Friday, August 31, 2018

New Mexico Suspects Arrested by FBI

The FBI has arrested all five suspects in the New Mexico desert compound case after local authorities apparently botched the case resulting in charges being dismissed.

This is welcome news. This is a federal terrorism investigation if there ever was one.

Amsterdam Stabbings-Terrorism

Image result for geert wilders with finger in dike

Today, an Afghan man with a German residence permit (Thank you, Angela Merkel) stabbed two people in an unprovoked attack at Amsterdam's central train station. He was shot by police and is in a hospital under guard.

Police can say they consider terrorism a possible motive, but two plus two makes four. With the recent controversy over Geert Wilders and the now-cancelled Draw Mohammad contest, it may be that Dutch people are going to be targeted in the coming days and weeks. A Pakistani man is already in custody who was believed to be planning to kill Wilders.

Juan Cole's Mohammad

Hat tip Campus Watch and Middle East Forum

University of Michigan professor Juan Cole always goes to incredible lengths to defend everything that is Islamic. Now he has come out with a new book on the Prophet Mohammad entitled, Mohammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires. If you had any doubts this would be a hagiographic endeavor, Cole's interview with Joseph Richard Preville erases all doubt.

How one can described Mohammad as a "prophet of peace" when he led armies to fight non-Muslims, took women and children as slaves and ordered the murders of his opponents and the beheadings of captives is beyond me. It is true that when Mohammad began his teaching in Mecca, he was peaceful. After he was driven out of Mecca, he and his followers went to  present-day Medina, where he consolidated his power and evolved into a warlord. Here are some statements by Cole that strain credulity.

JRP: You write that “Islam is, no less than Christianity, a Western religion that initially grew up in the Roman Empire” and that “Muhammad saw himself as an ally of the West.” How does your theory challenge or support other major scholarly interpretations of early Islam?

JC: The Arab Muslim sources emphasize the origins of Islam in Arabia and downplay how integrated the Arabs of late antiquity were into the Eastern Roman Empire, but Roman sources, inscriptions, and Qur'an passages give strong evidence for the Arabs as Roman citizens or  allies.  As for Muhammad being allied with Constantinople, there is some evidence for it in early Arabic sources and the eminent Princeton classicist G. W. Bowersock has hinted at it in his recent work, but I have taken the bull by the horns and said it explicitly.

It is true that all three monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam were born in the Middle East. While the first two successfully spread to the West ( the US is a democratic nation founded on Judaic-Christian principles), Islam's spread to the West, largely through recent immigration has hardly been successful. Assimilation has been slight and the clashes are too many to mention especially in Europe today. The fact is that Islam is antithetical to Western ideals of equality and freedom.

JRP: Many biographies portray Muhammad as illiterate and provincial.  Would you agree?

JC: The Muslim tradition calls Muhammad "illiterate," I think in part to protect him from charges by polemicists that he learned things by reading the Bible or other works.  But the tradition also says he was a successful long-distance merchant who regularly traded up to Damascus and Gaza in the Eastern Roman Empire.  Long distance merchants are always literate, and I think Muhammad could read and write Arabic, Aramaic and possibly Greek.  The Qur'an shows knowledge of the Bible, of Jewish tradition, and of classical Greek thought.  It isn't provincial.

An interesting observation and opinion on the part of Cole since he strays from Islamic teaching that Mohammad was illiterate. Also interesting is the reason Cole thinks Muslims say that Mohammad was illiterate. Critics of Islam do not believe that Mohammad truly received the word of God from the archangel Gabriel (He may have imagined he did), therefore the idea that he read the Bible and initially borrowed from it is open to question.

RP: What was Muhammad’s role in the creation of the Constitution of Madinah?  How revolutionary was this document for its time?

JC: The Constitution of Madinah was a treaty among groups in Madinah, to which the Meccan pagans expelled Muhammad in 622.  Madinah had Muslims, Jews and pagans and possibly some Christians. The treaty pledged all these groups to defend the city militarily if it was attacked.  It says that the Muslims have their religion and the Jews have theirs, so it recognizes freedom of conscience and is a political alliance.  In the Roman Empire at that time, Jews were placed under disabilities and would not have been treated as equals this way. 

