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Austria: Another Horrific Rape Case in Vienna

Recently, we posted an article about a rape case in Austria and how it brought back memories of a horrific murder of a young girl named Leonie in Vienna a year or so previous. Today, the Austrian press is reporting that 17 young males, aged 13-18, from Turkish and Bulgarian background, have been arrested for the alleged gang rape of a 12-year-old girl-acts that continued over the course of months. The details are sickening. The below article from Heute (Austria) is translated by Fousesquawk.

7 suspects

  Nursery Gang rapes girl (12) in Vienna

Savage abuse case in Vienna: Over a dozen youths allegedly gang raped a 12-year-old several times

From the Heute newsdesk

February 29, 2024 at 17:05

It is likely one of the most serious abuse cases in the capital city (Vienna). As Krone reported on Thursday, 17 suspects are being investigated for repeated rapes of a 12-year-old  girl. The crimes, according to the report, reportedly began at the beginning of 2023 and lasted over months- through numerous gang rapes of the victim by up to 8 suspects (some themselves children) in a parking garage, in a stairwell, and also in a Vienna apartment.

Gang rapes filmed with cell phones

Early Thursday morning, the police reportedly went into action- numerous apartments in Vienna were stormed by officers, (and) some of the suspects were arrested in their bedrooms. They are reportedly mainly children and young people between the ages of  13-18 with Turkish and Bulgarian migration background. 17 arrests were named in the report. The "Nursery gang" reportedly documented the brutal rapes with several smartphone videos.

The starting point for the martyrdom of the 12-year-old victim was reportedly her first boyfriend. He allegedly first forced her into sexual acts, after which she was "passed around" to his friends like a "trophy". In the video, it can reportedly be seen how the girl desperately begs the attackers who are attacking her to stop. For a long time, the girl hid the brutal attacks from her parents-out of shame and fear. At some point, she then described the crimes to her mother.

Suspects apparently show no sense of guilt

According to Krone, all 17 suspects have been released from police custody and are free. There is reportedly no remorse among the "Nursery Gang", also no consciousness of guilt-it was consensual sex, and the girl represented herself as being 14, said to be the uniform defense strategy. Should charges against the group be brought, the very young suspects face up to 5 years imprisonment. The case brings memories of the tragic case of the dead Leonie.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Anti-Semitism in Berkeley- K-12 (Make That K-PhD)

 "Parents have repeatedly reported anti-Semitic incidents to the administration, but BUSD has done nothing to address, much less curtail, the hostile environment that has plagued BUSD for more than four months. Instead of addressing teachers’ anti-Semitic behavior, BUSD officials have chosen to disrupt the Jewish students by moving them into new classes, further ostracizing and marginalizing them from their peers, and normalizing anti-Semitic behavior."

-Brandeis Center

"Jews not wanted here"

Things have gotten so bad in Berkeley for Jewish students that the Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under the Law and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have filed a complaint with the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights against the Berkeley Unified School District for anti-Semitic bullying and harassment of Jewish students since the Hamas terror attack against Israel on October 7, 2023. Reportedly, this harassment comes not only from other students but teachers and staff as well! The press release from the Brandeis Center can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, up the street at UC Berkeley, anti-Jewish intimidation and harassment extends another 4-7 years depending on how far you want to subject yourself to this misery just to get an advanced degree. In just the latest incident, pro-Hamas protesters disrupted yet another pro-Israel speaking event featuring a speaker (veteran) from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Legal Insurrection has the report, which links to a report by the campus paper, The Daily Californian.

Let's be frank here: Everybody has known that Berkeley is an intellectual cesspool and has been for a number of decades. The city has suffered under poor political leadership while the university has degenerated into a center of indoctrination by the left. Like Harvard, it is considered one of the premier universities in the land, but it is all an illusion. Throw in disruptive pro-Palestinian activism on campus, and things have gone from bad to worse for Jewish students. This latest incident is just an example. Not only was the event shut down, but protesters reportedly fought with police, and windows were broken. What kind of institution is this?

Meanwhile, Chancellor Carol Christ, in true academic fashion, prattles on about how the "values" of the university were violated. I have no idea what those values are, but my question is what she is going to do about it? Will violent protesters be prosecuted? We don't even know if anyone (who reportedly fought with police and broke windows) was arrested. Will anybody be expelled? We will never know because actions against students are protected by privacy rules.

This city and this university should not receive a single dime in federal funding.

France: ISIS in the Schools

"Fight, fight, fight for ISIS!"


A French first-grade teacher is in police custody and charged with recording and distributing ISIS propaganda. Apparently, the teacher, identified by the media only as Sofiane O., recorded himself performing ISIS songs (Yes, they even listen to music in the "Islamic State") and sending them to unidentified ISIS figures for further distribution through the ISIS propaganda network.

The below article from Le Figaro is translated by Fousesquawk.

Seine-Saint-Denis: A first-grade teacher is imprisoned after having translated songs for Daesh (ISIS) supporting jihad

By Steve 

Posted 2-26-2024 at 20:34. Updated yesterday at 17:26.

A school teacher in Drancy, aged 26, is accused of having performed and recorded at least 5 religious songs before transmitting them to leaders of the Islamic State for distribution.

A jihadist teaching our children? A school teacher, aged 26, working in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis) has been charged and placed in provisional detention very recently, on February 16, on account of criminal terrorist association for purposes of committing  "crimes of attacks against persons", Le Figaro has learned from the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office on Monday evening, February 26, confirming information from Parisien.

The teacher is suspected of having performed at least five "nasheeds", Muslim religious songs that the Islamic State continuously uses in its propaganda videos. The authorities accuse him of having translated to French, sung, and "edited" these songs before transmitting them to the "leaders" of Daesh (ISIS). One of these songs was also distributed on the principal propaganda channel of the Islamic organization.

