Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two British Academics Weigh in on the "Irvine 11" Affair

(Hat tip to the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

"Ollie, look what happened at this university in the colonies."

"Why we should write a letter of protest, Stanley."

(I know. I know. Hardy was from Georgia.)

Now it seems we have academics from the University of London sending letters to UCI with their own "expert opinions" on the disruption of the Israeli ambassador to the US's speech at UC-Irvine on February 8. Here is their letter to the UCI campus paper, New University (with my comments of course).

By Sherifa Zuhur and Nadje al-Ali on Mar. 29, 2010

Full letter available at

"We represent the Committee for Human Rights and Academic Freedom of the Association of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies, an affiliate of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, and the largest scholarly group of its kind. Most of us are career academics.

Fousesquawk comment: Well, whoop dee doo. Judging by your titles, I'd say you have your hands full without getting involved at UCI-or anywhere else in the US.

We are writing to you with concerns about the civil rights of eight UC Irvine students and three UC Riverside students.

These students were detained, handcuffed, and cited with pending criminal charges due to their brief vocal protests during a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on February 8, 2010 at UCI. The students did not attempt to “drown out” the speech of Ambassador Oren as was alleged, and voluntarily exited the auditorium.

They are being threatened over the Internet. We were troubled to learn that the Muslim Student Union at UCI is also being threatened with disciplinary actions and to hear that Assemblyman Chuck Devore and the Zionist Organization of America have called for its exclusion from campus for some time.

Perhaps you are aware that a movement to dispute the actions of the government of Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestinian territory has been taking this particular form of protest at other college campuses and public forums, and is likely to continue. We would like you to admit that powerful academic and community groups and lobbies have prevented speeches, and indeed have protested the presence of any who might speak, as the Israeli Ambassador did, in support of Palestinian rights.

Fousesquawk comment: Yeah, we're aware alright, but as far as preventing MSU speakers from coming to UCI and making the Palestinian case, that's news to me. I have been witnessing pro-Palestinian events and speakers at UCI for years. The fact is that the Palestinian side pretty much owns the debate on university campuses. The "learned academics" don't know what they are talking about.

In addition, at previous events at UCI, speakers invited by Muslim students have been drowned out by organized campus protesters who were not cited or threatened for their actions. We therefore wonder if a double standard is being utilized.

Fousesquawk comment: I am only aware of one such incident when Amir Abdel Malik Ali was disrupted by protesters in 2001. Aside from that incident nearly a decade ago, the only protests the MSU has encountered were people with posters and US/Israeli flags who listened, allowed the speakers to speak and then lodged questions and challenges. There have been no disruptions that I know of since the one just mentioned. I have witnessed no disruption like what the MSU students did on February 8th. If there is a double standard at UCI, it has worked in favor of the MSU.

These students have broken no law, but have expressed their views, exercising their freedom of speech. It appears that UCI is punishing them (and UCR seeks to punish them) in a disproportionate and public manner because they are Muslim and support Palestinian rights.

Fousesquawk comment: Nonsense. No one is trying to punish them for being Muslims and defending the Palestinian cause. That is a ridiculous charge. Whether the students broke any laws (they are charged with disrupting a public event) will be determined by our courts here in this US. What moves these characters to decide a point of law in the US is beyond me. Must be their academic arrogance.

Civil protest against governmental policies is a longstanding activity on college campuses.

Fousesquawk comment: Yes, but there are certain rules in protests. These rules and limitations may be different here in the US than in the UK.

We hope you do not regret the ending of apartheid and the fostering of civil rights which such protests firmly supported and helped win. We support and defend the rights to free speech by these UCI and UCR students and their intent to protest serious violations of human rights by Mr. Oren’s government."


Dr. Sherifa Zuhur, Chair, Committee for Human Rights and Academic Freedom, Association of Middle East Women’s Studies

Dr. Nadje al-Ali, President, Association of Middle East Women’s Studies (SOAS, University of London)

Fousesquawk comment: The issues of South African apartheid and the US civil rights struggle are not related to Israel in spite of all the propaganda that you are spouting. For you to relate apartheid to Israel is your opinion as are your statements about human rights violations by Israel. Finally, if your area of work is Middle Eastern women's studies, I think you should direct your concerns to that area of the world-where they are sorely needed.

Finally, we get a little bit sick and tired of having so many people in Britain and Europe give us advice on how to handle our problems. I note that you have plenty of problems going on in Great Britain. People like Anjem Choudary openly proclaim that they want to get rid of democracy in Britain. So why the hell are you lecturing us?

Which reminds me, how is old George Galloway doing?

The Snyder Family vs. the Westboro Baptist Church- This is the Most Outrageous of All

What could be more outrageous than this? A group of religious loons from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas led by one Fred Phelps, make it their practice to disrupt and heckle funerals of our fallen soldiers. One family, the family of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder, is upset enough to take them to court. The family initially prevails. A court in Baltimore awards them $11 million. Then it is reduced to $5 million. Then the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns the verdict and orders the Snyder family to pay court costs ($16,000+) to the Westboro loons.

One hardly knows how to react to this world that seems to have been turned upside down on us. All I can feel is helpless outrage. This is not something that should divide liberals and conservatives. All should be equally outraged by this travesty of justice.

I am linking below to the Snyder family website.

I hope this posting will touch whoever reads this blog. These days, it seems to be all one can do.

Henry Waxman the Bully

Henry Waxman (D-CA)

Don't let the charming smile fool you

Henry Waxman never hesitates in abusing the power of the supoena when he finds someone who disagrees with the party line.

Waxman, a highly partisan figure, brushed off the myriad of scandals under the Clinton administration with the remark, "so what?". Under Bush, he was looking for a scandal behind every....bush, for lack of a better word.

So now that a few CEOs state that they are going to be hurt by the health care bill, they get supoened to Washington to be browbeat by Waxman and his fellow Democrats.

Legal? Sure, a supoena makes everything legal, but it is an abuse of power.

Why Obama is Turning His Back On Israel-Should Anyone Be Surprised ?

Will this picture become obsolete?

There is no question at this point that the relationship between the US and Israel has hit a new low. A series of diplomatic flaps culminated by the snubbing of Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House last week has called into question whether the United States under its current administration will stand by Israel's right to exist. To those who are shocked by Obama's actions, especially those who voted for Obama, it should have been no surprise.

First of all, Barack Obama is a left-wing radical. Oh, he tries not to talk like one, but most of his appointments have proven the accusation is true.

More importantly, if you look at his life, he has been surrounded by left-wing radicals. The sad fact is that we knew it before he was elected. It was all exposed before the election. Yet, the American voter chose to overlook all the warning signs.

The voters chose to ignore Jeremiah Wright-especially when Obama finally was forced to rebuke him.

They also chose to ignore Obama's relationship with William Ayres. Obama described him as just a guy who lived in the neighborhood. It was overlooked just as was his days as a community organizer in Chicago working in tandem with that corrupt organization called ACORN.

What people chose to accept was Obama's moderate, if liberal, rhetoric. He was charismatic, and he didn't talk like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or a host of other voices that could never have been elected president. Obama was different. He was likable. He was convincing.

