Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deadline Shmeadline

                                                                  "Just one more wave."

So you thought tonight was the deadline for that Iran nuke deal in Switzerland, right? You were counting the hours until the stroke of midnight when John Kerry would have to get up off his knees, act like a man, knock that Iranian foreign minister on his ass and come home, right?

Sorry, but the deadline has been extended one more day. Tomorrow it will be extended another day, and another.  Make no mistake. There will be a deal and peace in our time.

And there will Nobel peace prizes all around. The head mullah and his foreign minister will get one. President Obama will set a Guinness Book of Records, uh, record with his second award. The Baroness Lady Catherine Ashton will get one as well as  that froggy  little guy we see next to Kerry-you know- the guy with the big mop of grey hair.

And what do we get?  A world that has suddenly become even more dangerous than before, if that's possible.

Monday, March 30, 2015

An Expose of Students for Justice in Palestine Video Trailer

Hat tip Americans for Peace and Tolerance  and Jew Hatred on Campus

Americans for Peace and Tolerance has produced a video expose on campus anti-Semitism focusing on Students for Justice in Palestine, American Muslims for Palestine and the Muslim Student Association. The above link is a trailer posted by Jew Hatred on Campus.

One of the clips shows Mohamed al-Asi, a particularly odious character, speaking at UC Irvine in 2008 and insulting the Jews in the audience. I was present in the audience. Also present were a group of middle school kids boarding a bus right behind the speaker after completing a tour of UCI. They must have really been impressed. This is the same man who seven years earlier at UCI said, "You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew."

Also featured is Hatem Bazian, founder of AMP and SJP. The photo of him in front of a Palestinian flag was taken at UCI as well. If I may take a shameless bow, the caricature of Yasser Arafat on that flag is my own creation.

Mr Terzallah of AMP, also shown speaking in the trailer, was one of the so-called Irvine 11 students who disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US at UCI in 2010.

These are not the human rights activists they portray themselves to be.

Project Veritas Strikes Again at Barry University’keefe-exposes-another-university-sympathetic-isis

After nailing Cornell with an undercover reporter querying a dean about the prospects of starting a student club in support of ISIS, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas visited Barry University in Florida and spoke to several officials about a similar idea. The result was the same except that it was suggested that they might want to change the name.

If you don't believe it, the above link has the video. Watch it for yourself.

Protected Minority

Hat tip Jihad Watch

Yesterday we reported how J Street's Marcia Freedman told a J Street audience that Israelis should find their Jewish homeland living as a "protected minority" in a new Palestinian-majority state.

The above report from Jihad Watch reminds us what life as a protected minority is like in  a Muslim majority state.

It is called dhimmitude. It applies to Christians and it applies to Jews. And they are the "lucky" ones..

Sunday, March 29, 2015

J Street's True Agenda

Hat tip The Mike Report and Elder of Ziyon

If you still think J Street is pro-Israel, watch this video clip of Marcia Freedman speaking at a J Street confab. Her vision? A homeland for the Jewish people living as a "protected minority" (under the tender graces of the Palestinians).

The only question left, Marcia, is who is going to be in charge of the transport trains?

Letter to Temple University President

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

David Horowitz has written the below letter to Temple University explaining their inclusion on the Top Ten Anti-Semitic campuses in America.

One important point I would like to highlight:

Temple, like all universities, needs to closely examine their SJP chapter, to determine whether their tactics are in line with university conduct policies. Bullying tactics are something that should be left behind when you leave high school.

More on Salah Soltan

Courtesy of PJ Media, here are more details on Salah Soltan, former Muslim leader in the US, who has been sentenced to death in Egypt based on his conviction for incitement to murder.

Soltan is also a former leader of the notorious Noor mosque in Ohio, which was involved in helping the parents of apostate Rifqa Bary in getting custody of their daughter, who feared they would kill her for leaving Islam.

Equally disturbing is the video showing Soltan's son, Mohamed, who will be sentenced in April, leading an anti-Jewish chant that goes like this:

"Khaybar, Khaybar o Jew
The armies of Mohammad are returning."

This occurred in front of the Ohio state house.

Egypt is doing the world a favor. We don't need these characters back in the US, and Egypt doesn't need them either.

