Monday, February 15, 2016

Rutgers Professor Uses Old Anti-Jewish Canards at Speech at Vassar

Hat tip Campus Watch and Algemeiner

Jasbir Puar
Rutgers University women and gender studies, queer theorist
(Rutgers faculty bio photo)

I am cross-posting an article by Pini Dunnar, which was picked up by Campus Watch from Algeiminer. It concerns a recent speech given at Vassar College by a Rutgers professor named Jasbir Puar. It was, of course, another anti-Israel diatribe, which are a dime a dozen on college campuses. This one was especially vicious because she made absurd charges against Israel that are reminiscent of the old charges made by Julius Streicher in the Nazi rag, Der Stuermer. Indeed, these charges go back much further than the Nazis. They accuse Jews of all sorts of horrible things, like using the blood of Christian children to make matzo. Read below what this ignoramus said in her speech to the students of Vassar.

Jasbir Puar; meet Julius Streicher.

And how timely. Here is an article from the latest issue of Vassar's campus paper, The Miscellany News: It appears, Puar's is not the only voice of Jew hatred at Vassar.

It all ties together. Behind the idyllic front, our college campuses have become very ugly places.

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