And when the Jews supposedly broke the constitution, they were executed, and ever since Jews are hated within Islam. The Koran is replete with hateful verses against Jews (and Christians). Over the centuries Jewish minorities have had to live in a condition of dhimmitud, second class citizenship enshrined in the laws. It is true that in some places, Christians treated Jews as bad or worse as did Muslims, but Cole's answer leaves out tons of facts. 

JRP: How did medieval Muslim clerics slight or minimize the Qur’an’s peace verses by a theory of abrogation?

JC: Peace-making and turning the other cheek are very important themes in the Qur'an.  It allows going to war to defend yourself and innocents, but forbids aggressive, expansionist warfare.  The text was very inconvenient for later aggressive Muslim empires.  So ideologues developed a theory of "abrogation" where later verses invalidated earlier ones. They interpreted late verses on warfare as permitting aggression (they don't), and then alleged that all the peace verses were thus abrogated.  It was an intellectual and spiritual travesty.  Some Muslim thinkers, though, said only 5 verses were abrogated (not the peace verses), and rejected the procedure.   

For Cole to claim that peace making and turning the other cheek are important themes in the Koran is a hoot. Reading the Koran especially putting the suras (chapters) in chronological order contradicts Cole on its very face. The early Mecca suras do tend to be benign and peaceful, but the Medina suras are clearly not. Put in order of time, it all makes sense. Mohammad evolved from a simple preacher in Mecca to a warlord in Medina. As for the principle of abrogation (which Western-based "moderate" imams are loathe to discuss), it makes perfect sense given the transformation of Mohammad ands the obvious contradictory verses in the Koran. Keep in mind that it is the Islamic scholars themselves (not Cole) who are the authorities in Islam since Islam has no Vatican and has no popes.   

JRP: You have placed strong emphasis on Muhammad as a “Prophet of Peace.”  How do you think your book will encourage and strengthen Islamic peace studies?
JC: The peace verses of the Qur'an have been there all along, and have been central, but scholarship has not focused on them.  I'd like to see the kind of intersection of Peace Studies with Islam that exists with regard to Christianity.  Christians have fought a lot of wars and even been involved in genocide, but we all also know about the Quakers and Mennonites.  Only a few authors have written on the history of peace movements in Islam, which include the Murid Sufis of Senegal and the Gandhist Muslims in twentieth-century India.

Yes, the peace verses in the Koran have been there all along, but they are not central because they have been abrogated. Sura 9, the last major sura recorded is arguably the most violent and intolerable. It virtually abrogates every peaceful verse recorded earlier in time. As for Sufists and groups like the Ahmadiya Muslims, it is true they have a good track record of not being involved in the terror and intolerance we see in Islam today, but they are not regarded as Muslims by mainstream Islam. In fact, those that live in Muslim countries are persecuted. As for the wars and genocide of Christians, aside from the Crusades (in which both sides were culpable and Christians killed many Jews in the process), how many wars were fought for purely religious reasons? Genocide? I would argue that Hitler and the Nazis had no religious motivations for the Holocaust. They did not object to the theology of the Jews; they considered Jews as a race to be exterminated. And Hitler, despite his Catholic birth, was no Christian. He derided religion in general. If you want to talk about genocide in the modern sense, look no farther than today's Middle East.

If Cole wants to argue that most Muslims are leading peaceful lives and we should not blame them all for the atrocities being carried out today, that is fine. Cole, however, engages in falsehoods that are so easy to disprove just by scratching beneath the surface. If this is the type of scholarship to be found at the University of Michigan, they might as well stick to football.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Geert Wilders Cancels "Draw Mohammad" Event in the Hague

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has canceled plans to hold a "Draw Mohammad Day" in the Parliament in the Hague. This after a 26-year-old Pakistani man who had arrived in the Hague from Pakistan, had announced on Facebook that he was going to kill Wilders. Gates of Vienna has the story.

Here is a link from De Telegraaf regarding the arrest. I won't translate it all, but he is identified as being 26. He was arrested at the central train station. His name has not been released to the public.