Now it is becoming obvious to millions of Americans who had decided this man was The One. Now they are seeing what a radical world-view Obama has.

Now comes Israel. Oh sure, Obama will do the same thing all modern presidents have tried to do; he will attempt to obtain that crowning achievement that has eluded his predecessors-a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians-a two-state agreement by which two Middle Eastern countries will live side by side in peace if not in immediate friendship.

That may come to pass. The problem is that a two-state agreement is only a temporary first step in the Palestinian eyes. The new state of Palestine will be nothing more than a radicalized state that will align with other radical states with the eventual aim to take it all. Obama knows this. It is not as if he hasn't been briefed by Middle East experts.

Remember Viet Nam? Remember the Paris Peace Treaty signed by Henry Kissinger? How long did it last? Eventually, after the US withdrew, North Viet Nam relaunched its aggression and took it all while the US refused to do anything more than evacuate its citizens. President Ford wanted to at least send arms to the South Vietnamese, but the Congress refused the funding. Oh well, we got a couple of Nobel Peace Prizes out of it. It wasn't our fault that the North Vietnamese broke the agreement. I see the same thing happening with Israel.

Why is it that Israel is being asked to make all the concessions? The Palestinian side is making no concessions. Hamas' own charter rejects negotiations and is bound and determined to create an Islamic state "from the river to the sea". The PA under Mahmoud Abbas, talks about making a deal but continues to demonize the Jewish people as "apes' and pigs" in their media and broadcasts.

As do other neighboring countries in the Middle East.

Obama could care less about that. Here's where this all comes back to his upbringing with folks like Wright, Ayres and others. He believes that the Palestinians are freedom fighters and that the Israelis are occupying and repressing the Palestinian people. It is part and parcel of his extreme world view. In this sense, Obama is no different than other leftists in the West who have joined onto the Palestinian cause despite the decades of terror. Of course, as president, Obama has to put on that moderate face-same face he has always put on. He went to Sderot and expressed "support" for Israel's fighting back against the lobbing of missiles into their public places from Gaza. That's about as far as it went. Even in Cairo, he made reference to the US being committed to the survival of Israel. It meant little or nothing. In reality, Obama is no different from the loony leftists in the US who form "organizations" called Student and Workers for Peace and Justice or other groups dedicated to boycotting and divesting from companies that do business with Israel. Funny how they never lobby against countries like China with all they did to tiny Tibet and the injustices they commit against their own people..

No, Obama and the left don't care about the fate of that tiny country in the Middle East, which is the only country in the region that has a democracy and gives a whit about human rights. Look at each of Israel's neighbors and what do you see? Dysfunctional, backward, despotic states with corrupt rulers who evade responsibility for their corruption by pointing the finger of blame at Israel and the West. Generations of Arabs have been brainwashed into believing that Israel is nothing more than a Nazi state occupying land that it has no historical claim to and brutalizing its non-Jewish residents. The entire Arab world wants the destruction of the Jewish state. Why? Because it is Jewish rather than Muslim. That is intolerable.

The fact is that Obama, with his leftist world-view, is not committed to the defense of Israel. Should Israel be attacked by its neighbors or God forbid by Iran and its nukes, what would this administration do besides wring its hands, offer to mediate and..... blah, blah, blah. I truly believe that this administration would never go to the aid of an Israel under attack and threat of obliteration.

Besides, think how great a world without Israel would be. No more obstacles to our relationship with the Arab/Muslim world. No more terrorism. No more worries about lack of oil. They will all love us.

That's according to Obama's thinking. It's an illusion.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Defamation of Religion-One Sane Voice at the UN

(Hat tip to Vlad Tepes)

Here is David G. Littman speaking before the UN Human Rights Council (sort of a contradiction of terms, really) on the whole shebang about the Defamation of Religions measure, which should read Defamation of One Religion.

It's refreshing to know that the UN occasionally allows a few sane voices to be heard.

In case you didn't know, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a 57-member group of Islamic nations, has been pushing this measure at the UN, which would criminalize any criticism of religions world-wide. Yet, the only specific religion mentioned is Islam, and that would be the only religion that the measure would effectively enforce. Meanwhile, as Mr Littman points out, the same voices that want to silence any criticism of Islam over the issue of terror and sharia law, are consistently spouting defamatory comments about Jews and Christians.

On March 25, 2010, the Defamation of Religion measure, introduced by Pakistan, narrowly passed the Council. Here is the text. Please read it carefully. If you just scan or skim it, it seems benign.

Note that there is only one religion mentioned-Islam. If you were a Christian, Jew or Baha'i living in a Muslim country, you might wonder why your religion wasn't specifically mentioned. Sorry. Must have been a typo.

It kind of reminds you of.....

Hillary Criticizes Canadian Hosts

"I'm back in the saddle again."

Our chief diplomat, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has landed in another country and wasted no time in pissing off said country-this time Canada.

Clinton is in Quebec attending some foreign minister conference on climate change in the Arctic. Yesterday, she criticized her hosts for not inviting more Scandinavian countries, indigenous peoples and others affected by "climate change" in the Arctic (which probably means no one should have been invited in the first place.)

"Hey, what about my friends?"

Well, it seems the Canadians can play that game too. Clinton was advised that Canada, contrary to the US's wishes, will remove their troops from Afghanistan in 2011.

Way to go, Hillary! Where you off to next?

"Hiyo Silverrrrr"

America's Wackiest University is Reading Fousesquawk

"And to you too, Fousesquawk!"

America's Wackiest University. Yes, that would be UC Santa Cruz, home of the Community Studies and History of Consciousness departments.

Was it something I said? Why is it that I get so much attention up there in Santa Cruz? First the local newspaper describes me along with David Horowitz as "conservative pundits who would like to see the death of the Community Studies department"-and put my name before Horowitz! What's next-me and Obama?

"I don't think that's funny."

"I do. That's a big f------' deal."

Now someone from the Office of the President is checking out one of my articles on UCSC. Here is the Site Meter report:

Domain Name ? (Educational)
IP Address 169.233.99.# (University of California, Santa Cruz)
ISP University of California, Office of the President
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Santa Cruz
Lat/Long : 36.9899, -122.0603 (Map)

Language English (U.S.)

Time of Visit Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Last Page View Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words "brian glasscock"
Visit Entry Page http://garyfouse.blo...ersity-uc-santa.html
Visit Exit Page http://garyfouse.blo...ersity-uc-santa.html
Out Click
Time Zone UTC-8:00
Visitor's Time Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Visit Number 20,307

Here is the article being viewed:

Actually, in the above article, I was defending the action of the campus gendarmes in busting a bunch of dead heads who were causing trouble on campus.

Maybe they want to give me a job as chief of the campus police. Maybe they read my posting entitled, "Welcome to Fousesquawk University" (hint, hint) on how to properly run a university.

Maybe they want to hire me as editor of the campus newspaper to teach the little rascals the difference between fact and opinion.

Do you think the phone lines are burning up between Santa Cruz and Irvine?


Well, your guess is as good as mine. At any rate, sure glad I have Site Meter. When I was with DEA, we used to call it.....


