Friday, November 30, 2012

Egypt: Arab Spring for Some-Winter for Coptic Christians

Hat tip Assyrian International News Agency

As the Obama administration continues to herald the so-called "Arab Spring", the nightmare continues for Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Harvard Barn Yard

Hat tip The Blaze

The below posting from The Blaze pretty much speaks for itself. A flyer, slid under students' dorm rooms, invites people to apply to a new campus club. It also states, "Jews need not apply" and "coloreds welcome".

I won't venture a guess on the "coloreds welcome" part since "colored people" is an out-of-date and now considered offensive term, while "people of color" is all the rage. The reference to Jews is clear.

Who is at fault?

My traditional, conservative,  law enforcement background normally leads to me to blame those who produced this flyer. However, in the case, there is another culprit.

Harvard University.

This is the inevitable result of years of anti-Israel indoctrination which goes on at Harvard (and of course, most other universities).

This is what you get when you have Middle East Studies departments full of radical, Israel-hating professors, where only one side of the conflict is ever given.

This is what you get when campus administrators are literally terrified of their activist Muslim students who are so easily offended.

This is what you get when you have faculty members who are basically academic frauds.

This is what you get when conservative or pro-Israel speakers come to campuses and are heckled or their speaking invitations cancelled.

This is what you get when you allow a campus atmosphere where the term, "Zionist" is used as code for "dirty Jew."

This is what you get when you turn a blind eye to Jewish students being insulted and intimidated on class or even in the classroom.

This is what you get when education in general is replaced by indoctrination.

This is what you get when only liberalism is "tolerated" on campuses and only that which is politically correct is tolerated on campus.

What you get are anonymous flyers being deposited in the dead of night slurring Jews.

A Crisis of Confidence in the UC System

The below report was published in April by the National Association of Scholars-specifically the California chapter. It concerns the deterioration of the quality of education due to leftist political indoctrination. It is long but well worth reading. It covers all the UC campuses including UC Irvine, where I work.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Want to Be a Fireman in Malmo?

"Burn, Baby, Burn!"

Better think again. That's what the firefighters of Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, are doing. About 25% of the city's residents are immigrants in the Rosengard section of the city. For fun, when are not harassing the Jewish residents, they are rioting and setting fires. When the fire brigade comes, they are attacked with stones and other projectiles. Now they are considering going on strike (the firemen-the rioters don't work).

Did you get that pathetic response from the city's anti-Semitic mayor, Ilamar Reepalu? He's the guy who told the Jewish residents if they don't like being harassed by Muslim immigrants, they are free to leave-which many Jews are doing.

Here is my idea: When the fire station gets a call from Rosengard, don't go.

Jewish Woman Killed, Cut in Half in Iran

Hat tip and OC Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

Hey Rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss! Have you heard?

Here is the latest horror story out of Iran. It involves a Jewish woman murdered in her home and cut in half by barbarians because they wanted her home to add on to a mosque.

I am reminded of the fringe Neturei Karta sect of Jews, based in New York under Rabbi Ysroel Dovid Weiss. This clown is a friend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and has traveled to Iran on multiple occasions. The Neturei Karta loons believe that Jews do not have a right to have a state in Israel until God brings it about.

In May of 2011, Weiss spoke at UC Irvine on behalf of the Muslim Student Union at their annual May hate fest against Israel. During the Q and A, he told me that Iran protects its Jewish community. When I challenged him to say the same about the Baha'i and gays in Iran, he ignored the question and continued with his lunatic talking points.

I hope someone passes this latest bit of news to him and his fellow loons in Neturei Karta. They will ignore it, of course.

Campus Bullying on University of California Campuses

I am linking an article by the Church of England Newspaper website, which contains an interview by writer Peter Menkin with former Department of Education-Office of Civil Rights director Ken Marcus. The topic is the on-going problem of anti-Jewish bullying on American university campuses-specificaslly on the University of California campuses.

I was interviewed over the phone by Mr Menkin for his research on this issue and have attended a couple of conferences with Mr Marcus.

I want to comment on that section involving the Rose Project as gloriously illustrated by Lisa Armony.

It is drivel.

I don't know what it is that the Rose Project says it has done on the UCI campus to reduce anti-Semitism aside, of course, from providing funding for the Olive Tree Initiative so Jewish students can go to the Holy Land and come back (in some cases) converted to the Palestinian cause including becoming members of Students for Justice in Palestine. The Rose Project is nothing more than a financial arm of the useless Orange County Jewish Federation, an organization that has long denied the problems on the UCI campus and has tried to oppose Jewish figures who choose to get involved and speak out about what happens at UCI during Israel Apartheid Week every May. When Ms. Armony was a reporter for the LA Jewish Journal and covering one of those May events, I had a conversation with her on that topic. I am sure she remembers. I even told her she could quote me.

But she never did. Too hot, I guess.

As for the recommendations on the UC Advisory Comittee on Climate, Culture and Inclusion reference in the article, it is my understanding that President Yudof has not yet decided whether to accept them. The word I get is a decsion will be made in December.

Finally, at the end of the article, I am described as the spokesman for the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism. That is an error. I am not the spokesman, nor is it "my group". I work with the OCITF and do so quite proudly. I added a comment to the article correcting the error.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jihad Watch Has Photos on UC Irvine

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch has posted photos of an area adjacent to the Cross Cultural Center at UC Irvine, which is used every day by Muslim students to conduct their prayers.

(No, the photos did not come from Yours Truly.)

All I can add is that the pictures are accurate, that this area has long been a hangout for the MSU students,  that they do, indeed, conduct their prayers there, and that they have been known to ask outsiders to leave when they are praying. If you walk into that area, you will draw looks. And yes, there is a call to prayer. On one occasion this year, I observed a young man standing on the wall in front of the patio and facing out over Ring Road ( the principal campus walkway) giving the call to prayer

In addition, a few days ago, someone called the UCI Fire Marshall's Office to inquire about the sign. The caller was told that the sign had been in place for the past four years, that there were similar signs all over the campus, that the rule was not strictly enforced, and in this case, would have to be enforced by the Cross Cultural Center, which is located next to the patio. (Whether that patio is part of the CCC is dubious. There is a university building directly behind the patio, but the doors are locked, and there appear to be no active rooms on that side of the building, which houses the campus newspaper office to the rear.)