Vlad Tepes has posted a video with English sub-titles. This video was recorded prior to the announcement of the cancelation.

Geert Wilders has proven his point.

The Ron DeSantis Monkey Flap

Ron DeSantis is a Republican running for governor of Florida. He is a conservative and staunch support of President Trump. He is running against a super liberal named Andrew Gillum, who happens to be black. A few days ago, DeSantis was speaking and made a comment to the effect that things were running so well in Florida that "the last thing we need to do is monkey this thing up".

"Let’s build off the success we’ve had with Gov. Scott. The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. That’s not going to work. That’s not going to be good for Florida.”

Not surprisingly, liberals have jumped all over that remark and are charging that DeSantis equated his black opponent with a monkey. Probably the most hysterical is an op-ed in the Miami Herald by Fabiola Santiago.

The charge is ridiculous on its face given the context of the statement. The word monkey has different contexts apart from describing the primate. As a verb, it means to fool around with something and screw it up, usually, when it doesn't need fixing. This is precisely how DeSantis was using it. It does, however, raise a valid issue.

I am sure Mr DeSantis now knows full well that one should never use the word monkey in any sentence involving a black person no matter the context. The reason  is that for centuries, whites who didn't know any better have equated black people with monkeys. It is a definite trope used against blacks. In fact, in the immediate post-war years when American troops occupied Germany, some white soldiers actually told German women that black troops had tails.

On my blog, I often use pictures and cartoons to make written points. Often when I am mocking a stupid statement made by some public figure, I will follow it with an image of people laughing. Sometimes I use an image of a laughing chimpanzee, which actually moves. I would never, however, use it to mock a black person, even though I often take shots at people like Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton. If I were to use that monkey image, I would be quickly labeled a racist, and nobody wants that aggravation-even a humble blogger.

I am definitely not part of the language police, and I think to call DeSantis-and President Trump by extension- for being racists is an embarrassment to the Miami Herald. A simple explanation by DeSantis that he clearly meant no use of racial overtones should suffice. Today, Michael Medved pointed out on his daily radio show (in defending DeSantis) that while we believe in free speech and that speech codes have gone too far, there is a price to pay-and always has been- for speech that offends. We don't pay it by being arrested or paying a fine, rather in our relationships with the people around us.  For example, if you deliberately call a black person a monkey, you won't be arrested, but you will lose the respect and friendship of many around you, not just the person affected, but others, black, white, Hispanic or whatever. Do it in the workplace, and you will probably be fired.

But how far are we willing to go to punish someone who used the word monkey (as a verb) in a completely different context? If Mr Gillum were white, nobody would have noticed the use of the word. DeSantis was not referring to Gillum as a monkey, but there is a history there of equating monkeys with blacks, and blacks are understandably very sensitive about it. For Ron DeSantis, lesson learned.

An Interview With Matteo Salvini

Image result for matteo salvini
Matteo Salvini-Italian interior minister

I have translated an article news article of nan interview with Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini. It discusses the investigation by the prosecutor's office of Agrigento (Sicily) against Salvini for his role in not allowing migrants arriving on the ship Diciotti, to disembark. (They have since disembarked and four men are in custody charged with human trafficking.)

Diciotti (ship) Salvini: I want to be tried.  The case will boomerang on the prosecutor of Agrigento. I’m sorry for him”

Investigated by Sicilian magistrates for illegal detention, illegal arrest and abuse of power, the interior minister speaking to Il Messagero and Libero (newspapers) talks of having received many messages of solidarity and that he will waive  immunity. “I want to see how it will rnd.”

“In Agrigento, everything will come out positive, and therefore I thank the prosecutor because it will boomerang.” For Matteo Salvini,, the investigation opened by the Sicilian magistrates regarding the ship, Diciotto, which sees him accused of illegal detention, illegal arrest and abuse of power, “Everything will come out positive,” says the minister to Messagiere. And remembering having received received many messages of solidarity, also on the part of judges and prosecutors, speaking to Libero,   beginning today there is a signature collection in his support. To the question if he will ask the Senate to say “no” to an authorization to proceed, he responds, “Absolutely not.” If the tribunal says that I must be tried, I will go before the magistrates and explain that I am not a kidnapper. I want to see how this will end.”

