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Barry University Professor Links Oregon Standoff to "White Privilege"

Somehow Al Jazeera English has got me on their email list, and I just got this article dated January 5. It is written by some law professor at Barry University named Khaled A Beydoun. In this article, he describes how the protesters in the Oregon standoff have been treated with kid gloves. Why? White privilege. They are not Muslim, nor are they Arabs. Beytoun then goes on to link his theory with the Black Lives Matter movement and the shootings of Michael Brown and others.

 "Indeed, the images of police aggression against the protesters served as a lurid metaphor for the violent law enforcement inflicted on Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and the string of victims that gave rise to the protests."

I find it interesting that Beytoun is still invoking the ghosts of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Sandra Bland. The first two cases were thoroughly investigated by grand juries while the third case is an apparent suicide (still under investigation). A law professor should know better than drag these cases up.

Of course, this article was written before police arrested several of the protesters/militiamen or whatever they are and killed one of them during a car stop.

So much for white privilege.

Frankly, I never condoned the takeover by these armed militiamen in Oregon. The two ranchers they were acting in defense of may have been royally railroaded by prosecutors, but that is no excuse for an armed takeover. In my mind it should not have been allowed to go on as long as it did, and the local inhabitants wanted those guys out of there.

But for this so-called law professor in Florida to try to weave this all into a big ball of wax linking it to white racism, Islamophobia and black oppression is disingenuous. He needs to go back to law school because with the evidence he has put forth he couldn't put a dog in the pound.

Image result for judge on bench
"Release the hounds."

One Fine Day in a Migrant Camp in Calais

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Remember back in '44 when we were preparing for the invasion of France?


Well, Hitler figured that the Allies were going to come across the English Channel and land at Calais, but we fooled him and landed at Normandy.

Now it is all being played out again, but in reverse. Calais is presently where the most notorious migrant camp is located, from where the migrants try by hook or crook to get over the channel into England. It's not boats and troop carriers this time because now there is a tunnel that crosses from France to England, and the migrants try to hide in the trucks or just commandeer them if they can. So once again all eyes are on Calais, but this time for good reason. The invasion is going the other way now-from France to England.

Widows, orphans and brave soldiers crossing the channel

Two weeks ago, some dopey Dutch journalists ventured into the camp in Calais to speak to the migrants. They figured they would put on Palestinian keffiyehs and convince them that they were friends. You know, like the dopey scientist in the science fiction movie that tells the monster, "I'm your friend" just before he is squashed into smithereens.

Watch closely. If you miss the first 5 seconds, you will be lost. (And you don't want to get lost in the Calais migrant camp.)

Another Dutch liberal learns the hard way about the real world. The Netherlands, I must say, has long been a nation populated by liberal fools. They have one of Europe's great men in Geert Wilders, who they desperately need to become prime minister.

The German People Greet Angela Merkel

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Yesterday, Angela Merkel made a visit to Neubrandenburg. She was greeted by a crowd of unhappy Germans as her car arrived.

John Kerry Talks Peace as More Syrians Blown Up by ISIS

Image result for neville chamberlain

1938: Neville Chamberlain talks peace as Hitler takes the Sudentenland

ISIS claimed responsibility for a triple bombing in Damascus.

2016- ISIS claims responsibility for suicide bombing in Damascus while John Kerry talks about peace in Geneva

Germany's Rape Crisis

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

In this article by Stephen Brown in Frontpage Magazine, you can view a 20-minute video produced by a 16-year-old German girl who recounts (in German) with English sub-titles) what it is like for German women to walk the streets with one million refugees/asylum seekers roaming the streets. It is getting downright scary-all thanks to Angela Merkel

In the video, this girl repeatedly mentions things she cannot understand as to why all this is happening. I don't understand it either. Perhaps, Angela Merkel can explain it to all of us.

George Galloway Update: It Ain't Good

I was doing a little checking up on British comedian George Galloway today. It looks like his campaign for mayor of London isn't going so well.

Cheer up, George. If that mayoral race doesn't pan out (and it doesn't appear it will), you can always return to UC Irvine and entertain the Muslim Student Union.

