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Siraj Wahhaj Comments on Stoning

Hat tip to Fullerton Taxpayer

This video shows imam Siraj Wahhaj giving a sermon on "The Ways to Paradise". At about the 33 minute mark, he talks about stoning.

ISNA Conference of 1998

The below-linked 2006 document is from Militant Islamic Monitor and concerns two main areas. First is the report on the Global Relief Foundation (GRF) and Benevolence International Foundation (BIF), two controversial Islamic charities that have been identified as fronts for terrorist funding. Second is the schedule of the 1998 annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America, of which Muzaammil Siddiqi was the president at that time. Among charities participating at the event were the above two mentioned as well as the Holy Land Foundation, the latter of which was the center of the so-called Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in 2007.

Below are Wikipedia entries for the BIF and GRF followed by the aforementioned Militant Islamic Monitor report.

You will note that many of the participants in this conference have, shall we say, checkered histories.

Sami al Arian-Prosecuted for finacial support to the terrorist group Islamic Jihad and currently imprisoned for refusing to testify.

Omar Ahmad-co-founder of CAIR and reportedly subject of investigation by the US Attorney's Office in
Dallas-allegedly the case that was squashed by the Holder Justice Department

Siraj Wahhaj- Radical Brooklyn imam who supports jihad, stonings and various and sundry other pastimes.

Abdulrahman Alamoudi-supporter of Hamas and Hizbollah (by his own public admission October 28, 2000 in Washington DC) and currently imprisoned for 23 years for illegal transfer of money to Libya.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Amir (President) of Jamaat-i-Islami  (Islamist political party in Pakistan). Reportedly, he had his UK visa cancelled due to his alleged ties to terrorism and alleged support for suicide bombers.

Ramsey Clark-former attorney general under Lyndon Johnson and America-basher by profession. Any radical cause that condemns America has Ramsey Clark as a supporter. He also accompanied Jane Fonda to Hanoi during the Viet Nam war.

Jamal Badawi-Involved (with Siddiqi) as fatwa counselor with Cairo-based Islam, a global internet source where Muslims can get spiritual advice online. In 2003, the site reportedly advised a questioner that attacks against American soldiers fighting in Muslim lands was an obligation. One of the "authorities" they quoted was the radical, anti-Semitic, jihadist, Muslim Brotherhood Islamic scholar, Yusuf Qaradawi.

And, of course, Muzammil Siddiqi himself appeared on stage several times since he was the ISNA president.

If you peruse the schedule of events, you will see that many of the topics concern Muslims as a persecuted group in America and refers to "Muslim prisoners of conscience".

I also note that the Global Relief Foundation had some involvement in a malaria eradication project. It may be coincidental, but Siddiq and Wahhaj are involved tomorrow in a big conference in Anaheim on malaria eradication.

"Malaria. That's the secret word."

Which Republican Can Beat Obama?

In spite of President Obama's low poll numbers, many pundits-including Republicans- insist that none of the current Republican candidates are up to beating the President in 2012. They say that the reason Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls vis-a-vis the other candidates is that he is speaking his mind, which is what the conservative voters are craving. Nonetheless, few think that Trump can continue without blowing himself up eventually. Assuming that is true, who would be the best equipped to take on Obama next year?

Mitt Romney is considered one of the front-runners. I was never more impressed with him than when he dropped out of the primaries last go-around and made a great speech in doing so. Yet, he is viewed as another slicked-down politician who instituted his own health care plan in Massachusetts. In addition, some don't want to vote for a Mormon, which is sad, in my view.

Mike Huckabee is as bland as every woman's first husband. He is boring to watch on TV, and that controversial Arkansas pardon will come back to haunt him.

Sarah Palin is very appealing to a lot of folks, but she needs to overcome that poor performance as VP candidate. I love her views, but there is a perception that she's not up to the job. (Doesn't exactly doom your chances though, does it?)

I also like Michele Bachmann, but it seems she has the same perception problem that Palin has.

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum have the right views. They are young and energetic-looking, but don't really look too presidential, do they?