Besides the waiving of immunity, he commented also on the choice of the Agrigento prosecutor. “I have only done my work as minister and am ready to do it again. For the rest, I am sorry for the Agrigento prosecutors. I think that with all the problems that Sicily has, the priority is certainly not to investigate Salvini. And  he was the same one who  some months ago said, ‘ The risks of terrorists on board the boats is high’ Has he changed his mind?” He then turned to the idea of reforming justice. “But not for the investigation into Salvini- exactly- but because we have millions of trials delayed and this is one of the problems that stops investment in Italy.” He then remembers to have received, “a tide of messages of solidarity” and continues:” I believe that (the prosecutors) at Agrigento have  misjudged if they thought they could stop intimidate someone.” Among the many messages of support,  there are some from judges and public ministers from various prosecutors officers.


As to the opening of a judicial  investigation Sunday, also weighing in is vice premier Luigi DiMaio, 
who defending the Lega (Northern League) leader  has called for respect for the judiciary. A point on
 which today, weighing in in the columns of La Repubblica,  the president of the ANM (AssociazIone 
Nazionale Magistrati) Francesco Minisci, who  deploys the “union of the togas”, alongside the 
prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, and maintains that Bonafede should support the work of
 the magistrates, “He who covers institutional duties, in particular the minister of justice, should 
defend the constitutional prerogatives of the magistrates.” “One thing is certain- underlines Minischi-
“As we have already done, we will react every time in which there are attacks on the autonomy and 
the independence of every single magistrate, from whoever it comes. On constitutional principles, we
 will not take one step back.” And he adds:  Nobody should or be able to interfere in the work of 
colleagues. If in the case of the ship Diciotto, crimes have been committed, and in a positive case,
 whoever has committed them, it must be established who will investigate: This means autonomy 
and independence of the magistrate(s)”.

Salvini then, in the interview with Libero, spoke of political support in the case of Diciotto. “I am pleased by the words of Berlusconi as well as those of Meloni. Not so much  representatives of Forza Italia. Hypocrites for how they are behaving in Parliament”. Turning finally to his relationship with Pasei Ue: “ They have shown themselves to be totally absent, deaf, untrustworthy, but because they do it with the Italians’ money, is the thing that bothers us, Conte has done well in announcing that when they need us, we will pay them back with the same money.” He makes it clear, however, there is no way out” And to the question if he will ask the Hungarian premier, Orban-who he will see in Milan on August 28- to accept some migrants, answers: “No. I know his position on this point. Just like the position of the Germans and the Austrians. Orban wants a Europe that controls and protects the external borders. This is our final objective.”
27 August 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fake News at CNN

"Hello, CNN? I got some great fake news for you. Just remember- I declined to comment."

Both sides of the political spectrum accuse the other of trafficking in fake news. Here is one shining example of fake news from CNN, in which they are presently entangled. Back in July, CNN's Alisyn Camerota breathlessly announced that Michael Cohen was prepared to tell Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor, that Donald Trump knew in advance of the infamous  June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian female lawyer, who was supposed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. It turned out that the woman wanted to lobby for a Russian adoption program. President Trump insists he never knew beforehand about the meeting. Yet, the CNN report on tv was accompanied by a statement from Jeffrey Toobin, legal analyst for CNN, that this information, if true, would prove Trump colluded with the Russian interference in the election. Smoking gun and all that stuff.

TOOBIN: "Well, let's, of course, posit that his credibility is in question. But if Cohen is telling the truth about this, it completely changes our understanding of what Donald Trump's role was -- Donald Trump Sr., the president of the United States -- in the relationship between his campaign and Russia. Because this meeting in Trump Tower is the clearest example we have so far of a direct connection between the Russian government and the Trump campaign." 

CNN quoted an anonymous source and added that Cohen lawyer, the Clintonite Democrat activist, Lanny Davis declined to comment on the story.