As to the first point that the sign has been in place for four years, that is simply not true.  I can testify personally to that. I don't know when it was put up, but the first time I saw it was this past Monday afternoon. I can tell you that the sign was recently put up. Just one look tells you the sign is not 4 years old. It is fairly new. As to there being similar signs all over campus, that is surprising to me as well. On Thursday, I walked all around Ring Road and checked a few courtyards. I saw no other such sign anywhere on campus.

My question is why was this sign recently put up by the university fire marshal. Could it have been to stop the use of the patio by the MSU for their daily prayers? I seriously doubt it. If so, it is being ignored. That raises the question of whether the fire marshal put up the sign, in effect, to keep others out of the patio area, which in effect, is the MSU gathering place. If the university wants the area clear in case of fire, why is there a metal picnic-type table with bench and soda machines there?

This all raises the question of restriction of religious practices (Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day at specified hours) and whether public displays of prayers might violate some government code of separation of church and state. There is, in fact, a non-denominational chapel facility on the campus that is available for all religions to use. Another question is whether a university should put its imprimatur on a certain part of the campus being restricted to one group. Obviously, that is not official, but unofficially, perhaps?  If UCI really wants to have a certain section of its (public) campus reserved for Muslims, why not just put a sign up that says, "Muslims only"? Is that really what the average Muslim student wants? I would hope not.

So why is that sign there? Is it to keep the Muslims from praying there or to keep non-Muslims out?

But don't ask me; I'm just a part-time teacher here. Inquiries should be directed to UC Irvine.

Who Killed Susan Rice?

The Latest Agatha Christie Thriller

As the Orient Express was rumbling its way through the woods of Austria on its journey from Budapest to Paris, dinner was about to be served in the wagon restaurant. It was the first evening of the trip and spirits were high. A group of American tourists were on board, and they had been notified only hours before by teletype that President Obama had been re-elected president  in the US. One of them was Susan Rice, a beautiful 40-something woman who had the odd habit of walking like a man on his way to a street fight. She was a mysterious woman, who talked little. Rumor had it, however, that she worked for the government, had connections, and was on her way up in the world.

As the guests finished off their first aperitif, one of them asked, "Where is Miss Rice?"

"She said she would be joining us at 7 o'clock", said another.

It was already seven thirty, and the waiter was about to take their orders.

"I'll go and fetch her", said Harriet Clanton, a divorced government official in her late 50s, who was Rice's friend and boss.

Mrs Clanton proceeded to the  compartment she was sharing with Ms Rice and entered.  A moment later, passengers heard a scream coming from Ms. Rice's compartment. Soon several people gathered at the door of the compartment. Mrs Clanton was standing at the door pointing inside. They looked inside.

There was Susan Rice, sprawled on the floor, a knife in her back, lying in a pool of her own blood.

Train security was called. Clearing out the room, they began a systematic search for clues. All they could find was a note lying next to the body. It read,

"It was the video......."

Arriving in Vienna, the train was boarded by Austrian police who sealed off the train and wouldn't let anyone leave. They were accompanied by an American Embassy legal attache who was an FBI agent.

Before leaving his office to head to the Central Train Station, Agent Borderoff had cabled his HQS in Washington, who alerted the Attorney General and the State Department. The Justice Department sent their top investigator, Dick Holder, on the next ship to Europe  to  take over the investigation. He was accompanied by a team of crack investigators from the State Department's super secret Accountability Review Board (ARB)

Arriving the very next day, they were taken to the train station where they boarded the train. Only then was the train allowed to proceed on its now-haunted journey.

When Dick Holder saw the note, he ordered that it be held for fingerprints and handwriting analysis. A fingerprint specialist who had been sent with the team determined that there were, indeed, latent prints on the note, which was handwritten. The handwriting expert compared the note with the signature on Rice's passport and declared they were separate and distinct. It was not Rice's handwriting on the note.

"Let's start interviewing the people on the train."

After interviewing several European passengers and the porters, they then focused on the Americans who were accompanying Ms Rice.

"Where is this Harriet Clanton?", Dick Holder asked.

"She is in another car farther up in the train. She is busy," answered Mr. Papandraeus, a Greek- American passenger.

"OK, said Dick Holder, "we'll start with Mr. Morelli". Arriving at Mr Morelli's cabin, they knocked.

The door was opened by a man in his 40s with dark eyes and a belligerent look.

"Who are you?", he demanded in a strong voice.

"Special Agent Dick Holder from the US Justice Department."

"F*** you, Fed.", responded Morelli, a look of defiance in his eyes.

Dick Holder stared calmly back at the man..

"OK, if you don't want to talk to me, you'll talk to my friend here."

Up stepped a tall man in a trench coat wearing sunglasses.

"Agent McLain, ARB."

Instantly, Morelli's expression changed from a look of defiance to one of utter fear.

"Please come in, gentlemen."

Holder proceeded to ask questions as McLain stood in the corner glaring silently at Morelli.

"When did you last see, Ms Rice?"

"About 5 o'clock. She was walking back to her compartment," Morelli answered nervously looking at the ARB man.

" One of the porters told us he saw her about that time too, and she was bouncing from one wall to the other. Had she been drinking?" asked  Dick Holder.

"Oh, no Sir. Ms Rice never drank. That was the way she always walked."

"Know anything about a video?"

"No Sir."

"If we told you Ms Rice  was found with a note that said, 'it was the video' does that mean anything to you?"

"No Sir. Nothing at all."

After a couple of more questions about Morelli's whereabouts, the investigators left, returning to the lounge area where the other Americans were gathered.

"Now, where is that Clanton woman," Dick Holder asked..