Congressman Abuses Power to Investigate Climate Change Skeptics

Hat tip Campus Reform

Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) is learning that investigations and inquiries can be two-way street. After Grijalva sent out inquiries to universities asking for information about faculty who had questioned Climate Change, he was hit with a Freedom of Information request.

So, Rep. Grijalva, so see what you can find out, and we'll see what we can find out about you.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Students Riot in Montreal

The little rascals in Montreal are upset about the government austerity measures and education cuts. So what do they do? They riot.

No doubt, the voters will to to the polls and turn out Stephen Harper. We hear Obama is working behind the scenes to help Harper's opponents. Maybe he'll have better luck than he did in Israel. Who knows? Maybe we'll find out Obama's operatives are in Montreal stirring up the riots.

Now I didn't say that!

Another UN Condemnation of Israel

There is nothing to be added to this Fox News report in terms of exposing the irony and hypocrisy of this latest UN report that singles Israel out for condemnation for alleged human rights abuses. It is beyond absurd.

But what fills me with sadness is that this body is so anti-Jewish. It can no longer be denied with a straight face.

The largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, made up of member states that have no democracy nor any regard for human rights. Their clout comes from their oil and their use of terrorism. and it is they who have made anti-Semitism respectable again. They have exported it back to Europe, where it had lain hidden beneath the surface in shame after the Holocaust, and they are making inroads into the U.S. via academia.

What is also sad is that one reason for Israel's existence is that it was considered the only place where Jews could live free of anti-Semitism. I often hear and read the lament of many Jews that this is true. They are increasingly depressed and feeling isolated and under threat.  Can it really be true that the world is against them? If we use the UN as a measuring stick, the answer would be yes.

It is for me beyond comprehension. It is outrageous, shameful and heartbreaking.

Clinton Emails Saga Continues : Sid Blumenthal et al

Hat tip Squid and Gawker

Clinton lawyer David Kendall is back in the public spotlight as he is defending Hillary's actions in deciding which emails to send to the State Dept. And which to flush down the toilet.

More importantly, is reporting on some very interesting emails on Libya sent to Hillary on her email account from former Clinton administration aide, Sidney Blumenthal.

Do you think those Blumenthal emails were turned over to State?


New Questions Surrounding Huma Abedin

Congress is now looking into the role Huma Abedin played at the State Department under Hillary Clinton's tenure.

There is much to look into besides Abedin's job description. Of more interest to me is her familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood coupled with her influence on Clinton. Could that have anything to do with the email controversy? Abedin reportedly also had her own private email address on Clinton's server. It appears that Clinton conveniently erased her server rather than leave anything behind for investigators, historians or anyone who might file a FOIa request.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nixon Burned the Tapes

At least he wished he had. Had he done so, he might have survived Watergate. That lesson was not lost on young Hillary Rodham, who has gone on in life to make Nixon look like a choir boy.  She actually cut her teeth as a legal aide for the Democrats who were digging up the evidence against Nixon. So now, 40 years later, it appears Hillary has destroyed the evidence that might have put an end to her sordid public career. According to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Hillary has erased her e-mail server.

Nixon would be proud.

"That's my girl!"

Obama in the Cockpit

This week we are all trying to make sense of a German pilot deliberately steering his plane into the side of a mountain in the French Alps. Many of us are also trying to make sense out of the foreign policy of President Obama.

Consider this: While the entire Middle East is burning, our president is singling out the one democratic country in the region, the country that is our closest ally in that God forsaken part of the world for criticism. While Isreal is fighting for its very survival, Obama prefers to make nice with the forces who seek to destroy her especially the murderous mullahs of Iran. That leads us to the insane drive to emulate Neville Chamberlain's capitulation to Hitler over the Sudetenland in 1938.

If ever there was a regime less trustworthy to make a treaty with that would be Iran. But that is precisely what is about to happen, peace in our time.

And just look at who we are backing in the various and sundry wars that are breaking out.
In Yemen, we are backing the Saudis, Egyptians, And Jordanians, who have sent forces in the battle against the Iran-backed Shia Houthi rebels, who have routed Yemen's president, our ally.

