Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Geert Wilders Schools the Dutch Prime Minister on Islam

Here is another debate between Geert Wilders and the clueless Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte. Wilders gives facts and states the truth while Rutte  tries to justify his flooding the country with more and more Muslims and calling them "double victims" when terror strikes. It's hard to believe the Dutch just re-elected this clown (Rutte).

Islamic Extremism in UK (BBC)

Can this be the politically-correct BBC?

Van Jones Says That Russia Thing Is a "Big Nothing Burger"

Project Veritas has released part 2 of their CNN Pravda expose. In this segment, an undercover reporter is told by CNN's Van Jones that the Russian thing is a big nothing burger.

"I Refuse to Integrate, but I Want to Be Treated as a Dutch Citizen"

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Here is an excerpt from a Dutch interview with an Arab in the Netherlands in which he is asked about integration into Dutch culture. He plainly rejects the idea but still expects to be treated as a Dutch citizen.

Whatever integration may have been accomplished in Europe (and it was darn little) has been halted.

Fousesquawk Is on Vacation

I'll be away from the computer for a couple of days. If you require any news, don't watch CNN.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Swedish Government Shelters Returning ISIS Fighters

Hat tip Breitbart, Vlad Tepes and Expressen

The next time you read about the FBI arresting some guy trying to leave the country to join ISIS, you might want to think of Sweden. In that country, the government not only welcomes them back but helps them "re-integrate" back into Swedish life. They even mask their identities so Swedes won't know who they are.

The below Breitbart report is based on the Swedish news outlet, Expressen

What happens when one of these terrorists kills someone in Sweden? Will there be a national scandal? What happens if they kill someone in some other Western country? Think of the diplomatic repercussions of that.


Project Veritas Nails CNN on Its Russia-Trump Reporting

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas appears to have scored another undercover victory. This time they have released the first of what is promised to be a series of videos from inside CNN. It in this first video, an undercover operative has gotten next to CNN producer John Bonifield who acknowledges on camera (He didn't know he was being recorded.) that CNN has no evidence on Trump collusion with Russia, but that it has been good for ratings.

Of course, I would like to know just who Bonifield thought he was talking to and how this man was able to get next to Bonifield.

Of course, the liberal media is quick to jump to CNN's defense. In the below article by Media Matters for America (far left), we have a lengthy article dedicated to refuting O'Keefe and his report (sort of).

Tucked into all that is the writer's defense against the video in question.

"Viewers will probably believe what they hear, though: a CNN staffer with no involvement in CNN’s political coverage (this isn’t mentioned in the video) speculating casually about CNN’s reporting on Trump’s possible involvement with Russia. The video also showed the same CNN producer claiming CNN makes reporting decisions based on ratings, a shameful tactic that’s really no secret at all -- and one that doesn't account for warranted, extensive reporting on an undeniably important story."

Here is CNN's "defense":

This follows another revelation this week that CNN has  retracted its story about alleged connections between "The Russians" and Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci. Three CNN reporters have resigned over this fiasco.

As we await the second video, CNN and their defenders will have to do better than attack O'Keefe. Attack the video. Show that there has been malicious editing that alters the meaning. Show that it's a fraud.

Trinity Suspends Professor Who Called for White People to Die

Hat tip The College Fix

Johnny Eric Williams, the Trinity College professor advocated "letting white people die", has been suspended.

"Henry Reichman, chair of the AAUP’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, said Monday that putting Williams on punitive leave amounted to a “clear violation of the professor’s academic freedom.”

Academic freedom?

Had Williams been white and said the same thing about black people, who do you think would defend him?

Julius Streicher at Nuremberg
"I vas only exercising my academic freedom."

A Call to Help Persecuted Christians

Save the Christians
This is the Arabic character for "n". It is the symbol that ISIS places on the outside of Christian homes in Iraq and Syria  to identify them as "Nazarenes" (Christians). It has been adopted as the symbol of Voice of the Martyrs.

Voice of the Martyrs is an organization started by Middle Eastern Christians in the US to bring attention to the plight of their co-religionists in the Middle East. This is an organization I support, and here is a chance for you to do the same. The below message, which I received today, concerns how you can send a package to the beleaguered Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. I hope you will open the below link and consider helping.