Obama to Speak at Baltimore Mosque With Bad History

Hat tip Breitbart and Squid

Nothing much good has been coming out of Baltimore lately, you know, Freddy Gray, riots, politically-motivated prosecutions, Martin O'Malley, and the Ravens. Now we learn that President Obama is going to grace the local mosque, where a previous imam once justified suicide bombings.

“For a number of years we’ve been encouraging the president to go to an American mosque,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. “With the tremendous rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in our country, we believe that it will send a message of inclusion and mutual respect.”

I would like to encourage the president to go to a Christian church in Egypt (if they haven't all been burned down by now.) Mr Hooper talks of mutual respect, but it seems he hasn't learned the meaning of the word, mutual. (Must be his Canadian English.)

The Godmother (Part 19)

Somewhere in Iowa

The Godmother and her gang had been moving from one non-descript place to another. Ottumwa, Osceola, Cedar Rapids. No more than one night in each place as she tried to stay one step ahead of the FBI. She longed for her home in New York, but ever since she was fingered in the killings of four people, she had been on the lam. The Feebs had pulled out all the stops in trying to bring her to justice. Phones were tapped and emails were monitored. Still, the Godmother had eluded capture.

But her close friends could tell it was getting to her.

Not that she didn't have plenty of company. There was a phalanx of armed guards. There was also the omnipresent and mysterious woman who was always at the Godmother's side. Her name was Abedini (phonetic), and she was known as the Abelone. A long-time veteran of the Brotherhood  Mob, she was supposedly married to some ex-politician back in New York, but much like the Godmother and her erstwhile hubby, they were never seen together. Just her and the Godmother.

It was a cold day in Ames, and the Godmother was having coffee in the hotel coffee shop. Her husband had quietly arrived the night before to bring her the latest news from New York. Rumor was he had been in Washington negotiating a pardon for the Godmother.

As the Godmother and the Abalone were finishing their coffee, a bodyguard came in and approached the table.

"Godmother," he began.

Furious, the Godmother threw her coffee cup against the wall.

"I told you @&;*^*% bastards never to address me unless I addressed you first."

"Forgive, me Godmother, but brutte notizie. They know where you are. We must move immediately."

"Get my @#^*^ car. Go up to the room and tell my husband to get his *^%$#@ pants on."

Rushing up to the room, the bodyguard banged on the door. "The Godmother says we have to leave immediately."

"OK. OK. I'll be right down."

Outside the gang's cars were lining up in front of the hotel. The Abelone had jumped in one of them awaiting the Godmother. A crowd of about 7 people who had come to catch a glimpse of the Godmother were staring at the people jumping into the cars.

As the Godmother came out onto the sidewalk, she saw something strange. One of her bodyguards was running around the corner instead of getting into a car. She looked at the first car.


It was too late. No sooner was the word out of her mouth then the car exploded in a ball of flames.

For a moment, it seemed as if her world had ended. Then, as if in a miracle, Abalone came running up the sidewalk. "Here I am, Godmother!".

"Thank God! I thought for a moment...."

But there was no time to waste. Everyone piled into the cars. The Godmother's husband was the last one rushing out of the hotel, his pants still in his hand as a bodyguard shoved him into the last car. Within a minute, the motorcade was heading out of town (minus the first car, of course).

An hour later, a car full of FBI agents arrived in town and pulled up to the hotel. One agent, clutching a photo and a couple of emails, walked into the hotel and approached the front desk.

"Ever seen this woman?" he asked the receptionist.

Looking at the photo, the receptionist hesitated then answered:

"Can't say I have."

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Social Justice in 8 Pages at UNC Greensboro

My 8-Point Plan for Social Justice

Hat tip The College Fix

Imagine having to write an 8-page paper on what you are going to do to advance social justice-"given the new indoctrination understanding you have about society and education". That's what happened to students taking a course at UNC Greensboro from Revital Zalonka. The College Fix has the report.

In response, I refuse to devote 8 pages to refuting this feminist activist warrior, but I will limit it to 8 actions which I will commit to to achieve my own definition of social justice.