He claims to have been under "influence"

The young, French-Algerian also "manifestly" adhered to the jihadist ideology, according to elements recovered from his personal electronic devices. Sofiane O. is also suspected of having privately distributed jihadist propaganda on social media. In the sights of the authorities for several years, the professor reportedly took a course in the Arabic language at the European Institute of Human Sciences of Saint-Denis. The establishment, also under (under investigation), is particularly known for having had a student, Ines Madani, sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for having attempted to blow up a car near the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris during the night of 3-4 September 2016.

The young man- who reportedly has been a tenured professor since 2021, (teaching) young children ages 6-7 at the Jean-Pierre Timbaud School of Drancy, reportedly told investigators he was under the "influence" of interlocators, whom he knew only by religious names, and who asked him to perform "nasheeds". He also said while in custody that he ascribes to the values of the (French) Republic and reportedly claimed to have observed the minute of silence to Samuel Paty with his pupils.

"Cozy existence"

(Speaking) to our colleagues at Parisien, one of his close acquaintances claims that, "We have never reproached him for anything on a professional level." Another says that he, "led a cozy existence between his work at the school and.......".  He is valued by his colleagues, his friends, and clearly by his family". His lawyer, Attorney Florence Rouas, describes him as, "a teacher perfectly integrated into French life," married and a father. "He barely goes to the mosque a few times a year," she claimed. "In his daily life, he is friendly and even endearing."  

Still, the mayor of Drancy, Aude Lagarde, said in a press release that she, "shared the emotion of the teachers and the parents of the pupils of the Timbaud School," after the announcement of the charges against Sofiane O. "I would like to affirm my complete support to the personnel of this school, frightened by this news, and who must not be tarnished by the actions of one of their colleagues". The investigation has been jointly assigned to the Anti-Terrorist Section of the Criminal Brigade and the General Directorate of Internal Security(DGSI), the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor'sOffice stated.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Katie Porter’s Disgusting Comments on the Murder in Georgia

 Just when we think we couldn’t be any more outraged by the murder of Laken Riley on the campus of the University of Georgia by a Venezuelan illegal migrant, along comes Katie Porter (D-CA) weighing in during an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett on Monday. After expressing the proper sympathy with the victim's family, she then expresses what really matters to her. Porter stressed that it was important not to let "one instance" change our immigration policy,. Of all the disgusting statements this woman has made while in Congress, this is the worst. If she had any decency, she would apologize, drop out of the California Senate race, and resign from Congress. She won't do that, of course.

This is a glaring example of what is so morally bankrupt about the Democrat party.

Ironically, Porter’s website boasts that she is a "warrior" in protecting American families. From what? What sheer hypocrisy.  In truth, protecting Americans is not as important as protecting the Democrats’ immigration policy, which is open borders. That is the policy she doesn't want to see changed.

If you want to know what her priorities are when it comes to immigration and public safety, you can read it in the words of her own campaign here.

"California needs a warrior in Washington, and when it comes to protecting California families, Katie won't back down."

-Katie Porter's campaign website  

Now I know some wise guy will contradict me here by pointing out that what this means is that Katie will protect California families from corporate polluters or some other evildoers, and heck- we're talking about California families, not Georgia families, but the above statement does strike me as a bit ironic.

This is the congresswoman who rose to "fame" in 2019 with her withering questioning of JP Morgan Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon, as she lectured him about "one of his employees" back in Irvine, California (her district), a single mom named Patricia who couldn't make ends meet on her lowly bank salary. Porter made the CEO squirm, but shortly thereafter, she had to admit in an interview that there was no Patricia. It was all a "composite" of several women, according to Porter.  I wonder if that's a trick she used to teach in law school.

Which reminds me:

Before she got elected to Congress, Porter was teaching at the UC Irvine Law School (She is still listed on the law school's website as faculty-on unpaid leave.) I predict next year she will be back at UCI after she loses the Senate race. The UCI Law School is little more than a legal training ground for leftist activists. It's where she belongs.

Keep that seat warm, UCI.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

The University of Georgia Murder Case: Who Has Blood on Their Hands?

Every time I read a story coming out of Europe about some citizen being murdered or raped by one or more of the millions of so-called asylum seekers or refugees arriving from who knows where, I have commented on the blame being placed on the insane immigration/refugee policy of the EU. The blood is on their hands.

Though our own illegal alien problem is different in certain aspects, we must also assign responsibility for horrendous crimes being committed by illegals on the current administration that has allowed our southern border to spin out of control.

This week, we learn of the murder of Laken Riley, a young woman out jogging near the University of Georgia campus in Athens. In custody and charged with the crime is an illegal migrant from Venezuela named Jose Antonio Ibarra. He is yet to stand trial and is legally presumed innocent. But if he is eventually convicted, blame must also be assigned to our political leaders. Those who have allowed millions of unidentified people into our country. I am talking specifically about President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, the latter now under impeachment proceedings for his absolute dereliction of duty.

There is no need to go through the litany of problems and outrages that are plaguing our country as a direct result of illegal migration across our border. But this case in Georgia should be the poster child for securing our border. I wouldn’t be saying this if we had a government that was sincerely trying to secure the borders and Ibarra was just some guy who managed to sneak in. That is not the case with our current administration. 

It is well and good that Mayorkas is being impeached although he is unlikely to be convicted and removed by the Democrat controlled Senate. But even removing Mayorkas will not solve the problem. It is Biden who sets the policy. Mayorkas is the man who is carrying out the policy. They are both to blame.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Papiamento in Aruba: An Interview With Ramon Todd Dandaré

 Hat tip Diario (Aruba)

Ramon Todd Dandaré is an Aruiban linguist and expert on the history and development of Papiamento, the creole language spoken in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. 

Several years ago, I interviewed Ramon in Aruba while researching my book on Papiamento (The Story of Papiamentu*: A Study in Language and Slavery, University Press of America, 2002).

* The language has two different spellings. It is generally spelled Papiamentu in Curaçao and Bonaire and Papiamento in Aruba. This is due to the fact that Aruba has more Spanish/Portuguese influences in the language while the other two islands have more Dutch influence in spelling. Since this article originated in Aruba, I am using the Aruban spelling here.)