Fresno State Controversy Continues

Middle East Studies Blames the Jews Again

Hat tip Algemeiner

Believe it or not there actually is a university located in Fresno, the town sportscaster Jim Rome calls "Fresneck". It's called Cal State Fresno for short or Fresno State, if you prefer even though Fresno is as much a  state as Palestine is a country. As you can imagine, it's just like all the other universities in California, a place where misfits and radicals hang out. They even have a Middle East Studies department (Israelis need not apply.)

Speaking of applying, there is a  big controversy brewing up there, which is probably front-page news in the city that never wakes. It all started when Fresneck U. decided to hire a professor-any professor- to something called the Edward Said Professorship, a fancy name for a dead professor who hated everything about the West and blamed all the dysfunctions of the Middle East on-you guessed it- the West. His book, Orientalism, is the Bible of Middle East studies.

Anyway, when after an exhaustive search Fresneck U. was unable to find a "suitable" hire. That's when the whiners kicked in and blamed it all on-you guessed it- the Jews.

To which the university says that's bunch of bolshoi.

It looks like Fresneck State won't be getting that Edward Said professorship after all.


Monday, June 26, 2017

More Anti-Israel Hypocrisy From the Gay Lobby

On Saturday, three Jewish women were barred from a gay pride parade in Chicago because their rainbow flags had Stars of David on them. That is the basis of my below article in the Times of Israel Blogs.

An Appeal in Germany to Stop the Madness

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita

Beatrix von Storch of the German party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland has issued this videotaped appeal to stop Angela Merkel's insane migrant policy. According to von Storch, 6.6 million more migrants from the Middle East and Africa are on the way.

Why Did the DNC Deny FBI Requests to Check Their Emails for Hacks?

That was the question President Trump and his spokesman Sean Spicer were asking earlier this year intimating that perhaps, the Clinton campaign itself had some sort of contact with the Russians.

It now appears there may be other reasons the DNC did not want the FBI poking through their communications during the campaign. First of all, it has been now reported that President Obama and the White House knew about Russian meddling in the campaign months before it came out publicly but chose not to go public because they "didn't want to appear themselves to be meddling in the election".

But there is more. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IO) wants to know if there was any collusion between the DNC and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in which she allegedly assured the DNC that she would keep the lid on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Remember that James Comey testified before Congress that he lost confidence in the DOJ's ability to handle the Clinton case after Lynch's famous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix. He also testified about Lynch's instructing him to refer to the investigation as "a matter".

Back to the question of emails between Lynch and the DNC, if we add that possibility (We don't know if such communication exists, but I assume Grassley is acting on some information he is privy to.) to the fact that then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was colluding with the Clinton campaign to ensure Bernie Sanders would not get the nomination, it could explain why the DNC didn't want the FBI poking around their emails.

Just a wild conspiracy theory.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Refugee Camp Fire in Germany Winds Its Way Through Court

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Two North African refugees are on trial in Germany for setting fire to a refugee camp in Dusseldorf last June during Ramadan. The men-get this- were angry because meals were served to non-Muslims in the camp while they (the defendants and all the other Muslims) were fasting. So the camp was burned down. (Setting fires during Ramadan is OK.)

And the verdict is expected in late March? And I thought American justice was slow. Old Roland Freisler must be rolling in his grave.

The London Mosque Attack Does Not Change the Facts

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

A few days ago, a British man drove his vehicle into a crowd of Muslims leaving the London Finsbury Park Mosque after prayers. He killed one person and injured about ten others before he was taken into custody. It turns out he was a white man of 47 years. As he was led away, he declared his intent to "kill all Muslims".

No doubt, the rash of terror attacks in England and other places had left the man enraged, and he chose to strike back. The Finsbury mosque had for years been known as a hotbed of radicalism, but had largely changed its image in the last decade. At any rate, the man's actions were flat out wrong. Mimicking Islamic terrorists and attempting to retaliate against innocent Muslims is not the answer.

However, lest we allow our politicians and the media to run wild with this narrative, we need to put it in perspective. As Fox News' Greg Gutfeld put it last night, this is not a game of ping-pong, where one act is followed by another from the other side. Terrorists and criminal acts against Muslims are quite rare, in fact. Terrorists acts by Muslim fanatics are not. They have become routine, and we have every right to draw the conclusions.