1 I will fight to defeat political correctness on campus

2 I will fight the anti-Semitism on campus that results from the anti-Israel efforts of pro-Palestinian students.

3 I will continue to fight against leftist professors like Zalonka who want to indoctrinate students with their own beliefs

4 I will vote against Democrats.

5 I will continue to expose Islamists in our society who want to impose their own values on us.

6  I will continue to stand for conservative principles.

7  I will continue to advocate the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for corruption and endangering our national security.

8 I will fight against identity politics based on a person's ethnicity.

What? I have run out of space already?

UC Berkeley Professor Injects Race Into Flint Water Scandal

                                                                 Hatem Bazian (He's the one with the microphone.)

"Structural racism is so deep and leaves nothing untouched including the people’s veins and eats the bodies from the inside. African Americans, communities of color, and poor whites are treated to contaminated water, polluted air, toxic, intensely fertilized and expired food supplies while not forgetting the basic fact that they are confined to rodent and cockroach infested housing. Nothing is incidental in the existing conditions found in the inner cities and in the forgotten and made to be forgotten communities of color, African Americans, and poor whites. Collectively, they are treated as mere “human rejects” based on a long chain of racist distortions rooted in pseudo-scientific evolution and religious rationalization."

Hatem Bazian is a Palestinian-born professor at UC Berkeley. I often refer to him as a two-trick pony because his pet causes are bashing Israel and complaining about Islamophobia in the US. Naturally, he supports the Palestinian intifadas, and in 2004, called for an intifada in the US before a college audience,

Recently, it appears Bazian has found a new nag for his corral. That would be accusing America-his adopted country- of being racist against black people. Of course, America does have a well-documented and acknowledged history in this regard, but Bazian has little or no concept of how this country has evolved over the years even before he washed up on our shores.

Now Bazian has jumped into the Flint, Michigan water controversy. According to him, it is all because of racism that Flint's residents have been hit with contaminated water. Here is his latest screed from his own blog.

 "Adding insult to injury, the city decided to forgo the use of recommended chemicals that would have prevented the erosion of the old pipes and possibly reduce the leaching of lead into the water supplies. "

Oops. Did you say city and not state?

As you may know, the Obama administration and the left have jumped on this crisis largely because Michigan has a Republican governor named Rick Snyder. Never mind that the state has been under the yoke of the Democratic party for decades. If former failed governor, Jennifer Granholm were still in Lansing, the response from Washington would probably not be so great. (Snyder succeeded Granholm in 2011. Granholm is now employed at UC Berkeley. I don't know whether she has been introduced to Bazian).

How much of the blame goes to Lansing and how much to Flint itself, I do not know. To the extent that city officials in Flint may have erred, we can hardly attribute it to racism. Just about all of the city council is made of up of African-Americans, and the current mayor herself is African American.

Scott Kincaid ward 9
Aha! He must be the bad guy.

As it turns out, it was the Flint City Council itself that had made the decision to use the Flint River as a source while engaged in a legal battle with the city of Detroit, which opposed the change.

In addition, Mayor Karen Weaver seems to be pleased with Governor Snyder's response to the emergency.

There may be plenty of blame to spread around, and the important thing is that all concerned are working to fix the problem. However, for some agenda-driven professor in far off California to inject race into this crisis is irresponsible. Bazian clearly doesn't know what he is talking about.

Who Are You Gonna Blame Now, Hillary?

Hat tip Squid

Hillary Clinton is running out of people to blame for being politically motivated when it comes to her email scandal. The State Department has now admitted that certain Clinton emails contained classified material. The below article is from the Washington Post-hardly a right-wing news outlet.

One can only wish the the Post was dedicating resources to this story as they did during Watergate, but it is good to know that more readers are seeing the story in print.

"The Friday announcement was significant because it appeared to undercut Clinton’s argument in recent months that she was merely the victim of a bureaucratic squabble between overly strict analysts at the intelligence agencies and more reasonable reviewers at the State Department."

Hillary and her camp are now not just blaming Trey Gowdy and the Republicans. Now they are taking shots at the intelligence community. Soon they will be blasting the FBI.

Is everybody out there politically motivated to bring down poor Mrs Clinton?