Obama Signs the Health Care Bill-Again

Art work by Fousesquawk. All rights reserved. Send for a free brochure.

How many bill signings are we gonna have? Today, Obama signed it again. This time, the NEW IMPROVED health care bill-you know, with all the earmarks in it for those holdout Congressmen like Bart Stupak.

One wonders where Joe Biden is. I guess he figured it was no "big f-----' deal."

No Free Speech for Karl Rove

Last night in Beverly Hills, the loons from Code Pink decided that Karl Rove did not enjoy the right of free speech as he appeared at a book signing.

This is similar to the February 8th event at UC-Irvine, when the little rascals of the Muslim Student Union disrupted the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US. Unfortuntately, no arrests were made last night, which would have allowed Rove to finish his speech and sign books for the 100 audience members who had come for those purposes.

Silly people. Don't they understand that free speech does not exist for conservatives-only for the left?

The Code Pink idiots don't even get their facts right. Jodie Evans, the loopy co-founder, accused Rove of "outing" a CIA operative (Valerie Plame). Not true, Jody. That would be ex-State Department official Richard Armitage. And what was she going to arrest Rove for? He has been cleared of all charges that were leveled against him in a politically-inspired investigation.

But those are just silly facts.

Here's a real fact. Ever since Rove was instrumental in getting George W Bush elected-and re-elected, he has been a target of the left. They hate the man because he was so darned successful.

Once again, the far-left has demonstrated how loony they are. By the way. Remember all those town hall meetings when folks came and gave the what for to Democratic politicians who were trying to push the health care bill? Did any of them go up to the speaker and try to make a citizen's arrest? Were the speakers driven off the stage? Were there ever any arrests made? Was there ever any violence-other than when protesters were assaulted by union goons from the SEIU?

No. Yet the left wanted the National Guard called out. Double standard? You make the call.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Jews Attacked in Berlin

(Hat tip to the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

Another incident of Jews being attacked in Europe. More disturbingly, this incident happened in Germany, Berlin to be exact. The below English-language article is from JTA, an international Jewish news service.

The German version of the report is below.

In the German report, it is reported that in 2008, 197 cases of anti-Semitic incidents were reported. Numbers for 2009 were not available but believed to be similar. In the English report, the attacker was described as a young man of "Mediterranean appearance." (Probably Benito Mussolini's long-lost grandson.)

"We urgently need to grasp the causes and affects of anti-Semitism, especially among young Turks and Arabs, and to fight vigorously against this problem."

-Rabbi Levi Solomon

With all due respect Rabbi, I think we know that already. It's time to start locking bad guys up and after they finish their sentences, boot them out of the country. (Of course, I should talk living here in sanctuary California.)

The fact is, as mentioned in the German article, is that anti-Jewish attacks are mostly carried out by young Turkish or Arab immigrants in Berlin.

As much attention as I have paid to anti-Semitism-including in Europe- I have constantly maintained that today's Germany is a far cry from Nazi Germany, and is in fact, one of the more decent countries in Europe. Due to their history, most Germans are highly aware of their special responsibility to speak out in defense of human rights.

Yet, problems remain. In some cases, the culprits are German youth-neo Nazis or skin heads. In most cases, they are young Muslim males, who have imported their hatred into European countries. It is intolerable. Why is it allowed to continue?

Tolerance. You see, in the liberal world view, tolerance is reserved only for selected groups. And Jews are not one of the selected groups.

In the 20th century, Europe allowed almost its entire Jewish population to be decimated. Now in the 21st century, there are not too many Jews in Europe. Nevertheless, they are being persecuted, not so much by native Europeans as by immigrants. Will Europe allow their current Jewish population to be decimated as well?

Republicans Handcuffed Again-Literally!

Who says I'm not fair and balanced?

No wonder the Republicans can't get anything done. With the Democrats in Washington running everything, the poor Republicans have been handcuffed-literally. Apparently, some RNC "high-rollers" spent $2,000 at a Hollywood bondage-theme night club recently.

"...classic slutty" where "you might not be completely shocked at the almost naked women writhing on each other, but you will undoubtedly be in awe."

Today on Fox, some RNC spokeshole apologized to Republican donors and said that RNC Chairman Michael Steele was outraged (and he wasn't at the Voyeur Club himself). The spokeshole said that all the money would be repaid then mentioned the Dems have a similar scandal on their hands involving some East Coast girlie joint.

"Here come those stingy Republicans again."

One can only imagine the horrific scenes.

You know, I get e-mails all the time from somebody in an RNC boiler room someplace that signs off as Michael Steele. The message is always the same. In order to save America from Obama et al, I need to send money to the RNC.

"We need money urgently to purchase handcuff keys to free our executives."

I'll bet they're getting some juicy responses to their pleas for more money.

This is an example of why the Republicans are in the shape they are in. This is why we may soon have a new party called the Tea Party.

John Yoo at Berkeley

John Yoo
Good Man

Today's LA Times has an interesting front page piece on Law Professor John Yoo of UC Berkeley.,0,31013.story

Being a conservative who teaches at UC-Irvine, it is always interesting to read about other conservatives at US universities. Of course, there are some differences between Yoo and I. First of all, Yoo is a well-known and controversial figure. He was one off the Justice Department lawyers who gave the Bush Administration guidelines for interrogating captured terror suspects, which led to water boarding, which led to plots being uncovered and lives being saved. I am just an insignificant adjunct (part-time) teacher in the UCI Ext teaching English as a Foreign language to foreign students. As my readers know, I am no academic though I have been teaching ESL since 1995 and have written three books. Basically, I'm just a broken-down old DEA agent-and damn proud of it.

Secondly, no matter what you may read about UCI, Berkeley is a far more radical campus and always has been. Most kids at UCI don't have time for the protests and such. Our problem, of which I have written extensively, is pretty specific and limited to a couple of topics.

Finally, my colleagues in the office where I work are more diverse than the average university professor. Most have only masters degrees, most are well-traveled, have lived overseas, speak more than one language and are married with spouses from other nationalities or races. Some are liberal. Some are conservative. Some are moderate. They are all pretty tolerant of other views.

The article describes how Yoo views the disdain he gets from liberal colleagues with amusement. What else can you do when you are at Berkeley? Wherever Yoo has gone in academia since he left government, there have been those who have lobbied for his firing. A few years ago, he came to speak at UCI. The speech was shut down by unruly students and faculty who couldn't bear to hear things they didn't agree with-and didn't want anyone else to hear them either.

Sadly that is a fact of life in academia.

For my money, John Yoo is an American patriot. He also has had the opportunity to do something most of his lefty colleagues haven't done-get a little life experience outside of the ivy halls. Most of his critics haven't done diddly-squat to defend this country. I would be willing to bet someone a beer most of the nation's law professors have never even tried a case in court. In fact, I bet there aren't more than a handful that have had MY experience in courtrooms-and I am no lawyer; what I have done is testify in hundreds of trials and grand juries as well as sit at the prosecutor's table as the lead case agent (investigator) throughout numerous trials.