It is natural that Europeans (and Americans, for that matter) are frustrated and enraged by what some Muslims are doing. They are also frustrated by the silence and acquiescence of other Muslims who say Islam is being hijacked but do nothing to fight against the jihadis. We know of thousands, tens of thousands of Western-based Muslims who have gone to the Middle East to join ISIS. We know of virtually none who have gone to fight against ISIS. Who are the Muslims fighting and dying at the hands of terrorists? Largely those fighting in their national armies in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia etc.

It is true that most of the terrorists' victims are other Muslims, a fact often quoted by Muslims and their non-Muslim apologists. However, once you take away the soldiers, the victims of "honour-killings", those charged with apostasy,  and the internecine violence of Sunni vs. Shia, those numbers decrease dramatically.

Nevertheless, this is no cause to take the law into one's own hands and strike back at innocent Muslims who live among us. That we must leave to our police and intelligence services. In the US, we also have two advantages that our European friends lack. We have the right to bear arms in our own defense, and we have the First Amendment. You can call me an Islamophobe all you want (depending on how you define that tricky term). You can't put me in jail or fine me as can happen to Europeans. We must continue to exercise that right and ignore those who call us bigots. Unlike true hate groups like the KKK or neo-Nazis, we are trying to save innocent lives-including our own.

Of course, we should condemn what the motorist in Britain did, but it does not change the fact that too many Muslims are out there trying to kill us. The rare man-bites-dog attack must not be allowed to change the narrative.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Univ. Delaware Professor Says Otto Warmbier "Got What He Deserved"

Image result
Katherine Dettwyler

Is there no end to the hateful, despicable comments coming out of the mouths of college professors these days? University of Delaware Professor Katherine Dettwyler said on Facebook that Otto Warmbier, the college student who died after being imprisoned in Korea, "got what he deserved".

Yes, Dr Dettwyler. Otto Warmbier was white. He was rich and privileged. He was clueles (sic). He was (according to your implication), a rapist too. And it was all the fault of his parents who raised him that way.

It may or may not be true that Warmbier was caught trying to swipe a propaganda  banner as a souvenir, but that doesn't justify his death as Ms. Dettwyler seems to believe.

Should we blame your parents for raising you to be so heartless to make such comments about a young man who died under brutal conditions in a North Korean prison? I wonder what kind of sickness pervades American universities these days that such comments have become the norm, not just coming from students but professors, the so-called adults who are supposed to know better and set the example.

We, as a society, seriously need to take stock of our university culture. We cannot continue to entrust our children to these misfits who have PhDs attached to their names.

Suicide Bomber Thwarted in Mecca

Image result for ramadan in mecca

A suicide bomber who was planning to attack the Grand Mosque in Mecca as one million Muslims had converged there to mark the end of Ramadan, blew himself up as police raided a house near the Mosque. No other deaths were reported though there were injuries.

This has been a particularly bloody month of Ramadan this year. It is supposed to be a time of fasting and good thoughts/deeds. At least that's what they tell us. Yet, the jihadis apparently consider it a prime time to kill. And why are these pilgrimages to Mecca often marked by violence?

I don't get it.

Good News: MPAC Loses DHS Grant

Hat tip Investigative Project on Terrorism and Karen Lugo for passing this on

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is another one of those phony moderate Islamic organizations in the US that poses as moderates. In reality, they are a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. Their CEO, Salam al Marayati, is a phony moderate who once told me there was no death penalty in Islam for apostasy (a lie). Under the Obama administration, this organization participated in a giant ruse with the government called, "Countering Violent Extremism", which relied on mosques and groups like MPAC to root out the "violent extremists" in their own community and train them to be good little citizens. Now the Trump administration has wisely withdrawn funding from MPAC.

As the article aptly points out, MPAC is one of law enforcement's biggest critics when it comes to catching terrorists in the US. Depending on MPAC and the imams and mosques to identify and cure would be terrorists (as opposed to identifying them and notifying police) is like expecting elephants to pass the peanuts.

This entire Countering Violent Extremism program should be halted and replaced with something more sensible like monitoring extremist mosques.