And isn't it a hoot that the Clinton campaign is calling for the State Department to release the contents of those 22 emails mentioned in the latest report? For reasons of transparency, no less. They know full well that those emails cannot be released to the public because of their stated sensitivity. How disingenuous!

The late Christopher Hitchens, I recall, wrote a book about Bill Clinton entitled, "No one left to lie to".  That, of course, has applied to Hillary for a long time. Soon it will be, "No one left to blame."

Shame on the UN and the EU

Hat tip The Right Scoop and Stand With us

Rabbi Abraham Cooper has written an eloquent op-ed in which he blasts UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for his asinine and ill-timed statement on "Palestinian suffering' on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Two months earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu rightfully blasted the EU for its insistence on labeling products made in Israel.

What is the point of these people having Holocaust ceremonies in the first place? In Sweden, they don't invite Jews. In Canada, the prime minister doesn't even mention Jews in his declaration. A large part of me wants to say that if I were Jewish I would tell the Europeans (with the exception of the Germans), Justin Trudeau, and the UN to forget about holding their Holocaust remembrances.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hillary: Twenty-Two Emails Cannot Be Released to Public-Too Sensitive

Hat tip Squid

First Hillary lie: "None of the emails I sent or received were classified."

Second Hillary Lie: "None were classified at the time I received them."

Today, the State Dept. announced that 22 of Hillary Clinton's emails cannot be released to the public because they were too sensitive.

A Couragious Professor in Portland

Hat tip The College Fix

There are too few professors in academia like this one. Michael Pearson of Portland (Oregon) Community College has challenged "Whiteness History Month" at his school.

Here is the actual letter to the campus paper. I have joined in the reader comment thread.

Latest Email Revelation: "Too Damaging to National Security to Release Under Any Circumstances"

Hillary Clinton and her campaign aides are still claiming that she neither sent nor received any communications that were classified "at the time". This later revelation, if accurate, disproves that claim. Two official sources have told Fox News of emails that contained information "too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances."

Keep in mind, these emails were sent/received on Hillary's personal server. She might as well have sent them via

One Fine Day on an Italian Bus

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and the Doctor of Common Sense

This is tooo good. Here is the scenario: Hoodlum immigrant gets on bus and slugs the driver. Driver proceeds to beat the dogsh-- out of the hoodlum immigrant. All this is moderated by some guy whose name I don't know, but it is clearly not Peter Jennings.

Statement of Former Univ of Missouri President

Hat tip Campus Reform

Tim Wolfe, who resigned as president of the University of Missouri in the wake of campus protests, has written a stinging letter obtained by the St Louis Post Dispatch and linked at Campus Reform.

Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky Speak at Brown University

Hat tip Brown Daily Herald

Below is the report from Brown University's campus paper, the Brown Daily Herald, on last night's speaking event by Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky. According to various reports, there were 20-30 protesters.

According to the official Brown web site, the auditorium was packed.

Sounds like Students for Justice in Palestine plans for a big protest fizzled.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

UC Irvine Black Student Union Says Abolish Campus Police

This is so sad. The Black Student Union at UC Irvine is demanding that the UCI Campus Police be abolished. Today's Orange County Register has the report.

As a part-time teacher at UCI since 1998, I have a few observations.

First of all, I have had a lot of contacts with the UCIPD over the years of my activism on campus. I have occasionally been critical of them. However, I will state that they are professional and dedicated to handling incidents and volatile situations in a manner that does not lead to violence. In addition, they are diverse and representative of society in general.  Any call to abolish them is nonsensical. It should be rejected out of hand by the administration. No discussion, no negotiation. It is a non-starter.

There are not very many blacks at UCI. There was an unfortunate incident a couple of years ago when a (Asian-American) fraternity made a black face video. It was not done out of malice, rather out of ignorance, and when the facts and history of black face in America were pointed out to them, they apologized profusely.

Contrary to what was stated in the letter, I do not believe that black students at UCI are suffering. Unfortunately, the administration has already given in to certain demands, most notably the building of a black residence hall. Imagine that. A segregated dorm. What is this, Mississippi in the 1950s? Are we to have separate water fountains as well?