One of the Americans, a woman named Victoria, replied, "She is still up front in another wagon. She is very busy."

"Never mind," said Holder. Pointing at a bald headed man with a ruddy face in his late fifties, he asked, "What's your name?"

"Snapper. Jim Snapper. My friends call me Red."

"Where were you when Ms Rice died?"

"What? Rice is dead? I didn't know. Nobody told me."

"Do you know anybody that would want her dead?"

"Why no, but now that you mention it, I went to a fortune teller last month before coming to Europe. She told me that something bad would happen on this trip."

"Know anything about any video", persisted Holder.

Snapper appeared stunned.

"Video? Why yes, the fortune teller said that the bad thing on my trip would be on videotape."

Dick Holder then turned to a slender man in the corner.

"What's your name?"

"Barry O'Reilly."

"Any relation to Bill O'Reilly?"

The man looked back at Holder and replied, "Do I look like Bill O'Reilly?"

"No. Sorry I asked. Do you know anything about some video?"

O'Reilly thought for a moment then replied, "Whatever it is that must be the reason Rice is dead."

"Why's that?"

"Because there's a lotta videos out there, you know."

Holder looked over to Papandraeus and asked,"You know anything about a video?"

"Not at all", came the response.

"Sure you do," interrupted a young baby-faced man with light hair named Jay seated on a couch. "You remember when Snapper was telling us about that fortune teller just after we left Budapest."

"Yeah, but do you think I took him seriously? That damn fortune teller also told him the Cubs were gonna win the World Series this year."

At this point, the ARB man McClain walked to the middle of the room and said, "All right, folks. We're gonna have to take handwriting samples and fingerprints from each of you to compare with that note. So everybody stand up and step over here."

As the passengers rose and followed the ARB agent, Holder asked,

"Where's that Clanton woman?"

One of the agents said with a sheepish look, "She's still unavailable."

Unresolved leads

What will the fingerprint and handwriting tests reveal? Will they tell us who wrote the mysterious note? Will they tell us whose fingerprints were on the note? And why was Rice on that train to begin with? Will any of the Americans crack?

And what about Mrs Clanton? What will she say...

...when she is available?

Tune in next week for the next installment of, "Who Killed Susan Rice?"

Another MSNBC "Incident"

The little rascals at MSNBC now have another embarrassment to deal with. On the Morning Joe show, guest John Heileman tried to make some sort of joke questioning the gender of Senator Lindsey Graham. Host Joe Scarborough thought it was quite funny.

Surely, the Gay-Lesbian-Transgender alliance or whatever they call it will be protesting in front of NBC studios over this one.

Don't count on it.

While we are waiting for the dust to settle on this latest train wreck, maybe we can figure out whether Scarborough is a Republican or a Democrat.

Susan Rice: More Confusion

Hat tip Daily Caller

"Who killed Cock Robin?"

Daily Caller has more information on the attempts to get the truth from Susan Rice as to how she got those mysterious (and false) talking points.

"Who hired Craig Livingstone?"

Arab Spring Continues in Egypt

An Egyptian court has issued the death sentence for seven people connected to the video, "The Innocence of Muslims"

They can take solace in one thing, however. One of the "defendants" is being punished in the US, thanks to the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department. Nakoula B Nakoula has been sentenced to a year in prison.

As Nonie Darwish put it succinctly two nights ago. The United States of America has its first political prisoner.

Robert Spencer et al at UC Irvine

On November 26, a forum was held at UC Irvine on the topic of freedom of speech vs Islam blasphemy laws. The event was sponsored by a student group called Ex Muslims and Critics of Islam (ECI). The speakers were Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Raymond Ibrahim. The event was  attended by a hundred or so people, mostly from the community, with a few students. About 5 or 6 members of the Muslim Student Union were briefly present. After filming the opening talk by Spencer, they left. There were no protests. I will briefly summarize each speaker's words.

As we entered the room, we noticed that certain chairs (a dozen or so) were marked "reserved" with a red rose and the name of a person (Muslim names). During the event, we were told that they represented the names of other apostates in Muslim countries who had been killed for their apostasy.

Spencer, who is one of the foremost observers and writers on radical Islam, talked about the on-going effort of the 57-nation Organization of  Islamic Cooperation to get a resolution passed through the UN that would urge member nations to criminalize speech against Islam. He explained that most people assume that could never happen in the US because we have a 1st Amendment protecting our speech, yet it could be tinkered with (my words) just as there are exceptions and restrictions on the 2nd amendment. A fifth liberal Supreme Court justice could be all that is needed to pass some sort of law as desired by the OIC. He added that the US has already signed on to a non-binding UN Measure (1618). Spencer stressed the point that if any group is held above criticism that group can exercise its will over others.

Raymond Ibrahim comes from an Egyptian-American family and has written extensively on radical Islam. He added onto the Spencer comments about the OIC. Ibrahim explained that the OIC and others are careful to call their legislation defamation of all religions, but in reality, they are only concerned about their own. He asked rhetorically how Muslims can ask for protection of their religion from defamation when their own holy texts, (Koran, Hadith) regular defame Jews and Christians.

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-born apostate from Islam, described growing up and being told that Jews were evil people. She began to question the hate, which ultimately led to her leaving the religion. One of the most memorable points she made was that just in the past few days, she called people in Egypt to find out about the situation there, and the only thing anyone wanted to talk about was the weather. They were literally afraid to discuss the violence going on in the streets for fear that the words could be taken as "blasphemy".

This is the much-heralded "Arab Spring" that our administration is trying to put a happy face on. (My comment).

Later, during the Q and A, Darwish told the audience that America now has its first political prisoner, Nakoula B. Nakoula, the producer of the video trailer, "The Innocence of Muslims", which has been famously used as an excuse for the September 11 rioting and murder of our people in Libya, and who is now serving a year in prison for violation of his parole. (Sadly, I have to concur.)