Now it gets tricky. In Iraq, we are backing the Shi'ite government that is battling ISIS (Sunni). Also backing the Iraqi government is Iran and the Shi'ite militias. In effect, for the past two days, we have been providing air support for the militias as they fight to take Tikrit.

So, we are opposing Iran in Yemen and fighting on the same side in Iraq.

Meanwhile in Syria, we don't even seem to know which side we are on except we are against the government of Bashar Assad, which is supported by Iran. But we are against ISIS, which is also one of the rebel forces fighting against Assad.

Is there a method to Obama's madness? Is this all part of a deliberate plan? Can our president really be so blind, so foolish, so incompetent?

Or is he calmly flying the plane into the side of a mountain while some of us are trying desperately to break down the cockpit door?

Death sentence in Egypt

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

No tears being shed here. An Egyptian court has sentenced Muslim Brotherhood member Salah Soltan to death for inciting murder.

Note the links to the Fiqh Council of North America and Muslim Student Association.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The French Plane Crash

At the moment, it is all very perplexing this plane crash in the French Alps. At this point, it is being said that the pilot, Andreas Lubitz, deliberately crashed the plane. That has led to speculation by some as to whether he was a Muslim convert. That has prompted anger on the part of Muslims since that has hardly been established. On the other hand, a mysterious Facebook page is referring to Lubitz as a "martyr".

Bottom line? I will await the outcome of the investigation.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lara Logan Reports on the Genocide of Christians in Iraq

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Save the Christians

Onan Coca of Eagle Rising has posted a report by CBS's courageous journalist, Lara Logan, who reports from northern Iraq on the campaign of genocide against Christians.

The whole civilized world should have forces in Iraq and Syria to destroy this inhuman group that threatens civilization itself. That should include Arab countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia and whoever else hasn't effectively been taken over by the mullahs in Iran.

Ironically, Iran seems to be providing most of the forces fighting ISIS. Go figure.

The ISIS Tape: Cornell Blames the Messenger

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

“If you have an assistant Dean of Students at an Ivy league University that doesn’t know what Hamas is or the Islamic State is, perhaps you need to redefine the qualifications for University leadership.”
-James O'Keefe, Project Veritas

Cornell Professor of Law William Jacobson has commented on the breaking story over a Project Veritas video in which the Asst. Dean of Student Activities, Joseph Scaffido, told an undercover reporter that it would be OK to set up a student group that supported the Islamic State (ISIS).

Professor Jacobson, who doesn't know Scaffido, is being objective here. This story has yet to play out. It is true that the undercover reporter, who was posing as a prospective student from Morocco, used the term, "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" instead of ISIS. Possibly, Scaffido was not paying full attention although he should have given the state of world affairs today. The undercover reporter also referred to Hamas, which is a US-designated terror organization. Thus, O'Keefe's response regarding the apparent ignorance of Scaffido makes perfect sense.

Thus, the reaction of Cornell's president to attack O'Keefe and his group is disingenuous. The tape speaks for itself, and as Jacobson hints, there may be more tapes out there.

Do I think Scaffido is an ISIS sympathizer? Of course not. More likely he was not giving enough scrutiny to what the UC reporter was saying and was just lumping it in with the usual anti-Israel, pro-Arab agenda on college campuses. However, I think it is fair to say that he should have been more on guard and when he heard references to Islamic State, he should have recognized it as ISIS and promptly thrown the guy out of his office.

So now he and Cornell have to deal with it. They are already under scrutiny after having been selected by David Horowitz's Jew Hatred on Campus blog as one of the top ten most anti-Semitic universities in America. Now this.

A Letter to SF State University Regarding Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

David Horowitz has written a letter to Leslie Wong, President of San Francisco State University explaining why SFSU was included on their recent Top Ten Most Anti-Semitic Universities list. I am cross-posting the letter here. The incidents mentioned in the letter has also been linked on Fousesquawk over the past year or so.

I would add that the Department of Education decided a few years ago to include religion in its interpretation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The lack of religion was one of the problems cited in the fact that complaints filed against UC Irvine a few years ago on behalf of Jewish students died on the vine. The Office of Civil Rights of DOE stated that they could find no evidence of discrimination against Israeli students.