Speaking of looking not-too-presidential, how about Newt Gingrich? Of all of them, he is the most eloquent spokesman for conservative issues. He is also a genuine historian who really seems to understand the issues. Yet, he has no chance. When he was Speaker of the House, he changed his tune daily depending on what he thought the best strategy of the day was. Then there is that little matter of marital infidelity-you know the time he dropped by his wife in the hospital, to tell her he was leaving her for another woman while she was being treated for cancer? I would still like to see him run simply for the voice he would add to the debates.

Same for all of them, actually. They all have something to contribute to the national debate over the role of government in our society and the direction we are going both domestically and internationally.

But they are all lacking that certain something that conservatives are craving and think they see in Trump. Someone who has charisma, genuine conservative values, and isn't afraid to stand up and tell it like it is without worrying that he/she may lose some constituency group. Who is that someone that isn't afraid to tell the other side to go jump in a lake? Who is that person that can capture the imagination of conservatives the way Obama did with liberals and..........well, dopes, while not trying to fool anybody? In my opinion, that would be someone who isn't even running yet.

That person would be Allen West.

President Obama's Carbon Footprint

"Hey, Baby. Wanna take a ride on Obama One?"

I am not much of a green guy, so I wouldn't normally pay much attention to these things, but something popped into my head when the President released his birth certificate and complained that he had so many other important things to do.

Like flying around the country to speak at fundraisers and appear on Oprah.

Just this past week, Obama flew Air Force One out to Los Angeles-with all his retinue of Secret Service and all that jazz-to appear at Democratic fundraisers from Brentwood to Culver City. According to local talk-jocks, John and Ken, that trip alone used up 53,000 gallons of jet fuel (so I guess that's irrefutable.) As usual when Obama visits LA (to raise funds), the city's traffic is tied up into a snarl as whole areas are blocked by police until the fundraiser-in-chief has safely passed.

He also dropped into Chicago to chat sweet nothings with Oprah. I won't complain about yesterday's trip to the South.

Just think how much money the President could save us tax-payers by limiting his trips to the essential things and cutting out fund raisers on the West Coast and appearances with Oprah. And to say nothing about that carbon footprint. Air Force One wasn't built for fundraisers. Besides, he could have borrowed Al Gore's private jet.

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Donald Trump's "Big Victory"

"I am proud and honored.........."

Muzammil Siddiqi and More Friends

Muzammil Siddiqi

On May 1, Muzammil Siddiqi will be appearing at an Islamic Shura Council of Southern California conference on malaria.

Well, that sure sounds like a worthy cause, but what gives me pause is the presence of some other featured speakers.

First there is our old friend, Siraj Wahhaj of Brooklyn. He is one of the speakers whose presence caused a fuss in Yorba Linda back in February. At issue were some of his documented sermons on the topic of Jihad complete with references to arming black ex-cons in the inner cities with uzis and all that stuff. (A jihad against malaria, perhaps).

Siraj Wahhaj-Radical Islamist

Another participant is Maher Hathout. Below is what Discover the Networks has reported on Hathout.
Maher Hathout-Radical Islamist

(Nothing about malaria there.)

Zaid Shakir is a founder of Zaytuna College at UC Berkeley. Here is an article on Shakir from World Net Daily:

Zaid Shakir-Radical Islamist

A warning to malaria: Your days are numbered.

Conclusion: Muzammil Siddiqi-radical Islamist

Yet, on May 5, Siddiqi will be honored by the Orange County Human Relations Commission for being a community leader or something like that.

If you are puzzled by all this, write a letter to Rusty Kennedy, CEO of Orange County Human Relations Commission. He's the one giving this award.

Meanwhile in North Korea

April 26: n this photo released by Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service in Tokyo, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, center, is greeted by Pak Ui Chun, second left, North Korea's foreign minister, in the Paekhwawon state guesthouse in Pyongyang, North Korea.
(Fox News)

North Korea's useful idiot

Well, our dowager ex-president, Jimmy The Jerk Carter, is back home in North Korea, where he is considered a national hero, of sorts. Once again, Jimmy The Jerk is criticizing his own country.

How about telling the North Koreans they are guilty of huamn rights violations for not feeding their own people?

The Royal Wedding-Lots of Hats and Lots of Horses

Hats and horses

In spite of my best promises-including to that mad hatter Yvonne Ridley, I did happen to wake up around 4 am this morning. Thus, I figured what the Hell, I might as well turn on coverage of the royal wedding. There, on CNN was Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest.