Ramon is actually Colombian by birth but immigrated to Aruba and is considered one of the foremost linguistic experts in Papiamento. In the below article in the Aruban daily, Diario, Ramon gives an overview of efforts to institute Papiamento as the language of school instruction in Aruba over Dutch. This is still an evolving process over the past few decades as Papiamento has gradually gained official status along with Dutch.

The article is translated from Papiamento by Fousesquawk.

Aruba has been under Dutch control for 400 years and has not yet succeeded in making Papiamento the language of instruction in education

Today is International Mother Language Day

* Ramon Todd Dandaré with reflection on Papiamento

Oranjestad (AAN) Today it is important to recognize the value of mother languages. And more than one form of communication is represented, but it also reflects the history, culture, identity, and connection with the roots of a country.

For many people, their mother language is the foundation of their identity and the pillar upon which their personal and social development is based.

In this article, the focus is on the importance of preserving the mother language, in this case, Papiamento. Its influence on the way of thinking and feeling, and the concrete benefits it can bring for local and global communities.

To elaborate on that, Diario interviewed linguist Ramon Todd Dandaré. A person always available when it concerns sharing his knowledge on the issue of Papiamento and language.

Ramon began saying that since the moment Europeans arrived in the Caribbean, there has been European influence. When education began and people began to do research, two languages were very important. These were ancient Greek and Latin.

After the Romans conquered Europe, the majority of the countries, when they began to study, everybody did it in Latin. He mentioned, for example, Saint Agustine wrote a book, more or less in the year 400 (1625 years ago). A book entitled, "Confessions".

St Agustine was born in North Africa. He was African. Afterward, he went to Italy. Since the time he was in Africa, he studied Latin. He wrote his book in Latin because Latin was the language of study. Afterward, little by little, the European countries began to use their own language.

For example, the Netherlands began doing their study in Dutch rather late. England began first, Todd Dandaré explained.

He added that at that time, the national language was introduced in teaching, but before that, all books were written in Latin.

The same thing happened to us here. We are a Dutch colony. Since 1636, Aruba has been a Dutch colony with some short changes over the course of history. For a few years, it was English, for a time, French. But generally, and naturally, we cannot exclude Spain. Aruba was Spanish from 1499 to 1636. At that time, it became Dutch, he stated.

400 years under Dutch control

Aruba has been under Dutch control for almost 400 years. (Under) the Dutch, during the time of slavery, a slave could not learn Dutch because it was prohibited and also prohibited to become a Protestant. Because of that, at that time, the Catholic Church made use of the opportunity and began to Christianize the slave population. They did that using the language of the slaves, Papiamento. 

The Catholic Church did a lot for teaching, and the slaves who received teaching, after being freed from slavery, received teaching in their own language, Papiamento.

Dutch Government demanded teaching be in Dutch

Ramon Todd Dandaré explained that at a certain time, there was a proposition in the Netherlands that the government subsidize education. A proposal was also made to do so in the colonies as well. But when the government of the Netherlands began to subsidize education, they inserted an obligation that all education must be in Dutch.

Before that, he continued, the slaves had been taught in Papiamentu. The first book of the Catholic Church in Papiamento was in 1825. There are no copies of this book because it was lost. But it is known that in 1837, Monsignor (Martinus Johannes) Niewindt published a book entitled, "Short Catechism for use by the Catholics of Curaçao. Afterward, the Catholic Church continued to publish in Papiamento.

There is also a dictionary (word list) from the year 1859 in three languages, which was published in Curaçao. At that time, Curaçao was the capital.

When the law on subsidizing education came in 1907, the Dutch government required that education must be in Dutch. Therefore, all education began to be in Dutch since that time, Ramon Todd Dandaré said. 




Stanford Caves to the Mob

Hat tip Campus Reform

Stanford Administration Building

The pro-Hamas sympathizers at Stanford have held a 120-day-long sit-in on the campus. Rather than remove the little rascals, Stanford administrators demonstrated the usual academic cowardice and agreed to 4 unspecified demands with the mob. Campus Reform has the report.

You call this leadership? Who is in charge at Stanford, the administration or a tiny minority of the students and outside agitators? Here is how a university should be run.

This is how Stanford should have responded to these "demands":

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Belgium: Flemish Parliament Disrupted by Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators


In Belgium, the Flemish Parliament was disrupted today by pro-Palestinian activists. Sam Van Rooy, a Flemish Parliamentary member from the Vlaams Belang party (probably the only sensible party in Belgium) responded by waving a small Israeli flag in front of the little rascals, who were throwing pamphlets from the visitor's gallery into the chamber. They were removed by police.

This, of course, is the preferred method of the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas crowd. They cannot debate. They cannot engage in reasoned dialogue. They ignore the horrific Hamas massacre of over 1,000 Israeli innocents on October 7. All they can do is disrupt, destroy, and resort to violence. 

The below article from today's Dutch language news agency, HLN, is translated by Fousesquawk. We are hoping to produce English-subtitled versions of the two videos from the article.

Look. Flemish Parliament suspended by pro-Palestinian protest- Military police have to intervene.

The Flemish Parliament plenary was disrupted Wednesday by a pro-Palestinian protest. A few dozen activists at a certain moment began chanting slogans, throwing pamphlets into the (chamber), and waving Palestinian flags. The activists were removed by military police, and the plenary was suspended for about ten minutes.

IBB 21 February 2024- Latest update: 16:27

 Just after 3 pm, the Flemish Parliament plenary was suddenly disrupted by activists who chanted pro-Palestinian slogans from the public gallery. They referred to the "30,000 dead" who have died in Gaza and chanted, "Not in our name" and "boycott ZIM. (ZIM is the Israeli shipping company mentioned as the transporter of Israeli weapons, also through Antwerp.)