It will be interesting to read Wong's response.

Bergdahl Charged With Desertion and Misbehavior Before the Enemy

Image result for obama with bergdahl's parents at white house

The announcement is just beginning at Ft Bragg, NC. Sgt Bowe Bergdahl is being charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. This will lead to an Article 32 preliminary hearing at Ft Sam Houston, TX to determine if a court martial is warranted.

It appears from the statement that the maximum penalty sought will be life imprisonment for the latter charge.

I am very careful about judging soldiers who serve in a  combat theater because my own military service did not include that. I was in Germany during the Vietnam war. However, I must say, based on what I have heard in the news and the statements of some of his unit members, that I applaud the decision to pursue charges.

This also represents a further embarrassment for President Obama, who made the decision to trade five high-ranking Taliban commanders for Bergdahl. It also brings back to mind the distasteful appearance of Obama with Bergdahl's parents when the trade was made.

Image result for obama with bergdahl's parents at white house

Today it is being disclosed that three of the five terrorist leaders, whose one-year confinement in Qatar is about to expire, are preparing to rejoin the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Scholarship in Gaza

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Palestinian Media Watch

Image result for fighting fish cartoons

"If a fish fights another fish in the sea, I am sure it is because of the Jews."

You have never heard a fish story like this one: This is what a professor at Gaza's world-famous university said on his TV show recently:

And his source? An old man.


Image result for imad hamato

Imad Hamato

This is the best story I have heard since that one about the Zionist shark that was attacking beach-goers in Egypt a few years back.

Defending the Indefensible: Georgetown Professor "Explains" ISIS' Destruction of Antiquities

Hat tip Campus Watch and American Thinker

When ISIS forces recently destroyed numerous antiquities in museums they captured, most of us figured there was no way their apologists-including in the West- could ever justify this.

Meet Georgetown University Associate Professor of  Arabic Studies Elliot Colla. In the below piece in American Thinker, Winfield Myers outlines Colla's twisted reasoning.

Here are a couple of other points to ponder.

First, soon after the Taliban took over control of Afghanistan, they made it a point to dynamite the huge Buddhist statues of Bamiyan that pre-dated Islam in that country. They were not located in some Western museum or even in a museum in Kabul that could only be visited by wealthy Westerners. They were built into the side of a mountain.

In addition, it was only a few short years ago that the Muslim Brotherhood, while in control of Egypt under Mohammed Morsi, was openly talking about bringing down the pyramids, which also pre-dated Islam. Again, they were not locked away in Cairo's world famous museum, but in the open air of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo open to viewing by all.

In both of the above cases, the motivation was to destroy idols that pre-dated Islam and in the case of the former to destroy icons of another religion. In short, the reason had everything to do with Islam, which does not allow for idols or icons even representing itself or is prophet.

As for the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad when that country was conquered in 2003, we may have supplied the heavy equipment, but I vividly recall the sight of Iraqis beating the toppled head of Saddam with their shoes as soon as it landed in the street.

But logic and reason have no place in the discussion at Georgetown University. Don't forget this is also the place where noted Islamism apologist John Esposito toils.

Inclusion at Cornell-Even ISIS

James O'Keefe and his team at Project Veritas have struck again. This time they sent an undercover reporter posing as a prospective student from Morocco to Cornell University, where they interviewed Asst Dean for Student Affairs Joe Scaffido. The reporter asked Scaffido if it would be possible to establish a  student club at Cornell that provided material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and even brought in a "freedom fighter" to campus to speak and provide training to students.

"No problem," said Dean Joe.

It's called "inclusion," Folks.

And how timely! Cornell is also announcing a new dean position for inclusion.

I nominate Scaffido.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Boycott the Palestinian Authority

Hat tip Algemeiner

University of New Orleans student and pro-Israel activist Chloe Valdary has come up with a great idea that many of us should have thought of by now.

Boycott the Palestinian Authority.

I'm in! Why should we send one dime to the PA especially now that they have made a deal with Hamas?

Boycott, Divest and Sanctions? Two can play that game.