At the end, the moderator noted that so few students were present since that was the audience they wanted to reach the most. A few of the students volunteered their opinions. Apathy was one. One young woman commented, however, that many students were put off by the ECI exhibit table that is set up on certain days on campus. She mentioned certain visuals, such as severed hands. (There are also posters referring to the Prophet Mohammed's marriage with Aisha, who was 6 or 9 according to which account you read.) The student explained that these visuals were seen by most students as being intolerant; thus, they did not want to be associated with it.

In a nutshell, I think that is why more students did not attend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rice Apparently Didn't Answer Questions

Daily Caller has a report on that much-anticipated meeting between Susan Rice and Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte.

Without being privy toi the specifices of their discussion, the obvious questions were:

1 Who sent her to the talk shows?

2 Who gave her the talking points that she used?

3 As a high-ranking official in the State Departement (albeit not connected to the specific incident) did she not learn from anyone in those 5 days that it was really a terrorist attack?

Sounds like those questions were not answered.

New University Articles This Week

I have selected four articles/op-eds from this week's New University, the campus newspaper of UC Irvine, which I thought were interesting. The first three concern the recent student government resolution of divestment from companies that do business with Israel. I am posting them without comment, but I hope they stir some comments and discussion here.

Austria and Anti-Semitism

Pro Hamas demonstration Vienna.
-Jerusalem Post

"We are all Gaza"
"Worker help for Palestine"

"The anti-Israel activists yelled “Freedom for Palestine” and “Down with Israel,” and a group of Austrian Muslims blasted repeatedly in Arabic “Death to the Jews.” Laster said the Austrian authorities, including the domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungschutz), must increase their efforts to combat “Islamic extremism.” He criticized the lax approach of Austrian police officials who waved off the anti-Jewish rhetoric as merely a protest against Israel."

Austria is a country that aside from its beautiful scenery doesn't have much to be proud of . This is the country that gave us Adolf Hitler (and Arnold Schwarzenegger). This is the country that welcomed the Anschluss with Germany with open arms. In the days following their annexation with the Third Reich, they forced Jews to scrape the sidewalks with tooth brushes.In the first (and major )war crimes trial at Nuremberg, one of the defendants, Ernst Kaltenbrunner (hanged) was an Austrian, while another, Athur Seyss-Inquart (hanged), grew up in Austria.

Yet, following World War 11, this same nation managed to pass itself off as another victim of the Nazis-an occupied country-if you will. This is the country that elected Kurt Waldheim as its president even knowing his past. Among the nations that currently bow and scrape to the Arab world and curse Israel, Austria is at or neat the top. This, of course, has repercussions for the few Jews who live their now. Finally, this is the country that prosecuted and convicted a woman named Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for saying critical things about Islam.

Now comes this:

Austria should be embarrassed.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sex in the City-Egyptian Style

"If you're going to Tahrir Square..."

Chalk another one up for our pro-democracy heroes in Egypt. Another protest on Tahrir Square-another sexual assault.

One can only wonder who the victims were. We know they were Egyptian. Did the crowd suspect they were Coptic Christians? Hopefully, we can find out id this had any other motivation to it besides simple "lust".

Here is more from Vlad Tepes:

Not so much, however from the gals at the National Organization of Women. The last mention or reference to the chronic sexual assaults in Tahrir Square that I could find on their web site goes back to March 2011.

Now I recognize that N.O.W. is an American organization that probably has zero influence overseas, but gee whiz-is it a taboo subject?

I think I answered my own question.

Sex Trafficking in Britain

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

What you read below is not an isolated case that unfairly stigmatizes an entire group. It is rampant. Britain is experiencing a rash of cases where men are literally using underage girls as sex slaves. In the below Daily Mail article, the defendants are referred to as "Asians". Whereas we in the US think of Asians as being Japanese, Chinese, Philippine, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, ect., in the UK, "Asians" are generally those from the sub-continent, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  As the article indicates, the "Asians" in this case are Pakistani.

Do I think all men of Pakistani descent fall into this category? No, but it would be refreshing to see that community step up and help get rid of the riff-raff. Lord knows the "authorities" cannot. And if you think this particular case proves me wrong, take a look at the "harsh" sentences.

McCain and Graham Refuse to Retreat on Rice

As predicted, liberals like the Congressional Black Caucus and MSNBC are in full attack mode in their effort to help keep the lid on Benghazi gate. Their method? Play the race card, which is increasingly becoming an insult in itself to African Americans. Kudos to people like Michael Myers and Deneen Borelli for calling out the CBC and MSNBC for their own strains of racism. In fact, Myers isn't even a conservative, yet he sees it for it is. Kudos also go out to senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain for not buckling under to charges of racism and continuing to fight to get to the bottom of this disgraceful episode in American foreign policy that occurred September 11 in Benghazi, Libya and resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans

What is more despicable? Is it the criminal negligence in the months leading up to September 11 that enabled terrorists to attack our mission in Benghazi and kill 4 Americans? Is it the lack of any meaningful military response to rescue our people-an inaction that could only have resulted from the orders of someone who had authority over the highest levels of our military?  Is it the lying and cover up being practiced by our administration? Is it the collusion of the Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media in circling the wagons around this administration? Or is it using race and gender as a defense because so much of the bungling and lying is being carried out by people named Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama?

Thank God I have singled out people like Joe Biden, James Clapper, and Tim Geithner for criticism. I guess I'm safe.

Or am I?

KT McFarland's Take on Benghazi and the Lies

In this interview on Fox News, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense KT McFarland gives her take on why the Obama administration has carried on a cover up as to what happened in Benghazi before, during and after the attack.

KT makes one salient point (among so many others): So far, the only thing anyone has admitted to is the fact that David Patraeus had an affair.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Somali Sex Trafficking Between Minneapolis and Nashville

After reading this article, you might want to send a thank you note to the State Department. In the 1990s, they arranged the entry of some 80,000 Somali "refugees" into the US. Two of the largest resulting Somali communities became Minneapolis and Nashville. Assimilation has been an abject failure. Youth gangs have been born, and many have returned to Somalia to join the terrorist/jihadist organization, Al Shabaab.