UC Santa Barbara Embarrasses Itself Again

Hat tip The College Fix

Whether it's riots in Isla Vista or a professor grabbing posters and shoving girls out of an elevator trying to retrieve their property, UC Santa Barbara has problems. Today, a bunch of spoiled brats held a foul-mouth demonstration against the presence of Customs and and Border Patrol officers trying to participate in a job fair. The College Fix even has a two minute video showing the F-word on posters and students mouthing the f-word.

Protests are covered under the First Amendment, but it seems to me that at the point that profanity is being shouted across campus, the UCPD has the right to step in and restore some order.

They do have campus police at UCSB, don't they?

And how about Janet Napolitano's announcement that some 3,000 undocumented students are now eligible for tax-payer funded student loans?

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

*Update: Here is the report from the Daily nexus (campus paper), F-bombs and all. Here we learn that UCSB is a "Hispanic-serving institute"-whatever that means.

Justin Trudeau-No Class

Hat tip Algemeiner

Up until recently, Canada had a true statesman and leader as prime minister, Stephen Harper. Unfortunately, now they have Justin Trudeau, who is the liberal son of former prime minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau has just come out with an official statement as Canada marked Holocaust Remembrance Day this week. Incredibly, he never said one word about Jews.

I can only conclude that the reason Trudeau left out any mention of Jews is because he did not want to alienate Canada's restive Muslim population.

The Brown University Hosts Sharansky and Douglas

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

Brown University has darkened this site many times because of its little anti-Semites who always seem to come crawling out of the woodwork. Now we have actor Michael Douglas and Israeli political figure (and former Russian refusenik) Natan Sharansky coming to speak at Brown on anti-Semitism. Sure enough, the little Brown Shirts are up in arms. They don't think anyone from Israel should have the right to speak.

While I commend the university for hosting the event, I expect them to protect the right of the two speakers to come and say their piece without disruption. I will follow up to see what happens.

Rome Covers Up Nude Statues to Not Offend Rohani

Photo published for Rohani a Roma:coperte alcune statue di nudi musei capitolini - Politica
"Is he gone? Can we come out now?"

It's the biggest cover up in Italy since the Vatican Bank scandal. With Hassan Rohani, the President of Iran (Yes, they have one), coming on a state visit to Rome, Italian officials decided that all those nude statues in the Capitolini Museum, where Rohani met the Italian president, Matteo Renzi, Monday, had to  be covered up. They couldn't offend the moral sensibilities of Rohani, you know. (Somebody might get killed.) They have, however, offended many Italians.

I note that Rohani also met with the Pope. No word on whether he visited the Colosseum. I;m sure he must have since he would surely love to see where the Christians were fed to the lions.

Here is the report from La Stampa (in Italian) It focuses on Renzi's aide, Ilva Sapora, who is under fire not only for the statue controversy, but a number of other gaffes.

Is Sweden Finally Waking Up?

Maybe the scales have fallen from Swedish eyes as the government has announced that up to 80,000 refugees will be expelled.

Michel Mouse Saved by Alert French Cops

That's because French cops discovered guns and ammo inside the suitcase of a man and woman as they were checking into a Disneyland Paris hotel-no doubt intent on assassinating Michel Mouse and anybody else within range.

Oh yes, they also found a Koran.

The Khrush Gives Me the Brush

This article was first published in Eagle Rising.

USA. Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Nikita KHRUSHCHEV's visit. - USA. N. KHRUSHCHEV'S visit Los Angeles-San Francisco. The Soviet motorcade of the Soviet Leader Nikita KHRUSHCHEV making it's way towards Hollywood where he visited the film studios. - Dennis Stock
I'm somewhere hidden on the right

On September 19, 1959, then Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, who was touring the US, arrived in Los Angeles. Upon arrival at LAX, his motorcade took him to visit some studio in Hollywood. He was also hoping to visit Disneyland, but was enraged to learn that they wouldn't allow him to go.

On that day, I was 14 years old and living in the Mar Vista section of West LA just blocks from the 405 Freeway. A friend and I decided we wanted to catch a glimpse of Khrushchev. The 405 had been completely closed down for security reasons, but your intrepid reporter and friend easily got around that. We camped out under a freeway overpass next to a storm drain off Palms Avenue from where we could observe the now-empty freeway up close. (Good thing we weren't assassins. We could have started World War III.)