So there sits John Yoo at Berkeley chuckling at the zany liberal faculty who yell and scream about free speech as long as it is their own-not some one's like John Yoo. In fact, the only surprise in the article and negative point about Yoo is that his father-in-law is Peter Arnett.

Of course, the liberal Times points out that although Berkeley is dominated by liberals, they have become more diverse in the faculties of engineering, computer science and law (big deal). Of course, they didn't say anything about the humanities. That is where the problem lies. They are infested with far-left America-hating, Israel-hating, Christian-hating, wine sipping, beer-hating.....

Well, you get the point.


Kudos to John Yoo and may all his academic critics get testicular cancer.

Yes, that's right.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BBC Report: US May Not Veto Israel Condemnation

The BBC is reporting that a high-level Obama administration official told the Qatari foreign minister that the US may seriously consider abstaining-not vetoing a UN resolution condemning Israel over the construction in Jerusalem.

Historically, the US has vetoed the never-ending, one-sided resolutions against Israel coming out of the UN. Coupled with recent diplomatic events, this would come as another troubling sign that our relationship with Israel is seriously deteriorating.

Obama Explains Why the Health Care Bill Will Save Us Money

A couple of weeks ago, while driving home from work, I was listening to a news clip of someone asking President Obama how the health care bill is going to reduce the deficit and save us money. His answer nearly made me drive off the road.

First, the President conceded that the program was going to cost money. He then went on to explain where the savings would come in.

1 Money would come out of Medicare. (500 billion, to be exact).

2 The richest among us would be asked "to pay their fair share".

3 The government would save money by identifying and using more cost-effective measures.

That's where I almost ran off the road.

As I have said many times, I worked for the government for 25 years. One thing I learned is that the government does not save money. The government doesn't use 'cost-effective" measures. What the government does is confiscate money and spend money. I am sure that they teach that in Economics 101 in college.

Don't they?

As for those richest among us, who will be asked to "pay their fair share" (where have we heard that before?) last time I looked, they are! What is it the top 10% of Americans pay over 50% of tax revenue to the government?

The fact is that the government could immediately seize the total assets of every millionaire in the country and it wouldn't be enough to pay for this monster. That means that the government will then come after us middle-class folks. Businesses, big and small, are going to be taxed and regulated to the point, they can't afford to hire new workers or keep the ones they have.

It's all going to come crashing down on us. The outrageous thing is that they (Obama and his minions) know that. Then they can build it all back up the way they want it.

"Happy days are here again,......."

Celebrity Endorsements-Barack Obama for DiGiorno Pizza

For those unwanted guests

"The plastic knives and forks are in that drawer, the beer's in the fridge, and the pizza should be ready in a couple of minutes. Don't forget to clean up after yourselves before you leave. I gotta go now."

Hi America. This is Barack Obama on behalf of DiGiorno Pizza.

You know, when you are President of the United States and living in the White House, you have to do a lot of entertaining, sometimes, even with folks that you would rather not have around for very long, you know, like beer summits, photo ops with visiting Rotary Club members, spelling bee winners and heads of those 3rd world peanut states that mean nothing to the US-like Israel. Besides, a president needs to have more time with really important visitors, like George Soros and Andy Stern.

I have learned since I became president, that there are a lot of times when I have to put my foot down-especially with recalcitrant countries that offend us by starting construction projects in their cities without my approval. And I practice what I preach. You know why Los Angeles can't get another NFL team? Because I won't let them build a stadium on land (Southern California), in which Mexico has a claim (Aztlan). That's right! You see, there a lot of folks, like that great student organization, Mecha, that say that the Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico. So why should I allow any new construction in disputed territory before I negotiate a big treaty with Mexico. That's also why I don't allow construction of any new refineries, oil-drilling operations or nuclear power plants.

"That's a big f------- deal, Kimo Sabe."

But let's get back to pizza. I figured out a way to deal with those situations-especially around evening when it's time to head upstairs and have a nice dinner with the First Missus. What do I do with those pesky guests that don't know when to leave?

I just pop in a DiGiorno pizza, set the timer, and tell them to make themselves at home. Paper plates and plastic utensils are in that drawer over there, folks. See y'all later. And if you need to make any important calls back to Israel, you can use these White House phones right here (heh heh).

DiGiorno is much more convenient than delivery, you see, because not just anybody can walk into the White House as we all know.

It's also more diplomatic than letting important world leaders like Yassir Arafat cool their heels outside the Oval Office while the president is playing hide the pepperoni with the interns.

"I don't think that's funny."

Well, I do, but back to pizza. Whenever you have an unwanted guest that you don't like and you want to get rid of him quick, do what I do.

DiGiorno. It's not pizza. It's DiGiorno.

Did I get that right, Tonto?

"That's a big f-----' deal, Kimo Sabe."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who "Broke the Silence" at UC-Irvine?

Hat tip to OC Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

Recently, I posted a video of a group of Jewish students at UC-Irvine making statements in front of the student government asking who would protect their rights of free speech after the student government had passed a resolution defending the right of free speech of the Muslim Student Union members who disrupted the Israeli ambassador's speech on February 8th.

Below is a link the the OC Jewish Experience blog of the Orange County Jewish Federation, which (as I understand it)originally posted the video made by the Jewish students.

As I said before, I commend these students, some of whom I have met. They are fine young people who showed courage in going to make their case to the student government. One of them, a previous president of the campus group, Anteaters for Israel, has been at UCI for 5 years and has attempted repeatedly to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Muslim Student Union over the issue of Israel. I applaud the action they took.

What I would like to nitpick, if I may, is the Jewish Federation's labeling of the event as "breaking the silence". The people who broke the silence at UCI go back to around 2002. Earlier students like Merav Ceran and Reut Cohen, who were members of Anteaters for Israel, were quite vocal in protesting the MSU-sponsored events and speakers. I never knew Merav, but I do know Reut, and I know personally what she did when she was a student at UCI. She complained repeatedly to the UCI administration about hate speech and got nowhere. She was treated as a troublemaker. Once, she had her camera shoved into her face at one of those events. Nothing was done.
A former UCI student, Jonathan Movroydis, was very involved in reporting on the MSU events on the Red County blog of Orange County. There are many others.

The Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism has been breaking the silence for a few years now bringing to public attention the incidents of anti-Semitic speech spoken on the UCI campus. They launched their own investigation and interviewed students who were affected.

The Zionist Organization of America has taken a lead in breaking the silence. They filed a complaint with the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights on behalf of Jewish students at UCI who were complaining of anti-Semitic harassment and intimidation. To this day, they continue to follow the events at UCI and write letters complaining to the university. No other national Jewish organization has done what they have done.

In the past year or so, ACT for America has been breaking the silence about events going on at UCI.

And if I may, if you are looking for a UCI faculty member (albeit adjunct) who has broken the silence, it is yours truly. If there is another UCI faculty member who has taken a stand, I am unaware.

