite the opposite from SJP and its allies who advocate for the Palestinian cause. I would add here that if individuals or organizations want to support the Palestinian cause on campus in a civil and orderly manner, they should be free to do so, but when they engage in thuggish tactics designed to strip away the free speech rights and safety of pro-Israel groups, and when they cross the line into anti-Jewish rhetoric and attacks, no school should have to tolerate that.


Sweden: Reports That Sweden Will Apply to NATO

There are reports coming out of Sweden today that the country has already decided to apply for NATO membership as early as this coming Monday. This coupled with the joint-announcement today by the Finnish prime minister and president that Finland should become a member of NATO. 

Russia has promised that there will be "negative consequences" if either country should apply for NATO membership.

The below article from Nya Dagbladet is translated by Fousesquawk.


Reports: Sweden will apply to NATO Monday

The new Cold War

Posted today at 12:46

-by Jan Sundstedt

Despite assurances of extensive discussions about Swedish membership in NATO, it is becoming increasingly clear that a decision has already been made that Sweden will join the US-dominated alliance. According to information, the government will send in an official application on Monday.

Sweden's government will hold a meeting on Monday, where the formal decision on entry into NATO will be made. According to sources to the Bonnier* newspaper, Expression, the decision has already been made, and immediately after this meeting, an official application will be sent in.

It is considered especially important that Sweden and Finland apply together, and the Finnish political leadership declared Thursday that "without delay" they will apply to join NATO.

Officially, several meetings and debates will first be held where the question will be discussed-among others, among the Social Democrats' members, in the Parliament, and the security political analysis group, which will prepare a report at a press conference. On Sunday, the Social Democrats' party leadership will make a formal decision on membership.

In practice, however, it is already clear if one can believe the sources, and on Monday, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will call for an additional governmental meeting where the decision will be hammered through, and immediately after this, an application will be submitted to NATO. 

The Social Democrats' official line is that NATO  membership is still "an open question". As Nya Dagbladet earlier reported, the main reason for this is to give the image of a living internal democracy within the party. Members say at the same time that party leadership has for some time decided on entry into NATO-even though a large part of its members are opposed.

"All who were physically present at the meeting yesterday were positively inclined to NATO. There was more of an information meeting on the Social Democrats' turning on this important question. On paper, it's good to say you are having a dialogue, but you must also actually have it, " says Social Democrat Kent Vilhelmsson, who participated in the virtual meeting where the question was reportedly firmly established and discussed.

"None of the 1,800 participants was allowed to speak during the barely one hour (meeting), which the party leadership tightly controlled," he further stated on Facebook.

The only political parties expected to remain opposed to Swedish NATO membership are the Environmental Party and the Left Party.

Previously, among others, the Left Party has demanded that a referendum should be held on the question and that the Swedish people should be involved in a decision of this magnitude. This type of suggestion, however, has been repeatedly rejected by the larger parties, who, among other things, claim that it is "dangerous" to let the people decide on this type of question.

"There are important questions in such a referendum that cannot be discussed, important facts in such a referendum that cannot be put on the table," claims Integration and Migration Minister Anders Ygeman.

Opponents of NATO entry point out that the military alliance, in practice, is dominated by the USA, which has a very long history of driving imperialistic wars of aggression against countries and regimes, which are primarily about winning geopolitical advantages and control over natural resources.

Criticism is also directed in the context in which a Swedish soldier with NATO membership can be compelled to take part in war and conflicts with a very distant connection to Sweden-for example, a potential war between  NATO (member) Turkey and Syria. This is due to (the fact) that all member nations commit themselves in various ways to assist a member country that is attacked.

* Bonnier: A prominent family in Sweden long involved with publishing.