Anyway, the motorcade soon passed. It seemed every car was a limo with a fat bald guy in the back. One way or another we had seen Khrushchev.

Switch reels to last Saturday, when I was playing the skunk at the garden party at UC Irvine, which was hosting a three-day conference (along with USC) on Freedom of Expression (mostly from a predictably liberal point of view.) One of the guest panelists was Nina Khrushcheva, professor at the New School in New York and a great-granddaughter of Nikita. The topic under discussion  at that moment was Freedom of Expression in Repressive Societies, and she was discussing Russia. Her position was that while Vladimir Putin was certainly a bad guy and had probably been responsible for killing some of his enemies, he was not nearly the monster he was being portrayed as in the US. She also maintained that there was more freedom of expression in Russia than a recent survey had claimed. At one point, she told a humorous story of when she stood in Red Square with a poster that read, "Putin is a Dick". A confused policeman arrived and asked her what a dick was before ordering her in an exasperated fashion to get lost.

During the coffee break outside, Khrushcheva was pouring herself a cup of coffee, and I thought she might like to hear the story of when I saw her great-grandfather in LA as a child. I went over and introduced myself and began to tell the story as she looked for the cream. She hardly gave me a glance, just continued to fix her coffee while politely smiling and saying, "Yes. Yes".  When I finished, she said, "Yes, that's very funny. Thank you" She then walked away.


"Get lost, Dick."

Oh well. Maybe it had something to do with how, during q and a,  I had just reproached one of her co-panelists, a UCLA professor who was complaining about the "repression" of pro-Palestinian students at UCLA. At any rate, maybe someday I can tell this story to her great-granddaughter.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NYC Cabbie Throws Dog Out of His Cab: Why?

Hat tip Jihad Watch

This is a disturbing story out of New York. Of course, we know that New York City is famous for rude cab drivers. It has now risen to new heights. An Uber driver, Muhammad Qayyum, refused to transport a woman's service dog and physically threw it out of the cab causing injuries. The man was charged with animal cruelty, and the story was reported in the New York Post, sort of.

Jihad Watch picked up on the story and put some additional perspective as to why this incident likely occurred.

Good thing for Qayyum that the dog's owner was a woman. Had it been a man in that cab with the dog, well, you know..........

The Fate of Christian Girls in Pakistan

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Another day, another depressing story out of that depressing place called Pakistan. It is not a pleasant place to be if you are a Christian. (Probably not so pleasant for Muslims either).

Here is the latest atrocity that was visited upon Christian girls.

And just this week, a bunch of do-gooder interfaith Christian leaders got together with some Muslims including a member of CAIR to hold an event at Golden West College in Huntington Beach called, "Challenging Islamophobia". While non-Muslims are being raped and murdered all over the Islamic world-not to mention the "cultural enrichment" going on in Europe, we are constantly being besieged by these crybabies moaning about "Islamophobia", a term they concocted to silence critics of Islam and others who want to ask hard questions about why all these horrific things are happening around the world. In other words, we are the bad guys because we speak out about the bad things that (certain) Muslims are doing. How offensive it is.

At University of Oregon, MLK Not Inclusive Enough

Hat tip National Review and The Daily Emerald

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream." 

There are some weird ducks walking around the University of Oregon, where one of Martin Luther King's greatest quotes was recently put on a campus wall. Then some students wanted it taken down because it wasn't "inclusive enough"

Read on.

As I commented on the Daily Emerald online article, the above quote is one of the greatest in our nation's history. It came from one of the greatest speeches you will ever hear in the English language.

Fortunately, more sensible heads prevailed and the quote remains. Yet, it brought embarrassment to the university. (It was mentioned on Bill O'Reilly's show this evening.) Somebody needs to explain to these young people that sometimes you can't include every single interest group in one sentence.

Two Colleges-Two Professors

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism

Noah Beck has a great article in IPT contrasting the disparate treatment afforded two professors at two different colleges.