In their pamphlet, the activists called for the "immediate halt" of all trade with Israel and "primarily the sale and transport of weapons and ammunition to this criminal nation." "You are elected to be the people's representatives and have the responsibility to avoid any involvement in the genocide, " it said.

Caption above video: 

Look: Vlaams Belang Parliament leader Sam Van Rooy waves a small Israeli flag as counter-protest. 

Complaint for disturbing public order

Liebeth Homans (N-VA), the chairperson of the Flemish Parliament, suspended the meeting and asked the military police to remove the visitors. Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) Parliament member Sam Van Rooy went with a small Israeli flag in his hand to (confront) the activists. Around 3: 20 pm, the session was resumed.

A complaint was filed by the Parliament against the activists for disruption of public order. The activists all had to show their identity cards, but they were (returned) afterward.

Opposition denounces weapons transit

The leftist opposition parties, especially the Greens and PVDA are using the action to raise the issue of weapons transit to Israel through the port of Antwerp. "It is urgent that the (Flemish government) intervenes. Flanders cannot and must not be the transit point for weapons transport to Israel," according to Flemish Parliament member Staf Aerts on X.

It is indeed incomprehensible that Flanders is the only region dragging its feet," says Vooruit (party) faction leader Hannelore Goeman on X. "Transit through the port of Antwerp must stop." In addition, PVDA- faction leader Jos D'Haese is joining the call. "There is an urgent need for a total military embargo to stop the flow of weapons to the catastrophe that Israel is wreaking in Gaza."

*Update: February 21, 2024. Video one in the above article. Translation by Fousesquawk. Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. Note that the spoken words of the protesters and the chairperson are in quotes while the Dutch captions are not.


Below is where Sam Van Rooy of the Vlaams Belang party waves the Israeli flag in front of the pro-Hamas mob.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Austria: Alleged ISIS Fighter on Trial in Vienna

A 27-year-old Chechen, residing in Austria, is on trial in Vienna, accused of having traveled to Syria in 2014 to fight for ISIS. The below article from the Austrian newspaper, Kronen Zeitung, is translated by Fousesquawk.

Terror trial in Vienna

27-year-old denies Syria stay before court

Court: February 19, 20245 15:05

Caption: At the terror trial in Vienna against the young Chechen, there is great media interest and even greater security measures.

A young ISIS sympathizer reportedly traveled to Syria in 2014, at the age of 18, and there joined the terror organization as a fighter. That is supported by a revealed data sheet. But for a conviction, the document is not sufficient. 

An unusual crowd of prison guards line Courtroom 11 in the Vienna Regional Court. That is noticed even by the judge. "Are you that dangerous? Obviously, yes when I look at what has been mustered here," she says at the beginning of the trial to the 27-year-old defendant-who is brought in with foot shackles and handcuffs attached to a waist-belt.

Prison guard attacked with butter knife

Justifiably, since the young man has a considerable criminal record. "You have been rather continuously in custody for 14 years," the president judge summarizes. Most recently, he had to appear before a jury in Krems for the attempted murder of an officer in the Stein Prison. With the cry, "Allahu akhbar" he went at the guard with a sharpened butter knife, aimed at the neck. In July 2022, he was finally sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for deliberate, serious bodily injury.

"But he had previously sworn to ISIS to support them from Austria"

- State prosecutor (referring to) the defendant (27)

(Did he) travel to Syria as an ISIS fighter?

The accusation, now being (litigated) in Vienna, allegedly occurred before the prison sentence against the Chechen. In the summer of 2014, the defendant allegedly traveled to Syria (and)  joined ISIS there. That is supported by a datasheet of the terror organization, in which a similar name with the same date of birth appears. There, he affixed a cross with the function, "fighter". 

On the appeal of the parents, the 27-year-old reportedly returned to Austria after two weeks. ISIS propaganda and torture videos were also found on the defendant. "He had also previously promised ISIS he would support them from Austria, according to the State prosecutor.

Insert: Section 278b Penal Code; Terrorist Organization

(1) Whoever leads a terrorist organization is subject to imprisonment from 5-15 years.

(2) Whoever participates as a member of a terrorist organization is subject to imprisonment from 1-10 years.

(3) A terrorist organization is a long-term association of more than two persons, set up so that one or more members of this organization would carry out one or more terrorist crimes or conduct terrorist financing. 

27-year-old Chechen was only visiting his girlfriend

Completely far-fetched, the defense attorney, Florian Kreiner, maintains. "My client crossed the Bulgarian border on June 9, 2014, and the Turkish (border) on June 10. That is the only thing that we objectively know". He was visiting a girlfriend in Istanbul, the defendant himself says-without luggage, without informing his parents. And he doesn't know the last name of the girlfriend in question.

Nevertheless, Attorney Kreiner criticizes: "I have done many terror trials. There has never been so little evidentiary material," And the evidence is not sufficient for a jury. In case of doubt, the 27-year-old will not be legally acquitted. 

-Sophie Pratschner

Monday, February 19, 2024

Netherlands: Parliament Wants Answers After Eritrean Rioting in the Hague

-Irish Sun

We have previously reported on the Eritrean riots that occurred Saturday in the Hague (as well as Eritrean riots in Charlotte NC the same day.) In the Netherlands, several political parties are demanding answers.

The below article from today's NOS Nieuws is translated by Fousesquawk. The article also has a video of the riots.

NOS News Today 12:18

All 13 suspects still in custody after Eritrean riot in the Hague

All 13 suspects who were arrested Saturday in the riots between two groups of Eritreans are still in custody. According to the police, they are suspected of public violence and weapons possession. They are men between the ages of 19 to 36.

In the riots surrounding the meeting of Eritreans in a meeting hall center in the Hague, 8 police officers were injured. Pro-government Eritreans were gathered at the meeting. Opponents of the dictatorial regime sought the confrontation. According to the Hague mayor Van Zanen, the rioting youths were from the Eritrean organization, Brigade Nhamedu.