Israel and American Jews

Hat tip to Barry for passing this on.

When Carolyn Glick of the Jerusalem Post writes an article that pertains to American Jews and their relationship to Israel (or non-relationship), I invariably find it worthy reading. This one below is no exception. In the below article, Glick lays out some poignant observations about American Jews, their connections to Israel, BDS, and just who are Israel's biggest supporters in the US.

This all makes perfect sense to me. It coincides with my own personal experiences and observations on the college scene.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Why Did Female Senators Ignore Muslim Reformers on Capitol Hill Testimony?

Hat tip  Legal  Insurrection

This week, two courageous women who have experienced thew second-class treatment of women under Islam first hand, testified before Congress. On Thursday, one of them, Asra Nomani, appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show. Incredibly, four female Democratic senators, failed to ask one single question of these ladies when they testified..

Once again, the hypocrisy of American feminists is exposed. Their liberal agenda is more important to them when it comes to Islamic violations of women's rights. They place more importance on abortion rights than they do domestic abuse in Muslim households. They place more importance on gender-neutral bathrooms than they do on the problem of female genital mutilation. Forced marriages? That pales in comparison to the so-called "glass ceiling". Recently, they chose Islamist activist Linda Sarsour to represent them in a feminist march ignoring her extremist views.

Until American feminists begin to speak out against the treatment of women in Islam, they are nothing but hypocrites.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramadan in Oslo

Hat tip  A Swede Speaks and Ava Vaud Lon

In the above video, the narrator explains that the previous evening (June 20) 8 cars were burned in downtown Oslo. This is a common occurrence in big cities in Scandinavia and France and is carried out by Muslim immigrants. In this case it appears to correspond to  Ramadan.

So, courtesy of the legendary 1950s rock group, the Jamies, we have added a little theme music in the background at the Fousequawk studios. Instead of, "Summertime Summertime", it's now Ramadan Ramadan (in Oslo). Feel free to sing along.

Pro-Palestinian Students at Humboldt University Bring Back Memories of Book Burning.

Hat tip Algemeiner

Image result for berlin book burning

Berlin's Humboldt University was the site (in what is now Bebelplatz) of the infamous 1933 book burning. (Actually, many other universities across the country held the same event on the same evening.) Now a new form of academic intolerance has struck many of the Western world's universities. That pertains to anything associated with Israel, be it Israeli academics, products or politicians. At Humboldt,  the speaking appearance of an Israeli lawmaker on Tuesday was disrupted by the usual crowd of pro-Palestinian brown shirts.

In Israel, Jews face the threat of terror attack and murder every day. In the West, it's disruption, boycotts and vandalism. Is it really necessary to ask who the good guys are?

SFSU Loses Out on $1.7 Million Grant

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Image result for san francisco state university

It's called fallout. In court documents, it has been revealed that San Francisco State University, just hit with a lawsuit on behalf of Jewish students and community members, fed up with the anti-Jewish climate at the school, lost out on a $1.7 million grant from the Koret Foundation last year due to the on-going problem of campus anti-semitism.

Along with the lawsuit itself, this is encouraging news. It is high time that Jewish donors cease giving to universities like SFSU, which refuses to confront Jew hatred on campus. Let this serve as a wake up call. Maybe when people like the General Union of Palestinian Students, school president Les Wong, and Professor Rabab Abdulhadi are a distant memory at SFSU can this school begin rebuilding its reputation and donor base.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Liberal Israeli Network Tries to Advance the SJP Agenda

Forward is a liberal Israeli news outlet. They have published an article on the week of events at UC Irvine last month, during which a presentation by Israeli military veterans was disrupted. The below article in Forward presents the pro-Palestinian narrative that negatively depicted the five reservists who were on the ground at UC Irvine in May to counter the anti-Israel propaganda being presented during the annual May anti-Israel program. In this article you can view a video put out by Palestine Legal. The video alleges  harassment on the part of the Israeli veterans as the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union were holding their annual May week of events dedicated to delegitimizing the state of Israel.