First. Beck describes the current-and long-going controversy over Professor Julio Pino, a jihadist cheerleader, who is now under investigation by the FBI for possible links to ISIS. Beck contrasts the support that Kent State gives Pino, who is still teaching, with the shameful treatment afforded Andrew Pessin at Connecticut College after he had the temerity to blast Hamas-a State Department-designated terrorist group. (He called them a "rabid pit bull", an apt description.)

Here is what I think: Pessin is right. Hamas is a rabid pit bull. Since I am at teacher (albeit part-timer) at UC Irvine (Extension), maybe the Students for Justice in Palestine at UCI would like to complain to the chancellor about my presence on campus. I've been calling Hamas terrorists for years on this website. There has never been any blow back from UCI. Maybe SJP would like to make an issue of it.

So there you are, SJP: I stand with Andrew Pessin. Hamas is a rabid pit bull. I said it.

Chris Matthews' Cuban Problem

Hat tip Town Hall

Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz may be gone from MSNBC, but they still have Chris Matthews to provide laughs. Matthews has spent the last eight years denouncing Obama's critics as racists. Here via Townhall is Chris' latest verbal road kill as he asks, "Who cares about two Cuban guys?" (Cruz and Rubio)

Chris, you really should care because one of them may just be the next president of the United States.
And if one of them makes it, we can play your game and accuse you of being a bigot every time you criticize whoever it is.

Good grief!

A Voice of Sanity at Univ of Missouri

Hat tip Campus Reform

Not everybody at the University of Missouri has lost their marbles. Marty Rochester, a political science professor, has put his thoughts down on paper about the recent goings on at the tiger zoo.

Well said, Sir.

Good News Out of France: Justice Minister Resigns

Hat tip Gallia Watch

Christiane Taubira, the left-wing, activist minister of justice, has resigned. That is welcome news for the French.

Taubira, it might be said, was the Eric Holder of France. She finally wore out her welcome when she recently tried to submarine President Hollande by announcing in Algeria that the proposed constitutional measure to strip French terrorists of their citizenship would be dropped. An embarrassed Hollande put it back in place after Taubira's ill-timed announcement.

UC Mandates Faculty Take Sexual Harassment Online Training

Hat tip Daily Bruin

Here we go again. It looks like I will be getting an email message from UC Irvine directing me to take a newly-mandated sexual harassment training course online.

Of course, I would expect that UCLA will make sure that the first faculty member to take this course be Gabriel Piterberg.

And if I ever get information that a student or co-worker has been the object of sexual violence, I will notify my supervisor and the police before some Title IX apparatchik.

"Challenging Islamophobia" at Golden West College

On June 25, there was another one of those interfaith love fests at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. It was entitled, "Challenging Islamophobia". Steve Amundson of the Counter Jihad Coalition was in attendance and wrote the below report. I am posting it with his permission.

Challenging Islamophobia – January 25, 2016

I won’t bore you by introducing all of the panelists from last night’s forum at Golden West College. The program is attached for your review.  I would like to note that dhimmi Dr. James Sauceda was seated in the center of the panelists with his Palestinian Keffiyeh draped around his shoulders.
All of the questions came from people sending them in online.  No questions were asked of the audience.  The only response from what must be done to counter the Islamophobia came from Sahar Pirzada of CAIR.  When asked, she said there must be much more conversation and dialogue.

The forum started off by moderator Sande Hart stating that Islamophobia is a WICKED problem which needs to be confronted.  Hoping to get credibility from the audience and the imam, she stated she put on a hijab and went to a mosque on 9-11 to show her support of the Moslem community.  That day she went to the library and grocery store all while submitting to Allah under the hijab.
When asked about gender equality in Islam, Sahar Pirzada responded that she is a feminist and a Moslem.  Could you explain that to me?  Unfortunately, no questions from the audience were solicited.  Marta, a convert to Islam, stated that the Quran gave rights and justice to women.
Half of the 100 or so in attendance raised their hand when asked how many were somewhat familiar with Islam.  The imam then proceeded to blabber out a 10 minute response, but never really did answer the question of, What is Islam?