Second Chamber wants clarification

Yesterday, several parts in the Second Chamber (of Parliament) stated that they wanted clarification on the riots. Among others, VVD and CDA have questions for outgoing Justice and Security Minister Yesilgoz. The parties also think that there should be an investigation into Brigade Nhamedu.

These are images from the riots.

PVV leader (Geert) Wilders says he is "sick and tired" and feels that the perpetrators must be arrested and deported. "I want to become the premier who finally puts things in order," he writes on X. The VVD wants "strong punishment" and feels that such violence must have consequences for an eventual residence permit or "Dutch citizenship". Several parties also want an investigation into the tension between the two groups.

Regularly go at each other

Refugee supporters and opponents of the regime in Eritrea regularly face off with each other. For that reason, there were extra measures taken at the meeting. Mayor Van Zanen later acknowledged that the acts of violence surprised him.

Following the riots, the Public Prosecutor's Office established a large-scale investigative team to prosecute the suspects. The police are still investigating the case.

The Muslim Brotherhood in France (9)

Below are two related articles from the French daily, Le Figaro, regarding the dismissal of a complaint lodged against the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, by a noted French soccer player, Karim Benzema, who was accused by Darmanin of having connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which Benzema denies. The articles are dated February 15 and 18.

Karim Benzema

Gerald Darmanin

This is the latest in our series of articles translated from original European articles concerning the presence and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. It is the 9th such article on France. Note that the second article is partial due to a subscriber block. The translations are both by Fousesquawk.

"Connections" with the Muslim Brotherhood: Gerald Darmanin wins his judicial standoff against Karim Benzema

By Le Figaro with Agence France Presse (AFP)

Posted February 15, 2024 at15:49, updated  February 15, 2024 at 17:18

The defamation complaint brought by the football player against the Minister of Interior was dismissed Tuesday, 13 February, announced the General Prosecutor, Remy Heitz, Thursday at the Court of Cassation. 

The defamation complaint of Karim Benzema against the Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who had stated that the football player had a "notorious" connection to the Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, was dismissed Tuesday, February 13, the general prosecutor, Remy Heitz announced at the Court of Cassation on Thursday. The Petition Committee of the Republic Court of Justice (CJR) "maintains that the complaint of Mr Benzema, received January 16, relates to comments that attributed to him nothing of a nature to do harm to his honor or his reputation," reads the statement by Mr Heitz.

"This decision by the Petition Commission, composed of three magistrates from the seat of the Court of Cassation, two State councilors, and two senior councilors at the Court of Audits, is not subject to any recourse," he stated. The lawyer for Karim Benzema, Attorney Hugues Vigier, did not respond to inquiries from AFP. Queried by AFP, the minister's staff had no reaction.

"Unjust bombings" by Israel

The 2022 Golden Ball (award winner-player of the year) had been targeted by Gerald Darmanin after having posted a message of support in Mid-October on X for the inhabitants of Gaza, victims, according to him, of "unjust bombings" carried out by Israel in retaliation for the bloody Hamas attack on 7 October. The Minister of Interior had stated that this taking of a position could be explained by the links between Karim Benzema with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization, born in Egypt, where it is considered as being "terrorist".

"Karim Benzema has a notorious connection, we all know, with the Muslim Brotherhood. We are attacking a hydra that is the Muslim Brotherhood because they create an atmosphere of jihadism," he had stated on 16 October, unleashing a storm on social media. Politicians from the extreme right and the right also got involved in the polemics, like Eric Zemmour or Nadine Morano.

"False" accusations

In his complaint, the former international (97 caps*) argued that these accusations were "inexact", more likely false, but in any case, deliberate and were attacking his honor and his reputation. The 36-year-old player, who plays today for the Saudi team Al Ittihad, displays his Muslim faith reaffirming "not to have ever had the slightest connection with the Muslim Brotherhood organization, nor, to his knowledge, with anyone who would claim (such a connection)."  

According to statements by his staff to AFP in October, to support his remarks, the Minister of Interior relied on "a slow drift of Karim Benzema's positions toward a hard, rigorous Islam, characteristic of the Brotherhood ideology", notably with "a proselytism on social media on Muslim worship, such as fasting, prayer, (and) pilgrimage to Mecca".  The staff also recalled his refusal to sing the National Anthem before the French team's matches.

"Something is hidden"

On October 25, Gerald Darmanin reiterated his remarks in saying that, "something is hidden," when a football player posts a political opinion, "in a selective manner". Mr Darmanin affirmed that he would retract his remarks if Benzema, "tweeted to equally mourn" the murder of a professor of French from Arras (North), Dominique Bernard, by a young, radicalized Islamist.

Karim Benzema is considered one of the best strikers of his generation, but has had a hectic past with the national team. The National Court of Justice (CJR) is the only jurisdiction empowered to prosecute and judge members of the government for infractions committed within the exercise of their functions. The prosecutor general at the Court of Cassation represents the Public Ministry.

*Caps: The number of times a soccer player has represented his country in official international matches.

"Judicial jihad": The disturbing strategy of intimidation by the Islamists

By Judith Weinraub

Posted yesterday (February 18) at 09:00. Updated yesterday (February 18) at 13:07.

Caption: Elected officials, writers, researchers, or "whistleblower" citizens are victims of judicial harassment on the part of militant anti-racists.

Investigation: Inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood, "anti-racist" militants like Rokhaya Diallo are increasing court proceedings to reduce critics of Islamism to silence. With the active help of the League of Human Rights or Mrap (Movement against racism and for friendship of nations).

The complaint of footballer player Karim Benzema against Gerald Darmanin, who had accused him of "connections" with the Muslim Brotherhood, was dismissed last Tuesday. A decision greeted by elected officials, writers, researchers, or "whistleblower" citizens, victims of judicial harassment aimed at silencing them, and those who do not have the means available to the Interior Minister to defend himself.