You will note that none of the claims of harassment or improper behavior are corroborated by the film. If anything, the film proves that SJP and others disrupted the May 10 Reservists on Duty event hosted by Students Supporting Palestin (UCI). It simply leaves out the ugliest parts. I would also add that the Palestinian student from Gaza who lectures the reservists in that video got up and left the room as soon as the reservists responded to his remarks.

But all that has already been documented by Yours Truly.

I was present at the May 10 event. When the 30-40 SJP/MSU/American Indian Student Association students entered the room, I turned on my video camera knowing that a disruption was imminent. Here it is.

So now, removing my own video from the conversation, we have dueling videos because Reservists on Duty have released a video showing their side of the controversy.

Here is what I observed aside from the May 10 incident. The anti-Israel week of events lasts four days, Monday-Thursday. Aside from the May 10 (Wednesday evening ) event, I was present on campus for two of the four days including Day 4 (Thursday). What I observed was the five Israeli vets standing around the SJP/MSU mock apartheid wall talking to passers-by, passing out their own pamphlets, and holding their own posters. Thursday (Day 4) was the most heated. At times, the reservists stood a few feet away from the pro-Palestinian demonstrators as the latter were shouting their words and chants into bullhorn. They followed the protesters as they marched to the Administration Building and around Ring Road. I witnessed no assaults or threats by either side. To be accurate, I add that on two of the afternoon events, I was not present. In addition, I did not witness the march around Ring Road described above.

I also point out that early in the Palestinian-promoted video they show a young American man standing at the Palestinian table and engaged in a back and forth. This young man was present the previous evening at the May 10 disruption. He sat in the back of the room, said nothing, and took no action whatsoever. The following day, he engaged in debate with the pro-Palestinian side. He alleged that while he was at the Palestinian table, one young man said to him, "Go away white man." Of course, we have no corroboration of that through any of the video tapes. The young man stated to me personally that he was not a UCI student.

I have stated this before, but I  think it is worthwhile to describe the five reservists. Two were American-born females who had immigrated to Israel. The third was an American-born man who had immigrated to Israel, The fourth was a Lebanese-born gay Christian whose family were refugees to Israel from Lebanon. The fifth was a Bedouin Muslim. To be sure, they stood their ground against the provocations of the pro-Palestinian students. Yet, I personally observed no improper behavior on their part.

A final word on these five young Israeli veterans. If you go back to the video I took of the May 10 incident, I pointedly asked the protesters how many of them had  (like the Israeli veterans) served their county in uniform. The shouted answer was "Never", and that unleashed the disruption and chanting. Very telling, indeed.

Flint Terrorist: Amor Ftouhi

amor ftouhi
Amor Ftouhi (Facebook)

The man who attacked a Flint airport cop with a knife, stabbing him in the neck is identified as Amor Ftouhi, a 50-year-old Canadian citizen but native of Tunisia. He reportedly told arresting officers that he carried out the attack because Americans were "killing people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and that (Americans) will all die".

We need to be concerned about some of the people running around up there in Canada. I am not talking about Canadians. I am talking about many of the Muslims they have let into their country, naturalized, and can now come into the US with Canadian passports.

Canada has a liberal prime minister in Justin Trudeau, who is pledged to bring in thousands more Syrian "refugees".

Unfortunately, these incidents will continue. Ftouhi is probably a lone wolf answering the call from ISIS to attack and kill people any way he could. I am hopeful that the charges will go beyond  a simple attack and that federal terrorism charges will be brought that will put this guy away for at least the next 30 years.

Palestinian Terrorist's Mom is Proud of Her Son

Hat tip World Israel News

Not only has Fatha claimed credit for the murder of an Israeli policewoman on Friday, but one of the killer's mothers, also under arrest, has expressed pride in the actions of her son.

This is as sick as it gets. Of course, this is not atypical when it comes to the Palestinians. This is how parents raise their children.

You can't make peace with this type of mentality. It has to be isolated behind the biggest wall humans are capable of constructing.

Jihad Comes to Flint, Michigan

Today, a police officer was stabbed in the neck at Flint airport in Michigan. The attacker reportedly yelled, "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing the officer. He is in custody and is reported to be from Quebec and holding a Canadian passport.


"Allahu Akbar". There's your motive.

Update: Suspect is also reported to be an Arabic speaker. This reminds me of Criminal Investigation 101.