I am gratified to hear that the Orange County Jewish Federation, after the ugly event of February 8th, is joining the battle. But during the period of years that I have just described, that organization was very silent. It was their position that there was no problem of anti-Semitism at UCI, and that the administration was doing a great job. (That's not hearsay or something I read somewhere; that's from the horse's mouth.) Nevertheless, it is greatly satisfying to see that the Federation, in the words of one newspaper writer, is "laying down the gauntlet" to the school and demanding punishment for the disruptors of the ambassador's speech. It is great to hear that they are "working intensely with multiple channels of leadership on local, national and international level . . . to be sure the ongoing [disciplinary] process proceeds quickly.” It is also good to see that the Federation's reaction is "immediate and swift".

So I look forward to the next Israel Apartheid week when the Federation and their leaders will join with me, the Task Force and others shoulder to shoulder in challenging the words of speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, Alim Musa, Cynthia McKinney, George Galloway and others.

We shall see.

More Depressing News From "Tolerant" Scandinavia

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism and JTA
The above article is by JTA and concerns the anti-Semitic situation in Scandinavia.

As my readers know, I devote a lot of attention to the topic of anti-Semitism even though I am not Jewish myself. It doesn't matter that I am not Jewish-I care about it.

I have also been following the events in Europe, where I have lived a total of 8 years (Germany and Italy). The situation involving anti-Semitism is serious even though the Jewish population is small. (Don't ask why.)

The situation in Scandinavia-you know, those countries that pride themselves on being so open and tolerant-is also bad. I have been personally following and writing about the situation in Malmo, Sweden, where the last remaining Jews are getting out as fast as they can, and the mayor could care less because he is anti-Zionist-anti-Israel.

"Ja, allt ar god, Vi har inge problemerna, eller hur?" (Yes, everything is fine. We have no problems, right?)

"Just det." (Right.)

Let's call it what it is. The violence and harassment of Jews in Europe is mostly committed by young Muslim men. Even more despicable is the nonchalant reaction from the local governments. Why is that? It is because the local leaders are afraid to offend the Muslims. There is no other plausible explanation. Thus, they have allowed an immigrant group to come and impose their old hatred of Jews upon their own Jewish citizens.

Now one would ask, why should that be? Not all Muslims are engaged in these acts. It's mostly the young punks. Why would one object if a few young punks who commit crimes in their neighborhood are put away or deported? It would make the community better, wouldn't it? Silly me.

The fact is that Europe is reverting back to the 1930s, and once again, there are no leaders with the courage to stop this wave of hate dead in its tracks. Today's Brown Shirts are openly swaggering down the streets. The problem lies with European leaders, from mayors to legislators to prime ministers, to those empty suits in the European whatever they call it that sits...and sits...and sits in Strasbourg (European Parliament). How can they allow these outrages to happen to their Jewish citizens after what was visited upon them during World War II?

Tolerance? It is tolerance of intolerance. It is tolerance of the intolerable.

The Daily Californian (UC Berkeley) Weighs in on the Regents Meeting

I found this interesting article in the Daily Californian, the newspaper of UC Berkeley in regards to Wednesday's regents meeting, which centered around a spate of racially-charged incidents on UC campuses.

It is interesting that President Mark Yudof would like to change the UC admissions policy from grade point average to a "more holistic" approach. This was in conjunction with a discussion about the low numbers of African-American students. Does this mean that he would like to skirt around Proposition 209, a measure passed by California voters in 1996 to prohibit admissions based on ethnicity?

I also found this statement by a UCSD Black Student Union member interesting:

"Changing the admissions policy at UC San Diego is not going to change the problem," she said when addressing the board. "If you admit more black students, they are still not going to come to UCSD knowing that the climate is going to be hostile towards them. You all should honestly be ashamed of yourselves if you are just going to increase the numbers and think that critical mass is going to change it."

Without taking a side on that question, it is similar to the debate going on now about Jewish students enrolling at UC-Irvine, of which I have written. I do question, however, how building African-American resource centers on campuses would change anything either.

UC San Diego experienced some troubling events last month, which rightly upset its black students. First there was the so-called Compton Cookout-a spoof on inner city culture, then a noose discovered in the library and a KKK-style head covering draped over a campus statue. These incidents, along with some swastika discoveries on the UC Davis campus, have led to a UC-wide student reaction.

Not being at UCSD, I may not have all the information available (and I would appreciate any input), but it seems to me that these incidents are shrouded in mystery. There is debate about who actually organized the Compton Cookout with some black comedian character trying to take credit for it. Others have refuted that. If this was actually organized by a bunch of white frat leaders, then they should be identified. (Apparently, the incident was off-campus, but I still think the university could find some jurisdiction over their actions.) If there was involvement by some black(s) in organizing it, I say that white students should have stayed away.

The library noose incident is also shrouded in confusion-at least to me. All I know is that a female student, who identified herself as a minority, came forward and admitted being the person responsible. She was immediately suspended. She then wrote a letter to the campus newspaper apologizing and explaining that it was all a mistake. She and a friend had found a piece of rope lying around and the friend showed her how to tie it into a lasso-then a noose. They then proceeded to the library, where the girl says she inadvertently left it behind when she left.

First of all, that story sounds a little shaky to me, but assuming it is true, why was she suspended?

As for the head covering, I am unaware of anyone having been identified. I could,of course, be behind the news.

It seems to me that one person who could clear this up is the UCSD chancellor, Marye Ann Fox. Who are these frat leaders that allegedly organized the Compton Cookout?

Who is the girl that left the noose in the library?

I don't ask for these names to be released because I wish to see any kind of retribution against them-other than suitable punishment by the university-or justice system if appropriate. The problem is, however, that these incidents have caused an uproar throughout the UC system. As I have noted before, the UCSD students came out and made a public show of support for their black fellow students, which was entirely right to do. Students engaging in racist behavior toward other ethnic groups have no place in the university. Any university. I do have a sneaking suspicion, however, that UCSD is keeping something under wraps. Maybe I am wrong.

I also noted in the comments section attached to the article, that one commenter complained of anti-Asian acts (apparently at Berkeley). That is also troubling and something that is worth looking at too. On many UC campuses including UCI, Asian-American students range from 30-50% of the student body. I remember several years back when some in the UC community were expressing "concern" about this "over-representation". I hope that issue is not coming back.

I have worked at UCI for going on 12 years, and one thing I have always enjoyed is the presence of so many students of Asian descent. I suspect one reason is the large Asian-American population in Irvine and Orange County and that, perhaps, the fact that UCI specializes in physical sciences, engineering and pre-med. I don't know, but as far as I am concerned the whole campus could be Asian-American. I believe in meritocracy, and if Asian-American students are running circles around the rest of us-including whites-then it is up to the rest of us to do better. They are not part of any of the current problems going on in the UC system and nobody should point the finger of blame at them or suggest there should be fewer of them on our campuses.

I still maintain that the overwhelming majority of UC students are not racists. It is true, however, that a tiny minority of haters can create a hostile atmosphere. Those that are racist and act out on those feelings should be kicked out. And it should not matter which group the offenders or victims belong to.

Hillary: "Did I Say That?"

(Hat tip to Jerusalem Post and Zionist Organization of America for the details)

I would like to ask you New York folks if you remember when that long-time New Yorker Hillary Clinton was your senator.