Tax-Payer-Funded BDS on Campus

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus and Breitbart

Since campus-recognized student groups get university funding, this comes as no surprise. Students for Justice in Palestine, one of the most divisive student groups in America, a group that engages in despicable tactics, gets some of its funding for its anti-Israel activities from the university. In the case of public universities, that means YOU the taxpayer.

The Plane Crash in France

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Germanwings A320 abgestürzt - Wrackteile an der Absturzstelle
-Frankfurter Algemeiner

There has been a horrific plane crash in the French Alps today. The flight was a German subsidiary of Lufthansa from Barcelona to Duesseldorf, and there were approximately 150 people on board. There are clearly no survivors. Vlad Tepes picked up a report from the (UK) Daily Mail that is replete with pictures.

There is already speculation about the cause of the crash; no mayday call, clear weather, no request to change altitude, the presence of two Turks on board etc.

It will take time to know, so we won't jump to conclusions.

Jeh Johnson And His Quintessential American Values

Hat tip Jihad Watch

This is the guy who is supposed to be protecting us from Islamic terrorism. Meet Jeh Johnson.

So Johnson stands on a stage next to Salaam al Marayati the head of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Muslim Public Affairs Council, apparently celebrating the hiring of MPAC official Harris Tarin to be a senior adviser in DHS and says that reading the Koran reminds him of "quintessential American values". I won't discuss the irony of that because Robert Spencer has already done so much more capably than I can.

I will note, however, that the boobs who are running things in Washington these days have a very bizarre conception of what quintessential American values are.

I also note the presence at this confab of Suhail Webb, another celebrated "moderate". He is the head imam at the Islamic Cultural Society mosque in Boston, a real breeding ground for bombers and other assorted jihadists,

Here is the DHS press release on this event.

I will sleep a lot better in two years when Jeh Johnson is no longer in charge of DHS.

Random Shots in the Dark (49)

We begin this latest segment of Random Shots with a moment of silence for Babe Ruth, who passed away today.

Well, don't tell Susan Rice, the Queen of Sunday talk shows. She got on Twitter and mourned the funeral of some writer who died in Nigeria-two years ago. (Hat tip Truth Revolt)

Must be some Nigerian custom: The two year anniversary is always the most somber.

And this is Obama's national security adviser?

Image result for susan rice and obama
"It's ten o'clock and all's well, Mr President."

But of course, that is the beauty of social media. If you screw up and get it wrong, you can just delete it as if you never said it. Just ask Hillary.

"I don't think that's funny."

Or just ask Obama's "ambassador" to Libya (wherever she happens to be at the moment), Deborah K. Jones. (Hat tip PJ Media) She got on Twitter and criticized a Libyan air strike that killed 8 civilians. Then, after she found out nobody was killed, she blamed Twitter and quit in a huff (Twitter, that is).

"I have concluded it is best to cease efforts to communicate via Twitter insofar as it distracts from our goal of peace & stability 4 "

At least they didn't arrest the founder of Twitter. Remember this guy?

Image result for mohammed videomaker arrested
Did you hear White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough speak before the "Pro-Israel" J Street this week?

"Yeh, ah did."

He got a standing O from the "pro-Israel" crowd when he told them that "50 years of Israeli occupation must end."

Of course, nobody pointed out to Denis that when you attack other countries and lose, you also sometimes lose territory. Just ask the Germans.

Image result for old germans

"From the Memel to the sea
Koenigsberg will be free"

(This ad brought to you by the German Dept. at UC Berkeley.)

Then there is John Heinz Kerry, who Rush Limbaugh calls a "kept man". Last heard from he was in Munich, er Geneva, handcuffed naked to a bed and being humiliated by an Iranian man with a blonde wig in spiked heels and a studded bra brandishing a whip and shouting curses at the hapless John-John.

"No pennant, no piece and no peace. Just pain"

"I don't think that's funny."

Image result for babe ruth's called shot
"I do."

What's also funny is Obama holding that joint press conference today with Afghan president Ghani and referring to him as "President Karzai". Obama took the occasion to announce that we are going to slow down the troop pullout so that the Afghan people can have the peace and security "they so richly deserve".

So they can stone and burn women to death instead of the Taliban shooting them in soccer stadiums during halftime? I know. That's not funny. I could delete it, but I like to admit my mistakes.