Fake news. Lanny Davis, it turns out, was the anonymous source for the report, as he now admits. He also  has stated that he misspoke or spoke prematurely and that Cohen was not prepared to make the aforementioned claim. It should also be noted that Cohen had already testified under oath before Congress that he had no idea about Trump knowing about this meeting beforehand.

Of course, CNN is standing by its story. They pretty much have to. What are they going to say- "We lied to the American people about our source, and the source lied when he first made the claim"? (They claim to have had other sources.) CNN has been losing its credibility steadily over the past several years-not just because they have a liberal, anti-Republican agenda, but because their stories cannot be trusted.

Fake news in-fake news out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Another Stabbing Death in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Sunday, in the east German city of Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt in the communist days), a German man was stabbed to death during a dispute. Two men are in custody. Guess where they are from. If you guessed Syria and Iraq, you are right.

On Monday, hundreds of Germans marched in the city to protest. A riot ensued when protesters faced off against leftists. The German media described the groups as "extreme rightists vs leftists". Typical.

Chalk up another dead German on the altar of Mutti Merkel.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Swedish Election Debate

In the above video are excerpts from a 2018 election debate (about a month ago). In the excerpts, the principle issue is the problem of immigration and Sweden's resulting rape problem. Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson  clearly outlines the problem of uncontrolled immigration from the Middle East and the beliefs (especially about women) that these immigrants bring. As you will see, the other candidates simply have their heads in the sand. The video is about 8 minutes long with Englsih sub-titles.

Sicilian Prosecutor Wants to Charge Italian Interior Minister for Illegal Detention

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Matteo Salvini, the Italian interior minister, who is opposed to uncontrolled migration into Italy, is under investigation by a Sicilian prosecutor because he refused to allow migrants to disembark at Catania from the ship, Diciotto. (Four accused human smugglers are in custody from that ship.)  Here is Salvini being interviewed about the ship and the investigation. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Let's be clear: Salvini is protecting his country from uncontrolled immigration. He is standing for the rule of law and telling the EU that Italy will not be dictated by the EU to accept these people.

Whoops! Michael Cohen's Lawyer Walks Back Previous Statements About Trump

CNN and MSNBC had been exchanging high fives since Democratic operative and Michael Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis made statements that according to his client (Cohen), Trump knew in advance of the meeting that Donald Trump Jr had with a  Russian woman at Trump Tower during the campaign. The meeting is nothing more than a nothingburger to begin with, but now Davis is walking back those comments.

I also note in the article that previous reports that Cohen had traveled to Prague came from the infamous Russian dossier. Cohen insists that he has never been to Prague, but that dossier was used by the FBI to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Hatem Bazian's "History" Leaves Out Key Points

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Hatem Bazian is a Palestinian-born professor at UC Berkeley, whom I would describe as a two-trick pony. His two big issues in life are demonizing Israel and complaining about Islamophobia. His resume includes being co-founder of American Muslims for Palestine, which is a funder of the Students for Justice in Palestine (also founded by Bazian), a nationwide organization of brown shirts who go around disrupting pro-Israel events on campuses and bullying Jewish students,.In addition, Bazian founded  the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Center at UC Berkeley, which sounds impressive, but actually occupies a broom closet in Barrows Hall, but big enough to hold a computer to hold all the "documentation". In addition to all that, Bazian actually called for an "intifada" in the US while speaking to an audience in 2004. If that's not enough, he has a long litany of anti-semitic statements to add to his "resume". In short, he is an embarrassment to UC Berkeley. Unfortunately, UC Berkeley is never concerned with being embarrassed, so people like Bazian will always have a job..

Now Bazian has come out with his own history of the ill will that exists between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran and the issue of "Islamophobia" in the US. Problem is that Bazian leaves out very important details. Did I say "details"? I should have said major events.

"The othering process directed at Muslims was unleashed by the political elites that wanted to craft a strategy to contest and maintain power in the post-Cold War era, which included a heavy emphasis on the massive military expenditures, which might had been cut after the defeat of the Soviet Union."