You Sir! You're from New York. Do you remember when Hillary was your senator?


Now do you remember some of the things she said when she was Senator from New York in regards to Israel and Jerusalem? Didn't she time and time again state that "Israel had the right to exist in safety as a Jewish state, with defensible borders and an undivided Jerusalem as its capitol"?


Did she not state the same in a position paper in September 2007?


Did she not sign a Senate resolution endorsing President Bush's letter to Prime Minister Sharon, which supported Israel "retaining major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria in any final peace agreement"?


Did she not repeatedly condemn the Palestinians for their incitement to hatred of Jews in their mosques, media and schools and that further US aid to the Palestinians should be linked to a cessation of this rhetoric?


So what's all this carping about the Israelis building homes in East Jerusalem-in
areas not contiguous to any Arab neighborhood and in areas that would remain under Israel anyway in a peace agreement (as if Israel had no claim to all of the city that was established as the Jewish capital some three thousand years ago?)

Why has Hillary Clinton switched her position and jumped over to the Obama tilt toward the Palestinians?

Can you spell hypocrite?


(Are you sure?)

Maxine Waters Lets the Cat out of the Bag

In conjunction with that last posting about Max Baucus, maybe it's time to dust off this golden oldie when Maxine Waters (D-CA) was giving the what for to those evil oil company executives who wanted to drill for oil here at home. Watch as this idiot congresswoman lets her actual socialist agenda slip and then tries to catch herself.

This is what's running our country, folks.

Max Baucus Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)now tells us that the health care bill is all about income redistribution (an "income shift"). He went on to explain that the "wealthy are way too wealthy". He said....

Well, here, you listen:

Baucus, like most Democrats, misses a couple of essential principles: First of all, you can redistribute till the cows come home, but at the end of the day, some people will have more than others for purely legitimate reasons, be it having more education, intelligence, character, initiative, ingenuity or willingness to work hard and save.

Secondly, as long as people make their money honestly, why should we begrudge them their wealth? Should we not want to strive to join them in their wealth, something this country has allowed people to do? Now, you will make it much harder to rise into a higher economic class.

Baucus also forgets that in spite of our "wealth", Americans are the most generous people on the planet. Nobody gives more to charity and disaster relief-here or abroad-than Americans. Economics 101 tells us that the more money we have (and can keep for ourselves), the more we contribute to charity.

But these common sense ideas are lost on socialists like Baucus and his fellow-Democrats. They would rather engage in class-envy and demonize "the rich". Of course, their definition of the rich is anyone making enough money that they don't have to depend on the government for their survival. The truth is that the Democrats, who are mostly all socialists now-if not Marxists-want the whole country to depend on their largess. That translates into power.

I am not arguing against the government having a safety net for those of us who are unable to make a living due to factors such as illness, mental incapacity or other reasons. Certainly, there are those that we and the government must lend a helping hand to. What the Democrats are doing, however, is destroying an old tradition of American culture-that of independence and willingness to work hard. Once we lose that, it will be darn near impossible to recapture it.

Ask the Eastern Europeans. For that matter, ask the Western Europeans.

Friday, March 26, 2010

George Galloway Speech in Jordan

George Galloway and friends in Iraq

British MP George Galloway, who is a friend of the Palestinian cause, will insist up and down that he is not anti-Semitic-only anti-Israel. If that is true, he sure has a habit of surrounding himself with folks who are anti-Semites-and make no bones about it. The Investigative Project on Terrorism, headed by Steven Emerson, has this video of Galloway speaking in Jordan in December 2009. Before viewing it, you should anticipate the following:

Before he begins his speech, his followers chant, "Khaybar, Khaybar, ah Yahud. Jaish Mohammed sa yaoud", a reference to a battle in which the prophet Mohammed defeated a Jewish fortress in Khaybar (present-day Saudi Arabia). The phrase basically means, "Oh Jews, the army of Mohammed is returning." This chant has been heard in various parts of the world in recent years. What do you think the implication is?

Galloway, in his introductory remarks, pays homage to among others, the ex-prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed, who has made headlines in recent years making numerous hateful references to Jews-as a people.

Here is my point: Let's put it in another perspective. If you are going to deny that you harbor racist attitudes toward blacks, why would you pay homage to someone like say David Duke? Would you speak in front of an audience that chanted racist slogans directed toward blacks as a people? Of course not. Would you invite Ku Klux Klan members to accompany you to Gaza on your Viva Palestina convoys? No. In fact, Galloway has been accompanied on at least one convoy by the ever-odious New York City Councilman and race monger Charles Barron as well as Cynthia McKinney (who has her own Jewish issues). Another individual who went on a Viva Palestina convoy last year was a writer for La Voz de Aztlan, a viciously anti-Semitic blog in Los Angeles.

George Galloway is entitled to take the Palestinian position in the Middle East conflict. But when his audience starts chanting slogans that imply death to Jews, common decency would require that he firmly distance himself from such remarks.

But this is George Galloway.

George Galloway (left) enjoying some "time off" back in Britain.

The Emanuel Cleaver Spitting Incident

Hat tip to Hot Air

Here is a video that catches (sort of) the purported incident last Sunday where Rep. Emanuel Cleaver claims a demonstrator "allowed his saliva to hit my face". It occurs at about the 1:20 mark.

After viewing this, one has to ask, was this a deliberate spitting incident or did the man in question simply accidentally spray some spittle while shouting at the congressmen passing by?

Meanwhile conservative activist Andrew Breitbart (he of the ACORN tapes and Big is offering $10,000 to anyone who can produce video/audio evidence of racial slurs being hurled by the crowd. Who knows, maybe it's in the video. I listened a couple of times, and I couldn't detect anything, but have at it.

UC Regents Meet Over Bias Incidents

Hat tip to Orange County Independent Task Force on anti-Semitism, which originally posted this JTA article. (JTA is a worldwide Jewish news service.)

On Wednesday, the University of California regents and chancellors met in San Francisco to discuss the recent spate of racially-charged incidents which have been occurring on many UC campuses in the past couple of months. I am posting the link below and also the text with some of my own comments interspersed where I think they are appropriate.

U. of Calif. addresses campus hate, but some draw line on Oren case
By Sue Fishkoff · March 25, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) -- The University of California Board of Regents addressed the recent spate of hate violence and racist vandalism at its campuses by announcing a series of measures designed to monitor and prevent hate violence in the university system.

Among the incidents that provoked a three-hour meeting Wednesday devoted to the violence was the heckling of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren during a speech at UC Irvine several weeks ago. At UC Davis, a swastika was carved into a freshman student’s dorm door; five more were scrawled on walls and bulletin boards. At UC San Diego, a noose was found hanging in the university library and a Ku Klux Klan-style hood was draped on a statue.

Acknowledging that bigotry and prejudice “won’t go away immediately,” University of California President Mark Yudof apologized to students at Wednesday's meeting, which was streamed live.

“What we have witnessed in the past few weeks are the worst acts of racism and intolerance I’ve seen in 20 years,” Yudof told the hundreds who attended the open meeting at the San Francisco campus.