Quickly, I switched to Fox and to the more pleasing Martha McCallum. (That's better.)  As it was, the wedding was over and the lovely couple was riding back to Buckingham Palace-or wherever royal couples ride back to-in that fancy stagecoach pulled by a couple of dozen horses.

Speaking of horses, they must have rounded up every horse in Europe to bring to London for the event.

And speaking of horses, I was wondering if my old friend, Yvonne Ridley was spotted in the crowd yelling profanities at the Royal Family with Anjem "the Bearded Clam" Choudary. Apparently, Choudary and his rag-tag pals decided to call off the protests, suicide bombings, or whatever they had in mind.

That's The Bearded Clam in the center

Of course, had The Bearded Clam and his followers blown up Westminster Abbey, the BBC would have found a way not to mention it.

("Bearded clam". Sounds like an old phrase from my high school days.)

I heard George Galloway was "taken ill", and, like me, was watching the event on the telly.

Apparently, England is the last country on earth where women still wear hats. Did you see that thing that Victoria Beckham had on her head? It looked like a can of motor oil with a corkscrew punched through it. Ghastly.

Not in the opinion, however, of one of those obligatory British fashion mames, who pronounced it "chic and avante garde".

Did ya see Prince Charlie, be Jesus?

(Speaking of horses...)

Amazing how he is always the side show in these events, nowadays, as he waits and waits and waits.....

But it's all over now, as the Rolling Stones used to say. Anderson Cooper can come back home.....if he can get away from Richard Quest, that is.

"I don't think that's funny!"

The Fogel Pledge

I have been asked to post a copy of this letter, which requests the Jewish Federation of Orange County to sign the Fogel Pledge. This pledge, named in honor of the Fogel family, who were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank settlement of Itamar, says that no Jewish philanthropic funds will be used to support groups or ventures that are linked to the deligitimization or boycotts of Israel.

Sounds sensible enough for me.

Here is the request.

The Jewish Federation of Orange County has been forwarded this Pledge to sign. We encourage you to write/ contact them,and ask that, they join with other Federations across the USA and sign, for the future of our community and Israel.

You can find a sample letter in " how you can help" section of

Thank You.

Subject: Fwd: Pledge in memory of the Fogel family on behalf of the OC Jewish Federation

From: Ha-Emet Support
Date: April 4, 2011 12:16:10 PM PDT

To: Orange County Jewish Federation
Subject: re: Pledge in memory of the Fogel family on behalf of the OC Jewish Federation

Dear Mr Elcott,

We are writing to request that you sign this Pledge in memory of the Fogel family on behalf of the OC Jewish Federation. This is a necessary first step, to ensure that Jewish philanthropic funds are never used to support or endorse organizations, activities or events that, directly or indirectly, are involved in BDS or delegitimization of Israel.

Signing the Pledge will show your local community, that its leaders are committed to the defence of Israel, and that you are taking strong steps to recognize and resist what is becoming institutionalized anti-Semitism.

Please Click Here to sign the Pledge on behalf of your Jewish Federation

Best wishes


This Petition is Endorsed by:

The Sarasota-Manatee Florida
Jewish Federation.- who have
Signed the Pledge.

The National Council of Young

Orange County Independent Taskforce on anti-Semitism

David Horowitz Freedom Center

Children of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors

EMET - Endowment for Middle East Truth

American Freedom Alliance-AFA

Americans for a Safe Israel- AFSI

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Comments That Never Appeared

A couple of my friends have told me they are having problems getting their comments published. In checking, it appears that the delete spam mechanism has deleted many of your comments, which I have belatedly now released for publication. That even includes a January rant by British Islamist  moron Yvonne Ridley. Until I get the problem corrected, I will have to check the spam box. My apologies to all of you.

Except Yvonne Ridley.

Muzammil Siddiqi-More Troubling Associations

On May 5, the Orange County Human Relations Commission (OCHRC) will award a humanitarian honor to Dr Muzammil Siddiqi of the Islamic Center of Garden Grove. In recent days, many revelations have come forth to the Orange County community about this so-called moderate's past statements and associations. The Orange County Register began reporting on these allegations through editorialist Frank Mickadeit. Yet, in the end, Mickadeit failed to write the most disturbing charges (which have been out there for years) and relied on written answers to questions from Siddiqi. The final product was a whitewash.