"Now that's funny."

Interview of Marine Le Pen

In the midst of a nationwide election in France, which appears to represent another gain for the rightist Front National, their leader, Marine Le Pen was interviewed on French TV. In this segment, which has no sub-titles, she explains her position on immigration and the building of new mosques. Translation is furnished by Gallia Watch.

Also addressed in the above link is the charge of racism and anti-Semitism hurled at the FN by their critics. I won't deny it is of concern to me. I agree with Le Pen's stance on the Islamic issue, but would draw the line at racism and anti-Semitism. From what I know of her father, he crossed that line long ago. Ms. Le Pen is correct in that she would not force Muslims in France to have to worship in secret, but radical preaching in mosques and their suspicious foreign funding is a legitimate concern.

The Degredation of Homeland Security

This piece first appeared in Eagle Rising.

As a retired DEA agent, It is saddening to see the decline and demoralization of any
law enforcement agency, be it ATF in the wake of the Fast and Furious scandal, the Secret Service, the Justice Department, which I served proudly for a quarter century, or any other. That also includes the Department of Homeland Security, which was established after I retired, in the wake of 9-11.

I was reminded of this just in the past few days when it was announced that Harris Tarin, Washington-based official of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Public Affairs Council, was joining DHS as a senior policy adviser to the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties section.

Tarin, like MPAC, hasn't found a counter-terror enforcement action he likes. He has been a consistent critic of any attempt by law enforcement to develop intelligence within the Muslim community in the US. The NYPD has been a particular target of his ire over their own intelligence probes. That this man would be brought into DHS is a sad reflection on the leadership of Jeh Johnson, an empty suit hack that President Obama found in places only he could find to place into sensitive government positions.

Tarin isn't the first suspicious character brought into DHS. That distinction belongs to one Mohamed Elibiary, who was hired by Johnson's predecessor, the equally inept Janet Napolitano. Elibiary is an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, a man who abused his position by extracting sensitive information out of a DHS computer, which he used to attack Texas Governor Rick Perry. But that';s not all. As described by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Elibiary was a prominent participant and speaker at a 2004 Texas event that paid homage to none other to the Ayatollah Khomeini.

When it comes to protecting our southern border with Mexico,  DHS's priorities are Obama's priorities. That is, accommodating the entry of thousands of Central Americans who are showing up at the border and falling into the arms of Border Patrol agents, waiving deportations-now by the millions- and finding a way to help  DREAMERS realize their dreams. Protecting the American people and protecting our sovereignty are far down the list.

Where does that leave the thousands of dedicated investigators and patrol officers who want to do their job as they understood it to be when they signed on? Demoralized and counting the days until their retirement. That is the situation described to me recently by two friends in DHS. Unfortunately, for them, they are not counting days, rather years.

Monday, March 23, 2015

SJP at Berkeley is Playing the Victim Again

Hat tip Daily Californian

It is positively astounding how much time and energy is devoted to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on American college campuses. So here we go again.

The UC Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, founded by UCB professor of Boobology, Hatem Bazian, has once again resorted to its tired old trick of putting eviction notices under dorm room doors. Once they get criticized, the cry foul. They are being picked on. People are sending them hate e-mails. They are getting death threats. None of this can be documented, of course, but if the Daily Californian doesn't print their complaints, well, it's discrimination. At any rate, it looks to me like the DC is trying to be accommodating.

As to that phone call and e-mails, it would help SJP's cause if they could provide some documentation. I infer from the article that they showed some e-mails to the DC, and the DC did not interpret them in the same threatening manner that SJP did. Threats, of course, are unacceptable and can be prosecuted. I would suggest that if they have received threatening emails and/or phone calls they should file a police report.

Here is SJP/UCB's most recent posting on this matter.

In Light of the Oklahoma Incident Is There a Double Standard When It Comes to Campus Anti-Semitism?

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Lindsay Schneider is a student at the University of Maryland who has penned the below article for Frontpage Magazine. He compares the recent action taken by University of Oklahoma president David Boren against white students who were caught on video singing a racist song on a bus with numerous cases of anti-Semitism, none of which have resulted in expulsions.