So if I get this right, according to Bazian, the end of the Cold War meant that US leaders had to find a new boogy man, and Islam in general fit the bill. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 had already happened, and it is interesting that Bazian does not devote one word to the taking of American diplomats as hostages in Iran when our embassy in Teheran was stormed. Nor does Bazian mention anything about Iran's sponsorship of international terrorism. Nor is there any mention of all the times the Iranians have promised to destroy the US and Israel. Do you think those items might have something to do with our problems with the Iranian regime? How about the slaughter of their own people when they dare to protest in the streets of Iranian cities? If we favorted Sunni jihadist Islam during the USSR war in Afghanistan, boy have we learned our lesson.

As for Islamophobia itself, Bazian conveniently leaves out any reference to Islamic terrorism (as well as the Iranian hostage crisis). Likewise, there is no mention of 9-11. This is like writing a history of World War II and not mentioning the invasion of Poland, Pearl Harbor or the Holocaust. And this man is supposed to be a scholar and a professor at a world renowned university?

As for the "clash of civilizations" (which is real), I would argue that the clash was brought about by militant Islam, which also believes in the "clash" and has declared war on the West. Islam seeks to impose itself on the rest of the world, either peacefully or violently and by force. There is most definitely a clash of civilizations between freedom and democracy on the one side and totalitarianism under the guise of religion on the other, all of which is lost on Hatem Bazian.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

UCI's Response to AMCHA Initiative Regarding May 3 Incident

On May 3, a group of anarchists disrupted a meeting of the College Republicans at UC Irvine, which featured Israeli reservists speaking about their experiences serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

The AMCHa Initiative, which fights campus anti-semitism sent a letter to UCI in protest of the incident. Below is the response they received from Doug Haynes, director of UXCI's Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (I'm not sure I got the order right)

Fousesquawk comment:

Blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack. In this letter, Haynes does what he does best, butry the seriousness of the problem of language of platitudes and political correctness. What he fails to point out is that campus police let the chants continue for about 5 minutes after they entered the room.

UCI Faculty Senate Report on UCIPD-Student Relations

I have obtained a report from the UC Irvine Faculty Senate from May 2017, which describes a study they made about student interactions with campus police.


The report also contains recommendations, some of which are interesting. It seems they feel that students who violate the law should be shielded by the campus police and/or something called the Event Management Team

1.  p. 11  - as of 4/18/17, the UCIPD reports to Ron Cortez, Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services. All UC Police Depts ultimately report to the Office of the President (Janet Napolitano) in Oakland.  There is a "Council of Chiefs" by which all 10 UC campus police departments communicate with one another. 

2.  p. 16  - the UCIPD works closely with the Office of Student Affairs when there are concerns about protests.  Police are .trained to let members of the "Event Management Team" handle matters.  " Police are trained to allow the Event Management Team to oversee campus events and to avoid intervention unless or until the physical safety of individuals is at risk. " 

3.  p 17  "UCIPD officers are trained to be student caretakers and can work to insulate students from involvement in the criminal justice system."

4.  p. 19  - apparently, there are cameras in the police station that make both video and audio recordings.  Keep this in mind for visits there. 

Fousesquawk comment: So now the UCIPD is to be considered "Student Caretakers"! I have news for the Faculty Senate. Cops are not caretakers. They are supposed to be there to enforce the law. In addition, they are not supposed to show favoritism or extra sensitivity to so-called underrepresented  minorities, which if you follow UCI matters the last several years, does not include Jewish students. UCI is still having to deal with the May 3 disruption of a College Republican/Israeli soldier event that was disrupted by a bunch of rowdies brought onto campus by God knows who (I know who also). For years, Jewish students have had their events disrupted by pro-Palestinian students and their allies. However, the Jews do not fall into one of the categories of protected minorities, whereas their tormentors do.

I am hardly naive. I know full well that campus police act (or don't act) at the direction of the administrations of each campus. As for the UCIPD, I have interacted with them on many occasions. They are almost always courteous and professional. Occasionally, I have sometimes been critical and will continue to be so when the situation warrants. I always try to coordinate anything I do on campus with them.