Here is an article written by Alyssa Lappen for Act for America concerning entities such as the Fiqh Council of North America, radical Islamic scholar Yusuf Qaradawi, and Muzammil Siddiqi.

* See footnote 24-Martyrdom Fatwa (below)

So now the questions are:

1 Why did Siddiqi refuse to sign a Freedom Pledge in 2009 for Muslim apostates that they would  not be harmed?

2 What is his explanation for the charge in the Lappen article that he "condoned" a fatwa against US troops fighting in Muslim lands? Did he co-write or have any involvement with Jamal Badawi and Mohammed Nur Abdullah in writing the response linked above in 2003?

3 What is his relationship with the Cairo-based site Islam (Fatwa Board), which is reportedly run by Qaradawi, and which published the above response to a question about attacking US troops?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

University of Iowa Professor Says "F----You" to College Republicans

Professor Ellen Lewin

I just finished hearing about this on Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox. Here is the report from the Daily Iowan.

So a University of Iowa professor of GENDER STUDIES (Surprise) sends an e-mail to a college co-ed saying, "F----You, GOP". How nice. How professional.

Of course to the ultra-liberal Association of American University Professors, it's no biggie.

Here is Lewin's bio from the university.

"Ellen Lewin’s major research interests center on motherhood, reproduction, and sexuality, particularly as these are played out in American cultures. Over the course of her career, she has completed studies that focus on low-income Latina immigrants in San Francisco, lesbian mothers, and lesbian and gay commitment ceremonies in the US. She is now writing a book on gay fathers-men who have fathered or adopted children either on their own or with male co-parents or who became parents during earlier heterosexual unions"

Important stuff.

Little Normie Finkelstein at Oklahoma University

The vaunted "independent scholar with a PhD from Princeton", Norman Finkelstein, took his freak-show to the University of Oklahoma this week, where he told an audience of gullible college kids his wild conspiracy theories about Israel.

Yes, Norm, it was Israel's fault the boys of Hamas starting shooting those rockets into Israeli schoolyards.

Apparently, Normie thinks that war should be played like a round of golf-with handicaps for the weaker side. Sorry, Norm. It doesn't work that way.

Apparently, there was no shortage of gullible students who ate up every word that droned out of Normie's mouth.

Dalia Bayaa, vice president of Sooners for Peace in Palestine said students could benefit from hearing Finkelstein because he presents views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that aren’t covered in mainstream media.

“I think [the conflict] needs to be more equally shown from both sides where people can judge based on both sides of the conflict,” Bayaa said.

Sooners for Peace in Palestine did not comment as to whether they planned to invite an Israel-supporter to speak at OU.

Gloria Allred's X-Rated Press Conference

Hat tip to John and Ken Show blog and TMZ

Gloria Allred, famed LA attorney for people who don't need attorneys, has hit a new high for outrageousness. Now she is representing a man who took his two young daughters to a Giants game in San Francisco. Allegedly, the Braves'  pitching coach, a free spirit named Roger McDowell, was giving the razz to three gay guys in the bleachers during batting practice. The other fan was so outraged that he contacted Gloria Allred, attorney for people who don't need attorneys. What follows is Allred's usual press conference in which she and her client graphically demonstrate (in front of his two daughters) how McDowell allegedly taunted the three gay guys with a baseball bat.

"Sensitivity training???"

But, you ask-what about the three gay guys? Whatever happened to them?

Last seen they were shopping in a sporting goods store for a baseball bat- a Louisville.....never mind.

American Jewish Committee Statement on Title VI

The American Jewish Committee has joined up with the ultra-liberal Association of American University Professors and their liberal boss Cary Nelson to question the application of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to protect Jewish students from intimidation and harassment on college campuses.

I never could figure out what this organization was and what they do. I do recall that one of their leading rabbis in Orange County was part of the "establishment team" denying any anti-Semitic problems at UC-Irvine because they were so close to the university administration. As far as I am concerned this outfit has been missing in action at UCI.