“As a university, we have to recognize we have a problem,” he said. “We must address a campus climate that leaves students feeling marginalized -- class by class, department by department.”

Chancellors from UC Davis, Irvine and San Diego -- the three campuses hardest hit by the hate violence -- appeared before the regents to outline their action plans.

Among the measures announced was the appointment of a special adviser on racial issues at San Diego. The school was thrown into an uproar recently by a racially charged off-campus party where participants were asked to dress and act according to offensive African-American stereotypes.

Fousesquawk comment: A Special advisor!!

At Irvine, 11 students were arrested Feb. 8 for heckling Israel’s ambassador; charges are pending. The students have taken to calling themselves the Irvine 11.

At Davis, offensive words were spray-painted on the walls of the center for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders.

“Whether it’s a swastika or a noose, the intent is the same -- to hurt, to wound,” said regent Eddie Island. “I want to extend a personal apology to every African-American, Latino and Jewish student.”

Despite the heartfelt apologies and announcements of new measures, a subtle line was drawn between the “ghetto” parties and swastikas soundly deplored by students, chancellors and regents, and the heckling of Oren, which some speakers said fell into the category of protected free speech.

“We stand in solidarity with the Irvine 11,” declared Jesse Sanchez, president of the University of California Student Association in his opening words to the regents during the meeting.

Fousesquawk comment: "Solidarity". Surprise, surprise.

Regent Sherry Lansing challenged Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake on the topic, asking whether Oren had been permitted to finish his speech -- he had, Drake said -- and noting the history of Muslim-Jewish tensions at the university.

Fousesquawk comment: The ambassador was only able to finsh his speech after the protesters marched out. At one point, he had to withdraw from the room and it was not clear he would return.

Pointing to UCLA, which recently inaugurated an Israeli studies program “to educate people about the Middle East in a fair and balanced way,” Lansing urged Drake to visit the Los Angeles school and learn about the program.

“It’s only an hour away,” noted Lansing, a former film studio executive.

Fousesquawk comment: Is she referring to the same UCLA which hosts anti-Israel bashes and where any defense of Israel is met by jeering and derision? I am thinking about the "forum" that was held January 2009 during the Gaza fighting where a Jewish blogger from LA named Eric Golub spoke up in defense of Israel and was told by one of the panelists-a UC professor- that he had "his Zionist hat on too tight". Yeah, UCLA is the model.

The heckling incident drew fire nationwide, with a handful of Jewish organizations, led by the Zionist Organization of America, calling for Jewish students and funders to boycott UC Irvine.

Most Jewish groups opposed the boycott call, as did all five Jewish student organizations on campus. But several groups joined the Anti-Defamation League in calling upon Drake to step up efforts to deal with anti-Semitic intimidation on campus and to monitor anti-Semitic speakers.

Irvine is investigating charges that a British speaker brought to campus last year by the Muslim Student Union may have violated federal anti-terrorism law due to alleged involvement in raising money for Hamas.

Fousesquawk comment: The investigation is now in its 7th month and counting.

In his address to the regents, Drake underlined his deep dismay at the heckling of Oren, saying it crossed the line from free speech into “intolerable behavior.”

The eight arrested students from Irvine -- three others were from UC Riverside -- are under investigation, he said, and if found in contempt of university behavior codes will be punished.

University administrations must draw clear distinctions between the free exchange of political opinions and behavior aimed at silencing others, Drake said.

“Issues related to the Middle East conflict play themselves out on our campuses,” Drake said. “No matter which side you’re on, people benefit from learning tolerance and listening respectfully.”

Fousesquawk comment: "No matter which side you're on...." At UCI, I know one group that has not acted aggressively and disrupted, assaulted or threatened people from the other side. That would be the Jewish students.

Students addressed the Board of Regents during a 40-minute public session before the meeting, urging greater protection for gay, Jewish, Latino and African-American students in particular.

“We’re trying to mitigate race riots here,” warned Jesse Cheng, this year’s student representative on the Board of Regents.

All three chancellors described extensive plans already in motion to mitigate the problem at their schools.

Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said her administration is cooperating fully with the FBI investigation into the hate incidents, creating a campus diversity committee including Hillel and black student organizations, and launching a year of speakers and events to “affirm our principles of community,” she said, referring to the school’s code of values.

Davis also is exploring ways to incorporate the values of tolerance and diversity into the required curriculum.

San Diego Chancellor Marye Fox vowed active prosecution of the perpetrators at her school, along with curriculum changes and a new “campus climate commission” tasked with enhancing the school’s system of bias reporting and expanding opportunities for students to take part in cross-cultural initiatives.

Fousesquawk comment:

"...creating a campus diversity committee including Hillel and black student organizations, and launching a year of speakers and events to “affirm our principles of community,”

"...exploring ways to incorporate the values of tolerance and diversity into the required curriculum."

"curriculum changes and a new “campus climate commission” tasked with enhancing the school’s system of bias reporting and expanding opportunities for students to take part in cross-cultural initiatives."

Translation? They have no clue. This problem is not going to be solved by bringing in special advisers, spending money on new departments, programs, "awareness seminars" and all that crap. They've been doing this stuff since I was in college back in the 60s. The kids going to college get the message. The overwhelming majority of them don't need this "sensitivity" garbage.

This is not rocket science. It's the toy department. The solution is quite simple. The people who are supposed to run these universities need to identify the haters and the troublemakers and get rid of them when they cross the line. In most cases, the schools know who the players are. It was pretty simple when I was in school. I don't know why it isn't anymore. It's called expulsion-or is that some obsolete term from my school days?

Now Obama Wants Money for Threatened Lawmakers

Well folks, it looks like Obama and his band of money grubbers don't have enough money yet, so now they want us to contribute to a special fund to protect lawmakers who have been getting threatened, real or imagined.

"This is a big f-------' deal."

Here is the article from Fox News:

Obama Campaign Arm Appeals for Donations After Threats to Lawmakers

President Obama's campaign operation is raising money off the threats made to Democratic lawmakers, appealing to supporters for $25 donations to help "defend health reform."

President Obama's campaign operation is raising money off the threats made to Democratic lawmakers, appealing to supporters for $25 donations to help "defend health reform."

Though House Minority Whip Eric Cantor said Thursday that his campaign office in Richmond, Va., was shot at, and another Republican lawmaker received a threatening voicemail, the president's campaign operation sent out a fundraising e-mail the same day focusing on the security concerns reported by Democrats.

The message mentioned emerging Republican campaigns to repeal the health care law and challenges from several state attorneys general, before citing the threats as part of its pitch.

"A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging Tea Partiers to 'drop by.' Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized," the message from Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart said. "Can you chip in $25 or more to defend health reform -- and those in Congress who fought to make it possible?"

The e-mail came on top of a fundraising appeal from the Ohio Democratic Party seeking $10 donations to "help us overcome these attacks."

But Republicans say they're fielding threats too, citing one that was directed at Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt, who received a vulgar voicemail from an anonymous caller this week.

Democrats have reported far more acts of intimidation, ranging from threatening faxes and voicemails to vandalism. At least four Democratic offices have been vandalized, including New York Rep. Louise Slaughter's local office, which was hit by a brick that shattered a window.