And that is not all.

And the flow continues.

Charles Jacobs Challenges a School District to Teach Kids Truth-Not Lies

Hat tip Radical Islam

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance at a conference a few years back in San Jose. Based in Boston, he is active in exposing the radical elements within the local Roxbury mega-mosque, which even has connections to Yusuf al Qaradawi.  Jacobs' efforts have been fought by gullible Jewish leaders who persist in collaborating with the mosque. Now he has challenged the school district of Wellesley to stop feeding pupils lies-not just about Islam-but about Jews as well. This story, posted by Radical Islam, will shock you.

The textbooks being used in schools all over the nation are giving a sugar-coated narrative of Islam. I can understand a school district's wish not to use materials that would attack any one's faith, especially if some of their pupils are of that faith. (They don't seem to have any problem offending Jewish or Christian sensibilities.) They do have a responsibility, however, not to use materials that are historically false. If a topic is so sensitive that certain facts cannot be brought into a classroom, maybe they should leave it alone until the kids are old enough to figure it out for themselves. That is better than giving them information that is false.

The problem is this will be the signature issue of these kids' lives.

Russia Today Update on Demands for Sharia in Norway

The English-language news outlet, Russia Today, has an update on the growing immigrant population in Norway. It focuses on one group's threat to carry out violent attacks if they are not allowed to separate their district from Oslo and institute sharia law.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Greece: It's Not About the Money

Not all those riots in Greece are about the economy. They are also having issues with folks transiting their country en route to other points in Europe.

New arrivals

Belgium Jails Spokesman for Sharia4Belgium

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

"Heigh ho, heigh ho
it's off to jail I go"

Fouad Belkacem is one of the more odious jihadists in Europe. He is a spokesman for the Sharia4Belgium group-now disbanded. Vlad Tepes has a news report out of Belgium (in Dutch with English sub-titles). He is charged with inciting violence.

This is a bad guy, folks. Too bad it's only one year they can keep him locked up-this time.

I wonder if they have any guys named Bubba in Belgium jails.

"Come here, Bunk Muffin"

Muslim Student Association Exposed-Cross-Post

Hat tip to Anonymous

Anonymous just sent this link attached to a comment. I don't know who the speaker is on this tape, which is entitled, "Muslim Student Association Exposed". He may be a bit sophomoric in his presentation, but I endorse what he says about the Muslim Student Association chapters in the US and Canada.

By the way, most of the campus scene clips are from the University of California at Irvine, where I have taught part-time for 14 years. I have been present at most of those events.

"One person's hate speech is another person's education."

Eleuterio Limon (1922-2012)

On November 12, Eleuterio Limon died at a nursing home in Santa Monica, California. He was ninety years old. After a long life, he finally passed after a series of stokes. Mr Limon was not a famous man, but he was my father-in-law.

My son and daughter drove up to Santa Monica with me to be there at the end. When we arrived, my wife and two of her sisters were already there. We knew he was going fast because my wife had called us while we were en route and told us it could be any minute. That turned out to be the case. As we entered the room everyone was crying, and my wife told us he had just at that minute passed. Actually, he was still breathing. As we gathered around him and recited prayers in Spanish, he struggled for breath for about 10 minutes and finally passed at 3:22 pm.

I want to tell you something about Mr Limon-not just because I loved him- but because his life is worth noting as we struggle with the immigration issue in America. He came to this country legally over 50 years ago as a bracero-part of a program where Mexican workers were admitted to do certain manual work. Leaving his family behind in Mexico until he could send for them, he worked with his hands. He picked fruit in the fields and worked for Kaiser in a place in the California desert called Eagle Mountain. Later, he worked for an electronics firm and collected junk items that he restored into things of beauty and sold at swap meets.

In 1966, his wife and children immigrated to California and joined him. They eventually settled in a small house in Venice. Eventually, everyone became American citizens. The children married and had children. Their children had children. Today, there are more nieces and nephews than I can count. Mr Limon was the patriarch of a family that has spanned four generations. They are all Americans, educated, law-abiding, and fully assimilated. Bi-lingualism is still there, but English has become the main language.

I was the first non-Mexican to join the Limon family. Today, that family consists of  people from other groups, such as Cuban, Salvadoran, Italian, and African-American. They exemplify the American immigrant success story.

Life was not easy for Mr Limon in his later years. Mrs Limon died ten years ago after a long illness that left her bed-ridden for the last years of her life. Eventually, Mr Limon suffered from dementia and required full-time care-givers in his small home on Rose Avenue. He suffered from arterial problems that should have taken him two or three years ago. A series of strokes followed, which led to the end.

Every year on his birthday, it was traditional for the family to have a party with carne asada and a Mariachi band, which Mr Limon loved so much. I have a feeling we will continue that tradition come next February.

Thank you, Don Tello. Thank you for your life. Thank you for your contributions to our country. Thank you for your family.

We will miss you.

Exhuming Arafat

                                                                             "How does one exhume the Devil?"

One of the most complicated archaeological projects in the history of the Middle East is still on-going: the exhumation of Yassir Arafat's sorry remains. And why this unusual project? So the Palestinian historians and other conspiracy theorists can "prove" that the Israelis poisoned the terrorist leader. Maybe that quack professor Jeff Halper will charge that the Israelis used that famous spectral dust to take Arafat out.

Even if the supposition were true, I would applaud the Israelis for eliminating the old bastard.

"Earlier this month, workers began prying open the concrete-encased tomb in Arafat's former government headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah."

Really? Over here in the US, that's a one-day project at the most. Maybe they should ask the more technologically-advanced Israelis for assistance.

Or the Palestinians could do it quickly by using their specialized bombing techniques.

"Go stand over there next to that tomb, kid."