Of course, there is a distinction between opposing Israel and hating Jews-for many people. For others, it is all part and parcel of the same steaming pile of feces that is the organized effort to delegitimize Israel on college campuses in favor of the Palestinian cause. It is the biggest factor in the world-wide resurgence in anti-Semitism, yet does anything really think that if Israel goes away, anti-Semitism will disappear?

It's a strong thing to say, especially for a non-Jew, but in my view, there are a lot of modern-day Judenrats out there that are too timid to stand up against anti-Semitism.

Famous E-Mail Inquiries



Re: Watergate break-in

Dear Mr President,

Can you tell us what you know about the Watergate break-in?



Re: Watergate break-in

Sorry, guys. I don't know anything about it.



Re: Watergate break-in.

Thank you, Mr President.




Re: Request for information

Dear OJ, can you tell us where you were last night when your ex-wife and another person were murdered?





Re: Your request.

Hey, I was on a plane to Chicago, Man.




Re. Req. for info

Thanks, O.J. Just checkin'




Re: Request for information

Dear Imam Siddiqi,


The Three Stooges in LA

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, at podium, with, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, far right, hold a news conference on security at the Port of Los Angeles Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center in Los Angeles, Monday, April 25, 2011. At left, Los...
Baca, Napolitano and Villaraigosa
The 3 Stooges all on the same stage

On Monday, LA playboy mayor Tony Villaraigosa appeared at the Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro) with Janet (Jerk of the Year) Napolitano and LA County Sheriff to the Stars and CAIR, Lee Baca. Yesterday, KFI 640 am's Bill Carroll played a tape of Villaraigosa's speech, which is hilarious. Hit the link below and go to "Mayor Freeloada Spoke".

Napolitano used the "occasion" to announce Homeland Security's revolutionary new enforcement program.

"If you see something, say something"

Somebody should ask Mayor Tony what "seagorin" means.

Same Old Cubs 2011

The 2011 baseball season is underway, and it certainly looks like the Cubs will extend that no-World Series ring streak to 103-that's years for you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors-103 years since the last time the Cubs won a world series and 66 since they last won a pennant. In fact, to commemorate that achievement, there was a convention last week in Chicago for all Cub fans who experienced that championship (pictured below).

Al Capone was the guest of honor.

1908 World Champion Chicago Cubs-"Let the dynasty begin"

Above is the Cubs' 1908 World Series trophy.

This year's Waveland Street champs features two "big-time" new-comers, Carlos Pena and Matt Garza. So far, Pena is hitting about .116 with no homers, while Garza is still winless. We have a great-looking shortstop named Starlin Castro. Hits a ton, but made three errors in one inning this week. That makes seven for the year and counting.

At second base, we have a kid named Darwin Barney, who could be the next Ryan Theriot.

He's getting a lot of hits, but purely singles.

Aramis Ramirez is still at third, hitting well, but only has one homer. He'll get injured any day now. Fukadome is having his annual hot April to be followed by a final batting average of .259 and ten homers. Big deal. Of course, Alfonso Soriano is standing around in left field playing out year number five of that disasterous 8 year deal. They can't give him away. And last year's phenom, Ty Colvin? Can't hit and he's on the bench.

Then there  is the ever-disappointing Big Z-for zero- Zambrano. He got lit up this week. Look for him to win 10-14 games and have another melt-down in the dugout. Dempster is getting bombed and the numbers 4 and 5 starters are on the DL.

(I didn't know Ed Schultz was a Cubs fan.)

Anyway, as I write this, the Cubbies are 3 games under five hundred and I can only wonder what old Lou Piniella is up to down in Florida.

Enjoying his retirement and remembering "the good old days."

Abdul Alim Musa and Muzammil Siddiqi

(Photo from ADL)

In October of 2000, Muzammil Siddiqi spoke at a CAIR-sponsored rally in Washington DC held in support of the Palestinian Intifada. His speech is contained in the below link from Steve Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). If you watch the video, you will note the presence of Abdul Alim Musa behind him on the stage.

Musa, when he spoke, was his ever-vile self, praising those who die killing the "Zionists".