Then came a question emailed in about the “Myths of Islam”.  Sahar of CAIR was quick to jump in and say that MSM has distorted Islam.   According to this Muslima, Islam is not oppressive to women (remember she is a self-proclaimed feminist and Muslima), East and the West can co-exist, Moslems are not terrorists and many GITMO prisoners are there unjustifiably.  The doctor in his Palestinian attire jumped in to say all religions have a history of violence.  When this Hamas appeasing doctor said that the first Muslim elected to Congress, Keith Ellison, was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, my seat belt held me back from leaping upon the stage.  Jefferson obtained the Quran to know the enemy Dr. Hamas.  Not as you stated to read, learn and embrace Islam.

So there you have the “love fest” of Moslems and dhimmis in a nutshell. Oh, I almost forgot, the first row of seating was reserved for Moslems and their handpicked dhimmis.

The two things I took away, good and bad:  This interfaith love fest, bull kaka is a well-greased machine.  They are very good at spewing lies.  And they are well organized.  For the good, they are very concerned about “Islamophobia”.  So continue the good work.

Below I have listed the organizations sponsoring this ill-conceived love fest and a few websites you may want to check out.
Cal State Long Beach
Coast Community College Board of Trustees
Huntington Beach City Council
Huntington Beach Human Relations Task Force
Huntington Beach PD
Los Angeles Latino Muslim Association
Oak View Com UNIDAD
Orange County Human Relations (our buddy Rusty Kennedy)
Orange County Interfaith Network
Spiritual and Religious Alliance for HOPE
Pacifica Institute
United Nations Association of Orange County
A FEW WEBSITES – From material I picked up      (This is the UN site for Orange County

Fousesquawk comments.

This guy, Sauceda sounds like a real plum.

I find it amazing how many of these Islamic events are fashioned so as to control the q and a. I have years of experience in attending them and trying to ask questions. (Sometimes you can.)

As for the panel, Ms Pirzada, the CAIR rep, was one of those who supported the cancellation of Bill Maher's commencement address at UC Berkeley. She signed a petition to that effect.

"I cannot let my alma mater stoop so low as to invite an Islamophobic speaker to the Dec commencement."
I won't go into another diatribe about CAIR.

As for Ms Hart's description of Islamophobia as wicked, tell that to Christians in the Middle East who are running for their lives. Who is being wicked here? Wicked to me is cutting people's heads off, massacring Christians and Jews in Europe, and selling captive women into sexual slavery. Wicked to me is Sunnis and Shia killing each other for centuries over who should have been the rightful successor to the Prophet Mohammad. Wicked to me is raping European women because you think you have a license to do so.

I found several articles on Ms Ramirez, who has written and spoken extensively of leaving Catholicism for Islam. That is her right, but has anyone ever pointed out to her that the next time she chooses to change religions it may cost her her life? I realize the Catholic Church used to kill heretics many centuries ago, but does so no longer while Islam still believes that apostates must be put to death-and often are.

Of course, none of this came out at Golden West College. It wasn't allowed to.

German Refugee Camp: Swastikas And Anti-Jewish Slurs

Hat tip Breitbart

Image result for german refugee camp at tempelhof
Tempelhof (No, this is not the Oktoberfest.)

The swastika is outlawed in Germany. Yet, there it is in a German refugee camp at the former Tempelhof Airport. Breitbart has a report on what happens when an Israeli Jew wearing a kippah attempts to "dialogue" with the refugees.

Well, I guess if the fiasco in Cologne on New Years Eve hasn't convinced Angela Merkel that this is a bad idea, what good with the swastikas do?

Congratulations, Germany. You have succeeded in bringing back the Nazis. By the time I get back to Germany, I look forward to hearing the Horst Wessel anthem blaring through the streets of Berlin.

Hillary's Blackberry Decoder

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Image result for hillary clinton on her blackberry
Hillary Clinton reading the Bible on her Blackberry

Hillary didn't need this.

Fox News has come up with an interview in which Clinton crony Wendy Sherman was talking about how the Hillary Clinton's Blackberry was being used to conduct the business of the State Department on the run (when there wasn't time for all those cumbersome classified systems of communication).

But worry not all you Clintonistas out there. Breaking news has it that Hillary has sewed up the Iowa Bible belt by dredging up this comment from last year: When asked what was the biggest influence in her life, she said, "The Bible".