Cantor held a press conference Thursday to report that his campaign office had been shot at, and he accused Democrats of trying to exploit the threats they'd received.

"It is reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain," Cantor said.

That press conference, though, only heightened the partisan tension over the security concerns.

The office of Rep. Van Hollen, D-Md., whom Cantor had accused of "fanning the flames," exchanged accusations with Cantor's office for the rest of the day, as each charged the other with political posturing.

"It's been hours since Rep. Cantor's bizarre and abrupt press conference where he leveled a false accusation that Van Hollen has suggested Democrats use these incidences as a political weapon. We are still waiting for proof to back up this ridiculous claim," Van Hollen spokesman Doug Thornell said in the most recent counter-response Thursday night.

The specific threat referenced in the Obama fundraising message was an incident at the Virginia home of Rep. Tom Perriello's brother, where somebody cut a propane line attached to a grill. Tea Party activists had posted the address online, apparently believing it was congressman's home address.

But top Tea Party leaders from across the country have condemned the threats and said no credible Tea Party group is participating.

"We the leaders of the Tea Party movement of Florida stand in stark opposition to any person using derogatory characterizations, threats of violence or disparaging terms towards members of Congress or the President," several Florida Tea Party groups wrote in an open letter to Congress and Obama Thursday.

Note to the President: Just take it out of my taxes. You will anyway.

On second thought, don't they have protective details who are responsible for all that stuff? What about the Capitol Police?

This is the classic liberal thinking. Problem? We need another new program. Let's go to the people for more money. Watch. The next thing we will see in the White House will be a "Protection Czar"-with a staff of hundreds, not just guards, mind you, but staff members, aides, secretaries, spokesholes, regional offices, etc.

And they will call it "Green Jobs".

"This is a big f-------' deal."

Yee gads! Everywhere you look, idiots are in charge of running things.

Obama Snubs Netanyahu

What was that Hillary Clinton told AIPAC last week? Something like relations between the US and Israel were rock solid? Someone forgot to brief the President.

So Obama walks out on the Prime Minister of Israel to have a private dinner with his wife and basically tells Netanyahu to make himself comfortable. You know, this is the kind of diplomacy one doesn't give to our worst adversaries when their leader comes to the White House. It may seem trivial to those who know nothing about the art of diplomacy, but it is all intertwined with subtle words, deeds and signals.

If there was any doubt about where the Obama administration stands on Israel, this snub clears it all up. Obama is rock solidly on the Palestinian side. What he doesn't get-or doesnt care about-as retired Cononel Ralph Peters eloquently pointed out today on Fox- is that while Israel desires to live in peace with its neighbors, the Palestinians want to destroy Israel. Yet, it is the Israelis who are always supposed to make the concessions.

How sad it is to think that within a few more years, Obama may be describing Palestine and Iran as our two most stalwart allies.

Final point: Ten Barack Obamas couldn't make one Benjmain Netanyahu.

Ann Coulter in Calgary

Ann Coulter is living proof that the secret to success is not trying to get everybody to love you; it's getting half the people to love you and half the people to hate you. Just ask Rush Limbaugh. Before this week, most people in Canada had never heard of Ann Coulter.

They sure have now.

Last night Ann took her show to the more conservative town of Calgary, where she received a warmer welcome than she had in Ottawa. Still, there were several dozen protesters, who made the usual noise, pounded on the doors and broke a window.

Unlike Ottawa, where the local university caved in to the fascists and allowed them to shut down the event, Coulter was able to give her speech to the audience who had paid to hear it. Free speech triumphed in Calgary.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Korruption in Kalifornia

First the bad news: Karen Bass (D) recently resigned as California State Legislature Assembly Speaker so she could run for Congress in her home district of Southcentral Los Angeles. On her way out, she gave big pay raises to her staff, this in the face of California's budget crisis as the state teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.

Now for the good news, right?


Incoming assembly speaker, John Perez (D) has given huge pay increses to his own staff including a 65% increase to his chief of staff, one Sara Ramirez. She is now making $190,000 a year-more than Perez himself-her boss.

Meanwhile, our crackhead legislature recently held hearings on the idea of passing legislation to-get this-require the porn industry to require condoms!! To make their case, the elected crackheads listened breathlessly as some porn actress testified about making a film with some 75 "leading men".

Too bad ex-legislator "Spanking Mike" Duvall is no longer up there.

"You've been a naughty girl!"

That's in Sacramento. Down in LA, Mayor Tony Villaraigosa has cut his own deal with the bloated bureaucracy known as the Department of Water and Power. This monstrocity takes in so much money that every 6 months, it contributes about $200 million bucks to the city of LA.

Well, apparently, LA under Villaraigosa has become so bloated with highly-paid city union employees, that it cannot continue to meet the payroll. Here's where DWP comes in. In order to keep that cash flow coming, DWP wants the city to authorize a 28% rate hike on electricity. That will enable the DWP to keep their own union employees awash in salary and benefits as well as LA's. Done deal.

I think Webster's dictionary calls it a symbiotic relationship, kind of like the bird that sits on the back of the rhino and eats the ticks away.

What it boils down to is that city residents will face a 28% utilities hike in order that the city and DWP can satisfy their own employee unions.

Not so, insists Villaraigosa, who explains that the city is "embracing green jobs" in the spirit of California's "final solution to the Global Warming problem" (2006 Global Warming Solutions Act-or some such nonsense). To back him up, he dragged in none other than that noted enviromental expert Al Gore, who, today, from Nashville, made a satellite video address to Tony and his constituents by praising the "courage" of Mayor Tony. What was really comical was that Gore was caught on tape prior to his prepared statement practicing the pronunciation of Villaraigosa's name-which he finally pronounced, "Via RI-gosa". Close enough. Tony, for his part, introduced Gore as vice-president and NOBLE prize winner.

Speaking of the Global Warming Solutions Act, this draconian piece of legislation, (AB32) which is going to kill from an estimated 485,000 to 1.1 million jobs in order to create about 10,000 new jobs is being defended by California Air Resources Board Charwoman (no, that's not a typo) Mary D. Nichols. She's the same genius who hired some guy to do a diesel fuel study, which figured up the number of people who had died from diesel fuel particulate poisoning, the results of which led the CARB to pass regulations forcing those with diesel engine vehicles to have expensive overhauls to their engines, then covered up the fact that her researcher had a fraudulent PHD and had bought a diploma from some diploma mill in the UK run by some other guy who was a fugitive from New York on charges of child molestation, none of which Mary thought that her fellow commissioners needed to know before they voted on the regulation.

(You will note that the last sentence had no dangling participles.)

Tony V also tells us that they are going to create 1,800 new jobs with this scam, 1600 of which will be so-called "Green Doctors" who will go door to door explaining to the stupid masses how they can save energy in their homes.

Ok, Dr. Boris, after we gain entry, you check the toilets. Dr. Bob, you check the shower pressure. Dr. Jim and Dr. Rocky will check the thermometers......."

But wait, you say. Don't we have a Republican governor up in Sacramento, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What's he doing about all this?