October 28, 2000: Alim Musa spoke at a rally in Washington DC that was organized by some of the premier Muslim community organizations in the country and in which speakers expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Referring to Palestinian casualties in the second intifada, which broke out the previous month, Alim Musa said:

"We celebrate our young brothers…those shuhada [martyrs]. They're not dead….The Zionists, when they get hit they're dead. They are dead and gone…But our people, when they leave this world they're headed for jannah [Paradise]."

Here's the video. This is the same stage that Muzammil Siddiqi spoke on. Scroll down to October 28, 2000 speech (IPT).

Also speaking at that event was Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who openly stated that he supported Hamas and Hizbollah, receiving the approbation from the crowd. Siddiqi has just acknowledged to OC Register reporter Frank Mickadeit (see my previous post) that he was present at the rally, but that "he was returning back to LA on a plane" when Alamoudi spoke.

I wonder if Siddiqi was on that plane when Musa spoke. Not likely since they are pictured both on stage at the same time (when Siddiqi was speaking).

Also get a load of what Musa said at UC-Irvine on that same link on September 9, 2001. Siddiqi was reportedly also present at this benefit dinner for cop-killer H. Rap Brown (Jamal al Amin).

September 9, 2001: At a Jamil Al-Amin Fundraiser at UC-Irvine, Musa said:

"Imam Jamil coined a phrase, and that phrase meant this: ‘If you don't give us justice. If you don't give us equality. If you don't give us our share of America. If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we're gonna burn America down."

So it would appear that on least two occasions, Siddiqi shared a venue with one of the most vile, anti-Semitic, anti-American imams in America-if not the world. Does he regret being associated with Musa? Does he now or will he renounce Musa and his rantings?

And how can Orange County Human Relations Commission CEO Rusty Kennedy bestow a humanitarian award on Siddiqi in light of these associations? Well, if you consider that Kennedy participated in the infamous Israel lynching in Durban, South Africa in 2001 and also reportedly participated in feting Yasser Arafat in South Africa to commemmorate Arafat's winning of that coveted Nobel Peace Prize, if guess the answer is easy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The OC Register Runs Away From the Muzammil Siddiqi Story

As previously reported, we have been waiting for several days for OC Register reporter Frank Mickadeit to get imam Muzammil Siddiqi to answer some questions about his past statements and associations. In those past days, we have sent Mickadeit lots of information as we anticipated him asking these questions to Siddiqi.

Well folks, here it is.

I have just posted my own comment on this article in the comments thread. I am not sure they are publishing it, however.

"Frank, you gotta be kidding! This is journalism? What kind of communication did you have with him, face-to-face or email or phone? Why did you not ask him about the time in Dec 1992 when he hosted Omar Abdul Rahman, the convicted terrorist and translated his sermon on violent jihad in real time? What about the time on Sept 9, 2001 when he attended a benefit dinner at UCI for cop-killer H rap Brown and Alim Musa called the US, "the most corrupt government on earth"? Why did he appear on a stage with Musa in Oct 2000 in Washington? Why did ISNA support Marzook when he was locked up?

You were given all the info you needed, but let Siddiqi stroke you. This is a
classic example of why American journalism is dead. The fact is that you ran
from this story.

Gary Fouse

We do not know how these questions were posed. Were they by phone, e-mail or face-to-face? At any rate, it is clear that Siddiqi did a complete tap dance and Mickadeit accepted it. He apparently did not ask about that December 1992 incident when Siddiqi hosted the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman at his mosque and translated in real time a fiery sermon by Rahman on violent Jihad.

He apparently was not asked about at least two joint appearances with radical imam Abdul Alim Musa. On one occasion at UC-Irvine, at a benefit for convicted cop-killer H. Rap Brown, Musa called the US the "most criminal government on earth".  In addition, Mickadeit apparently did not ask Siddiqi why the Islamic Society of North America under Siddiqi's leadership supported Mousa al Marzook when he was in a US jail.

What about his own statements at that Washington DC protest in October 2000?

The inescapable fact is that Frank Mickadeit and the OC Register were provided all this information on Siddiqi, yet  ran away from this story when it became too hot to handle.

What kind of journalism is this?

(Don't answer that.)

Update: It appears the Register, after first posting my comment, removed it. Re-submitted at 9:55pm.