My Steelers

1950s Steelers logo                          Dale Dodrill-1955 trading card

Hat tip Behind the Steel Curtain

Most readers of this blog know that I am a long-suffering Cubs fan (since 1963). Less written about here is my even longer-and just as intense- love of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I first became a Steeler fan at the age of 10 even though I was growing up in Los Angeles. For some reason, I was a rebel and tended to root against the LA teams. On October 2, 1955, one of the fathers on my block took a bunch of the kids to a Rams game at the LA Coliseum. They were playing the Steelers, and I instantly adopted the visiting team. Don't ask me why; perhaps, I just liked the black and gold uniforms. It was the 2nd game of the season, and the perennially-bad Steelers would jump off to a surprising 4 and 1 start. On that day, they fought to come from behind to take the lead only to lose on a last second field goal by Les Richter following a questionable pass interference call that gave them the shot at a field goal. Final score: Rams 27-Steelers 26, and I cried in frustration on the way home.

Steelers at Rams 1955

1955 Steelers

In that game, the Steelers' players featured Jim Finks at quarterback, Ernie Stautner, Jack Butler, Fran Rogel, Lynn Chandnois, Ray Mathews, Elbie Nickel, Dale Dodrill and others. Their head coach was Walt Kiesling. In addition, former Browns running great Marion Motley was on the roster for part of the season attempting a comeback as linebacker. He would be released that year. It was also the year Johnny Unitas was released in training camp before joining the Baltimore Colts in 1956 and becoming one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks.

After the Rams game, the Steelers won three in a row before losing all their remaining games in 1955  and finished 4-8. Since their beginning in 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates, they had never won so much as a divisional title.

At that time, the Steelers were playing in old Forbes Field, which was also home to the Pirates. After the 1957 season, they began to play some home games at Pitt Stadium, home of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, moved there permanently in 1964 before occupying Three Rivers Stadium in the 1970s.

Steelers against Giants at Forbes Field 1957

In the ensuing years after 1955, the Steelers continued their losing tradition. They were long known as a team nobody wanted to play because of their bruising style. It was said even though opposing teams usually beat the Steelers, they suffered so many injuries it led to subsequent losses.

Things looked like they were going to change when Raymond "Buddy" Parker, the legendary Lions head coach, came to Pittsburgh and got Lions quarterback Bobby Layne to join him.  They promised changes, and the team began competing for the Eastern Division title, foregoing young players for proven veterans. Alas, they never quite made it to the championship game.

Bobby Layne

Layne was a legendary character who played without a face mask and usually showed up on Sundays after a night of carousing. In the late 1980s, when I was working with DEA in Pittsburgh, I was having a beer with some older Pittsburgh cops in a bar in the Hill District. They told me that Layne once came there on a Saturday night with his halfback, Tom "The Bomb" Tracy and a few other Steelers. So the story went, Layne told Tracy that if he didn't get up and sing a song, he wouldn't give him the ball one time the next day.

With Layne and the veterans gone due to age, Parker was soon gone, and the Steelers faded  to the back of the pack. My frustration continued. From the late 50s through the 1960s, it was just like the Cubs.

Layne against Eagles

One of my attractions to the Steelers was their owner, Art Rooney. He had purchased the team back in the 1930s with his winnings from the horse races. He was one of the most beloved figures in the NFL and in the city of Pittsburgh as well. He and his team exemplified the blue collar city, which was still the steel capital of the country. He was known as a kind man as exemplified by his treatment of a young player named Lowell Perry, who played very briefly as a Steeler in the late 1950s.

Rooney was getting on in years, (In the mid-70s, he turned over operational control of the team to his son, Dan.)  I really wanted to see him realize a championship before he passed. He would-and then some.
Art Rooney.jpg
Art Rooney

It was around the turn of the 70s that things finally changed. Chuck Noll was brought in as head coach and Terry Bradshaw was drafted. Then, after a couple of years of spectacular drafts, the team finally won a divisional championship for the first time in 1972. Sure enough, I was there to see it happen in San Diego as the Steelers beat the Chargers 24-2 on the last week in the season to clinch their division. The following week, was the Immaculate Reception by Franco Harris as the Steelers beat the Raiders 13-7 and went to the AFC championship game, which they lost to the Dolphins. Two years later came the first Super Bowl victory, and the rest has been history.

1972-The Immaculate Reception

Well, not quite.

In 1987, I was ending up my tour of duty in Italy with DEA and waiting to learn where I would be assigned stateside. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I learned I was going to Pittsburgh. From 1987 to January 1990, I actually lived and worked in Pittsburgh. My emotional attachment to the city deepened during that time.

Naturally, I managed to attend a few Steeler games though I didn't cotton much to going to games in the latter part of the season when it was cold. They weren't winning much those days. The days of the Steel Curtain and the 4 Super Bowls had passed. (Dwight White lived down the block from us, but I never actually met him.) One of the games I attended was their 51-0 loss to the Browns in a driving rain. It was their worst all-time loss to this day.

In 1988, Art Rooney was hospitalized at Duquesne University Hospital, and the city sensed that he was nearing the end. One morning, I was driving to work, and the radio announced that the family would be making a statement shortly. A few minutes later, it was announced that Rooney had died. What followed throughout the day on the radio was hours of people calling into the talk shows to relate their favorite Art Rooney stories. As is often the case when a long and storied life ends, the day became a celebration of his life. I would have never dreamed that when Art Rooney's time came I would be actually living in Pittsburgh.

It has been 57 years now that I have been a Steeler fan, and I am just as fanatical about them as ever. The team has established a standard of excellence, which, with few exceptions, has included very little tolerance for players who get into trouble off the field or cause problems in the clubhouse. We've enjoyed a couple more Super Bowl titles. No other team has as many Super Bowl titles as the Steelers though in the entire history of the NFL, the Packers are far in front with 13 NFL titles. No matter what happens from here on, I cannot complain.

But those Cubs........

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Arab Spring" in Cairo Continues

Morsi assumes dictatorial powers

Hat tip PJ Media

It seems like only days since our secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was linking arms with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and praising him to the skies for his leadership in brokering that Israeli-Hamas cease fire. Now, perhaps buoyed by her lavish praise, Morsi has assumed dictatorial powers in Egypt as that "democracy" takes takes root.

