Monday, May 25, 2020

UC Davis:Cross Cultural Center may not be for all

Hat tip Algemeiner

University Cross Cultural Centers sound good on paper, but for certain cultures, you need not apply. That appears to be the case at UC Davis, one of the UC system's politically correct campuses. (They are all politically correct to tell you the truth.)  In the below link from Algemeiner, we learn that if you are a Jewish, pro-Israel student, the CCC at UC Davis is not the place for you.

During the 18 years I spent teaching at UC Irvine, I had a lot of issues with the local CCC. For several years, they were (and probably still are) a virtual clubhouse for the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine.  In fact, over several years, I have personally witnessed  pro-Palestinian protesters come marching out of the CCC to disrupt Jewish pro-Israel events and march right back when finished.  The CCC over the years has been literally used as a staging area for anti-Israel disruptions. And then there is the usual, run-of-the-mill nuttiness.

As I see it, CCCs carry with them an implication that they are for non-white, non-straight students. The name, CCC, should mean that all cultures are welcomed with the aim of fostering mutual respect for all. Instead, they merely foster division because white people are considered part of the problem.

So I am not surprised at the latest news from UC Davis, a troubled campus that has seen more than its share of anti-Semitism and swastikas in recent years. Obviously, CCCs are not the solution. They are more likely part of the problem.

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