A Public Letter to Congress on the Threat of Shariah in the US

The Center for Security Policy has released a letter to Congress warning about the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and their partners in the US. They also express concern over the decision of Eric Holder's Justice Department to block prosecution by the US Attorney's Office in Dallas.

I take note of the fact that the letter mentions Viva Palestina, the Hamas-aid group led by George Galloway. In May 2009, Galloway toured the US collecting money for Viva Palestina including an appearance at UC-Irvine, where I (and university officials) witnessed the collection. That information was passed to the DOJ by different organizations requesting an investigation.

The Birth of CAIR

Act for America has sent me this video from Rep. Sue Myrick's (R-NC) office that is the third in a series of videos about the Muslim Brotherhood. This one describes the founding of CAIR in the 1990s.

Aside from the facts in this video, there is something else of interest here. At the end of the video, there is a sub-video showing what is labeled as a CAIR-sponsored protest in Washington DC in 2000, in which Abdulrahman Alamoudi is speaking and proclaiming his support of Hamas and Hizbollah. Alamoudi is now a convicted terrorist in prison.

The video linked below is also from 2000 in Washington DC and shows Muzammil Siddiqi speaking. It appears to be the same background, same faces, and the same event.

Muzammil Siddiqi is, of course, the "peaceful" imam from Orange County who is due to receive a humanitarian award from the Orange County Human Relations Commission on May 5. If that is, indeed, the same event, what is a "humanitarian" like Siddiqi doing there sharing the stage not only with Alim Musa, as previously noted, but Abdulrahman Alamoudi?

The "Rusty" Award to Muzammil Siddiqi

The "Rusty" Award

May 5 is rapidly approaching, and that is the day Garden Grove imam Muzammil Siddiqi, friend of the Blind Sheikh, friend of Alim Musa, friend of H. Rap Brown, friend of Mousa Abu Marzook, and who knows who else-gets his "humanitarian" award from the Orange County Human Relations Commission president Rusty (the Empty Suit) Kennedy. The award will be given to "celebrate" the 40th gala anniversary of this silly agency that sucks up $300,000 annually of the tax-payers' money.

Letters have been sent to the OC Register, and columnist Frank Mickadiet wrote an initial column on the controversy. He ended off by telling us that Siddiqi had not yet responded to his telephone calls to his office requesting an interview by press time. We all expected a follow up-especially since Mickadeit failed to print the most egregious charge against Siddiqi-that he had hosted the infamous Blind Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman in 1992 and translated Rahman's fiery sermon on jihad.

To date, Mickadeit has either not received a call back from Siddiqi or chosen not to follow up on this hot potato-or both.

Kennedy, for his part, is too politically-correct to go back on this award-the biggest honor he has participated in since he reportedly went to South Africa to help fete Yasser Arafat when he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

So let the ceremony begin. This year's "Rusty" goes to.................

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah!"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Friday in Rome


Gallia Watch and other French and Italian sources have put together a disturbing article on what transpired on Good Friday in Rome at the Piazza Venezia, which faces the monument to Vittorio Emmanuele, a central point in the city. This is not an expression of freedom of religion. It can only be construed as a deliberate provocation. The French video points out that this was an illegal demonstration.

The message of those who organized this event is clear; we are taking over.

"È arrivato il momento di scegliere se riscattarci per essere pienamente noi stessi, orgogliosi delle nostre radici giudaico-cristiane, credenti nei valori non negoziabili, certi delle regole che si sostanziano di diritti e doveri, oppure proseguire nella china suicida del relativismo, del buonismo e dell’islamicamente corretto che ci ridurrà a diventare schiavi di Allah senza più certezza del bene della vita, della dignità e della libertà."

"The moment has arrived of choosing to redeem ourselves to be fully ourselves, proud of our Judeo-Christian roots, believers in values that are non-negotiable, certain of the rules that are sustained by rights and duties, or to continue along the suicidal path of relativism, do-goodery, and that which is Islamically correct, which reduces us into becoming slaves of Allah without any more certainty of the benefits of life, of dignity and liberty."