 “The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal.”

The Muslim Brotherhood's English-language website (Ikhwan) is running several articles defending the move.

How many billions more do we give Egypt to support that?\

Meanwhile, the reaction on the street was predictable (hat tip Vlad Tepes). They are not happy.

(Cub scouts take note: The next Carlos Zambrano may be in that crowd.)

How many more years will it be before we in America hear those words from our president, whether it is Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton?

The Dishonesty of Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria

CNN's smooth-talking Fareed Zakaria buffaloes a lot of people because he comes across as a moderate person. He is subtle, indeed, but consider the below two points.

In the Washington Post op-ed below, Zakaria tries to make the point that Israel is all-mighty because of its powerful and sophisticated military. Because of that military advantage, Zakaria makes the following point:

"Peace between the Palestinians and Israelis will come only when Israel decides that it wants to make peace."

As to the above quote, Zakaria skirts around the point that Israel is a tiny plot of land surrounded on three sides by a sea of hostile Islamic nations. Israel only needs to lose one war to cease to exist. Why would they not want a lasting peace? Could it be because they understand the true designs of their adversaries?

Zakaria also, perhaps unwittingly, makes this statement:

"As for terrorism, the other asymmetrical strategy against Israel: Despite Wednesday’s attack on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel is largely protected from terrorists because of the wall it built in 2003."

Ah yes, the much-maligned "Apartheid Wall", which draws so much condemnation on US college campuses, such as UC Irvine. That wall has (almost) stopped suicide bombing attacks in Israel. It keeps nobody locked in any prison, as did the Berlin Wall, but it does keep out a lot of bad guys bent on murdering innocent men, women and children. I bet Zakaria wishes he had that statement back. In addition, the wall would be of little use against an Iranian nuclear weapon, which Zakaria conveniently fails to explain. In fact, he does not even mention Iran.

Point number Two: Yesterday, I caught part of Zakaria's CNN show on immigration in different parts of the world. Just as I was tuning in, he was describing the problems that Europe is having with immigration. That point is spot on, but, of course, he blames it all on racist Europeans who don't want others coming into their country. Of course, he focused on the Muslim population and mentioned the racist assaults taking place upon them in European cities. He also focused on the recent statements by European leaders, Sarkozy of France, Cameron of the UK and Merkel of Germany that "multi-culturalism has failed", interspersed with images of people like Marine Le Pen of France. Of course, there was scant mention of folks like Mohammed Merah, who went on a killing spree in Toulouse not so far back as to be forgotten by Zakaria.

Also not mentioned by Zakaria was the problem of millions of hostile immigrants in Europe who had no intention of assimilating, had no regard for European values, wanted to install Islamic sharia law, had imported a new form of Jew-hatred into Europe, as well as a violent crime wave such as Europe and heretofore not known for decades if not centuries. He then segued onto Canada, which he described as a huge success story. At that point, I had heard enough and switched the channel to some other show that made more sense-like "Man vs Food" or "Swamp People".

What Zakaria would not acknowledge, at least in the European segment, which I watched, was that people who immigrate legally, respect the values, laws and traditions of their new country and assimilate, will be widely accepted no matter their religion or where they come from. There should be no excuses, however, for those who choose the opposite route. 

Fareed Zakaria, in many ways, is much more insidious than fire-breathing radicals who make no effort to conceal their intentions. A soft spoken voice and soothing words often conceal the fact that the man is being disingenuous.

James Clapper's Lock of the Week-Week 12


It's Friday again, folks, and you know what that means. It's time for the Lock of the Week.

I've been spending all week going over intelligence reports from my contacts out in the field, adding a bit here and deleting a bit there.  And I've come up with a real winner for our Turkey Day Slugfest.

In this game, I'm picking the New York Jets under their great coach Rex Ryan...

to win big over the over-rated New England Patriots. What's more, I'm predicting that this will be the week future Hall of Famer Tim Tebow comes in and shines. There's no way the Pats can stop Tebow in the Wildcat  formation as he takes the snap and plows through the middle for big yardage.
Anyone call for the punt team? Tim Tebow sits in a familiar spot while the Jets offense is on the field: the bench.  >
Tim Tebow in action

In addition, the Jets are playing this game at home in The Big Apple.

Pats' coach Bill Bellichek will have no answers for Tebow as he learns what every other opponent has learned:

You can't stop him. You can only try to contain him.

Here's the score:

Jets 42
Patriots 14

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Award for the Hostess With the Mostess, Jill Kelley

‘Favoritism’? Jill Kelley Was Awarded Joint Chiefs’ Second-Highest Civilian Honor in 2011
What's next-the Congressional Medal of Honor?

Hat tip The Blaze

Not only did Florida socialite Jill Kelley get the title, "Honorary Ambassador" at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, she was given the second highest civilian honor the Joint Chiefs of Staff can bestow. Above you can see David Petraeus pinning it on her chest. (No pun intended)

Absurd? Almost as absurd as that Nobel Prize they give out to anybody these days.

Hamas Leader Thanks Egypt and Iran

Hat tip Weasel Zippers and Times of Israel

Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh is thanking Egypt and Iran for making Israel "scream with pain" in the wake of the cease fire.

“The resistance changed the rules of the game, and the idea of invading Gaza is gone forever,” Hamas’s leader said. ”The resistance can stand even stronger. Our enemy doesn’t know our character. Today a new stage has started in the victory of this people and nation,” he said.

What? No words of gratitude for Hillary Clinton after her exhausting flight from Cambodia to the Middle East so she could bask in the glory of making Israel "scream with pain"? No words of thanks for Obama for making that call to Netanyahu assuring him he "has Israel's back"? No words of thanks to the UN for ignoring those Hamas rockets into Israel for months, but Johnny on the spot when Israel bombs back?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Latest Cease Fire

So let me see if  I got this right. Once again, we have a cease fire between Israel and Hamas brokered principally by Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. Hillary Clinton jumped on a plane and flew half way around the world so she could take center stage meeting with the principals so that the cease fire could take effect even though it had been worked out 24 hours earlier (according to Jennifer Griffin of Fox News).

