Monday, May 18, 2020

Tikvah Fund Town Hall on Campus Anti-Semitism

Hat tip The Tikvah Fund and The College Fix

On May 20, the Tikvah Fund (a conservative-Zionist organization) will begin an online town hall featuring prominent speakers who will address the problem of anti-Semitism on American college campuses. I am pleased to help publicize the event. It will be mostly a bi-weekly event and last to August 4.

I wish them every success because the issue has gotten so bad that it can no longer be covered up, denied, or ignored (as I have seen done in the past). Looking at the lineup of speakers, I anticipate a break from the typical academic definition of anti-Semitism as being purveyed solely by white nationalists, KKK-types, and neo-Nazis-odious as they are.

We all know that Israel is the real target of today's campus anti-Semites. That alone should give you a clue that the biggest purveyors of anti-Semitism in America today-and they are prominently featured in academia- are the pro-Palestinian forces. That includes student groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, various chapters of the Muslim Student Association, Middle East Study departments and their toxic faculties, left-wing professors, as well as cowardly university administrators who hide under their desks as Jewish students are intimidated, bullied, and have their own campus events disrupted by pro-Palestinian campus thugs.

I can assure you that if the problem on campuses across America were caused by white nationalists, KKK-types, or neo-Nazis, none of whom have any influence on campuses, the administrators would be cracking down hard and fast (and I would support them). The reason universities do not take a strong stand in defending their Jewish students is that the perpetrators of the hate are mostly-not all- Muslims, while Jews are perceived as being part of the "privileged white" class-a false stereotype in itself because Jews actually come in several shades of skin color.

I also hope that ideas will be exchanged as to how to deal with universities who allow anti-Semitism to run wild. There are choices. Jewish students can look for friendlier environments. Alumni and donors can give their money elsewhere. And now, thanks to President Trump, some of these institutions could find themselves without federal funds.

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