"If the court had not ruled that to attribute connections to the Muslim Brotherhood on the part of someone 'does not do harm to their honor or their reputation,' we would have been prevented by an interminable judicial guerilla war from working to expose the Brotherhood ideology". It is in these terms that Florence Bergeaud-Blackler rejoiced on X the dismissal of the complaint by Karim Benzema against Gerald Darmanin. The Minister of Interior had attributed the football player's biased comments on the conflict in Gaza to his closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood. Under police protection since the release of her book, "The Brotherhood and its networks", in January 2023, Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, herself, has been the object of attempts at intimidation, that have gone as far as death threats. Her lawyer, Thibault de Montbrial, has just had one of her harassers sentenced to prison. 

The art of reversing French laws

The rule of law comes to the aid of victims, but it can also turn against those it is supposed to protect........

Remainder of article for subscribers only.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Eritreans Riot in Charlotte, NC and the Hague (NL) Same Night

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

Eritrea in red

On Saturday evening, rival groups of Eritreans rioted against each other on two different continents. Fighting between opposing groups of Eritreans broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Hague, Netherlands. The Charlotte riot, which began in the daylight hours at a cultural event, lasted ten hours. In both locations, vehicles were set on fire and police were attacked. According to media reports, the opposing groups in both locations consisted of those loyal to the Eritrean government vs.those opposed.

In recent years, Eritrean festivals, largely sponsored by the Eritrean dictatorial government, have been attacked in other countries by Eritrean anti-government groups in Sweden, Germany, and Canada. 

The Hague
-Algemeen Dagblad

The below video from the Dutch news outlet, Omroep West, is translated by Fousesquawk. 

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Belgium: European Parliament Members Worried About Their Safety in Brussels

Molenbeek (Brussels)

More ""good news" out of Brussels today. It seems that members of the European Parliament, which has its main HQ in Brussels, are concerned about the rising crime rate in Brussels. This is primarily due to the dangers of Islamic terrorism (the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek is a hotbed of Islamic radicalism) and the international drug traffic. In Belgium and the Netherlands, the exploding cocaine traffic is pretty much controlled by the Moroccan Mafia (Mocro Maffia). Much of that cocaine arrives in the Belgian port of Antwerp and the Dutch port of Rotterdam, two of the biggest seaports in Europe. The murderous violence of the Moroccan Mafia in Belgium and the Netherlands is a well-known fact and has even been dramatized by Dutch TV with its wildly successful crime series, Mocro Maffia.

In short, it's a mess.

So now, members of the European Parliament have written a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Brussels minister president demanding more action to bring safety to the capital city.

The below article from today's Dutch-language newspaper, De Morgen, is translated by Fousesquawk.

News Brussels

European parliamentarians in open letter regarding Brussels violence: "Growing feeling of insecurity in the capital city of the EU"

Caption: The increasing drug violence in our capital city also raises concern with members of the European Parliament. Image Getty Images

A number of European Parliamentarians addressed an open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Annelies Verlinden (CD&V), and the Brussels Minister-President, Rudy Vervoort (PS). They are demanding a strict approach to drug violence and "decisive measures" to guarantee security in the European capital city.

-HLA, February 17, 2024

The increasing drug violence in our capital city is also raising concern among the members of the European Parliament, according to the letter. They refer not only to the recent shooting in the capital city but also to the terrorist attack in which two Swedish football fans were killed in a shooting in December of last year, in which a worker of the European parliament was wounded.

The signers of the letter also express concern over the situation in the Brussels South Station, "one of the most important entry ports to the capital city of the EU". "The situation is further worsened by petty thefts, from telephones to cars, and by the increasing drug-related criminality," (the letter) says. 

Reference is made to a recent investigation which shows that Brussels ranks 15th in the cities with the highest crime index of 132 cities researched. "These are just some of the disturbing elements of a growing feeling of insecurity among the people who live and work in the capital city of the European Union, " the letter reads.

Extra police personnel

At a press conference earlier this week, Minister Verlinden stressed that this legislature has invested almost 500 million euros more in police services. "The fight against international criminality remains a priority for the federal government and the federal police," she said. She also referred  to recent efforts to recruit and select more police personnel. "With about 50,000 members, the integrated police has more employees than ever, but we also see that the expectations from the population have grown and that the fight against criminality is raising concern within the organizations, of which the crimes committed are often an expression."   

Friday, February 16, 2024

Breaking!!! Susan Sarandon Calls for Cease Fire in Gaza: Read All About it!!

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. Susan Sarandon is calling for a cease fire"

Fani Willis' Testimony

This article first appeared in New English Review.

"Just answer the question!"

Thursday was not a good day for Fani Willis.  I don't want to comment on the truthfulness of her testimony because I am not intimately familiar with all the facts of the case. Lawyers for the defense in the Trump et al case in Atlanta are charging that Willis and lead prosecutor Nathan Wade should be disqualified from the 2020 presidential election case in Atlanta because they were in a romantic relationship, which they (the lawyers)  maintain began before Willis appointed Wade as lead prosecutor. They further charge that Wade was paid over $600,000 dollars by the Willis's office and have brought into question funds that were used by the pair to pay for vacations in places like Belize, Aruba, and the Bahamas. On Thursday, Willis testified that she gave Wade sums of money at different times for expenses like these but always in cash. She also refuted earlier testimony from a (former) female friend who testified that the romantic relationship between Willis and Wade began before she hired Wade as lead prosecutor. That is the backdrop, and the purpose of this article is not to pass judgment on the veracity of Willis' testimony or lack thereof. What I want to state here is that, as a retired federal law enforcement officer (DEA) who has testified hundreds of times in criminal trials, grand juries etc., I was incredulous and appalled at how Willis conducted herself on the witness stand. It was totally unprofessional.

As anyone who watched even parts of her testimony knows, Willis was combative and defiant. When asked questions that called for a simple yes or no response, she went off on tangents, obfuscating, calling people liars, and forcing the judge to repeatedly ask her just to answer the questions. At one point, he cautioned her that if she persisted, he would have to strike her testimony.