This month, discredited former DePaul University professor Norman Finkelstein, an anti-Israel speaker who is himself Jewish, spoke this month at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In his speech, he made a number of stupid comments. One of them was that Jews were using anti-Semitism as a "ploy" to deflect criticism of Israel. This is nothing new for Finkelstein. He has a long history of denying anti-Semitism among his pro-Palestinian allies.

But that is Finkelstein. He is a fool. Of more concern are university presidents and chancellors who fails to confront the threat out of fear of offending their Muslim students and the organizations like CAIR who support them.

With all due respect to the black students at Norman, Oklahoma, who were grievously hurt by that incident, anti-black racism is not the biggest problem of intolerance on university campuses. It is not even close. The biggest problem of intolerance on campus today is anti-Semitism. Yet another campus, State University of New York at Purchase has been visited by swastikas. It is a growing trend. There should be no difference as to whom the victim group is or the perpetrator group is.

David Horowitz himself experienced this double standard first hand in 2010 when he spoke at UC San Diego, and a female member of the Muslim Student Association expressed her support with a statement by the leader of Hezbollah that all Jews should gather in Israel so that the task of hunting them down would be easier. Later, she "clarified" her comment, and the administration declared the case closed. That was in stark contrast to the strong reaction from the same school the same year to the so-called Compton Cookout and the discovery of a noose in the library. The campus was turned upside down in a show of support for black students even though both incidents are still cloaked in mystery.

No group on campus should be singled out for harassment, discrimination or hate. The university has a responsibility to protect its students from that. It has a responsibility to be even-handed. Hate is hate. It does not belong on campus.

Norman Finkelstein Show Does a One-Night Stand in Wisconsin

Hat tip Campus Watch and Badger Herald

Discredited academic Norman Finkelstein must be on sabbatical from his teaching gig in Turkey because he showed up this month in Madison, Wisconsin, where he gave his dog and pony show against Israel.

And Norman hardly disappointed as he carried water for the Iranians, who, according to Norman, are under threat from Israel (at least their nuclear facilities are).

"He argued that because only 2 percent of the population is Jewish yet both Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania are 40 percent Jewish, they have become beneficiaries of reverse discrimination."

Sure you don't want to check those numbers, Norman?

Image result for man being thrown off pier
"Pier" review

And there was this:

"He compared Israel to Germany and Japan, which went from the most unfavorable impact ranking to two of the most favorable within less than a hundred years, citing a BBC poll."

Maybe "Darlin'" Norman thinks that Israel needs to share the fate of Germany and Japan in 1945-laid to waste and defeated. That is precisely what Iran promises to do to Israel with one important exception. Iran has no intention of rebuilding Israel.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is an example of Norman Finkelstein's "scholarship".

London Synagogue Attacked by Drunken Mob

Viewer warning: (Language)

What the Hell is going on in Europe?

The below-linked video shows what happened when a group of drunken louts tried to break into a synagogue early Sunday as Jews were celebrating the end of Sabbath.

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but in the US I dare say those clowns would have gotten their butts kicked.

There. I said it.

Is US Abandoning Israel at UN?

Is this part of the "reassessment" of our relationship with Israel that Obama is talking about?

Is this part of the punishment we are about to hit Israel with because they "dared" to re-elect Bibi Netanyahu?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Rebuttal of the "Racist" Canard Thrown at Netanyahu

Rabbi Dov Fischer of Irvine, California is a friend and colleague of mine. We see eye to eye on the
important issues of Israel, America, and confronting anti-Semitism. Rabbi Fischer has written an article below for Arutz Sheva that rebuts the charge of racism recently hurled at Benjamin Netanyahu by people who need educating on the truth about Israel.

The people of Israel have spoken in the election. It is high time for our own government to recognize that election and deal with Netanyahu instead of punishing Israel in order to hurt its president.

An (Ex) UC Irvine Donor Speaks Out on the Campus Flag Controversy

"UCI has lost its way"

Mark Chapin Johnson, whose foundation had been a donor to UC Irvine, has written an eloquent piece in the Orange County Register today on why his foundation will no longer contribute to UC Irvine in the wake of the flag controversy.