Then there was this in the report:

P 5- The Committee received sufficient information about particular
incidents and about fears of bringing complaints to arouse concerns that lack of transparency and local accountability may undermine the legitimacy of the UCIPD, particularly among vulnerable groups who are part of the campus community. These groups include members of the campus community who are among racial minorities underrepresented on campus (particularly those who identify as Black); members of the campus community who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer (LGBTQ); members of the campus community who are immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants; and members of the community.

Did you get everybody in there? As someone who taught part-time on that campus 1998-2016, I think this is bull. It's just standard politically correct bureaucratese. True, there was an unfortunate incident at UCI a few years ago concerning a black resident of University Hills, the faculty residential area, which is cited. The only group that is really marginalized on campus are Jews-in this fashion: When Jewish students try to have events supporting Israel, the events are disrupted, and no arrests are made-at least not since the 2010 Oren disruption. (The disruption of Israel ambassador to the US, Michael Oren's speech.) Jewish students who show any support for Israel are bullied and harassed by pro-Palestinian students, and the university does nothing. I've been saying this for years. 

This report is just more silly, liberal mishmash, found everywhere on college campuses. The UCIPD, in my view, does not deserve this questionable report. 

New Mexico Compound Update

Prosecutors in New Mexico, trying to convince a judge not to release the defendants on bail in the Siraj Wahhaj Jr. case, have alleged that Wahhaj and one of the female defendants were plotting to attack an Atlanta hospital. The woman, Jany Leveille, is also being held on immigration charges that she overstayed her visa for 20 years. She is a native of Haiti.

German Girl Assaulted, Pushed Off Cliff in Italy

Hat tip Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna

A 21-year old university student from Marburg, Germany was vacationing in the San Remo area of Italy when she was allegedly attacked, raped, and pushed off a 70-foot cliff by a 32-year-old North African.  The accused attacker is in Italian police custody.

Milo Yiannopoulos Reportedly Being Brought Back to UCI by College Republicans

The UC Irvine College Republicans have announced that they plan to bring Milo Yiannopoulos back to campus in the coming months after he was dropped from a Politicon conference scheduled in October. That means the snowflakes will be in uproar mode. The Cross Cultural Center will likely do what they did last time-open up a counseling room for those who feel "threatened" or "uncomfortable" by Milo's presence.

Here is the College Republicans Facebook announcement in case you can't open the Orange County Register's article.

Image may contain: text

Breaking: Mass Shooting in Jacksonville- 4 Dead-Shooter Dead

Today, a mass shooting took place in the Jacksonville Landing area of Jacksonville, Florida, a nightlife spot. Reports are that 4 are dead, many others wounded, and the shooter-as yet unidentified- is also dead.

Back in the 1980s, when I was a DEA agent, I spent a night drinking in the Jacksonville Landing area, which sits on the St John River.

More details to come.

*Update: Shooter is identified as David Katz, 24, of Baltimore. His death is being called a suicide.

John McCain

Image result for john mccain

I can't let the day go by without commenting on the passing of Senator John McCain, who died Saturday from brain cancer. No matter what I or anyone else thinks about his later years as a senator, when he disappointed many conservatives, John McCain is an American hero based on his Vietnam war service and time spent as a POW. It must be recalled that he actually refused an early release because he was the son of a top Navy admiral.

I voted for McCain in the 2008 election, and for the only time in my life, went to see a political candidate speak when he was scheduled to make an appearance in Orange County during the campaign. (He didn't show up.) In addition, I have one of McCain's autographed books, a  gift from my cousin, who went to a book signing. McCain conducted his campaign with class. During his eloquent concession speech, he refused to let one of his followers in the audience make negative remarks about President-elect Obama.

In his later years as a senator, I disagreed with many of his positions. I regarded it as unfortunate that he engaged in a bitter back and forth with President Trump even though Trump's comment during the campaign about McCain's POW time was despicable.

All that must be put aside as we consider McCain's place in American history. There is no question history will treat him kindly.

Rest in peace, Senator McCain. A life well lived.

A French Muslim Responds to Brigitte Bardot on Halal Ritual Slaughter

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Ava Lon

If you can get through the utter incomprehensible rambling of this young fool, I defy you to find the justification behind the rambling justification for the cruel and inhumane halal slaughter of animals under Islamic tradition. In this video, this fool challenges  legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot, who is a noted animal rights activist in France.