What I kept asking myself was if this woman never learned anything from the law enforcement witnesses she had put on the stand in her career as a prosecutor? My God, I thought I was watching a Judge Judy episode. I have never seen such an unprofessional performance by a law enforcement official on the witness stand. True, prosecutors are not often called to actually testify, but they know from their own courtroom experience what a professional testimony looks like.

Not to brag, but I was often complimented by prosecutors with whom I worked on my manner of testifying during my career with DEA and prior to that, US Customs. We are trained to answer the questions not just truthfully, but as shortly and succinctly as possible. (Yes, sometimes, explanations are necessary.) We are trained to be courteous to opposition attorneys even under withering cross-examination. It is not our job to argue points with opposition attorneys. That is the job of the prosecutor. We are not expected to lose our temper, act defiant, or make accusations at the defense attorneys or anyone else. Our job is to answer the questions truthfully, even when the truthful answer may score a point for the other side. Most times I testified, the defense attorney was able to score a minor point here and there by asking certain questions designed to do just that. It is one of their tactics, and they are usually good at finding those kinds of questions to answer.

What I saw from Willis on Thursday was unprofessionalism from a district attorney that was, frankly, stunning. 

Willis and Wade may very well be guilty of a conflict of interest at the very least and possibly worse. The idea that she oversaw the appointment of Wade as lead prosecutor (even though his felony trial experience was reportedly very limited) and the payment to him of over $600,000 of official funds (of which she may have benefitted)  clearly brings forth at least the appearance of impropriety, particularly if he was her paramour when she appointed him. This alone should require that both be disqualified from prosecuting this case. In the event that any of that $600,000+ was being used for lavish vacations by the two and/or either of them has committed perjury in their sworn statements, they could be facing criminal charges as well.  

The question begs: At what point does any of this require that in the interest of justice, the case against Trump and his co-defendants be dismissed entirely? Thursday was a good day for Trump and his co-defendants. While it may not be enough to get the case thrown out altogether, I think it brought their attorneys closer to showing that this prosecution, to say the least, is not serving the interests of justice.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Islamization in Italy

Ghali Amdouni

Francesca Galici, a writer for the Italian daily, Il Giornale, has an interesting article on the growing influence of Islam in Italy. Quoting the late  Italian writer and Islam critic, Oriana Fallaci, Galici describes how students at a university in Milan are buying into the Koran and a recent appearance by an Italian-Tunisian rapper at the San Remo Song Festival who performed a controversial song.

The article is translated by Fousesquawk.

"They favor Islamization". How the Koran is in the universities and the songs of San Remo

12 February 2024-18:51

From reading the Koran at a pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist event to the song of Ghali on the stage at San Remo, how young people are idealizing Islam and Islamic scripture.

-Francesca Galici

Each day that passes, the "prophecy" of Oriana Fallaci becomes more real and concrete. After the attacks of 11 September 2001, the writer advanced a lucid and extraordinarily farsighted analysis of what the Western world would be with Islamization. "To delude ourselves that there exists a good Islam and a bad Islam, that is, not to understand that there exists one Islam, period, that all of Islam is a pond, and that at this rate, we will end up drowning in this pond, is against reason. Not to defend one's own territory, one's own home, one's own children, one's own dignity, one's own being is against reason," Fallaci wrote.

And who knows what she would write today, in the knowledge that at the state university, students of the left promote the reading of the Koran, now a fashionable book also on social media, where children, filled with propaganda, praise the sacred book of Islam. And who knows what she would say today, Oriana Fallaci, if she had listened to Ghali, the singer of Tunisian origin, who, on the stage of San Remo, had brought one of his songs, Bayna, in which the first verses are in Arabic, but especially, at a certain point, sings: Imagine the Koran on the radio". A song that has given its name to a boat that he donated to the NGO, Mediterranea, tasked with the recovery of migrants then brought to Italy.

"Getting used to it, resigning yourself, surrendering out of cowardice or laziness is against reason. Dying of thirst and loneliness in a desert where the Sun of Allah shines in the place of the Sun of the Future is against reason. It is also against reason to hope that the fire will extinguish itself thanks to a storm or a miracle of the Madonna," Fallaci also wrote. What would the journalist say today seeing crowds of young people who allow themselves to be convinced by the propaganda of a terrorist organization like Hamas, young people ready to unleash violence in the streets to defend a government like that of Gaza, which uses civilians as human shields?

And what would Fallaci say in the face of children who do not recognize their own roots in the West as they praise the sacred texts of Islam.? "Read it well, those of Mein Kampf, and whatever the version, you will draw the same conclusions: All the evil that the sons of Allah do against us and against themselves come from that book," she said (in the years 2000-2010). Those same arguments, with which the Islamic terrorists threaten the West today, fortified by a new generation that is growing up with the myth of the Koran.

"It is already evident to all that a certain left is favoring the Islamization of our society. What happened at the University of Milan is just an example, where passages of the Koran were read during a pro-Palestinian, but above all, an anti-Zionist event, in which youth representatives of the Democratic Party also participated, effectively supporting extremist positions," reads a note from the group leader of the Lega in the Lombardy Region, Alessandro Corbetta. "To which is added these days the mythologization of the Italian-Tunisian rapper, Ghali, who, at San Remo, sang in Arabic, attacking Israel and praising the "new Italy", imagining that the Koran would be on the radio. We will not bow to the Islamization of our country, and we will continue to defend our culture, which has its roots in Christianity and in the liberties that we have won in Europe," Corbetta added.

A Cross-Post: From Gaza to Berlin

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Coming to America? No thanks.

I am cross-posting an article from Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna on the Gaza dilemma, more specifically, the fate of the people who reside in Gaza. Here at Fousesquawk, I do a lot of collaboration with Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes (blog), primarily in translating articles of mutual interest coming from out of Europe. These articles pertain to terrorist threats, political Islam, anti-Semitism, and other related topics.