Reservists on Duty at UC Irvine

Hat tip to Camera on Campus for sending me this video.

I have posted several articles and videos from Last month's anti-Israel week of events sponsored by the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine. As I write, SJP is still under investigation by the university for their May 10 disruption of an event held by Students Supporting Israel and featuring five Israeli Defense Forces veterans who are part of an organization called Reservists on Duty.

Here is a short video put out by Reservists on Duty showing how they stood up to the SJP and their allies. You will also note the use of  inflammatory language caught on tape from the SJP crowd.

At UC Berkeley-Another Dirks Scandal

Hat tip Daily Californian

Image result for nicholas dirks
Ridiculous Nicholas Dirks

Never let it be said that (still) out-going UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is going out quietly. Now a new cloud hangs over Ridiculous Nicholas and the university. The campus paper, Daily Californian, has an article about Dirks' former house manager and some questionable income tax forms.

The entire University of California system under Janet Napolitano has been clouded in financial funny business for some time now. Tuition increases, in-state tuition for illegal alien students, $175 million in secret funds recently discovered, etc.

Napolitano needs to go.

More on the Brussels Train Station Bombing

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Ava Lon

As previously reported, a Muslim guy set off a bomb in his suitcases at the Brussels train station yesterday screaming,  "Allahu Akhbar", before a soldier put him out of his misery. Below, you can hear the eyewitness testimony of an airport worker. The interview is in French, but our friend, Ava Lon, has supplied the sub-titles.

Unfortunately for the bumbling bomber, he didn't kill any infidels (not even an injury). Therefore, he fell somewhat short of earning those 72 virgins.

Consolation prize

Would You Call This Race Hatred?

Hat tip Daily Wire

We have yet another case of someone in academia bashing white people. This one is more than just laughable. It is egregious and ugly. A guy named Johnny Williams at Trinity University (Hartford, Connecticut) says that according to his theory of decoding intersectionality, white people are, ahem, a bunch of rectal orifices who should "f-ing die".

I can see from the quotes that Johnny has mastered the academic mumbo-jumbo, but as always, it makes no sense. For example, my spellchecker indicates to me that "intersectionality" is not a word. Umm. Let me try "heteronormativity".


Fatah Claims Credit for Murder of Israeli Policewoman

If the Democrats want an example of real collusion looks like, they might want to read this story.

Fatah is the party of Mahmoud Abbas, the man Israel is supposed to make a peace deal with. Not only Fatah has taken credit, but ISIS and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as well. I guess it must have been a task force operation one terrorist from each organization.

That certainly makes for a stronger case than any collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

Image result for if it's tuesday this must be belgium

That was the title of some dopey movie back in the 70s. Coincidentally, on Tuesday,  Muslim guy yelled, "Allahu Akbar" and set off a small bomb at the Brussels train station. The soldiers quickly blew the guy away. Nobody else was hurt.

Monday it was Paris. I wonder where they'll strike Wednesday.

Another Nakba at UCLA

UCLA is the home of something called the Center for Near East Studies, which consists of a bunch of Israel-haters masquerading as academics. It features such luminaries as James (Dr. Doom) Gelvin and Gabriel (Huggy Boy) Piterberg. Gabe is a well-known figure around campus since there are alerts for all co-eds to steer clear of the "Kissing professor". But I digress.

                                                                                  Gelvin (in foreground)

In April, CNES held yet another conference dedicated to bashing Israel. My friend and colleague, Eric Golub, attended and wrote a report for Algemeiner and Campus Watch. The conference made history for coining a new term to describe the Arab inability to beat Israel at war. Instead of Nakba (catastrophe), it is Naksa (setback). That is to describe what happened when the Arab world initiated a war with Israel in 1967 (with nakbarian consequences for them).
Image result for gabriel piterberg'
     Piterberg: The warm afterglow

Here is Eric's report.

                                                                          "Good news, mein Fuehrer. It's only a setback."

(I wonder what they'll call the 1973 failure to defeat Israel.)

Honestly, don't these people get tired putting on these same old conferences about Israel? It must be to justify their existence. The Center  for Near East Studies is a true nakba for UCLA. This conference was obviously just the latest, er, naksa.