Kudos to Mr Johnson. I can only hope that the UCI professors and their colleagues from other universities are reading his piece today. Now they can see what their actions in writing a letter of support for the 6 students who voted to remove the flag from their student government space have wrought.

It is precisely the actions of Mr Johnson that are needed. Yes, there is freedom of speech for misguided students to remove an American flag in the interest of not offending "DREAMERS" and other international students whom they assume are "uncomfortable" at the sight of an American flag (which few are). There is also freedom of speech for dopey professors to write letters of syupport that add insult to injury by referring to the flag as "paraphernalia" representing all kinds of imagined American sins. But there is also freedom of speech for people like Mr Johnson to bring the issue to the public's attention to for him to use his money for other purposes.

Mr Johnson has killed two birds with one stone in the manner that universities will understand: he has kept the issue before the public, and he has withdrawn his financial support.

As I always say: I blame the professors more than I blame the young and misguided students. It is the professors who put this poison in the heads of the students,  UCI is not Berkeley. But as is usually the case, it is a small minority who ruin things for the majority.

Sweden Prostrates Itself Before Saudi Arabia

Poor hapless Sweden. They just can't seem to get it right. At the risk of writing this piece backwards, here is what is running today in the Saudi English-language Arab News. It seems that the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallström, has ignited a diplomatic crisis between the countries over remarks she made that insulted the Kingdom's human rights record and judiciary.

It's serious, Folks. Riyadh has recalled its ambassador to Stockholm and the Swedish ambassador has been called in for a reprimand. Thank God he didn't get 40 lashes.

But if you are wondering exactly what it was that  Wallström said, you have to read below because apparently, the Saudi state media doesn't want that to be seen in the Kingdom. So we go to the Gatestone Institute for more details.The below article is written by Swedish politician Ingrid Carlqvist and Danish cartoonist Lars Hedegaard

So now Sweden and Ms. Wallström have donned sackcloth and ashes in a desperate attempt to repair relations with the Saudi and the Arab world-not to mention Sweden's own restive Muslim population, which could break out in riots over any excuse. So far, they yet to call in Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ferguson Cop Shooting Update

As I previously reported, one of the two cops shot in Ferguson is the son of a DEA agent with whom I worked in the early 1980s. I have received an email from my former colleague, who informs me that his son underwent two hours of surgery to remove a 40 caliber bullet from his neck. In addition, a plastic surgeon closed the entry wound on his face. He is optimistic for his son's recovery and both are heartened by all the messages of support from fellow- retired DEA agents.

Finally, when the suspected shooter was arrested, guess whose handcuffs they hooked him up with.

Khamenei Says, "Death to America" While Kerry Pursues His Deal

How humiliating is this? President Obama makes a televised address to the Iranian people while his secretary of state, John Kerry, endures the insults of the Iranian foreign minister in a desperate attempt to make that Peace in Our Time deal with the mullahs.

Have they forgotten that this is the same bunch that held our diplomats hostage? On what basis do they think they can trust this fanatical bunch of mullahs?  Are we to subject ourselves to another humiliation at the hands of this third-rate, terrorist-sponsoring country?

Update on the Top Ten Most Anti-Semitic Campuses

Hat tip Jew Hatred on Campus

Recently, the blog, Jew Hatred on Campus, which is part of David Horowitz's Freedom Center published a list of the Top Ten Most Anti-Semitic campuses in the US based on numerous incidents of anti-Semitic activity. Much of the blame for that activity was placed on the national student group, Students for Justice in Palestine, founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian (below).

He's the one with the mic in case you're wondering.

This has resulted in JHC sending letters to the presidents of these universities asking them to take positive action to eliminate the problem. Below is the letter to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and a response from his office.

In addition, here is the correspondence between JHC and Cornell University.

From these letters, what jumps out at me is that universities are not willing to tackle the problem head on. That would begin by dealing SJP-either force them to act civilly on campus or kick them off-both the club and their members when they act out.

It also jumps out at me that letter-writing is not going to be the solution. Not that I don't support it, I do. It puts the university on notice and documents the complaints. The ultimate solution, however, is going to have to involve lawyers and hitting the universities where it hurts them most-in the pocketbook.

Are you listening, Donors?