Yesterday, Baron Bodissey wrote a lengthy article on the fate of the Gazans which I consider very thought-provoking. In addition, the article led to numerous thought-provoking reader comments (including my own). Thus, with Baron's permission, I am cross-posting his article here

This is what I added to the reader comment thread:

"A most thought-provoking article and thought-provoking comments. I think most of us agree on one point: There is no good solution to this conflict.

As for any relocation of Palestinians, I know one thing: I don’t want them here. They will bring nothing but problems and Jew hatred with them, more hatred than ever. The same goes for Europe. Of course, the Arab nations are smart enough to know they are nothing but trouble, thus, notwithstanding a common culture, language, religion (with some exceptions of course), they will sluff them off to the West. They didn’t take the Afghans, they didn’t take the Syrians or Iraqis, and they won’t take the Palestinians.

No decent human being enjoys seeing innocent women and children becoming civilian casualties, but I lay all the blame on Hamas and their tactics of using their own people as human shields. As for the adult civilians, they were celebrating on October 7 and many took part in the carnage when the hostages were brought into Gaza. They were also dancing on 9-11. Thus, my sympathy is measured.

May God be with Israel"

Upon further reflection, I should add that the removal of an entire population from the land they call home could never be a public relations victory for Israel. Since the war of 1948, the Arab population has carried the UN-bestowed label of "refugees". In fact, while many were driven out by fighting between Jews and Arabs, many others followed the call of the invading Arab nations to temporarily leave the area so the Arab armies could defeat the Israelis, which, of course, never happened. Any repeat of that will provide the world with even bigger and longer-lasting headaches for generations to come.

That said, I simply do not see any perfect solution at all. The two-state "solution", which is now being pushed by the feckless Biden administration, has been effectively debunked in Baron's article. Not even the Palestinians want it, other than a temporary step in the ultimate goal of taking all of Israeli land and driving the Jews out of the region altogether. The idea of Israelis, Jews, and Palestinians living side by side in peace is a pipe dream. In addition, the idea preferred by many of a state called Palestine inhabited by Jews and Arabs living together is also a pipe dream. October 7 has shown us once and for all what the fate of Jews would be in such a state assuming that the much-vaunted "right of return" of descendants of those Arabs who left in 1948 be implemented, which would instantly make Jews a minority. Finally, a two-state agreement now would accomplish the unthinkable-that the atrocities of October 7 would be rewarded by the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Sitting from the safety of the US, I cannot accept the statement attributed to Eliyahu Yossian (whom I am unfamiliar with) which would advocate the murder of every last Palestinian in Israel's self-defense. (Not that I trust Electronic Intifada as a source of information.) As of now, I disagree with all the charges of "Nazism", "genocide", "apartheid", and such that have been leveled against Israel. I will always hope and pray that Israel never loses its humanity.

So there is no real solution that will make this problem go away once and for all short of Palestinians coming to the conclusion that they are exhausted and have had enough (which I don't see on the horizon). The best solution I see is that Israel keeps its military and security strong enough to repel any attack and its intelligence capability strong enough to detect any imminent threat. October 7 showed that something had slipped through the cracks. These defects must be remedied quickly.

I repeat: May God be with Israel.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Another Anti-Israel Teach-in Coming to UC Irvine

Mark your calendars for February 15. Another anti-Israel teach-in is coming to UC Irvine. It is entitled: Together we struggle: Palestine and Feminism. If you are not sure what the connection is, join the club. Best I can figure out, it's going to be another one of those exercises in "Intersectionality", which, roughly translated, means blaming the Jewish state of Israel for all the problems in the world.

I had previously never heard of any of the ladies who will be speaking, so I looked up their faculty profiles. One teaches at California State University at Long Beach, and the others at UC Irvine. One specializes in feminist issues in Iran while the others specialize in gender issues and African/African-American and Caribbean studies. Since I am not familiar with them, I am merely linking their faculty profiles without comment. I will leave it to the reader to figure it all out. 

So without further ado:

Tiffany Willoughby-Herard

Catherine Zehra Sameh

Mamyra Douge Prosper

Samiha Rahman

Rudo Robin Mudiwa

I don't plan to attend this, and I have no idea how they will tie all this into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I'm sure they will find a way. It does remind me, however, of an event I attended at UCI several years ago. That was the time in 2014 when the UCI Campus Police prevented me from videotaping (for which they later apologized.) Loubna Qutami of the Palestinian Policy Network was the speaker, and her topic was domestic violence and spousal abuse within Palestinian society (which she, of course, blamed on Israeli oppression). An Arabic-language film was shown with English subtitles ("Duna") focusing on domestic violence in the West Bank. According to Qutami and the film, it is a significant problem. During the q and a, in answer to my question, she also acknowledged that this is a problem in other neighboring Arab countries, but she managed to deflect the blame to "neo- colonialism". 

One wonders if any such discussion will be raised at the upcoming event on February 15.


Houston Shooting


We still don't know all the facts about the shooting at Joel Osteen's mega-church in Houston yesterday, but the shooter has now been identified as 36-year-old Genesse Ivonne Moreno. Yesterday, accompanied by her 5-year-old child, she entered the church, produced a long gun of some sort, and opened fire. Two off-duty police officers responded and shot her to death. Another bystander was wounded. Also hit by gunfire was her child, who is now in critical condition.

It appears from what has been revealed thus far that Moreno had a history of criminal arrests and mental health issues. There was writing or a sticker on the firearm she used with the word, "Palestine". (There are conflicting reports on this since some sources have stated the phrase was "Free Palestine".) Police have also reported that her personal writings have many anti-Semitic references. There is also speculation about her gender identity since she has a previous arrest under the name "Jeffrey Escalante".

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it is apparent at this point that the Israel/Jewish-Palestinian issue has played a role in the motivation for this attack. If true, it's just more bloodshed in the name of the Palestinian cause. I will leave it there pending more details from the investigators.