Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fousesquawk's First Annual "Jerk of the Year" Award

"Good evening, ladies and gentleman. Tonight, we are announcing the first annual Fousesquawk Golden Penguin Award for "Jerk of the Year", 2008.

The nominees are:

Jeremiah Wright for his performance of "God 'Bless' America".
Hillary Clinton for her performance of "The Backstabbers".
John Edwards for his role in "Two Men and a Baby".
Bill Ayres for his role in "The Patriot Games"

"The envelope, please."

And the Golden Penguin goes to...........

"Senator, you're on."


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Bill Ayres? Who the heck is that guy?

Gary Fouse said...

Just some guy in the neighborhood.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I just ask because a friend of mine was playing a game where he drank a shot of vodka every time a conservative blogger mentioned Bill Ayres. He just came out of his coma, but it look like yours put him back into one.


Gary Fouse said...

So you just invite him over again tomorrow and flip on fousesquawk.


Linnea Hannigan said...

Did my invite get lost in the mail? I would have dressed up for this. Please put me on the seating charts for next year. Can't wait. Putting on the Ritz!