And the deal is......

Israel stops firing on Hamas in Gaza
Israel agrees to loosen up border check points restrictions on Gaza
Hamas agrees to stop firing rockets into Israel
President Obama assures Israel he has her back
US gives another billion or so dollars to Egypt

Correction: Sorry. There was no mention of that latter condition. I don't know where I got that idea.

Whatever happened to the lasting deal our government had been talking about? This in no way changes Hamas' determination to wipe Israel off the map. Iran is still the force behind Hamas and Hezbollah. It is just a cease fire until the next go-around.

And how many rockets have been launched into Israel since the cease fire took effect? A dozen? Twenty?

But what does it matter? Nobel Peace prizes are awaiting Hillary Clinton, Mohammed Morsi and perhaps even Obama (his 2nd).

Two Nobel peace prizes. That would be a record, wouldn't it?

SEIU Disrupts LA Thanksgiving Traffic Because Workers Left Union

"Whaddaya means youse wanna leave da union?"

LA Residents know that you don't want to be on the freeways on the day before Thanksgiving, when people are trying to get out of town. I had to be today to attend the funeral of my father-in-law at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City about a mile from LAX. So today was the day that SEIU aka The Purple People Beaters chose to stage a march down Century Blvd, which leads directly into LAX. Apparently, the brain surgeons who run LA gave them a permit for 45 minutes. When some folks wanted to stay longer, arrests were made.

A taxi driver watches as union workers at Los Angeles International Airport march along the street near the airport in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012. Hundreds of union members marched Wednesday near the entrance to Los Angeles International Airport, where Thanksgiving travelers were warned to arrive early in case of traffic snarls. Photo: Jae C. Hong / AP

And why was SEIU marching? Apparently some airport workers decided to dump them and leave their union. Therefore, in typical union fashion, they decided to make life miserable for holiday travelers.

The below report by Weasel Zippers shows that some marchers didn't even know why they were there.

I passed by on Interstate 405 about 90 minutes after the march ended and returned several hours later. Apparently, I wasn't affected.

Who the Hell is Richard Wolffe?

"There is no other way to look at this..."

Richard Wolffe is a silly pseudo-intellectual British talking head on MSNBC-right where he fits in with all the other mad hatters who occupy that sorry excuse for a news channel. Now he comes forth and accuses John McCain of being a racist-all because McCain has the temerity to criticize our UN ambassador Susan Rice-who happens to be-if you didn't know it by now- a "woman of color".

Wolffe is not only wrong, but he ought to think twice about how he stacks up against McCain before he throws such charges around. Wolffe is no veteran of any military service let alone a combat veteran or former POW who was tortured for years by his captors. Ten Wolffes could not one McCain make.

McCain has neither said nor done anything to brand himself as a racist. He conducted himself with honor during his 2008 campaign and gave a most gracious concession speech on the night he lost the election. As a senator, I don't always agree with McCain, but he is a man of honor. What is Wolffe?

He's a jerk-that's what he is.

Bus Blast in Tel Aviv

Israel ad2
A case in point.

Update: Another case in point-11-21-12 (Hat tip Atlas Shrugs) Here is a clip of Hamas TV celebrating the bus bombing.

This is the difference:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Norwegian Labour Party Lashes Out Against Jews

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

It seems that anti-Jew hatred in Europe is greatest in Sweden and Norway. Gates of Vienna reports on the latest anti-Jewish attack from the Norwegian Labour Party in the wake of the latest fighting in Gaza.

What a disgrace. The Norwegians here are submitting to the very forces that will come for them next once the Jews are out of the way. It is beyond me why any Jews are remaining in Europe. It seems there are only two countries where they can live without the threat of being driven out or murdered-Israel and the US.

Just in From Fox News

I don't want to be too repetitive and put up that poster about supporting the civilized side, but do all you Western Palestinian supporters walking around in keffiyas and screaming against Israel really know what it is you are supporting here?

Wise up, people.

More Footage of the Anti-Israel-Anti-Jew Protest in San Francisco

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Jihad Watch

Here is more footage on the anti-Israel protest in San Francisco on November 16.

This is the only suitable response to this savagery

Israel ad2

Antwerp-Calls for Jews to be Gassed

Hat tip Blazing Cat Fur, JPost,  Joods Actueel, Jihad Watch and Vlad Tepes


On Sunday, pro-Palestinians demonstrated in Antwerp, Belgium. Blazing Cat Fur has audio of some of them following a woman's chant in Dutch with a bullhorn, "Hamas-Alle Joden aan het Gas"- "Hamas- All Jews to the gas!"

Israel ad2

Who Deleted the Reference to Terror? CBS Says it Was Clapper

Jimmy the Handicapper Clapper

At least that's the scoop of the day from CBS. According to this idea, which is too tenuous for me to embrace, it was Clapper, or at least his office of National Intelligence, that took out the references to al Qaeda and terror in the intelligence talking points memo because it was "too tenuous".

Well, not nearly as tenuous as the line about a protest over a video that had spun out of control.

Never mind that State Department officials at Foggy Bottom (now that's an appropriate name for where it is located) were watching the attack in real time and that Petraeus and his working folks knew from the get-go it was terror.

On the other hand, this just may be an effort by the clueless Clapper to take one for the team and be the fall guy. Or we may hear another explanation tomorrow as the administration keeps looking for an explanation that will make all this go away.

Defamation of Religions Symposium in Jedda

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Can some enterprising reporter in Cairo ask Hillary Clinton to clear up this little matter about our participation at a symposium in Jedda on the topic of defamation of religions?

And as a follow up question, I hope Ms Clinton is asked why the State Dept. reference to the meeting was deleted from their website.

"Well, you know, Matt, it's just a vast right-wing conspiracy."