First of all, if done properly, an animal is first rendered unconscious with a stun gun before being slaughtered. How that makes it inedible, according to this guy, is beyond me. Stunning, however, is not good enough to satisfy halal. The animal actually has to bleed out before it dies.

I also note that according to this young man, the animal actually gives up its throat to the butcher as if grateful for the honor of being made halal. What nonsense.

And to criticize halal slaughter is hardly racist  as he claims.  Islam is not a race. It is a belief system. There are Muslims of virtually every race.

I realize there is debate about the difference between halal slaughter and kosher slaughter as well as the overall effectiveness of stunning. Suffice to say, as a dedicated meat eater, I believe that the animal should be killed in a humane and painless manner.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Dozens of Sheep Rescued by Cops in Paris

As a follow up to our story about Italian cops in Naples rescuing a ram (previously identified as either a sheep or goat) during the Islamic festival of sacrifice (or slaughter), French police in the Paris district of Drancy have rescued dozens of sheep from the back of a pizzeria. Breitbart has the story.

Europe and the US have laws governing the manner in which animals are killed for consumption. Either we enforce these laws or they are worthless.

Syrian Gang Beats up Dutch Boy-Nothing Happens

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

So what happens when a gang of Syrians savagely beats a Dutch boy in a park in Eindhoven, (Netherlands) sending him to the hospital, and the Syrians are identified?

Nothing. No arrests have been made. In fact, the city mayor wasn't even aware of the situation.

Let's face it: Europeans are terrified of Muslims, who are getting away with murder (literally and figuratively). With the notable exception of Geert Wilders and his Freedom party, the Dutch leadership,  like most of the rest of Western Europe, has abandoned its own people to this horde of several million savages, who have stormed into the continent to live off European generosity all the while terrorizing the native populations. It is completely insane.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Mental Illness in Paris

Hat tip New English Review

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A mental illness plague is sweeping Europe, from Italy to Germany to Scandinavia and France, all the way to the UK. It affects almost always men, who suddenly scream, "Allahu Akhbar," and go on a  murderous rampage. If they don't have guns, they use knives. If they don't have knives, they drive a truck through a crowd of pedestrians. Hundreds of innocent people are dying across Europe. And it's all being attributed to mental illness.

Some "right-wing extremists" point out that there are certain common denominators. Most of the mentally ill people who are committing these acts of violence, rape and murder are immigrants, refugees, migrants, or asylum seekers. In addition, the "right-wingers" tell us, almost all are Muslim.

Of course, we know that these right-wing people are nothing more than, gasp, "Islamophobes".

So it was Thursday in Paris, where a man went on a knife rampage, killing his mother, sister and wounding another. When confronted by the gendarmes, he yelled the magic words, "Allahu Akhbar", and was shot dead in self defense.

Nothing to worry about, say the police. The man was mentally ill, and it was a domestic dispute. What a domestic dispute.

A hundred years from now when Europe has disappeared, they will ask, "Whatever happened to Europe?" The answer will be, "They all went crazy."

Another Stabbing Death in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

"Old Mackie's Back!"

It kind of reminds you of Bobby Darin's old hit, Mack the Knife, which was taken from the 1920s play, The Three Penny Opera, with Mack the Knife (Mackie Messer) roaming the streets of Berlin at night stabbing women. Today, there's a Mackie in every German town.

It's just another day in Angela Merkel's Germany. In Dusseldorf, an Iranian guy stabbed his German wife or girlfriend to death on a city street because she gave him the boot. In the first of two videos from Gates of Vienna, the  perp's ID and background is not given. In the second, now that he is a dangerous fugitive, he is identified as an Iranian, and his name is disclosed (Ali Shah Ghaleh, 44, a refugee). Had he been arrested, the name would not have been provided to the public. Of course, as always, the public is informed that the man is "mentally ill". They all are.

Play it again, Sam.

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"It's still the same old story, a fight for love and gory. A case of do or die."