- Concluding sentence of linked article by Il Giornale

Time to End the Olive Tree Initiative

For several months now, I have attempted to keep my involvement in the UC-Irvine Olive Tree Initiative  (OTI) controversy limited to researching the Palestinian figures involved in these trips to the West Bank. I tried to keep an open (though skeptical) mind. The more I learned about people like George S Rishmawi (who came to speak at UCI a few months back), the more troubled I became. Many of the Palestinian figures had ties to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), of which George S Rishmawi was a co-founder.  It appeared increasingly obvious that even though the UCI students were also meeting with pro-Israel voices, the Palestinian perspective was dominant. With more recent revelations, I can only come to the conclusion that this project is not only slanted, but highly dangerous for students as well.

Several months ago, we were able to come up with the 2008 and 2010 itineraries of the OTI groups in Israel and the disputed territory. They were published by the OTI itself. What was not available on their website was the 2009 itinerary. Now we learn that following the September 2009 trip, a letter was written by the Orange County Jewish Federation to UCI Chancellor Michael Drake expressing alarm that the students had met with Aziz Duwaik, a high-ranking Hamas figure in the West Bank. It was also alleged in the letter that students had been told not to say anything about meeting this individual.  In fact, it was only through a Freedom of Information request to the university that this letter even came to light. The incident was never shared with the community. Only in a 2010 OTI pamphlet. months later was the name of Duwaik included in the itinerary-with no mention of his Hamas affiliation.

It is also noteworthy that so far, no response from the university to the Jewish Federation has been made public. (Receipt of additional FOIA documents regarding the matter is still pending.) The question begs: Was there a university response letter to the Federation, and if, not, why not? Was a response even expected? Many of the routine documents obtained under the FOIA reflect a very close-even social- relationship between the OC Jewish Federation and the UCI university administration. It leads one to question whether the real communication regarding OTI has taken place verbally and informally.

But it is the rash of horrible incidents that have been occurring just in the last few weeks that call into question the wisdom of sending American students-especially Jewish students- to that region to dialogue with Palestinian activists. We have seen the horrific slaughter of the Fogel family as they slept. Even a three-month-old baby had her throat slashed in her bed. And what is the reaction of the Palestinians? The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade proudly takes credit, Palestinians pass out candy in the streets, and now, leftists from Israel go to the West Bank to comfort the family of the accused killers. It is all beyond disgusting.

And yet the OTI wants to put on another trip in September and expand the program to other UC campuses. At the same time, we see connections between the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on more than one UC campus with OTI members-members you would not expect to support SJP.

In addition to the above atrocity, there has been a rocket attack from Gaza that hit an Israeli school bus and killed a 16-year-old student.

And stiil the OC Jewish Federation and the Rose Project defend and support the OTI.

Even an ISM activist from Italy was kidnapped in Gaza and murdered by those he thought he was helping. 

And still the University of California right up to President Mark Yudof thinks this is a great project to send UC students over there to "dialogue and get other perspectives".  Horsefeathers! Jewish students are trying to dialogue witrh people whose real goal is the destruction of Israel-by whatever means are necessary. Let the professional government diplomats conduct the dialogue. They are paid to take the risks. American university students are not, nor are they equipped to deal with experienced, professional activists. In addition, who can guarantee their safety?

It is obvious that a lot of people have much invested in the OTI. Some may have visions of bringing peace and reconciliation to the Middle East. Some probably have visions of a Nobel Peace Prize. Some see it as a great advertisement for the University of California and all its global peace programs. They hold up the OTI as a remedy for the periodic Jewish-Muslim tensions on campus over the issue of Israel. Yet, since the OTI began, there has been no let up on the part of the Muslim Student Union (MSU) as they disrupted the Israeli ambassador's speech in February 2010 and once again, brought Amir Abdel Malik Ali to campus in May to insult the Jews and call them the "new Nazis" as he affirmed his support for Hamas, Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad. So much for that argument.

For others, it is matter of keeping donations flowing. For certain wealthy donors, it is matter of having their names plastered on university buildings when they should be re-examining their donations and demanding answers.

Hopefully, it will not require a tragedy to bring this misguided program to a halt. It is now a matter of safety. For a university-with support from the OC Jewish Federation-to continue sending students to an area marked by never-ending violence and butchery is beyond irresponsible. It borders on criminal negligence.

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. The Olive Tree Initiative has arrived."